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A potpourri of stories, events and actors, creating unforgettable memories

MBA Office People who we cannot forget

Jonathan Matheny

Chris Saunders

Julie Gabriel-Clarke

Director of MBA Programmes

Director of the Full Time MBA

Programme Manager

Cana Witt

Jane Johnson

Liz Ireland

Kirsty Manning

MBA Career Development Manager

Corporate Relations Manager

Programme Co-ordinator

Programme Co-ordinator

YMCA Lakeside The YMCA lakeside activities came as a welcome break. We headed to the lakeside early morning and were given proper equipment to ward off the rainy weather. Also, we received our colourful syndicate team caps. The teams went through various outdoor activities and many of us took the opportunity to overcome our internal fears, be it rock-climbing or rappelling. More importantly, the activities helped us gel together and understand each other’s value in teams. The day was capped off by a competition which was won by the EMBA. Among the MBA teams, Bowfell came on tops followed by Grassmoor and Blencathra.

Cultural Evening & Coverdale Cultural Evening 66 students, 23 nationalities. And it all came together in the Cultural Evening. A phantasma phantasmagoria of skits performed by the teams was followed by a sumptuous dinner event, the dishes again cooked by the syndicate teams. The “Yattosa” dance by Grasmoor captured our imagination and the skits by Scafell and Helvellyn made us roll on the floor, laughing. Skiddaw’s performance was truly representative of the cultural diversity in their group; glimpses of Glaramara’s soon-to-be-famous spirit was evident in their performance; Bowfell put in fine singing performance while Blencathra's interactive skit involved the class in a Q&A format. Konstantina from Blencathra took away the prize for the best dish, a Greek dessert, biskotogliko.

Coverdale Coverdale gave us our first taste of group work. And amidst a very non-hierarchical structure, things did go chaotic. We did learn a lot from the Coverdale sessions, learning that we sometimes chose to apply, sometimes easily forgot in the heat of things. But the memories of solving curious Coverdale problems will stay forever.



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My First Diwali “I will always remember my first Diwali and how seamlessly we came together to understand and participate in celebrating a holiday that has significant meaning to so many of our classmates. Early on in our MBA year, we were all so eager to fully immerse ourselves in the experience as a group-with many of us donning colourful saris and kurtapajamas for the first time. Only now do I fully understand just how much time and precision is required to put on a sari, how beautiful it can feel when adorned in one and how much practice it takes for a novice like me to walk and sit! It was truly a great honour to participate in my first, but certainly not last "festival of lights!" Thanks to our Indian friends whom openly shared with us such a special holiday and for involving us all in one of the most memorable nights of the year!�


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While MBA students may be studious, there were many, many fun times to be had. Most of these were informal gatherings of classmates at Grad, Grizedale (spelling?), or other campus bars, but there were a few structured evenings to get everybody together.

In December the first of two “official” girls nights were organised. Held at Bella Italia in downtown Lancaster, almost every woman in the class was able to make it out, and everybody enjoyed the Italian food and had a blast. As we had just finished the Finance exam, many were tired and ended up going back to the university, but a few of us ended up at Elements, dancing and enjoying the night before going back to the university and finishing up the NVC module.

Girls / Guys Nightout When the MBA men got wind of the ladies night, they decided to hold their own event in protest of the loss of the class women for the evening. About seven or eight of the class guys rented cars and had a great night out in Manchester. Details of the night are a bit vague, but hey, what happens in Manchester stays in Manchester!!

A second ladies night was held in May. Organised by Laura and held at Constantina’s flat off campus, each gal was encouraged to bring a dish of her choice. After a delicious meal, the girls met up with several of the class men in town for a night of dancing at, of course, where else but Revolution.

Charity Day In December the first of two “official� girls nights were organised. Held at Bella Italia in downtown Lancaster, almost every woman in the class was able to make it out, and everybody enjoyed the Italian food and had a blast. As we had just finished the Finance exam, many were tired and ended up going back to the university, but a few of us ended up at Elements, dancing and enjoying the night before going back to the university and finishing up the NVC module.

Guest Speakers Throughout the year, numerous guest speakers presented to our class on topics about career progression challenges and opportunities and the critical issues currently affecting their respective markets. With representation from the financial, insurance, airline and pharmaceutical industries, these speakers provided us with a fantastic opportunity to learn about the important application of our MBAlearning in diverse settings.

Ian Barclay

Tony Anderson

Nahed Taher

CEO, AXA Art Insurance (LUMS Alumnus)

Marketing Director, easyJet (LUMS Alumnus)

Founder & CEO, GulfOne Bank of Bahrain

Kumar Ramamoorthy

Rahul Sharma

Trevor Esling

Global Associate DirectorLifecycle Strategy Novartis Pharma AG, Base, Switzerland

Founder, Neev Capital

Vice President, Interna International Sales CessnaAircraft Company (LUMS Alumnus)

Kevin Robert One of the key features of our MBA course has been workshop sessions by Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi. Kevin has been widely credited with turning Saatchi & Saatchi from a mere advertising firm into a high performing ideas company, which attempts to fill the world with Lovemarks – an idea that reinvents brands. Kevin’s sessions, which are part of Mindful Manager module, have helped us to develop the skills that are required to perform effectively at the most senior levels. They have also made us aware of the complexities and uncertainties of modern organizations and have equipped us with managerial acumen that will enable us to deal with complex scenarios. Kevin’s rrrrrrevolutionary sessions were explosive. And he engaged the class and how! No point of hiding at the back, he came at you. His wicked sense of humour, distinct accent and intimidating presence made his sessions the finest in the MBA. All the sessions were meticulously planned and well organized. In the first session, he introduced company’s scope of activity, key strategic issues and gave us the latest company information, on the basis of which we were asked to identify top 10 strategic priorities for Saatchi & Saatchi. The second session began with the presentations from the students on strategic priorities for Saatchi and Saatchi, the presentations were personally evaluated by Kevin and were compared with his own set of priorities for the company. In the final session, which is due on the last day of our course, Kevin will make the final inspirational talk and set us out for future careers. Kevin’s sessions, have given us a chance to not just watch corporate decision decisionmaking in real time, but to help shape it and I am sure they will help us to become great leaders of 21 st century organizations.

China Images aplenty, China was an intriguing place. And the opportunity to visit Guangzhou, the third largest city in the fastest growing economy in the world was our chance to sew these images into a something meaningful. Beyond the lectures, we were in search of a nation where personal freedom is a mirage, yet whose achievements has made the world stand up and take notice. Here was nation which had dazzled the world during the Beijing Olympics, yet where a Nobel Laureate was a political prisoner. China was surely going to pose more questions than offer answers and we were ready to live through China’s contradictions, albeit for a week. The diversity amongst the MBA class meant that the discussions we had during breaks, evenings were on topics such as democracy and dictatorship, the reason behind the difference between the growth in India and China, censorship, Western and Chinese perspectives of business. The food in China can become a culture shock to most and chicken was not the most palatable dish! However the Italian restaurant and bakery across the road helped us get through the week without starving.

China And then there was the cricket fever. The Cricket World Cup was in its final stages and students from Sri Lanka and India often engaged in verbal banters on who would trump the other. A select group of Indian students even booked a restaurant and watched the Indo-Pak war-minus-the-shooting live, accompanies by Jonathan, Julie and Jane and the scenes of delirium after an Indian triumph has now become an indelible memory. The boat cruise was an interesting evening with a special Chinese cocktail made by the MBA’s own in-house bartenders. The students sang, drank to their heart’s content and made the boat rock while enjoying the beautiful color changers of the tall Chinese lady (Guangzhou Tower). The karaoke bar helped ignite the singing careers of a few!And we witnessed the first MBA graduate who took an on the job training of becoming a tuktuk driver, just in case other options failed! The one-and-only Andrew Ponnambalam took the prize for the Best Visitor in China and was felicitated over a dinner by Kevin Roberts, CEO, Saatchi and Saatchi.

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For almost all of us it was our first visit to India and we started right away with probably the craziest place, Mumbai. The contrast with our new-found home in Lancaster was very apparent. The famous Mumbai heat burnt all of us, especially sincewe were no more accustomed to sunlight because of the unique "English weather". Along the way to the 5-star hotel, we saw a little piece of modern India, where skyscrapers co-habit with congested slums.

the Hotel

We spent our evenings by visiting the street-side shops, which were open until late at night; we really enjoyed the liveliness and the warmth of the people after long hours in the classrooms.

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The most important thing that must be mentioned is the traffic, which no one can imagine without experiencing it oneself. It was so congested and chaotic that wecouldn’t even imagine how long should we leave a place in advance in order to be on-time, in case of an appointment.Please honk? That's kind of Hindi and means something like, “please honk, I like it when it is noisy but it won't change anything buddy”. Riding on a Tuk-Tuk, an exceptional three-wheeled vehicle expertly manipulated by its handler,was another excitement that we did not miss out on. But India is more than just crazy traffic; there is something on the move and you can feel it. A country with its own dynamics of enormous growth, where Western influence has uniquely blended with the traditional heritage and culture.

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MBA Surprise Day “In every walk with Nature once receives far more than he seeks�, so said the American naturalist John Muir. The MBA Surprise day started with a walk to the Forrest Hills and we discovered a place which defined serenity. We performed different activities in our syndicate groups and reflected in the tranquil woods on the time we spent in Lancaster. Bowfell won the award for the Most Spirited team while Grasmoor won the team activity award.

Cricket P&G 10K Marathon The runner m ade us proud on 20 July by completing th e 10K run !!!

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The 21st MBA Ball was held on Friday, 10th June 2011 at the Castle Green Hill Hotel in Kendall near the Lake District. This year’s theme was ‘A Touch of Red’; busy MBA students found themselves running around downtown Lancaster just hours before the buses left the university to ensure their ensemble included red in one way or another. Almost the entire class was able to attend, touches of red and all, and everybody looked fabulous! In the week leading up to the ball, Raj led the pack and organised nightly salsa classes, of which there were about twenty regular participants. The name of the song that was danced to was a remix of‘Let’s Twist Again’, and everybody paired up in dancing couples, a funny way to blow off steam after elective classes. Raj was a fantastic instructor, and these dance classes were deemed popular enough to continue on past the MBA Ball and throughout the summer project term. When it came time for the actual performance, Jonathan, Cana et al were truly impressed by the dance, and despite just four or five days of practice, everybody remembered the steps!

MBA Ball

As the MBA Sports and Activities Director, Gaurav did a great job of organising ticket sales, as well as the venue and conveyance. Jonathan gave a welcome speech, especially thanking the Lancaster MBA Cricket Team and accompanying cheerleaders, who had recently won the Most Spirited award for the MBA Cricket Tournament held at Cranfield Business School just two weeks prior. Gaurav, our event host, also gave a speech thanking everybody for coming. Andrew also gave brief thanks to the MBA faculty and staff for joining us that night, and in typical Andrew style brought each one of them a shot of alcohol. Of course, then the MBA salsa dance commenced, and it should be said again, impressing all in attendance!

The dinner was terrific, with a vegetarian or chicken option and all the appropriate typical English side dishes. After dinner the music started and the dancing commenced!

Around midnight it was time to leave, and we all took the bus back to Lancaster. About half the class got out in downtown Lancaster to enjoy the amazing nightlife that it offers, while the other half, already tuckered out from a long night, went back to their respective homes.

In town we first tried to check out Dalton Rooms, but as the dance floor was closed and only a handful of people were there, we decided to go to Revolution, dancing the night away. By 3am most of the class had left, and the last few hardcore partiers made their way to The Lounge to enjoy the last hour or so of the night.

Thanks to everybody for such a great and memorable



The MBA heartbeat and pacemaker - no assignment? Shit, what will I do all weekend…?



When hands moved under the table, engaging in wild fondling, yes, it was either the Blackberry Messenger, What's App or Beluga. Not what you are thinking…



If you want to bring business to an end, this is how you do it. Lot's of leaders, no followers = nothing happens


Dalton Rooms

Rule no. 1: Got to Revolution. Rule no. 2 If Revolution is closed, go to Dalton Rooms. Rule no. 3. If Daltons Rooms is closed as well get a Six-Pack and let's have a House Party



Never ever forever again


Forrest Hills

Golf course for the MBA elite and mindful adventure playground to the rest of us



The number one escape from full student dorms with the hope to find a few hours of great company, German Weissbier and eventually a nice buzz


House Parties


Best parties ever but unfortunately one guy was never invited but always showed up - the Porter Red Socks and creative mind fuel some of the best idees of this century



Entrepreneurs with no clue asking MBA students to find the holy grail - easy one!



23 nationalities promise a great future for the international aviation industry when Lancaster MBAs visit great new friends across the globe



The 'catheter' for burned-out, sleep deprived and cooking-skill-lacking MBA students OR simply a great central hang-out with great coffee and fantastic junk food



Many were raised, may were answered, many left unanswered - and some were really annoying, particularly just before the end of the lecture



What the fog is going on here? Let me write a blog about it….!



Following the first fake Apple shop in China, we found the first fake Indian restaurant on campus, scandal!


The Hub

Overpriced coffee, plastic wrapped sandwiches and BBC television make a great lecture break


University campus

The only mental, ah sorry, academic institution that you can leave any time you want but never do



Probably the most visited website for Lancaster MBA students. If it was just providing as much pleasure as Facebook or YouTube…



Wicked world, VUCA world - are we still talking about Planet Earth?


Jacket Potato

English cuisine at its best and filled with literally anything it remains a 'Hub' favourite


King Gerry

Hail to the King! Most famous quote: You are too late, out!



Our beloved Lecture Theatre, a place where we were supposed to make our bones, but where some of us took the opportunity to rest after long nights of sleeplessness



The vast majority of MBA's unfortunately got only one of those time to thank those fantastic ladies that added elegance and manners to the testosterone driven MBA bunch


Mindful Manager

Probably the wildest PowerPoint in lecture history but they surely fuelled some of the best discussion and thinking in our careers



For some the idol of mindfulness for others just a pretty ugly small sci-fi guy


Zone (Learning)

Last resort for late night or rather early morning printing when every place else on campus has run out of paper or ink.

Abhishek “Shekbhai”, as we affectionately call Abhishek, is an apostle of humility and simplicity and the most truthful and cool-headed person I have ever met. One of my closest friends since the very beginning, Abhi has been my strength and inspiration throughout and also my role model. He loves spending time with his friends and is forever ready to assist them. Thank you for being a part of all the memories which are wonderful only because YOU are a part of those. Thank you very much for being there at all times and all the best! - Adi M.

Abhishek N arsipur

DOB: 8th May Email: abhishek.narsipur@ Skype: abhishek.narsipur

One of the nicest human beings I have known. A big hearted guy, who I hope one day, will donate one of his awesome gadgets. I can’t believe that I knew him for 10 years but never met before Lancaster. I am fortunate to have this guy in the same city as mine so that we can relive the beautiful days at Lancaster all over again. I will never forget our hours of hard toil for the assignments and also the parties we had at Flat 6. Wishing you the best of luck in your post MBA career. - Chetan Abhishek is a very nice guy to work with. He has an entrepreneurial mindset, comes along with different ideas and presents it convincingly. He is good at filling the gaps, though I was part of his IB team, I hardly made any contribution to the work but he never complained about it and completed it himself. His patience and ability to handle challenges in the team is worth mentioning. Thank you Abhishek!! for being a good friend. Wishing you success in your future endeavours. - Vijay Abhishek aka ‘shaikbhai’ is one of the calmest guys I have seen in my life and have seen this attitude derailing the intended the effort. I am fortunate to have listened to some of his thought provoking, though a bit ‘lengthy’ sentences. He is a very open, approachable and humble being with lots of ideas in the brewing. Although, the world needs both dreamers and doers, the ones that make a difference are the dreamers who do. And, I believe ‘Shaik’ is one of them.

-Kurian The Shake as he is more popularly known has been among my best friends during the MBA course and we have had some great times in places ranging from the squash courts to the pubs in Lancaster. He is the gadget guru of the class and even god cannot keep track of the number of electronic devices he buys. He is very calm and relaxed on most occasions but one gets the feeling that you don’t want to really see him lose his temper. He has a quiet way of getting things done and has been a good sounding board for me during the time here in Lancaster. Here’s hoping that we can continue the good times beyond the MBA. - Madhu

Adi My dear window-mate, I will always treasure the laughter, the joy and the craziness that we’ve shared together for the last year. I like you always keeping a smile on your face. I also appreciate your kindness. You were always there for me whenever I needed your help - your vacuum cleaner saved my life! The happiest memory would be our ‘window chatting’. Indeed, it was what kept me going in Lancaster! I’m now dreaming of chatting with you over the window of our office in Wall Street. Let’s go for it! -Se Jung Adi is one of the most genuine and humble guys in the MBA class. My interaction with him goes back to the Coverdale days and we have been the best of friends since. His no-fuss attitude makes him very comfortable to be with. He is also one of the funniest people I have met. His witty statements make every gathering lively and a lot more fun. Aditya Madhikar, to all the time we have spent together, be it the trips to York and Llanberis or the countless dinners we have had, you have made every moment memorable. I wish you all the luck in your future endeavours and I have no doubts you will do extremely well. -Abhishek Adi is a really funny guy – surprisingly funny, disarmingly funny. He comes from nowhere to spring a joke which has you laughing before you even know why you are laughing. He is down-to-earth and never gets unnecessarily stressed out by work. He seems to have a rare ability to get on with everyone and it’s a real enjoyment to be in his presence. Whether it be discussing how long to cook the “gajar ka halwa” or agreeing to forget about the damn crystallization for today, he is the person that you can be sure of seeing eye-to-eye with. -Viktor Adi comes across as being the perfect gentleman and is always relaxed and calm. Under the calm exterior though lie a sizzling sense of humor and a continuous stream of funny, spontaneous one-liners. He is always ready for some fun and will never say no to dinner or a drink or even just a walk around campus which is what one looks for in a friend. He has been among the best friends I made within the MBA class and has been someone who is always willing to listen without judgement or impatience. Lest I forget he is often seen eating an apple and I will always associate apples with Adi from now on! -Madhu Right from eating apples in the middle of an intense classroom session to his carefree approach when it comes to completing assignments, Aditya is truly the “Mr. Cool guy” of the class. Would definitely say his wife tomorrow is very lucky to get such an amazing cook as her husband!! His exemplary cooking skills and finishing touches to most of the dishes were truly his USP which attracted many a classmate to his kitchen in the quest for divine nectar!! One of my closest friends, he is always ready to lend his helping hand when you need them the most and I will remember him forever for his subtle one-liners!! -Sanjay

Aditya Mad hikar

DOB: 8th April Email: adityamadhikar@gmail. com Skype: aditya.madhikar1

Adi Restless, passionate, dreamer. From the time we met at Brussels airport on our way to LUMS to the time he bid me farewell, it has a journey of highs and lows. But Adi boy has remained the same person; a heady concoction of rare talent and humility. He is well-read, very informative yet never wants to steal a discussion (exception is when you discuss cars). Unassuming, charming, Adi boy has been one of my truest friends in the MBA, someone who has a uncomplicated perspective of life I wish I had. I wish Adi boy has all the money in the world to buy the Paganis and Gumperts. -Sib

Aditya Chh abra

The next millionaire on cards!!! His entrepreneurial mind will take him places one day. He is one of the guys with whom I had the best sync and enjoyed discussing for hours about business plans. The best thing I like about him is his honesty and down to earth attitude. His zeal for life is something that has to be experienced. I sincerely hope we pursue our dreams together post MBA. Xie Xie for all the golden memories. A friend for life, Go Rock it Dude!

-Chetan You are very enthusiastic and a focussed person who knows what he wants to achieve in life. You are exceedingly quick and have the spark to turn ideas into actions. At times you are sceptical and somewhat suspicious about few things but very broad-minded and open to conviction. It is initially hard to know your personality because of your strange behaviour but once a person knows you, he/she will value your company. I started knowing you because of work, gradually started enjoying your company because of your attitude towards work, and now love being with you because of ‘you’ as a true friend. I will always treasure our friendship. -Raina

DOB: 1st January Email: aditya.chhabra@gmail. com Skype: adi.chhabra1

Adi aka ‘Chhabs’ sets his own rules and lives life king size. His approach is to either go for the hunt voraciously or not even attempt. He has extensive knowledge in things that interests him and is least bothered about the rest. He has a charm of his own and his passion for things that interests him is unmatchable. He attempts not to follow where the path takes him, but makes a new path for him and leaves no trail. Above all, he has a very kind and honest heart and I have learned a lot from him just by being good friends. Way to go mate!!! -Kurian

Adi, the entrepreneur, has been my close buddy at good times and bad during the last year. His creativity and motivation to make money is just awesome. A fantastic friend and an excellent company to party & work with. His friendly disposition will always help him gain close company anywhere; I am sure he is probably one of the most likeable guy in the MBA class even today. With his incessant passion for cars and diligence in business, he is more than likely to achieve his dream of Gumperts and Ferraris. I will definitely miss our numerous drives together listening to desi radio adverts. J It was a fun ride (in southern Texan accent). Best of Luck, Matie! -Manish

Alejandro Alejandro and I shared only one academic challenge during our MBA time, a ‘gritty’ ABD-assignment, but for the rest we were fortunate to share some of the most exciting moments during out trips to China and India, where fun and discovery-minded Alejandro and I jointly defeated the ‘Mongolian’, climbed the ‘Great Wall’, investigated the functionalities of the Mumbai bathroom privacy curtain and indulged in unidentified street-food. As LT3 seat-neighbours we ensured distraction from capturing lectures. In short and ‘Gaga’-style: Ale-ale-jandrooo, thanks for great adventures, I hope the next one brings me to Colombia. -Patrick Alejandro, my dancing partner!!!What I love the most at you is that you enjoy the moment! It’s really unique how you combine being rational, professional and extra efficient with being super crazy party man! You would try anything if it’s crazy enough. Taste cheese pie with sugar, get chilly shots!! – I still can’t get over it - Your motto: “OK, ok let’s do it!” Always there with your big smile to hear my trouble story. Thank you for being such a dear friend; waiting for your second trip in Greece, when the weather will be on our side! -Konstantina After countless moments -from going to the beach while raining, to riding elephants, and walking in Windermere- I have discovered: You can always tempt Alejandro with an ice-cream. He continuously discovers innovative scientific methods -such as how not to get drunk or how to heal your knee- but reveals the tricks only after testing them. He is the best cook, but if he ever asks for your help in order to prepare a Colombian dish, make sure that you have a lot of time to spare. And he is the best friend that I could have. -Lena Many times I have regretted that we got to know each other very late. But better late than never. I am glad that we are such great friends. I admire your sincerity, motivation and ability to injure your knee doing nothing. I will never forget travelling with you in India. Your interest in learning new cultures and trying out different food fascinates me. I love our deep and thoughtful discussions, which mostly end up nowhere J! Alejo! I respect you for what you are and I am happy that I have a home in Columbia! -Raj Hellooouuu, Alejandro!! (like you J) Thanks a lot for making my Lancaster life fun and interestingJ. It was pleasure I learnt banana can substitute green plantain J We enjoyed CC and Strategy, but unfortunately I can remember only when we are drinking and tripping together. I remember all visiting place you were excited at animals, white swan in Lake District, elephant in India, and donkey in Cotswolds. I believe you will be excited at more animals in the future as well, and the excitement brings the success of your life!! -Kazuaki

Alejandro G onzalez

DOB: 7th June Email: Skype:


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Finally ‌Guinness, white eyes and smiles

Common Room

Hub Cafe

MBA Lounge

We spent our days in‌

MBA Lounge

Management School Base Room


Break-out Area





Staircase to the Bosses

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose." It was October, 2010 when a bunch of young, ambitious professionalsbegan their journey into business management studies through The Lancaster MBA programme. And after a year of gruelling schedules, long meetings,

and never-ending assignments, the bunch is poised to move ahead in their lives. Our time at LUMS, one of the finest places to learn management by practice, has already become a trulycherished phase of our lives. We have been trained in the ways of management by some of the finest brains in academia,we have had the opportunity to mingle with people from a multitude of nationalities; and along the way, we have picked up moments that we will savour for the rest

Making of the Yearbook of our lives. Oscar Wilde once said, "Memory is the diary that we carry with us." And therein lies the idea of the yearbook: to capture our memories at Lancaster and document them as our personal literature. It is our way to remember the great times we have had together. While making this yearbook, we have tried to sew those memories together into a lasting imagery. We have sifted through thousands of photographs, reviewed your write-

ups and ringed you perhaps at the wrong times. And as usual, we did disagree a lot, something we really can’t avoid while doing group work. Due to extreme pressures of time, we could not make the perfect offering- and we do apologise for that. But what we have hopefully created is the start of a legacy that we believe will be carried forward by the upcoming batches. We can assure you, we have not lacked sincerity in our attempt. Through these pages, you must have recounted our finest memories of Lancaster, the MBA program, the faculty and most importantly- each other. And a decade on, when the world will have changed unrecognizably, some of us might even get a little lump in our throats when we browse through the yearbook again.We believe that it will be at that time, when we can reflect back on these memories, that our efforts will have been fully realised. Contributors: Adi C., Andrew, Celine, Kunj, Latha, Lena,Leo, Michelle,Pang, Patrick, Pulaq, Sameer,Sib and Vyom

Thank You We take this opportunity to thank you all for coming together and making the yearbook story one of success. Chris and Jonathan, thanks for being supportive of the idea and devoting your time to listen to us. Julie and Jane, thank you for listening to the idea in the first place and setting us on our yearbook way. Cana, we thank you for digging in through your resources and coming up with valuable inputs. Our sincerest thanks to the MBA office for their co-operation and helping us out whenever we needed. Lastly and most importantly, our sincerest gratitude to all of you, the class of 2010-11. If you did not take out your precious time and that too during the most crucial module of the MBA, we would not have this yearbook at hand. You guys are the real heroes behind this. The world is a small place. We will meet, sooner than later. Until then, let the yearbook talk to us.

“The past is never dead, it is not even past.�


Yearbook Sample - Lancaster University  

A yearbook designed, printed and delived by PrintBindaas for Lancaster University, UK.

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