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Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7�

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Welcome to another issue of NUG Magazine. Obviously by now, you have realized that our page count has dropped this month. Not to worry, we will still be bringing you just as much information and articles as usual, but some of our usual features will now be online only at, so make sure to log on. Some of the articles in this issue will have extended versions with more information also available online. Make sure to log on often to stay up-to-date. We have also added some new online only content, including coverage of the protest/rally in downtown last month, and a great piece on Primo Beer, with our regular columns Food Truck Chronicles and How’d the Show Go rounding out our November coverage. We also want to welcome a new music writer, Squire, to the team. He will be doing album reviews, interviews and more online, so make sure to check out Squire’s Corner on our website. Anyone who knows anything about local music knows that besides playing for roughly 44 local bands, this guy knows his stuff when it comes to music! Also, Aaron Evans will be starting our new Hip Hop column this month with coverage of local Hip Hop store Access Hip Hop! We are giving away tickets online for House of Blues and Belly Up shows as well for the month of November, so make sure to “Like” us on Facebook for chances to win! This month we are giving away more than 20 pairs of tickets to local shows! With the recent intimidation from our federal government against the medical cannabis industry, patients and providers are scared and have unfortunately had their rights trampled on once again! This, however, is not new to us and is exactly why we started this publication. We will continue to bring you the information that strengthens and shines a positive light on our community. We have seen quite a bit of division in the community lately and want to let everyone know that NOW is the time to stand UNITED against our common enemy and NOT let petty disagreements stand in our way! We will do our best to rise above and stay lifted. That’s just how we roll! The holidaze are here and we, the NUG staff, want to wish all of our readers a beautiful and happy holiday season to spend with family and friends!

-Ben G. Rowin

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Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7�

On November 18th, Sanford will be back up to the Butte County Supreme Court to discuss his own regiment and a fairer venue for the rest of this case, which might be San Diego given that the collective is based out here. As far as his current location here in the Normal Heights area of San Diego, 30th St. Patient Collective will be closing on November 23rd with everything in it for sale Sanford said…“Right down to the floor,” and he also said, “Thank you for all your help and the press, I am trying to get a ‘legal defense fund’ set up.” Finding Peace in Turmoil By: James Schmachtenberger- Executive Producer of Medicinal Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health For years, there has been a division within the medical cannabis community; a division that has slowed the progress of our movement and caused harm to many individuals working to stand up for patient rights. We all have common goals: to secure safe access for patients, to create reasonable regulations and operating procedures for collectives, to educate the public and change the stigma that cannabis has had in this country since the ‘30s. Local collective owner believed he was doing things right for a friend, but at what price? By: Gio Blitz A local San Diego medical marijuana dispensary owner, Jeff Lee Sanford of 30th St. Patient Collective, is being charged after testifying for friend and collective participant Timothy Ole Skytte on October 18th in a Butte County case. Sanford, a former officer of the law, is now on the verge of being on the other side. Believing he was fully protected under California state law, Sanford ran and operated his non-profit collective within the guidelines that were set forth with Prop. 215, SB 420 and H.S. 11362.5–11362.7. Sanford’s spotless record is now facing an ugly mark after being accused of cultivation and possession with intent to sell marijuana. Believing his testimony was necessary and absolutely needed in order to assist Skytte with his current case, Sanford later said, “I really didn’t think they were going to cuff me after I had testified and just thought I was doing the right thing for this case and for my friend.” After stepping off the stand, Sanford was arrested, cuffed and charged. Skytte was arrested on August 18th for cultivating plants on two separate properties: an Ishi Trail Property with 369 plants, and a Yana Trail Property with 54 plants. Sanford was leased an area by Skytte within the Yana Trail Property where he was growing 30 out of the 54 plants under 6 recommendations. These valid patient recommendations were chosen out of a drawing Sanford had done for the 30th St. Patient Collective prior to starting the grow. Sanford’s relationship with Skytte at the Yana Trail Property provided him benefits on multiple levels. First and foremost, Sanford was able to ensure high quality medicine for his patients at an unbeatable cost. Sanford was able to pay fair prices, which allowed prices well below “street” cost; and with the decrease in the cost of medicine he was receiving, Sanford was also able to donate medicine to patients with more severe medical needs or low-income levels. Second, he was able to control the growing process of the medical cannabis from start to finish. This enabled Sanford to dictate what types of material would be used and, ultimately, the quality of medicine that was being put into the hands of his members. One of the issues that some collective owners have is the unknown handling and history of patient grower provided medicine. The relationship with Skytte took many of the problems that most will face completely out of the equation, which Sanford preferred. “I don’t regret giving my testimony because the collectives legitimize the growing circle and I was just protecting someone who was like family,” Sanford said in correlation.


For some unknown reason, there has been far too much time and energy put into fighting over the small differences within our philosophies instead of all our energies being unified to work on our common goals. Now, in the past month, our community has come under fire by the federal government in a more aggressive manner than we’ve seen in years. During this time, it’s more important than ever that we, as a community, call for an end to the division and in-fighting. This is the time that we must all come together with one vision, with one voice, with complete unity. If you’ve been involved in cannabis activism in San Diego, you’re probably on one or more email lists of activist groups sending out messages calling for boycotts of other activist groups, accusing, slandering, or questioning the motives of certain activists. I’d like to suggest that we all come together to end this sort of messaging once and for all, so we can move forward. If you receive or see these messages, I’d like to encourage you to send a quick reply and kindly ask those sending these messages to stop and focus on more important matters. If the emails continue, I’d suggest unsubscribing. It’s only through unified actions on all of our parts that we can create a shift away from division and towards commonality. This way, we can stand together as a community and fight against our common enemies. When I mention our common enemies, I don’t mean the DEA or DOJ; I mean the misguided thought processes and value systems rampant in our country that allow for nonsensical prohibition. I mean the misinformation that causes so many people to believe in the dangers of one of the safest and most therapeutic plants on earth. We must fight against ignorance and intolerance, for this is a cause that everyone can get behind, even the ignorant and intolerant. Once educated, the ignorant can become powerful allies and the intolerant can become spokespeople for compassion and understanding. This must be our cause, all of our causes. By speaking up and educating those around us, we can create real and lasting change, a goal that will never be accomplished by arguing with each other. During this critical time, when our rights are being challenged and our freedoms are at risk of being lost, let’s all come together to create a world of understanding, compassion and tolerance. Let’s sign petitions, call our representatives, march through the streets, and distribute educational materials; but most importantly, let’s do it together…as one community, working together to serve everyone’s needs.

Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7�

The U.S. Government has no regard for the People or Freedom of Speech By Dion Markgraaff The United States President, Barrack Obama, and his administration have launched a new assault on California’s sovereignty and the rights of its citizens. In a top level orchestrated announcement about pending attacks, Obama has decided to assault California and the medical cannabis community. Seemingly, every aspect of fundamental freedom – taxes, assembly, guns, banking, self-determination, health decisions and speech – has been deemed illegal and forbidden if medical cannabis is involved. California’s U.S. attorneys announced together at a news conference that all “illegal” dispensaries must close throughout the state within 45 days or face civil and criminal charges. What happened to Obama and his promises of change? What happened to respecting science over politics (i.e. old guard money)? According to these same federal overlords, natural cannabis still does not have any proven medical value (hence, it’s prohibited Schedule I drug status). That is unless the cannabinoids come in the form of a pharmaceutical synthetic tablet, like Marinol – the 100% THC pill sold nationally for many years as a Schedule III drug. The President’s May 20th, 2009 memorandum on the issue of federal preemption on respecting state laws has been ignored by everyone including himself. His order 2 ½ years ago to his troops stated in part, “The purpose of this memorandum is to state the general policy of my administration; that preemption of state law by executive departments and agencies should be undertaken only with full consideration of the legitimate prerogatives of the states and with a sufficient legal basis for preemption. Executive departments and agencies should be mindful that in our federal system, the citizens of the several states have distinctive circumstances and values, and that in many instances, it is appropriate for them to apply to themselves rules and principles that reflect these circumstances and values. As Justice Brandeis explained more than 70 years ago, ‘It is one of the happy incidents of the federal system that a single courageous state may, if its citizens choose, serve as a laboratory; and try novel social and economic experiments without risk to the rest of the country.’”

that he provided 10 grams of medical cannabis to an undercover cop, who had a valid recommendation from a local doctor. The government sting occurred 10 days after Stacy had opened the collective. When all the charges were added up, he faced life in prison. However, after a long, hard fight for his rights (and the facts of the case), he got 2 years probation – a “light” sentence. The feds are sending threatening letters to collectives and their landlords all over California. According to Lauren Horwood, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Sacramento, “[This happened] because the U.S. attorneys felt the need for it. It has been in the process for awhile. As illegal operations were becoming more and more prolific, something needed to be done by the federal government…It’s important that people know that just because you don’t get a letter, it doesn’t mean you are OK. The purpose of the press event last Friday was to let everyone know if you are distributing marijuana, you are out of compliance with federal law…In federal law, there is no distinction; all marijuana is illegal,” she said. “They are targeting commercial sized growing and distribution operations. They have made a point of saying they are not going after a cancer patient with a few pots in the backyard.” In an interview with California Watch, local U.S. Attorney Laura E. Duffy, whose district includes Imperial and San Diego counties, said medical cannabis advertising is the next area she’s “going to be moving onto as part of the enforcement efforts in Southern California.” “I’m not just seeing print advertising,” Duffy said in an interview with California Watch and KQED. “I’m actually hearing radio and seeing TV advertising. It has gone mainstream. Not only is it inappropriate, but one has to wonder what kind of message we’re sending to our children; it’s against the law.” Since medical cannabis IS legal in California, the message to our children and the rest of society is that the government is not obeying the law. “If I own a newspaper …or I own a TV station, and I’m going to take in your money to place these ads, I’m the person who is placing these ads,” Duffy said. “I am willing to read [the law] expansively, and if a court wants to more narrowly define it, that would be up to the court.” Hmmm…and medical cannabis patients are meant to be the guinea pig in her experimentation to find a definition?

Duffy said she believes federal laws give her the right to prosecute newspaper publishers or TV station owners. However, days later on San Diego KPBS, she seemed to back off her previous statements. She said, “While advertisers, those folks placing ads and running ads, are not the primary focus of our current enforcement activities, we are concerned about the nature and the extent of the advertisements we are seeing.” KPBS stated, “Her comments Random Widespread Terror Who is going to be targeted? Everyone? Why? Remem- about cracking down on medical marijuana advertisements along with dispensaries have ber the last big attack in San Diego on 09-09-09? Of all taken on a life of their own. She said the main priority for the U.S. Attorney’s office is shutting the places raided that day, only two people were chosen down dispensaries it believes have become commercial enterprises.” for federal charges: James Stacy of Vista, who had no criminal record, was singled out for no apparent reason. What does this mean? Not sure, but one guess is that everyone will be more cautious about The only evidence against him when he was raided was everything from where publications are distributed to the speech used (i.e. the end of coupons and specials perhaps). 12 | NUGMAG.COM

lective group of 6 people from San Marcos. The local people helped run a dispensary that had changed its name from Medical Marijuana Supply Collective to Club One Collective. All government officials are increasingly facing the prospect of questioning their own fundamental beliefs about who they will follow and the morality of doing something they know is wrong under the false pretext of obeying orders. City (Jan Goldsmith) and state workers (District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and Attorney General Kamala Harris) are not following the law, which may leave them open to civil and criminal charges. Time for a Revolution/Change – the 1% (old guard) war vs. the 99% (new guard) Despite everything, we, the medical cannabis community, must move ahead. We are now forced to deal with reality and go back to work to fulfill the promise to ourselves and to the future. If we are required to move underground, then we will still continue to meet our goals of helping to evolve “the powers that be” – forwards, not backwards. Let’s hope the impending collateral damage is not too severe. Take all necessary precautions and hide your children; you are paying for your government to come after you and your human rights. Who knows, this new offensive in the war against people/some “drugs” might be a good thing if it motivates society to end cannabis prohibition. Threats and Actions Could this be our burning man Tunisian moment? The breaking point? Will The U.S. Federal Government has a long history of using threats to get we finally be able to have the collective vision to see that the emperor wears people to obey, especially when the subject is cannabis. The feds did a no clothes? similar round of threatening letters in 2007, which were somewhat effective in scaring landlords, but did little to slow the growth of the number of Governments have the power to force people into temporary submission, dispensaries. Now, the government has given California collective store- but the people have the ultimate power. This often long unused power of the fronts 45 days to close or they will have to face losing their life, liberty, and people is needed now. It often takes a major event(s) to move the people pursuit of happiness. However, in Southern California, the feds already into exercising that power. Maybe Obama’s biggest and best legacy will be announced charges against many Lake Forrest collectives and one col- in his immoral deeds. He will motivate the masses to make real positive change and legalize cannabis sooner rather than later.

Legal-Federal Crackdown

Within the past four weeks, the medical marijuana industry has come under severe attack by the federal government. It’s clear that we got the wind knocked out of us with this extreme escalation of the War on Drugs; many of us have yet to catch our breath. Regardless of one’s view of medical marijuana or party affiliation, Americans who believe in state rights are shocked and alarmed that the federal government is intensifying their efforts to suffocate California’s medical marijuana industry by targeting not only medical marijuana dispensaries and growers, but anyone who dares to do business with them as well. Last Friday, October 7, 2011, California’s four U.S. attorneys announced their new federal strategy against the medical marijuana industry. The prosecutors describe it as a “sea-change” and have sent out a series of letters threatening landlords with property forfeitures for renting to dispensaries. In the most coordinated statewide mari-

juana enforcement strategy, the government has started the process of shutting down businesses, threatening with criminal charges, and confiscating the property of small businesses and property owners who are operating according to state law. Not dissimilar to cities that send Cease and Desist Letters and Notices of Violation to dispensary operators and their landlords, the strategy of targeting the landlord is effective because it puts the landlord in an impossible situation: either evict your tenant within 45 days or risk losing your property and possibly being charged criminally. The end result often comes down to the landlord breaching a valid lease agreement or simply not renewing a lease in order to protect their assets and limit their own risk. As any medical marijuana operator will tell you, it is extremely difficult to find a sympathetic landlord, and the few remaining are unlikely to want to embroil themselves in the ever-growing conflict between state and federal law. Tragically, it is the patients who will suffer the most as their safe access is being threatened. If there are no retail outlets in safe areas, patients will be forced back to the streets or to unmarked shops under the veil of secrecy where regulation and medicine quality control will be a thing of yesteryear. Over the past weeks, many medical marijuana growers, landlords, dispensary operators, and service providers are asking: “Should I shut down my business? Who is the most at risk? How can federal governments possibly shut us all down at once? What will all the patients do?” Only time can tell how all of this will unfold, but the strategy laid out by the U.S. attorneys in California does offer some guidance as to who will be at risk. Investigations most likely to be prosecuted include distributors caught with at least 200 kilograms of marijuana, including distribution near schools, playgrounds and colleges; cultivators with gardens of at least 1000 plants that are not on federal land and at least 500 plants on federal or tribal land, or where there is significant damage; and dispensaries that sell more than 200 kilograms or 1,000 plants annually. Additionally, many dispensary landlords throughout the state have received threatening federal letters for operating too close to schools (less than 1000 feet), even though under state law, dispensaries are not permitted within 600 feet of schools. However, a federal law, Title 21 USC 860, imposes additional penalties for the sale or distribution of controlled substances within 1,000 feet of schools, colleges, play-

grounds, and a host of other areas. This law was originally intended to prevent drug dealings at schools, but it is now being used by U.S. attorneys to harass, otherwise, state compliant collectives. The strategy also outlines guidelines for civil forfeitures for those who indirectly participate, such as landlords or property owners. As if this most recent attack was not enough, this is only one development in a series of actions taken by federal authorities to decapitate state-recognized medical marijuana distributors. Banks are cutting business ties with dispensaries, presumably after extreme pressure from the Department of Treasury. The Internal Revenue Service is auditing numerous dispensaries and seeking millions of dollars in back taxes by denying standard business deductions. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has warned firearm dealers to treat medical marijuana patients as if they are drug addicts and forbid them from buying guns. And last, but certainly not least, U.S. Attorney Laura E. Duffy, whose districts include San Diego County, announced plans to target newspaper and radio outlets advertising medical marijuana. It seems like the First, Second and Tenth Amendments are of little concern to federal officials these days.

and finally have their issues and concerns litigated can no longer do so, because U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy sent letters to their landlords. If there is no storefront left, what is the point of fighting for your right to operate in that location? So where do we go from here? Many people opine that this is the beginning of the end. Others choose to see this latest crackdown as the true beginning of the war against the medical marijuana industry, and they believe that, ultimately, we will be victorious. Regardless, the medical marijuana community must remain cohesive and stand as a united front. Finger pointing and the whispers of who is to blame for all of this has no place here; because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together, whether you’re an advocate for full legalization or for safe access to medical marijuana only. The message we must send right now is two-fold and must be loud and clear. First, the federal government needs to get out of our backyard and take a closer look at the Tenth Amendment. The Tenth Amendment states the Constitution’s principle of federalism by providing the powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution are reserved, respectively, to the states or the people; and the people of California have spoken loud and clear since the passage of the Compassionate Use Act in 1996. And second, our state legislatures and elected officials need to step up and denounce this federal invasion and work with the medical marijuana industry to come into an era of regulation and compliance for everyone’s sake.

These latest actions only add to the confusion, frustration and legal problems for patients, providers, state elected public officials, and law enforcement alike. These most recent attacks also threaten to have a terrible economic impact on jobs and tax revenues. California NORML estimates that the state’s medical marijuana industry now accounts for $1.5 – $4.5 billion in sales, tens of thousands of jobs, and over $100 million in taxes. In these tough economic times, this hard-line approach to By: Kimberly R. Simms, Esq. – Law Office of Kimberly R. medical marijuana baffles democrats and republicans alike. Simms and instructor at Legal Cannabis Institute - If you are a concerned patient, landlord, grower, dispensary operator, or ancillary service It is also worth noting that these enforcement efforts come almost simul- provider in this industry, please do not hesitate to contact our office to answer taneously with the City of San Diego finally making good on its threats to any additional questions or concerns you have about the recent events and file civil lawsuits against storefront dispensaries for violating San Diego’s their impact on your particular business or situation. The best and most apLand Use and Zoning laws. Is this just a coincidence? It is most likely not. propriate course of action will not be the same for everyone, and we are here Many of the stores who were ready and willing to go before the judge to guide you through these challenging times.

Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7�

Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7�

How will the forced shutdown affect you? In the short term, I will be very busy with those who are shutting down. There are roles and responsibilities that a CPA has in the dissolve process. Anytime a business dissolves, it is a requirement that they file a final tax return. I will be busy at least through March 15, 2012. Those who decide to shift into a delivery service will still need my services, just not as in-depth. In the long term, I am going to focus on areas in this same niche, like hydro shops and patients/ growers who are looking to legitimately report that income, but don’t quite know how to do so. I’d also be willing to expand my practice outside of San Diego. I have already been to San Francisco and the shops there said there are no CPA’s focusing on this industry up there. Arizona and Colorado are up-and-coming medical states, so there are definitely options out there. Right now, I just want to focus Will you start by explaining what a CPA does, and how your on helping my clients in San Diego get over this hump. 2012 will be services benefit the medical cannabis community? a whole new adventure. I’ll start by saying that my first job was at a national accounting firm where I was limited to doing audits of very big public companies, like Nike, Ralphs, What advice do you have for the medical cannabis comand Vons. I quit that and went on to gain more experience in other areas. munity, specifically collectives? Now I am a one hundred percent, independent CPA. What I do is help col- It is in our best interest to band together as one and ignore the comlectives keep their books and transactions in the most compliant manner. petitive nature of the industry. Use the ‘strength in numbers’ rule. –The day-to-day reporting and accounting of things; that is what I do. I file It’s a whole lot easier for a shark to go after one single fish than it is tax returns for individuals and for businesses; bookkeeping; plus, there are to go after a big ball of fish. If we band together, share a voice, and many compliance issues, such as Prop. 215, SB 420, and the Attorney Gen- stand up for ourselves, it will have a bigger impact. The more unity, eral’s guidelines that are all very vague. But with a CPA’s background, we collectivity, and grassroot efforts we have, the better. can make sure that they are compliant with these guidelines. Also, in this industry, there are two agencies that we must be aware of, the State Board What are your personal views on medical cannabis and of Equalization and the IRS, because they both know that this industry is the full legalization of marijuana? ripe for cash. I have been a strong, strong supporter of medical cannabis for a long time; not only for its medicinal aspects, but also for its industrial Obviously, the biggest news in the medical cannabis com- aspects. I just feel that moving into a more natural, organic basis munity is the U.S. Attorney’s action to force all collectives would help us extremely. As far as consumption, I am for this and to close, by threatening landowners with asset forfeiture and over cigarettes, over alcohol, over all of the other substances out seizure by the federal government. How will this impact our there. We have gotten such a bad rep, politically, ever since the local and state economy? days of ‘Reefer Madness’ in the 1930s and 1940s. I am definitely a Hugely. The State Board of Equalization is probably extremely frightened strong advocate for this medicine. I want it to become a social norm. right now, because they have already done their budget for fiscal year 2012, Why it has been suppressed for so long, I do not know. I guess I just assuming that they would have all of this tax revenue coming in from col- have an affinity for natural things. I rarely take Advil or Aspirin. Our lectives. They are probably scrambling around looking for other sources of pharmaceutical companies have way too much power. revenue. Today, people simply cannot afford to have more money taken out of their paychecks, or to pay more property taxes. Beyond that, think of all Mario’s committed passion for the cause, combined with his educathe people employed by collectives. I would guess 5,000 to 10,000, either tion and experience, makes him a praiseworthy member of the San directly or indirectly in San Diego County alone. There is also a multiplier Diego medical cannabis community. As we go to print, we do not yet effect, when people become unemployed that affects all other businesses. know what the future holds, but with good people like Mario on our That is a scary thought. side, we will prevail. By: Pamela Jayne This column started as a way to introduce the frontline fighters, the suit and tie wearing warriors, to the people who most benefit from their work, the patients. Attorneys are, of course, the primary focus of Legal Eyes, but I have come to realize that there are other professionals that this movement heavily depends on. This is what led me to Mario Ceretto, CPA. We all think of the law and lawyers when we think of the fight to legitimize the medical cannabis industry; but what about the money? What about the numbers? This is where Mario comes in. He may not wear a suit and tie, but he wears his passion for the rights of medical cannabis patients and providers on his sleeve for the entire world to see. From his not so long ago days as an idealistic student at UC Santa Cruz, to his works right here in his hometown, Mario has never strayed from his core beliefs.

You have a lot of clients who will be affected by this. Are they Mario Ceretto / / www.mmjcpas. com / 619 589-0416 / 835 5th Ave, Suite 309 San Diego, panicking? Should they be? Yeah, the ball is in the landowners’ court right now. This has happened be- CA 92101 fore in Los Angeles and there was no enforcement of forfeiture and seizure, but it’s a different city and a different time. I have talked to clients whose landlords are willing to let them shut down and keep their lease option for three to six months, just to see what happens with this. Some landlords I know only rent to collectives because they know they can charge an arm and a leg. They have a huge vested interest in this. It’s their livelihood, their sole income, so they are willing to work with tenants. Other clients have received 30-day eviction notices. Some people are so anti-federal government that they will stay open as long as they possibly can, basically until they are too terrified to continue. These notices only state that the distribution and sale of cannabis has to stop. Those storefronts could stay open and teach grow classes and other activities. If there is going to be a lack of safe For the extended version of this interview log on to access, maybe they should start teaching patients how to grow their own 19 | NUGMAG.COM medicine. Becoming a delivery service is also an option.

Patient Profile:Carrie By: Pamela Jayne Working mothers are under a tremendous amount of pressure balancing the needs of their children, a job, and other family responsibilities. We all know the extraordinary lengths they go each and every day; but can you imagine dealing with all of that and having to endure a cancer diagnosis and the brutal treatments that go along with it? In this interview, Carrie tells me what it is like to do just that. She also opens up about her fears, her experiences, her frustrations, and how discouraging it is to know that safe access to medical cannabis is in jeopardy. I spoke with Carrie the day before she began her second round of chemotherapy; and although she knew that the regimen would be much harsher this time and was understandably emotional, she said that she is excited to get through it and move on. Thank you for sharing your story with our readers. Will you tell me about your diagnosis? I have been diagnosed with Stage 3-C Ovarian cancer. It is kind of late stage because I am one of those people who will deal with pain until I cannot bear it anymore. This happened at the end of 2008, beginning of 2009. What kind of symptoms did you have? I had bloating, cramping, and severe pain in my lower abdomen. I thought that I was gaining weight, but then I was laying down one day and realized that there was an odd shaped lump in my stomach. By the time I had surgery, people thought I was six months or more pregnant. The lump was that huge. They had to do a complete hysterectomy because everything was just a big tumor. And now the cancer is throughout my entire pelvic and abdominal cavity. I got to the point where I had no signs or symptoms (that’s what they call it now, instead of saying remission), but it has reoccurred and is also on my liver. I also believe that there are a couple of growths in my intestines and pelvic cavity, so I am starting chemotherapy again tomorrow. Are you doing any other treatments aside from chemotherapy? No, I just do the chemo. The only other option would be to remove them (the tumors) surgically, but my doctor’s opinion is to stick with just the chemo for now.

When collectives are forced to close, will you continue to use cannabis as medicine? I am the type of person who thinks ahead, especially when it comes to my children. So if they get away with what they are trying to do, and I can’t safely get marijuana, then I will have to resort to using the pain pills.

How do you feel today? Today I feel completely normal, which I consider to be a blessing, because after tomorrow, I am going to be sick and in pain and still trying to do everything that every other single mother has to do. I’m going to try to go to work every day, I’m going to make Halloween happen for my kids; you know, all the normal stuff.

And it is not your personal preference to use pharmaceuticals, right? No; not at all. I would have no choice but to be put in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies. I think that is what they want.

Will you explain how medical cannabis helps you deal with cancer and chemotherapy? It gives just enough relief to let you get back to your life, as opposed to taking something that has so many side effects; those anxiety pills build up in your system. I’d rather use a little bit of marijuana because I think it is safer.

What do you want the general public to know about being a medical cannabis patient? I want people to know how simple it is. It is so easy to use; it actually works; it’s safe and I can go about my regular life. In the beginning, I was stunned at how effective it was. It’s also important for people to know that I was not a pot smoker before I had cancer. Collectives are not just clubs for potheads.

Tomorrow will be the first time you use cannabis while undergoing chemotherapy? Yes. I didn’t use it at all last time. This may sound weird, but I am excited this time. I am excited that I have this (cannabis) to help me manage. I have a plan, and I am excited to move on. I have my medical cannabis, and I will get through this. I know it sounds so weird to say that I am excited about chemo, but I really am. I know that this round will be worse, but at least I now have something that will help. I’m ready. Let’s put it this way: if you went to the dentist and were not given Novocain, and the next time you knew you would have Novocain, you would be happy about that, right? Also, this will be beneficial to my children because I will be stronger; I will be able to manage my symptoms better. They have already been through so much: the surgeries, the hospitalizations, seeing me being so sick, watching my hair fall out. This time I will be able to be a better parent to my children. How will the U.S. Attorney’s decision to shut down all collectives in the city affect you? I have a feeling of loss, because I cannot suffer the consequences if this option is taken away from me. It’s ironic that I just found this, and now it is being taken away. I just can’t believe this is happening. And to also find out that medical marijuana cardholders are not allowed to own guns? I cannot believe that they can just trample on our constitutional rights like that.


For the extended version of this interview log on to

When I asked Carrie how she deals with it all, she simply said, “You just have to have faith that it will all work out.” I was awed and inspired by Carrie’s bravery in the face of all that she is enduring. She asked me a few questions that I have wondered myself recently, such as, “How can they just come in and deny our rights?” and “We voted for this, so why are they taking it away from us?” We talked for awhile, even after the interview was complete. What struck me the most was when she said, “If I can survive my government, I can survive anything.” What a sad state of affairs we are in, when a single mother, undergoing chemotherapy, is more afraid of her government than she is of cancer and the poison being pumped through her veins. God Bless America.

Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7�

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity As the weather cools down, the sun sets earlier and more sneezes are heard all around. We know that fall, and soon winter, is upon us. While we live in an amazing climate shielded from cold winds and snowy storms, it is still a good time to consider protecting yourself from sickness by boosting your immunity. The wonderful thing, of course, about nature is that it always provides ways to balance the qualities that each season brings. This means cooling melons and sweet peaches in the summer, and warming root veggies and immune boosters in the winter. Here are some simple and easy foods to add to your diet to help boost your immunity and keep you smiling this season. Remember to always check with your doctor. • •

Look for yellow, orange, and red foods, which contain beta-carotene. Think butternut squash, pumpkins, and carrots. Try healthy baking methods and add them to your soups and stews. Citrus and green veggies are important foods to enjoy and contain vitamin C. Moms know how important vitamin C is for preventing a cold and supporting the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Citrus fruits are especially powerful because we can easily consume them in raw form. Don’t throw out the pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, which has antiviral properties. Add other nuts and seeds into your diet (add to salads, baked goods) and don’t forget beans and lentils (for soups and stews) as good zinc sources. Fresh garlic for prevention, and at the onset of sickness, it does wonders. Raw garlic helps to boost immunity and fights against infections. If you feel like you’re getting sick, crush some fresh garlic and eat it plain or, if that doesn’t work for you, add it to some apple sauce to mask the taste. If you like the taste of raw garlic, add it into salads and pasta dishes. Probiotics are naturally occurring bacteria that keep our digestive and immune systems functioning properly. Add yogurt, kombucha (a fermented drink found in health food stores), or fermented veggies (such as traditional Korean kimchi or sauerkraut) to your regular diet. Remember, herbal teas, such as Echinacea, for immunity support, or specially formulated teas targeted for the cold season, better sleep (always key to recovery and strength), or congestion relief. At home, bring water to a boil. Grate ginger from a fresh ginger root (a one-inch piece of root is sufficient) and place into a mug. Add a few teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. Add boiling water and cover. Let it steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Drink to your health! (When the liquid is at room temperature, you can also add in a little honey to taste.)

These little additions to your regular diet will help keep your immune system strong and keep you vibrant through the season. Remember that stress management, rest, and exercise are all key components in a strong and healthy body and complete the picture for great health! In health, Bahareh Bahareh is a certified Health Coach based in Encinitas, California. She empowers others to live healthier, happier lives by eating well, reducing stress, and finding balance.


By R.J. Villa Academy Snowboards Propaganda on the Snow Academy Snowboards always tries to address issues that make a difference in people’s lives with their Propaganda snowboard series. This year, the team at Academy Snowboards takes a cue from one of the most polarizing topics of debate (and one close to all of our hearts here at NUG Magazine) with the release of their “Legalize It” snowboard for this season’s Propaganda series. Peter Tosh once sang in song, “Legalize it… don’t criticize it. Legalize it and I will advertise it.” Academy Snowboards is doing just that; advertising and pushing this issue to the forefront of the snowboarding industry with this year’s “Legalize It” snowboard. The “Legalize It” snowboard for Academy Snowboards’ Propaganda series came from the suggestion of team rider, Chad Tarbell. Tarbell has been riding for Academy Snowboarders since it was founded in 2002. He has been through a lot with the company and worked hard to progress his way in becoming a pro rider in 2007. Although his home base is in Big Bear Lake, California, he travels the world for photo shoots and competitions. He is a medical marijuana patient and quite proud of it. “For snowboarding, I like to smoke hybrids like Headband,” stated Academy Snowboards pro rider Tarbell. “Nothing that makes me tired. I just like feeling loose and light on my feet. When I am chillin’ with injuries, I like to puff on something heavier. Right now, my favorite relaxing strain is just good old Master Kush.” As a pro rider for Academy, he has dealt with many injuries over the years and spent a lot of time in hospital beds recovering from various surgeries. For his post operation pain management, a large part of the first steps to recovery, doctors’ prescriptions for medication helped manage the pain; however, the prescriptions were often for pills that are notorious for addiction and liver killing. Tarbell grew tired of getting hooked on pain pills and all the bad news that comes from steady doses of Vicodin.

Propaganda “Legalize It” Snowboard: Concept Craft and Design Academy’s Propaganda “Legalize It” line of snowboards identifies the large presence of medical cannabis users in the snowboard community. This is one of the only action sports companies using their products to spread the word about the medicinal properties of cannabis. While not everyone in the industry is ready to stand up and follow Academy’s lead on raising awareness, the feedback and response, since announcing the direction of the Propaganda line within and throughout the snowboard industry, has been quite positive. “The response has been great,” explained Erich Dummer, Media Director for Academy Snowboards. “Most in the industry feel the same way even though they are not willing to announce it as publicly. But, snowboarding and snowboarders, in general, have always done what they feel is right and what feels good, so it is a natural fit within the snowboarding world.” Academy Snowboards was founded back in 2002 by Jeff Baughn, who is originally from Auburn, California. He started Academy Snowboards in Oceanside, CA; but last summer, Baughn decided to move the company back to his hometown of Auburn. Academy Snowboards is truly a global company, having manufactured their snowboards in factories from all over the world; having worked with factories in Austria, California, Canada, China and Utah. They are currently using a factory in Austria for their snowboards and Dummer insists that Academy has found Austria to be the best in the business. “They’ve been building boards for over 20 years, and their technicians and most of their engineers have been there since the beginning and seen it all,” explained Dummer. “They continue to lead the way in board technology and innovation. We have a great relationship with our factory and it has helped us develop the best riding and most durable snowboards on the market.” “The Propaganda is made with a special WDT core, which is engineered in Germany and produced in Austria,” Dummer added. “It has a super unique flex that’s soft and easy to ride and won’t break down or noodle-out over time like most park boards. And, it has an amazing pop that differentiates it from the rest of the soft jib boards on the market; super fun for small jibs and butters, but can hold its own on big jumps or gnarly features. Not many boards on the market can say that.” Academy Snowboards’ Propaganda “Legalize It” line is available in traditional and reverse camber, taking into consideration the direction snowboard design has taken over the past

Exploring alternative options, Tarbell got his medical marijuana card to heal up and recover in a less damaging and more natural way. Medical marijuana has had a big impact on his recovery from injuries and he thought the time was right for others to become aware and benefit from its medicinal value. Tarbell believes that those suffering should have safe access to medicinal marijuana without the obstacle of having to heal in the shadows. He truly believes that legalization is the path.


Photo courtesy of Academy Snowboard Co.

few years. It was designed for the intermediate and advanced freestylers who will find this to be a great jib stick. It is advertised as an ultimate park board with a blunted tip and tail. It is a true twin tip, reverse cambered, infused with a carbon synthetic mix and aspen wood components that give the core an amazing flex pattern. The board comes in various sizes to accommodate groms, gals, and guys alike. Their traditional camber options measure 145, 150, 153, 155, and 158, and their reverse camber options measure 149, 152, and 156. “It took a lot of work to create the graphic just right. We had the design team at Second World Design lay everything out and fine tune it over months of time,” said Dummer. “In the end, they feel it’s one of their best and most exciting works to date, and we feel the same.” Academy Snowboards has contracted their line of snowboards over the years, narrowing its focus on each individual snowboard being the best. They have three men’s series and one women’s series, offering traditional and reverse camber boards in each series to cater to both styles of riders. Dummer upholds that quality is at the core of the company and Academy Snowboards does not cut costs with cheap materials or milled out cores for a better bottom line at year’s end. They firmly stand behind the quality of their products and the comfort of their performance. Keep on the Lookout for Academy Snowboards You can see the Propaganda “Legalize It” board being ridden by Tarbell and Jonas Michilot in the new Videograss movie, Shoot the Moon. They are currently filming on it for next year’s Videograss project as well. Being a pro rider for Academy Snowboards takes Tarbell state to state as he competes in contests and shoots sequences for magazines and films. Exciting and exotic locations may feed the gravity junkie in Tarbell, but his appetite for high quality medication always has him waiting for his return back to Cali; more specifically, his favorite collective in Hollywood, California. “Strains in other states outside of Cali just aren’t the same,” explained Tarbell. “Every time I am gone, I want to come back just for that reason. I do not know what it is, the strains, the knowledge on growing or whatever. From my own knowledge, Los Angeles has the best strains I have ever tried. The Hollywood OG at Hollywood THC…FIRE!” Tarbell’s brother, Ryan Tarbell, is also on the Academy Snowboards pro rider team. He also lives in Big Bear and the two of them have used their sibling rivalry to help push each other’s riding over the years. Sibling team riders appear to be a theme for the Academy Snowboards team, as brothers Jonas and Jordan Michilot out of Minnesota are riding for them as well. Jonas has been on top of snowboarding for years, being filmed for premier movies and continuing to put out some of the most progressive rail and urban riding year after year. “I think we’re the only snowboard company out there with two sets of brothers on the team,” stated Dummer proudly. “It shows how close everyone is to each other. The team is family, both metaphorically and literally.” Academy Snowboards is also putting on their 7th Annual Snowboard Camp at Boreal this spring, in April 2012. What started as something small has developed into a huge gathering for Academy Snowboards’ team riders, friends, and campers with an awesome weekend of progression and fun. The camp is for riders ages 6-60 and everyone is guaranteed to learn something new. Academy Snowboards also continues to offer its Foundation Scholarship and gives 1% of sales back to kids who are keeping their dream to shred alive while going to college. “We find ways to give back wherever we can,” explained Dummer. “Although we’re small, we feel it’s super important to make a difference and give back to the shred community that has given us so much.” For more information on Academy Snowboards, please visit their website at: Academy Snowboards P.O. Box 4628 Auburn, Ca. 95604 Tel 619-243-1455 Fax 619-243-1455

Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7”

Written by Canna Chef Kim ~ The REAL Mother SACRED PUMPKIN SOUP with TOASTED HAZELNUTS Earth Co-op ♥ Proudly serving San Diego MMJ (Soups) patients since 2005 1/4 cup hazelnuts canna olive oil (for drizzling) Thanksgiving is traditionally observed on the fourth Thurs- 3/4 cup finely grated Parmigiano cheese 4 cloves of garlic (minced) day in November and has officially been an annual tradition 6 tbsp. cannabutter* 3 cups chicken broth in our country since 1863, when during the Civil War, Presi- 1/2 cup finely chopped yellow onion 1 cup half & half dent Abraham Lincoln declared a national day of thanksgiv- 1/2 cup finely chopped carrot 1/4 cup cornstarch ing to be celebrated on Thursday, November 26th. 1/2 cup finely chopped celery 4 tsp. chopped fresh sage leaves 16 oz. pumpkin puree (2 cups) 1 tsp. ground cinnamon The first Thanksgiving was celebrated to express gratitude 1/3 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar 1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper to the Native Americans for helping the Pilgrims of the Plym- 3/4 tsp. ground ginger 1/2 tsp. smoked salt outh Colony survive their first brutal winter in New England. 1/4 tsp. nutmeg The natives shared their land, showed the settlers basic survival skills, shared food, and lent blankets for them to Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Add hazelnuts to a large soup pot over stay warm and alive. The first Thanksgiving feast lasted medium heat and cook, stirring frequently until fragrant; about 4 to 5 minutes. Place hazelnuts in a small bowl three days, providing enough food for 53 pilgrims and 90 and reserve the pot. Native Americans. The feast consisted of fish (cod, eels, and bass) and shellfish (clams, lobster, and mussels), wild For the hazelnut frico: Sprinkle the cheese into 8 thin rounds, about 2 inches wide on the prepared baking sheet. fowl (ducks, geese, swans, and turkey), venison, berries Finely grind the toasted hazelnuts in a food processor and evenly sprinkle them over the cheese rounds. Evenly and fruit, vegetables (peas, pumpkin, beetroot and possibly drizzle the rounds with a small amount of canna olive oil. Bake until golden brown and bubbly; about 5 to 6 wild or cultivated onion), harvest grains (barley and wheat), minutes. Remove from the oven and set aside. and the three sisters: beans, dried Indian maize or corn, and squash. The New England colonists were accustomed Add the cannabutter to the pot that the hazelnuts were toasted in over medium-low heat and cook, whisking to regularly celebrating Thanksgiving with days of prayer, very frequently until the cannabutter melts; about 1 to 2 minutes. Stir in the onion, carrot, celery, sage, cinnathanking God for blessings, such as military victory or the mon, ginger and nutmeg, and cook until tender, stirring frequently until tender. Stir in the garlic and cook for an end of a drought. additional minute. This month for Thanksgiving – the 3-day breast cancer walk on Nov. 18th, 19th, and 20th (Petco Park), and the race for the cure on the 6th – it is important to reflect on what we are doing to our world and each other. November is a great time to find forgiveness in your heart and let the pettiness fly away. At a time when MMJ is being persecuted at federal, state, city, and local levels, the in-fighting continues. As I predicted, the fighting would lead to the termination of privileges. It is time to wake up, make a difference or lead, follow or get out of the way of the people who make a difference, and keep the negativity to yourself. Negative vibes NEVER help anything or any situation. We’ve come up with a few different recipe ideas to help celebrate all the wonderful people in your life and the gifts you are thankful for. This month we have a few new healing recipes for your favorite patient with, of course, our medicinal twist! Some of the following recipes are new, experimental ones with some taken from the real Mother Earth Co-op’s “Special Medicinal Recipes – A Medical Cannabis Cookbook.” Canna Chef Kim © 2008 Cookbook available at finer co-ops, collectives, and physician offices, or online at: Wondering what to do with that Halloween pumpkin? Cooking and preparing fresh pumpkin is easy and you don’t have to use the mashed pumpkin right away. Pumpkin purée can be frozen in portions. Put spoon cooled, mashed pumpkin into freezer containers, leaving 1/2-inch headspace. Halve the pumpkin and remove and set seeds aside to dry and roast later. Remove pulp and stringy portion. Cut into small pieces and peel. Place in a steamer or metal colander, which will fit in a covered pot. Put over boiling water, cover, and steam for about 50 minutes or until tender. Mash, purée in a blender or food processor, or put through a food mill. Use in any recipe calling for pumpkin purée.


Stir together the half & half and cornstarch in a liquid measuring cup and pour it into the pot along with the chicken broth, pumpkin purée, brown sugar, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil over medium-low heat, stirring frequently. When the soup starts to thicken, reduce the heat to low. Using an immersion blender, purée the soup until a smooth consistency is reached, simmering until ready to serve. Ladle the soup into serving bowls and float the frico hazelnuts over the top. AIRPORT VORTEX ENERGY SALAD (Salads) 2 heads lettuce leaves 2 sliced pear 2 tbsp. fresh orange juice 2 tbsp. chopped walnuts (toasted) Vinaigrette: 1/2 cup whole-berry cranberry sauce 1/2 cup fresh orange juice 1 tbsp. canna olive oil 2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar

1 small slice of red onion (in rings) 2 oz. crumbled blue cheese 2 oz. dried cranberries

1 tsp. honey 1/4 tsp. sea salt 1 tsp. of kief 2 tsp. minced fresh ginger

Divide the crisp lettuce among six salad plates. Toss pear with 2 tablespoons of orange juice. Divide pear and onion evenly among leaves. Top each serving with about 1 tbsp. of cheese, cranberries and walnuts. Prepare vinaigrette by placing ingredients in a medium bowl and stirring well with a whisk. Drizzle each serving with about 2 ½ tbsp. of vinaigrette. NEW AGE BEET ROOTARALUS 2 lbs. small beetroot (washed & quartered) 2 tbsp. cannabutter* (melted) 1/4 tsp. coarse sea salt 1 bunch chives (chopped) 2 medium apples (grated) 2 tsp. horseradish

1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice 16 oz. quark 1/2 cup half & half or cream 1 tsp. honey 1/4 tsp. kief 1/4 tsp. pepper

Preheat oven to 350°F. Pour the lemon juice over the grated apple to keep it from turning brown. Mix the cannabutter and salt together and brush it on the beetroot quarters. Place beets on a baking tray and bake for approx. 1 hour or until they are soft. In the meantime, prepare the dip by mixing together quark, cream, horseradish, kief and honey in a small bowl. Add grated apple and chives, salt and pepper to taste. Cool. Once beets are ready, gently peel off the skin and serve sprinkled with sea salt and the apple horseradish dip. Note: Use sour cream as a substitute for quark. Use thin rubber gloves when working with the beetroot to protect your hands from turning a burgundy color. This can also be served as a chip-like snack by slicing the beetroot and allowing it to bake, making it crispier.

MYSTIC CHIPOTLE DUCK Sauce: 2 ½ cups fresh orange juice 1 tbsp. canned chipotle chilies in adobo 1 (3 to 4-inch) cinnamon stick 1 tsp. salt

SHAMANIC PERFECTION (Desserts) 3 tbsp. pure maple syrup 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 2 whole cloves 2 tbsp. of cannabis

For duck: 1 ½ tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. black pepper 3 (1 lb.) boneless Muscovy duck breasts with skin, or 6 (7 to 8-oz.) Long Island (also called Pekin) duck breast halves with skin. Sauce: Boil all sauce ingredients in a 2 to 3-quart heavy saucepan over moderate heat, skimming foam occasionally until syrupy and reduced to about 1 cup; 30 to 40 minutes. Let stand while duck broils and whisk in the cannabis to the sauce. Duck: Remove the rack of a broiler pan, then add 1 cup of water to the broiler pan and replace the rack. Preheat broiler with pan 5 to 6 inches from heat. Pat duck breasts dry and score skin at 1-inch intervals with a sharp knife (do not cut into meat), then sprinkle all over with salt and pepper. Broil duck breasts (skin sides down); 4 minutes for Long Island duck or 8 minutes for Muscovy. Then, turn over and broil until thermometer inserted horizontally into the center of a breast registers 130°F (see note, below); 8 to 10 minutes more for medium-rare. Transfer to a cutting board and let stand for 5 minutes. Add any juices accumulated on the cutting board to the sauce and simmer until slightly thickened; 1 to 2 minutes. Holding a sharp knife at a 45-degree angle, cut each duck breast into thin slices and serve with sauce. Note: The USDA recommends cooking duck breasts to an internal temperature of 170°F to ensure that any harmful bacteria are killed. But because we prefer the meat medium-rare, we cook it to only 130°F. Otherwise, the duck gets tough and livery. Sauce can be made 2 days ahead and chilled, covered. Reheat before adding juices from duck.

4 large apples (cored) 2 tbsp. cannabis (finely chopped) 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup water 4 tbsp. cannabutter*

1/2 cup raisins 2 tbsp. cinnamon 1/4 tsp. nutmeg 4 cherries

Preheat oven to 350°F (180° C). Powder cannabis in a blender and mix with brown sugar and water. Stuff the cores of the apples with this paste. Place one tbsp. of cannabutter*(see recipe) on top of each apple. Sprinkle apples with raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, and top with a cherry. Bake for 25 minutes. Note: This medicinal dessert is great for the patient who has difficulty with appetite. This will make them want to eat it all up! Try a dollop of ice cream or whip cream to top it off. “KIEF” is an age old way of extracting trichomes from plant material. Kief is the product derived from the kiefing process. Kiefing is a method in which you rub dry trim, buds, and small leaves with crystals on them over a silk screen. The THC glands will form a powder that comes through the screen, which is then used in cooking or for smoking. It is usually a pale green to light brown dependant on the strain of cannabis. Kief powder that is pressed together is called hash. Note: Kief boxes are sold at some smoke shops and are easier to work with than silk screens. In a kief box, the screen is above the collection drawer allowing the THC glands to pass through the screen and into the collection drawer. This makes it easy and compact for the average user to collect the kief and use for smoking or cooking. *Cannaoil is any high quality food grade oil such as coconut oil, hempseed oil, olive oil, or canola oil that has been infused with high-grade medical cannabis. *Cannabutter is dairy butter that has been infused with high-grade medical cannabis. The recipes for cannaoil and cannabutter can be found in the first copy of NUG Magazine or online at Wishing you a hempy journey to a healthier you! Please remember to continue the 2011 challenge of being kind to each other & practicing random acts of kindness each and every day!!! Peace, Love & Gratitude, Kim

Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7”

ers. Nutrients do play a vital roll, but only if the lighting and environment are in the right range so that the nutrients can work properly and to their fullest capabilities. Lighting is one of the most overlooked factors in a grow room, and by being educated on the qualities of your bulbs and the right bulbs to use, it could make a big difference in your garden! Getting the most out of your light will help you produce better plants and heavier yields. All lighting is not the same. A MH or metal halide bulb is blue in color, and a HPS bulb is orange/reddish in color. The color of the bulb is measured in kelvins. A 3000K bulb is a reddish, orange spectrum or color around 3000K. A MH bulb is blue/purplish in color, or around 6500K. The different metals they put in the bulbs is what makes them burn different kelvins. The different kelvins greatly affect the plant. Plants respond more to wavelengths in the light, not the intensity of the light, like what our eyes see and judge the light by. Everyone has been taught or just assumes that a HPS is better for flowering simply because it has more lumens or more intensity. But the fact is that the color or kelvin of the light and wavelength frequency is much more important. A HPS has more lumens, but also causes the plant to stretch because the plant simply does not understand or absorb a lot of the light. A MH blue 6500K light has much more absorbable, useful light in it that the plant can understand. Sure it has a lot less lumens and can cost a lot more, but it creates the development in our plants that we really want. The wavelengths and spectrum of the light By SD OG Grower We all want tighter flowers and larger yields, no matter what is much more complete, covering a wider range of what the plant needs to produce the we’re growing! Everyone has a friend who says they know the best quality flowers and fruits. best additive to use to make tighter plants, harder flowers, or even stop the plant’s vertical growth by using Plant Growth A common method for growing is to use T-5 fluorescents for veg, and then switch to a Regulators (PGR). Sure, these things or products can stop the HPS 1000W for flowering. Plants do grow well under the correct T-5 bulbs, such as GE’s growth, or even make a flower harder, but is it really the right T-5 Starcoat 6500K, but they need to be as close to the plants as possible, within 6” and best way to accomplish this? Does it leave your plants max! Unlike an HID light that needs to be 12” or more away from the plant and air-cooled in order to not burn the plant, the intensity of a fluorescent light is very weak and not with the best organic sweet taste you’re looking for? intense enough for full development. Light diminishes very quickly, so the penetration The answer is NO! You will never get a superior tasting quality is not very deep into the canopy with T-5 fluorescents. Keep the plants under T-5’s for fruit or product by using PGR’s! It’s like putting chemicals or the first 2 weeks or so in veg, and then the key is to transplant them into larger pots and hormones into your body; it’s not good for you in the long run! veg them for another 7-10 days under a 600W, 6500K MH blue bulb. Ushio makes a And it sure as hell does not make a plant any healthier, more really good and affordable MH conversion bulb that comes in 600W and 1000W for the nutritious, better tasting, or more potent in any way! It will stunt right spectrum your plants are looking for. The plants need to be gradually introduced the growth of your plants or make the flowers harder just like it to larger wattage lights, and not go from a T-5 fluorescent straight to a 1000W HPS for claims it will. But if you read the ingredients or label of some of flowering. It’s like us going into kindergarten; we need to start there and work our way up these products, you will notice that the warning sign on the la- to elementary, then high school, gradually. It’s the same with a plant; start with T-5 lights bel says: FOR USE ON ORNAMENTAL PLANTS ONLY, NOT for veg, then try going to a 400W or 600W 6500K MH bulb. By doing this, you’re natuFOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! Anything that says this and rally simulating the natural sun that starts in spring and gets more intense as the sumhas a warning sign on it is something I DO NOT WANT TO mer progresses, which eventually diminish in the fall when many plants naturally start flowering. If we looked at the spectrum of the sun (only visible and readable with a light USE ON MY PLANTS! meter) through these seasons, we would notice it starting off dominantly blue in color Products like Gravity, Bushmaster, Phosphoload, and Dr. around a 6500K and turning more of an orange/reddish color towards the end of sumNodes, just to name a few, are all NOT FOR HUMAN CON- mer and into the fall – more of a 3000K spectrum or color. We can never duplicate the SUMPTION! But they do work and do what they say. It’s just sun as it is a combination of colors changing all the time with the seasons; and where that these ingredients – the PGR’s – are known to cause can- the sun is in the sky and how it cuts through our atmosphere determines and affects the cer among many other toxic effects it has on the human body! spectrum of light that hits the plants outside. A good quality blue, 6500K spectrum bulb actually has much more useable, absorbable light than any HPS light. Higher lumens That’s why it says for ornamental flowers only! do not mean it’s a better quality bulb. However, most growers have been told, or simply Many of you may be saying, “So what, these products work believe, an HPS bulb is the best choice for flowering. WRONG!!! It is the opposite of great and make denser plants and harder flowers with less what our brain naturally wants us to believe. stretching. My bro told me he uses it and it works great.” The truth is that it’s not the nutrients or the additives you use; it’s Simply look at the spectrum chart or graph on any HPS bulb compared to a 6500K MH not one single issue, but rather a combination of factors that blue bulb, such as a Hortilux Daylight Blue, or a Ushio MH conversion. These bulbs will affect the plant’s stretching and flower density. I’m not trying produce a better quality flower or fruit. The plants stretch for the little bit of useable light to knock these products; I just think more growers need to be that a HPS does have. But if you try and flower with one of the MH bulbs I mentioned, educated on what they’re putting in their plants and what fac- you will notice that the plant does not stretch nearly as much and stacks a whole lot bettors naturally affect the way a plant grows; basically, how to ter. –This means tighter, closer spaced internodes, which equals better stacking of the flowers. Until recently, it was a pain in the ass to run different bulbs and wattages; but grow the right way. now, by using the Solis-Tek 1000W digital ballast, you can run anything! It allows you to Lighting and environment are two of the most important fac- run any wattage bulb, MH or HPS, on the same ballast – simply change out the bulbs. tors affecting the way plants grow and develop fruit and flow- Start with T-5 fluorescents for a couple of weeks, then transplant into larger pots and put 28 | NUGMAG.COM

them under a more intense HID light, such as a 400W or 600W MH Blue 6500K bulb for about 7-10 days. This will make the plants much stronger and healthier with tighter internodal spacing, which, in-turn, creates better produce, better quality, and heavier harvests.

by about 30% or more after 4 months of use. So I recommend changing your bulbs out every 2 harvests or 4 months. Use a light meter to determine the breakdown and loss of light over the 4 months and you will clearly see the benefits of new bulbs every 4 months.

So if you look at a spectrum chart or graph, you can easily see that a MH blue 6500K bulb has a lot more useable light than a HPS. So why wouldn’t you use this for the whole cycle, or also flowering? The plants will be tighter and better developed, and will stay much more compact and not stretch for the light nearly as much as they would under a HPS.

If you want larger, healthier compact plants, try using a MH 6500K blue bulb. Reflect the light back to your plants and capture and direct that energy you’re paying a pretty penny for, and use proper high quality nutrients. Your standard home and garden nutrients are not going to get you the best product possible. Just like McDonalds, the quality of nutrition will never make your body as healthy as it should or could be. –They can’t, because they use low-grade quality salts. Canna, Gro High Cal, and Aptus all use pharmaceutical grade salts, ensuring the highest quality produce possible. The best fruits and flowers come from the best nutrients, best lighting, the correct spectrums, and the proper environments. Without just one of these, you’re missing an important piece to the puzzle, and they all need to be on point in order to produce the best products possible!

Using products high in auxins, such as Nitrozyme, a high quality Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed and marine algae extract that does wonders for plant health, will keep your plants from stretching and help them stay more compact and produce better flowers. Using quality nutrients, like Canna, Aptus, and Gro High Cal, will definitely help your plants produce the best quality produce because of the quality of ingredients used in them. Quality nutrients like these will keep your plant from developing any deficiencies and, more importantly, give them the quality nutrition and minerals that are highly absorbable and available to the plant. Using cheap salts, such as those found in your Wal-Mart type of home and garden nutrients, will affect the quality of your plants and the way they grow and develop. You can never yield and harvest top quality produce if you don’t have a quality nutrient! Additives such as Full On and Canna Boost can greatly help the development of your plants and the quality too, but lighting is everything because it’s the start of the energy source for your plants. Light is the lifeline for your plants! Using the best reflective material on the walls also greatly improves light’s efficiency to the plant. ORCA Grow Film is one of my favorites; also, any of the diamond-infused silver materials, such as C.A.P. diamond-infused mylar reflective materials, improve light reflectivity. Capturing as much light as possible and directing it to the plant makes for more energy to the plant and larger yields. Also, changing your bulbs out every 4 months is advised. They may say warranted for 12 months, but the efficiency has diminished

As a dark cloud of injustice shrouded our fine city, and our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were being spat upon by our government, I sat down with The Chronisseur to exercise the one right that we can always count on: Free Speech. But little did I know that the very next day, U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy would threaten to take that away as well. And as our Founding Fathers were rolling over in their graves, we tried our best to set aside the impending crisis in the community to bring patients and readers an informative and entertaining edition of The Chronisseur. Enjoy, but be cautioned; if they will take away a plant….what’s next?

Super Silver Haze: (Connoisseurs Club)

“It only takes a quick look to see that this sample was grown very well. Looking at it in the natural sunlight is even more amazing. It has a crazy amount of trichomes. It is a little greener with few red hairs. It has the sweet smell of Haze, which is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to try this one! Excellent taste and nice expansion. It gave me a little cough followed by a very mellow, relaxed feeling. I think this strain would be perfect for anxiety, or any stress related tension problems. I am not at all surprised at how much I enjoyed this sample.”

J-1: (Connoisseurs Club)

“This nug has very shiny trichomes that look like tiny diamonds, and it is draped in orange hairs. Beautiful coloring. It smells like the Jack Herer – very piney, almost like straight Pine-Sol. Very nice! The taste is much like the aroma, nice and piney with a huge lemon taste. The exhale is full of flavor. Overall, this is a great sample of a great strain. It would be helpful to a patient in search of moderate daytime pain relief.”

Hindu Kush: (Connoisseurs Club)

“Trichomes, trichomes, and more trichomes! It could have been trimmed a little tighter, but it is still a very attractive piece with an excellent Kush aroma. The flavor is also really good, and it lingers on the palate. It gives instant tension relief in the neck and shoulders. This strain would work well for tension headaches and other stress related ailments that more and more people seem to be suffering from these days. The grower did a really nice job with this one.”

Pre-98 Bubba Kush: (Connoisseurs Club)

“Beautifully grown with the perfect ratio of red hairs, trichomes, and olive colored leaves peering through. As far as the aroma, well, it smells like Bubba Kush, which is a good thing! It also has that nice, unique Bubba Kush flavor, and a very calming, soothing effect. In my experience, I have found the Kush strains to be some of the most relaxing. This one was done very well. The Bubba Kush never disappoints. Like the Hindu Kush, Pre-98 Bubba Kush would be ideal for a patient who needs relief from headaches, body aches, or other pain associated with stress.” Of course, by now, you all know of the injustice being served upon the medical cannabis community by the Department of Justice, U.S. Attorneys, and the San Diego City Attorney. As I talked with Hopper, the reality of the far-reaching denial of medical cannabis rights was beginning to set in. “I am numb,” he said. “I was shocked, and then angry, but now I am just sad and numb. The people who made this decision don’t see what I see every day. They don’t care. Not only am I worried about how patients will be taken care of, I am worried about what all of the employees of collectives will do. This decision is further proof that our leaders do not care about the average citizen. I mean, they are leaving sick people with no access to the medicine of their choice, and they are leaving hardworking people without jobs. I just do not understand how that makes sense to anyone.” 30 | NUGMAG.COM

By: Pamela Jayne | Photos by: Phil Calvin for SCR Photo

Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7�

An Interview in

THE OUTER LIMITS By: Scotty B. Whytsell and Rachel Anders

(Smoke Shop)

Warning: This article is for Tobacco Use Only. Any use of the “B” word What type of glass do most customers request? may result in you being banned from reading the rest of this exciting (glass on glass, artistic, size, etc.) Glass on glass accounts for about 80% of requests, leaving interview. the remaining 20% divided among the other options. With that being said, let us tell you about our trip to The Outer Limits Smoke Shop in He chuckles as he is reading my interview quesOceanside. Walking into this place is like walking into a toy store for adults. tions, and I knew exactly which question he was The Outer Limits Smoke Shop opened in 1997 and is still run by one of the two original reading! --How many people have you had to escort out of the store for saying the “B” (-ong) owners and his wife. The second partner was bought out 13 years ago. word? Maybe one or two over the years. We are nice and polite The following are excerpts from my interview with the innovative owner. the first and second time, but ask them to leave the store How have you maintained the best glass selection in North County San on the third warning. This keeps everything in accordance with the law. Diego for so long? It was our original goal…to be the BEST in San Diego. How many pieces do you sell on a good day? 30-50 What are the most popular products sold? (plastic, glass, vapes, etc.) There’s something for everyone, from the cheapest to the most expensive. We’re trying to be the ‘Walmart’ of smoke shops, in that we are cutting prices through volume purchas- Future plans for Outer Limits? Additional locations? ing power. Any new locations would bring a drop in quality. We spend 12 As an avid shopper, I have to comment that you have also been selling hours every day working to make things happen. We thought some of the coolest stuff too! --Bags, shirts, posters, jars and stickers about an additional location, but there are a lot of obstacles. to name a few. I always know where to send people to get their smoking We have more lines coming. We also have a wall of hookahs and hookah tobacco, as well as 16 types of vapes! We curaccessories! We have one of the largest selections of pipe bags, and four showcases of scales. We try rently have 41 showcases with eight more coming soon. to accommodate everyone. One part of our competitive edge is our ‘Rolex shop’ atmosphere with bright interior, not dark and drab. We really try for the ‘WOW’ factor, carrying low-end to high-end products. Our staff is helpful and knowledgeable. We change up the inside layout twice a year to give the shop a new feel. Young or old can feel welcomed. How many glassware lines do you currently carry? --Too many to count…or so I thought. But before I could finish my thought, we were out the door of the office and counting the glass upon the wall. Anyone know how many lines we carry now? A few guesses were thrown out as the count went on… Shelby Black, ROOR, ZOB, Liquid Science, and, don’t forget the latest line Outer Limits is carrying, Illadelph. It is like the ‘Rolls Royce’ of glassware. --At the time of this interview, the shop was expecting a $4,000 piece from this manufacturer. It will be a show piece that people will come from all over the county to see. What is the most requested line? We’d say Baker or Heavy back in the day, now Roor? Most requested? That’s hard to say. Money is a major factor for customers. Two to three years ago, it was art/colored pieces. The market trend is leaning towards Scientific. How has the business changed with the introduction of California Proposition 215? Business has gone up. Have you faced any opposition from community or special interest groups? We’ve had no problems. We’ve been ‘Grandfathered in.’ All pipes are for ‘tobacco use only’ and we ID customers that look younger than 18 (only 18 and older are permitted inside the store).


Perpetual Motion “Ryno” By: Aaron Evans

Six months into this adventure, I had an epiphany: I’ve been given a golden key. I, like so many of us in modern day society, am quite voyeuristic. Though I’m lucky enough as an artist to spend most of my life around other individuals with avant-garde ideologies about our world and its aesthetics, it’s not standard form to sit them down in the hot seat, causally remove my scalpel, and pick their brains without reservation or apprehension. We artists are known for our ability to build emotional and social barriers around ourselves for an endless list of reasons. It makes sense. I’ve moved my fair share of pieces across the chessboard, and when living in wonderland, one must be careful with whom he shares what secrets. But here I am conversing with another master glass contortionist, about to turn the key and dive headfirst into a worm-hole of creative expression, yet again.

the assistants at the studio put it, “lived the dream life,” and it’s hard for me to deem it anything but. But, you know me; I’m always looking for the “leap of faith.” And just because he was blessed with an S.D. upbringing and a loving F.A.M., it doesn’t mean “Ryno” didn’t get to where he’s at without having to step over the edge more than once.

After working at a scuba school for several years, the facility shut down and he was laid off. Around the same time, an old DJ friend had begun blowing glass out of a garage and asked him if he was interested in checking out the medium. Given that he was already attracted to artistic outlets like drawing, it didn’t take long before he was neck deep in pursuing a new dream. He used his unemployment checks to survive and decided that he would attempt to break through as a torch worker before the well went dry. Through scraping by and sacrificing, he propelled himself into success by staying focused on the finish line and not caving in to the burn of each individual step of the race. In fact, he was so focused that he still, to this day, This month, Perpetual Motion has led me into the domain of Ryan ponders his obsession as bordering on the line of self-destruction. O’Keefe, a.k.a. “Ryno.” I’ve been looking forward to featuring some homegrown talent, and as this harvest season comes to an This leads us to the three pieces featuring cartoonish caricatures with bombs for end, I’ve finally found a San Diego native who is humble and one heads – an introspective statement about how we all have our self-destructive tenhell of a craftsman. Well, I didn’t really find him; he was right under dencies, whether spawned from healthy or unhealthy intentions. It is true that he my nose this whole time grinding away at the “Glass Palace” with loves his art, but is it to his detriment? It is true that he loves the “no worries” J.A.G., JOP, and a few other cats I’m jazzed to cover in the future. lifestyle of SoCal, but what long-term repercussions do partying and revelry Truth be told, the extent of my search was taking in a panoramic have? I know I can relate to this concept like the back of my hand and I’m view of the shop. EVERYONE there is that dope. But hey, if I’m willing to bet most of our readers can too. given a golden key, you can bet your ass I’m going to use it as often as humanly possible. You never know how long a worm-hole’s These pieces are just straight up gangster and heavily influenced by portal will stay open, and I’m not one to ostracize an opportunity a strong interest in comics, ranging from Marvel’s Silver Surfer to knocking at the door. the Sunday papers’ Calvin and Hobbs, to the zany pages of MAD Magazine, with the latter perhaps having the most impact Now for those of you sitting at home who think glassblowing is an on this line as it instantly reminded me of their “Spy vs. easy, simple, or even safe profession, let me take this opportunity Spy” series. Some of the pieces take the concept of selfto stop you in your tracks and share a quick story. When I touched destruction to an extreme, featuring sculptures with basis with “Ryno,” he was stoked to meet up, but had to arrange guns to their heads and bad intentions in their eyes. it around doctor appointments. The day before I contacted him, Artistically, I find these pipes to be phenomenal. his EYEBALL had come in contact with a molten glass rod in a I find myself really drawn to the cleanness of freak accident. Not his eyelid; his EYEBALL! Holy hot shit, bat- pure black and white set against each othman! –That had to fucking hurt! Upon hearing this news, my jaw er. When he adds a dash of color to didn’t hit the floor; it started digging a hole to China. But that’s the this line, it jumps, or pops in a way life of a glassblower: go hard or go home. True to his roots as a that makes it look as if it’s almost SoCal skate kid, Ryan was right back on the torch. If you don’t alive with movement. land a trick, brush off your shoulders, ignore the bloody shrapnel buried in your skin, and blaze on toward glory. Moving forward, let’s take a quick look at his production If you could capture the sun and convince it to do your biddings, lines featuring “Rubber Duckies” then you would begin to understand the true creative energy that and “Flying Pigs.” Now these lives behind each glassblower’s artistic universe. If you could be- have meaning behind them, friend gravity and gradually develop a patient relationship with its but some secrets just aren’t unforgiving forces, then you would start to understand that the meant for print. I’m keeping touch of a sculptor’s hand is not given, but earned. If you can that one up my sleeve. What I stare into the eye of danger, let its daggers protrude into your soul find so interesting about all and ask for seconds at the dinner table, then maybe, just maybe, his pieces outside of you’re ready to be a glassblower. Being that Ryan was born and raised in San Diego, it should come as no surprise that his life’s story just oozes with SoCal swag. From his aforementioned first love for skateboarding to scuba diving, to spinning wax at house parties in O.B. that were so fresh, the cops would stop by not to shut them down, but to ask if they could come kick it after their shift change, Ryan has, as one of


deep sea-esque, sick-ass pipes. If one were to title this line, it would be something along the lines of “Aquatic Adventure,” often acting as a reflection of the days he spent under the waves scuba diving. Something I absolutely love is his use of the stemless bubbler technique. By simply creating a deep axis point within the pipe, he allows himself to add water to pieces without the use of interchangeable and sometimes breakable parts. This also allows him to keep the movement within the main chamber minimalistic or dense depending on his discretion. The portion and balance on these pipes are perfect, and are for someone looking for something a little more traditional in their smoking apparatus. These sculptures are exceptionally beautiful display pieces and completely functional juggernauts. In the essence of those cartoons Ryno loved as a child, “That’s All Folks!” To see his amazing work for yourself, stop by Da’ Glassworks in P.B. or shoot him a line at me is priceless at every seal, from snout to curly tail, He also wanted to send a shout-out to his and not a speck of torch burn in sight. I took this with mom and dad for all their support over me on the NugLife radio show and it proved to be the years. Good form sir, good form. I’m the perfect snapper for the bong rip challenge; not to out. Till next time, keep the fire burning. mention, just a lot of fun. You know I will.

the “Self-Destruction” line is that they look like a Crayola box went crazy inside the studio. It’s true: for every yin, there is a yang. Bright colors are a real pain to work with, given that they burn easily, which changes the chemical compound and, thus, the color. Not only are these pieces fun, but they also required more skill than one may think The last line of pipes I want to mention doesn’t have upon first glance. The pink “Flying Pig” he gave a name; they’re just pipes. Slick, innovative, flowing,

Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7”

By: SD Liz The Aggrolites are from Los Angeles, California and formed in 2002. The band has six albums out, including a recent release of a live performance at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, which front-man Jesse claims is his favorite spot in all of the U.S.A. The Aggrolites consist of Roger (organ), Alex (drums), Ricky (guitar), Jesse (vocals), and Geoff (bass). They have been playing their dirty reggae all over the globe and show no sign of slowing down! The Aggrolites appeal to a unique group of people who appreciate early rock and ska/reggae. They definitely have a rockabilly feel, because when I caught them at the Belly Up with Buck-O-Nine, they were all dressed in black, short-sleeved, button-down shirts. They pumped up their crowd the whole night, and I could tell the crowd was familiar with their dirty, gritty sound.

What part of L.A. are you guys from? Well, L.A. is such a big county and all the members are from different parts of the city; we’ve all been living in L.A. at one time or another. But, the main thing is that The Aggrolites are from L.A., band members have been from L.A., and the scene for us has been in L.A. If there wasn’t an L.A. ska/reggae scene, there would be no Aggrolites. You have played in the Vans Warped Tour a few times. How was it this year? Warped Tour was great! Some of us did it in 2008 too, and some before that; but, it was also a couple of members’ first time. For them, it was fun and like a ‘traveling circus’! It also felt like school because of the different clicks. The whole thing about the Warped Tour is to broaden kids’ minds and hear things they weren’t expecting to, because you can go hear a screamo band and then hear a reggae band like us. They are also fair to the bands because we don’t know when we’re playing until the day we play.

What are your most memorable international stops? Brazil was amazing. As a whole, Europe is always great! It’s amazing to go to a country With fans in Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Canada, The Agg- and not expect people to know your music; it’s a great honor…and beyond that, it’s good rolites have toured the globe with their dirty, funky reggae. to know there is a huge scene going on which is listening to the music you are influenced They claim their music is influenced by 1960s reggae and Eu- by too. Australia had a really comfortable feeling, like that of California. We were down ropean tunes. In an interview during their recent stop in San there for a week, and we did a few dates in Australia and then went to Auckland, New Diego, NUG Magazine had the chance to discover how dirty Zealand. We did the Blues Festival, and that was a huge opportunity for us, playing their reggae really is. with such influential names as Ernest Ranglin, Fishbone, Los Lobos, Elvis Costello and even Bob Dylan. The people are down to earth and laid back. They really enjoy reggae Why “Dirty Reggae”? music too. We are influenced by the reggae that first started in the late 1960s. We’re also influenced by American Soul. Also, before Let’s talk about cannabis and what’s going on right now in California everything was recorded in digital, everything was recorded and throughout the nation. Do you have any thoughts on this current through analog. But, we coined it ‘dirty reggae’ because we’re issue? playing our own niche – early reggae, and how it first went to We don’t really care about the issue because whether it’s legal or not, you can get it the UK. That’s why we also say we’re ‘skinhead reggae.’ If whenever you want it. It’s closer to becoming legal, and it shouldn’t be such a problem you do the research and see where the term came from, it’s in becoming legal. If you get 20 people in a room with booze, you’re going to end up in more of an indigenous sound. Lots of bands back there had a fight. If you get 20 people and blaze them out, it’s just going to be a pretty good time! the hot mics, a saturated sound, and were just… gritty! Plus, We’ve heard about millions of crimes regarding alcohol, not pot. we don’t take showers! What do you consider the message of your music? Yet, there is a lot of funk in your music, right? Basically, go and have fun. I mean, our music isn’t particularly trying to inform anyone of Yes, there is a lot of funk. Like The Upsetters, who had a lot anything. We all have different views and just try to get along and play. We have respect of funk tracks versus just reggae stuff, funk definitely falls into for bands who have political views, and who use music to get away from things. But for the category of reggae that we are influenced by, which is also us, we just want our audience to enjoy themselves. influenced by American Soul. Plus, we smell funky! Anything else you would like our NUG Magazine readers to know about Does anyone, in particular, influence your music? The Aggrolites? We’re big Whitney Houston fans…ha, ha, just kidding! No, Check us out on our website,, or Facebook, if you choose. We what we said earlier with regard to early music – The Meters have a new Aggrolites app for iPhone users, and we’re doing a U.S. tour before heading and James Brown. Stuff that Jesse liked from the early times back to Europe. is the same stuff we have liked too, versus how other bands may like different music and bring that to their band. We’ve The Aggrolites will be hitting up parts of Europe starting in November. For more inforbeen doing this for five years, living together, being on the mation about this dirty band, or to hear samples, visit their website, Facebook page, or road together, so stuff like life experiences is what we bring Gritty! to our music too. 37 | NUGMAG.COM

By Jed Sanders. I have to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of street art. I think it’s mainly because I don’t quite understand it all. On one side of the spectrum, I see the free spirited artist projecting their views, social statements, and political messages onto the world. On the other side, I see millions and millions of taxpayers’ dollars invested in the removal of it; taxpayers’ dollars that could go towards building communities in a much more positive light, or for social services where it is greatly needed. Call me old fashioned, but, typically, when I hear of street art these days, it seems to consist of rebellious youth that lack a sense of positive direction or outlook with their work. In the earlier years, a lot of the art on the street reflected social injustices and demanded change. Today, those messages are swallowed up with artist brand names and washed up in a sea of hypocrisy, with artists fighting one another over “respect on the street.” This month, I am very excited to interview an artist who completely throws me off. William Bucher does not hide behind an alter ego name because he is running from the law on past vandalism charges. He has a different outlook on it all. When it comes to his work, he explains that he is trying to prove that street art can be just as beautiful and timeless as contemporary art...I like that. Where are you from and how did you get started in art? I was born and raised in San Marcos, California. I came from an artistic family with two brothers and a sister. We all, in some form or another, have a creative streak. My parents always encouraged me to pursue my art, even at a very young age. My mother, in general, was very supportive of my art...I guess I have always been doing art in some form or another. Who are your heroes and influences? My heroes come from all over; from traditional political figures, like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc., to comic books. But my real hero would have to be my father. He designs custom million dollar property homes and does it all by hand. He works hard and gives everything to his family and always stays positive. How would you explain yourself to others, using only 5 words? Genuine, honest, hopefully optimistic, and confident – or cocky, depending on who you ask.


What is the coolest thing that has happened to you as a result of your art? Getting this interview has to be a big one; but also the simple feeling of accomplishment, especially after completing a piece and pulling back the stencil and seeing how it came out. Should “Street Art” be a crime? The concept of street art as a crime…I’m torn on. On one hand, all art is a form of expression, like the freedom of speech, and it should never be stifled. At the same time, that does not give someone the right to deface someone else’s property. I think I would take it at a case by case basis. As long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, then…I can’t see the crime. What do you feel defines street art? What defines graffiti? The difference between street art and graffiti, I think, is easy to see. Street art is the expression of somebody’s feelings and beliefs and is not intended to hurt anybody, but simply to get their message out there. Graffiti is just a thoughtless act to instill fear in people and purposely deface other people’s property. How would you describe your style of art? I always have trouble describing my style of art because it’s not quite street art, and it’s not traditional. I hope my work can show that street art is more than just spray paint on the side of a building; that it can be just as beautiful as anything else you can find in any museum, so I tend to let the work speak for itself. What is a typical day like for you? A typical day for me is like anyone else. I go to work, spend time with my girlfriend, work out, and try to get the time in to do my painting. Above all, I just try to enjoy life and take things as they come at me. Besides making art, what is your favorite thing to do in San Diego? I love to walk on the beach with my girl; go up to Julian to see the seasons change, and hang out in Old Town. One of the funniest things about San Diego is just interacting with the people and hearing their stories. San Diego is great. It’s like everybody from around the world comes here to create this melting pot of different cultures. Have you had any embarrassing or funny experiences with your art? I can’t really think of any embarrassing moments that have happened to me because of art. Although, I would have to admit that no matter how good the piece of art is, or how much I or others like it, it’s always a little embarrassing to put something as personal as art in public view.

How do you feel about stencil artists using a cutter/plotter or a laser cutter to cut their stencils, instead of by hand? Do you feel it takes away from the art or adds to it? As for other artists using cutters/plotters or lasers (which is kind of Flash Gordon cool), I think art can come from any form of tool without taking away from the work. Myself, I work by hand, because at a moment’s notice, I might change my image. I fly by the seat of my pants. With my art, it’s never done ‘til it’s on a wall. Where can one see more of your art? I have a blog at and a brand new website at, where you can see more of my work. ‘Lonely Bird Creations’ is a business I’ve started to umbrella my art and the t-shirts I do. One can also follow me on Facebook and get all the updates on all of my showings and events. Why the name Lonely Bird Creations? Where did that come from? Lonely Bird is used in a bluegrass song that refers to an owl. My logo is an owl, so that is where the name came from. I wish there was some cool or interesting story behind it, but I just like owls and I thought it was a cool sounding name. You mentioned t-shirts…Are you silkscreen printing them or will they be stenciled prints? The t-shirts are a new endeavor. I printed a run for an art show at Bar Basic called ‘Fighters, Philosophers and Film Stars,’ a group art show commemorating influential Asians presented by the Thumbprint Gallery. Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years? In 10 years, I would love to have a successful career in art and have my own line of t-shirts and apparel in stores, just like OBEY, only less political and preachy. I would like to fill the world with paintings that leave you with a good feeling and have you walk away being blown away. Very cool. We look forward to seeing more of your art around. Thanks for taking the time to answer all of our questions. To check out more of William Bucher’s artwork, visit Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7”


Ingenious Imports is the company that created the Kashtray, and I’ve got to say that it is pretty ingenious. The product is a ceramic ashtray with a built-in metal cleaning pin for removing ash from your favorite smoking device. Works great on pipes, bong stems, and even vaporizers! This would be a great holiday gift and I really dig mine, so grab one for yourself and one for a friend.

Living Intentions

We received a bunch of goodies from the Living Intentions Company; they produce all natural, raw products and snacks, from super foods to seeds and everything in-between. They take a culinary gourmet approach to making their products and they are all products you can feel good about putting into your body. Raw foods contain the essential enzymes that increase and strengthen our body’s natural healing process. We absolutely loved all of the products that came our way and wanted to tell NUG readers to check out this amazing company. You can learn more at:

Vapir NO2

Vapir is not a new company; in fact, they have been making vaporizers for over a decade. So we wanted to check out the newest edition to the market, the NO2. This thing is amazing! In fact, I think it is one of the best portable vaporizers I have tried. When plugged in, it heats to temp at an amazing rate and is ready to use in seconds. When I first opened up the box, I was stoked at how much the unit comes with: extra screens, bamboo cleaning sticks, mouthpiece, everything. At first, I was concerned with the size of the bowl and thought it was too small. But after using it last weekend, I was surprised. The bowl lasts and lasts, and so much herb is conserved versus a pipe or bong! Flavors are enhanced and the vapors don’t stink up your house like smoke does. This would be an incredible gift for the holidaze, and you would be a lucky duck to receive one! To learn more or to find an authorized dealer visit: 40 | NUGMAG.COM

By: Medicinal Michael Boris I am Medicinal Mike, creator of the NugLife Radio Show. Month after month, I am truly moved by the passion and talent that underlies the San Diego culture. This is our medium to share those who may, otherwise, get overlooked. We are noticing you, San Diego. Welcome to the NugLife column for NUG Magazine. We feature everything cool about living the NugLife! This month has been a month of change for NugLife and the rest of San Diego. The feds are cracking down on cooperatives with the dreaded “45 day letter;” and people around the world are protesting against the corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations over the democratic process with the “Occupy” movements. The one thing you can always count on is that the NugLife Crew will always be having a great time no matter what they throw at us.

It seems like every year the holidays come sooner and sooner. At this start of the season, I was honored to meet the forever stoner, Kato Kailin, who you may remember from the infamous OJ Simpson case, or the more recent appearances on celebrity rehab. Kato isn’t a smoker of marijuana anymore, but he’s still a huge promoter for the right to smoke. He was quoted as saying, “I don’t play for the team anymore, but I still have the uniform.” Kato was the “every man’s stoner” of the ‘90s, with his instant notoriety from being a star witness in the OJ case; and now he’s performing stand-up comedy with very 420-friendly material all over California. He was nice enough to stay and join in on a smoke session that he wasn’t actually smoking in. Not weird at all, right?

of the most original sound styles of any group to grace a stage. Full Blown Stone is, hands down, my pick for the next band to make it big out of San Diego. They are the winners of the NugLife Radio Show theme song contest, and they are singing for your right to smoke! Check out Full Blown Stone’s new album that is releasing this week! Remember to tune in to www.Nugliferadioshow. com or every Thursday night at 8:30pst for the newest, live episodes of NugLife, or anytime to hear the latest stoney episode. Medicinal Mike says: Living your Life to the fullest, it’s the only true way to Live your Life at all.

The biggest and best highlight of my NugLife was performing and hosting stand-up comedy for the annual OC NORML fundraiser and getting to share the stage with Jimmy Dore. Jimmy is a performer and writer of the Marijuanalogs, a grassroots style comedy; and if you haven’t seen it, then you haven’t really heard all the funny that stoner comics have to offer. Jimmy can also be seen this month on Comedy Central, where he is headlining his own hour of comedy. Jimmy is a huge supporter of NUG Magazine and NugLife. Last but not least is a special THANKS to Full Blown Stone, the current bong rip champions of the NugLife Radio Show. Full Blown Stone is a super group that lives in San Diego. They have one

Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7”

November Calendar of Events 1. Bad Neighborz At Winstons @ 9 Train of Thought Poetry, Spoken Word, Acoustic, Comedy & More! At Queen Bee’s @ 8 2. Das Racist w/ Danny Brown At Porter’s Pub UCSD @ 8 3. Toubab Krewe At Winstons @ 9 Actor’s Alliance of SD Once Upon A Time - Variety Show At Spin Nightclub @ 8 Curren$y At Porter’s Pub UCSD @ 8

The Ambassador At 710 Beach Club @ 7

People Under The Stairs At Porter’s Pub UCSD @ 8

Iration At House of Blues @ 8

Stepping Feet w/ L.A.vation At Belly Up Tavern @ 9

See-I feat. members of Thiev- 13. The Acacia Strain ery Corporation, Shoreline At Soma @ 6 Rootz & DJ Rashi At Belly Up @ 8 15. Train of Thought Poetry, 6. Spoken Word, Acoustic, Welcome to the Gully Tour Comedy & More! W/ Mavado At Queen Bee’s @ 8 At Spin Nightclub @ 8

Mike Pinto At The Boardwalk @ 9

23. Mike Pinto w/ Seedless, Shoreline Rootz, & The Skains AT House of Blues @ 7 Buck-O-Nine Anniversary Show w/ Skank Agents & Bucket of Fish At Soma @ 7 24. Reason to Rebel At Boar Cross’n @ 7

Chris Brown w/ T-Pain, Bow Wow & TYGA At Cricket Wireless @ 7

Senses Fail At House of Blues @ 6

7. Electric Waste Band At Winstons @ 9

25. The Loons At Tin Can Alehouse @ 9 16. The Dirty Heads, Gym Class Shwayze & Cisco Heroes & Wallpaper AT Soma @ 7 At House of Blues @ 7

9. Ledisi At 4th & B @ 7 10. Project: Out of Bounds At Gallagher’s Pub @ 9

The Noise Tour: Mayday Parade, We Are The In Crowd & More Mac Miller At House of Blues @ 8 At House of Blues @ 7 4. The Concrete Project At 710 Beach Club @ 9

21. Electric Waste Band At Winstons @ 9

EDX At Fluxx @ 9 11. Sunny Rude At Typhoon Saloon @ 9

91X Presents The Lei’d Back Thrice Tour: Iration w/ Tomorrows Bad At House of Blues @ 7 Seeds & Through The Roots At House of Blues @ 8 The Expendables & Stranger At Belly Up @ 8 Reeform & Fiery I At Stage Bar & Grill @ 8 12. Sprung Monkey & Thousand 5. Watt Stare So Cal Vibes At Brick by Brick @ 8 At Winstons @ 5

Company of Thieves At Belly Up @ 8

Club Kingston PresentsJah Patriot & Lion Cub At Winstons @ 9 18. Sunny Rude At RT’s Longboard @ 10 Tattoo & Body Art Convention At SD Concourse @ 2 Lotus At Belly Up @ 8 19. Immortal Technique At Porter’s Pub UCSD @ 8 20. Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour feat. New Found Glory w/ special guests At House of Blues @ 6

Murs At House of Blues @ 7 Toussaint, Lutan Fyah & Joseph Israel At World Beat Center @ 8 26. Live Reggae At Stage Bar & Grill @ 8 28. Jason Mraz At Spreckels Theatre @ 7 29. Grouch, Zion-I, Eligh, & Evidence At Porters’s Pub UCSD @ 8 30. B.B. King At Belly Up @ 7

To add your events to our monthly calendar listings send us an email to

Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7�

Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7�


Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7�

Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannabis from medical cannabis collectives/dispensaries. In strict compliance with Prop215 and SB420 HS11362.5 & HS11362.7�