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Enroll in the Evaporation Credit Service Program Through our technology, we calibrate the evaporation levels of water cooling towers. Through our process, we secure water evaporation credits for our customers.

Money-Back Guarantee If after 90 days of being enrolled into the Evaporation Credit Service you are not satisfied with the service, or ArkEnergy Group does not comply with your waste water utiliy’s evaporation credit program regulaitons, then ArkEnergy Group will refund 100% of your Enrollment Fee.

For questions, please contact : Middleton Associates 305.661.3900

Enroll in the Evaporation Credit Service Program Facilities that operate cooling towers are evaporating money. Our Evaporation Credit Service will save you money each and every month your cooling tower is in use. While cooling tower operators know that a cooling tower is designed to evaporate water, yet many may not know the true cost of operation. When building owners purchase water for the cooling tower they are also charged for sewage at that time. Even though a portion of the water evaporates, and is not returned as sewage, building owners still pay as if it did return as sewage. National sewage cost per 1,000 gallons average 1.5 to 3 times greater than the amount paid for make-up water. Normally 70 to 80% of the water sent to the cooling tower evaporates, and is eligible for this credit program. For example, on average, 50% of the water usage for a large office building is for the cooling tower(s). If 70% of that water is being evaporated, then the building owner is paying for 35% of the water that never went back into the sewer, and doing so at 1.5 to 3 times the rate. This equates to a lot of dollars that are being unnecessarily spent, and can be recaptured through submitting the proper data to the water/sewer company on a monthly basis. Many building owners and cooling tower operators have previously completed the necessary monitoring and reporting for a period of time, only to see the routine fall through the cracks. Allow us to assume the hassle of managing your evaporation credit program. We have the technology and experience to handle matters efficiently, professionally and affordably. Monitoring & Reporting Clients must enroll in the Cooling Tower Monitoring (CTM) Program in order to also enroll in the Evaporation Credit Service (ECS).  This is because the cooling tower monitoring equipment is used to calibrate the levels of water evaporation.   • Commission the system • Enroll your business in the water company’s evaporation credit program • Begin monitoring evaporation • Submit the supporting data to the water company to receive the credit • Reconcile on the next months’ bill to ensure the credit was received

For questions or to gain access to our live beta site, contact:

Shared Savings Program We operate on a shared-savings basis, so it is in our interest to save you as much on your sewer bill as possible. We share in these savings at a higher % for the first year to recoup upfront costs, after which you receive a greater portion of the savings in subsequent years. ArkEnergy Group will continue reporting, auditing bills, maintaining the equipment and automatically reporting your monthly evaporation credit for a portion of the shared savings, making it easy for you to save money month after month. The monthly minimum due to ArkEnergy Group is the greater of the respective month’s credit, or the clients’ cooling tower monitoring fee. A “hibernation fee” of $175 per month will apply during times the cooling tower(s) are shut down for seasonal weather purposes. The client is responsible to notify Arkenergy Group by phone call or email when shutting down for the season, and when starting up for the season.  A client may ‘hibernate” their cooling tower(s) for one period per year, up to 5 months in duration. Program Details Enroll in the program that best meets your needs. Essentially, you are buying your split. Therefore, the higher the upfront dollars, the higher your split.

* NOTE: Each enrollment fee is per Cooling Tower Monitoring account. Alignment with Other Utility Companies: Some water/sewer providers require an upfront measurement phase, defined by a number of monthly measurements - generally 6 to 12 - before an actual water credit is determined. In this instance, a client can simply enroll in the Cooling Tower Monitoring Program to gather the required data. Once a credit is determined, then the client can enroll in the Evaporation Credit Service Program to have us handle the ongoing data and submission requirements.

Our Evaporation Credit Service Process:

We start by completing a site survey, which includes Client Enrollment Information, cooling tower specifications, and a 12-month history of water usage and charges.

Once the site survey is completed, we estimate the average monthly credit (+/10%) you can expect. We will submit to you an analysis with your estimated credit applied.

We will also provide you a graphical analysis for 1) Make-Up vs. Evaporation Analysis, 2) Water Usage / Waster Water Analysis, and 3) Financial Benefit of Additional Cycles Analysis.

For questions or to gain access to our live beta site, contact:

Our Process (continued):


As part of the analysis, is a projected cash flow statement. We always aim to generate positive cash flow starting in the first year. Meaning, you will recoup at least 100% of the enrollment dollars within one year. This analysis enables you to decide which program is right for you.


We then enroll you in into the respective program and establish the reporting requirements with the utility company for your account.


We continually monitor your make-up and blowdown water usage. On a monthly basis, we calculate the level of evaporation, submit the reporting information to the utility company, and reconcile that you actually received the credit.

"Water is the driving force of all nature" - Leonardo da Vinci

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Middleton Evaporation Credit Service  

Evaporation Credit Service in the South Florida area.

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