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A remote printing solution for the Oracle platform

Print from Oracle to any printer inside or outside your corporate network Many organizations use Oracle® as their ERP system connecting them to multiple locations and suppliers around the world. Currently, a user of Oracle can print to a printer they are directly connected to, but what if the user needs to print specific documents to other printers at their location or across networks to another corporate office, supplier or manufacturer? These locations may currently use expensive dedicated VPN connections, leased lines or hard copies may be mailed to the destination which is time consuming.

shipped to the supplier in Asia which costs the company time and money. The PrinterOn integration for Oracle would enable EMP Corporation to print the labels directly from Oracle to printers located at the suppliers’ office in Asia simply by clicking “print” and eliminating the need for printing and shipping hard copies.

Print from Oracle to any location within the Enterprise or Supply Chain

The PrinterOn Oracle Solution The Oracle remote printing solution leverages the APIs available from PrinterOn and provides integration between the Oracle platform and PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solutions. The solution allows users to print documents such as labels, pick lists or bar codes from Oracle to any printer that is PrinterOn-enabled inside or outside the corporate network. This integration supports both the PrinterOn public and private cloud solutions.

User Scenario EMP Corporation needs one of their suppliers in Asia to have access to specific work order and identification labels to place on a new part that will be shipped back to manufacturing in the U.S. Currently, EMP Corporation prints hard copies of these labels and has them

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RFID labels print here documents print here

bar code labels print here

Hit Print from Oracle

Benefits • • • • •

Native printing directly from Oracle Eliminate costly VPN or leased lines Print to any PrinterOn-enabled printer inside or outside the corporate network Enable any printer quickly and easily Bar code, label and RFID printer support

How it Works With the PrinterOn solution for Oracle, printing documents, pick lists or labels to printers that may be located in the office, at a supplier’s location or a manufacturer across the globe is quick and easy. It is exactly the same as printing to any regular networked printer, no extra steps or special training is required.

Select your document and click “Print”

Select printer from the list of printers and click “OK”

Your documents have been submitted and printed

Contact PrinterOn to get more information, help you outline a plan for your requirements or have a trial set up at your location.

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Print from Oracle using PrinterOn from inside or outside your organization.

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