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PrinterOn Enterprise provides centrally managed mobile device printing along with support for Citrix thin client printing at remote locations.

Customer Profile A worldwide Enterprise organization that operates a large central corporate office complex in addition to supporting a large number of small office locations across multiple continents.

Challenge The goal was to enable end-user mobile device printing from a centrally managed print infrastructure including support for Citrix thin client printing at remote offices. Benefits & Results

Corporate requirements dictated a “zero-infrastructure” integration of printers and MFPs at these remote locations and no new network infrastructure.

The project addressed the following key business issues:

No new network infrastructure •

VPN connectivity should not be required.

Enabling printing at remote locations R with minimal or no IT support. Providing end-user printing from mobile R

A direct Internet connection to a single secure resource managed at the central office is allowed.

PrinterOn’s Print Delivery Hub (PDH) and network bridging technology addressed these requirements.

Reducing IT costs by centralizing R management of print services. Connecting multiple disconnected R

Minimal or no additional on-site hardware

devices supporting a BYOD policy.

network environments without impacting the existing network security.

Connecting multiple corporate business R processes (Citrix, end-user printing) to a single print service reducing duplicate infrastructure costs. In addition to addressing the specific benefits listed above, the solution established a new extensible platform that can be used to expand the integration of other business processes.

PrinterOn’s embedded solution for Ricoh HotSpot MFPs addressed this requirement by enabling Ricoh devices without additional hardware as the MFPs can connect directly to the central service.

PrinterOn’s PrintConnect hardware addressed the requirement for non-Ricoh devices resulting in minimal additional hardware.

Support for Citrix thin client printing •

Remote office employees use a Citrix thin client to access a centrally managed Citrix server.

The Citrix server is managed on a different network segment than the print servers and must support communication between the two.

PrinterOn’s PrintWhere driver supports the Citrix print workflow and is able to connect to the central Print Delivery Hub server to deliver print jobs to the remote office locations.

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Deployment Architecture

PrinterOn Enterprise

Print Management System

PDH PrinterOn Print Delivery Hub

Web Services Print Server

Remote Location 1 HotSpot MFP

PrinterOn Enterprise deployed at the central corporate office provides print services to a variety of users and locations and is used to support both email and mobile application printing within the corporate office. Remote office locations can also print via the same print services through Citrix thin clients.

Remote Location 2 HotSpot MFP


Proof of Concept (POC)

PrinterOn Enterprise was deployed at a central location to provide print services to a variety of users and locations. The PrinterOn Enterprise Printing Solution is used to support both email and mobile application printing within the corporate office. The solution integrates with the following inside the corporate office for enduser printing:

The proof-of-concept included configuration of PrinterOn Enterprise as a central service supporting Citrix remote printing and integrated MFP printing using the Ricoh HotSpot MFPs. The rapid deployment model of the PrinterOn/Ricoh solution enabled quick set-up across all of the remote office locations. The next phase introduced integration with their print management system. The final phase involved the integration of Citrix client printing and the connection of print devices at the remote offices.

• • •

3rd party print management solution such as Equitrac Central user management system, in this case Microsoft Active Directory 3rd party email server, in this case Microsoft Exchange

Remote offices are supported using the same central print service used by the main corporate office. The solution is scalable and redundant using PrinterOn’s integrated clustering tools to ensure long term reliability and growth potential. This customer integrated PrinterOn Enterprise with a print management server to provide corporate printing and tracking capability. Ricoh HotSpot MFPs powered by PrinterOn (embedded solution) were deployed at the main corporate office location. The remote office locations use Citrix-based thin clients and are supported by the central PrinterOn service.

Future Plans A future phase may include an extension to the original project to integrate support for mainframe-based printing to the remote locations.

For more information:

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PrinterOn's Citrix Printing Solutions for Enterprises  

PrinterOn Enterprise provides centrally managed mobile device printing along with support for Citrix thin client printing at remote location...

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