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she lives life as though it was an adventure

curiosity is her only compass


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share’n is care’n @mrkylemac

she is filled with wanderlust: an irresistable desire to travel the world

she follows a map to its edges & keeps on going

she discovers beauty all around her

she knows she has a wonderful life ahead of her. she writes a blog. she lives with wonder. she knows it is important to be honest. she loves photography. she wishes she could sing she thinks about outher girls in the world. she has a vintage handbag and a desinger lipstick she doesn't really have that much money but she has an awesome life. she has style that shines in a crown. she reads lula and russh. people can't really describe her. she's different.

everyone wants to be her boyfriend but she doesn't know who to choose. she likes to garden. flowers and herbs are her favourite. you'll see her at indy art shows. she hangs out at very specific cafes. she has fine champagne taste on a beer budget. she has a quiet confident dream in her heart. when others feel great she feels great. sh'e not nervous to fly. she knows the best beach or city? both depend on her mood. she loves secret acts of kindness.

she follows her heart it’s a wild wonderful world

she is you pack your bags let's go


Take a Trip to Polly Land where fashion is find and finding yourself is the greatest adventure you will ever know.