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A Luxurious Salon Experience!

Ronen Frankel

Hello and welcome to the second edition of the Mynk Hair Magazine There has been a lot of excitement within the salon recently as we have taken on a new partnership with amazing products and colours by Revlon Professional.

Dianne Lowe

Having such a unique brand in our salon has given us the tools to really cater for all needs in regards to hair. Education is a massive part of the Mynk Hair culture and this year there is so much planned from travelling to the Gold Coast for the day to multiple guest artists coming in to the salon for tailored education for the team. A big part of what we are about, as a business, is sharing and helping grow with other businesses in the area, so take some time and have a look at this editions businesses that are featured in this issue. We are hoping that this magazine will assist us in continuing to make our standards higher, excel in customer experience and service and answer all your questions. It will give all of our new customers more information about the salon, our services, our staff and who we are at Mynk Hair My team don’t always hear from me about how much each of them mean to me and what they each bring to the life of Mynk Hair, so here goes:Co-Owner, Dianne is such a creative wacky soul. Her integrity and passion inspires me to always look for more to keep her passion alive.

Krystal with her kind heart and loyalty always understands when I’m talking about the world of colour and the harmony of tones, a true colour connection. Christine pushes my buttons so much with her wanting to learn and her burning desire to travel the world of hairdressing. It keeps me pushing to find new and fun things we can do as a team to learn. Brayden has changed my outlook on hairdressing, showcasing his way of seeing things in hair, making me want to learn new things from my team which is humbling. Dominique’s witty eclectic eccentric passion for hairdressing and to be qualified pushes me to help the newest generation to succeed in their craft and talents. Our newest member of the team Stephanie has shown me the way to learn to develop my own ways of educating, to touch on bringing the passion alive in every individual that hairdresser both is and wants to be. Both myself and Dianne believe in passion and creativity and also about our team showcasing themselves to each and every client, bringing the wow to the salon experience at Mynk Hair. Please enjoy the second edition of the Mynk Hair Magazine


Co-Owner Mynk hair

Trading Hours Monday-Wednesday: 9.00am – 5.30pm Thursday: 9.00am – 9.00pm Friday: 9.00am – 5.30pm Saturday: 9.00am – 5.00pm Sunday: 10.00am – 4.00pm


Phone: (02) 4647 9771 |


Are you struggling to keep your blonde hair fresh and free from yellow tones? New Illumin8 Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner neutralizes yellow reflects to create silvery ash tones. The unique Australian made formula contains concentrated violet pigments, chamomile, exotic wine extract and baobab protein to enhance gloss and brighten blondes. 100% VEGAN CERTIFIED. NO ANIMAL TESTING.

Vivid Bright Hair How to look after it!

So, if you’ve been thinking about taking the purple plunge or wanting to dive into the world of vivid hair (also known as bright hair, unicorn hair and fashion colours), well buckle up and let’s get started! WHAT MAKES VIVID COLOURS DIFFERENT? Let’s start with what makes vivid colour different than the typical colours you’d get at any salon. According to Ronen, Technical Creative Director of Mynk Hair, vivid hair colour is “a whole different beast” from traditional hair colour and takes a completely different approach. “For many of these colours to have the best result they need to be on pre-lightened hair to a very light blonde. This is where many people who attempt to become a unicorn at home make mistakes or ruin their hair. While there are some products that can make the lightening process safer”, Ronen says “they’re only available through a licensed professional. The lightening process can be done safely with a professional who has had the right training and continues to attend classes where they are always learning new techniques and the best products to be use.” It isn’t just the lightening that makes vivid colours different. Ronen explains, “Vivid colours are semi-permanent, which means they sit on top of the hair. Therefore, using the proper at home care products and getting it done correctly in the first place is so important. Because you will be washing your hair colour down the drain if you don’t!”


WILL IT COST ME MORE? I won’t mince words here, you will spend much more on your hair having vivid colours, but it’s for good reason. The time it takes to apply vivid colours is longer and takes expertise. “Lightening properly takes time and care, Not overlapping where bleach has already been applied in the past is super important to hair health and preventing breakage.” The colours themselves take a bit longer too, especially if you’re going for a layered look or more than one colour. “Typically, a few shades are used to add depth and dimension so that the end result doesn’t look flat or amateurish,” Ronen explained (another good reason to see a professional). “Placement takes thought and precision.” While vivid colours will cost more than your typical hair colour, they don’t have to be outrageous and it all depends on your hair when you walk in the door. If your hair is already light, the lightening process could be skipped. If your hair is already dyed, on the other hand, Ronen said “you are looking at multiple visits to lighten your hair and then achieve the rainbow you desire. In some cases, if the client’s hair is box dyed at home, we take even more time to lighten the hair since box colour is harder to remove and the results from a lightening session cannot be guaranteed.” Seriously, leave it to the pros.

GET USED TO COLD SHOWERS!! One way to keep from spending as much is to do what you can to help your colours last longer. And one way to do that is using cold water in the shower (you get used to it after a while — sort of). Ronen says, “warm water opens the hair’s cuticle, or top layer, and since vivid colours sits on top of the hair the more you blast that cuticle open with hot water the more colour is also removed.” he also recommends what he calls a conditioning regimen to his clients to help their colours last. “Use conditioner and cool water as much as you like and try to only use a shampoo once a week, you can still scrub your scalp with the conditioner to loosen grime and grease, but it strips the colour less and the cold water helps to keep the cuticle closed.” NOT ALL STYLISTS ARE CREATED EQUAL! You want any specialist you see to be on the cutting edge of their craft, and vivid colours require just that. That’s why it’s important to choose a stylist who is continuing to learn. “It’s super important because in any fashion and beauty industry there are constantly new trends and styles,” Ronen said. “myself and my team attend formal education through the salon and the colour brand we use. we also attend classes and seminars on our own, thrown through independent stylists.” he also says how the Internet (and social media sites like Instagram in particular) are changing the game.

Or by going to a huge show where there was little to no interaction with the artists. Now most of the classes we attend have 20 or fewer attendees, which makes for an intimate environment. They just share their personal experience. It’s really amazing.” JOIN THE BRIGHT HAIR CLUB! If you’re looking for a change, either because you’re nearing one of those scary milestone birthdays or you’re just ready to try something new, vivid hair is a really fantastic option. It’s a collaborative process between you and whatever stylist you choose, so make sure you choose a good one (Ronen says I count myself lucky to have such a talented bunch of stylists working for Mynk Hair). Each session really is like creating a work of art together. We talk about the long-term direction of the client’s hair, where we are hoping we can go in that day’s session, and then takes ideas and turns them into a vision, then turns that vision into reality. It’s such an easy way to put a new spin on your look, make a dramatic bold statement, and express your personality. Plus, it’s a lot less permanent than getting a tattoo. So, go ahead, join the unicorn club. It’s a lot of fun over here!

“Before you could get education from attending a class from a product company where usually they just push their brand and their methods.



Revlon Professional

We are very excited to share that Mynk have recently partnered with Revlon Professional as our new colour care and retail partners. Forging ahead with innovation and a forward-thinking approach to wellness, Revlon Professional are not just industry pioneers, but also breaking new ground with a scientific and ecological approach to new market products.

Salons are loving the “freshly-made” scalp and hair treatments allowing the stylist to accurately address the needs of each individual client based on the results of the consultation and diagnosis.

Meet the Revlon Professional and American Crew Team Brad Raper. General Manager

Revlon Professionals product development has a new level of sophistication, catering to the need of the modern consumer and hairdresser equally. The coverage and colour durability of “Color Sublime” have allowed it thrive in the market, offering unique point of difference for the brand. The contemporary formulation of colour provides further options for stylists and clients by removing harsh chemicals typically found in hair colour; working with essential oils in an ammonia free-formula. To follow this up, Revlon Professional have just released their much-anticipated luxury basin range, Eksperience. The philosophy behind the take home and insalon treatment range is based on marineorigin ingredients. The research and development team have taken a scientific approach to create multiple formulations treating both scalp and hair shaft, in the one process.

The thing I love most about the Revlon Professional brands is the cutting edge technology that is the basis of all ranges. In our Revlon colour is Hyaluronic Acid, which is part of the technology applied to high end cosmetics. This gives a beautiful shine and moisture content to the hair after a colouring service. EKSperience is the latest release in the Revlon Professional care area and has beautiful products based around Sea; Science; and Senses. A comprehensive prescriptive range with a solution for every scalp and hair type.It is great to work with American Crew as it was the first Official supplier to men and remains the dominant brand globally. It is the only professional Men’s range that covers care; styling; finishing; colour; and fragrance. A true market leader and the most recognised brand for the end user.

Cristobal de la Rubia Marketing Director

Revolution, revelation and transformation are what drives Revlon Professional Brands.

Advanced professional products with the latest technology, and the latest trends around hair to empower hairdressers to reveal individuality through the expression of her hair is what we are offering to our clients. RenĂŠe Meredith National Education Manager

The thing I love about Revlon Professional is the performance of our colour. The shine, lift, grey coverage and vibrancy of this range is one to experience for yourself. Your hair will be left in better and shinier condition thanks to our most advanced technology which is constantly evolving. American Crew is an amazing grooming range for all our males no matter what their needs are. American Crew turns 25yrs this year and has never steered away from its heritage. From shampoos for different hair types, your shaving needs sorted and an array of different styling products to keep our gents hair looking mighty fine. Brook Eadie National Sales Manager

What I love most about the Revlon Professional brands is we have key brands (Colour, Care, Styling, and men’s) for all markets that are strong in technology and performance. Our Revlon colour has an outstanding performance that is second to none, it gives a beautiful shine and moisture content to the hair. We are constantly bringing out new colours to stay ahead of the competition. Eksperience is the latest release in the Revlon

Professional care family and has beautiful products based around Sea; Science; and Senses. We have Style Masters that looks after all styling requirements for the salon, this range was developed by stylists for stylists. American Crew is the first Official supplier to men and remains the dominant brand globally. It is the only professional Men’s range that covers care; styling; finishing; colour; and fragrance. A true market leader and the most recognised brand for the end user. Antony Paps Business Consultant

I work closely with salons like Mynk Hair to provide business support, training and help keep the team up to date with the latest of everything hair related. I am absolutely loving the technology in the new Revlon Eksperience range, it will make any hair type beautiful, soft and silky. Joanna Mattick Technical Educator

I ensure all our best salons, like Mynk Hair, are equipped with market leading skills and knowledge. Revlon/ American Crew are passionate and innovative, each range is forever growing.


Revlon Professional Australia, has released their much anticipated luxury range, Eksperience. The philosophy behind the take home and insalon treatment range is based on marine-origin ingredients. Clients are loving the “freshly-made” scalp and hair treatments allowing the stylist to accurately address the needs of each individual client based on the results of the consultation and diagnosis. For example, the Scalp comfort Activemud is freshly prepared just before it is used by mixing marine algae scalp treatment with a specific essential extract and hair multivitamin cocktail from the Boost range. This ensures that the ingredients are as fresh as possible. Creating fresh treatment products is an added value that enables the EksperienceTM brands to offer each client an exclusive, tailor-made treatmen. TALASSOTHERAPY A range of in-salon treatments for issues including a sensitive scalp, excess sebum, hair loss and dandruff. BOOST Versatile products for use in the salon or at home that can be used on their own or in combination with various other Eksperience products. RECONSTRUCT An exclusive range of in-salon products formulated with keratin for reconstructing dry, damaged, porous and brittle hair.


TREATMENT Beauty solutions for hair care and scalp issues designed for salon and home use. The Revlon Professional research and development team have taken a scientific approach to create multiple formulations treating both scalp and hair shaft, in the one process. FAST FACTS ON INGREDIENTS • Noirmoutier marine spring water, which wells up from the ground at a constant temperature of 14 degrees, enabling it to maintain its beneficial properties active and unaltered. • Rich in Oligoelements Mix. • Specific algae for each treatment, such as focus vesiculosus algae with hydrolyzed keratin. • Acting & specific algae. • A mix of trace elements (zinc, copper, iron, silicon, potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium): noble elements normally present in trace amounts in the cells, and important for the vital functions of organisms. • Aquamaris Complex is combined with active ingredients of plant origin as well as other innovative ingredients such as powdered oyster shell and pearl extract. The Eksperience range includes eight offerings covering all client needs, to determine a holistic hair and scalp solution at home and in salon

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Established 2001 and located in Camden we offer a full range of services including, child restraint fitting, pink slips, LPG Conversions, servicing and Rego’s.

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Phone: 02 46557805 // Mobile: 0414752685 Address: 16-18 Cawdor Rd, Camden


Family of Clients The most important part of our business here at Mynk Hair is the happiness or our clients. We are all here for you and are committed to provide an amazing experience from start to finish. Ensuring that every aspect of your time with us is consistently wonderful is paramount and we welcome honest feedback about our products and our services as a whole. Our hairstylists frequently attend classes and seminars to learn new techniques, stay current with trends and perfect their skills staying abreast of the latest trends so that we can offer these to you when you are in our chairs. From the conversations we have with our clients, we could quite honestly write a book so instead, for this edition of our magazine we thought it would be fun to ask some of our gorgeous clients to share what they love about coming to see us and also tell us a little about themselves. Our clients come from all walks of life and have some wonderful stories that make them truly part of our family. Enjoy this small insight into the extended Mynk Hair family!

Ronen and Danielle Hi, I’m Danielle Barrett also known as DJ, I’m a dance Photographer and a Director of a Communications Solutions Company. I love having everything done to my hair Especially Colour!! I have been coming to Mynk Hair since 2016.

I started coming to Mynk Hair because I heard about the talents of Ronen and being the fact that he is a colour specialist. Ronen makes me feel beautiful on the outside as much as I do on the inside, his knowledge and creative passion brings the burst of colour for all my hair needs. I come to Mynk Hair because they love hair as much as I love photography, they are passionate about the overall experience and embrace creative challenges.


I’m a magician I capture memories for generations of dancers to reflect on. I helped bring the Gene International to Sydney providing the live stream to the world. But I’m a good person and kindness comes first.


Dianne and Karen Hi, my name is Karen Guild I work in retail as a cosmetics associate. I’m 52 and am married with 3 children.

I love having my hair cut with a razor, short and spikey with lots of texture which adds heaps of volume to my fine limp hair.

I have been coming to Mynk Hair for 12 years, from the moment I walk in to the salon I’m made very welcome. Dianne has become a great friend through her cutting my hair, I continue to come back as she listens to what I do and don’t want and always makes me walk out of the salon feeling beautiful and fresh.


Gemma and Brayden


I have raised 3 wonderful children, all who have grown up to be great ambassadors in society. As a family we have helped raise money through charity events, most recently to raise funds for the “Love Your Sister Foundation”. Also just recently announced I’m going to be a grandmother for the first time!

Hi, I’m Gemma Leaves and I’m amum with 3 children who always keep me busy.

Coming to Mynk Hair is my time out and where I love leaving with that fresh hair feeling and ready to battle the next 8 weeks. I have been coming to Mynk Hair for a year and a half. I came to Mynk because I can always trust what my Stylist Brayden can do for my hair and I don’t have to think. He knows what’s best for my look and my hair needs.


Making and raising 3 little ones makes everyday pretty special to me.


Hi, my name is Helena Fennell and my talents and passion are my Career as a Make-up Stylist. Hair is my identity and I have my hair done pretty much weekly to keep my crisp clean look.

I have been coming to Mynk Hair for 12 years. Krystal is amazing at what she does with cutting short hair. I keep coming back to Mynk Hair because of the customer service, I always walk out a happy customer with exactly the hair cut I wanted each and every time. Helena and Krystal


I’m a mother to two amazing kids and a specialized trained Napoleon Perdis Make-Up Artist.

Hi, my name is Marissa Primerano. I’m a fun out-going out-spoken Cafe Manager which suits me well as I love people and love having a good chat. My hair is my personality, I love getting my hair done because there is no expectations only creative experience.

I have been coming to Mynk Hair for just over a year. I come for the atmosphere and the creativity of the team. Dominique has been looking after my relaxation in the salon and her skill and passion for taking care of me whilst I’m at the basin area is so therapeutic.


I have a love of making people happy no matter the circumstance or situation


Marissa and Dominique

Valerie and Christine

Hi, I’m Valerie Tarela and I’m a community officer with NSW engagement government. I love having a big bouncy curl blow dry.

I have been coming to Mynk Hair for nearly a year.


I’m helping change the boundaries of Narellan to now Elderslie.

Erin and Stephanie

Hi, I’m Erin Turner and I work in Sales Admin at Bridge Climb

I love having my hair done with lots of foils, going blonder and blonder LOL. I used to love bright colours but had to dial it back for work.

I have been coming to Mynk Hair for just over a year.

Stephanie is an amazing Hairdresser! She does an amazing job every time, plus she is a sweetheart. I love the atmosphere and staff at Mynk Hair, they’re a beautiful bunch of people.


I have a Moth Tattoo (its actually mega) and I’m scared of Moth’s …. HAHA. and embarrassingly enough, I’m a classically trained at playing the Flute.


I love the atmosphere, everyone is so friendly and welcoming, Christine has been looking after me and always know how to get my blow-dries looking great and lasting for days.


the salon At Mynk Hair we aim to create more than just BEAUTIFUL HAIR, we aim to create a LUXURIOUS SALON experience. WE WELCOME YOU TO EXPERIENCE OUR PRECISION CUTTING, ONTREND GLAMOROUS COLOURING AND FASHIONINSPIRED STYLING TECHNIQUES. Led by hairdressing specialist Ronen Frankel and Dianne Lowe, this South West Sydney hair salon offers a unique combination of artistic flair, technical expertise, and community spirit, creating the ultimate hairdressing experience for their muchloved clients. The team from Mynk Hair are renowned for creating more than just beautiful hair, they aim to create the best hairdressing experience in South West Sydney with luxury services, the world’s best hair-care and styling products, relaxing treatments, indulgent client experience.


Inspired by Creativity and Passion, the Mynk Hair Community is a team of creative and passionate hairdressers, who continually explore the boundaries of their craft to create individual and tailored professional hairdressing services.

Service Options. Extensions Hair Parties Weddings Perms Braiding Highlights/Lowlights Colouring Tints Conditioning Treatments Hair Consultations Hair Lightening Curling Straightening Fashion Foils Massage Chair Wash Basins Formal Cuts Shaving Designs Clippers Ear piercing

Each kitchen is individually designed and crafted locally in our purpose-built facility using the highest quality kitchen materials. We utilise state of the art manufacturing technology, time-honoured quality craftsmanship, and work with the world leaders in kitchen components, to ensure we deliver QUALITY...ALWAYS. Contact our team of professional kitchen designers to discuss how we can make your dream kitchen a reality.

p. 1300 662 112 e. NARELLAN 02 4647 4474 12 Graham Hill Road, NARELLAN NSW 2567

BOWRAL 02 4872 2969

Unit 14/63 – 69 Kirkham Road, BOWRAL NSW 2576

Tips & Tricks

7 Steps to Creating the Perfect Ponytail Because the Struggle Is Always Real!


Not unlike the unicorn, the perfect ponytail is nearly impossible to encounter (come on, guys, one day we’ll encounter unicorns). So, in an effort to beat all odds and create the perfect ponytail at every attempt, here are seven tips on how to achieve it 1. Prepare Your Tools Ahead of Time

There’s nothing more frustrating than having the perfect ponytail in your hand, ready to secure, only to grab a hair tie that snaps at the base, ruining the whole thing and putting you back at square one. You must have your tools tested and at the ready before any kind of pony gathering begins. 2. Check Your Tools

Before you get into any real pony creations, you should also check the state of your tools and ensure they’ll work properly. It’s best to stretch out your hair ties, pull out some bobby pins, and clean out your favorited hair brush in preparation for your ponytail. 3. Know the Look You’re Going For

Make sure you know the look you’re going for and can comfortably indicate where it will be on your head. Before securing your hair with a hair tie, make sure you shake your locks out, flip them, and put your thumb and forefinger around where your ponytail should be. That way, you can get a visual of what it will look like before you actually tie it up. 4. Brush Your Hair Right

This step is crucial. Because we all like to think we know how to brush our hair, but it’s a whole different ball game when you’re making a ponytail.

In order to avoid any bumps or frizz, make sure you’re combing your hair in the direction of where your ponytail will be – a foolproof way to get your hair looking sleek and close to your skull for the major focus to be on your pony. 5. Get It Right, Get It Tight

If you’re going for a rather thick hair tie, which we also recommend for keeping your hair put, it can take some extra strength to fasten it securely. One tie is easy, the second tie is fine. But it’s either the third or fourth tie that will give you trouble, because that will be the hardest one to get around all of your hair. The trick is to bend the hair that’s already in the ponytail tightly, to completely go through the third or fourth loop as easily as possible. It’s definitely tough — but it’s possible! 6. Hair Product Is Your Friend

So once you’ve brushed your hair correctly and gotten it into a tight tie, it’s time for some additional help. Products like hairsprays, leave in conditioners, or even mousse can help your hair keep a hold as well as maintain its style the way you want it. 7. Add Accessories

Finally! The good news is that you now know how to achieve a perfect ponytail. Bad news is: Now you’re bored with the look. But the great thing about a basic ponytail is that it’s extremely easy to accessorize. So whether you’re opting for a gold headband, a few ‘90s-inspired butterfly clips, or even a cotton headband, everything looks great with a sleek and done ponytail.


the experience Who we are?

Why are we different?

What’s the Mynk Hair Experience? These three questions are asked of Ronen, Dianne and the team all of the time, and we love answering them because … everything that happens at Mynk Hair happens for a reason. WHO WE ARE? What you may or may not know is Mynk Hair has been servicing clients of the MacArthur areas for 12 years now, started by Dianne Lowe and supported by her husband and family. Before Narellan, Dianne had two other salons, one in Padstow and one in Cronulla Dianne’s love of hair has been so strong she has been hairdressing for 34 years now. In 2017 for the very first time in her career Dianne got the pleasure of travelling to the Philippines to help under privileged kids with knowledge of Hairdressing so they can gain employment. 4 Years ago Mynk Hair was given a bit of a shakeup with new energy and an exciting direction. Ronen Frankel joined the business with knowledge and creativity giving the team and Dianne some new ideas and creative inspiration. Ronen has been hairdressing for just over 23 years and has lots to share with the team at Mynk, already showing his creativity by putting on a major hair show in 2015 and then in October 2016 with the Teams exciting live photo shoot. WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT? It all comes down to knowledge and between Ronen and Dianne there is over 55 years of industry experience. Ronen has worked for some of the best salons in Australia and has also travelled teaching hairdressers all over Australia and New Zealand about the creative ways of colouring hair.


The products we use in the salon are the best of the best being Revlon Professional. This choice guarantees that the team can get the right results for their clients but also the longevity of our colour means that clients enjoy their hair colour for 8 weeks or longer. Our major difference is our customer service and willingness to create that experience of a total service salon for all who visit Mynk Hair. WHAT’S THE MYNK HAIR EXPERIENCE? Experience has a few different meanings to Mynk Hair. * Memorable * Creative * Something special * Luxury * One of a kind Part of what we do here at Mynk Hair is about what the team get out of being part of our Mynk Hair Family. And that means lots of opportunities to experience the wild, fun world of hairdressing, we attend courses, hair shows, backstage shows and photographic events What this does is keep our team up to date with the latest hair trends and give them the inspiration to create individual looks for their clients. The main experience when you come to visit Mynk Hair is the friendly nature of the team, all of whom want to service you from the minute you walk in through the doors with their warm smile to the amazing basin treatment experience, The Mynk Hair Signature Treatment, the moment you leave us. If you are a client of Mynk Hair we thank you for enjoying our salon and if you haven’t experienced Mynk Hair well… what are you waiting for!

Supporting Women in Business LET’S DISCUSS YOUR FINANCIAL STABILITY! We are the largest provider of taxation services in the Macarthur District. Our reputation is founded on trust and client satisfaction. We offer you knowledgeable and comprehensive solutions to your accounting and general financial affairs. Extended Hours for tax time appointments TAXATION I BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT I ACCOUNTING FINANCIAL PLANNING I BUSINESS APPRAISALS I BOOKKEEPING

Ph: 02 4655 9247 | Email: Suite 7, Camden Village Court, 180-186 Argyle Street, Camden, NSW 2570

Since 1994, American Crew has been the leading salon brand created specifically for men. More than just a lifestyle brand or a salon supplier, American Crew is a landmark in the history of men’s grooming. They are the leading salon/barber brand created for men specifically to meet the needs of stylists. Today’s men pay attention to their looks. And this is the brand they turn to for the latest looks and best products. American Crew is dedicated to helping stylists and salon/barber owners build their business by supplying them with the products, education and inspiration they need to make every male client look and feel great. With a passionate commitment to men’s grooming, their purpose is to bring men into salons, provide customers with a great new experience and show men new ways of incorporating style into their everyday lives.


Staff News Welcome to the two newest members of the Team!!

Stephanie, Senior Stylist has been with the salon since October 2018, started her hairdressing Career when she was 17 years old.

“I love working with such an exciting Team of creative hairdressers that share their knowledge and passion. Mynk Hair is a great salon to be working in, with the constant education and support it means I can take my career to great heights. My passion and love of hair will hopefully get me to one day owning my own salon, but firstly I want to get in to doing more creative things in Mynk like entering competitions and going to as much as I can education. In my free time my life revolves around friends and my other passion which is Cars, I also love hiking and discovering new hidden places.” Rhiannon is the youngest member of the team and a 1st Year Apprentice. She is 17 years old and has grown up in the Macarthur area but for last year and a half Rhiannon has been living with her family in Jimboomba in QLD. Missing her friends and boyfriend back in Macarthur, she made the decision to move back and start a career and learn to live on her own at a really young age. She wants to become a creative hairdresser and doesn’t want to miss out on anything this industry has to offer.

Education is Key


The team this year is so excited to be attending so much education we are all heading to the Gold Coast on Sunday 28th April for the annual HairBiz Forum. This is an exciting time for the team as we are

all going together. Heralded as “Splendour in the grass for hairdressers” we can’t wait to be inspired, educated and entertained bringing back all this knowledge to our clients in the salon. “It’s so great to see Salons investing in their teams by bringing them ALL to Hair Biz Forum,” says Linda Woodhead, owner of Hair Biz Forum. “I commend Mynk Hair on their commitment to their team, education and in turn their clients.” “Education is a massive part of the Mynk Hair Team and salon culture,” says Ronen. “We are always looking for new things to learn and up our skills. In March we had the talented Geoffrey Herberg for personalized cutting training, and this year will also welcome American Crew All Star Training and a visit from Paula Hibbard for all styling and hair up looks.”

It’s A Boy

Big big news our little pocket rocket Krystal Senior Stylist has brought in to the world her beautiful baby boy Kolton. We wish Krystal and her partner Jesse all the best with the new little bundle of joy. Enjoy your Maternity leave and we look forward to having Krystal back by July 2019.

Shop 42. Narellan Town Centre. Narellan. NSW Ph: (02) 4647 9771



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Mynk Hair Issue 2  

A Luxurious Salon Experience.

Mynk Hair Issue 2  

A Luxurious Salon Experience.