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On demand book and magazine printing – 4 FAQs that will explain its popularity Digital printing has indeed opened up many new avenues for those who want to publish or print various books, magazines and other such literature. Today, we will take a look at on demand printing, which is a digital printing technology and is quite popular among masses. GO through the frequently asked questions related to it and get a better idea about the same.

What do you mean by Print On Demand? Print On Demand or ‘on demand printing’ is a technology or process that ensures that new copies of any given book or any other document are not printed until and unless an order has been received by the printers. This essentially means that at a given time, only one book can be printed at a time.

Who can benefit from this? Organizations, educational institutions, doctorate students, aspiring authors and anyone and everyone who wants to get books published for any purpose, can benefit from on demand printing. They can even go for magazine printing or flyer printing using this process by approaching various firms.

Why is it so popular among masses? Print on demand is extremely popular owing to the fact that it uses digital printing technology and hence, it is much more economical than printing single copies using letterpress or offset printing. Moreover, since the books are printed as per the orders received at a time, there is no need for a warehouse to store a large number of books. This also means that popular books will be available to readers and not become “out of print�.

What are some of the other advantages of publishing books in this way? Apart from being an immensely cost-effective option, books printed in this way are superior in terms of their quality. What I mean to say is that you will find that the printing quality, the binding, the image quality are all perfect and give you the true bookstore feel. You will also get a quick turnaround time as and when you choose to print books in this way. Moreover, there will be immense flexibility as you get to print only what you require and with no warehouse business in between. Some firms even offer massive discounts, which further cuts down on your costs. It is also quite easy to print uncorrected proofs. All that you need to do is to publish only one book and use it as a galley. After this, you can proofread it and then place the final orders of more copies of the proofed copy. Simple!

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On demand book and magazine printing – 4 faqs that will explain its popularity  

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