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Overcoming Challenges Associated with BYOD Printing With a growing number of companies permitting personnel to bring their own devices (BYOD) to work, there are unique challenges that need to be addressed with respect to seamless functionality and security. Here, we look at the issues associated with efficient BYOD printing. The Challenge While it is relatively easy to print from Blackberry devices using Bluetooth-enabled services, this is not the case for Apple iPhones and iPads. Since neither of these devices come with printer ports, IT departments that haven’t planned ahead find it difficult to provide printing support for Apple devices. The Solution Modern-day printers have incorporated multi-function systems that allow smart phone and tablet users to download relevant applications that facilitate easy printing. If you want to print from a Blackberry, Android or Apple device you can simply download an application, which helps easily manage your mobile printing output at work. The Evolving Workplace IT departments around the world are embracing newer and surprisingly cost-effective systems to facilitate efficient BYOD printing. Employees are frequently expected to print all types of MS Office files, from documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and PowerPoint slides. Organizations are investing in wireless printers and Cloud systems, which allow BYOD to efficiently store their print jobs in the printer mailbox for efficient reprinting when required. What to Look for in Your Mobile Printing App Make sure your mobile printing application offers all the features the printer at your workplace does. Features such as advanced finishing options, number of copies, page size, paper tray, which pages to print, color mode and single or double-sided printing are all basic elements that need to be included in your application. While there is still a segment of users who deter from adopting mobile-based printing technologies due to assumed inconveniences; the improving mobile and printing infrastructure aims to resolve that issue in the coming months. New-age tablets and smart phones allow BYOD employees to efficiently meet their printing demands with the same simplicity that is offered by laptops and desktop computers. With a little support from the employer’s end, a robust and inexpensive IT infrastructure is all it takes to overcome the challenges associated with BYOD printing.

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Overcoming Challenges Associated with BYOD Printing  

With more and more increase in BYOD concept, challenges of having to print from them have increased. To know how to tackle these and adapt t...