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What Is The Wheel Specialist? A network of specialists providing an outstanding wheel refurbishment and customisation service, from bespoke units, based on devoted customer service. Led by a developed, experienced franchise support team who have the individual’s success as their main focus.

What Makes Us Who We Are Today? The Wheel Specialist™ business started life under the company name of Lap-Tab Ltd. which has been established since 1955. The company has a long standing reputation for its service, quality, and fast turnaround times. It’s a family business now wholly owned by husband and wife team Neill and Ginny Murphy. In 2005 Neill and Ginny set up a division within the company, called The Wheel Specialist, one of the first companies of its kind in this country, after identifying a growing market for alloy wheel refurbishment. There was just so much demand that needed to be met - franchising was the only option. Over the past twenty five years The Wheel Specialist has been catering to a market growing beyond all expectation. The demand for our own unique brand of alloy wheel refurbishment is growing year on year and it is for that very reason why The Wheel Specialist franchised and now needs franchisees to service this enormous customer base. The Wheel Specialist network consists of both franchised operations as well as wholly owned branches. We know the franchise model is very successful because we use it ourselves. The Wheel Specialist was a very successful business before the franchise opportunity was developed. This is not a business that has been set up with no proven track record or experience of the business model, its works - we have used it for 30+ years.

Our Service to the Customer In short our business philosophy is to provide customers with an outstanding service with exceptional customer focus at a price that presents unbeatable value to all. This is our own unique brand of alloy wheel refurbishment, one which is leading and driving the market forward, one which you can be part of. Stripped down we offer superior alloy wheel refurbishment using bespoke systems that produce simply incomparable results. Choice is an important reason why customers return time and time again, that is why we offer such an extensive range of colour and finishes to meet the customers every requirement. Whether manufacturers matches, standard finishes or bespoke designs we can do it all, customer is king and we cater to that. This is not a temporary cosmetic repair, this is total alloy wheel refurbishment. We do not just repair the damaged area we refurbish the whole wheel. Quality is everything to us and our customers, that is why we are used by the trade and public alike.

Services / Revenue Streams

Manufacturer Matches

Standard Finishes

From this:

To this:




Franchise Opportunity The Wheel Specialist is the UK’s No. 1 franchise opportunity, offering potential franchisees the chance to be part of a growing successful network, built and managed by a market leading support team that has the individual’s success as their number one priority. The Wheel Specialist franchise opportunity is your chance to own a business capable of hitting the ground running from the day you start. The Wheel Specialist`s target market is vast, any one who owns a vehicle or works in the automotive industry is part of your target market. Our online system delivers you hot leads 24/7 to a bespoke customer management system developed solely for your business. You will have access to a developed and devoted franchise support team that concentrates on you as an individual, delivering bespoke and personalised help, guidance and advice to suit your situation. With the use of The Wheel Specialist Extranet you will also have access to a vast and continually updated amount of resources that will aid you both on the technical side as well as sales and marketing. We do all the hard work for you so that you can utilise these documents fast and effectively.

Do Customers Want This Service? The UK is full of customers desperate for a top quality alloy wheel refurbishment service. Put simply we offer a service that consumers want, so much so that in recent years the demand for alloy wheel refurbishment has rocketed beyond expectation. The Wheel Specialist receives hundreds of enquiries every week from all over the UK however we cannot cater to all of these leads, we need new franchisees that can service this built up demand. These customers want the convenience and peace of mind of a local service and this is the reason we are dedicated to finding the right franchisee for each territory to join the network. The Wheel Specialist’s own unique brand of alloy wheel refurbishment is not only limited to private customers. Many of our existing franchisees have contracts with large auto trade / leasing companies that provide the opportunity to grow beyond the public sector. Your individual target market is truly vast, giving you opportunity to grow and grow.

Drive the Business Not the Van The Wheel Specialist Is A Premises Based Operation The Wheel Specialist is not a franchise where you spend you time driving the van, this is a franchise where you spend your time driving YOUR business and investment forward. The Wheel Specialist is a management franchise where individuals are free to grow their business in a market with such vast potential its hard to rival. When you are operating in an untapped, vast market the growth potential it huge, this is a franchise that does not inhibit your growth, in fact we heavily encourage it. Are you looking to sit in the driving seat of your business, managing and accelerating your investment? Then The Wheel Specialist is the franchise opportunity for you.




Any person with a vehicle is a potential customer

Any business with an automotive connection is a potential customer


Are You Looking For a High Growth Market? With Over 30 Years Experience We Know How to Help You Grow A Successful Business So far we have launched many franchisees in to their own successful business, enabling them to follow their dreams and take charge of their own financial future. This market is growing at a rapid rate, as more and more consumers are exposed to our company and the service that we offer, demand levels are increasing and rising exponentially. Consumer spending on motoring services has recorded a much higher growth rate in recent years. Spending on aftermarket services such as alloy wheel refurbishment has increased by a massive 31% in recent years.

This is not just a lifestyle choice this is an investment that will continue to grow.

Marketing Strategy The Wheel Specialist adopts a sales and marketing strategy based around three fundamental areas: l Growth. l Customer focus. l Quality. Years of development has enabled us to encompass all of our strategic aims in to a successful marketing strategy that will benefit every individual in the network. Effective marketing to date has not only enabled growth on a national basis it has also effected every franchisee in a positive way. Your franchise will benefit from bespoke and personalised local marketing strategies developed by your marketing team to ensure you every success. Powered by extensive search engine optimisation and ‘pay per click’ campaigns on average well over 50% of your customers will find you from the website, our market leading quotation system will provide leads direct to your own customer management system quite literally while you sleep.

THE WHEEL SPECIALIST The UK’s No.1 Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Franchise l Large, TRULY exclusive professionally mapped territories l There are over 97 million alloy wheels in the UK - Over a million wheels in YOUR territory




l The ONLY UK alloy wheel refurbishment franchise to operate from fixed premises

10 Key Points to YOUR Success l

A powerful and growing customer proposition of quality and value


A sophisticated website system generating leads while you sleep


30+ year track record of success within the sector


Own large and exclusive territory allowing full business growth


Tailored, individual training to suit your needs


Achievable £400,000 year 3 turnover


Developed relationships with quality suppliers offering preferential rates


Access to a dedicated franchise 24/7 support team devoted to helping your business succeed


Full PR and marketing launch


Finance available (subject to approval)

And that’s just for starters… There is so much more that will impress you.

A Franchise of Endless Benefits... Benefits of Joining The Wheel Specialist: l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

Fully optimized and high ranking website generating you ÂŁ0000`s in sales leads Franchisee committee giving you the option to have your say about the network Continual research and development to further your business opportunities Bespoke Extranet packed full with continually updated documents Easy to use customer relationship management system Full support throughout every stage of your growth Help, guidance and support from other franchisee An extremely high growth market sector High net profit margins Potential for rapid return on your investment Strong, resilient and reputable brand Access to national contracts and tie-ins Regular technical and business workshops Access to additional revenue streams National marketing campaigns Vast target market in trade and public Annual network conference

We care about you...


We Give You All The Support You Need The Wheel Specialist provides outstanding support to each and every franchisee that joins the network. We have a developed and devoted franchise support team and systems which will help you every step. We understand it can be very daunting starting up your own franchise that is why we make every step of the way as simple and easy as possible. We take you from A-Z and you don’t need to worry about a thing. We help fully set up your business and find your perfect premises. Once you are up and running, we don’t just leave you to it, we offer constant help, guidance and support. We have a bespoke Extranet packed full with useful documents and marketing material, all accessible 24/7, to make your business life as easy and simple as possible. We act as an ethical franchisor, protecting your interests and respecting you, the franchisee. We are fair minded and do not charge excessive fees or tie you in to expensive products. We have devised our franchise programme to deliver exactly what you what when you need it.

What Our Current Franchisees Have to Say About Us...

The support we received from The Wheel Specialist in setting up our franchise was excellent. From day one we had a backlog of bookings with even more coming in. With this level of quality for the price there really is pent up demand for our unique service. There wasn’t anything like this in the area before we turned up, so customer feedback has been fantastic, and thanks to the website leads just keep coming in every day.

Andy Thompson - Manchester

What Our Current Franchisees Have to Say About Us...

One of the main reasons I chose The Wheel Specialist, apart from the obvious appeal of the growing market and that The Wheel Specialist is the only specialist wheel refurbishment company based from a static unit was the size of the exclusive territory available. With many franchise opportunities I looked into you can be made to share a territory with other franchisees mind you they don`t advertise that fact in the literature. With The Wheel Specialist opportunity I get a vast exclusive territory that makes my business have huge potential for true growth. The last thing I wanted was to be restricted by the size of the territory.

John Grove - Glasgow

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Is there a real need for this service? We get literally hundreds of enquires each week from across the UK, which we’re currently unable to service - that’s why we’ve decided to expand by franchising the business. There are over 97 million alloy wheels on vehicles in the UK, with over a million wheels in each of our defined exclusive territories.

2. How do I get my customers? Our sales and marketing strategies are so well developed, we guarantee to give you 200 leads to get your business off to a head start. Based on our current conversion rate that will be at least £10,000 worth in sales, and that is just before you open! Within the highly optimised website is an automated quoting system that creates leads which are directly and instantly sent to the franchisee based on postal code area. We also have many other proven and developed marketing strategies to help you secure constant leads.

3. Is this a good return on my investment? YES! We can show you how you can potentially make a net profit of up to £50,000 in your first year, and subsequently a six figure income is more than possible. Our top performing franchisees are turning over around £400,000 in their third year.

4. How do I find a suitable premises? We will provide you with a specification for the type of light industrial unit that you will need to operate your business from, including minimum size, services required etc. We will help you from start to finish to make sure your premises is perfect.

5. Will I get an exclusive territory? You will be given a large ‘territory’ which has been professionally mapped out on a postcode basis, taking into account road links and demographics, to ensure that there are more than enough privately-owned vehicles, and auto-trade related business in that territory to sustain a franchise indefinitely even when operating at full capacity. The territory is exclusive in that no other franchise outlet will be sold within the defined area of that territory. No other franchisee will be allowed to directly target people or businesses in your territory with their marketing campaigns.


The Franchise Fee The franchise fee is currently set at £39,997 + VAT The fee will license you to trade under The Wheel Specialist name, and provides you with advice and support throughout your time with The Wheel Specialist: l

All the training you and your team will need to enable you to open and operate a successful business


Your own large, professionally-mapped exclusive territory


Bespoke web-based Customer Management System to help you track leads, invoices, customers, contact history, etc.


Initial local advertising campaign to launch your business


Access to a wide range of manuals and marketing materials


“Extranet” - internal website for use by all franchisees, that enables users to download a wealth of information, forms and marketing material to help promote your business.


Cost Breakdown 1) Initial Franchise Fee l Franchisee Fee

Cost (£) 39,997

2) Unit Set Up Costs l Set up consumables / stationary / paints / PPE / Tools / etc l Unit fit out

14,000 20,000

*This can vary a great deal due to regional difference, or whether you do the work yourself, what is already in your unit (i.e partitioning, lighting, gas etc) This has varied between 10K - 40K

3) Equipment


4) Working Capital

*approx 25,000

• If leasing, 10% deposit required followed my monthly payments • If purchasing equipment outright allocate £66,053

*This can vary dependent on individual situations


Your Financial Future... Here is an example of potential net and gross profit based on working 5 days per week, 48 weeks a year. £500,000 £450,000

Potential Annual Profit (£)

£400,000 £350,000 £300,000 £250,000

Net Profit (£) Gross Profit (£)

£200,000 £150,000 £100,000 £50,000 £0 3










Sets of wheels (per day)

Actual results may vary from person to person. We cannot estimate the results of any particular franchisee. Information supporting this earning claim is available for your review from our offices.

OVER £15.7 MILLION worth of quotes in just one year March 2010 - Febuary 2011 The Financial Rewards The financial rewards for diligent, devoted and experienced franchisees are endless. You will have your own large, exclusive territory giving you room to expand and grow increasing the revenue you generate. This is your chance to change your lifestyle, be in charge of your own financial future and take control of your life again. Now, doesn’t that sound appealing? Some of our current franchisees are astounded by the financial success they have achieved, it is more than possible to generate a year three turnover of £400K+. Some have already purchased further territories, this just shows that we must be doing something right!

Room To Grow Your Income... This is an actual illustration of year 2 and year 3 turnover and gross profit performed by an actual franchise. This indicates the potential growth that can be achieved. This particular franchisee increased their turnover by £150K in one year. £450,000 £400,000 £350,000 £300,000 £250,000



Gross Profit

£150,000 £100,000 £50,000 £0

Year 1

Year 2

The figures set forth in this illustration represent ACTUAL performance by either franchisor or a franchisee. There is no guarantee that you will achieve these figures and nor is it intended that you should rely on them as warranty.

A £400,000 YEAR 3 TURNOVER IS MORE THAN POSSIBLE WITH HUGE ROOM STILL TO GROW. Take control of your own financial future..

The Wheel Specialist is a franchise, but above all it is my business that follows a number of fundamental principles that I believe are the cornerstones of a success. I felt The Wheel Specialist offered the right thing for me, the motor trade and cars in general always held a large interest for me, so something car related as a business venture was a no brainer.

Vernon Kerr – Franchisee Fareham

Make A Decision & Take Action NOW! Please be absolutely clear that the onus now lies 100% with YOU to take the next step! This is not a hard sell franchise and we will not spend time chasing you or trying to convince you. We believe strongly in our business model and if you share our vision and want to join a successful franchise network then you must make that first telephone call - so what are you waiting for?

What We’ll Talk About During Our Call We will tell you all about the opportunity and all that is involved. We’ll also answer any questions you might have and tell you what territories are available. More details will be provided about how we help you every step of the way from when you decide to join us, through to finding and fitting your premises, recruitment of staff and training and sales & marketing support. Basically, everything you need to get your business up and running and to get you ready for success. During this time we will find out if we are right for each other. We are only interested in finding franchisees that have the drive, determination and motivation to push their business forward. If you have these qualities then you must call now.


Call NOW 0845 017 6464

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