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Summer 2012 The Specialty Issue

Multi BiSS gCh rosmoor Mojave 2012 aSSa, BeST oPPoSiTe SeX Thanks to Sue Christie for this wonderful honor Ch Willow Cove's Bluesman lochlyn american dream lochlyn in Your dreams Ch lochlyn dream Catcher roM Ch lochlyn las vegas lochlyn dream on lochlyn in Your dreams gCh roSMoor MoJave Ch Macdega evergreen BiS am/JCC gCh Pop Star SS of Northern Farm roM JCC gCh Magic Mami SS of Northern Farm Ch rosmoor Shaizach Starlet roM am/Can Ch virgo Tommy Tune Ch Shaizach iridescent Ch Shaizach Stardust

Ch Shadow hill’s air Force one Willow Cove’s revelation Ch lochlyn las vegas lochlyn’s light rain Ch Crystalove Spellbound Ch vanity’s Precious Moment lochlyn las vegas lochlyn’s light rain Ch Macdega Candray Cartel Ch Macdega Sultana roM Can Ch Trevanne’s Khaffire romantic rose of hitachi Farm am/Can Ch Country lane The energizer roM Woodbridge on The Boardwalk BiS Ch Macdega asterisk roM rockwood edge of Night

We are proud of all “Scout” has accomplished, including aoM - aSSa 2011, two Specialty BoBs, numerous all-breed Bests of Breed and a group placement, in limited showing, at less than two years of age. We appreciate all the positive response to Scout by breeders we respect. We look forward to his future in the ring and as a sire. Jennie hynes

rose Tomlin

Contents 2012 aSSa NaTioNal SPeCialTY Kissimee, Florida Conformation results ...............8 FeaTured Breeder . . . Marilyn Marlow Cameo Shelties .......................18 SPoTlighTiNg . . . Breeder-handler, Mark hersman Westar Shelties .......................33 MeMorial Karen hostetter ......................49


2012 aSSa NaTioNal FuN STuFF dreams do Come True . . . This group  of Friends Proved it By various authors .................50 MeNToriNg . .  The Tragic loss of Bloodlines and Mentoring in america Pt 2 By Carol d hawke ..................52 aNiMal aCTiviSTS . . . What's For dinner? By e. Katie gammill ...............56 healTh . . . Pro-  and Prebiotics - What are they and what do they do? By dr Jennifer Coates .............57

203 563 9587

Behavior . . . Canine Telepathy? What Scientists Say about Pet Psychic abilities .....................58 JudgeS . . . how do You deal With irate exhibitors? various judges ........................59

Products/Services/Clubs Solid gold ...............................2

Departments rates & dates ..................60, inside back cover Top 20 uSa all Breed .............49 Top 20 uSa Breed ..................49 Top 20 uSa grand Champions 49 upcoming features ..................60




Who’s Where


Barber/Jandale ..........................15

Akirene Aramis Bi Barkley ..........32

Beasley/Silverheels ...............28, 29

Aratone Foxglove Make Men Blush

Bianco.................................46, 47


Brown/Braeleen .........................41

Belmark All Shook Up ..................5


Belmark Cappi Anastagio ..............6

Crawford/Sunburst ......................3

Belmark InStyle ........................6, 7

Creech/Whitehall ......................25

Belmark Making Waves .................6


Belmark Matchless........................6

Dupree/Mindalyn ......................41

Belmark Shake Baby Shake ...........5

Eguro/Aratone ...........................44

Belmark Shakedown......................5

Flores/PaRay .............................35

Belmark Simco Inspiration............5

Gurry/Faerie Tail .......................38

Caledon Catera ...........................37

Hammon/Riverun ......................42

Caledon Wyndsong Liberation .....37

Hersman/Westar .............34, 39, 46

Cameo Black Label .....................31

Hill/Bluescot .............................13

Cameo Calico Cat .......................32


Cameo Chase A Dream ................25

.................front cover, inside front

Cameo Dreamchaser....................23

Roranjoli Bi Popular Demand .....22

Ireland/Ireland ..........................13

Cameo I Have A Dream ...............21

Rosmoor Mojave


Cameo In A New York Minute .....18

..................front cover, inside front

..................inside back, back cover

Cameo Love In The Afternoon .....30

Serenity's Walk In The Park ........14

Johnson ....................................24

Cameo Love In The First Degree ..22

SevenOaks Montecito ..................11

Keck/Sunrise .............................16

Cameo Misty Morn .....................29

Summerloves Bark Of The Bay.....20

Leal/Magic Winds ......................45

Cameo Obsession ........................31

Summerloves Mustang Sally.........20

Luper/Wyndsong .......................37 Beacham/Shalamar Marlow/Cameo ..........................31

Cameo The Candy Man ...............28

Sunburst One Cool Dude ..............3

Cameo The Right Stuff................26

Sunrise Satin & Bows ..................16

..............inside back, back cover Martinez ...................................20

Cameo Total Eclipse ....................32

Toven Magdalena ..........................5

McAlister/Magic Winds..............45

Cameo Touchdown ......................20

Westar Krystalyn Imagination .....36

McGinn/Elysian ........................39

Cameo Wildest Dreams ...............26

Westar PaRay Notes On A Scandal

Messer/Echowyn ........................19

Carmylie Miss Quinn ..................14


Parker/Riverun ..........................42

Carmylie The Good Bi Girl .........14

Westar Shadymist Aidan ..............40

Pate/Sandance ...........................43

Echowyn Impresario ...................19

Westar's Avedon..........................38

Pittman/PaRay ..........................35

Echowyn Out Loud .....................19

Westar's Dharma.........................33

Reed/Summerlove ......................20

Fairwyn Westar Essence .........33, 36

Westar's Dynasty...................33, 36

Regan .......................................31

Homespun Casual Blues

Westar's Elysian ..........................39

Sadberry ...................................11

...................inside back, back cover

Westar's Evangelista ....................36

Scott .........................................21

Ireland's Aviator .........................13

Westar's Faron ......................34, 40


Jandale Aces & Eights .................15

Westar's Graebel ...................33, 37


Macdega Soliloguy ........................1

Westar's Maxima .........................37

Thompson/Belmark .............5, 6, 7

Magic Winds Breezes Of Patchulie

Westar's Nevada Sky ...................39



Westar's Rainier..........................36

.................front cover, inside front

Mindalyn Braeleen Candy Kiss ....41

Westar's Run For The Money .......46

Trautman-Riley/Trilliant ......26, 27

Mistybrooks Extreme Caution .......9

Westar's Splendour................33, 40

Weis/Weis .................................14

PaRay's Cirque Du Soliel ............36

Westar's Summer Veil ..................36

PaRay's Dulcinea Of Sandance ....43

Wyndsong Caledon Legacy ..........37

Penelane's A Promise Kept ..........47

Wyndsong Radiance ....................37

Riverun Echohawk ......................42

Wyndsong's Shiloh .....................37

Williams/Mistybrook ...................9


Belmark At the 2012 National Specialty

“Ikea” attended the ASSA National at the tender age of barely 6 months and acted like a Special in the ring. We would like to thank Carolyn Ing, who found her in a huge class and put her up to RWB in an awesome entry. We continue to celebrate as it is now

CH BELMARK INSTYLE She finished out of the 6-9 class, with 4 Majors, two being Specialty Majors. Thanks to Carolyn Ing, Carl Skinner, Lawrence Stanbridge and Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna for all her points, and to all her fans along the way. Ikea knows how to do it InStyle!


Bella Thompson • 937-585-4818 • • 5

Our class placements Below:

2nd, 9-12 month AOAC puppy

B E L M A R K M ATC H L E S S , pts owned by Arnaldo Nielson

Above: 4th, 9-12 month sable and white

B E L M A R K C A P P I A N A S TAG I O , pts owned by Rev Dr David and Elizabeth Meade

Below: 4th, 12-18 month sable and white

C A N C H B E L M A R K M A K I N G WAV E S co-owned with Bev Klassen

Above: 2nd, 6-9 month Futurity to Best in Futurity Puppy


Belmark 6

The plan comes together We are very proud that not only did we have winners in every color, but were also recognized with our producers.

AM/CAN CH BELMARK S H A K E D OW N Am/Can Ch Belmark Lo And Behold ROM ROMC x Am/Can Ch Belmark All Shook Up ROM ROMC

3rd in the very competitive Stud Dog class Shown with his daughters

Toven Magdalena and Belmark Simco Inspiration We feel this dog is very consistent for producing strong bodies with good legs under them, beautiful outlines, great personalities and soft faces. He has three American Champions so far with seven more pointed.

Am/Can Ch BELMARK ALL SHOOK UP RO M RO M C 1st, Brood Bitch class Shown with her kids

Am/Can Ch Belmark Shakedown and Belmark Shake Baby Shake These beautiful blue kids are from repeat breedings, three years apart. They made us proud . . . quality that carries through from one generation to the next.

Thanks to Rick Thompson, Carolyn Ing and Yvonne Samuelson for the honor, we had a great National. Quality puppies and adults from carefully thought out breedings available.


Bella Thompson • 937-585-4818 • • 7

2012 ASSA National Specialty . . . Conformation results Kissimee, Florida march 7-10, 2012

Best all-around sheltie Competing at all five events Hc MAcH Moonglow chosen Bi Eclipse RA XF owned by ulli Weinrich and cheryl Sacerich futurity Judge: yvonne samuelson 6-9 MONTH DOgS 1. Barwood clearsky Fireworks 2. Stargazers Incendio at Hollybush 3. karefree Fear Factor 4. coastal's candescent High Tide 9-12 MONTH DOgS 1. Echowyn Impresario 2. Royal crest Sunaire Silver Surfer 3. Sirron Sunshine can you Dig It 4. Lochlyn Dare To Dream 12-18 MONTH DOgS 1. cH Solange Valedictorian 2. cH Echo Hill's center Stage 3. grandgables Alfenloch uno 4. Sunway Big country 6-9 MONTH BITcHES 1. Barwood clearsky Bedazzled 2. Belmark InStyle 3. Barwood Morning glory 4. Merlin Hullston Denim 'N Diamonds 9-12 MONTH BITcHES 1. Macdega The Dragon Tattoo 2. grandgables Blue Moon Beauty Marks 3. Rosmoor provencial 4. Homespun unveiled

12-18 MONTH BITcHES 1. Silverado Sweet Decadence 2. Lynphil Diversion 3. Sunway Sound Bytes 4. Jesstar Fendi

9-12 MONTH AOAc DOgS 1. Royale crest Sunaire Silver Surfer 2. Belmark Matchless 3. kedios The Right Stuff 4. Shadow Hill Medal Of Honor


12-18 MONTH S/W DOgS 1. coastal's Ragin' cajun 2. Sunway High Fidelity 3. Sunway Big country 4. Rockwood's Wall Street

RuNNER-up TO BEST FROM 9-12 AOAc BITcHES MAcDEgA THE DRAgON TATTOO Conformation Judges: dogs: roderiCk thompson BitChes: Carolyn ing 6-9 MONTH S/W DOgS 1. greendor's Remember When 2. Jesstar Raseri 3. grandgables Travon Track Star 4. paRay's Leontes 6-9 MONTH AOAc DOgS 1. karosel That's How I Roll 2. gypsy's Indigo Angel 3. Stargazer's Incendio at Hollybush 4. karefree Fear Factor 9-12 MONTH S/W DOgS 1. SevenOaks Montecito 2. Jesstar Seadream Azure 3. Trelynn By The Book 4. Belmark cappi Anastagio

12-18 MONTH AOAc DOgS 1. Suncrest Mentissimo 2. Mejimo Illusion The Mentalist 3. grandgables Alfenloch uno 4. c-A Moon Dundee prototype 6-9 MONTH S/W BITcHES 1. Belmark InStyle 2. Shaizach uptown Applaudir 3. Whisperwind kylara's princess Diaries 4. Sirron's Sentimental 6-9 MONTH AOAc BITcHES 1. kymric Fantasia celestial 2. Armitage Maiava 3. Shaizach Skye That's Amore 4. Rosmoor Wishlist 9-12 MONTH S/W BITcHES 1. paRay's gift Of gab 2. SevenOak's Magdalena 3. Solstice karylyn Amelie 4. Buehneman's call My Bluff


2 0 1 2 A S S A N At I o N A l S p e C I A l t y Sel eCt BIt Ch


Select Bitch


“Careful” Thank you so much, judge Susan Christie




/ 9


ASSA 2012 results, cont’d. 9-12 MONTH AOAc BITcHES 1. Breystone's Divine Design 2. Rikadon Toven Blissful 3. Macdega The Dragon Tattoo 4. Rosmoor provencial NOVIcE DOgS 1. Laurelen Whiteoak Hey Arnold 2. Lynphil celebrity Status 3. greendor's playing Doubles 4. Summerlove's Ridin A Riptide BRED-By EXHIBITOR DOgS 1. Lynphil Timeless piece 2. Jandale Ace's And Eight's 3. ciel Brae Full Metal Jacket 4. presidio perspective AMERIcAN BRED DOgS 1. Ashbury's coming Attractions 2. Jmell TR Encore 3. caledon National Anthem 4. D'glio Dolce Bacio OpEN BLAck DOgS 1. kazoo Jp One Wish 2. cassbar's Man In The Mirror 3. castle gate's Angel In Disguise 4. Royal Hill's On Broadway OpEN BLuE DOgS 1. Lynphil Blues Baby Blue 2. Hillstone Honky Tonk 3. Odyssey Okie's Honky Tonker 4. Echowyn Out Loud OpEN S/W DOgS 1. Sunspun System Analyst 2. Elora Illuminati 3. Ireland's Angelic castaway 4. Fireside perfect Timing WINNERS DOg FROM OpEN BLAck kAzOO Jp ONE WISH RESERVE WINNERS DOg FROM OpEN SABLE SuNSpuN SySTEM ANALyST

12-18 MONTH S/W BITcHES 1. coastal's Mad About you 2. Lynphil Diversion 3. cathance Avion 4. Belmark Making Waves 12-18 MONTH AOAc BITcHES 1. Rockwoods On Thin Ice 2. canami What Happens In Vegas 3. Jesstar Fendi 4. Laketrail kell Flying Solo At Hartwyn NOVIcE BITcHES 1. grandgables The prom Queen 2. Lynphil Time Of Magic 3. Ridgewood Bayou 4. Rikadon Toven Ripple Effect BRED-By EXHIBITOR BITcHES 1. Acadia Serenity 2. camelot Isle Winter Queen 3. Jesstar Top Model 4. grandgables Just Look At Me AMERIcAN BRED BITcHES 1. Starphire Riviera 2. carmylie The good Bi girl 3. Jana karefree karaoke 4. Rapporlee up In The Air OpEN BLAck BITcHES 1. Narnia Soiree' 2. Odyssey Apple Acres Busy Signal 3. Echowyn Star Mystique 4. Two J's Voodoo OpEN BLuE BITcHES 1. Royal Hills cover girl 2. Toven Magdalena 3. Two J's Bada Bling 4. Dynestar Malaia Dangerous Liaison OpEN S/W BITcHES 1. Sunrise Satin And Bows 2. Solange Significant 3. carmylie Miss Quinn 4. paRay's passage WINNERS BITcH FROM OpEN BLAck NARNIA SOIREE'

RESERVE WINNERS BITcH FROM 6-9 S/W BELMARk INSTyLE VETERAN 9-12 yEARS DOgS 1. cH Inbhe Thunder And Roar 2. cH Bare cove Back In A Jiffy 3. cH Nitelatches grandgables Safari RN cD 4. cH gryphyn Man Of The year VETERAN 12+ yEARS DOgS 1. cH classy Tresta's Torment VETERAN 9-12 yEARS BITcHES 1. cH coastal Beach Bunny 2. cH Lynphil's Inspiration 3. cH grandgables Storm clouds Ahead HT 4. gcH Shield crest phoenix VETERAN 12+ yEARS BITcHES 1. cH Emprise Silver Lining 2. cH Waldenwood In The Sweet Bl 'N Bi 3. cH Afta's Fancy 4. cH Shadow Hill's Satin and Silk STuD DOgS 1. cH Rosmoor protocol 2. cgH Jesstar Nirvana 3. cH Belmark Shakedown 4. cH Shield crest colorado BROOD BITcHES 1. cH Belmark All Shook up 2. cH cameo Wildest Dreams 3. cH Odyssey Trimmed In Lace 4. cH Wistwind Tickertape Junior showmanship Judge: riCk thompson OpEN SENIOR 1. Samantha Heiser 2. Stephanie Szczurek 3. Alexis parisek 4. Lauren Silva OpEN INTERMEDIATE 1. grace Szcurek 2. Jordan Flynn 3. Alicia Vanvleet 4. Destiny Vanvleet





Sire: Ch Corteo At PaRay Of Don Quixote Dam: PaRay's Karma Our Tony is a dream come true! Thank you Tray Pittman and team PaRay for your expert presentation of our little superstar and for his stellar show career, where he quickly picked up 13 points and both Majors from the 6-9 class. Then on to the National, where he was awarded 1st, 9-12 sable dog by judge Rick Thompson. Thank you so much Mr. Thompson for that exciting win. Thank you to the following judges: Bill Shelton, Dana Cline (4 pt Major), Betty Jo Patrick, Wendy Mount (5 pt Specialty Major) Janet Turnage-Nahikian, Robert J. Caswell, and Del Richards Breeders: Tray Pittman, Roger Sadberry and Pam Sadberry Owners: Roger Sadberry and Pam Sadberry 11

1st 9-12 S/W Dog


ASSA 2012 results, cont’d. Best Junior handler SAMANTHA HEISER (OpEN SENIOR) Best of Breed Judge: susan Christie Best of Breed cH Macdega Soliloquy Best of winners Narnia Soiree' Best of opposite sex cH Rosmoor Mojave seleCt dog gcH Jesstar Nirvana seleCt BitCh cH Mistybrook Extreme caution merit awards gcH Homespun casual Blues cH Mistybrooks panda crossing cH Solange Surround Sound cH paRay's preferential cH caerleon Sunset Sensation cH Emprise Silver Lining gcH Jus Dandy Devine Mz M cH Shadow Hill's Blue print cH Suncrest gibraltar cH Laureate cold play cH Wildoak Midnight Fantasy gcH Shadow Hill's Star chaser


Chappie Down Under Chappie Down Under

GCh Ireland's Aviator “Chappie” and I first met Debra and Geoff Hill at the Perry Georgia 2009 National. They fell in love with Chappie then, but I wasn’t ready to let him go. Over the next three years, they kept in touch with us and watched Chappie’s American career from afar. Now... Chappie heads for Australia to begin a new career, earn new titles, and make little Chappie babies. We will miss him but we know he's in loving hands and will be doing what he loves to do -- show! Cay & Bruce Ireland IRELAND SHELTIES



Carmylie proudly preSentS itS 2012 ASSA nAtionAl SpeciAlty WinnerS ASSA


cArmylie miSS Quinn

cArmylie the Good Bi Girl

3rd, open SABle Bitch

2nd, AmericAn Bred Bitch

Am/can ch dury Voe Scottsdale x ch carmylie Brandina Wild child

ch Belmark lo And Behold x ch carmylie ice crystals

Breeder: Jean d. Simmonds owners: Jean d. Simmonds and carol mccandless

Breeder: lisa Safer and Jean d. Simmonds owner: Jean d. Simmonds



Jean Simmonds • •


Ne x t :

t ud

eg is t er

Black and white: $65, Color: $95 Quarter page ads include: Photo of your dog • 3 generation pedigree Your name, website, email and phone number Ch Pop s tar s s of Northern Farm Ch s ea h aven s harper image s ea h aven d ark Victory Ch s ea h aven etched in s ilver Ch Willow Cove's Bluesman s ea h aven Primo Victorian Lace s ea h aven d ark Victory Bis s Bronze g Ch s erenity's Walk in t he Park Ch Apple Acres Odyssey Armani r OM Ch Apple Acres Mardi g ras r OM Ch t revanne's d ominique r OM Apple Acres Most Beautiful Ch Apple Acres Blue h eavens t hunder r OM g Ch Vinita Apple Acres u nveiling C-Mar N d otted s wiss

Vicki Weis • • • 507 627 2691 14


Ne w Ch a mp io N

Ch Jandale a ces & e ights o a , o a J, NF

Ch Shield Crest Colorado x Ch Jandale Three Of A Kind   We were thrilled with “Tanner’s” placement in the Bred-By class at the National. He finished his Championship with 3 Majors, including a Specialty win. Multi-talented, Tanner went to the Agility field before this breed win to place 3rd in Novice Standard 16”. OTHer JANd Al e ASSA WiNNer S: Ch Ja Nd a l e miNd iF i St ay a X, a XJ, NF “Shane”: 1st, excellent A Standard 16”, 3rd, excellent A JWW 16” Ch Ja Nd a l e Go iNG t o p r e SS mX, mXJ “Aidan”: d ouble Q Ch Ja Nd a l e i’l l t a k e t h e St a r S Cd X, r a , o a ,o a J “Bryan”: 3rd, Veterans Obedience Ja Nd a l e l iGh t S o N Br o a d w ay o a , o a J "l iza”: 1st, r ally Novice, 2nd- Novice Standard 12” Titles at both ends are our specialty!

Jandale Shelties

Janet & Dale Barber • Ocala FL 15

2nd BBE



Satin & Bows 1st Open Sable


Ch Willow Cove’s Wild Card x Sunrise Morning Mist My thanks to judge Caroline Ing for appreciating Abbie’s virtues. Her correct front and rear assembly, effortless side gait and smooth skull helped her earn 1st, Open Sable. Thanks also to Therese Walters for her great care and beautiful presentation! Breeder/Owner Diane Keck


n y l i r a M

Marilyn has been a good friend and mentor over the past several years. Her knowledge and love of the breed is paramount. This tribute is long overdue! Carole Creech

Our Cameo dog, Ditto / Dottie, has brought so much pleasure to our lives. Thank you, Debbie and John Hall 25 years ago, Marilyn took a chance on this enthusiastic novice. I can’t thank her enough for her mentorship and the thousands of hours of phone calls…but what I value most is the friendship we share. Congratulations, Marilyn, on your welldeserved successes and your contribution to the breed through your dogs and the people that you’ve mentored through the years! Krys Messer

Marilyn has spent countless hours teaching, encouraging, cheering, sharing her knowledge all in her love and passion of the Shetland Sheepdog. Marilyn, you are my mentor for years and I find myself lucky to be your friend. Anne Regan Congratulations to my friend and my mentor. Many, many more years of continued success. Thank you for sharing your passion and your knowledge of Shelties. Lorna Staab

Marilyn, I hope all of us that have had the privilege to work with the Cameo line pay it forward like you have done for us. Congratulations on your numerous achievements and milestones! Stephanie Riley

Thanks, Marilyn, for a cherished friendship, a valuable mentorship, and a most wonderful dog—Ch Cameo Midnight Rider. Daniel Buford Congratulations on all your years of success as a breeder.

Cameo's Bragging Rights Mom, we've been with you since the very beginning of your career and are so proud of all the success that you've achieved. Thanks for giving us bragging rights!

From left: Jeff, Scott, Marilyn and Karen 1970


Our featured breeder . . . Marilyn Marlow Cameo Shelties Marilyn and her twin sister in front of their playhouse First, I would like to thank Stephanie Trautman-Riley for recommending me to be featured in this tribute, and Rick Thompson for his leading questions, as I was finding it very hard to write about myself and my dogs. Without the guidance of my mentors in the early years, Libby Babin (Babinette), and Betty Whelan (Pocono), the story of my journey in dogs could not have been written. My deepest thanks also go to each and every one of the owners of my dogs who have accomplished so much with

Betty Whelan with Cameo In A New York Minute, “Mario” who she lovingly owned until her death.

them, my great handlers, and the awesome support of my friends throughout the last 13 years since my husband passed. Cameo Shelties could not have carried on without all of you and I would never have been unable to pursue this magnificent obsession of mine: breeding Shetland Sheepdogs. This article is being written in the hope of inspiring all of you to celebrate your own journey in dogs. I trust you will have as many rewards as I have had in the 40-plus years I have shared with these wonderful little creatures. MY BEGINNINGS My great love for animals began when I was very small and was attracted to animals of any kind - but especially dogs. My parents were not animal lovers so I had to be content with all my neighbors’ dogs. When I was about 10 years old, I had a collie-shepherd stray follow me home from school (with just a tad of encouragement). She wouldn’t leave our front porch, much to my parents dismay. I named her Lady. She was pregnant and had 10 babies a week later and only then did my mom let her stay. My father was furious, so I raised them in my playhouse. When the puppies were ready to go to new homes (according to my parents) and with tears in my eyes, I put them in a cardboard box and sat out on the curb on our busy city street with a sign that said "$3.00 for males -$5.00 for females". A local news reporter happened to drive by and took my picture and put SHELTIE INTERNATIONAL / 18

it in the newspaper - and thus began my life as a "dog breeder”. MY JOURNEY I discovered the “Sheltie” in 1967 and I was able to purchase my first, a little 12” sable and white runt of a bitch for $25.00 – well bred for the time, a Ch Thorpehill Red Shadow daughter. A true love she was and sooooo beautiful in my eyes. I named her "Candy" and won a Dog World award with her in Obedience. It was through working in Obedience, as recommended by my vet as she was so shy, that I was introduced to the world of purebred dogs and became “hooked” on wanting to breed beautiful, healthy and correct dogs to the standard. My first champion was a tri male, Ch Shal Dan Sonshine of Bond Hill. I owner-handled to his championship in 1976. He was very sound (Babinette breeding) but very reserved in temperament and lacked a good headpiece. After breeding and showing the Babinette dogs for a few years I decided that, while I loved the soundness I also needed to focus on getting better type. A friend of mine had brought in some of the Banchory dogs, and having admired champions Banchory High Born, and Formal Notice, I was most interested in what she was producing. I watched her Ch Banchory Thunder Blue daughter, Chatagold Bi Bi Blackbird, produce two litters of the most consistent quality and type, so I was determined to get a bitch from the next litter when she continued ☛

From the little black and white puppy (future c h c ameo t aken Bi Surprise) that stepped off the plane to today’s hopefuls, and the champions in between, c ameo has been a keystone of e chowyn Shelties. From that first phone call in 1986 to today, Marilyn Marlow has been there for me as a mentor, counselor, and friend!

A S S A 2 0 1 2 n At i o n A l


Marilyn Marlow


Sp e c iAl t y

4t h , o p e n Bl u e

E chowyn o ut l oud “Banner”

c h Kandisweet c restar p hoenix x e chowyn Summer n ite Serenade

1St , Fu t u r i t y 9-12

E chowyn i mpresario “p reston”

c h l ocklyn Darkly Dreaming x e chowyn All About Me, (mjr pts)

Kr y St n M Me SSe r Ap e x , n c 919-906-8281

Echowyn 19


Marilyn Marlow


XX 20


marilyn, words cannot express our gratitude for your being our mentor.

Marilyn Marlow

while providing guidance and understanding you have always given us so much encouragement on this journey. thank you so much for allowing us the privilege of being part of the Cameo dream.


Love, Robert & William & Marla Scott


Bronze gcH ameo

i H ave a



needing only 9 points to finish his silver grand championship

He is expecting a litter witH cH rimrock rare onyx, due early of may!

overland park, kansas • 913-432-0698 • 21

Marilyn, cont’d.

Roranjoli Bi Popular Demand

was bred to Ch Banchory Deep Purple ROM (who became a very dominate sire of his time). I was able to purchase Roranjoli Bi Popular Demand “Poppy” – a beautiful bi-blue, who was ahead of her time when I showed her here in the Midwest, and one of the first bi-color dogs shown in the late 70s. (I have always loved a challenge.) I managed to get 11 points on her and 27 Major Reserves before I retired her to the brood box in frustration, determined to make her a dam of champions. Poppy was a true foundation bitch and I felt very fortunate to own her. She became dam of four champions and is behind everything I have bred, including two of my current bi-black boys. I linebred her on what I considered the soundest of the Banchory dogs of the time – Ch Banchory Thunder Blue - a Formal Notice and Deep Purple blend. Thus my journey began in breeding bi-colors, blues and tri colors. I am very proud to have produced, in limited breedings, (as I never kept over 8-10 Shelties at any given time), a two-time all-breed Best in Show bitch, Ch Cameo Fantasy in Blue; and Ch Cameo Love in the Afternoon, who was a Specialty, Westminster BOS and multiple Group winner and at one time the top winning bi-blue in breed history. Also ASSA National Best of Breed winner, Ch Cameo Total Eclipse; ASSA BOS Ch Cameo Nick In Time; multiple class winners in addition to ASSA Futurity winner Ch Shal Dan Pinelands Checkmate; and

With Karen, Jeff and Scott

ASSA Futurity winner Ch Cameo The Good Bi Girl. In the late 70s my husband and son fell in love with the Bearded Collie breed (much to my dismay) and I bred those for the next 15 years also, and produced 16 champions! Back then, compared to finishing a Shetland Sheepdog, it was a cake walk. My husband was so proud of his Beardie, Ch Silverleaf A Cameo of Chelsea ROMI (five out of six finished in the first litter). I used to have to warn my Sheltie friends, when they came to visit, that they would have to make over Chelsea with Gene before we could talk about Shelties. The world of breeding and exhibiting Shelties has been a most rewarding hobby and one I wouldn’t trade for any other. I truly feel I have been so fortunate to have this passion for a hobby that has added so much to my life, not only through the dogs I’ve bred, but also the lifelong friends throughout the country. My enjoyment of the sport encompasses every aspect from breeding and exhibiting and following them through their adulthood, no matter if sold for show or companion dogs. Watching their get pass down through generations has been especially satisfying to me. The joy and challenge of striving to create beautiful dogs, showing them in the ring to prove their quality, and sharing my dogs with others, has been my SHELTIE INTERNATIONAL / 22

greatest reward. I was told by one of my mentors, Libby Babin, when I asked what I could do for her in exchange for her mentoring, the only thing she wanted me to do was to pass the knowledge I gained from her. I hope I have fulfilled this wish and in turn I have asked others to do the same. In this way we can move our breed forward, inspiring others to improve the breed we all love and save it from extinction, especially now, in this current era of fighting animal rights. To Rick’s question on the three most important elements of a Sheltie to me, I respond: The CHARACTER of the Sheltie is one of the most important things to remember when you are selecting and breeding these little dogs.

Ch Cameo Love In the First Degree (Piano Man x Ch Cameo Love in the Afternoon) displaying Sheltie “character” Retaining the very important traits of loyalty, responsiveness and sensitivity, especially that eager-to-please nature we all love, is very important to me. I expect all my Shelties to have these characteristics, and be stable enough to take the normal changes in their life in stride. I expect them to meet new situations without panic and meet new people without cringing or running away. In my opinion these are hereditary traits, and I credit our past breeders who have selected these traits, improving the temperament from when I first started. In the same continued ☛

XX 23


Marilyn Marlow


Marilyn, Over the past several years I have enjoyed our relationships as client, teacher and friend. Your experience and tenure has been a valued learning tool for many of us. Congratulations on this honor, and the successful career of many great Cameo Shelties, and I'm sure there are more yet to come. Becky



Marilyn Marlow

Cameo Ch Cameo ChaSe a Dream 14”, white-factored, oFa excellent, vWd and CerF Clear “Socks” is sired by am/Can Ch Cameo dreamchaser out of Cameo Song Sung Blue (dam of 3 champions - a BISS Ch aynsworth Silver Moonlight roM daughter) Socks is very balanced and has outstanding structure and movement plus a wonderful, happy pesonality. he is passing his good looks and temperament on to his kids. We are growing up two puppies sired by him out of Jesstar Sephora (ptd). Watch for these promising youngsters in the near future!

Thank you, Marilyn, for sharing this fun-loving, beautiful boy with us! Carole & Bud CreeCh

Whitehall Shelties CarMel, IN 25



Marilyn Marlow



K o h l



Marilyn Marlow


CAN! n a dym

Can e h T

Ch Cameo Dreamchaser x Cameo Mira Bai

Thank you Marilyn for sharing this handsome young man - you made my dream come true! Kohl is our third Cameo Sheltie. Marilyn's willingness to share knowledge and friendship through the years is a valued asset. Thank you Marilyn, could not have done it without you!

Ma r y S . B e a s l ey 815-623-7618 • h t t p : / / w w w. s i l ve r h e e l s s h e l t i e s . c o m /   28


Ch Chaminade Integra Santiago x Cameo Black Diamond II

se, sunri

e a k a t can ew? d h Who t wi t i e l k sprin

The girl with confidence, movement and attitude! Thank you Boyd Smith for a fun summer watching her grow. Thank you Marilyn for sharing this great girl. We love her still!! Mary 29

Marilyn, cont’d. vein we must also guard against that hyper-busy, terrier-type temperament I so frequently see - we must be very careful in our selection for the future. From simple observation I am convinced that much of correct temperament is hereditary, perhaps 60-70%, and only a small percentage due to environment. One has only to study puppies from breeding a few generations to see how true this is. I understand some might disagree, but this is my conclusion, after having placed puppies in companion, show and performance homes. I am a fan of temperament testing for genetic traits at 7-8 weeks, before they are imprinted. You can then guide a puppy into adulthood knowing that if they are “touch sensitive” you go gently on lead breaking, or cutting of toenails. The same goes for "sound sensitivity", you will know if they need to be exposed to noisy situations etc. And if one displays a dominant nature you need to make sure that an owner is aware of this. Breeding for correct “TYPE AND BALANCE” is a fundamental goal, so that a Sheltie looks like what a Sheltie should, and that no part appears out of proportion to the whole, and has correct Sheltie type. Our Standard calls for breeding for balance and symmetry FIRST. Too many enthusiasts get caught up in the finer points, i.e. head, eye, coat or markings, and forget to put that puppy or dog back together to see the whole picture. Fault-finding when first learning about the breed is easy to do. Some breeders never get past that point. I will never forget the day that “my” light bulb lit up while watching a ring, and the most beautiful Sheltie walked in displaying this perfect balance and type. I finally knew what my mentors had been trying to teach me. It’s like looking at a beautiful piece of art work. It now “hurts my eye” to see anything that does not have that type and balance. An excessive coat, a too short or too long neck, or legs too short or long, or a body that is too

short or too long, or a head not in balance to the body are examples. Libby Babin taught me that STRUCTURE is one of the harder traits to strive for and retain. She also taught me that a good front is the easiest virtue to lose and the hardest one to get back, and to make keeping a good front a priority. To understand how important good structure is, one only has to remember that the Standard says a Sheltie MUST be sound, agile and sturdy. In other places the Standard says it “should” be. I fear that a lot of breeders nowadays, and some judges, do not even recognize or REWARD a well-moving Sheltie and wonder if more emphasis should not be put on this important aspect in our mentoring and teaching by ones who do know? A horse breeder is an excellent teacher of this as they know the importance when riding a horse. This element, after all, affects every aspect of our dog, including basic good health. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing a Sheltie moving across a field with a fluid, effortless gait, covering ground in the most efficient way. This is the form and function we must study, and strive to select for, in our Shetland sheepdog. Rick asked me what I felt was my greatest accomplishment. It is my sense of pride in sharing my own experiences. Mentoring others, through the “In Search of a Champion” seminars Rick Thompson and I so enjoyed doing for about 15 years, was a wonderful experience. We don’t have schools to learn how to be successful, so I try to pass on my own experiences and knowledge of breeding, rearing, exhibiting, and judging. One of my greatest thrills is to see others becoming accomplished in their own breeding programs. Another of my great pleasures is to see or know of great dogs that have some of my breeding in their pedigree, and to know I had a small part in helping to create that dog that is carrying on quality, generations later. To answer Rick’s question about my favorites, conformation wise, one that was the closest to my ideal, and that few SHELTIE INTERNATIONAL / 30

ever saw as she finished so fast, was Ch Cameo Misty Rain. I loved her temperament, her balance and her type. She was a 14 3/4”, moderate, blue merle bitch. Ch Cameo Love in the Afternoon, also one of my top-winning favorites, was one of the first bi-blues to have the beautiful silver color, plus a beautiful coat. And she loved to show. She became the top winning bi-blue in breed history at one time. Bred to Ch Macdega the Piano Man, she produced four beautiful champions with the outline and temperament that Piano Man stamped on his children.

Ch Cameo Love In the Afternoon And of course my list of favorite dogs is not complete without mentioning, Ch Cameo Total Eclipse, the only biblack to ever win the National Specialty. He was expertly presented and lovingly handled by Rick Thompson to that particular win - that was a once in a lifetime thrill! I would be remiss if I left out the very important brood bitches. In addition to the already mentioned Roranjoli Bi Popular Demand; Ch Cameo Love in the Afternoon; the acquired inbred Ch Banchory Formal Notice daughter, Fireside Klassic Affair; and the Ch Banchory Thunder Blue daughter Cameo Chantilly Lace – were all dams of four champions. (I am still striving to reach a coveted goal to produce an ROM.) One bitch of mine, Cameo Black Velvet, (14 pts -3 mjrs) was bred to the beautiful Ch Tall Timber Far Out Frisco. This produced one of my favorite sires of continued ☛

The Designer Boys

Photo by Dean Von Pusch

Cameo Black l abel, “Polo” & Cameo o bsession, “Calvin” BRED To PRo DUCE

Proven, non-white-factored Ch Willow Cove's Bluesman

Ch Carloway Black Market ROM

Ch Carloway Changin' Attitude CDX,OA,OAJ

Ch Cameo Midnight Rider

Am/Can Ch Glenesk Darkfall

Cameo Calico Cat

Cameo Rosmoor Leap Of Faith

CAMe O BLACk LABe L & CAMe O OBs e s s iOn Bis s Ch Aynsworth s ilver Moonlight ROM Cameo By Design

Ch Aynsworth Moonshadow Bis s Am/Can Ch Cameo Dreamchaser

Ch Cameo Wildest Dreams

Special stud fee until finished $100 breeding fee $400 stud fee if two or more live puppies

Ch Macdega Asterisk ROM

Cameo s ong s ung Blue MARil y n MARl o w High Ridge, Mo 636-677-0085

Co-owner/co-breeder, Anne Regan 31


Marlow, cont’d.

In closing I want to share this Breeders Code with you in hopes that you too will be inspired to want to protect and improve our breed for many generations to come. “BREEDERS CODE” I will study the BITCH as well as the sire. Cameo Calico Cat, “Kitty”, (5 pts)

Ch Cameo Total Eclipse BOB, ASSA National all time: Am/Can Ch Akirene Aramis Bi Barkley ROM. I am so very proud to have a bitch of mine play a part in producing him. Thank you Rod Oishi and Judy Decker for your part in making him the top producing bi-blue male in breed history. He is pictured with Rick Thompson at one of his first Specialty judging assignments, February 1998. I am also very proud of producing dams of three champions – Cameo Calico Cat, and Cameo Song Sung Blue, as well as all my other champion producing dams. This to me is what breeding dogs is all about. With great pride and much joy I am looking forward to watching all my pres-

ent dogs and bitches produce generations deep for their owners. This to me is what breeding is all about. Thank you guys for keeping my dreams alive and being able to play “Grandma” and sharing in your own dreams and goals. Its been so much fun to watch you all succeed! It seems only in the world of dogs can you experience highs of a great win one day and lows in losing the next. Seriously it’s very important to keep ones' perspective. It should not be always be about the win. Enjoying the process and having a good attitude is essential in your enjoyment of the hobby. It is most important for all of us, especially now in light of the AR agenda, to promote our sport by having a good attitude in the sport. Don’t be afraid to appreciate the quality of other’s dogs. Breeding is a skill and it takes knowledge, instinct and vision. Breeding quality generations down, consistently, should be applauded, not envied. Encouragement of others, especially our new exhibitors, is most important for our breed to move forward. I think one of my lowest times was after the high of winning the National with Total Eclipse. I was shocked at how a few negative people had to tear the dog apart and find reasons why he won. Of course there were supporters too, but remember its ONE judge that does the awarding and don’t let the disappointment of losing, hard as it is, dampen the win of others by negative remarks, or screaming “politics”. Remember the next day might be your turn!

Am/Can Ch Akirene Aramis Bi Barkley ROM SHELTIE INTERNATIONAL / 32

I will study the GRANDPARENTS rather than the parents. I will not pay attention to breeding superstitions. I will interpret a pedigree by breeding FACTS AND DOMINANCE rather than by names and TITLES. I will keep full breeding records and draw conclusions accordingly. I will put away culls, weaklings and the deformed shortly after birth. I will not breed, sell or give away a shy or excessively nervous dog. I will judge a stud by his OFFSPRING even to the third generation. I will honor most the BRED-BY EXHIBITOR dog. I will give preference to breeding specimens of good temperament and strong nerves. I will have patience to TRY AGAIN and again and not be discouraged by litters which are disappointing. I will be led on constantly by the seductive dream of one day producing THE PERFECT DOG OF MY BREED. And if another breeder forges ahead of me, I shall envy him, but also PRAISE HIM. AUTHOR UNKNOWN o

Spotlighting . . . Mark Hersman Westar Shelties Kim Aston celebrates with Mark and Westar Splendour on winning

Best in Futurity 2010 ASSA National Specialty

Thank you to the Sheltie International for this opportunity to tell the Westar story. As early as I can remember I have loved dogs and horses and was always involved with them in some manner. As a youngster I would spend my summers at my aunt Dolores’ ranch, riding horses and playing with her dogs. She showed German Shepherds under her kennel name, Royal, and I would attend shows and matches during these summer stays, helping with her dogs. She encouraged me to enter Juniors, and once I was in the ring and had a few wins, I was hooked. She purchased a Sheltie for herself, and I was so taken by the breed that she arranged for me to acquire one as well. My parents were very supportive of my desire to show Shelties, and when I wasn’t traveling with my aunt or friends they would see to it that I made it to the shows. After my teenage years I moved to an apartment and was unable to have dogs. At this time I concentrated my efforts on my horses. Boarding the horses in town and attending shows with the horses kept my Sheltie cravings under control. When the time came that I could have a Shelties again I contacted Johanna Primeaux, and within a very short time I had purchased a couple of Shelties from her and was back showing again. Johanna was a wonderful mentor and taught me so much. She introduced me to so many great dogs and successful breeders.

During these years I began handling Shelties for others. I have had the pleasure of handling many outstanding Shelties for wonderful friends. It has truly been an honor to handle for others and to date I have finished over 100 champions for these friends. I continue handling today and enjoy helping others make their dreams come true. The actual reality of a breeding program and Westar Shelties came for me in 1996 with the purchase of my foundation bitch, BISS Ch Fairwyn Westar Essence ROM “Dina”. I purchased Dina at eight

• BISS Ch Westar’s Dynasty (9 Ch’s) • BISS Ch Westar’s Dharma • BISS Ch Westar Shadymist Aidan • BISS Ch Westar’s Summer Veil • BISS Ch Westar’s Graebel • Ch Westar’s Evangelista

BISS Ch Westar’s Dharma and BISS Ch Westar’s Dynasty, (9 Chs) age 12 weeks

BISS Ch Fairwyn Westar Essence ROM weeks of age, and for me she exemplified the writtenStandard. Her beauty was undeniable. She was not only an ASSA and Specialty winner, she was also an outstanding producer. Dina’s beauty still carries on today at Westar. We celebrate Dina’s six champion children:

BISS Am/Can Ch Westar's Graebel


Ch Westar s Faron 2010



CH CARLOWAY CORONADO X WESTAR'S WILD KISSES Co-breeder, Breeya Barbree Faron finished in style, including three 5 point Majors! Thanks to Mark McMillian, Kim Schive, Carl Skinner and Kathy Ryan. Heartfelt THANKS to Tray and "Team PaRay" for your outstanding care and presentation of Faron to his title. We are very proud of Faron's most recent champion kids and their owners: CH WESTAR PARAY NOTES ON A SCANDEL BISS CH HOMEWOOD IN THE HAMPTONS BISS CH MINDALYN WISHFUL THINKING

Mark Hersman 209-969-0885 • 34





Scandal is type personified. She had a spectacular finish, going Winners Bitch at the Sacramento Valley SSC Specialty for a 5 point Major under breeder-judge Barbara Wright. Scandal is sired by the sensational Ch Westar's Faron. Congratulations to Mark Hersman and his beautiful Westar Shelties.

Raymond (Tray) Pittman

PaRay 35

Paul Flores

Westar, cont’d.

Ch Westar’s Evangelista

BIS/BISS/NBISS GCh PaRay’s Cirque Du Soliel ASSA 2010 BOB

BISS Ch Westar’s Dynasty ASSA 2001 RWD ASSA 2004 1st, Stud Dog

BISS Ch Westar’s Summer Veil Through Dina’s son, BISS Ch Westar’s Dynasty “Blake”, my foundation sire, I strive to produce the distinctive type and look that both were known and admired for. Though both these dogs have passed on, leaving my breeding program solid, many of their descendents, including my wonderful boy, Ch Westar’s Faron, are producing in the tradition of Westar Shelties. As I look out at my dogs, I’m inspired on a daily basis to continue building my pedigrees with the dogs I’m so blessed to have. I also pay tribute to the breeders who created a superlative family of dogs before me that I can build upon today. I have produced 30 champions through my program, of which I am extremely proud.

BISS Ch Westar Krystalyn Imagination ASSA 2007 AOM

BISS Ch Fairwyn Westar Essence ROM ASSA 1998 RWB

Ch Westar’s Rainier ASSA 2009 AOM


XX 37

We are so thrilled to be part of this tribute to Mark and his outstanding program. i had the good fortune of meeting Mark when i was a teenager and a new student of the breed. his guidance and willingness to entrust me with some of his best enabled me to become established in our breed with a wonderful beginning, and i am forever grateful to him. What's more, i am proud to call Mark a dear friend. his kindness, patience, humor, and willingness to lend a hand truly make him a rare jewel in the dog world. he keeps it fun! i am thrilled to have Mark hersman as a mentor and friend, and feel honored to be a part of his exquisite breeding program. We love Mark!


Ma r k He r s Ma n We s t a r

“Donnie” & Mark

AKC/BIS UKC/Int’l Ch Westar's Avedon RN CGC


pictured taking BeSt of Breed

donnie is a dio son and a grandson of the great BiSS ch Westar's dynasty. he is 14" of feisty bright red sable. he boasts the beautiful Westar family look, type, correct structure, and flawless movement.  all tests normal. full and correct dentition. frozen semen available. donnie has been bred to Westar's keepsake, a faron daughter Breeder/co-owner: Mark hersman - Westar oWner: Shayne gurry showshelties@

Faerie Tail Shetland SheepdogS 38


Westar, cont’d.

Ch Westar’s Faron ASSA 2010 RWD

Westar’s Splendour ASSA 2010 Best in Futurity

BISS Ch Westar Shadymist Aidan ASSA 2002 WD

My proudest moments are the thrilling top honors at ASSA National specialties: • BISS Ch Fairwyn Westar Essence ROM ASSA 1998 RWB • BISS Ch Westar’s Dynasty ASSA 2001 RWD ASSA 2004 1st, Stud Dog • BISS Ch Westar Shadymist Aidan ASSA 2002 WD • BISS Ch Westar Krystalyn Imagination ASSA 2007 AOM • Ch Westar’s Rainier ASSA 2009 AOM • Ch Westar’s Faron ASSA 2010 RWD • Westar’s Splendour ASSA 2010 Best in Futurity • On a very special note I am honored to also be the co-breeder of the top winning bitch in the history of the breed: BIS/BISS/NBISS GCh Paray’s Cirque Du Soliel ASSA 2010 BOB I am also extremely proud of all my ASSA class wins and placements with Westar kids as well as all my friends’ and clients’ dogs. A very special THANK YOU to all the owners, co-owners, co-breeders and handlers who have made these wins possible, wonderful and memorable. Through all my years of involvement with Shelties I am fortunate to have had wonderful mentors whose vast knowledge, and years of experience, guide me to this day. When I think of my most influential mentors I think of Julie Leal (Magic Winds), Cathy Meek (Sandcastle) and Tray Pittman (PaRay). Each of these are my very best friends and have been instrumental in my success. Meeting Julie was so pivotal for my breeding program. When Dina was due to be bred for the first time I was looking at a number of dogs. I came upon a most breathtaking puppy of Julie Leal’s at the NorCal Specialty. This puppy took my breath away and I just knew this was the look I wanted. I spoke with Julie about the puppy and his sire, Magic Wind Stormtide, and the possibility of breeding SHELTIE INTERNATIONAL / 40

to him. Julie agreed to the breeding and Dina was sent to her home. When I went to Julie’s to pick up Dina, Julie was gracious enough to show me her dogs. I was taken back by the consistency of the look, the absolute beauty of each and every one of them. I knew at that moment I was going to create my look with the strength of Julie’s pedigrees blended with Dina’s. Julie became and still is one of my very best friends and mentor. She shares so much with me about dogs of the past, and the knowledge passed on to her by these great breeders. I met Cathy through Julie. We have so much in common, not only Shelties, but our faith and family values. When we get to talking we run the gambit on subjects from breedings, shows, to our children, grandchildren and family. Cathy is a wonderful friend and mentor. I have had the honor of co-owning and cobreeding a number of champions with her. When thinking of Tray the word that comes to mind is “passion”. His passion for all things Sheltie is something to aspire to. He continuously shares his knowledge and expertise in all areas with me. I have had the pleasure of sharing my best with Tray and he has shared his best with me. Our combined efforts have been rewarded with numerous top-winning champions. Tray is a best friend as well as a mentor extraordinaire. Julie, Cathy and Tray have made me a better breeder, handler and groomer and I am forever grateful to them. I also thank the countless other friends and mentors who have helped me through the years. The biggest thank you goes to my wife, my children and family, whose support, understanding and encouragement have always been a driving force behind Westar Shelties. As I continue my journey in Shelties I am excited about what’s next for Westar Shelties: planning the next litters, the next promising puppies, the next big wins and the upcoming Shelties that will continue to inspire me and make my dreams come true. o

h onoring

Ma r K h e r SMa n We St a r

Congratulations and thank you,Mark! Braeleen Shelties and Mindalyn Shelties wish to congratulate Mark on this well deserved recognition. Over the years Mark has shown and finished dogs for both of us . . .

. . . including most recently, our co-bred, co-owned

Ch Mindalyn Braeleen Candy Kiss Can/a m multiple BiSS Ch Braeleen l et Freedom r ing x Mindalyn Forget-Me-n ot We are grateful for his beautiful presentation of our dogs.


Br a e l e e n Sh e l t ie S Kathy Brown


Min d a l y n Sh e l t ie S Cathy d upree 41

Mark, thank you for your friendship and outstanding presentation.


Ma r k He r s Ma n We s t a r

R iveRun echohawk


Mark started our girl as a seven-year-old rookie in October of 2011 and now she only needs a Major for her championship! Pam Hammon and k arin Parker

Riverun Shetland Sheepdogs

g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g gg g g g 42


h onoring I am honored to have Westar lines in my pedigrees. t hank you Mark h ersman for suggesting "Faron" to breed to our girl "Mini-me", who is co-owned with Foxglove and Ashburton.

MAr k h e r s MAn We s t Ar

"Nars" Ch Westar's Faron 2010 ASSA RWD, pts x Foxglove Ashburton Me Too, pts

Nars’ extraordinary abilities were clear from age six weeks, and she was easily trained through Utility by five months of age. At one year, Nars quickly finished her PT (herding title) with only a handful of exposures to sheep. She was the only dog at the trials that never split the sheep and never missed a command. By 20 months of age, Nars made her

Ar At o n e Fo x g l o v e MAk e Me n Bl u s h CDx , Pt

debut in AKC Obedience and finished her Novice career with scores of 199.5/HIT, 199+/HIT, and a perfect score of 200/HIT. Two months later she went into the Utility ring for the first time and


Shetland Sheepdogs Marie Eguro

scored 199.5/HIT and then a 199 - all before her second birthday! Now taking time off for a litter, Nars will be back in the ring soon and we expect her to finish her OTCH in record time. This sound and typey girl will be proudly shown in Conformation upon maturity. Nars is co-owned with Foxglove Shetland Sheepdogs



Ma r k He r s Ma n We s t a r

Magic Winds Breezes Of Patchulie

Photo by Craig McAlister "Tulie" at 2 years of age Daughter of Ch Westar's Faron x Magic Winds Jennifer Juniper Thank you Mark, we appreciate all that you have done. We look forward to the future with our new generation! JULIE LEAL CRAIG McALISTER (209) 295-7450 j o • w w w.mag ic windsshelt


W e S TA R ’ S R u n f o R t h e M o n e y

“CA$H” Westar's Faron (ASSA RWD, Specialty Mjr ptd) x Sharokee Sarasoda (pts) Thank you Mark for sharing this special boy with us. With his beautiful type, structure, and outstanding temperament, Cash is sporting 9 points, including a 5-point Specialty Major and 5-point Specialty RWD. Thank you to judges Monica Canestrini and Johanna Primeaux.

Owned and loved by Michael and Linda Bianco and Mark Hersman

Breeders Mark Hersman and Karen Coombs 46



A P r om ise Kept U D

GCh points (2 Majors) Ch Arenray's Reminisce x Penelane Commotion in Motion nA

Thank you Mark, for showing Haley to her championship, two national Specialty Veteran class wins, and to a Specialty Best of Breed. We are always thrilled to watch you and Haley in the ring and we truly appreciate your beautiful presentation of our special girl. You have made our dreams come true! Watch for Mark and Haley at selected Specialties completing her Grand Championship.

Owned and loved by Michael and Linda Bianco

Bred by Penelane Shelties, Penny McCausland 47

The last word . . . The Westar Shelties of Mark Hersman By Tray PiTTman


aving had the great pleasure of being Mark's friend for the last 12 years, I find it so appropriate to pay tribute to him and the beautiful Westar Shelties, and their contribution to the breed we all love so much. They say the sign of a great breeder is the ability to create a consistent family of dogs. If this is true then one need look no further for a great breeder than Mark, who has created a consistent family of dogs with very reliable virtues. One of the many things I admire about Mark is that he has a clear vision for the breed, and he is dead true to it. He is not a person to jump on a popular stud dog's bandwagon, or be part of a trend or fad, staying true to his vision of what is correct according to the standard. A great dog man named Percy Roberts said the following: “The breeder is the builder The standard is the blue print The judge the building inspector.� Wise words indeed. I use these words each time I start a breed seminar. It lays the foundation for true success, and defines each person's role. The standard is indeed the blueprint. It is up to each of us to follow the directions laid out in the standard (blueprint)

as we go about our job as breeders. This does not allow for trends and fads. Mark so well understands this and breeds true to the standard, resulting in a family of dogs that can only be described as timeless and classic. I admire this so much in Mark, and he understands this principle. In the years to come there have been many special Westar beauties for me: the stunning Westar's Wonderland, winner of the 9-12 sable bitch class at the Denver ASSA National; and her equally beautiful litter sister, owned by PaRay, Ch Westar's PaRay Notes On A Scandal, who finished with multiple Specialty Majors. Also the sensational 2010 National Futurity winner, Westar's Splendor, judged by Kim Aston of Laureate fame I remember Mark shedding a few tears with this wonderful accomplishment, which meant more because it was judged by Kim. Like any smart breeder, Mark makes an occasional outcross to strengthen his own family, and from co-breeder Breeya Barbree the "puppy-back" was later to become Ch Westar's Faron, who won the 6-9 class at his National Specialty, at barely six months old - not sporting a great deal of coat yet, and rather plainly marked. The impression this dog made on me that day was huge. At a later ASSA Specialty, Faron was awarded Reserve Winners Dog in Tucson, Arizona. I was honored when Mark asked us to present Faron for his championship, and am happy to report that he finished in two weekends with three 5-point SHELTIE INTERNATIONAL / 48

Majors. Then I had to give him back! I could continue to write many pages on the Westar dogs that have made a great impression on me, but time and space do not allow. What is so impressive about his record is he has a very small and limited program, perhaps producing one or two litters a year. Those who really know Mark will tell you he is a wonderful friend, always honest, and always loyal. He does not suffer fools, but is always kind and polite to all with a great personal strength about him. I feel fortunate to count him among my closest friends. Shetland Sheepdogs also have a great friend in Mark. May his work continue for many years to come. His contributions are great, and his work a positive impact on the breed. Congratulations to my dear friend, and his incomparable Westar Shelties. o

In memory of

Top 20 USA Grand Champions

Karen Hostetter

through April 30, 2012

Karen was a well-known, publisher and researcher in the Sheltie world. She was founder of the Shetland Sheepdog Library and Stephi Shelties. Karen had over 30 years of extensive work on the geneology of Shelties worldwide. Her passion created "The Shetland Sheepdog Pedigree Book", it is her legacy. She was born 23 January 1940 and passed away 10 April 2012, at home. Stephanie S. Hostetter-Veil

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through April 30, 2012

through April 30, 2012


2012 ASSA National . . . Dreams do come true . . . This group of friends proved it at the Annual Prince/Princess Party Original princesses in Oregon Top: Debbie Martin, Pauline Brolin Middle: Deanne Snedeker, Debby Gayton, Bottom: Aleta Canady Tammy Alden

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ost of us will readily admit that showing and breeding Shelties is a very expensive endeavor. At the 2007 Albany Oregon ASSA National six friends gathered at Jim and Debby Gayton’s home in Tualatin Oregon, sipped Margaritas, shared small gifts and celebrated the first Princess party. This party was made even more festive by Aleta Canady, when she brought out a surprise - a suitcase full of hot pink and green feather boas, princess tiaras and a special gift for each of us (a small puzzle piece pin with a note from Aleta).

PIECES OF LIFE’S PuzzLE I have always seen my life as a puzzle. God knows where every piece belongs. He places people and experiences in my life good and bad to learn from. No matter how small the piece on my journey, I see it as a teaching tool. It helps to make me a more grateful, better and stronger person to complete his puzzle. He gives us all the gift of choice but not control. Thank you for being a piece in my life puzzle. Aleta Canady This group of friends all met together for the first time in Virginia Beach, Virginia at the 2006 National. Our favorite topic included laughing amongst ourselves at how loved and spoiled we all were and how wonderful our husbands were to understand and support our passion for

our breed. Although this is where the idea began - it became the idea of sharing each others’ wins. Whether married, single, male or female, the celebration of our hobby together is much more fun shared. Through the years the Princess Party has been held at all the National, usually in the largest hotel room or in a conference room at the hotel. It has continued to grow. Anyone that wants to attend is welcome. We have three Golden rules: “Be nice," "Share your dreams,” and most importantly, "Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself." We have so much fun together sharing our own and each other's dreams and accomplishments. It doesn't matter what the win, we celebrate... Part of the celebration is sharing ideas or talents with each other. Some share grooming tips or products we have found helpful. Some bring small gifts. We have had beautiful “Best Princess In Show” ribbons made by Terri Packard; beautiful hand-made bleacher seat cushions by Janita Jaster; lovely calendars with princess pictures made by Tammy and Polly, and wonderful goody grooming bags made by Aleta with all her secret homemade products. Aleta has found vendors that contribute products and small gifts. No one leaves the princess party empty-handed. A few years ago Aleta and Tammy started offering a gift for the best princess outfit. You have no idea how creative costumes some of the very SHELTIE INTERNATIONAL / 50

Always a good sport and ready to join the fun is Spike (Surendra Subramani) of Ravindale Shelties. sweet, quiet ladies (who never say a word) can come up with. They always win. We have had a couple of men participate as well and they laughingly join the festivities. A favorite prince/princess memory is of Spike (Surendra Subramani) wearing his princely crown, a green feather boa and carrying his princely purse - in Tucson, Arizona. He’s always a good sport. The Colorado National brought a new addition to the group: “Princess Laughing Waters”, Pat Doran. Many of you may know her from her "dancing with dogs" performance at the 2011 St. Louis National. Pat joined us for the first time in Colorado and she went all out, making her own crown from an empty box of Fruit Loops (somewhat appropriate for our crazy behavior) and wore a continued ☛

Princess Party, cont’d.

Orlando party St. Louis party (stuffed snake) boa around her neck. I’m sure she won the prize this year. CELEBRATION IN COLORADO Probably the most lasting memory was in St. Louis in 2010, where the Tornado was threatening to touch down near the hotel. The question was put to the group: "Should we cancel the party or not?" "Of course not!" Those among us who were unaware of tornadoes asked, “What are those sirens going off outside, and should the sky be bright green?” It was all met with laughter for a very fun evening, although a bit scary. As you can imagine this has also built up into a group of Sheltie friends from all over the world. We share puppy contacts and offer tips on whelping, training, grooming and everything in between, even including recipes for all the goodies served at the Princess parties. It is wonderful to have a large group of people helping one another. The Princess Group has collectively helped start many new people and junior handlers into the breed. We encourage them and faithfully support them, believing it takes a large group of people to keep a new person interested, and give them what they need to keep going to shows and furthering their education. We all know we lose more then we win. Tammy Alden writes the articles, “New to Shelties” and “Featured Junior” for Sheltie International magazine on an occasional basis. Her topic is always a new person to our group or a junior someone is working with. Our breed needs new people and also to encourage juniors.

Reading all of this you may think how ridiculously silly it is for grown women and men to wear tiaras and feather boas. But this is one night out of the year that we look forward to, allowing ourselves to be ridiculous, to giggle and laugh together and to share our dreams. ON TO ORLANDO In 2012 the group had grown so large that Aleta rented a large banquet room at the Residence Inn in Orlando, Florida. This year she introduced something new - a fund raising raffle with all proceeds to be donated to ASSA Rescue. Aleta actively sought out venders for donations as well as asking princes and princesses to donate handmade creations for raffle. LIST OF RAFFLE ITEMS: Nancy Clarke: signed copy of one of her books, "Stormy Hill’s Legacy" Badness Inc: beautiful pink lead with pink beads Whisperwind Inc, Aleta Canady: grooming apron and hand towels Diane Troese: hand painted sign with Princess Rules Sheltiesonline, Karen Jorday: free ad Berlinda Shepherdson: beautiful white lead with pink beads


Isle of Dogs, Trish Panzarella: $25 gift certificate Kintyre Shelties, Linda Wilson: gift basket of Isle of Dogs products Hush Puppi, Mackie Rader: basket of Hush Puppi grooming products and A-z chalk Wintercreek Shelties, Debby Gayton: beautiful hand painted and signed Sheltie mail box Pawmarks, Susan Giles: gift basket with brushes and comb and beautiful crate pad Camelot Shelties, Janita Jaster: beautiful Sheltie bench cushion Shady Grove, Sarah Davis: two beautiful, sparkly pink crate pads C&J scissors: $50.00 gift certificate VENDORS that gave discounts and products for the goody bags: Sheltie International, Jean Fergus: 30% off ads Edge of Distinction: $5.00 gift certificate to all that attended Isle of Dogs, Trish Panzarella: free samples of products GroomRight: free shipping on any size table GOODY BAGS: Whisperwind, Aleta Canady Kylars Shelties, Debbie Miller Doggie Dentals, Betty Wilson Shelley Meyer Sylivant Ticket Master: Tricia Taylor The best part of being a princess is that our group is supportive and connected to one another, sitting together, surrounding Polly Brolin. We sit on the floor, we sit on laps, we scooch our behinds into any space we can find to enjoy the National together. WHEN ONE PRINCESS WINS WE ALL WIN! We have been known to scream, cry and hug endlessly. Silly to some but complete and absolute enjoyment for all of us. Aleta Canady, Debby Gayton and Cay Ireland presented our first Princess Club donation to ASSA Rescue Foundation through ASSA president Bob Piccarillo, in the amount of $805. This was raised with 32 attendees. Imagine what we can raise next year...o

Mentoring . . . THE TRAGIC LOSS OF BLOODLINES AND MENTORING IN AMERICA Part 2 Part 1 was published in Summer 2011 Sheltie International

By Carol D. Hawke Caterina

as published in Canine Chronicle reProDUCe wITH THe PerMISSIoN oF THe aUTHor

take the following rudimentary quiz to challenge yourself: 1. how many bitches does it take to produce a quality line of dogs? a. Five (one from each of the top names in your breed) b. ten (the above group plus one f from each of the top breeders in europe) c. thirteen (one can never go wrong with a baker's dozen!) d. as many as you can accumulate with the funds you have or can finance e. one good one from a reputable line 2. how many puppies in each litter are show prospects if you have produced a typical litter of four well-bred pups? a. Four (they all came from the same parents and the same pedigree) b. three (one is bound to be a pet and you have one pet home waiting as it turns out) c. two (keep the best bitch and the best dog or the best two pups regard less of consistency) d. none of them until your mentor has helped you evaluate which to grow out. 3. What actually constitutes pet quality? a. a serious genetic defect b. a breed disqualification c. a & B combined

d. Bad temperament e. a, B & D combined f. a mediocre specimen regardless of pedigree g. Pet home waiting 4. What actually constitutes a show prospect? a. no genetic defects b. no breed disqualifications c. showy, outgoing attitude d. loud color e. Good legs this baby can really move out! f. Pretty face and fabulous coat g. an outgoing, outstanding breed representative with a solid pedigree t to back it up. h. show home waiting 5. What is the difference between a "breeding quality dog" and a show quality dog? a. Breed disqualification(s) b. Good quality, poor temperament c. Ugly head, sound legs d. Pretty head, can't move e. Great dog, lousy pedigree f. none of the above. there should be no difference. 6. how many pups per litter do you need to keep to maintain a bloodline? a. half the litter b. one dog, one bitch...just in case one is sterile or does not turn out. c. the two best bitches d. the whole litter, in case some

don't turn out or are sterile. e. the one pup that is better than it's quality parents. f. how many bloodlines do you intend to work with at one time??? 7. how many litters per year do you need to produce to maintain your bloodline? a. two if it's an easy breed or five if it's a hard breed to raise live litters out of. b. three, in case the first two didn't cut the mustard c. as many as possible without send ing a red flag up at aKC d. enough to cover all doggy expens es e. one, if it's well thought out and carefully evaluated f. how many bloodlines do you intend to work with at one time??? 8. Why do you need a mentor and why should he or she help you evaluate your litters initially? a. You don't, really. take their good advice or leave it since it's basically just another opinion. b. You only require a mentor long enough to obtain that quality dog. c. anyone who will trust you with his or her life's work will gratefully help you manage it properly. an ethi cal mentor will never intentionally steer you wrong and will work hard to see you succeed. translation: your continued ☛

sheltie international / 52

Mentoring, cont’d. success is their success! d. “Mentor schmentor!” anything she can do, i can do better already. e. this is my third litter and i'm tired of growing out puppies. i want something that will Win and i mean, noW! f. Which mentors do you intend to work with now that you have all those bloodlines??? 9. What is the correct definition of a top quality litter of pups? a. none have breed disqualifications b. none have serious genetic defects c. none have poor temperaments d. all are ideally marked e. half of the litter finished f. one pup became a top ten ranking show dog (gotta' repeat this one right away!) g. the quality of the pups was equally distributed; the majority finished, the pedigree was solid, and they created a permanent, positive impact on the breed h. Both parents are champions i. show homes waiting impatiently with money in hand. the correct answer is available in each category. Moreover, they are overt answers. Did you quickly arrive at them? if you were regularly drawn to multiple choices in each category and are confused at this point you definitely need a good mentor. if you aren't sure whom to approach in your breed, ask around at dog shows. (Forget the internet, you will merely come out showered with arrows!) Collect sufficient expert opinions to obtain a consensus. a quality mentor can document considerably more than a decade in their breed; will have produced many champions and one or more notable producers of that breed. Conscientious mentors carefully monitor the genetic defects within their lines throughout each generation and can prove it. such individuals will desire to mentor only serious students, so please do not waste their time and break their

hearts if you do not happen to be one of them. if you aren't in this hobby for the long haul, please get out now while the getting is good. successful dog breeding is about quality relationships, long-term investments, a dauntless love for dogs and conscientious determination. if your ideal hobby is all about winning and making a big name for yourself as quickly as possible, you are harboring an incognito loser mentality and what you really need is counseling. that's a strong opinion. if you decide to stay, you will discover many more where that one came from. however, if you really love a certain breed of dog and your heart's desire is to be intimately involved, produce a line of healthy, happy, sound dogs from proven bloodlines, then by all means find a good mentor or two and super glue yourself to them. if you are willing to become a lifelong student, can take advice humbly and gratefully from those who are willing to share their doggy endeavor, you deserve a good mentor. if respect ranks high in your personal vocabulary and you weren't born knowing it all, you have the potential to contribute as a valuable member of doggy society. honestly, i cannot recall even one top breeder i have known that succeeded entirely alone. one day you may discover that you are a dog breeder of renown and qualified to mentor students yourself! You will become absorbed in a worldwide community of dedicated, ethical, compassionate people who have embraced you slowly but surely. one word in admonition; if you are in the process of being mentored and choose to intentionally thwart prominent mentors who have taken you under their wings, the doggy world can become a very cold and lonely place all of a bloody sudden! (this is by no means a reference to honest mistakes which all of us can and do make regularly.) i remember one of the first individuals who ever mentored my husband and i. at a club meeting held in our home he

hung back after everyone departed and confided in my ear, "these new people come in and they want you to help them get started. You help them and they turn around and put a knife in your back so you can never trust them again!" i cringed internally wondering if our club leader was on drugs or just an overly dramatic sort of fellow. at the time i thought it was a rather amusing incident. Years later i came to appreciate the full impact of his presumably paranoid statement. anyone who has been in dogs for a decade is already mentoring newbies. it just happens naturally for most of us. at that early stage the process is rather akin to a teenager mentoring a toddler. a decade later there is a further transformation and we become adults leading teenagers. in each mentoring relationship there is mutual growth from differing aspects. that is how this mentoring relationship should progress. it is at the initial checkpoint that we are noting a bizarre glitch in the system, if you will. around the five-year mark those students, who should depart since they are unwilling to learn anyway, for various, insidious reasons - don't. instead, they tack up their own signs and go into business, thumbing their noses openly at, or even more commonly, behind the backs of their previous mentors. a few actually resort to destroying the reputations of their former mentors as a boorishly pathetic hobby. reading every dog breeding and genetics manual ever manufactured won't cut the mustard when such independent students actually try to breed litters from various bloodlines (especially those ridiculous, tossed-salad combinations thereof). half the time, these mentoring dropouts retain the wrong pups and let the outstanding prospects go, thus insuring their own failure. Without proper mentoring, they are literally lost amidst a world of pedigrees, canine husbandry and exhibition. still, the foolishly proud would rather struggle alone than face the music and apologize to the honorable instructors they have grieved. continued ☛

sheltie international / 53

Mentoring, cont’d. i've watched such individuals attach strings to every pup they sell in mortal terror of repeating these dread foibles. a team of veterinarians will be less successful at diagnosing the various stages and odd quirks of those lines than one longtime breed mentor. in stubborn rebellion, these folks will rely upon any opinion other than that of a qualified expert. the number of lives of dogs saved by good mentoring is impossible to calculate, but i would suspect at least a dozen for each successful mentor. Which is why it irks me to no end that some veterinarians treat all dog breeders like dirt bags. technically, we are on the same team and it is beyond certain that we've saved lives their professional education and training could not. Whether veterinarian and dog breeder or mentor and student, it's all about functional relationships. lacking respect, no relationship will function. Yet daily we witness supposedly serious students of dog breeding or handling backstabbing their dedicated mentors! Mike and i have mentored newcomers to the world of purebred dogs for the entire duration of our marriage. i can recall few instances where i have been as emotionally wounded by our own family members as i have by doggy individuals we chose to mentor. Perhaps it is human nature to become too controlling over those we mentor on occasion. We may overprotect them out of concern that others will misuse them. at the same time we strive to help them avoid making terrible mistakes. however, mentoring at this initially intense level should never extend beyond the point at which the pupil has actually advanced into a successful breeding program of his or her own. there must be a clear distinction between manipulation and guidance. Yet, release from quality mentoring can only be unwisely sought with the first champion produced or in the first five years of breeding, for that matter. the use of poor

judgment by the mentored is never as hard to swallow as utter disrespect without provocation. Foolish as it will undoubtedly seem to most of this reading audience, i sold many outstanding, young show prospects to complete novices. i remembered how difficult it was to obtain a quality dog. equally importantly, i did not want my dogs in large operations or breeding kennels, stacked in crates in people's basements or garages. so i stuck my neck out and took a chance on novices who kept their dogs at home, primarily as pets. each of them made verbal and written promises. only a handful lived up to their contractual agreements. some of our mentored were extremely successful (the patient minority) while others ruined perfectly good dogs. one newbie we sold a quality pup to continually despaired that the dog would never reach its full potential. however, maturity occurred precisely when i insisted it would and the dog finished with a flourish. in fact, this dog continued to collect honors regularly until it began to win on a national level. this apparently happy conclusion was completely spoiled a short time later when i inquired to purchase a pup from the individual, hoping to regain the bloodline that i had disbursed in order to more freely judge dogs. to my old fashioned way of thinking i believed my request would be received as an honor by the grateful novice, only to be quoted a price nearly twice that of the original stock with potential strings attached! in shock over this scandalous misbehavior, i was then formally advised, "it's only business and that is the current pricing." Whoahoahoaaa there, little doggeez! let’s pause for a moment and analyze the statement that selling dogs is “strictly business.” it wasn’t “way back” when your mentor entrusted you with their foundation stock! Moreover, if you claim to bear any love for them whatsoever, dogs are never “strictly business.” if they are, you are not a hobbyist - you are a

profiteer, and had better change your “buy from a breeder” motto to reflect your grasping mentality. secondly, no student of a breed in the initial process of learning should ever charge top dollar for any puppy, because he possesses neither the experience nor the credibility to back up that price tag. after you have endured a decade or two and have produced noteworthy, prepotent dogs that actually had some influence on your breed, and when you are able to scrupulously manage and predict the general development of a bloodline as your mentor did, then and onlY then charge a reflective price. You did not breed the dogs of note in those pedigrees that you are basing the outrageous prices upon, nor do you even remotely grasp the full impact of the innate faults and virtues harbored within those bloodlines. no photographs or second-hand rumors will ever reveal that information to you. only a trusting, experienced mentor can offer those breeding shortcuts and such information will never intentionally be shared with a fool. Following in the wise footsteps of my own mentors, i failed to charge full price for a show prospect until i had fifteen years under my belt as a breeder. We rarely placed strings on any dog and only requested approximately five puppies back in all those years. We did not ask pick puppy for a stud service in those days nor ever required litters back on bitches sold. our stud dogs, when at public stud, were offered at fees reflecting the ProVen value of their get. there is a point that seems to have been reached in our modern dog world where hard-nosed business principles have completely overshadowed good sense and propriety. there are sufficient dog profiteers outside the legitimate Fancy; we certainly don’t desire any on the inside. Many dog breeders are visibly infected with a selfserving greed that has eroded their essential respect for mentors and minimized the true value of purebred dogs to such a degree that it is reducing an otherwise fine sport to a paltry game. the reality is continued ☛

sheltie international / 54

Mentoring, cont’d. that the hearts of this generation must change for gracious, sensible conduct to reemerge in our world. in another frustrating case, a sympathetic, longtime mentor tucked under her wing what could only be described as an “iffy” candidate for mentoring. this student came from a most precarious position, having purchased breeding stock from disreputable sources and selling it over a puppy miller’s network. however, the student seemed bent upon a course of integrity and cleared up the negative ties as requested. the candidate further insisted all mediocre stock was disbursed and began health-testing the few quality dogs on the premises. the mentorship ensued and the pupil was able to finish a high quality dog of superior pedigree with the guidance of the breed expert. naturally, the mentor was contacted again in order to help select the appropriate mate. the mentor pored over pedigrees of available dogs at the request of the student until an excellent choice emerged. at the pupil’s further request, the mentor offered herself as a reference since the stud owner was quite discriminating. suddenly in midcourse, the pupil jumped ship and decided instead to breed to an untitled dog with an incompatible pedigree. the motivations were supposedly financial and for the sake of simplification. a very old, mediocre quality dog was provided the pupil without charge from a calculating source that only requested “a puppy back in return.” the clever, second-rate breeder was thereby able to seduce the naive student and acquire stock from a bloodline that was previously unavailable without investing a penny. Moreover, an unwanted dog at retirement age was conveniently disposed of at the same time from a sizeable kennel operation. When the mentor was informed of this treachery, she replied calmly and candidly, “if it were possible to breed

high quality dogs conveniently and cheaply, every dog breeder in america would be equally successful. Consequently, in both cases the mentors severed all ties with these (sic) “serious students” of their breed. What other course can ensue when mentors apply full effort and skill toward the success of individuals who later proffer the proverbial “knife-in the-back” treatment? one could wish to label these pupils’ sophomoric actions “poor judgment,” but the greedy motivations behind them would swiftly nullify those otherwise inert descriptions. these are but two examples plucked from among dozens of graceless incidences mentors around the country are reporting regularly, obviously increasing the number of abandoned or dropout students each year. the only reward any mentor is ever granted for his or her personal investment is the satisfaction of shaping a successful and ethical patron for their breed. after several such devastating experiences in the lives of longtime mentors, it is little wonder so few will extend their time and talent to the continually inquiring newbies vying for their attention. it is seldom true that the dog world’s finest canine mentors are, as so commonly characterized, “stuck up,” but rather that they have simply been burned emotionally one too many times. if you are a student of a breed please don’t confuse emotional distancing with arrogance since they aren’t remotely alike. if you would be mentored by one of america’s renowned Doggites, you may find it necessary to prove your loyalty to them and their dogs first. “Bloodlines,” as we once acknowledged them, are fast disappearing. the remnants of those precious, former hardwoods are being sold as a commodity to the highest bidders both here and abroad. in the place of the elaborate effort that once hallmarked a lifelong craft one discovers pressed board covered over with cheap laminates. is it possible that the invocation of genetic charting in

sheltie international / 55

some fashion has ended america’s reverence for bloodlines? or is it merely the saturation of equal amounts of greed and egomania on the part of today’s foundationally disengaged crew of incoming dog breeders that is to blame? the principles that have long sustained dog breeding, as applied both intellectually and instinctively, are clearly on the wane. in direct repercussion, mentoring has become a most precarious proposition for all who compose the framework of the sport of Dogs. Will educating breeders with the intact blanket approach resolve these issues? We will be most fortunate if this program can manage a nip at their fast wilting buds. if public education could instill ethics and character, this program could be deemed feasible, however, individual mentoring (like the parenting role that it has always evoked) remains the only practical, proven and effective means by which to tackle such perplexing problems and that process is entirely dependent upon willing and worthy students. it occurs to me that in order for a breeder education program to succeed, there must be a valid mentorship program firmly in residence. recruitment for qualified, mentoring volunteers to act as “big brothers” to novice breeders will prove absolutely essential. no family is functional without diligent parents, nor will any breeder educational system flourish minus experienced, conscientious mentors. if those prerequisites could be met, it still remains to be seen whether or not there exists a sufficient headcount enrolling in breeder education to salvage the future of an entire nation’s purebred dog fancy. o

Animal activists . . . WHAT’S FOR DINNER? E. KatiE Gammill

Does your family eat meat? Do they know it doesn’t magically appear at a supermarket? What about a “Big Mac”, fish sticks, chicken fingers, or ice cream? Have you explained to your child that eggs “pop out” of the south end of a chicken? If not, you haven’t been doing your job as a parent. It only takes one generation to “askew” your child’s thought processes before they develop their own understanding and awareness. Animal activists in our schools reach for our children at an alarming rate. We are in a battle with the “Vegans”. Humans need protein. It is derived from meat, fish, eggs, milk, and cheese. Somewhere along the way there’s been a “hiccup” in education. Sheltering our children in regard to the process of feeding the masses is wrong. All the “nasty” has been taken out of grocery shopping.

Last fall, a local young lady put this ad in our newspaper during deer season. “Shame on you deer hunters. Why don’t you buy your meat at the store where they don’t hurt animals?” What does that tell you? Why do those who have no desire to understand where food comes from attempt to force their beliefs on others? History tells us that during hard times people eat what is available. Some mountainous countries eat “grass soup”.

Having no substance, it fills the belly. Chinese eat every part of a chicken, feet, necks, and all. They dine on pig feet, turtle, sushi, and other unusual items and cook them in a way that is appetizing. There IS a reason. What made them appreciate such delicacies? They faced starvation. Everything was considered a food source. In America we want to save our tender children from such stories, but what will they do when grocery aisles are empty? Who are we to criticize the actions others take to feed their families? We watch “whale wars” and the destruction of fleets and meat. WHY did the Japanese start eating whales? Because they were starving. America is literally “super-sized” to death. Obesity problems are rampant. Eating contests are popular! Our dogs are overweight, cats have baggy bellies and we have an epidemic of overweight people. Animals foraging for food aren’t particular about their diet. They eat only what they need to survive. At times they gorge, then fast, depending on the weather. During drought, nature stops the natural breeding cycles so the young don’t starve. We, the people, “plump” up our pets. The wasted food we throw out could feed Third World Countries if it was channeled to them. As a child, my father took me to the Chicago stock yards. I understood the food chain from the “get go”. We ate pickled pigs feet, brain sandwiches, mince meat, and I’m still here. We visited the Du Quoin Packing Plant, Sunbeam Bread, shoe factories, prisons, battleships, you name it. SHELTIE INTERNATIONAL / 56

Children today don’t know what makes America work; therefore they have a false sense of life in general. Few of us could harvest meat and serve it for dinner. Failing to address baser situations with our children produces a culture of animal activists. These people have no interest in understanding the food process - their interest lies in forcing their “agenda” on others. Public education regarding food production is imperative. Animals fill our every need, both physically and mentally. Our responsibility is to be good stewards to both animals and land. Will we give up grape jam if it hurts to pull grapes from the vine? If one thinks it’s painful to milk a cow, do we give up milk and cheese? What about ice cream? How about that New York strip sizzling on your plate alongside the baked potato (with butter and sour cream dripping)? We need a national wide campaign regarding where food comes from.

Animal activists stand outside our schools sucking in our children with pictures of mistreated bunnies. It works! The bottom line is, in the USA, most people haven’t gotten hungry enough, YET…BUT IF WE DO, and IF your children find the meat cases empty, how industrious will they become when it comes to feeding their own families? continued ☛

Health . . .

Dinner, cont’d.



robiotics are all the rage. Numerous nutritional supplements, and even foods like yogurt, contain these live microorganisms (bacteria and/or yeast) that can provide health benefits when given to an animal or person. We tend to think of probiotics when considering gastrointestinal health or disease, and they certainly do play an important role in this regard. Take a dog with diarrhea, for example. Whatever the cause — stress, dietary indiscretion, infection, antibiotic therapy, etc. — the diarrhea sometimes persists even after the inciting issue has been handled. This often results from an imbalance between the microorganisms in the gut that promote normal function and those that secrete toxins or are otherwise disruptive when they are present in larger than normal numbers. Probiotics are a way of boosting the number of "good" microorganisms that are present, thereby helping them outcompete the "bad" ones. It also appears that probiotics may work in other ways. They seem to be able to beneficially modify immune function. Studies have shown that probiotic supplementation can help treat infections outside of the gastrointestinal tract as well as some types of allergic or inflammatory diseases. This isn’t too surprising considering that a large proportion of the body’s immune system is associated with the gut, so anything that influences the immune system could provide a more wide-spread effect. One downside of probiotic supplementation is that the microorganisms

aren’t able to effectively stay and reproduce within the gut for long periods of time. This isn’t a huge issue when you are dealing with an acute illness, say diarrhea associated with antibiotic use, but for chronic disorders probiotic supplements need to be continued longterm to reap the maximum benefits. This is where prebiotics come into the picture. Prebiotics are non-digestible ingredients that support the growth of probiotic microorganisms that either reside in the gut naturally or are added via supplementation. Think of prebiotics as a way to preferentially feed the "good" microorganisms in the gut, giving them a potential advantage in their competition with the "bad" microorganisms. Beet pulp is a commonly used prebiotic in dog foods. It is a type of carbohydrate that undergoes partial fermentation within the gut to provide food for probiotic microorganisms. Feeding your dog a food that contains a prebiotic like beet pulp is an easy way to support gastrointestinal health, add fiber to the diet, and promote overall well-being. Look at the ingredient list on the dog food label to determine whether or not beet pulp is included. It does not need to be present in large amounts, so finding it approximately half-way down the ingredient list is perfectly appropriate. Lastly, use the MyBowl tool and the guaranteed analysis on the food label to determine whether or not carbohydrate levels as a whole are appropriate and in balance with other nutritional categories. o


When I see a chicken, I think “Southern fried”. Boiling the bones for noodle broth stretches it even further. Dairy farms speak of ice cream, butter, milk, and cheese. Our personal library has a book on preparing wild game. It takes proper stewardship of land and animals to feed the masses. Overpopulation will deplete our resources and disease will run rampant. The FDA and government control of farms will contribute to this. The HSUS donates .04 of every dollar to dogs. The rest goes to lobbying AGAINST YOUR RIGHT TO OWN A PET. It supports NO shelters! Therefore, the next time you crack that egg, a small discussion with your child might be in order. Perhaps a lesson in tolerance and sense of direction is in order, as well. Activists DON’T have the right to impose their ideals on others. The world is small, so live and let live. They should NOT judge what others do according to THEIR beliefs and personal situation, but rather, think about “walking in another’s footsteps” before pointing that finger of guilt... o Reprinted with permission from

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Behavior . . . Canine Telepathy? Can dogs read our minds? How do they learn to beg for food or behave badly primarily when we're not looking? According to Monique Udell and her team from the University of Florida, the way that dogs come to respond to the level of people’s attentiveness tells us something about the ways dogs think and learn about human behavior. Their research, published online in Springer's Journal "Learning & Behavior," suggests it is down to a combination of specific cues, context and previous experience. Recent work has identified a remarkable range of human-like social behaviors in the domestic dog, including their ability to respond to human body language, verbal commands, and to attentional states. The question is, how do they do it? Do dogs infer humans' mental states by observing their

What Scientists Say About Pet Psychic Abilities Biologist Rupert Sheldrake, author of "Dogs That Know When Their Owner is Coming Home," believes that animals have perceptive abilities of telepathy and premonitions. Veterinarian and author, Dr. Allan Schoen says in his book, Kindred Spirits, that people and animals are intimately connected. Pets whom we feel especially close to seem to understand our needs, read our moods, and sometimes even communicate with us on a level that transcends words or body language. Can pets be so connected and attuned to their owners when they are far apart, even when there is no possible way they could be using their sense of smell or hearing? Physician and author Dr. Larry Dossey, says there is a connec-

appearance and behavior under various circumstances and then respond accordingly? Or do they learn from experience by responding to environmental cues, the presence or absence of certain stimuli, or even human behavioral cues? Udell and colleagues' work sheds some light on these questions. Udell and team carried out two experiments comparing the performance of pet domestic dogs, shelter dogs and wolves given the opportunity to beg for food, from either an attentive person or from a person unable to see the animal. They wanted to know whether the rearing and living environment of the animal (shelter or human home), or the species itself (dog or wolf), had the greater impact on the animal's performance. They showed, for the first time that wolves, like domestic dogs, are capable of begging successfully for food by approaching the attentive human. This demonstrates that both species - domesticated and non-domesticated - have the capacity to behave in accordance with a human's attentional state. In addition,

both wolves and pet dogs were able to rapidly improve their performance with practice. The authors also found that dogs were not sensitive to all visual cues of a human's attention in the same way. In particular, dogs from a home environment rather than a shelter were more sensitive to stimuli predicting attentive humans. Those dogs with less regular exposure to humans performed badly on the begging task. According to the researchers, "These results suggest that dogs' ability to follow human actions stems from a willingness to accept humans as social companions, combined with conditioning to follow the limbs and actions of humans to acquire reinforcement. The type of attentional cues, the context in which the command is presented, and previous experience are all important."

tion between all species, which is not limited by locality. He refers to it as a “nonlocal mind.” Consciousness is not restricted to the brain or the body or time or place. Therefore people and animals can have an effect on each other, and be connected, even when miles apart. Traditional scientists offer other explanations for psychic cats and dogs Traditional scientists remain skeptical about psychic abilities among people – let alone pets! They say much of this psychic phenomenon can be explained in other ways: through pets’ acute senses of hearing and smell, reading human body language, or noting other cues happening in their environment. Dogs and cats live mostly in a scent world, and are also very sensitive to sounds. It may be that when an owner thinks about taking her dog for a walk, this happy thought causes a slight change in her body chemistry, which the dog can smell, and associate with walks. Some who swear their dog knows when their owner is coming

home, may find their pets are unable to do so when they come home in a different car. Another simpler explanation is that owners notice their pets’ mysterious “psychic” behaviors only when related events coincide. The cat may curl up by the phone now and then, but the owner doesn’t notice. If the cat happens to sit by the phone when “dad” calls, the owner is more likely to take note of it and think they have a psychic cat. There is no dispute that our pets live on a sensory level that’s different from our own. Though we share the same five known senses, dogs and cats take in their world mostly through scent and sound and act on instinct. We take in our world mostly through sight and act on intellect and emotion. So it’s not surprising that our pets are able to clue in on things that we can’t imagine could be possible. But sometimes, hard science has no explanation for pet sensory perception. THE DEBATE GOES ON . . .


Reference Udell MAR et al (2011). Can your dog read your mind? Understanding the causes of canine perspective taking.

Judges . . . Unexpected questions might be disconcerting to some people but judges are expected to make quick decisions. This cross section of popular judges did just that when asked . . .

How Do You Deal With Irate Exhibitors? Reprinted with permission from JUDY DONIER said very seriously, “I don’t have too many anymore. I think word has gotten out that I don’t tolerate it. When a few handlers saw me call a bench committee on a judge that was exhibiting, that did it. It shouldn’t be tolerated. “I, as an exhibitor, am at a show almost every single weekend of my life unless there’s some emergency, and I have never been rude to a judge. Anybody that comes out of the ring without a smile, even though you’d like to kick tires, should learn to practice selfcontrol and good manners." JANE FORSYTH, with typical good humor, replied, “I would not take it. Nobody pays me enough to deal with an irate exhibitor any more than I used to deal with irate clients. If I had a client that wanted to be hard to get along with, I just would inform them they needed a new handler. There were a number of them that got “fired” and then wanted to know if I would take them back and I’d say, if you’ve learned your lesson, then Yes. “I don’t think there’s enough money in this world to take abuse from people unless you deserve it and (big chuckle) I never found I deserved it!” LORRAINE BOUTWELL had to reach for the hypothetical as she said, “Well, I would try to talk with them and try to

find out what their problem is. If they would like, I’m always happy to evaluate their dog for them. I’ve been very lucky, I’ve not had very many irate exhibitors, and I don’t know whether that’s because I keep pretty busy, or whether it’s that I try to talk with people if they want to talk. “In fact just this last weekend, I had two different people bring dogs back to the ring and we went over them and talked about them. I don’t mind doing that, if I have time, you know, if it doesn’t hold my judging up.” BILL SHELTON said with emphasis, “I’ve never had an irate exhibitor. However, I try to be kind of a no-nonsense person when I judge. I try to be courteous and polite to every exhibitor, I try to give every dog its time, and I believe and hope that they are treating me the same. “I hope they understand that it is a serious process we judges are doing and that we demand respect. I once had an exhibitor who snatched the ribbon out of my hand, it was a fourth place ribbon and it took me completely off guard. No sense in that.” JANE KAY was her wonderful straightforward and succinct self. “This is an answer that could mess you up but I’ve never had any. I really haven’t. In the years that I’ve been judging I have not SHELTIE INTERNATIONAL / 59

had any problems. I certainly hope that doesn’t change.” GENE BLAKE chuckled “I haven’t had to deal with irate exhibitors. Believe me, I don’t believe in things out of control. I think a judge has to be in control of his ring. Not only the judging part but to handle everything that’s going on in the ring, like if an exhibitor is running up on another exhibitor I think it’s the judge’s problem - it is not the exhibitor’s problem to make that person get under control. For example, a dog ran up on another dog but I was prepared for it. “I hope exhibitors realize that judges talk to each other, have dinner, you know, and if an exhibitor does something like that once, they’ll probably do it again and the judges pretty much know who they are.” SUSAN PORTERFIELD thought a moment and then said, “I don’t know that I’ve had anyone that has shown emotions that openly. I may hear feedback later on or be asked an opinion, but I don’t know that I’ve heard anything at the time I’m actually in the position of judge.” CHARLOTTE PATTERSON gave the question sincere consideration. “I think that the judge has to realize that the reason someone might be irate is because they’ve lost. At the moment they are very emotionally wrought up and I think first of all, you have to be polite. A judge has to be polite but I also think that you should be firm in your conviction and you should always have a reason for whatever placements you make. “You should not be afraid to give these reasons but the one thing a judge should never do is to fall into the trap of talking about another exhibit. You don’t talk about the other one - you only talk to that person about their exhibit.” o

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