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Let us show you how to dramatically offset your hotel’s per room cost through an affordable, simple to install, guaranteed energy savings system.

Elegant energy savings.

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Savings...Simply Installed.


/month avg. ROI

Seamlessly interface with your hotel’s property management systems to automate energy savings. - - 1 866.9sav.nrg (972.8674)


For better hotel energy management

- Discrete -Easy to install -Retrofit-friendly -Huge energy savings -Improved guest comfort -Fast R.O.I.

A simple to install, wireless thermostat & sensors do the job and easily connect back to your hotel’s existing Property Management System.. - - 1 866.9sav.nrg

Convert Your Hotels Energy Expenses Back into Profit with a Simple, Wireless Energy Management Device

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Improve your guests comfort & your bottom line.

WiEM links back to your Hotel’s Property Management System

Wireless Energy Management (WiEM) for room-based HVAC, lighting, and high/low voltage devices, all linked to a secure web-based control system that delivers huge energy savings and greater control.

Motion Light Switch Door Sensor

Wireless Thermostat


HVAC (PTAC) Smart Chip

Energy Savings.

Fast ROI

Ceiling Motion Sensor - - 1 866.9sav.nrg

Product Overview Our wireless solutions are perfect for retrofits. Our approach to energy consumption is to conserve first, then generate.™ Our wireless management systems put you in charge, not the electric company. Our wireless system is powered by WISuite™, the leading energy management system programmer. This system is built on extremely reliable wireless network technology. Our WiEM flexible architecture is based on proven open standards, guarantees, scalability and compatibility with your current and future HVAC and IT infrastructure. WiEM is designed from the ground up to be simple, easy and reliable, so you can focus on what matters most - your business.

Jamie Bolduc, G.M., Four Points by Sheraton

“From energy savings to excellent customer support, the WiEM product was a simple and successful addition, providing increased profitability, customer satisfaction, and ease of maintenance that has positively effected our hotel’s operations”.

Features & Benefits


• Ability to collect temperature, occupancy, alert, and control status and history. • Data is stored using an open, non-proprietary database.

REAL-TIME RESPONSE TO RESERVATIONS DATA • System is directly driven by your existing business process. • Switches from energy saving mode to occupied mode automatically.


• Centrally defines a 12-month schedule of upper and lower temperature limits. • Gives occupants freedom of temperature control within limits you define, while preventing abnormal, wasteful, or unsafe operation.


• Wireless system installs quickly and easily. • Adapts to your existing infrastructure. • Lets you instantly connect additional rooms, wings, or buildings to the system at any time.


• Guest room temperature can be regulated before they enter the rooms.


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 Four Points By Sheraton, Halifax, NS

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US WIEM Product Advisor Team Please contact us to find out how to better manage your HVAC controls, dramatically reduce your energy consumption, and save money with this effective technology.

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Product Manager

Victor Patalano U.S. product manager for WIEM Vic is excellent at providing the necessary technical details regarding the WiEM system.  He's also being trained as a certified WiSuite Trainer, to help assist our clients in maximizing the potential of the system.

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happy Now you can maximize your guest’s comfort while minimizing your energy expense with:

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Wireless Energy Management  

Wireless Energy Management for room-basedHVAC, lighting, high/low voltage devices, alllinked to a secure web-based control system thatdelive...