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Affordable professional printing services for leaflet printing As a business organization, you will be running special offers for your customers from time to time. You may do so to clear stock, attract new customers, or make space for the next season’s stock. Whatever be your reason, leaflet printing is an affordable yet professional way to spread awareness about your promotion among your target audience. Resist the temptation to use every available inch of space on your leaflet. Leaflet design should be pleasing to the eye. Leaflets should have the minimum amount of information the prospect needs to know. Otherwise, he or she may get intimidated by the large amount of text on your pamphlet and stop reading altogether. Take care to arrange the information you wish to convey properly, before you send your matter for leaflet printing. Think of a newspaper, which attracts attention with a catchy headline. Your headline too, should be short and draw the reader to go through the body copy. Vary the font size, so that the reader is not bored. Your headline can be in a bigger font. Use images which are related to your business, so that your flyer looks visually appealing. It is better to take the black and white option for leaflet printing rather than color. You can use the money you would have spent on color printing, to print more copies. If you want to spread your matter out over two pages, you can use both sides of the leaflet. When you draft the matter, keep your reader in mind. Use words that are easy to understand. Order the information in a logical manner, so that the reader does not have to search for relevant

information. Make it personal by using ‘you’ to refer to your customer throughout the flyer. He or she will then feel as if you are talking to him or her directly. Link your product’s features with benefits, so that the reader is motivated to read further. Leaflet printing should be done on good quality paper, so that your leaflet looks professional. The paper need not be very thick, because once the offer is over; your target audience is unlikely to keep the leaflet. Look for a pamphlet printing company which uses paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This will reassure your target audience that the paper used was produced from well managed forests. Research a few flyer printing companies before you decide which one is suitable for your requirements. Confirm the printer used by the company, so that you can be sure the output is of good quality. Keep the delivery schedule at hand, so that you can check with the company in case your order is delayed. About The Company: Printproject online shop for wedding stationery/ business Cards/ letterheads/ flyers/ greeting cards. Email - Call - 02890 489800 Fax - 02890 489819 Website-

Affordable professional printing services for leaflet printing  

Printproject offers business card printing services including business card & wedding card designs, flyer printing, and leaflet printing sta...

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