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PUBLISHER’SLETTER Welcome to the February issue of NUG Magazine, San Diego’s Original Cannabis Publication, and from the looks of things – the ONLY one left! FEBRUARY 2012 VOL. 4 ISSUE #2 NUG Magazine Staff: Publisher: Ben G. Rowin Associate Publisher: M.J. Smith Editor: Dion Markgraaff Associate Editor: George Alberts Copy Editor: Marco Alvarez Photographers: Eric Fowler, SCR Photos, Aaron Evans Videographer: Chris Gabriel

As I stated last month, it has been a tough couple of months for the San Diego medical cannabis community. The raids last month on multiple collectives have made it even more difficult for San Diego patients to gain access to their doctor recommended medication! This continued attempt to eradicate the community and stop all access to medical cannabis, which was launched by Laura Duffy and assisted by local law enforcement and the lawsuits put forth by City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, is politically motivated. Those people should be ashamed of their actions against the most vulnerable in our community, the sick and dying! How dare these politicians, using their bias against a natural plant, dictate their actions! Knowing that patients will now have to get their medicine on the black market and risk their safety is outrageous. These political figures are not only going against the will of the voters of Prop. 215, but they are also going against the demand of public opinion! In a recent poll done by the Union Tribune asking the people of San Diego if they support the recent federal crackdown, a remarkable 69% of citizens did NOT!

Contributors: “SD OG Grower”, Dion Markgraaff, Canna Chef Kim, Marc Emmelmann, Pamela Jayne, Tiffany Janay, Jed Sanders, George Alberts, R.J. Villa, SD Liz, Bahareh, Esther Rubio-Sheffrey, Aaron Evans, Brom Richey, Marco Alvarez, Jon Block, Rachel Anders, Scott Whytsell, Medicinal Michael Boris. Comics: Joshua Boulet, Georgia Peschel Sales Director: Ben G. Rowin Advertising Sales Reps: Dion Markgraaff, Brom Richey, Kirk L. Art Director: Ian Rie Finance Manager: M.J. Smith Marketing Manager: Marc Emmelmann

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I also stated that we would be backing and supporting all those who are trying to affect change, and one organization doing so in San Diego is the PCA, who has come together and constructed an ordinance that would regulate co-ops and their operating procedures as well as create a tax for the city. They have six months as of January to gather the 60,000+ signatures needed to get the initiative on the November ballot. If you would like to volunteer to help, please log on to their website at and click the “Become a Volunteer” banner for more information. Now on to the issue… We hope you love the cover this month as much as the last two February covers, which were two of our most popular covers over the last 3 years. This year our art director wanted to convey the love that NUG tries to pour over our beloved city with our publication every month. Though our coverage is lessened with each page of advertising support that is lost because of the federal crackdown and intimidation, we are still doing our best to bring you as much info as we can. There is also more online at, so make sure to stay up-to-date with us on the web. I want to take a little space to wish my amazing wife a Happy Birthday and Valentine’s Day. None of this would have been possible without her help! A special shout-out also goes to the entire NUG family, all who have helped to build this publication – past, present, and future writers, photographers, sales reps, and every single person who has been involved with the publication – we thank you! I also want to thank all of our readers and fans; we have had the pleasure of producing for you! You have been the driving force that keeps us doing what we do!

-Ben G. Rowin







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Battle for Medicinal Marijuana Access is far From Over By: Esther Rubio-Sheffrey

Last April, despite large opposition, even from its own appointed Medical Marijuana Task Force, the city council voted 5-2 in favor of two zoning ordinances that would have effectively banned safe access to medicinal marijuana throughout San Diego. Unwilling to accept defeat, patients, co-op and collective managers, and medicinal marijuana supporters came together and struck a democratic blow against the city’s legal and law enforcement establishments. Through a signature gathering effort, they forced the council to either repeal the ordinances or spend over $800,000 to allow San Diegans to vote on the issue in this year’s June primary. Because of July’s repeal victory, more than 150 co-ops and collectives remained opened throughout the summer; however, the fall and winter brought with it the city’s wrath. Aided by the federal government, the city’s successful efforts have led to the closure of most co-ops and collectives, critically hindering safe access for thousands. Today, only approximately 27 co-ops and collectives remain open throughout San Diego, four of which the DEA raided since the start of the year. The two organizations responsible for the ordinance repeal efforts – the Patient Care Association of California (PCA) and the Citizens for Patients Rights (CPR) – have not, however, been sitting idly by. The city officials would vigorously rebound almost immediately after the ordinance’s repeal was evident. Most of the councilmembers, except District 8’s David Alvarez, spoke with a tone of contempt at the marijuana community’s audacity to challenge what they deemed to be fair zoning laws. District 3’s Todd Gloria warned of no foreseeable compromises. City Attorney Jan Goldsmith interpreted the repeal of the ordinances to mean that all co-ops and collectives, in one way or another, were operating illegally. By year’s end, Goldsmith successfully sued 12 co-ops and collectives for violating zoning laws, forcing them to close their doors. U.S. Attorney, Laura Duffy, took it one step further in October when she began notifying all property owners leasing to co-ops and collectives that if they took no action to stop the “sale and/or distribution of marijuana,” the federal law regulations would allow for the seizure of their properties. The PCA, CPR, along with the local and state chapters of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), and dozens of medicinal marijuana supporters have protested each action and have initiated several lawsuits against the city. More importantly, however, was the behind-the-scenes action that the PCA was setting in motion. Invigorated by the public support received throughout the ordinance repeal efforts, the PCA and CPR unveiled a ballot initiative on Dec. 19th that will allow voters in the upcoming November election to decide the fate of safe access. The PCA’s co-op and collective members came together with attorneys to carefully construct a 17-page ordinance that, above all else, regulates co-ops and collectives and their operating practices, and levies a supplemental sales tax of 1% – 2.5% for the city to use at its discretion. For the initiative to qualify for November’s ballot, the PCA and CPR volunteers have six months as of January to gather 60,258 valid registered voter signatures. It is time to join the fight.

The Compassionate Use Dispensary Restriction and Taxation Ordinance

There are two proponents behind the Compassionate Use Dispensary Restriction and Taxation Ordinance (CUDRT) – Ruth and Randy Walls. Ruth is a 79-year-old retired registered nurse and her son’s primary caregiver. Randy, 53, has been battling HIV/AIDS since 1990. AIDS is not only robbing Randy of his life, it is also severely depleting his immune system, making him susceptible to various other ailments. His condition began to worsen three years ago, reducing him almost to a skeleton and taking its toll on both Ruth and


Randy. “The combination of over 30 prescription medications he was on made him constantly exhausted, severely nauseated, and caused personality changes that made him short tempered, depressed, and flat-out mean,” Ruth wrote in her statement. His illness soon brought upon depression, and Randy turned to alcohol. “I was hopelessly lost. I became a relentless alcoholic. I was resigned that something was going to kill me. If the disease itself wasn’t going to, then the alcohol or massive doses of pharmaceuticals would. It was just a question of when,” Randy said in his statement. Ruth was also concerned about the addictiveness of many of the medications, such as Vicodine, Oxycontin, Percocet, and Valium, that Randy was taking. Although she had never condoned any recreational drug use, it was clear to her and a doctor she had reached out to that the medications were also a part of the problem. Once Randy became a compassionate user at the recommendation of his doctor, both he and his mom noticed immediate positive benefits. They also credit marijuana for restoring a sense of normalcy to his life. Like many patients in situations like Randy’s, they are both fearful of the decline in access. Rather than see her son return to addictive medications or stand by and watch him suffer, Ruth said, “I will go out and find an illegal drug dealer to try and get my son medical marijuana. Not only will this expose me to participating in a criminal transaction, a great risk in itself, but it will expose me to the possibility of arrest. It will also expose my son to medical marijuana from someone I don’t know and may not be able to trust.” PCA representative Cynara Velazquez says that is exactly the type of situation many San Diegans are finding themselves forced into, and that is what they and other concerned citizens are trying to avoid with the passage of CUDRT. “The PCA is confident that we will prevail in enacting fair regulations that meet the needs of patients, caregivers, and the community at large through the direct democracy process,” Velazquez said. Velazquez discussed the details of CUDRT with NUG and said that the PCA’s membership body began working on the initiative in September. “We attempted to meet with all of the council members and their representatives to discuss their concerns,” she said. “Every [part of the initiative] was achieved by a group vote and yes, there were concerns over things like taxes and security requirements, but we took the consensus in the end.” The result of the PCA’s efforts is a well thought-out measure that keeps money away from illegal drug dealers and drug cartels and allows patients like Randy to have access to marijuana. CUDRT is set up to pay for itself through a cost recovery measure and makes use of existing city departments in order to regulate the co-ops and collectives. There are over a dozen operational regulations that those who are seeking a Compassionate Use Dispensary permit must abide by. For more details on the proposed regulations, see the full article online at www. The PCA has done their share of research monitoring what has worked and what has not for other cities in California; and if approved by voters in November, CUDRT may set a precedent for others to follow. More importantly, though, CUDRT will protect all qualified patients, primary caregivers, and dispensary officials in compliance with the ordinance from arrest, prosecution, and seizure of cannabis if they come into contact with law enforcement. It will also require that the police department update its training materials and procedures. The vision may only be realized, however, if volunteers gather the necessary signatures to qualify the initiative for the November ballot.

Help Initiate Safe Access

First and foremost, if you are not a registered voter, change that ASAP! Registration forms are available at all libraries and post offices. You may sign CUDRT petitions at most co-ops and collectives as well as at dozens of events throughout the city, including neighborhood farmers markets. If you are unable to vote due to marijuana-related charges or similar judgments, you can help by volunteering. Contact CPR directly at for additional information.


Photo by Kristy Rose

By: SD Liz His music is in his name, Tommy Dubs! What does Tommy dub? “Punky reggae and Dub-influenced urban sounds,” according to the man himself! Tommy Dubs is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, keys guy, and, most importantly, a producer. He produced t wo of his own compilations last month titled Take What You Want and Manana Del Sol. Tommy Dubs has been in the music scene for the last 15 years. What makes him so unique is that he takes experiences from the scene and records it into his music, and he is also aware of how his surroundings influence his music. On Saturday, Januar y 14th, NUG Magazine went to check out Tommy playing at Winston’s Beach Club in Ocean Beach. It was his CD release party and fellow band Bad Neighborz was there to pump up the crowd with their punk/rock reggae. Tommy Dubs and Seismic Leveler then gathered on stage to play their punk/ dub/reggae, and wow, they knew how to mix their music! On stage, there were four sets of keyboards with Tommy using a pair, as well as another keyboardist, along with mixers and beat machines. The three guitarists, including the bass man, situated up front brought out the rock ‘n roll that Tommy claims in his music, which also hinted to a ‘70s type of rock. At one point, Tommy played the harmonica in a song that sounded like it was about relationships. His set list included, “Bring Fire On You”, “Gunslinger”, and “Won’t Be Coming Home.” Tommy Dubs and Seismic Leveler sure dubbed it for the crowd, and his music was ver y much enjoyed! NUG Magazine had a chance to speak with Tommy prior to his CD release party. He told us about his inspirations, his political point-of-view, and just how much he loves to produce music. Follow us as we explore the world of Tommy Dubs’ music. Where are you originally from? Chicago. I came out to Arizona for school and then moved to Argentina for about a year. After that, I came to California and have been in Ocean Beach since!


You were in a couple of other bands before moving out to San Diego. Tell us about ‘em! For the first seven years, I was playing in Tucson, Arizona. I played in a band with some of the guys who are from Mike Pinto’s band. That band was called Stucky and it was traditional reggae with a full horn section. We toured Argentina and had a pretty big song on the radio called ‘Politrix’. Then, some of these guys from my current band and I played in a band called Gadfly for five years. We played ‘rocksteady rock’ with an upright bass. I played guitar and sang vocals. That band broke up and then I put out my first CD called En Los Campos, and that was a collaboration with some of the guys from Digital Underground and the B-Side Players, and a bunch of other guys from different bands. Then we found more guys for the band and started playing the CD, and that is the current lineup with Seismic Leveler. How does this band stick together? One thing my dad told me is you will never meet someone who has the same passion as you, and you can’t expect them to. That was ver y eye-opening for me. If someone can’t make it in this band, someone can show up and play a different instrument. That was really important because it was heartbreaking when my band broke up. The only way I can describe it is like having three girlfriends and breaking up with all three of them at the same time. That’s what it’s like. You go through anxiety, depression, and sitting at home on a Friday night when you’re used to playing in front of people. It’s a heartbreaking experience and you really question your worth. Some of these guys are from Gadfly, and some are from Vegetation. We came together and figured out how to make it easy on ever yone. We’re not all reggae players and we don’t mean to only play reggae. I like to have that influence, as well as show someone who doesn’t know how to play reggae, how to play it. What is the message in your music? It’s personal. Up until the last few years, I didn’t really care about lyrics as much as I do now. A friend

told me, ‘You have to throw yourself on the fire for music.’ That stuck with me and I wanted to talk about experience, humility, and say things that would make me vulnerable because I think people latch on to that, just like it did to me with the group, Atmosphere. Especially after moving to Cali, I wanted to talk more about real issues and say something: politics, love, emotion…Musicians should say something other than about partying! Are there other memorable spots in California that have influenced your music? The first time I got to cross the California/Oregon border. That way of life is appealing to me. Northern California is really cool and special. Tell us about the different genres in your music. I love electronic music, including electronic dub and any new music coming out. My music is heav y dubinfluenced rock and hip-hop. I was really inspired by UK hip-hop and all the shit happening over there with such bands as Grimes, Rosco, Roots Manuva, and DJ Ricochet. It’s hip-hop with no hooks and real shit with massive reggae influence. London has been a melting pot for hip-hop, punk rock, and reggae. The urban influence is more of a production style versus a vibe like using samplers and drum rolls, just like DJ Diplo, M.I.A, Santigold…You wouldn’t notice how much they are influenced by reggae unless you really pay attention, but they are in their style! Some of your music is influenced by Latin rhythms. Is that because you lived in Argentina? Yeah. It was ironic because the day I moved there, it was martial law for a week. Their currency got devalued by 400% and they went through six presidents in t wo weeks. I was fortunate enough to have a publicist out there who pushed this song called ‘Politrix’, which was about what was happening. The only bands that got to tour were Rolling Stones and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Since we were from California, ever yone assumed we were bigger than we were. Also, a band called Aztecas Tupro and I played music

TOMMY DUBS together. Salsa is a big influence out there. A friend gave me a stack of discs of such bands as Manu Chao and Sumo and it was mind-bending because I was like, ‘I’m missing out on all this music because they are singing in Spanish.’ I felt I lost so much by only listening to English music. It was an eye-opening experience.

What influences your songwriting? I like to write on something I haven’t written on before, like what I am going through ever y day, such as love and hate. I say, ‘I have three songs when I fall in love, and 30 when I break up.’ Also, politics. I have been more aware of it and how important it is to talk about it. Globally, people don’t understand the effect we have on other countries. That was a big thing when I was in Argentina with the IMF and the debt in Latin America, and the influence we have over their imports and exports. For people who say, ‘I am not political,’ I call bullshit because they are political. And just because they don’t vote, they still fall into someone’s plan. So, do what they DON’T expect you to do, and go vote! Believe something and stand for it! And you produce your own music? Producing is my first love. I love playing music and singing it, but I hate producing my own vocals. I love to have someone sing in on it. I really enjoy working with someone and bringing something out of them that they never thought was there. At one point, I was

giving guys a hundred bucks to voice a tune, so I have tunes with Richie Spice, Tippa Lee, and even Digital Underground. Tell us about working with local musicians. With Mike Pinto, I wrote the song ‘Cool and The Deadly’ and produced his record. I have a record coming out with Piracy that is dancehall mixed with African music and dubstep. There are bands I would love to play with called Little Hurricane, Grand Ol’ Party, Psydecar, and the B-Side Players, who are more rock, something I love. For me, creative music comes from the rock scene. I want to go see something and say, ‘Whoa, I didn’t even know you could make music that sounds like that!’ Let’s talk about cannabis issues. Any thoughts on the current federal crackdown? I think dispensaries should be allowed. I think people should be able to use medicinal marijuana, and for recreational use. I don’t see any problem with it.

So, legalize or decriminalize? It’s a waste of taxpayer money to have this federal regulation. I would prefer it goes to a state level, so it is easier for ever yone. If you want to live in a state that does this, then live in that state. If you don’t agree with that or don’t want to live there, move out! The problem is that we have a system of prisons that are private, and they don’t want these multi-million-dollar facilities empty. They want them full. So, they want the marijuana laws in place…the prison system, the political system, and the pharmaceutical companies! Of course, the pharmaceutical companies don’t want the laws to go away either because they’d lose tons of money! It’s just a crazy system! If marijuana was legal, the DEA would have nothing to do. When it comes down to it, it’s just money. There is a lot of money to be made with it being illegal versus legal. All the agencies are set up to fight it.

Hmm…Do you think 2012 is the year for change? I don’t know if it will happen this year, but eventually it will. When you put a cigarette next to a joint, you know there will eventually be safer access to ever yone. To me, it will be legal medically before it is for recreCan you think of any solutions to the problems? ational use. The more political awareness that comes If the government would regulate and tax it, there to it, then…you know. would be so much money. The problem is that there is so much propaganda! It was like, ‘Do we vote to Once again, Tommy Dubs just released t wo self-prolegalize? Do we vote to decriminalize? If you legalize, duced, full-length CDs called Take What You Want and then the government is going to take it over. If you Manana Del Sol, with the latter featuring a band from decriminalize, it will still be in the hands of the grow- Spain. Both compilations are available for purchase on ers…’ When money is involved, you are never going to his website, You can also inget a straight answer. teract with him on Facebook!

Written by Canna Chef Kim, the REAL Mother Earth Co-op Serving San Diego MMJ patients since 2005 This month we have a few new healing recipes for your Valentine’s dinner with, of course, our medicinal twist! Valentine’s Day is an annual commemoration on February 14th celebrating love and affection. This year help your loved ones realize that prevention is the best path for disease. Make some changes to help live a healthier life. Meditate daily with a loved one and share the joys of inner strength. February is allocated by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AIRC) as the National Cancer Prevention Month, or the cancer month. Cancer afflicts people from all over the world despite age, sex, ethnicity and preference. The great news is that most cancer diseases are treatable and preventable with the help of various organizations focusing on the promotion of awareness and education to prevent cancer. Did you know that 75% of the population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime? We need to create support systems to help those battling the disease. Research and the AIRC prove and emphasize lifestyle changes to prevent cancer. They give guidelines on proper diet, exercise and weight maintenance throughout life. AIRC exerts that our diet should be composed of mostly plant food, less red meat, and no processed meat. They’ve conducted studies that support the fact that a diet, which includes vegetables, fruits, and grains, is beneficial to health and can definitely prevent cancer. Their report also states that red meat and processed meat contribute to the development of colon cancers. Some of the following recipes are taken from Mother Earth Co-op’s “Special Medicinal Recipes – A Medical Cannabis Cookbook.” Canna Chef Kim © 2008 Cookbook available at finer co-ops, collectives, and physician offices, or online at


medium Navel orange cups cider cups cranberry juice sticks cinnamon

2 tsp. brown sugar 1/4 tsp. kief* 8 sticks cinnamon 8 slices orange

Cut Navel orange ( juiciest orange strain) into large chunks with the skin left on. Place orange chunks in a food processor or a blender and coarsely chop, or coarsely chop with a knife by hand. Place chopped orange, cider, cranberry juice cocktail, 2 cinnamon sticks, kief, and brown sugar in a large, heavy saucepan over medium heat. Cook, stirring often, until hot; about 8 to 13 minutes. Using a large sieve, strain mixture and return to saucepan. To serve, pour into mugs or cups and garnish each serving with 1 cinnamon stick and 1 orange slice. Makes 8 curative servings. Note: If you are not planning on serving immediately, cool, cover, and refrigerate for up to one day. Reheat before serving. This curative cider can also be frozen and reheated anytime. GREEN GODDESS CUCUMBER SALAD (Salads) 1 1 1 1 1

lg. cucumber (peeled, diced) lg. tomato (diced) lg. onion (chopped fine) tbsp. cilantro (fresh, minced) tbsp. parsley (fresh, minced)

2 tbsp. cannaoil* 1 tbsp. lemon juice (fresh) 4 cloves garlic (fresh, minced) 1/8 tsp. sea salt 1/8 tsp. pepper (ground)

Combine all ingredients and chill for about 30 minutes before serving. Try this nutritious salad with the Green Goddess Dressing recipe. Serves 2. GREEN GODDESS SALAD DRESSING (Salads) 1 lg. cucumber (chopped very fine) 1/2 cup sour cream 1 lg. onion (chopped very fine) 1/4 cup cannabis 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/8 tsp. salt 4 cloves garlic (chopped fine) 1/8 tsp. pepper Combine all ingredients and mix well in a blender or food processor at low speed. Refrigerate to chill for at least 30 minutes to one hour before using. Note: Great on most green salads. EFFIE ROCKEFELLER CASSEROLE (Casseroles)


1 qt. raw oysters 1/4 cup cannabutter 1 stalk celery (chopped)

1/4 tsp. anise seed 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce 1/2 cup soft bread crumbs

1 med. onion (chopped) 1/2 cup parsley (fresh, chopped) 1 bunch spinach (fresh, chopped) 2 tbsp. cannabis (finely chopped)

1/4 tsp. ground pepper 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper 1 cup parmesan cheese 1/4 cup bread or cracker

Preheat oven to 450°F. Grease a large casserole dish. Drain the oysters and arrange them in a single layer at the bottom of casserole dish. Melt the cannabutter and sauté the celery and onions until they begin to soften. Add parsley, spinach, cannabis, anise seed, Worcestershire sauce, soft bread crumbs, salt, pepper and cayenne. Spread this mixture over the oysters. BAKE casserole for 30 minutes. Remove and, if necessary, pour off water that has cooked from oysters. Sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and a very thin layer of bread or cracker crumbs. Return to oven for 10 to 13 minutes or until slightly browned on top. Note: If you enjoy Oysters Rockefeller, you will enjoy this medicinal variation. If you must use frozen spinach, then it should be thawed and drained. **Cracker crumbs work great as a substitute for the toasted bread crumbs.

1/2 cup cannabutter (melted) 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup chopped cherries 1 cup chopped walnuts 1 cup flaked coconut 3 tbsp. butter (softened) 1 cup confectioners’ sugar 1 tbsp. boiling water

Preheat oven to 300°F (150°C). In a medium bowl, mix together 1 cup flour and 1 tablespoon sugar. Stir in melted cannabutter. Spread thinly over the bottom of a 9x13-inch pan. Bake for 20 minutes in preheated oven, or until firm. In a medium bowl, stir together brown sugar, 2 tablespoons flour, and baking powder. Mix in eggs and 1 teaspoon vanilla and blend well. Stir in walnuts, coconut, and cherries. Pour mixture over prepared crust. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes in preheated oven, until the top is light brown. Cool completely before frosting. Icing/frosting: Mix together 3 tablespoons cannabutter and confectioners’ sugar. Beat in water, milk, almond extract, and vanilla extract until smooth. Spread over cooled bars. Let stand until firm, and then slice into squares. HERBAL HEADACHE RELIEF (Remedies) 2 tbsp. valerian (dried) 2 tbsp. skullcap (dried) 2 tbsp. chamomile (dried)

Note: Kief boxes are sold at some smoke shops and are easier to work with than the silk screens. In a kief box, the screen is above the collection drawer allowing the THC glands to pass through the screen and into the collection drawer. This makes it easy and compact for the average user to collect the kief and use for smoking or cooking. *Cannaoil is any high quality food grade oil such as coconut oil, hempseed oil, olive oil, or canola oil that has been infused with high-grade medical cannabis. *Cannabutter is dairy butter that has been infused with high-grade medical cannabis.

ROMANCE BUZZ BARS (Cookie Bars) 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 tbsp. brown sugar 1 tsp. vanilla extract 2 tbsp. whole wheat flour 1 tsp. baking powder 2 eggs (beaten) 1 tbsp. milk 1/2 tsp. almond extract 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

“KIEF” is an age old way of extracting trichomes from plant material. Kief is the product derived from the kiefing process. Kiefing is a method in which you rub dry trim, buds, and small leaves with crystals on them over a silk screen. The THC glands will form a powder that comes through the screen, which is then used in cooking or for smoking. It is usually a pale green to light brown dependant on the strain of cannabis. Kief powder that is pressed together is called hash.

2 tbsp. rosemary (dried) 2 tbsp. peppermint (dried) 1 tbsp. honey

Grind all herbs in a coffee grinder or food processor until powdered. Blend with enough honey to bind. Break off small, pill-sized pieces. Roll into a ball, and then flatten slightly. Dry. Store in a tightly sealed container. Use 1 or 2 to help relieve a tension headache. Note: The shelf life of this herbal remedy is a few weeks and will break down rapidly. Therefore, you should use within two weeks of grinding.

The recipes for cannaoil and cannabutter can be found in the first copy of NUG Magazine or online at Wishing you a hempy journey to a healthier you! Peace, Love & Gratitude,


You guys know the drill by now. We provide our intensely trained and heavily experienced in-house strain reviewer, The Chronisseur, with samples from around the county. He carefully examines and tests each one and passes on his expert opinion to NUG readers. Because of recent politically motivated and unfair events, we can no longer practice our legal right to go into a collective to obtain doctor recommended medicine for review, so this month we got the samples from a local delivery service, Alpine Alternative Deliveries.

UK Cheese:

“This pretty little nugget is a really unique shade of green, bright and brilliant with red hairs and plenty of shining trichomes. The aroma is very sweet and inviting. I can’t wait to sample this one! Wow, this UK Cheese has a really great flavor. It’s incredibly smooth and tastes sweet, just like its aroma. It has a nice head high, but won’t give you ‘couch lock’ like some strains do. It’s actually quite uplifting and invigorating. This one is a perfect strain for daytime medicating. I give this sample of UK Cheese two green thumbs up!”

POT:“Another beautiful nug. Tons of trichomes and a light dusting of orange hairs covering the bright green color of the bud. It smells to me like it is from the OG Kush family. I know that I am going to enjoy this sample! Great flavor, just how I expected. It tastes like it’s in the Kush family. The hit offers extreme expansion and what I call a ‘dome-run’ straight to the head and instant effect throughout the body. I would recommend this strain to those suffering from any kind of moderate to severe pain, and for those patients who are in need of appetite stimulation. Clearly, a lot of care was put into this strain, and I would be willing to bet that the grower has extensive knowledge and experience in growing medical grade cannabis.” 12 | NUGMAG.COM

Purple Kush:“This is a really attractive nug that has really nice purpling

with an insane amount of trichomes. There is also a good ratio of orange hairs peering through the purple coloring. It is an absolutely beautiful sample. The aroma is excellent and very similar to GDP, on the floral side of the spectrum. Just a quick whiff of this one makes my mouth water. Like its aroma, this Purple Kush has a floral taste that really sticks around. The hit is smooth, but still packs a nice expansion. That welcome feeling of relaxation is almost instant, in both body and mind. This strain would work well for a wide variety of ailments, from stress relief to chronic pain and pretty much everything in between. This is a perfect example of a multi-purpose strain, and all I have to say to the grower is job well done!”

There is no denying the fact that San Diego’s medical cannabis community, especially the patients who depend on reasonably safe and convenient access to their medication, is suffering at the hands of a few unreasonable, and, in my opinion, unconstitutional political maneuverings. While I expected Hopper to rail against the recent forced closure, he was surprisingly positive about the situation. “Of course I am disappointed with and angry at the people who did this, but I have complete faith that we will see this trend of antimedical cannabis actions reversed. They can only deny the will of the people for so long. They may have won this battle, but we will win the war.” When I asked him how this has personally affected him, he said, “I miss the patients. I miss seeing their health improve and seeing them overcome the odds and beat cancer and other diseases. I miss the volunteers who are just as passionate about this cause as I am. I’ve gone through just about every emotion there is in the past several months, but I refuse to let anger or fear control me.” He is absolutely right. Anger is a wasted emotion unless it is channeled into productive action. Fear is useless, but we can and will overcome it by countering it with positive change. I believe that the lesson from this whole mess is that we may not be able to change the world overnight, but we sure as hell will not let the world change us.

Article by: Pamela Jayne | Nug Shots by: Phil Calvin for SCR Photo

Perpetual Motion Perpetual M

tion By: Aaron Evans

As I sat down to the opening credits, it was clear I was about to experience something exceptional. Striking industrial shadows set a dark background as fuel tanks flung open, the day’s artistic weapons were chosen, and finally, in a golden explosion, a flame was set ablaze. A deep bass pounded, bringing, full circle, a sensor y overload that was sensationally pleasing. As glass silicate began melting, the camera paned dramatically over workstations and wandering dreams, moving slowly through the movie’s stunning introduction. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Degenerate Art. When I kicked off Per petual Motion, I set forth to bring you the stor y behind one of America’s last unexplored subcultures. As is turns out, this month’s feature, Marble Slinger, had a 6-year jump on me. He was armed with an arsenal of video equipment, a degree in filmmaking, and a talent behind the torch that stands shoulder to shoulder with any master in the game. Slinger’s been getting up and catching props in the glass community for eons, but what’s most exciting is that this titan’s true brainchild has just been born. Degenerate Art, his debut presentation as a filmmaker, is his many artistic mediums meeting at a crossroad. The collision is ferocious, and the fusion it creates is a power ful independent documentar y ready to announce to the world that The American Glass Pipe Culture is as legitimate, progressive and power ful a force as any other art form ever known to man. It’s time that these folk legends are properly showcased to a mainstream audience, and Slinger’s about to draw the curtain, dim the lights, and start the show. Two months ago when we featured Chad G, he mentioned that ever yone was buzzing about Slinger’s groundbreaking film at the GLASSROOTS Art Convention. So when I noticed he was coming out to San Diego to visit his old mates, J.A.G. and JOP, I placed a call to my secret weapon over at The Glass Palace. I asked her if she could set up a meeting with Slinger for a special private viewing of the film. Thankfully for me and the NUG F.A.M., my secret weapon is quite a rock star. If I chose one word to describe Degenerate Art, it would be “thorough”. His timeline of the culture’s development is extensive, starting with its inception and pipe making’s true godfather, Bob Snodgrass, the man accredited for single handedly, and somewhat accidentally, spawning today’s multi-million dollar industr y. Then it continues on to examine the underground net work that led to rapid and continuous innovations within the infant art form. Finally, the film reaches its climactic culmination, last year’s C.H.A.M.P.S. Grandmaster competition, which could be considered the World Series of pipe making. Slinger examines as many angles as humanly possible in an hour and fifteen minutes of film. There are no holes in the stor y, no stone left unturned. Degenerate Art is a complete synapses unparalleled in its overview of this astonishing, yet often overlooked medium. He told me that he hoped this offering would be viewed as the glass culture’s “Wild Style” – the indie film that put Graffiti on the mainstream radar, and I think it’s safe to say he’ll accomplish his goal. I’m telling you, this flick is just undeniably fresh. I learned how Bob Snodgrass’s famous color changing innovation came to pass; inside information about Operation Pipe Dreams with exclusive interviews featuring the individuals who were incarcerated by


our federal government. I learned of artisans’ inspirations, rebellions, and reasons for forging for ward in the face of prohibition. I learned a lot. And I’m someone who likes to think I know at least a thing or t wo about the culture. After finishing the film, I began to think; perhaps that’s not the case. I won’t tell you too much of what I learned, as I feel it’s only in good taste not to spoil any of Degenerate Art’s untold stories. Honestly, the only thing I learned that I didn’t like was that I wouldn’t be able

to line up a viewing for NUG readers until Degenerate Art got the chance to make its rounds on the Indie Film Fest Circuit. Still, I understand Slinger wanting to explore all avenues of exposure, and in my opinion, any film festival that passes on this gem will only be doing its audience a disservice. I watch at least one documentar y a day and this movie sur passes, in many fashions, anything that has floated along in my Netflix or Hulu accounts as of late. I not only foresee Degenerate Art showing at many of the world’s


t r A e t a r e n e eg


most prestigious indie screenings, but I also expect it to walk away with an abundance of gold stars to proudly display on its cover. Now at this point, I think we’ve all gathered that Slinger is far more than simply a glassblower. He’s a mad hatter wearing different caps daily to accommodate his given moods and needs. He is an out of the box anomaly only limited by his own imagination. Yet, perhaps most importantly, he is a master of imager y. This theme resonates in ever y aspect of his art; from film, to painting, to his unapologetic, in your face glass creations. His New York upbringing, and the Graffiti/Stenciling bombing culture that surrounded him as a youth, has left a lasting impression. In fact, he told me that if he had never been introduced to sandblasting, which gives him the ability to etch his inner mind’s eye onto glass, he ver y well may have walked away from the torch long ago. Lucky for us, that isn’t the case. Before we dive into Slinger’s amazing submission, let me explain a little about how sandblasting glass works. Once a piece is fully cooled and its frantic molecules have returned to a nearly solid state, the artisan can place a vinyl stencil/ sticker upon the sur face, covering whatever parts of the pipe he chooses to keep smooth while exposing the rest to a bad date with compressed air and grains of sand. After several passes with a specialized airbrush, the piece is cleaned. And when the stencil is removed, the artist’s chosen image is ingrained on the pipe forever. There are multiple ways to freak this technique, including deep carving, layering different colors, and flame polishing, giving each blower their own unique flare. Need-

less to say, almost nobody knows sandblasting like Marble Slinger. I’ve been hip to this cat’s creations for a long time. He was quite popular among my heady glass collec-

tor friends back home. I can still remember the first time I held a Slinger piece in my hands. I just felt like a badass, almost like I was grasping a scepter of underground royalty. His pieces just radiate the energy and attitude of the five boroughs with an uptown swagger mixin’ with a dash of hip hop bravado. But let’s not forget Graffiti, the art form he follows, in his words, “like a religion”. It wasn’t spawned from only hip hop; it also came from punk rock and this fact is evident in each of his pipes.

The piece seen in this article displays Slinger’s sandblasting skills as the Morton Salt Girl is depicted in a new light holding an assault rifle. I’m still not sure what this image says to me, but I know ever y time I see it; it strikes me as something power ful. Such innocence flirting with such violence; such joy mixed with such despair; such optimism embracing so much fear. Something so simple in its truth permanently sticks in your brain. It’s American folk art in its purest form – raw, rambunctious, unaccepted, and unwilling to compromise. If there’s any message that permeates throughout his work, it’s an absolute obsession with showing the masses that he and his peers are true artistic pioneers. When staring at a piece like this, or those shown in Degenerate Art, it’s beyond me how anyone could disagree. Seeing that I spent the first half of this article talking about the new film and barely scratching the sur face of Slinger’s personal glass career, AND given the fact that I want to keep our readers updated on the release of Degenerate Art (which hopefully will be available to the public this fall), I’ve decided, for the first time, to make Slinger a t wo-part installment with the full interview I conducted with him, and the announcement of the film’s release, coming in the near future at w w Till then, you can keep up with the project’s progression at www.degenerateartfilm. com, and see more of his top shelf glass sculpture at With that, I’m out. As always, keep the fire burning. You know I will. *For more information about the author Aaron Evans and his many forms of creative expression, please visit

Kush Scientific™

We received the new Type 2 Puckline™ from Kush Scientific to try out. This pipe is amazing. It is a 19” beast. The percolator at the bottom is something that I have not seen before and it really allows for a strong perc! I have been seeing the popularity of scientific-type glass rising over the last few years and I really like the clean look that these pipes have, especially when they are filled with smoke. Just imagine staring at a glass of milk. Now I am usually partial to a smaller pipe, like a 12”–14”, but I was really surprised with how smooth the pull on this larger piece was. Their Nor Cal Scientific logo on the pipe already has some of my Nor Cal boys breaking my balls and trying to take my pipe home with them. But fuck that…I’m keeping this one! Check them out and get your own:

Jet Pack

Jet Pack sent us a few of their products. These innovative tri-compartment containers are super simple and cool. I really dig the fact that I can put my lighter, a small pipe, some papers, and a few pre-rolls in the same container rather than letting them bounce around in my pockets. Everything is kept together. It is also a plus that the whole pack fits in my back pocket. You could use this for anything you want to carry, keep organized, or safe. They also offer different options on their site; from an empty one, to one that includes a pipe, papers, and rolling tips. It’s super affordable and makes a great gift. Check them out at

Stealth Products

We got a backpack from the boys over at Stealth products to give it a test run. The company specializes in safe, secure, odorless layers of protection and offers everything from vacuum bags to a full-size digital safe. I have been reviewing a lot of different types of odor proof bags lately, but what I like about these the most is the price point. These are quality products at a very reasonable price. Plus, the backpack is exactly what they bill it as, stealth! No little logos, no identifying marks, just a clean black backpack that is as discreet as can be. When I put it to the test, it worked incredibly well. It held in the odors of my contents so well that I had to let our readers know about it! If you are traveling with something that has an overwhelming smell, you better be traveling with a Stealth Product backpack or duffle bag for sure! Check out all of their products at

Grassroots California

The crew over at Grassroots sent us a sample pack of their hats. Now I’m a hat dude, and you would be hard-pressed to ever find me without a fitted cap wrapped around my noggin, so I was stoked to get this package. Grassroots is not only making super quality products at outstanding prices, but they are also donating a percentage of every purchase to different organizations. Their goal as a company is to give back to the communities they live in and around the globe. They are doing collaboration hats with different organizations, bands and businesses, including NORML, MPP, The Surfrider Foundation, Hitman Glass, and many, many more. The quality and design of the products they sent us are outstanding and I strongly recommend that you check them out and get yourself a dope brim.

Matthew Riot - Riot Seeds Breeder Spotlight:

By: Jed Sanders

A s t he Sa n Diego attor ney’s off ice wages war aga inst safe access to medica l marijua na, it ha s done not hing but push patient s to, once aga in, f ind t heir medicine a mongst a black market. T he tim ing of t he federa l gover nment’s latest bust at 4:20 pm is a n obv ious mocker y a nd hint s toward s a n agenda t hat st retches far b eyond t he enforcement of federal law. Hop ef ully, voters w ill rememb er t his day a s Bonnie Duma nis pla ns to r un for Mayor of Sa n Diego. W hile t his is supp os ed to b e a democracy a nd not a dict atorship, Duma nis ha s gone aga inst t he w ishes of Ca lifor nia ns who voted to put t his law into place. Before it is all over, her act ions w ill cost loca l t a xpayers m illions of dollars in lawsuit s a nd lost t a x revenue. D espite t he war on dr ugs, it never “held water” to say marijua na is da ngerous or har mf ul, esp e cially when compared to product s of our phar maceut ica l indust r y w it h t heir endless list s of side effe ct s. Even for re creational pur p os es, dr un k driv ing a nd arter y- clogging food est ablish ment s on ever y cor ner have proven to b e more har mf ul. W hile we don’t k now what t he f ut ure hold s for medica l marijua na, we do k now t hat legalit ies a nd p olitics haven’t stopp ed t he t remendous a mount of progress a nd development w it h marijua na in t he pa st. Huge adva nces have b e en made in increa sing p otency, improv ing t a ste, a nd is olat ing b enef icia l effe ct s down to sp e cif ic a ilment s to help a id t he pat ient a nd end-us er of ca nnabis. So, who are t hes e p eople who come up w it h t hes e new st ra ins, devote t heir lives, a nd risk t heir f re edom for t he pla nt t hat we hold s o clos e to our heart s? T his mont h we are proud to int roduce Matt hew R iot of t he R iot Se ed Compa ny.

How did you get started breeding? I had already b e en grow ing for s evera l years by t he t ime I st arted breeding. My b est f riend’s mot her who ra is ed me had pa ss ed away f rom pa ncreat ic ca ncer a nd t his is what t uned me into t he t r ue medical a sp e ct s of ca nnabis, esp e cia lly cert a in st ra ins. I made it my goa l to f ind a nd work w it h a st ra in t hat could help sufferers of sim ilar ter m inally ill condit ions to ea s e t heir pa ssing. It took a lot of hard work, a s well a s fa ilure, b efore I st arted ma king a ny progress. You seem to be a kind of “punk rock” seed company. How did that come about? I grew up in t he pun k rock s cene, when it wa s st ill da ngerous to go to pun k rock shows. Ever yt hing I’ve done ha s had some sort of pun k rock edge to it, f rom a ll t he ba nd s I wa s in, to t he way I designed cert a in t hings for my design compa ny. Bringing it to ca nnabis s e ed s, I lear ned t hat it almost b e ca me a ne cessity to ma ke it. Wit h all of t he sla nders a nd craz y comp et it ive (m ight I add unne cessar y) nat ure of t his business, I had to lear n to say, ‘Fuck it, I’m going to do what I wa nt a nd if you don’t like it, tough shit.’ T hat’s what ga ined us t his reput ation, a nd f ra n k ly I love it. Not many breeders will talk about how they make feminized seeds. Can you explain how you do yours? Sure. I’ll b e happy to lay down a t rade s e cret. T here are s evera l different ways to ma ke fem inized s eed s using a few different chem ica ls, or t he nat ura l way. A few

Clockwork Orange of t he chem ica ls t hat ca n b e us ed are silver nit rate combined w it h s odium t hiosulfate. You ca n a ls o ma ke homemade colloidal silver, a nd s ome bre eders us e gibb erellic acid. T he nat ural way would b e to push a fema le pla nt to sprout ma le flowers (yes, t his mea ns caus e it to her m). W hen we revers e a pla nt to t h row ma le flowers, it must have a lready pa ss ed a test a nd not produced male flowers f rom st ress, t hat way it do esn’t pa ss on a ny hermaph rodit ic tendencies. T he chem ica ls ba sica lly t rick t he pla nt into t hin king it is in t he la st st ages of bloom ing a nd ab out to die. W hen ca nnabis pla nt s are pushed to t his st age of flowering, t hey nat ura lly produce ma le flower clusters to ma ke s e ed s. T hat way when t he pla nt dies t he s eed s drop to t he ground, allow ing some of t hem to pla nt t hem s elves. T he nat ural Joh nny Apples e ed a s it were. What is the “sex change” spray that you sell? How do you use it? T he s ex cha nge spray is our modif icat ion on t he t radit ional silver nit rate/sodium t hiosulfate m i x t ure. It’s modif ied, so it do esn’t st a in clot hes. It ha s a ntibacterial prop erties, so it work s well in f ighting a ny mold t hat could occur f rom foliar spray ing during t he flowering pha s e. Ba sically, it comes prem i xed in a spray b ott le ready to us e out of t he package. You spray t he chos en pla nt (in is olat ion a nd away f rom ot her pla nt s) once a day on t he f irst day of flower for 3 week s st ra ight. Male flowers w ill app ear a nd produce v iable p ollen, at which p oint you colle ct t he p ollen a s you choos e a nd t hen p ollinate t he t arget pla nt t hat you w ish to produce s e ed s. BAM! Brillia nt! A nd it’s completely idiot proof. What do you feel is a big misconception with a grower choosing their genetics? NUGMAG.COM | 19

I t hin k most new growers tend to choos e st ra ins like OG Kush, Chemdawg, etc., in hop es t hat it ca n ma ke up for t heir lack of skill in grow ing. In a ll act ua lity, OG’s a nd Chem s unhybridized are not ea sy pla nt s to grow. It do es t a ke some skill to grow t hem corre ct ly, a nd t hey ca n t h row male flowers f rom b eing st ress ed, s o t hey end up w it h st ra ins t hat t hey ca nnot grow. I a lways re com mend new growers to st art out w it h a Skun k #1 hybrid, just to get t heir feet wet, so t hey ca n lear n how pla nt s resp ond to nut rient s, t heir env ironment al condit ions, light ing, how to deal w it h p est s, etc. In t he end, it saves t hem money a nd t hey end up grow ing b etter bud. What strains are you currently working on? Well, we are current ly working to re-relea s e Clockwork Ora nge in a n S1 (Selfed, Fem inized) for m. We just f inished up relea sing Green Crack, a 2nd edit ion of our Pre-98 Bubba, a s well a s a few ot hers. We are working on t he nex t generat ion of our OG Kush (SAC #3 Cut). T he SAC #3 OG ha s b een re ceiv ing a lot of press b e caus e of it s uny ielding p otency a nd it s aest het ically plea sing bud s. It’s a big pur ple monster w it h tons of f rost. But just relea sing s eed s a nd new cross es isn’t enough a ny more. We’re at t hat st age where we wa nt to go back a nd ma ke s ome of our st ra ins b etter t ha n t hey are. We wa nt to keep cha llenging ours elves to keep pushing t hat envelop e w it h what we’ve a lready made. We w ill always keep t he newest a nd hipp est medica l st ra ins in our librar y a nd ma ke t hem ava ilable f rom t ime to t ime. But for a while we were on a surge to keep up w it h t he request s f rom our f riend s a nd patient s on different st ra ins t hey wa nted to s ee, so we had to pull in t he reigns a bit! What advice would you give to new breeders and growers? Shit...New growers...Ke ep it simple. Always us e t he K ISS Met hod. D on’t st art m i x ing nut rient s like a mad s cient ist. Just us e your ba sics a nd don’t buy into t he us ed car salesmen hyp e t hat t he guys who work at your local hydro shop w ill give you. Nine t imes out of ten, t hey have no clue what nut rient do es what a nd what you act ually need for your env ironment or medium to pull off a successf ul grow. Adv ice for new breeders... Just get ready b e caus e t here are breeders out t here who are hatef ul, a nd some w ill do a nyt hing to keep you f rom b eing successf ul. You ne ed t hick skin a nd a love for what you do to ma ke it t h rough t hat gaunt let. Name something that you would like to see change in the cannabis breeding industry?

Conspiracy Theory

I’d like to s e e more women involved in all a sp e ct s of ca nnabis, but esp e cially in breeding. I’ve sa id it b efore a nd I’ll say it aga in, women grow t he b est p ot. T hey have s ome sort of sy mbiot ic relat ionship w it h pla nt s a nd a mot hering nat ure t hat rea lly shows t h rough in t he end product. We ne ed more women! What is the biggest compliment you have ever received? What is the biggest insult? Biggest compliment would have to b e when a ter m ina lly ill pat ient re ceiv ing our medicine let us k now t hat our work help ed t hem to b e able to eat aga in a nd improve t heir qua lity of life. T here’s not hing more imp ort a nt t ha n t hat to me. T he biggest insult…God, t here’s a lot to choos e f rom. I’ve had p eople accus e me of b eing a n infor ma nt, of b eing s ex ist, racist, a nd none of which are remotely t r ue. Sometimes p eople forget t hat t here’s a huma n b ehind t he s eed compa ny, esp e cially on t he ca nnabis for um s online. We only wa nt to focus on t he p osit ive t hough, s o we have to t a ke t hat st uff w it h st ride a nd realize it’s happ ening to a ll of us bre eders. Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years? In 10 years I hop e to st ill b e doing what I love, grow ing t his pla nt a nd doing what I ca n to ma ke p eople’s lives b etter by breeding. Who are some other breeders you respect and admire? Why?

I adm ire Bodhi f rom Bodhi Seed s. He’s a ver y ca lm nat ured indiv idua l who never had a nyt hing negative to say ab out a nyone. He’s a mazing at what he do es, but also ma int a ins a t r uly humble nat ure. He ma kes wonder f ul st ra ins, ver y multicult ura l, a nd act ually go es out t here to colle ct t he la ndrace genet ics around t he world. I mea n, how ma ny of us ca n say we’re act ua lly doing s omet hing to pres erve genetics like t hat? Als o, Loompa f rom Loompa Far m s Seed s. He is ha nd s down t he b est grower in Califor nia. He’s got a big heart a nd ever yt hing he grows a nd bre ed s is done w it h pre cision. T hos e t wo guys def initely ma ke t his world a much b etter place. Where do you see the future of cannabis seeds going? Unfort unately, I t hin k it ha s a ver y dim f ut ure w it h t he current st ate of t he p olitica l world a nd how big phar macy tend s to have such a large say in ever yt hing. We only have to look to Holla nd a nd how t hey have Bedroca n supply ing t heir whole count r y’s medical marijua na for t he medical marijua na patient s. I fores ee t he closing of colle ct ives in order to pave t he way for one compa ny to come in a nd t a ke over a nd monop olize a nd ba st ardize what marijua na act iv ist s have b e en t r y ing to do for years. It may end up legal a s long a s you have a pres cript ion f rom a doctor at a nor mal medica l clinic, a nd you w ill have one place to go a nd get your med s f rom. One or t wo st ra ins ma x to choos e f rom, no more orga nic a nyt hing. I just hop e I’m w rong. -- Learn more at

Riot Seeds “Blood Kush” grown by FREAK

February 1. Angels and Airwaves At Belly Up @ 9

8. Project Out of Bounds At Winston’s @ 9

2. Reef Bound Sol At Gallagher’s @ 9 Safety Orange At Hennessey’s Carlsbad @ 10 3. Accident Experiment, Thousand Watt Stare & more At Brick by Brick @ 8 Paul Cannon Band At Museum of Making Music @ 7 Irieside At Bar Leucadian @ 9 4. Pali Roots At RT’s Longboard @ 10 Reason to Rebel At Jumping Turtle @ 8 5. Sunny Rude At RT’s Longboard @ 10 Tribe of Kings Present: Uptown Top Ranking At U-31 @ 8 7. Train of Thought Poetry/ Spoken Word/Acoustic/Comedy At Queen Bee’s @ 8


Thumbprint Gallery presents: A Valentine’s Day Art Show @ 7

Safety Orange At RT’S Longboard @ 10

Bad Neighborz At Typhoon Saloon @ 9

One Night Stand Anti-Valentine’s Boat Party At Bahia Resort @ 8:30

The Screamin Yeehaws & Agent Orange At Winston’s @ 9

9. Groundation w/ Hi Roots At Belly Up @ 9

Train of Thought Poetry/ Spoken Word/Acoustic/Comedy At Queen Bee’s @ 8

19. G. Love & Special Sauce At House of Blues @ 8:30

Shinehead, Piracy & South Bay Wailers At Gallagher’s @ 9

15. Boom Culture At Typhoon Saloon @ 9

Tribute to the Reggae Legends 2-Day Reggae Festival At WorldBeat Center @ 4

Safety Orange At Hennessey’s SD @ 9

16. Sunny Rude At Gallagher’s @ 9

Zig Zag Jones At RT’s Longboard @ 10

D.R.U.G.S. At House of Blues @ 7 10. Unwritten Law w/ Big B At Sycuan Casino @ Ease Up, Zen Robbi & 80 Proof At 710 Beach Club @ 9 11. Devin The Dude & Yukmouth At 4th & B @ 9 Zappa Plays Zappa At House of Blues @ 8 12. Project Out of Bounds At Calypso Café @ 7 14. Children of Bodom At House of Blues @ 6

17. The Expendables Winter Blackout Tour At House of Blues @ 7 Califarians At House of Blues @ 8 Safety Orange At Hensley’s Flying Elephant @ 8 18. Sprung Monkey At Brick by Brick @ 8 Tribute to the Reggae Legends 2-Day Reggae Festival At WorldBeat Center @ 4

21. Mardi Gras in the Gaslamp At Gaslamp Quarter @ 6

24. Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, Pacific Dub & Tribal Theory At Soundwave @ 8

Smoove-E & Andre Nickatina At Porter’s Pub @ 9 25. Ballyhoo w/ The Broken Stems At 710 Beach Club @ 9 26. J.A.M. Kwest At RT’s Longboard @ 10 28. Train of Thought Poetry/ Spoken Word/Acoustic/Comedy At Queen Bee’s @ 8

Train of Thought Poetry/ Spoken Word/Acoustic/Comedy At Queen Bee’s @ 8

29. Red Hot Chili Peppers At Valley View Casino Center @ 7:30

Surfer Blood At Porter’s Pub @ 8

Sunny Rude At Typhoon Saloon @ 9

22. Zig Zag Jones At Typhoon Saloon @ 9

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23. Kahi Lofa At Gallagher’s @ 9