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Trade Shows & Events! New Year - New Horizons

A t the close of 2012 we reached our 17th year in

business! It has been a fun and challenging ride. Now as we look to the future we remain committed to doing what we do best: delivering the most value in grand format printing to our customers. I would like to thank you for your loyal support and business. This year we have a lot in store to be excited about. We are going to be



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Retractable P Banner Stands

$127.03 Starting at

Offer is only valid 1-01-13 through 1-31-13

rolling out two major changes this month. We have a big reveal in this newsletter! Also, I’m excited to announce the first of twelve major monthly promotions that are engineered to help you build your business. 2012 was a good year but 2013 is going to be a great year. We look forward to serving you in any way we can. Together we will see great things happen. To your health! Stefanie H. Bevans, Owner

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revvingup for the trade shows? Are you revving ving revGreetings from Saint George

I t’s a new year and a new opportunity to chart a course of prosperity for our businesses. Many savvy business owners begin the year considering what budgets will look like, how much advertising they are planning on spending, and where they would like to see growth happen. Little wonder that the trade show season runs full steam beginning in January. Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity for business owners to learn the latest best management practices, keep up on emerging trends, and most importantly increase awareness of one’s brands, services, and products. The trade show is a microcosm of the business world. It can actually function like a market. If you haven’t been to one, you could be missing out. It is often a place where business leaders meet, mingle, and even make big deals. Above all relationships are made, and doesn’t business revolve around relationships? Whether you are presenting or are simply attending, a trade show is fundamentally about relationships. Attendees seek out better business relationships to strengthen their bottom line as presenters seek to build relationships with new clients.

1. Pre-registered list of attendees that they could contact by email. 2. Brand/Product awareness as the most important objective for exhibiting. 3. Integrating social networks into exhibit promotion. 4. Measuring promotion activities effectiveness. 5. Utilizing giveaways as the most effective way to drive traffic to booths. 6. Budget standing in the way of promotion efforts.

“The Trade Show is a Microcosm of the business world...If you haven’t been to one you are missing out.”

Have you considered utilizing your local trade show market to springboard your success in 2013? If not, you could be missing out. Here are some questions that exhibitors are primarily interested in.


How to utilize? Contact your local convention center and ask for an event calendar. These usually contain events with contact information of event organizers. Call the contacts and ask them about signs and reproductions for their particular show. Find out how far in advance they plan and find out if you need to submit an RFP (request for proposal) or if they need any last minute printing help. Remember, this business is all about relationships. Maybe bring up the main points that trade show organizers are interested in. Perhaps meet for lunch and build a friendship. One strategy that works like gold is to offer to interview them for your company blog. Ask if they have a few minutes and gather information about their organization. These contacts can really steer you in the right direction to getting to the decision maker for printing. Good Luck!





DTP PRICE! *$127.03

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Table Throws 6’-Full Color



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TJ McIntyre

Business Development Manager

Any Questions? Drop me a line:

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BREAKING NEWS: www.Design to is now all WHOLESALE!


are excited to kick 2013 off with something awesome. Coming Febuary 2013, there is no other way to state it, is now going to be all wholesale and only wholesale. When you navigate to our page you will be introduced to a login page. For many of our customers this will be business as usual (with some really cool enhancements). We are excited to offer you an outlet with more services than ever before. Here’s a glimpse of a couple of features we are preparing to launch this year.

1. DTP University (Coming Soon)

We are excited to announce a new free service to you to

What’s Happing this month??? help make you more money. DTP will now give you access to learning and training materials that will effectively instruct you on the newest in print. Included will be video demonstrations to help your sales staff clearly and quickly understand the product. This will allow you to offer more services and in return generate more business. This new service is called Design to Print University. Additions will be made to the Design to Print University regularly; keeping your business on the cutting edge. This new feature will work in conjunction with the all ready popular Printers Hand Book. DTP University can be found at:

2. Enhanced Estimating (Coming Soon) will give you the lowest prices on everything print. Need to estimate a project quickly and efficiently? You will now be able to get an estimate on our products on demand. We will stand by it and once you initiate an order, we will still utilize the easy proofing process thousands have come to love. Excitement hangs in the air as the new year begins! With our new enhancements being implemented this year, we are confident these new additions will compliment our services and become a valuable tool for your business.


Faster Estimating Blind & Personalized Shipping Apple to Apples Price Matching Quality Products

Sign up for an account today and take 10% off your first order!


Promotion Note: The January 2013 promotion can be re-

deemed in two ways. First, contact a DTP professional via phone or email and receive an automatic 13% discount on your premium banner stand purchase. Second, make purchase online at and receive a 13% discount plus an additional $20.00 off. This promotion is only valid through the month of January 2013. •Via Phone/email: 33.5” x 80” retractable banner stand $169.00 – 13% (promotion) = $149.00 OR •Via website: 33.5” x 80” retractable banner stand $169.00 – 13% (promotion) = $149.00 – $20.00 = $127.03

DTP University Tip: Ordering banner stands online via is easy. The banner stands are 33.5” wide by 80” tall. You can also make them shorter for table top displays. Minimum height is 36”. If the file to be printed does not have bleed, then size the file to be 33.5” x 80”. If the image has color running to the edges, just add an 1/8th” Bleed to the size, resulting in a document size of 33.75” x 80.25”. The image will be trimmed to size so make sure that important information is at least a 1/2” inch from all edges. For banner stands we recommend the file to have at least 150 dpi at full size.


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