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ManageBac allows parents to track their child’s academic progress and extracurricular activities. They can also keep in touch with fellow parents and teachers via the IB Parents Association. If more than one child is registered on ManageBac, click on the Select Child tab to begin ManageBac允许家长们追踪孩子的学习进度 和课外活动。家长们也能通过IB家长联合会与 其他家长、老师们保持联系。如果在 ManageBac注册的孩子超过一个,请先点击 选择孩子的选项卡。

Navigating Academic Progress Parents can  see  their  child’s   progress by clicking on the Academics tab.

掌握学习进度 点击“Academics”选 项卡,家长们可以看到自 己孩子的学习进度。

Academics Classes Click on a class to see detailed progress, including recent grade

班级 点击一个班级,可以看到 详细的学习进度,包括最新 的年级。

View student portfolio and report cards Academics能看到学 生成长档案和报告单。

The Calendar tab will show upcoming school events. “Calendar” 选项卡将 展示即将到来的学校 事件。

To edit basic and contact information, click on the Profile tab and change any info and press Save Changes. To change and update passwords, click on the My Account tab and fill in the form making sure to save changes. 如需编辑基本信息 和联系方式,请点击 “Profile”选项卡,更 新信息,按“Save Changes” 选项。如需 更新密码,选择“My Account”选项卡,填 充表格,确定您保存了 更新。

MEA ManageBac Parent Guide  
MEA ManageBac Parent Guide  

A short guide on how to use our ManageBac database for reports, curriculum and portfolios.