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Year 12 Issue 6

REASONS why others’ are joining Incorporating cutting edge techniques to a Surgeons “toolbox”: Mr Stene Marshall, DermapenWorld CEO and Creator “Today, Dermapen4 is being utilised to address indications like never before. It is a privledge that we have KOL’s such as Per Hedén pushing the boundries within this field of surgical cosmetic procedures with the aid of Dermapen4”

Dr Per Hedén, Associate professor in plastic surgery, MD, PhD. Sweden “To be successful as an aesthetic physician in the 21st century a multitude of treatment options must be considered and mastered. Plastic surgeons can not optimize results with surgery alone. Micro-needling is a useful and complimentary technique too many surgical procedures but also useful as a standalone method to improve the skin structure or in combination with lasers, HA fillers or botulinum-toxin treatments. DERMAPEN is today the golden standard for micro-needling”

UPGRADE TODAY 7 year warranty Securing your long term investment, only Dermapen 4 comes with a unbeatable 7 year warranty; Including parts and labour, fully transferable and unrestricted, backed by DermapenWorld - The Original, Trusted, Australian Innovators of the genuine Dermapen. The Safest Device Ever - ACMTM With zero drag, and guaranteed to prevent ANY backflow of fluids, the expertly engineered medical grade Anti ontamination Mechanism (with Build in Fluid Guard) has been designed so even under challenging conditions, nothing will penetrate its protective barrier. It’s the ultimate in cross contamination prevention. Dual Power Operation Dermapen 4 offers an Advanced Lithium Turbo-Cut battery system. This innovation now performs at the same level as mains power. With more choices for manoeuvrability, portability, convenience and power, practitioners can now choose their preferred source of operation. Dermapen 4 also operates on traditional mains power. Dedicated Scar Treatment Settings Dermapen 4 is the only microneedling device with a dedicated scar setting and protocols for revision of deep, atrophic scars; including surgical, burn contracture, striae and post-acne scars. Needle penetration can now be increased up to 3.0mm. AOVN technology, automatically calibrates the motor speed, pressure and penetration for targeted precision. No dragging. No pulling of the skin. Less Pain, Greater Patient Comfort As the world’s only microneedling pen featuring AOVN4, there’s faster oscillation for more comfortable treatments Save time and money - no numbing cream required.

Rapid Results - Dermapen 4New technology sets the Standard W 1. Generating 1920 holes per second, the Dermapen 4 generates 47.69% more holes than the Dermapen3, and 104% more micro channels than other microneedling devices. The extra 620 holes forge superior fractional channels to your patient’s skin which allows for a better healing response and faster results - your patients will notice. 2. With its 16 medical grade stainless steel, gamma sterilized 33 gauge needles, oscillating at up to 120 rps (7200rpm), the Dermapen4 initiates more pathways for product delivery and stimulation than any other microneedling device on the market today. 3. The new algorithm of the Dermapen4 needle cartridge design combined with the splayed scalloped treatment service allows for smooth, painless gliding across the surface of your patient’s skin - while also ensuring the meso-glide™ is delivered with superior infusion of fluid dynamics never before achieved. 4. There are many other unique features of the new Dermapen4 needle cartridge, including Safety First - ACMTM - Anti-Contamination Mechanism, RFID capabilities, Superior AOVN technology, … And much more... Digital, bluetooth, automatic updates... It goes on... With Dermapen 4 you’re not just investing in a pen, this is a genuine risk-free practitioner investment securing your practice a robust profit centre. To Learn more, visit or contact an Authorised DermapenWorld Distributor.

the the REVOLUTION REVOLUTION ofof What makes the Dermapen 4 the best microneedling device in the world? There is really no magic about it - new 16 needle cartridge design creates 104% more micro-channels than the other microneedling devices, digital motor with AOVN speed is faster, which allows for a better healing response and rapid results, pain free safer treatments.

Find out more about the Dermapen 4 Needle options...

Full 7 Year Warranty

ACMTM Anti-Contamination Management. Unrivaled safety and protection guaranteed.

Dual Power Function with “Turbo-Cut” Battery Charge

New Exclusive “ST” Scar Treatment Functions

RFID for automatic calibration. Bluetooth enabled connectivity.

Original. Trusted. Australian.

Dermapen 4 Award Winning Design

Learn more about 12 reasons to UPGRADE

visit: visit: or Contact or Contact an Authorised an Authorised DermapenWorld DermapenWorld Distributor Distributor

You will love our sheet masks & your clients will love them too!

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phyto-nature firming serum Doubles skin’s luminosity and minimises the appearance of fine lines after just 1 application.

Photography by Anna Pogossova.

For more information, call 1800 659 118 or visit

a serum for every skin concern repair by night overnight repair serum

retexturise and revitalise multivitamin power serum

drop dryness phyto replenish oil

clear acne and ageing AGE bright clearing serum

even skin tone c-12 pure bright serum

ditch dullness biolumin-c serum soothe sensitivity ultracalming serum concentrate TM


target wrinkles phyto-nature firming serum




MEANS BUSINESS Ph 03 9331 5729.



THE OFFER 570 Products 1 Tester + 1 Retail Wholesale Value Display Value

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MEANS BUSINESS Ph 03 9331 5729.


THE OFFER 753 Products 1 Tester + 2 Retail Wholesale Value Display Value Testers & Display FREE Total Deal Price

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22 Dermapen 4: Award Winning Technology Reinventing Micro Needling

REGULARS 12 Editors Letter 24-26 Industry News 54-55 Beauty Shop

FEATURE 14 7 Brand Trends Every Beauty Business Should Follow in 2020 By Sarah Garner 16 In an IV League of her Own 18 10 Minutes with Victoria Curtis 20 Balancing Act By Sarah Holloway


28 Leanne Condina – Cocoon Spa 30 Joy Crossingham – LashJoy 32 Nabu Bronzing Bar



36 Behind the Brotox By Dr Pheobe Jones


38 The Role of Matrix Metalloproteinases and Collagen Synthesis By Gay Wardle

57 Paul Frasca

34 You Are What You Eat 35 Plant Powered Results By Dr Pauline Hill

40 Where Education is Key – DermaplanePro Australia

EVENTS 44 Beauty Melbourne 46 Global Recognition – Hyde Park College


48 Top 5 Lash Trends of 2020 By Charlotte Creasy 50 The Sweet Flutter of Success

52 UV, Tanning, Sunburn & Spray Tans By Marissa Warren

56 Julie Cross 58 Elle Wilson 59 Will Fennell


60 Shopping the ‘Gram By Clare Lamberth

BUSINESS 62 7 Essential Steps That Turn An Average Treatment Into An Exceptional Experience By Tamara Shaw-Reid 64 Mastering Your Business Game Plan For 2020 By Marie Drever 66 5 Steps To Building A Team That Makes (Not Breaks) Your Salon Business By Adrienne Varga


U P S K I L L YO U R T E A M A N D G I V E YO U R B U S I N E S S E V E RY C H A N C E O F S U C C E S S I N 2 0 2 0 W I T H O U R G L O B A L LY R E C O G N I S E D C O U R S E S I N L A S H L I F T, E Y E L A S H E X T E N S I O N S , B R O W H E N N A , L A S H & B R O W S E R V I C E S AVA I L A B L E I N O V E R 6 0 C O U N T R I E S . N AT I O N A L LY R E C O G N I S E D A C C R E D I TA T I O N A N D Q U A L I F I C A T I O N I N E Y E L A S H E X T E N S I O N S - R P L O P T I O N AVA I L A B L E .

w w w. e l l e e b a n a . c o m



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CONTRIBUTORS Clare Lamberth Sarah Garner Sarah Holloway Dr Pauline Hill Dr Pheobe Jones Gay Wardle Charlotte Creasy Marissa Warren Julie Cross Paul Frasca Elle Wilson Will Fennell Tamara Shaw-Reid Marie Drever Adrienne Varga


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2020! How are we already at the end of the year and launching into a new decade?! What a year it’s been! First of all, let me start off by saying a massive THANK YOU to each and every one of you for showing your support of Beauty Biz throughout 2019 since I came onboard in February. Thank you for taking the time to read each article our contributors spend hours crafting for you and for sharing your thoughts online. We just love reading your feedback on socials. Keep tagging us @beautybizmagazine to share what you think. We love hearing what you have to say, and it helps us shape the content we deliver for you each issue. I just love putting each issue together for you all and for you to respond with so much love just makes my world spin. 2019 has been a wild ride since joining the Mocha Angels at the start of the year. Since then we’ve celebrated our 13th Birthday & our industry’s night of night, the ABIA’s, held another successful Pyjama Day Campaign for Love Your Sister raising over $100K to date, and launched Beauty Squad which nurtures, mentors and elevates our industry’s rising stars. I love a fresh new year. The excitement and anticipation of the year ahead it brings and the endless possibilities to grow & evolve - both personally & professionally. One of my favourite rituals leading into a new year is shopping for a new diary, setting new plans, goals and intentions and reflecting on the lessons & challenges face during the year prior. In this issue of Beauty Biz we help get you ready to “Master the New Decade” with Jay Chapman from Zing Coaching, Sarah Garner from Digital Bloom shares the must-know brand trends you need to be across in 2020 and Victoria Curtis of Curtis Collection shares with us her journey in business, social media why she prefers to stay in her own lane.


We celebrate the amazing success of ABIA winners Nabu Tanning, Lash Joy and Cocoon and get ready to announce our very first Beauty Squad team for 2020.


In Dermal & Aesthetics we dive into the affects High GI foods have on our client’s skin, Gay Wardle shares more insights from her encyclopedia of skin knowledge and we discover the rise of Bro-tox.


We also hear from Sydney Lash guru Charlotte Creasey of Lady Lash who gives us her top 5 trends to watch for in 2020 & Tamara from Beaute Industrie helps you craft an exceptional client experience.

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From myself, Linda and the entire Mocha Angels team I would like to wish you, your team, clients and your loved ones a safe, happy and busy Christmas/New Year period, and the best 2020 personally and professionally ever. I hope you get to take some time for yourself to stop, relax and take stock of the amazing things you’ve accomplished this past year, no matter what they are. You deserve that! I’d love to know what goal are you setting personally & professionally for 2020? And what’s one step you are going to take in the first month of 2020 to get you closer towards that goal? Tag @beautybizmagazine and share yours with us on Instagram and Facebook. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Clare xo Clare Lamberth, Editor


Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2020

! es t a d e h t e v a S

OPEN FOR ENTRY Monday 13th January 2020

FINALISTS ANNOUNCED Monday 22nd June 2020

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES Friday 18th May 2020

ABIA GALA AWARDS Sunday 23rd August 2020






Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, it can be a time-consuming source of frustration to keep your brand on-trend and in front of your target market. When we think ‘brand trend’ our minds instantly process the visuals, but what I’m talking about is a whole new set of elements; social awareness, authenticity and community-centered focus. Building and developing your brand involves understanding your audience, their wants, needs and how to solve their problems. Check out my top 7 brand trends in 2020 that will be sure to elevate your beauty business.


Your brand isn’t actually about you (shocking I know), it’s about your audience. The key thing to remember when building relationships is that you’re building them with another person. We interact with humans because we want to feel that human connection, your brand is no different. People will relate to your brand far better through connection and authenticity. Show the world the humans behind your brand, the brand personality, meaningful conversations, celebrate the wins, listen and respond to every single enquiry, DM, comment, tag, everything. Start focusing on the listening part, create conversations that are genuine and care-driven, this is what creates brand trust. Brand trust ultimately equals sales. Switch out your selling sales pitch for conversational storytelling, open up and share a little bit about yourself and why you do what you do (your brand and your fans will thank you for it).


Connection is key and as you read on you will notice a pattern in these predicted trends - that pattern is called human connection. Communities are bigger and better than ever online, why? Because we are all so easily accessible, literally at the push of a button. The reason why customers love a good online community is that it is a space where they can talk about industry-related topics, get advice, network and pick up great tips. How many times have you asked for a recommendation on Facebook or asked for advice from a really great Facebook Group and received some amazing insights? Where does your brand fit into this? Start your own online community or contribute, connect and share in a variety of others - it’s all about showing up for your brand.


We’ve seen the bots taking over left, right and center - and whilst they’re amazing at saving us time and super-efficient, they still aren’t human enough. Whilst artificial Intelligence continually evolves and tools are developed to create conversation (even as I’m writing this article, I am sure there is a bot being developed to put my words to shame), it’s still that good old human interaction our audiences are craving. Consider a live chat plug-in on your website or when your brand represents on the socials scene, inform your audience there is a bot talking to them first up. Once you get the gist

of the client’s enquiry (from said bot), it’s time for the humans to take over. Sure it might take you an extra five minutes out of your day, but the real cost is five minutes with a sale and long-term, loyal client versus all bot, no time invested into that person by a human and a lost sale and continued sales until the end of time. That was a bit dramatic but I think I made my point.


This one isn’t so much a trend, as it is a scientific fact, if you keep up with the media I’m sure you will be all across what is currently (and has been for quite some time) happening with the environmental issues all around the world. Customers will trust and remain loyal to brands that care about the causes that they do. It is important for your business to care about people just as much as you do profits. Remain up-to-date with the social issues of the world, I’m not advising you to get political, just care for a cause and share it with your community.


With so much consumable content readily available, 2020 isn’t likely to slow the content train down. Rather what we will see are masses of audiences seeking honest, authentic and relevant content on social media, blogs, articles...all touchpoints! If you know your audience really really well - the problems they want solved and what their expectations are of you solving them, only then can you start to create engaging content that they will find valuable.


When was the last time you checked in on your client’s experience? Creating customer loyalty thrives on your client’s experience, going far beyond discounts, freebies and perks. Something that makes you stand out amongst your competitors. In 2020, customer experience is expected to overtake product and price as a differentiator. Everyone likes to be different and your clients want a personalised, extra-special experience when they come into your salon.


Get in front of that camera because the world wants to watch you, Big Brother style (of course that’s a joke). But seriously, in such a “technologically connected” world, we as humans are processing countless pieces of information at any one second. The demand for live content is increasing and if it isn’t fresh, your audiences don’t want it. Challenge yourself (and your team) to creating one live feed video per week and watch the difference in the engagement levels across your social channels. The secret to staying up to date with the 2020 trends isn’t in cracking the social media algorithms, it’s about finding out what makes your target market tick and staying connected to your community through human interaction. Sarah Garner is the Founder and Creative Director at Digital Bloom, an industry-specific branding boutique dedicated to making your hair, beauty or wellness brand turn heads for all the right reasons. Contact Sarah at or on 0425 795 636. Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6




IN AN IV LEAGUE OF HER OWN One of the world’s top wellness trends, IV Infusions has hit Australia. While still making a splash all over the world, the much hyped, instant wellness, health and beauty solution, Intravenous (IV) vitamin infusion therapy, is a trend that’s here to stay.


Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

Founded in 2018 by Rosalie McEvedy, a medical professional with over five years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, IV League Drips specialises in mobile preventative vitamin, mineral and nutrient solutions for optimised body function, inner health, and wellness. Rosalie shares with us more about this wellness medical trend sweeping the globe & what inspired her to integrate this holistic health trend.


After finishing my Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Nursing, I worked in different community and hospital pharmacies throughout Australia. I noticed how heavily society relies on pharmaceuticals to treat and sometimes mask symptoms of illness, where preventative and integrative treatments were vastly unknown. While traveling, the idea of creating IV League Drips came to me when I came across integrative approaches in medicine and noticed how the optimistic approach focused on preventative measures. I was inspired by the magic of preventative medicine and my background in pharmacy and nursing. I discovered the efficacy of administering vitamins intravenously for maximum impact and minimum downtime. As an entrepreneur I understand all too well the need to be productive, successful, balanced and healthy all while time is of the essence. I decided to bring the health and wellness trend back to Sydney.



For many years we’ve been told that prevention is better than cure and I firmly believe that’s the truth. I think the secret to great health is to fall in love with living a healthier lifestyle now, physically, mentally and spiritually. No longer only a luxury afforded to celebrities and VIPs, IV treatments have gone mainstream and mobile. Infusions are now becoming the coveted treatment by the health-conscious and wellness warriors to help fight fatigue, increase energy, stimulate metabolism, hormonal balance, get a healthy glow, recover from workouts and even boost immunity.


Our team of integrative doctors and fully registered medical professionals ensuring our vitamin compounds are grounded in science deliver and delivered to your doorstep with clients ranging from busy corporates and working parents to frequent travellers and

Rosalie McEvedy models. With no two treatments alike, our infusions provide exclusive and scientifically grounded compound drips and intramuscular injections, delivered in their purest form, diffused directly into the bloodstream for maximum absorption. By exploring any specific vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances or lifestyle factors, our expert medical team develops a structured treatment plan tailored to the individual.


In today’s dynamic and continuously changing world, the most valuable asset of a company is its people. It doesn’t matter what you do or what you sell, employee efficiency, productivity and engagement will determine the success and growth of your business, so why wouldn’t your greatest investment be in them. My goal is to lead the way in corporate wellness programs in Australia, helping businesses be proactive in caring for their team, giving them a wellness boost, while at work. With sick leave costing small and medium businesses in New South Wales over $25,000 each year, our Corporate Health Program harnesses the power of preventative treatment to achieve the goals and needs of employees, supporting their wellbeing and performance.


We offer fifteen types of services ranging to from IV drips, inter-muscular shots, and booster shots. Whether it is to sharpen your brain to prepare for an important meeting, prevent ageing, or increase your sex drive, IV League Drips is a one-stop-shop to all your health and wellness needs. The vitamins are delivered in their purest form into the bloodstream, allowing enhanced absorption and rapid results with 99.9% bioavailability rate compared to a maximum of 25- 35% through oral supplements. Each case is approached by identifying and targeting underlying cause as opposed to surface-level symptoms, which helps to boost your health at a deeper level. Learn more about Rosalie’s journey in business and health at Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6





VICTORIA CURTIS Victoria Curtis Cosmetics is an Australian Owned Cosmetics brand owned and founded by Victoria Curtis in 2010. Her love of all things beauty began at a very young age. “Watching my Mother apply her makeup, style her hair and leave the house looking impeccable, was the beginning of my love affair for all things beauty”.

“As a teenager, I battled my own skin issues, which is when I began to search for the one makeup product that might assist with keeping my skin clear, whilst offering the coverage that I was after. I very quickly discovered that this product did not exist.”


Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

As a Marketing and Accounting Graduate, Victoria was given the incredible opportunity to work in the marketing department at L’Oreal Australia when she had completed her university degree. We sat down with Victoria to find out more about her career path and how in just 9 years, Victoria Curtis Cosmetics is now found in 300 retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand and is the fastest growing professional salon makeup brand in the country.


In my position with L’Oreal, I spent time working with clients who owned beauty salons and Medispas and noticed a gap in the market. A makeup product that worked for your skin rather than against it, while creating the radiant glow and finish that every woman is seeking and without compromising the integrity of your skin. By combining these two elements, Curtis Collection was born - Designer cosmetics for the salon and spa industry that are actually good for your skin. What more could a woman, and her makeup bag, want! From that very first day, I have worked tirelessly on growing the number of stockists we have and

perfecting and refining the product range over time. Almost a decade on, my passion for the industry and my brand remains stronger than ever and I am excited to be a part of such an incredibly exciting, revolutionary time in beauty. I am often asked if I am intimidated by the competition in this fast paced industry, however my answer has always and will always be that I chose to view a highly competitive environment as an opportunity to succeed and even potentially become a disruptor to my competition, by focusing on what we do best, which is offer women the perfect balance between achieving a flawless complexion and protecting their skin.


Having a clear brand identity is crucial to your overall success. This not only defines you; it creates a perception in the market place with regards to your brand and what you stand for. It ultimately becomes your brand’s identity and what your clients say about you ‘when you are not in the room’. Having very simple and clear values, strengths and a purpose allows your clients to connect with you organically and fosters that customer loyalty that all brands work so hard to achieve. I believe it all comes down to how you make your customers feel and the emotions that are evoked when they think about, talk about or use your products. Do they feel positive, happy, empowered, confident? And if not, then how do we make them feel this way? It’s all about

improving and enhancing your customer’s experience. This then comes down to marketing and the message that you are constantly sending out to the market place. The key word is consistency. Your brand mission and message should filter through to everything that you do. This reinforces your purpose, your identity as a brand and your key message. By doing so, you create an experience for your customers every time they use, speak of, or recommend your brand.


I stayed true to who I was and what I wanted to deliver to the market. My goal was and will always be, to create confidence building, easy to use products that protect the skin and deliver the most flawless glow. Affordable luxury that offers beauty solutions through the use of makeup. I like to think of our products as makeup with benefits. Every product that we develop must offer a benefit or solution to a beauty concern. With this consistent message present in our branding, education and advertising, we ensure that our brands identity is strong, clear and consistent. We never deviate from this as it is who we are.


I love the idea of evolving and meeting the needs of the market. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with this at all, however I do not advise changing constantly with trends. This will only confuse your market as they will fail to understand what your brand is about if you are changing your message too often. Be aware of new trends and developments and grow with the industry. Be mindful that trends can be just that - trends. In and out. You don’t want to be on the way out with them. I am inspired by trends and incorporate elements of these into our products and branding in order to remain current and relevant in the industry. There will always come a time in your brand’s life when rebranding is imperative and this represents growth and change which can be a wonderful thing, however I recommend always staying true to your values and why you started the brand.


This is a message that I constantly remind myself of and they key driver in my success and resilience in business. Since the day I started my brand, I have had people ask me what made me believe that I could possibly survive or experience any success in such a highly competitive industry. This to me seemed like a very negative almost defeatist attitude. Rather I chose to see this as an opportunity to succeed in a thriving industry and if I stayed true to the unique idea that I had, I may even come the disruptor and a threat to my competition. You are what you tell yourself that you are. If you are defeated before you start, don’t start at all. You have already set yourself up for failure. ‘Staying in your lane’ is the best advice I can give anyone in business. Always look forward and concentrate on what you are doing and how you can do it best, because the energy you waste turning to the side or behind you to concentrate on what your competitors are doing, is energy wasted. That’s the moment your competitors fly by you before your very eyes. I believe in saving and directing all of your energy on yourself and your business, that is the single best investment you will ever make.


Social media has been such an incredible marketing tool for our brand. The beauty industry relies heavily on visual content and the likes of Instagram and Facebook have given us the platform to deliver our message through imagery with a direct line of communication to our clients. Making this a priority and using this to

our advantage is imperative to maintaining and building on success. Consider creative content when it comes to beauty. The power of before and after’s and client results adds credibility to what we do and also allows us to showcase our work.


I believe that focusing on how you ultimately make people feel in business is the most important lesson I have learnt along the way. Clients may not remember the exact name of the product or treatment that they had, what they will remember however, is how they felt when they met you, used your product or experienced a service in your clinic. Make sure that you give everything to that encounter. Making your clients feel special, ensure the level of service is premium and personalised. This is what counts. Associating positive emotions with your brand or your business is the key to success. I believe in relationships and investing in those who chose to invest in me. I give them all I can as it is a privilege and an honor to know they chose my brand. They deserve the best and I love giving this to them.


This should definitely be considered when defining your brand however your vision should remain yours and only yours. I believe staying true to this and communicating your message through your brand will bring the customers naturally. Clients are attracted to a genuine message driven by passion and a story that they can connect with. As important as the clients’ needs are, being yourself is the single most important thing I believe.


This can definitely happen; however, I would recommend reviewing brands that appeal to your ‘ideal’ clientele and assess whether your brand is like minded and delivering a similar level of quality, branding and key message. Another idea is to collaborate with like-minded brands to create brand awareness and expose your brand to their following and clientele. Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6




BALANCING ACT By Sarah Holloway

How often do you hear people lamenting how hard it is to achieve a work/life balance? It can be difficult knowing what to do when it comes to keeping our bodies, minds and souls in sync. Wellness guru Sarah Holloway, aka Spoonful of Sarah, shares her top five tips for achieving the balance we so often crave in the midst of our busy lives.

“Balance is one of the most controversial and elusive concepts in our lives, particularly in this busy, modern age where we juggle much more than former generations did,” says Sarah. “As our lives get busier and busier, we end up operating on autopilot, trying to balance a million different things. I’ve found that it’s so important to make time to stop and reevaluate my main priorities regularly, and to avoid falling into the trap of doing more than necessary,” she added.


“Before we can even consider achieving a sense of balance, the most important thing is to sit down and decide what our priorities are,” says Sarah. “Letting go of things weighing us down is a crucial part of this process, so challenge yourself. Then ask where you want to be in the next six to twelve months.” “Work hard, play hard, and introduce more of the things you love,” Sarah states. “If you’re an active person, get outside and train for an event. For introverted types, why not spend some quiet time reflecting?”


Another baseline ingredient for feeling balanced is to look after our bodies. “You can’t juggle anything effectively if your body isn’t in shape,” says Sarah. “Moving your body can help you to feel great physically.” Exercise your endorphins too! Sarah notes that exercise has immeasurable benefits on our emotions. “No need to become a fitness junkie or an athlete. This can simply mean a slow walk in the park for some fresh air or to stretch your legs,” says Sarah.


Hand in hand with moving our bodies is looking after our insides. Sarah mentions that good nutrition and healthy eating can help us find some balance. “In this sense, it’s good 20

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

to understand that healthy eating doesn’t mean never indulging in your favourite treats! It focuses on eating wholesome foods across different food groups, catering to your energy needs.”


Living in the Instagram age has made everyone else’s life choices increasingly visible and sees many us getting distracted by others. “It’s useful to look at others for inspiration, however, always remember that nobody’s body composition, background or personality is the same as yours – you’re the only one who can craft your balanced lifestyle,” says Sarah. “While there may seem to be some universal rules around healthy eating and methods of exercise, don’t be afraid to go against the status quo if it doesn’t work for you.”


“It’s important to understand that balance is an inner compass that is often influenced by the time of day, month, week or even year,” mentions Sarah. “Try to avoid viewing balance as a linear concept, but instead acknowledge it as an everchanging thing which depends on your daily schedule. Your sense of balance will change as you evolve yourself, so try to see it as an ongoing journey and judge it by how you feel within yourself on any given day,” she says. Sarah Holloway is wellness ambassador for emerging probiotic brand Premedy. Learn more at





Dermapen 4 Award Winning Technology Reinventing Micro Needling The new Dermapen 4 is the award-winning breakthrough growing from strength to strength, find out what everyone is raving about. Meet Stene Marshall, the man who invented the original Dermapen and the person revolutionising the micro needling industry once again with the 2018 launch of the Dermapen 4. In this exclusive interview, Stene explains how he created the breakthrough technology that most considered impossible, as well as discussing the importance of this new device to the industry. Q: Stene, DermapenWorld is already recognised as the industry leader in micro needling for skin rejuvenation. Why the Dermapen 4? A: We achieved the status of industry leader because there has always been a constant effort to lead the technology curve, rather than be a follower. That is what drove me to find the raw materials which formed the foundation of the Dermapen Family, and has since guided the company to remain the foremost authority in the microneedling field today. I enjoy being a pioneer and we will never waiver on our commitment to remain on the cutting edge. Q: Just how difficult was it to reinvent your original Dermapen? A: We had already learnt plenty from previous models, however creating the Dermapen 4 required an increased level of persistence and dedication, there were endless hours of research and development and protocol testing. I was determined to take things to the next level.


“Dermapen 4 is Proudly Australian Designed, Owned and Manufactured! And has been a culmination of years of research and development. To be recognized by such prestigious awards around the globe in only our first year of Dermapen 4’s Launch is an honour and another great achievement for myself and our team at DermapenWorld.” STENE MARSHALL DERMAPEN CREATOR & DERMAPENWORLD FOUNDER

Q: What other advantages and features are unique to the Dermapen 4? A: You have to see it in action to really grasp it, but more speed, power, precision, safety, technical features and less pain for the patient. The new 16 pin Dermapen 4 needle cartridge and AOVN Direct Digital Drive motor generates 47.69% more holes than the Dermapen3, and 104% more micro channels than the average counterfeit device, creating superior results. What’s more, the built-in patent pending Anti-Contamination Management system and Built in Fluid Guard mechanisms make it the safest device ever. And ergonomically it is in a class of its own. With the flexibility of Dual Power operation and a large and easy to read digital display, you can adjust your settings instantly with just one hand. Exclusive Scar Treatment setting allows superior scar revision protocols and treatment results. We are absolutely certain the Dermapen 4 is the best micro-needling device you can own... we back it up with a 7-year warranty. Anyone can claim quality, but it takes years of research, development and support to back it up.









2011 2011


Q: How will owning a Dermapen 4 assist practitioners in attracting more clients? A: There’s an advertising saying along the lines of “the product is mightier than the pen” which basically means quality products sell themselves. And while that is certainly the case with the Dermapen 4, our treatment providers will have access to an exclusive program called the Dermapen Fractional Millon Makeover™, which offers them an overwhelming advantage in the marketplace. What’s more, with the new marketing capabilities of our website, they will also leverage off the hundreds of thousands of web searches for Dermapen every month, to drive more patients into their practice. Q: As the Original, how does Dermapen 4 plan to stay Industry Leader? A: Dermapen 4 will never become obsolete. It’s Bluetooth enabled with automatic updates, so as new technologies are unearthed the software will be updated for you. The integrated Bluetooth connectivity allows for simple connection via Android or Smartphone (iPhone) App that connects you directly to support initiatives including the DermapenWorld Prozone and training centre, FREE Clinic Finder service and FREE registration for your 7-year warranty. What’s more, it continuously updates the Dermapen 4’s calibration tables (guaranteeing the depth of penetration every time) and firmware advancements. History will prove, the Dermapen 4 will be the GOLD standard by which all others will be judged. Q: Does the Dermapen4 have regulatory approval in various countires? A: The Dermapen 4 is has regulatory approvals in place in many countries around the world. Hence it carries the CE symbol so that it can be legally sold in all Europen countries as well has TGA Registration for the Australian market.



Q: 1st year for Dermapen 4 has made a huge impact on the industry, what are your thoughts of the awards and it’s acceptance to the market? A: It’s been overwhelming. We were a bit apprehensive to start with, as Dermapen 3 had reached a “cult like” status with it’s loyal and dedicated treatment providers and patients alike. But at every congress, we are literally ran off our feet - with standing room only due to the crowds that flock to visit us. The reaction from our loyal Authorised Treatment Providers who have been quick to upgrade has been so positive. Dermapen 4 is Proudly Australian Designed, Owned and Manufactured! And has been a culmination of years of research and development. To be recognized by such prestigious awards around the globe in only our first year of Dermapen 4’s Launch is an honour and another great achievement for myself and our team at DermapenWorld.”


Beauty Melbourne has released their highly anticipated 2020 education program, which is a must-see for beauty professionals wanting to expand their skillsets. Globally celebrated experts will bring their insights to Melbourne to showcase their styles, tips, techniques and talents to the industry’s eager professionals. The program features insightful sessions on topics including business, health and wellness, professional skills, anti-ageing/dermal, makeup trends and artistry, and more. Anticipated highlights of the program include ‘Six Essentials Every Website Needs to Increase Conversions’ led by esteemed business and marketing consultant, Heather Porter. The session will give valuable insights on how to execute marketing campaigns and generate leads, sales and bookings from your salon’s website to increase revenue for your business; must-know tactics for running a successful beauty business in the technically advanced culture of 2020.

CLEAN BEAUTY LONDON Clean Beauty in London, the first tradeshow gathering under one roof, experts, scientists, suppliers, brands, influencers and journalists to build the future of clean beauty. It aims to encourage international beauty suppliers of skincare, makeup, haircare, and toiletries to offer products achieving the standards of clean beauty. The event’s exhibitors share our values and support us to deliver a tradeshow fully and exclusively featuring clean beauty products and to answer consumer demand for healthy and sustainable beauty products. Clean Beauty is a unique opportunity to better understand the movement, to set the basis of what will be the Beauty of the future and to establish a charter of good practices. Clean Beauty in London will take place on October 12 & 13, 2020 at the Brewery, a leading event space, cosy and sustainable, located at the heart of London.

GIFT CARD LEGISLATION ENFORCED NATIONALLY From the 1st of November gift cards and gift vouchers sold nationally for salon services, or open monetary amounts must have a minimum of 3-year expiry period. Provisions for flexible expiry dates have been given to gift vouchers which are a donation, provided as part of a limited-edition promotion or service which isn’t normally available, as part of a gift with purchase offer i.e. buy 1 voucher get another half price, part of a temporary marketing campaign. A

breach of these laws could attract a $30,000 fine in the case of a body corporate, or $6,000 for individuals. In addition, the ACCC has the ability to impose infringement notices. Each infringement notice is 55 penalty units (currently $11,500) for a body corporate and 11 units (currently $2,420) for persons other than a body corporate. For the full description of the law visit

THE SHOW SYDNEY THE SHOW SYDNEY has been created by hair and makeup professionals for the industry. Whether you are an enthusiast, a Student, or a professional, THE SHOW SYDNEY is for you! Founders Scott Lattimer and Eliza Campagna’s mission is to make beauty accessible to all. “The line-up of talent, educators and brands that we have secured so far are at the top of their game and there’s more to come. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all thing’s beauty, The Show Sydney is the place to be.” Featuring some of your favourite celebrity artists and key Industry players both locally and Internationally renowned. The Show Sydney will feature live demos, masterclasses, retail therapy, competitions, giveaways, prizes and so much more. THE SHOW SYDNEY is an experience you won’t want to miss with over 5000 guests predicts at the inaugural event

EXPECTATIONS EXCEED-ED The highly anticipated ‘EXCEED’ medical microneedling device, by derma aesthetics, distributors of dermaviduals, has now officially been approved to treat acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, making it the first and only FDA-cleared & TGA approved microneedling device to treat these conditions. The new EXCEED microneedling device sports the highest quality German engineering & technology including needle depth precision with a unique tilting needle plate that adapts to the surface of the skin to ensure perpendicular needle penetration and minimal epidermal trauma has safety membranes to prevent the back flow of liquids and thereby ensuring maximum safety and hygiene.


under. Team members enter, are judged and win a place on the team which entitles them to 3 days of intensive mentorship, coaching and guidance in the Beauty Squad House (adjoining the Beauty Melbourne weekend), generous prizes from each of our sponsors and other opportunities through out their 12 month tenure on the squad Finalists will be announced on 13th of January 2020 with winners announced on February 24th 2020


Personal care giant Unilever has promised to halve the amount of virgin plastic it uses by 2025. The conglomerate (which owns Dove, St. Ives, Tresemme, Vaseline and Toni & Guy, among others) has a current plastic packaging footprint around 700,000 tonnes per year, but the company has committed to slashing its virgin plastic packaging footprint to 350,000 tonnes by 2025. The company will also endeavor to collect and process around 600,000 tonnes of plastic annually by 2025, by investing in waste management infrastructure, purchasing and using recycled plastics in its packaging and participating in extended producer responsibility schemes that will see it pay directly for the collection of its packaging.


In a ground-breaking first and using trailblazing technology, this year’s MyFaceMyBody Awards were held virtually through the inaugural Global Virtual Aesthetic Summit. The MyFaceMyBody Global Aesthetic Awards are the largest, most established and respected Aesthetic Awards. In an industry that is always cutting edge, MyFaceMyBody is pioneering the way with this innovative new virtual awards platform, enabling the program to be truly global. In an unprecedented move, MyFaceMyBody used state-of-the-art streaming technology that open up the awards to Aesthetic businesses from around the world. The award winners went through an intensive application process and were carefully selected by a board of judges that included some of the most brilliant minds in Aesthetics. Chosen from hundreds of applicants from across the globe, the lucky few now hold the prestigious title of a MyFaceMyBody Global Aesthetic Award winner. 150 winners have taken the coveted title of being the best in the world.


Beauty Squad 2020

Beauty Squad is a new initiative from the founders of the Australian Beauty Industry Awards and seeks to empower, mentor and enrich the young rising talent in the professional Beauty Industry. Each year’s Beauty Squad will consist of 4 individuals with 5 years min experience, professionally qualified and working in the industry aged 35 or

On graduation, students of Box Hill Institute’s new Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialising in Make Up Services) will be ready to work on film, TV, stage and streaming sets, working with newsreaders, on-air talent, glamorous femme fatales, monstrous ghouls and fantasy characters. Box Hill Institute’s head of hair and beauty, Ruth Browne said, “The course is offered in our creative CBD hub and will teach make-up and hairdressing to create complete looks to brief. Anyone wishing to break into this field will be fully equipped by our course, which will cover special effects, prosthetics, photography, hair and wigs.” Ruth said that a team of respected industry practitioners have been recruited and are ready to teach from Term 1, 2020 (February). Amongst the skills taught are film day and evening make up, wounds and injuries, historical make up and facial hair, and postiche design and aging make up. “Students will build a career-ready portfolio after working on in-class photoshoots and on 260 hours of work placements. They will understand professional protocols of working on set; things like confidentiality and respecting needs of the talent as they prepare for their roles,” Ruth said. Applicants for this full-time course need no prior experience but must have successfully completed Year 11, be at least 17 years of age and have clear communication skills. “This new Diploma will a great launchpad for school leavers and ideal for career changers who want to work in creative industries,” Ruth said. Box Hill Institute is partnering with Kryolan Professional Make Up to deliver this course. For more information, please contact or call (03) 9286 9302. Image supplied courtesy of industry partner, Kryolan.

NAKED TAN PRESENTS LOVE ISLAND This year Naked Tan are proud to say that the Love Islanders were lucky in love, and in tans. Over the course of 2019, Naked Tan have sponsored Love Island, Australia’s most addictive reality tv show. Naked Tans signature range are 2HR Wash ‘n’ Wear tanning solutions, which means they can be washed off faster than Cartier can move on from Adam. Falling in love is easy but finding the perfect fake tan is hard! Luckily Naked Tan has the perfect colour for all skin tones. Visit or call 1300 365 683 for further info and enquiries on Naked Tan.


resonate with and inspire our millennial consumer.” Garbo & Kelly believe that every person deserves beautiful products and tools to create, correct, camouflage and enhance their own timeless beauty. The brands vision is to provide expert knowledge coupled with the highest quality products, to give users confidence to conquer all elements of the day.


Following the TGA announcement on 11th November 2019 regarding a microneedling device being removed from the TGA register, the sponsor of the device has advised this was due to an administrative paperwork error. At no time was the safety or efficacy of the device in question. On the 25th November 2019, the Dermapen 4 cosmetic micro-needling device was confirmed as ACTIVE on the TGA Public Summary (ARTG 326609) under Approval area of Medical Devices. The Dermapen device has been used around the world for almost a decade without any safety or health concerns and continues to be the #1 skin needling device globally. Dermapen 4 is proudly Australian Made with a 7 Year warranty and is exclusively distributed in Australia by INSKIN COSMEDICS. Visit

YELP ANNOUNCES TOP BEAUTY SERVICES OF 2019 Yelp recently revealed the most popular beauty services in 2019 with HydraFacial coming out on top. The user-generated review forum found that the HydraFacial treatment was the top choice of beauty lovers for 2019, and that it is mentioned four times more often in reviews than it was four years ago. “At Yelp, we’re seeing that people are going for beauty treatments that are reflective of a more natural look—ditching the fake tans and permanent makeup,” Tara Lewis, a Yelp trend expert revealed to Elle US in an interview. Lewis continued to explain how people are instead turning to skin care treatments in the beauty realm to aspire to a naturally beautiful look rather than packed on false eyelashes and fake tans. Other treatments that made the top reviews on Yelp in 2019 included Coolsculpting, Laser Facials, Fillers, Emsculpt, Ultherapy, Kybella, Collagen, Nail Art, Vaginal Steaming and Lash Lifts.

GARBO & KELLY DEBUTS NEW AMBASSADORS Garbo & Kelly has just announced models and influencers Alli Simpson and Ellie Gonsalves as the new Ambassadors of their Australian Cosmetics brand. The two Australian beauties are the new faces of the brands “My Glamour, My Power” campaign; an eight-image photographic collection of on-trend makeup creations for the lifestyle of the Millennial Garbo & Kelly girl. Explains Garbo & Kelly Founder & Managing Director Carolyn Fox “We are so delighted to have Alli Simpson and Ellie Gonsalves join Garbo & Kelly as the face of our brand. The two girls are such iconic Australian beauties that we feel really

Maverick Reception Desk Not your average reception desk, Maverick is a rebel compared to the rest. The epitome of contemporary design, this compact reception desk boasts structural matte black metal, concrete look finish and a contrasting white gloss top adding a sophisticated touch. It features two cupboards full of shelves, plus a handy shelf to hide the cash drawers or all those messy bits and pieces that come with a busy salon. The best thing about Maverick? It’s neat compact design, so makes it’s the perfect standing desk. Where layers or natural raw finishes are the design statement, pair with Comfortel’s Lionel Retail Shelves for an Urban Day Spa salon look. Beauty Trolleys A salon staple. A mobile workstation that holds or stores our work essentials. We all need one, and we often don’t put stylish and beauty trolleys in the same sentence. But think again. Comfortel this season introduces their latest designs, that really changes the way we think of our portable work mates. Drawing inspiration from the popular Scandi inspired looks, these trolleys make the boring now a fashionable, show stopping piece we would be happy to store and cart around our essential (and often expensive) equipment. The seamless integration of study frame and easy rolling wheels is a unique feature providing both enhanced stability and a fashionable, modern look for the Beauty industry. With a minimalist aesthetic, curved lines and premium materials of high pace durable metals and timber finishes (suitable for busy salon life) the trolleys will add a wow factor and future proof chic styling to your salon space.

DERMAPEN4 WINS AT THE MYFACEMYBODY GVAS DermapenWorld are proud to announce Dermapen 4 as the winner of 2019 MYFACE MY BODY GVAS awards. Dermapen 4 was featured at the recent global revolution GVAS – the first online Global Virtual Aesthetic Summit, which incorporated both clinical and business programs including workshops, demonstrations, educational seminars, featuring some of the world’s most sort after speakers and industry sponsors.


Wax Pro






Wax Heater • High performance heating system • Variable temperature control • Suitable for all wax types

Hi Lift Professional Products

• Easy fit drip ring – easy clean • Includes 1litre insert


(03) 9555 1533 | | | 662 South Rd, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia




Owner Leanne Condina and her team at Cocoon Spa in South Australia collectively won a hat trick at the 2019 ABIA’s winning the gongs for Best Marketing and Best State Salon of the Year VIC/SA/TAS as well as the 2019 ABIA Best Beauty Therapist. Cocoon is one of South Australia’s largest day spas, offering massages, facials, body treatments, water therapies, salon treatments, (including waxing, tinting, nails, tanning) Skin Clinic Treatments (including advanced facials, skin needling, LED, laser), events (corporate, bridal, special occasion), Holisitic Therapies and now training and master classes. Cocoon Spa launched in 2009 with the newest reincarnation being in August 2016. The new spa is custom-built, with a two-storey design to cater for our growing clientele and new modalities. Cocoon prides itself in an established a diverse client based and an extensive menu with over 100 treatments to choose from. Cocoon began with five staff members and has grown to over 15 employees and subcontractors who help make it what it is today. Spa assistants help clients have the best experience they can have, ensuring that the spa, including change rooms, is kept clean and tidy and attending to any client needs Cocoon Owner & CEO, Leanne Condina, says “My passion for beauty therapy began when I was a teenager. My vivacious character has helped me connect with people on a personal level, establish myself as a therapist and, in turn, see great results – in skin treatments, alleviating muscular tension, and aesthetic beauty. My goal as a therapist is to help my clients align their mind, body and soul. This is why I dreamed 28

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

about opening my own spa: so that I could enact this vision with my clients and staff and, most importantly, empower myself to thrive within the industry. “ Whilst the team at Cocoon strive to ensure clients are having an excellent experience, they also recognise the importance of staff operating in an excellent environment. Cocoon has several values, but ‘family culture’ is the one that most staff identify with. This culture means that staff consider their co-workers and clients to be part of their family and go the extra mile to ensure they are having the best possible experience. A keen focus on staff training ensures “Cocoon-ies” are experienced and dedicated individuals who know their work and aim to please their clients. All Clients are provided with a through consultation and given the time and attention they need to have their expectations fully met. “My vision for Cocoon Spa was to create an environment that connected with people,” says Leanne, “and to design the spa to cater to the expectations of the therapist whilst also accommodating my diverse clientele. By building a strong rapport with your client, you both develop a sense of trust in one another. The client then is more inclined to listen to your expertise, feels comfortable with you and takes on your personal advice.” Cocoon has become a family-spirited

2019 ABIA BEAUTY THERAPIST OF THE YEAR. Sponsored by Dermalogica - Leanne Condina, Cocoon Spa (accepted on her behalf) 2019 ABIA STATE SALON OF THE YEAR – 5 TREATMENT ROOMS OR MORE - VIC/TAS/SA. Sponsored by Sothys - Cocoon Spa

Leanne Condina

environment inviting clients to linger in the relaxation lounges where they can sit or lay, and enjoy complimentary water, tea, coffee, nuts and dried fruits. After their treatment clients are welcome to stay for as long as they need.

unit that cleverly collects and filters the water for re-use in our gardens.” Leanne shares. We seek to re-use containers and packaging wherever possible. We also stock an organic and natural product range (Dr Hauschka) and organic body range (IKOU).”

And it works both ways with Leanne also taking on feedback to better improve staff training and services. “We are always listening to our clients and consider what changes we should make from their feedback. We take our client’s feedback seriously and act upon reasonable requests. Creating love between your company and your clients can help scale positive word of mouth that’s absolutely priceless.”

Promoting environmentally friendly methods has set Cocoon apart from competitors and has attracted new clients who appreciate a more sustainable approach to Spa life. “We have found that making our business environmentally friendly not only benefits the environment but can also save us money.”

The services offered at Cocoon Spa are very personal and require a lot of attention to detail and dedication to create the perfect experience for all clients. Particular attention is paid to the Spa environment which offers a clean, peaceful, aesthetic interior, with soft music, subdued lighting, captivating senses from the burning candles and extremely polite staff. “We built the Spa for our clients, creating a sanctuary for them, where they can leave their stress and worries behind and be looked after by our amazing staff.” Considering a conscious environmental impact is a top priority for Leanne and her team at Cocoon. “As a day spa, we use a lot of water in our water therapies. We have systems in place to manage this, including using water restrictors and a water recycling

Cocoon uses a multifaceted approach to marketing their business which places guest advocacy at the top to generate positive word-of-mouth and strategies such as connecting with a wider audience, promoting awareness of a wellness lifestyle throughout their holistic treatment menu and a ‘Journey to a Zen life’ blog. Annually Cocoon gives back to their local community through charitable donations and each year he team also hosts a special Christmas Party for all of their clients, friends and family in the Spa car park which helps further foster a sense of togetherness, allowing the team to bond with clients in a more casual setting. Led by Leanne, this team is everything and more when it comes to brand culture, aesthetics, environment and client satisfaction.

2019 ABIA BEST MARKETING. Sponsored by Phorest Salon Software - Cocoon Spa




It was a big night for Joy Crossingham at the 2019 ABIA’s winning the Best ABIA Educator of the Year personally and also the Best Business Performance of the Year for her company LashJoy. LashJoy develops and distributes superior quality professional lash enhancement products, supplies and tools to more than 10,000 salons and stylists worldwide. The LashJoy Academy offers expert inperson and online training, facilitated by internationally-awarded, Master Stylist and LashJoy CEO, Joy Crossingham. Joy is an 11-year veteran of the Lash Industry and remains a humble student of the game, still attending regular training events and conferences for her own self-improvement, to stay at the forefront of the industry.

2019 ABIA BEST BUSINESS PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR. Sponsored by Beauty Biz - LashJoy

LashJoy customers whole-heartedly trust in their products and have done so from the very start. With an enthusiastic focus on education for both professionals and everyday consumers, LashJoy offers customers a unique service that is inclusive of not only a product, but also informative blogs and tutorials delivered by experts in a fun and engaging manner. Since starting online courses in May 2018 Joy and the Lash Joy team have been delighted to see the high-quality standard of work being produced from the online students, which is on par with students taking part in the in-person courses. LashJoy has plans to further expand their digital platform further to create a “LashJoy University” of sorts in the not too distant future. Unlike their Beginner’s Online Courses, the next stage of LashJoy education will focus more on specific courses that are more easily digestible by the students and able to be completed in a weekend. These courses will focus on an isolated topic ranging from “Mastering Customer Retention” to “Building


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Your Business Using Social Media” just to name a few. “We are planning to collaborate with other professionals both inside and outside of our industry for this.” Joy shares. To date Lash Joy has facilitated just over 200 training courses that range from 1 to 5 days in duration since commencing in late 2014, teaching over 1,000 students from all over the world, creating countless award-winning Lash Stylists along the way. Joy’s passion for teaching comes from her desire to see women be able to financially support themselves through becoming professional self-employed Lash Stylists so that don’t need to rely on anyone to live the life they deserve. Joy has a keen eye for details and seeks to see eyelash extensions performed correctly and safely, with the goal to see eyelash extensions become a mainstream beauty service. “We love the way something as obscure as a beautiful set of eyelash extensions can dramatically change how a woman feels about herself, improve her self-confidence and so much more,” says Joy. Housed in a 1500m2 space spread over 5 levels, The Lash Joy HQ is designed to provide a learning experience like no other on the market. Each year in July Lash Joy runs the annual Pro Series Lash Competition and also collaborate and host several international Lash Educators who not only assist with judging the competition, but also hold their own private master classes at the Academy during their stay.

2019 ABIA EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR ORGANISATION. Sponsored by Timely - LashJoy Academy

This is not only a great opportunity for Lash Stylists within the Australian community to attend and learn new skills from international lash masters, but also for Joy and her team of stylists to learn and develop their skills also. Joy plans to further refine the current Lash Joy courses as the industry continues to evolve and to find new ways to deliver the information in a fun and memorable way that most importantly get results. Joy measures the success of the Lash Joy education program by the success of her students. “We are responsible for creating more award-winning and successful Lash Stylists than any other lash academy in Australia.” Joy says. Joy and the Lash Joy team recognise that word of mouth is by far their strongest referral source. “By increasing the amount of successful students we produce this will in turn increase our student referrals and should also have a positive impact on other parts of our business such as our new appointment book portal BookJoy and LashJoy.” Unlike a lot of lash training academies that issue certificates at the end of the course, LashJoy believes that any certification should be earned and for that reason they require students to submit work experience post training before official certifications are issued.

Upon completion LashJoy students are required to submit photographic evidence of 20 full sets of eyelash extensions applied by them within 4 weeks. “We find this helps to build momentum, speed and confidence and allows Trainers to easily identify any bad habits or mistakes that may have crept into the student’s application technique after training,” Joy explains. And like any business, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the LashJoy team with 2018 bringing its fair share of heartache and dramas. From an out-grown warehouse space to product inconsistency issues, the LashJoy team have overcome some pretty huge hurdles. In true LashJoy style, these challenges have been faced with grace and a level head to turn them into opportunities and the group have worked hard to come out on top, always keeping their customers front of mind. One of Joy’s proudest moments with LashJoy to date is making the 2018 Australian Financial Review’s Fast Starters Top 100 List. “Despite only having two full-time employees at the time we still managed to outperform many other ‘big’ businesses and rank 75th overall. We were one of only two beauty businesses to make the list and were the only lash business.” Joy beams. LashJoy has also been selected as a Finalist in both the 2018 and 2019 Telstra Business Awards.





From temperature-controlled tanning rooms, to up-cycled vintage decor, and over 100 different tanning options, Nabu Bronzing Bar located in Sydney’s Rose Bay and Wollongong, has fast become the hottest destination for beautifully bronzed skin in Australia and are the winners of the 2019 ABIA for Tanning Salon of the Year. Born from a desire to eradicate skin cancer and those affected by it, by offering safe alternatives to traditional sun & solarium tanning methods Nabu CEO & Owner, Blair Petiquin, is not only passionate about Tanning but also skin health and aims to inspire confidence and self-love amongst their clients. “My younger sister suffers an acute case of Vitiligo.” Blair shares. “I watched her get bullied throughout her adolescence. I also have played witness to two of the greatest people I love having skin cancer removed from their

nose, leaving them physically scared. Needless to say, this sense of having a passion for wanting to help others rise up and feel confident in their skin has always been greatly important to me.” “Spray Tanning was always an instant fix for the very special people in my life. It seemed to give them an instant extra spring in their step. It is because of them that my love for Tanning grew into this wonderful business that is Nabu Bronzing Bar.” Blair continues. Nabu demonstrates excellence through their tailored approach to tanning, state of the art equipment, certified staff, hydration preparation, Body Blending finishing techniques and Custom Colour Creation. Starting with an in-depth skin assessment by Nabu’s Skin Finishing Experts, the clients ideal tan is then chosen from over 100 custom tan colour options and created by their master tan mixologists to deliver a unique and tailored results to leave each client with a flawless bronzed tan every time. Blair and her team put mindset at the centre of their success. “I have always been determined to have a business where my passion meets profit. I know for sure that people may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” “At Nabu, we are very passionate about the Bronzing Services we offer. Our entire team are constantly focused on wowing our clients in every stage of the process. Empowering women is our passion, making a positive impact on this planet is our passion and helping our customers Build their Base through our incredible Bronzing services is our passion.

2019 ABIA TANNING SALON/ SERVICE OF THE YEAR. Sponsored by Naked Tan - Nabu Accepted by Christie Foster on behalf of Nabu 32

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

As a team we practice the miracle morning mindset, where we take responsibility of our state of mind by starting the day in a positive way with our daily gratitude list. As Thursday is our busiest day of trade, an inspirational message in the morning is sent to the team to help boost that positive mindset.”

Taking pride in themselves on being leaders in the tanning industry is paramount to the team, who all have a strong focus on creating a safe and open environment for customers to freely communicate and provide feedback both good and bad so they can work together to ensure they are 100% satisfied with their results every time. Staff maintain a Tanning Diary for each client which documents the tanning blends used for each session, allowing technicians to know exactly what formulas have been used on them and when, as well as the results they enjoyed or may like adjusted. The environment is front of mind at Nabu with the team constantly striving to becoming more sustainable as they grow. “We believe taking care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility including all of our staff and our customers. We believe it is the small differences in our everyday actions that add up to a lasting, sustainable steps towards change.” The entire team is aware of their green policy with product wastage eliminated, towels dried naturally to save on electricity, recycling packaging like paper and waste and fitting the salon with recycling bins for paper, plastics, glass and aluminium. Nabu has celebrated many successes in the past year including expanding their team, opening a new head office and private studio for training, the development of their very own professional and retail range of tanning products, taking part in the “One Fine Day” Sydney Wedding Expo and completing over 3000 tans as Fitness Tan Ambassadors travelling globally to tan 8 WBFF Fitness events. The team at Nabu continues to go from strength to strength and don’t show any sign of letting up any time soon. We look forward to seeing where the year ahead takes them.



DARKEST TAN YET 20-25 TANS PER BOTTLE $75 PER 1L - FREE SHIPPING! Go online or call 1300 365 683





While we can be overwhelmed by the volume of information regarding some of our dietary choices and the connection they have to skin health, there is a clear pattern that suggests carb and high GI foods can have an impact on our overall health, including the skin. Eliminating or limiting these foods in your diet, can help protect skin from common aesthetic concerns like acne, sun damage, pigmentation, and even cellulite. So, what are the effects and how can you counteract? Some carbohydrates are essential to a healthy, balanced diet, but it’s important to note that not all carbs are created equally. Refined carbohydrates are commonly processed foods that include sugar and refined grains, but the nutrients, bran, and fibre have mostly been removed. Refined carbs often rank high on the glycaemic index (GI), which is a tool used to denote how a carbohydrate may raise your blood glucose (sugar) and spike insulin production. Spikes in sugar can cause inflammation in the body, which affects sebum (oil) production in the skin mostly, spikes in insulin after eating these refined carbs are linked to increased levels of the hormone androgen, which can lead to the increased shedding of old skin cells. 34

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

Without appropriate skincare, the combination of increased oil production and shedding of old skin cells leads to clogged pores and acne breakouts. In fact, a diet that favours high-glycaemic foods has been proven to increase one’s risk of acne breakouts by 30%. Further still, the inflammation caused by high-GI foods and refined carbohydrates is linked to an increased risk for developing cellulite. For many women, stubborn fat tends to accumulate around the buttocks, thighs, and hips—all areas where the body is much more susceptible to cellulite. As circulation in these areas decreases, skin cells are unable to receive the oxygen and nutrients they need to continue generating sufficient collagen and elastin stores, meaning skin’s structure will gradually weaken and make way for cellulite.


Processed foods, White bread, white rice, white potatoes, crackers, baked goods, cereals, lollies and sugary drinks. Making changes to your diet is a great way to counteract future affects to your skin, but if you are looking to reverse the damage that has

already been caused, there is also a range of aesthetic treatments you can use. Specifically, Cellulite Reduction is a great treatment for those searching for a smoothing solution for cellulite’s lumps and bumps. It will also target stubborn fat pockets with no surgery or downtime with radio frequency-based cellulite reduction treatments. Powered by innovative technology that targets and shrinks fat cells while supporting skin’s natural collagen and elastin production levels to improve the appearance of bumps and dimpling, cellulite reduction treatments can deliver noticeable results and are safe for all skin tones. If you have experienced increased acne breakouts due to your diet, limiting inflammationcausing foods while also having a series of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) acne treatments can target both current and future breakouts. This treatment can work to heal existing acne-related inflammation while destroying acne-causing bacteria to prevent future breakouts. The result is noticeably smoother, healthier-looking skin! It is recommended, of course, that it is best to take note of how and when your skin reacts, alongside the foods you’re eating, and speak to a dermatologist or aesthetics treatment provider who can better help determine the right balance between diet and care for your skin.



PLANT POWERED RESULTS In 2012, Dr Pauline Hill created Nourish London because she understood that offering organic skincare was not enough. Consumers increasingly wanting beauty without compromise and would be soon be demanding skincare which was not only organic but highly effective too. Dr Hill shares with us her insights into this booming trend that’s proving both effective and sustainable. Hot on the heels of the global consumer demand for more plant-based diets is the rise in demand for Vegan skincare and beauty products. Whether it is a love of animals or a desire to reduce your environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable world, Vegan skin care ticks all of the boxes when it comes to getting a beauty regime that gives you gorgeous skin with a squeaky-clean conscience. Vegan skin care does not contain animal products or animal by-products. But the ingredients listings on skincare are required to use standardised names (INCI) so it can be difficult to identify some animal products – for example beeswax might ‘hide’ behind the INCI name of Cera Alba. Other common ingredients, such as Glycerin, can be from a plant or animal source – so looking for a recognisable vegan certification gives you the reassurance you need that a product is truly vegan. Certified Vegan products go beyond verifying the ingredients, as certification also requires that the processing and packaging of ingredients do not use animal products or animal by-products. So when it comes to ‘cruelty free’ certified vegan products have an automatic head start. The benefit for the skin is one of the key drivers behind the global surge in Vegan skin care products. Cosmetic scientists working solely with natural, plant derived ingredients are able to formulate some of the most effective products without resorting to animal-based ingredients. The range of nutrient-rich ingredients to draw on is extensive and delivers all the essential omegas and vitamins necessary to power the skin’s primary processes. Plant- based ingredients work with the skin’s natural metabolism to enhance and perfect the health of the skin. • Superior moisturisation can be achieved with powerful oils such as Argan, Pumpkin, Macadamia or Borage oils. Omega 6 for example is crucial for maintaining a healthy barrier function and omega 3 helps to protect from the damaging effects of UV. • Vitamin-rich natural resources from a host of superfoods that we add to our diet can also boost skin function when applied topically. Citrus fruit oils, Rosehip and Kale are some of nature’s

vitamin superpowers delivering vitamins essential for good skin function. Vitamin C, for example, is vital for the production of healthy collagen. B vitamins are important for regulating sebum and protecting the skin from breakouts. • Pollution protection can be achieved with the remarkable enzyme system and vitamin complex from Kale and Griffonia • Gentle exfoliation is effective and kind when delivered by the fruit enzymes of pineapple and pomegranate The desire for anti-ageing skin care is equally well provided for by nature, with sources of hyaluronic acid and peptides to stimulate collagen production both available from pure plant sources, enabling vegan formulators to pack a real punch when it comes to holding back the hands of time. Sensitivities and allergies are another reason why vegan skin care can be so beneficial. Allergic reactions to ingredients such as beeswax and lanolin are common. For example, reactions might be seen during facial waxing with products containing these ingredients. Allergic responses can range from mild short-term redness to rashes, bumps and in extreme cases, welts. Many products based solely on synthetic chemical ingredients can also claim to be vegan but these do not contain the essential vitamins and minerals and are not readily metabolised by the skin. Choosing a product which is certified vegan and contains a high percentage of plant material will give you the best of both worlds. With the google searches for vegan products increasing sevenfold since 2014 *and the global category growth in double figures it looks like the vegan trend is here to stay and our skin will benefit as a result. Dr Pauline Hili is the Founder of Nourish London skincare Nourish London is an award winning, scientifically crafted, certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare range powered by ingredients from nature. All Nourish London skincare is VEGAN, alcohol-free and excludes unfriendly chemicals such as synthetic colours, TEA, DEA, parabens, phenoxyethanol, sulphates, mineral oils, PEGS and silicones.



BEHIND THE BROTOX Cosmetic Physician, Dr. Phoebe Jones shares why Brotox is quickly becoming the new cosmetic phenomenon and the four major contributing factors behind it.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has reported that since 1999, antiwrinkle injections remain to be the most popular non-surgical aesthetic procedure, with over one billion spent on injectables in 2018 alone, believe it or not, statistics include not only women, but a high rate of men. Cosmetic Physician, Dr. Phoebe Jones has witnessed first-hand an increase in males receiving anti-wrinkle injections and shares with us her insights on this popular rising treatment – Brotox.

results, can too be self-conscious - just like women. Men usually express concern to getting rid of specific lines on their upper-face and their go-to being anti-wrinkle injections - it is very simple, quick and effective.” She also adds that “men are willing to pay for what they want! Usually, a gentleman’s treatment would cost a bit more than a woman’s due to their greater muscle mass and requiring more product to illicit good results.”

“Although many may think of Brotox as nothing more than a buzzword, males are in fact becoming increasingly interested in having non-surgical aesthetic procedures,” says Dr. Jones. Since 2017, there has been a significant increase in the number of males undergoing cosmetic procedures. The most common being anti-wrinkle injections, followed by laser hair removal and skin treatments such as peels, microdermabrasion and derma fillers.

Men usually prefer to be private about getting cosmetic treatment due to worrying about judgement from peers, however Dr. Jones suggests that gay men are less embarrassed and are more open and proud of the work they are getting done. “They really embrace getting onto treatments that will prevent signs of ageing and improving their overall look,” says Dr. Jones. Most interestingly, Dr. Jones shares that “for gay men, getting cosmetic treatment done is a status symbol and a representation of self-care and health.”

“I find that there are a few different factors motivating males to undergo brotox in my practice,” says Dr Jones. Here, Dr. Jones shares with us four reasons contributing to the rise of brotox:


Dr. Jones says “Men who are often driven by 36

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6


#3 - WHAT ABOUT THE STRAIGHT MEN? It’s not just g ay men and women that care about looking their best, Dr. Jones shares that she has witnessed the change of tide herself, with more straight males incorporating beauty trends into their lifestyle. “I have a lot of male patients in

my practice and interestingly enough, often they have been coaxed in by their wives or girlfriends,” says Dr. Jones.


Living in a society that could be deemed ageist, older people often feel overlooked. “I find that older men who seek treatment is often a result of not wanting to look like the oldest person in the office,” says Dr. Jones. “My older male patients who have undergone a couple of cosmetic tweaks have resulted in a confidence boost and looked at it as protecting their income,” she added. “Additionally, I find that men over 50 really benefit from upper face anti-wrinkle injections and skin treatments to reduce actinic damage and photoageing. The effect of sun damage in this age group is very significant in Australia, and simply performing laser treatments and “brotox” results in very high patient satisfaction,” added Dr. Jones. Dr. Phoebe Jones is a professional, highly trained and trusted cosmetic doctor that specialises in delivering more beautiful and youthful skin through the use of injectables and laser therapy. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine from The University of Sydney in 2011, Dr. Jones has worked as both a clinician and a researcher. Dr Jones currently practises at Concept Cosmetic Medicine.




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For decades it has been appreciated that ageing is the consequence of both genetic and environmental influences. Genetic factors are evident. Environmental factors are influenced by ionising radiation, severe physical and psychological stress, skin ultraviolet irradiation, pollution and over eating versus caloric restriction. Photo-aged skin is characterised by alterations of the dermal connective tissue, caused by environmental factors. The extracellular matrix in the dermis mainly consists of type 1, 111 and IV collagen, as well as elastin, proteoglycans and fibronectin. Collagen and elastin fibrils are important for the strength and resiliency of skin, and any alterations in their number and structure are thought to be responsible for wrinkle formation and lax skin. In photo-aged skin, collagen fibrils are disorganised and abnormal which causes the changes to the epidermal junction, while at the same time elastin-containing material accumulates. Biochemical studies have shown this. Photo-aged skin levels of types 1 and 111 collagen precursors and cross-links are reduced, whereas elastin levels are increased. UV radiation causes these alterations by an enhanced and accelerated degradation or a decreased synthesis of collagen fibers. It is the enzymes collagenase and elastase that cause this to happen. There are a number of studies that unambiguously demonstrate that the induction of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) play a major role in the pathogenesis of photo-aging in skin. As indicated by their name, these zinc-dependent endopeptidases show proteolytic activity to degrade matrix proteins such as collagen and elastin. Again, this is by the increase in the two enzymes – collagenase and elastase which break down their own protein. Each MMP degrades different dermal matrix proteins for example – MMP-1 cleaves collagen type 1, 11 and 111. MMP-9 also known as gelatinase degrades collagen type 1V, V and gelatin. Under basal conditions, MMPs are part of a coordinate network and are precisely regulated by their endogenous inhibitors that are tissuespecific inhibitors (TIMPs) of MMPs, which specifically inactivate certain MMPs. An imbalance between activation of MMPs and their respective TIMPs could lead to excessive proteolysis. It is now established that UV radiation induces MMPs without affecting the expression or activity of TIMPs. These MMPs can be induced by both UVB and UVA radiation, but 38

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

the underlying photo-biological and molecular mechanisms differ depending on the type of irradiation. In a more simplified scheme, UVA radiation would mostly act indirectly through the generation of reactive oxygen species, in particular singlet oxygen which subsequently can exert a multitude of effects such as lipid peroxidation, activation of transcription factors and generation of DNA-strand breaks. While UVB radiation-induced MMp induction has been shown to involve the generation of reactive oxygen species. The main mechanism of action of UVB is the direct interaction with DNA via the induction of DNA damage. Studies have indeed provided evidence that enhanced repair of UVBinduced cyclobutane pyrimidine dimmers in the DNA of epidermal keratinocytes through topical application of liposomally encapsulated DNA repair enzymes on UVB-irradiated human skin prevents UVB radiation-induced epidermal MMP expression. The activity of MMPs is highly regulated by transroptional regulation and elegant in vivo studies by (Fisher et al.), have demonstrated that exposure of human skin to UVB radiation leads to the activation of the respective transcription factors. Accordingly, UV exposure of human skin not only leads to the induction of MMPs within hours after irradiation, but already within minutes, transcription factors AP-1 and NFkB, which are known stimulatory factors of MMP genes, are induced. These effects can be observed at low UVB dose levels, because transcription factor activation and MMP-1 induction could be achieved by exposing human skin to one-tenth fo the dose necessary for skin reddening (minimal erythema dose). Subsequent work by the same group clarified the major components of the molecular pathway by

which UVB exposure leads to the degradation of matrix proteins in human skin. A low dose of UVB irradiation induced a signalling cascade which involves up regulation of epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFR), the GTP-binding regulatory protein p21Ras, extracellular signalregulated kinase (ERK), c-jun amino terminal kinase (JNK), and p38. Elevated c-jun together with constitutively expressed c-fos increased activation of AP-1. Identification of this UVBinduced signalling pathway does not only unravel the complexity of the molecular basis which underlies UVB radiation-induced gene expression in human skin, but also provides a rationale for the efficacy of tretinoin (all-transretinoic acid) in the treatment of photo-aged skin. Topical pre-treatment with tretinoin inhibited the induction and activity of MMPs in UVB-irradiated skin through pre-vention of AP-1 activation. In addition to the destruction of existing collagen through activation of MMPs, failure to replace damaged collagen is thought to contribute to photo-aging as well. In chronically photodamaged skin, collagen synthesis is down regulated as compared to sun-protected skin. The mechanism by which UV radiation interferes with collagen synthesis is not yet known but in a recent study evidence has been provided that fibroblasts in severely photo-damaged skin have less interaction with intact collagen and are therefore are exposed to less mechanical tension, and it has been proposed that this situation might lead to decreased collagen synthesis. References Bielenberg, D.R., Bucana, C.D., Sanchez, R., Eonawho, C.K., Kripke, M.L., Fidler, I.J., (1998) Molecular regulation of UVBinduced angiogenesis Fisher, G.J., Talwar, H.S., Lin, J., (2000) Retinoic acid inhibits induction of c-jun protein by ultraviolet radiation






In the 34 years since Riana Janse van Rensburg started her beauty business, her passion for helping people look and feel the best they can for their age, has gone from a dream to a reality and an international award-winning business. “I have dedicated my life to it,” says Riana, “working more than 50 hours a week while also managing to raise three boys.”

Riana’s commitment to her clients has made her determined to live a healthy lifestyle, with a positive mindset, never wanting to let them down by having to cancel appointments for any reason. Her passion, dedication and care for her clients has brought her many accolades and awards, but her greatest reward, she says, is her clients’ happiness at the results achieved. “I have continued to extend my knowledge and qualifications across the beauty and medical skin care industry – including participating in the national and international education framework, national and international assessor, moderator and examine scope. I have also completed many short courses on self-development, in order to ensure I give the best care and have undertaken and completed my nursing diploma and cosmetic injectors courses.” Appreciating her success and wanting to give back to the industry, Riana has trained many students and been involved in growing many therapists’ businesses. “I believe I am fulfilling my aim to be an ambassador for this industry,” she says, “which is so valuable when improving people’s confidence, happiness and quality of life.”


An exciting development has been the launch of the Dermaplane Pro International Academy. “We offer many courses in Aesthetic Therapy and as a student you will not only be trained to achieve the professional qualifications essential for this demanding but immensely worthwhile career, you will also benefit from being associated with the best accreditation internationally. This is a fast track course and is open to all who are serious about a career in Beauty and Wellness,” Riana explains. Qualifications include: Advance Skin Needling, Advance Skin Peeling, Dermabrasion, Lesion Removal, Cosmetic Tattooing, Laser Tattoo removal, Laser and IPL, Beauty Therapy and Advance Skin Care. 40

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

At the Academy qualifications and programs are taught according to International unit standards/ learning programs and relevant syllabi, providing relevance to the National and International Framework of Health and Skincare. The Academy promotes public confidence in that effective, efficient and productive learning and accredited qualifications are provided under the international scope of accreditation as per international rules and regulations.


With a mission to inspire students to discover, develop and design their future and a vision to be the best boutique heatlh and skin care training facility in Australia, two new training sites will open soon in Sydney and on in Central Coast NSW, and another on the Gold Coast under DermaplanePro International Academy. Currently there are 13 educators under DermaplanePro Australia, training and educating across the country and it is encouraging to see a company contributing to the education of the overall beauty industry acknowledging a scientifically based profession, which demands the most comprehensive and professional training. For more information on how you can be trained to offer this service in your business please 02 6166 2265


The Professionals Choice for all Dermaplaning Supplies, Training & Support

New Training Courses coming in 2020!! DermaplanePro International Academy will be offering Beauty, Dermal and Aesthetic Courses under ITEC international. We are opening and partnering with RTO’s to offer our students a wide variety of qualifications.

Qualifications in Skin Care, Advance Skin Care, Dermal Skin Care e.g. ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü

Dermabrasion Skin Needling & Advance Skin Needling Skin Peeling IPL & Laser (skin and hair) Laser Tattoo Removal Cosmetic Tattooing Blemish Removal Beauty Therapy, and more.

Our new PINK Shooters are loved by many salon owners and therapists!! PINK Shooters are the next level skin needling devices. A fantastic Skin booster all in one. The PINK solution tones, stimulates, hydrates and plump the skin. A fibroblast booster!

Experience your skin turning into replenished and smooth texture! Whitening | Anti-Pigmentation | Anti-Wrinkle | Anti-Aging

Dermaplaning Packages: ü Online Theory ü One-on-one Coaching or

ü Skype Coaching

Kit includes: Blades, Metal Handle, Sharps box, AHA Lotion, Nourishe Oil, Nu Peel and Masks. $700 incl. GST

phone (02) 6166 2265 or email


Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2020


! es t a d e Save th OPEN FOR ENTRY Monday 13th January 2020

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES Friday 18th May 2020 FINALISTS ANNOUNCED Monday 22nd June 2020 ABIA GALA AWARDS Sunday 23rd August 2020 Beauty Biz



CATEGORIES AMIA Overall MUA of the Year Bridal/Formal Make Up Artist of the Year High Fashion/Editorial Make Up Artist of the Year Fantasy/Special Effects Make Up Artist of the Year

AUSTRALIAN & STATE CATEGORIES AUSTRALIAN Salon/Spa of the Year (4 Treatment Rooms or less) AUSTRALIAN Salon /Spa of the Year (5 Treatment rooms or more) Awarded to the best of the State winners State Salon/Spa of the Year (4 Treatment Rooms or less) NSW/ACT VIC TAS/SA WA/NT QLD State Salon/Spa of the Year (5 Treatment Rooms or more) NSW/ACT VIC TAS/SA WA/NT QLD

INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES Beauty Therapist of the Year Business Director/Owner of the Year Salon Team of the Year Cosmetic Tattooist of the Year

SPECIALIST CATEGORIES Best Tanning Salon of the Year Best Customer Care Award Best In-Salon Training of the Year Best Marketing Award Best Salon Design of the Year Best Eco Salon/Spa of the year Best Business Performance of the Year

EDUCATION CATEGORIES Educator of the Year Individual Educator of the Year Organisation



State and Australian Wholesaler of the Year






Registration is open for Victoria’s premier event for beauty professionals, kicking off the Early Bird ticketing period. Beauty Melbourne is the largest gathering of professional beauty brands and suppliers in the Victorian beauty industry and is set to inspire thousands of visitors in 2020 with innovative product offerings from leading brands, a plethora of exciting features and a line-up of incredible educators. Beauty Melbourne has released their highly anticipated 2020 education program, which is a must-see for beauty professionals wanting to expand their skillsets. Globally celebrated experts will bring their insights to Melbourne to showcase their styles, tips, techniques and talents to the industry’s eager professionals. The program features insightful sessions on topics including business, health and wellness, professional skills, anti-ageing/dermal, makeup trends and artistry, and more. Anticipated highlights of the program include ‘Six Essentials Every Website Needs to Increase Conversions’ led by esteemed business and marketing consultant, Heather Porter. The session will give valuable insights on how to execute marketing campaigns and generate leads, sales and bookings from your salon’s website to increase revenue for your business; must-know tactics for running a successful beauty business in the technically advanced culture of 2020. Talented makeup artists and beginners alike will benefit from the incredible sessions dedicated to makeup trends and techniques at Beauty Melbourne. Celebrity makeup artist, Chantelle 44

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

Baker, has painted the faces of A-listers including Gigi Hadid, Boy George, Sarah Jessica Parker and Elyse Knowles and will be sharing her signature tips for how visitors can put the glam and glow into their makeup routines during her ‘Build Your Makeup Repertoire’ session. The organic beauty industry is positively booming, and in turn, consumers are more conscious of their skincare decisions than ever. Niki Ford, CEO of Australian Organic, will bust myths in her highly anticipated ‘The Power of an Organics Approach in the Beauty Industry’ session around what ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ really mean, how salon owners can incorporate organic beauty in to their businesses, and what the growing demand for organic products means for the beauty industry. Keeping up with the latest game-changing trends is a sure-fire path to success for any beauty professional, and Beauty Melbourne is here to keep visitors in the know. Sampling and shopping from over 200+ leading and boutique professional brands under one roof is a significant drawcard for visitors attending Beauty Melbourne each year. Several new exhibitors have been added to the line-up of brands showcasing the latest beauty innovations to visiting aesthetic professionals, including

SNS, Pure Body Luxe, Retention Systems, and FloAesthetics, who will be exhibiting for the first time. Beauty Melbourne is also thrilled to welcome back brands including Eco Tan, Crown Brush Australia, Timely, Lycon, CND, Caronlab and The Global Beauty Group, who will all be returning to Beauty Melbourne in 2020. Visitors wanting to make the most of their Beauty Melbourne experience can take advantage of the incredible-value All-Access Education Pass. Designed to allow visitors to pick and choose between all sessions in the education program, the All-Access Education Pass provides access to all 18 Look ‘n’ Learn sessions in the business, professional skills and anti-ageing/ dermal categories over the two days of Beauty Melbourne. The All-Access Education Pass includes 2-day show entry and is just $199 during the Early Bird period. Single session tickets are also available for purchase from $99. Beauty Melbourne takes place 28-29 March 2020 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). Early Bird ticketing ends 11.59PM AEST, Friday 14 February 2020. Tickets are available at

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Beauty Squad 2020

A brand new Mocha initiative for Australian Beauty Therapists! THE 4 LUCKY SQUAD MEMBERS WILL WIN

3 day stay in the BEAUTY SQUAD HOUSE post MELBOURNE BEAUTY EXPO 2020 Individual and team exposure in Beauty Biz Magazine A free ticket to the 2020 Australian Beauty Industy Awards Winners Trophy presented at 2020 Australian Beauty Industry Awards Personalised prizes from each Sponsor


A Truly Priceless Experience FINALISTS ANNOUNCED 13th January 2020 WINNERS ANNOUNCED 24th February 2020




The Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) and has been producing beauty, complementary & spa therapy graduates of the highest calibre since 1977. They offer a wide range of world-class qualifications, including beauty therapy, spa, complementary and teaching, striving to maintain and develop the highest standards of excellence internationally. Hyde Park College has been accredited by CIBTAC since the College opened in Adelaide in 1985 and on February 2019 their Nomination for Social Responsibility was confirmed to be entered into the annual CIBTAC Global Awards. In April the exciting news was received that they had successfully been chosen as a Finalist in this category and the winner would be announced at a Gala Dinner in the Castle Windsor Hotel, Windsor, UK on Sunday, September 15th, 2019. ‘Even though I thought we were a very long shot,” says Dianne Miles, Principal, “I decided that I would book an airfare and travel to Windsor,London, UK for the big event.” “On Sunday 15th September 2019 we had a 9am start,” explains Dianne, “CIBTAC 46

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

was also holding an Industry Conference on the Sunday with an amazing variety of Speakers from all areas of our Industry; How to use Social Media usefully; an introduction to Oncology Massage and Client complaint handling; this particular lecture was amazing in that the speaker had actually had a new staff member who lasted 24 hours, stalk, harass and try to wreck her 25 year old business with social media reviews and constant calls over a 12 month period. How she had to deal with all of that was mind blowing, and it is so incredible that she survived to tell the tale and explain techniques she had to use over that time. All the offered lectures were superb, and what was interesting to me was that I was in another country and yet the same issues happen there too. I was also so impressed with the networking and sharing that came about from some 200 Therapists attending from UK and around the globe.

On the Sunday evening the Gala Dinner was held at Castle Windsor Hotel. The finalists for some 20 Awards were presented during the dinner for 1000 glamourous guests from the Beauty and SPA Industry. Guests attended form all over the world including England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, Bali, Hong Kong, Dubai, Japan, Malaysia, Latvia and of course Dianne representing Australia. Awards were presented in an “Oscars” type presentation, and covered the Finalists for Nail, Make up, Beauty, SPA Industries, Educators and Entrepreneurs of our Global business. The awards commenced at a rapid pace and then the latter part of the awards included the category Hyde Park College of Skin and Body Therapy were nominated. With bated breath, the three finalists were read out and then as Dianne explained “Shock!! We had won our category!” “I was humbled and delighted of course and received a fabulous response from all in the room who were clearly so happy that an Australian

CIBTAC school had won this prestigious award! The rest of the evening was spent having so many people come up to me and say how happy they were for me and wanting to know more about my College and students.” Still floating, so after breakfast and the changing of the guard across the road, Dianne decided to take herself off to Windsor Castle, wandering around the castle with loads of tourists, “gobsmacked at what we were seeing!” “That afternoon I was invited to travel to The Grove and look around their multi-million-pound Sequoia Spa, (one hour from London) in the countryside outside Watford. This came about after a chat with the SPA Director during the Gala dinner who wanted me to come meet with her at the amazing Country Club, Hotel, Golf club and incredible SPA there.” “One wonderful result of the award being given to us as a training College is that now our graduates are being offered employment by this SPA in 2020 and onwards. The package they are offering our graduates is incredible, including airfares,

guaranteed employment, visas, accommodation etc. What a golden opportunity for our graduates. In March 2020, the management of the Sequoia SPA are going to be coming to Australia to run recruiting over a week for some 8-10 positions in the SPA.” Clearly the award has opened the “best” doors for Dianne’s graduates with their qualifications now truly representing passports to the global Industry. “Our College students past and present, their workplaces and families are just so delighted with our success, as of course are we.” Says Dianne. “It has focused the spotlight on our International qualifications and our excellent 35 years of training, and of course our relationship with Refugees and victims of Domestic violence to train with us in the Diploma of Beauty Therapy tuition fees free. Hyde Park College of Skin and Body Therapy is situated at:- Level One, 184 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000. Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6




TOP 5 LASH TRENDS IN 2020! By Charlotte Creasy, Lady Lash

Aside from a new set of resolutions, the New Year brings with it a fresh set of beauty trends. Here at Lady Lash, the turn of a new decade also marks the tenth anniversary of the opening of our flagship salon in Newtown. Since then we’ve gone on to open another three salons, with the most recent launching in York Street in Sydney’s CBD just last month. Over the past ten years, Lady Lash has seen it all - from glitter eyelashes to tadpole brows – and we’ve worked our lashes off to act as leaders in the space of revolutionising fabulous eyebrows and lashes. To help celebrate 10 wonderful years of being part of this amazing industry, we have put together our top 5 lash trends for 2020!


Part of any lash lover’s repertoire, lash extensions have become increasingly popular over the last decade and 2020 will see that continue, with innovations in the types of extensions possible. American Volume lashes are best described as a mixture between volume and classic lashes, flawlessly combining the best of both applications. These lashes are set to take centre stage in the New Year with the help of celebrities such as the Kardashians all donning these bold sets. Specially designed to frame your eyes with added texture and a soft yet staggered look, American Volume will be the go-to lash application in 2020.


2020 will be all about health as much as beauty, and that applies to your lashes, too. In order for extensions to stay beautiful, using proper after care products and techniques to extend their lifespan is paramount. Without proper care, lash health can be compromised and can slow the growth of new lashes. Avoiding mascara use, and other oily or oil-based makeup along with daily cleansing with lash-safe make-up remover and foam cleanser to remove build-up and keep


Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

lashes clean and healthy means lashes will look fabulous for longer. Lady Lash also stocks serums in all their salons, which are designed to condition, strengthen and lengthen natural lashes.


Everyone has eyelashes, and great lashes change your face for the better – regardless of your gender. Here at Lady Lash, we are seeing an increasing number of men taking an interest in getting longer, thicker lashes. Eyelash extensions are actually perfect for male lashes, which are typically naturally stronger and longer in comparison to females, and men are starting to see the benefits in lash tints, lifts and low-key lash extensions. All these services are wonderful options for men wanting to refresh and brighten their face. The beauty of male lash extensions at Lady Lash is our ability to customise their length and thickness to each client, meaning men who are hesitant about trying our lash extensions can have a set customised to their individual preferences.


Corporate Lashes are a bit more discreet than

other extension options, so they’re perfect for the modern, busy professional lady wanting a more natural enhanced ‘no one knows I’m wearing extensions’ look. This trend has become more and more popular with professional females aged 30+ as they provide more length and volume than their natural lashes. At Lady Lash we achieve this look by creating sets that are shorter and neater with no obvious styling enhancements. To assist in creating this polished, professional look, we often use brown lashes for blondes and redheads to assist in a more life like lash look.


Gone are the days of mascara being a necessity to complete any look. 2020 will see the rise of low maintenance lash lifts - an innovative treatment that lifts and curls the natural lashes whilst infusing them with keratin and biotin for strength. Lasting anywhere from 6-10 weeks, lash lifts are the perfect low maintenance lash treatment, and can be paired with a tint for extra darkness and effect. This treatment is best for those with natural stronger, longer lashes- those with short or fine lashes will get a better result with extensions. 2020 is all about natural, nofuss treatments, which is the exact philosophy behind this application.


Experience wax which leaves skin soft as a feather. Over the past 34 years, Xanitalia have been creating the best, most effective waxes in the world. Strip and hard waxes formulated to melt and cool quickly, as well as spread easily. For stockists, call Dateline Imports P/L on (02) 9666 3611 or visit


THE Sweet Flutter OF SUCCESS


Long Lashes, is the Australian-made lash serum that is revolutionising the beauty industry both in Australia and abroad. This toxic-free eyelash serum is giving customers around the world, thick, dramatic and long lashes. Created by friends Belinda Robinson and Felecia Tappenden, Long Lashes was developed after both women experienced negative side effects from their lash serums, despite using two different products on the market. After extensive research, they were horrified to learn it was due to an ingredient called prostaglandins, an ingredient originally used to treat the serious eye disease glaucoma, which is in fact classed as a poison and banned for cosmetic use or sale in Australia. They were shocked to learn that although banned in Australia, many products on the market were USA-based brands that face less stringent regulations than in Australia, thus making them still available to purchase online and make their way into Australia. It quickly became clear that there was a serious gap in the market for a high quality, toxic-free serum, that was free of all nasty ingredients that so many of the competition contained. “It really was a light-bulb moment for both of us, so we set out to create an eyelash growth enhancer that was safe to use – low irritant and containing only approved ingredients.” says Felecia. Just as any entrepreneurial journey, it took months of research and hard work to bring to a product to life. Belinda and Felecia went through various stages of product development before they nailed the perfect formulation. The final product, being one that both women knew they could stand proudly behind that was high quality with real results, vegan, cruelty free, growth hormone free, gluten free and gentle enough for the most sensitive eyes. 50

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

Belinda and Felecia saw immediate success, making an impressive six figures in their first six months, a feat generally unheard of for small businesses, as well as million-dollar projections in their second year and distributors across the world. Following steady progress and cementing a strong foothold in Australia, they set their sights on cracking the Chinese market, but it hasn’t come without its slew of challenges. “We were initially probably a little naive,” says Felecia. “After our success in Australia, we assumed the level of legal requirements and timeframes in developing consumer trust would be similar in China.” But navigating the Chinese market has proven more complex than its western counterparts, with requirements including expensive compulsory trademarking fees as well as challenges both culturally and linguistically. Working closely with a consulting agency that specialises in facilitating entry to the Chinese market, it took a long 15 months until they had all the necessary strategy and documentation in place. “They have been instrumental in helping us get set up with trusted social and purchasing platforms like Xiahongshu, a social platform incredibly popular with over one million users and Taobao, the purchasing platform,” says Belinda. Felecia adding, “I cannot emphasise how important establishing this strategy has been, it’s basically been our gateway into the market as these two platforms are what greatly influence Chinese consumers with their purchases. It has been life changing for our business.” Very early on, Belinda and Felecia saw that Chinese customers were extremely beauty savvy and like to do their own extensive research, it’s simply not just about a trend or a fad to the Chinese consumer. “They’re a highly educated audience, have a strong grasp of ingredients

and so take their time to become familiar with the brand and finally make that purchase,” says Belinda. “It was definitely an aspect we weren’t expecting. We noticed a stark contrast to Chinese and Australian purchasing behaviours. But it has been well worth it, in that time we have seen consistent growth.” Long Lashes entered the Chinese market only five months ago and have successfully seen an increase of 89% in revenue and projections leading up to singles day launch in Little Red books are 280%, an incredibly exciting feat for both women founders. The women also stumbled upon an unexpected bonus, their signature Long Lashes serum has proven to work better on the lashes and brows of those with Asian ethnicity - an aspect that no doubt has helped their quick success. It also certainly doesn’t hurt the rise of A-beauty, aka Australian beauty in international markets. Consumers are loving the ingredients and beauty solutions that Australian-based products offer, which are trending across the globe, making them highly sought after. The success story of Long Lashes entering into the Chinese market has certainly set the bar high, but with a proven product and strong execution, it proves they’ll continue to be a force to be reckoned with. So, what’s next for Long Lashes? Belinda and Felecia want to continue growing their base of raving loyal fans both here in Australia and China, while diversifying into further countries via their distributor network. With Belinda and Felecia accomplishing a trail of success in less than four years, it’s no doubt they have an envious future ahead of them.

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Did you know? That 5 mins of daily, small sun exposure during times like; hanging out the washing, driving in the car, sitting on the bus or train, walking to the letter box, putting the rubbish out, or getting a coffee at lunch time can equal thousands of hours of sun exposure over a lifetime. As sun damage is accumulative and one of the fastest ageing factors, all of those small doses of sun exposure is compounding in the skin, waiting to come out at later time. Hello pigmentation, age spots and solar keratosis!!! In Australia, it is impossible to avoid sun exposure and damage from harmful UV rays. With Australia, New Zealand and some parts of South America rating amongst the highest UV rating in the world, there is no escaping the harmful daily exposure. This is due to the location of Australia to the equator and the ozone hole in the Antarctic.



0 – 2: Low - Low danger from the suns UV rays – for the average person. Fairer skins must still be well protected 3 – 5: Moderate - Moderate risk from unprotected sun exposure. Protection should still be worn. 6 – 7: High - High risk from unprotected sun exposure. Full sun protection is essential. Don’t forget the eyes! Sun exposure can also affect the eyes. 8 - 10: Very High - Very high risk from unprotected sun exposure. Avoid sun exposure during the hottest times of the day 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. Full sun protection is vital and frequent re – application of sunscreen. 11 +: Extreme - Standard Australian ratings are 12 – 14 and 16 – 17 in Far North Australia. Extra care and precaution should be taken with full sun protection and avoiding the outdoors during the hottest times of the day. As a professional therapist, it is a duty of care to monitor our clients’ skin and prescribe the best course of treatments and support for their skin. To correctly treat and repair the skin, you must first be able to identify the cause and effect and the symptoms. How does ultraviolet rays affect the skin? UV Radiation attacks the skin cells by causing a burning effect and producing free radicals in the 52

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

skin. UV has 2 forms; UVA - Ageing rays & UVB – Burning rays. UVA rays penetrate deep in the layers of skin, in the reticular dermis. These rays attack the collagen and elastin, resulting in wrinkles and thickened skin. UVB rays penetrate shorter in the skins layers and result in burning on the skin, tans, and change of pigment colour and cause skin cancers. However, these rays do help to produce vitamin D, which is healthy and vital to the skin, in small doses. High levels of UV kill many of the skin cells in the epidermis and any that are not killed are severely damaged. There are 2 types of tanning that can

occur from UV exposure, which are immediate with erythema on the skin or darkening of the existing melanin and delayed tanning. Delayed tanning is when over a period of up to 3 days the melanin production is produced and distributed in the epidermis and can last for up a few weeks. The most common effects of excessive UV exposure on the outer layers of the skin include: • Hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation and mottled pigmentation • Lack of elasticity - elastosis and wrinkles • Telangiectasia • Rough texture, marked dryness and scaly appearance • Dehydration

• Erythema and permanent reddening effect on the skin • Thickened skin and change in texture • Dull and lacklustre skin with sallow colouration • Coarse wrinkling (rhytides) • Actinic comedones • Milia • Benign and malignant growths and lesions – solar keratosis, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma. • Can damage the eyes and result in cataracts The effects on the deeper layers of the skin include: • Impaired barrier function • Cell turnover and cell renewal slows • Epidermis thins, stratum corneum thickens • Biosynthesis of new collage and elastin slows • Corse linking of collagen • Erratic melanin formulation • Inflammation


When UVB rays penetrate the skin, it results in

a trauma to the skin cells and a mutation of the skin cells. The effect is sunburn. Sunburn can produce erythema, peeling, increase in melanin discolouration and in severe cases – blistering and permanent trauma to the skin. It can take up to 4 – 6 or up to 24 hours for the symptoms to appear. This delayed reaction is a result of the keratinocytes detecting DNA damage and producing molecules to attract immune cells into the skin. This causes the blood vessels to flow into the spaces between the cells and skin structures. The extra fluid and swelling provides the red skin, heat and sensitivity. The body has an amazing response to heal itself and start removing the damaged skin cells and immune cells are also further damaging weakened cells. This is what causes the itching feeling associated with sunburn. The DNA damage is what stimulates the melanin production = tan. Did you know? 5 or more sunburns in a lifetime increases the risk of melanoma. UV damage and high levels of exposure results in 90% of the ageing symptoms and rapidly increases the

ageing process manifesting on the skin. It can be common for clients to want a spray tan as a “quick fix” to the uneven tan that sunburn and peeling skin can produce. Unfortunately, as the skin continues to peel, it will lift off not only the spray tan, but more damaged skin cells. Sunburn accelerates the sloughing process of the dead and damaged skin cells to allow the new skin cells to come to surface and also results in free radical damage. Always avoid spray tanning over sun burn and peeling skin. To help save your clients skin and give them advice that their future self will thank them for, always offer a safe sun alternative to feeling beautiful bronzed - provide spray tans and retail a high-quality body SPF, a premium quality face SPF and BB cream, tinted moisturiser or mineral foundation. Marissa Warren is the owner of Beyond Bronze Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6



The art of bathing, reinvented. Discover Dermalogica’s new body collection, delivering radiant, healthy skin – and a moment of mindful revelation. These four products represent our commitment to integrating mindful relaxation into daily life. NEW! Thermafoliant Body Scrub gently exfoliates to brighten skin tone, and NEW! Phyto Replenish Body Oil calms and nourishes the skin. We’ve also optimised our classic Conditioning Body Wash and Body Hydrating Cream, creating a comprehensive body care collection that hydrates, brightens, tones, cleanses, nourishes – and delivers restorative relaxation.


Using 100% botanical, sustainable and cruelty-free ingredients, with zero preservatives, in their products CANNABELLA is the only Australian beauty brand that uses unfiltered hemp oil in their line. Hemp oil is known for its intensely moisturising properties, its ability to calm and soothe inflammation and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The curated line of six skin and body care products includes the brand’s hero - Hemp Jelly, an extension of the original balm created, alongside facial serums, a body oil and a detox face mask


Unlike many traditional sheet masks drowning in serum, O Cosmedics NEW No Baggage Native Collagen Eye Masks are 97% skin identical Freeze-Dried Bovine; making them a second skin to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate, plump and firm the delicate eye area. O’s No Baggage Native Collagen Eye Masks offer unrivalled results thanks to their Triple Collagen Action; Hydration, Regeneration & Repair and Increased Product Penetration. This trio offer an immediate increase of moisturisation by 51% in 30 minutes and a further 38% increase after 2 hours. The magic is in the sheets!


Get that holiday feeling without the damage to your bank account with The Soak Life’s Jet Set Travel Set. This limited edition set contains mini, travelfriendly sizes of our best selling products that can be taken on travelling or on a plane, given as a Christmas gift or just purchased for yourself as a way to try The Soak Life’s best selling products.


Party Time, Beach Time, Make-Over Time with Dermapen Treatments – All perfect time to use Cover Recover by Dp Dermaceuticals, as this corrective camouflage foundation offers a breathable, flawless cover for everyday use, plus SPF 30 and the bonus of instant cooling properties for inflammation, redness, discomfort and heat following any rejuvenation treatment so have no downtime – straight back to enjoying the Australian summer. Cover Recover is an oxygenating make-up/skincare hybrid revolutionises the concept of corrective camouflage foundation by offering a flawless cover plus SPF 30 and the bonus of instant cooling properties for inflammation, redness, discomfort and heat following any rejuvenation treatment. Clinically formulated with medicating actives. Suitable for daily wear. The Non Negotiable post MicroNeedling Treatments.


Mesoprotech, new from Mesoestetic, is a unique sunscreen range that incorporates innovative technology to optimise sun protection, with carefully selected ingredients to adapt to the demands of different skin. This next-generation sunscreen range helps prevent premature ageing with a suite of different product formulations specifically designed to suit the needs and characteristics of each skin type - normal, dry, oily, combination, pigmented and sensitive skin.


This scientifically formulated range is the brainchild of Singapore-based bio-tech company CellResearch Corporation, the first company in the world to discover a rich source of stem cells in umbilical cord lining for which it presently has patents in 42 territories. The pivotal technology harnessed by CALECIM® Professional is called Cord Lining Conditioned Media (CLCM). It comprises a mix of two types of potent stem cells - mesenchymal and epithelial - that are ethically and harmlessly extracted from the outer lining of the umbilical cord of red deer. These stem cell proteins help activate skin repair and regeneration, improve the appearance of lines and promote skin fullness. CALECIM® Professional is used as an adjunct to in-clinic procedures as we all as a daily skincare regime.


Naked Tans brand new Ultra Dark Solution and Mousse sold out at record breaking speed, but there is good news! These 16% active, fast drying, 2HR wash ‘n’ wear products, are back on the shelves. The Ultra Dark range is violet based to create a perfect deep tan that suits all skin tones. This is the solution to your tan addicted, double coating clients! To find out why Australia is going wild for these new products visit


Ultraceuticals introduce a limited-edition release size (300-375ml) of 3 of their favourite cleansers. These eco-friendly sizes offer value for money whilst also being better for the environment as it uses less packaging compared to purchasing the equivalent cleanser in standard retail sizes. The three cleansers will be some of the first of the new-look packaging reveal that Ultraceuticals have been rolling out, complete with a fresh and modern appeal made from 100% recyclable packaging.

BLOG spot

YOU ARE NOT JUST WORKING AT YOUR JOB; YOU ARE WORKING ON YOUR LIFE! A little story I would love to share… An elderly carpenter was set to retire. He told his employer contractor of his plans to leave the house building business and live a more leisurely life with his wife enjoying his extended family. He would miss the pay cheques, but he needed to retire. They would get by. The contractor was sorry to see his good worker go and asked him if he would build one more house as a personal favour. The carpenter said yes, but as things progressed it was easy to see that his heart was not in his work and that he would rather be elsewhere. He cut corners with shoddy workmanship and used whatever materials he had available, rather than waiting and ordering things that would have worked better in the end. It was an unfortunate way to end a dedicated career. When the carpenter had finished his work, the employer came to inspect the house. He handed the front door key to the carpenter. “This is your house”, he said, “my gift to you”. The carpenter was shocked! If only he had known that he was building his house, he would have done it all so differently. So it is with us. We build our lives, a day at a time, often putting less than our best into things. Then with a shock we realise we have to live in the house we have built. We can never go back, but think – if you could send a message to yourself ten years ago, what would you say? Can you think of the ways you could have done 56

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

more with the time you had then? And could this advice be worth hearing today? You are like the carpenter in your job. Each day you hammer nails, erect walls and build windows. “Life is a do it yourself project”, someone has said. “Your attitudes and the choices you make today, build the ‘house’ you live in tomorrow, build wisely!” So, let us remember that there are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes, let’s remember that we chose the stage we are standing on and so we have a choice about how we perform on a daily basis, because it is how you perform that will impact what you attract. When I was 16 I decided I wanted to leave school… that is kind of what we did back then, we went out hard and fast! I lived in a small country town, not lots of job choices, but there were always hairdressers and pubs. Now my Dad was always at the pub so I decided to be a hairdresser. Now, it wasn’t necessarily my burning passion back then, but you see I didn’t wait for my passion to show up, I took my passion to the job I chose. And I would continue to do that, I then found myself working for a ‘Hairdressing Company’ in Melbourne… I had a dream to start my own training and speaking business… but the time wasn’t right, so I have a choice to make, do I take a negative attitude to my job as a technician, because it really wasn’t what I wanted to do, I mean I wanted my own business, or do I remember that I am choosing to do it, so take the

By Julie Cross

stage you have Julie and do your best… so that is what I did… I took my passion to it, gave it all I had to the best of my ability. After two years in that role I fell pregnant with my first son, so I resigned and when my son was 6 months old, I started that business I had been dreaming about. And would you believe my very first client was a client of that Hairdressing Company, they had recommended me to them. You see the point being they would not have done that if I had not earned their respect by being a great employee while I was with them! A year later that same company took me on tour… and so my business grew from there and 20 years later I am going from strength to strength speaking from stages in all kinds of industries both nationally and internationally. What I know for sure is that if I had ‘held back’ and if had not given my best every step of the way… with every shampoo and haircut, with every client, as a Hairdresser, a Technician and Sales Rep… well if I had held back on any of those stages I don’t believe I would have the opportunities I have today. I still haven’t finished high school… I have no degrees… but I have passion, belief and a strong work ethic and they are strong walls and create a beautiful home! So, wherever you are at right now, take to that stage and give a winning performance so you may build the beautiful homes that you all deserve to live in!


By Paul Frasca

Since Marie Kondo organised her way into our lives, I feel like for the first time in ages, the less is more approach has really taken off. Suddenly decluttering is a cool way to spend your weekend and, the best bit, now we’re deliberately thinking about the volume of stuff we surround ourselves with. Now I know the KonMari philosophy did not spark joy when in landed and most of Australia cleared out its closets and dumped holey Metallica tees and busted board games at op shop doors for the volunteers to deal with. Clearly not our finest moment. But I’ve been wondering if this mindset could actually start to influence us before we say yes to the things we know we’ll want to bin eventually. Marie Kondo’s website says this: “People around the world have been drawn to this philosophy not only due to its effectiveness, but also because it places great importance on being mindful, introspective and forward-looking”. What a great environmental ethos! And for a more powerful punch, add innovative (you’re welcome, Marie). Once upon a time the sustainability directive used to be ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, but we’ve since realised that there are loads of other steps we can take to be even more organised green warriors. RETHINK When was the last time you sat down and decluttered your business operations of excess stuff? Things like printing payslips for your staff, making small supply orders, or offering client refreshments in single-use packaging… rethinking even the smallest actions can make a huge difference to both the planet and your bank balance!

in your salon. There are always going to be things that you can’t avoid (until manufacturers come to the party on this one), but are there changes you can make to ditch disposables in favour of reusables? This could be as simple as swapping regular batteries for rechargeables, or on a larger scale like employing a tap system for your client refreshments (like sparkling water on tap, you ask? Exactly! Sustainable Salons members have access to a great service for this, just sayin’). REPAIR It’s an unfortunate reality of modern life that our stuff isn’t built to last anymore. But sometimes out of habit, we assume new is more economical, and sometimes it is. But sometimes it’s not. It’s worth checking if there’s an affordable repair option first. And before you buy, ask the manufacturer if they have a sustainability or recycling policy for the product’s end of life… choose those guys first. REPURPOSE You may not want or need it anymore, but maybe someone else does! Before you toss, think outside the box – is there another use? One we often get asked about is what to do with old salon towels. We may not have a textile recycling option at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they need to go to landfill. We always suggest asking your local animal shelter if they need donated towels; the answer is almost always yes! On the edge of this space is the concept of second-life packaging. A recent WGSN Trend Report labels this as a ‘winning strategy’. Essentially this concept is about giving something another purpose before it needs to be recycled or even taken one step further, reduced to nothing.

giving you the perfect system to recycle up to 95% of the items used during a client’s service, including chemicals. And in a super exciting development, we recently created our very first closed-loop product! In 2017 in this blog spot, I was talking about the closed-loop concept and I said “we’re already working on a few projects that could introduce closed-loop products to our members in the very near future, using the resources we collect from them. Cool, huh?” In a collaboration with the awesome brains at Dresden Vision, we’ve created glasses frames made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic shampoo bottles that we collected from our Aussie and Kiwi salons. The Shampoo Collection frames are now available to purchase! The cool part is that when these frames are no longer wanted (or if they break), Dresden feeds them right back into the manufacturing process to make new glasses. Seriously, we’re beside ourselves with how amazing this project is. Jump on our website to check out the video!

REFUSE If you can’t be sure it’s going to improve your business, say no. Sometimes the temptation of the latest and greatest can be tough to knock back, but things move quickly so use your gut instinct and some good old-fashioned research.

“Helping to combat this throwaway culture is the concept of second-life packaging. Packaging that serves its initial purpose and then surprises the consumer with a second purpose that’s likely completely unrelated to the first – it’s at the crux of reuse.” Emma Grace Bailey, WGSN Winning Strategies: Second Life Packaging

ROT The last piece of the puzzle. There’s a fabulous composting technique called Bokashi where you ferment your food scraps in a simple bucket, and since it doesn’t smell at all, it’s perfect for the salon back room (again, if you’re a Sustainable Salons member, you can snap one of these up on the Rewards Shop!). The liquid it creates is the best drain cleaner, and any savvy gardeners on the team will love the nutrient-rich material!

REDUCE The sharing economy is also on the up and up! Maybe that latest and greatest you were thinking about refusing could be possible with some clever workflow innovation or collaboration. Your next game-changer perhaps?

Think packaging that can become gift wrapping, product bottles that make great vases, paper products that you plant for flowers and veggies. This is a hugely innovative space at the moment, and you can get on board too just by seeing things a little differently!

Just by being mindful about your options, introspective about how your impact can make a difference, innovative in your approach and determined to create a better future, you can declutter your waste bin and tidy up your salon’s footprint. And that’s guaranteed to spark joy.

REUSE Time to do an audit of all the single-use items

RECYCLE Sustainable Salons makes this one a breeze by

Keen to join the movement? Register your salon details at! Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6



As beauty professionals, giving is our middle name. We nurture everyone! When we are done at the salon, we go home and do it all over again with our loved ones. It is an inherent part of our nature. When you’re in your inner flow, you are not thinking or worrying about your competition. You are totally focussed on your business, your life and your clients. Everyone has times like that, when their heart space is totally open and they are happy, optimistic and able to take on the world. But, what about receiving? I have asked myself this question a few times over my life and I discovered three powerful ways to open my heart space to life. You might say I didn’t have a choice. What I was doing wasn’t working. As a beauty professional for over three decades and a single mum for many years, I had my fair share of giving. I was in my own salon by the age of 21 and haven’t stopped working since. I didn’t know there was an easier, more intimate and powerful way to give. So much of it had to do with receiving from within, rather than reaching outwardly day-in and day-out. It took time to understand at first, but I began to realize I had access to so much more energy, power and clarity than I was using. At first, I was shocked. How could we not be taught this stuff in school? Why wasn’t it a part of every young person’s education? Shock was followed by a hunger to know more. In my early life, I was not very good at managing my giving and I was a terrible receiver. I often felt drained and exhausted. I had no idea of the power and vitality that an open-heart space had to work, play, create and love. I soldiered on for YEARS and finally, crashed and burned. It was inevitable and looking back now, one of the greatest opportunities life offered me. I remember the day I sat down in my office and I felt as though I had used up my last drop of energy. Thankfully, energy doesn’t work like that and we have an endless supply. You need to really believe this. It’s good news, right? However, how do you find water when the water hole is hiding in plain sight? 58

Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

That was the mystery I was about to unfold. I began to find deep value in rest. As much as I love to work and create, I have also discovered the power of just being still and quiet. Although, as lovely as this sounds, it wasn’t the answer. How long can we sit still when the shopping needs to get done, our kids are screaming out for dinner and you have parent teacher meetings and a million other tasks that must get done. Not very long! In the quiet and the stillness, however, I gained access to a rich and nurturing intelligence that was so close to the surface. I began to listen and to journal the insights and the wisdom. I began to realize I had a rich, inner landscape within of endless energy and when I allowed it to flow rather than restrict it, my energy was abundant! I discovered inspirational thinking and deep feeling flowing through and I was able to accomplish more in my life than ever before. Now, this is where I found what will extend itself into your daily life; that is, if you are up for change and ready to make this busy season, your best yet... If you are like me, I was dying for it and when I found the water hole, I couldn’t stop drinking. I was so thirsty for what was new and so happy to leave behind the exhaustion, the tiredness and negativity. Let’s be real... A beauty professional who is exhausted, tired and coming from negativity will not thrive, especially during the beauty industry’s most frantic and chaotic time of the year. I’m sure you know very well, your clients and your team members always seem to NEED, to WANT more from you when this time of year comes around. I honestly totally get it! I began to realize how often I interfered with the flow of life and therefore, my own energy flow. I decided it was time to accept that life was about the ebbs and flows. To realize it wasn’t just about receiving the experiences that I “like”, but also opening to life’s lessons. I began to recognize the magic of NOT fighting with life. I replaced negativity with gratitude and looked

for the grace in everything. Even if a client was late or my team member was dropping the ball, I turned my attention to the opportunity not the negativity. It became obvious that spending any time gossiping about anyone was a soulless exercise and I made an effort never to engage, ever! I wasn’t really a gossiper, but regardless, I probably did enough gossiping in my own mind. I began noticing my thoughts, paying attention to where my mind travelled and I took charge. I began realizing the thoughts that I began to notice were often not even congruent with what was happening at the time. They seemed to just come out of nowhere and land in my mind. It became easy to change my relationship to my thinking. Just because a thought came up, I didn’t accept it as true. In fact, I began to examine my thinking and realized that each thought I owned, I was giving a little bit of energy to and a whole lot of power. It’s a little like Leaky Gut Syndrome, but instead of the toxicity leaking into your body, it is leaking into your life. Finally, I began to notice how often I resisted experiences. In those times, I wasn’t receiving life, but rather I was shutting down. It was awesome to see how I only wanted the good stuff. But, life is about ALL of the “stuff”. Some we will prefer more than others. However, if we want to become a powerful receiver and access our inner intelligence and creative process, inspirational thinking, we can’t be picky. Life has become an endless adventure. I don’t know what is around the corner (nobody does) and instead of feeling afraid, I remember how capable I am; how my inner intelligence and my creative process are always at my disposal. I am never alone. Elle Wilson Enterprises & TrueBrow™ ellewilsonofficial/

BLOG spot IT’S A WOMANS WORLD! By Will Fennell

I’ve recently been doing research for a mate keen on joining our industry. Whilst flicking through magazines and googling beauty sites for him, and seeing image after image of women, it got me wondering if we’ve evolved much in the 25 years since I was the only boy at beauty school? I always think of that 12 months as the best time of my life. Just the girls and me playing with pots of cream and painting each other’s nails. But when I really think about it, being the only boy at beauty school could be a real bitch at times. The golden rule was simple. Anything the girls had done, I had to have done too, no exceptions, ever! And let me tell, you they loved asserting this rule upon me. I remember the first week of college they teamed me up with the Korean exchange student Sun Yu (or Sunny, as she was affectionately known) to practice tinting. There is no doubting that Sunny was extremely sweet, but as she had only been in Australia for a few weeks prior to the start of term, her English was limited. We had obvious trouble communicating with each other, but I hoped that my expression of absolute terror at our first practical lesson crossed all language barriers. After Sunny had tweezed my eyebrows, the teacher told the class to apply the tint, as shown in an earlier demonstration. I raised my hand and proposed that I skip this part. The teacher refused to heed my argument, reiterating the golden rule that within these four walls, I was “one of the girls”. Being the baby of my family and unfamiliar with the word “No”, I swiftly changed my approach, working my teacher in a way that only a boy with four older sisters can. I suggested Sunny could still practice on me, but just not put any activator (bleach) in the light brown tint. My teacher - who obviously had younger brothers - finally agreed. She then explained to Sunny the change of technical plans. Tint Yes, activator No! Sunny nodded; I closed my eyes, relieved. Something obviously got lost in translation because that sweet Korean exchange student tinted my fricken eyebrows BLACK. I knew there was something wrong when I heard a little gasp of horror from Sunny. Then came the first wipe with a wet cotton ball… then the second wipe… then frantic rubbing with a cotton ball, with what I could only discern was wax cleaning solvent.

Then I heard Sunny whispering in her native tongue to her two fellow Korean classmates, and then all three of them hysterically wiping at my burning brows. Arms and hands were flying around my forehead, reminiscent of a Jackie Chan fucking Kung Fu flick. I felt faint at the thought of what I knew had happened, as the shrieks of laughter from my new classmates cemented my fears. I leapt from the treatment table and looked in the mirror – my eyebrows were a shock of black. I looked like Bert from Sesame Street. You may laugh, but this torment continued all year as I was tinted, plucked, buffed, waxed and polished from top to toe. Not being allowed to ever say no meant I was I was more than one of the girls - I was their preferred demonstration doll and they went to town on me. (I have to admit I am actually sitting here giggling as I write this, as perhaps I loved every minute of it all and being the only boy at beauty school wasn’t too bad.) We have certainly come a long way in our industry to include men and the male client since I was at college. Today I wouldn’t be a novelty at a beauty school and I certainly wouldn’t have to be just one of the girls. We would have to learn about male skin, which we just didn’t do back then and yes, God forbid learn male waxing. But us boys have a way to go yet and that’s why I am now encouraging my mates to go to beauty school and you should do the same with your male friends - in this woman’s world of beauty we boys need the numbers. Will Fennell is an international trainer for BIODROGA and owner of BIODROGA Australia.

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SHOPPING THE ‘GRAM By Clare Lamberth

Every month over 130 million users shop on Instagram. The platform has evolved quickly to integrate a seamless shopping experience without users having to leave the platforms. The opportunity this presents salons and clinics with to engage their audience in a whole new way is a game changer. Here are my top 8 tips for maximising user engagement using Instagram’s Shopping features.


Do your clients share the products they love to use from you in their feed? Why not repurpose them and turn them into shoppable posts? Customer content or User-generated content (UGC) is a great way to show off your products while letting customers be the spokespeople for your products! Just make sure you’re legally re-posting & tagging another user’s content before you share it to your feed.


Instagram Stories is the perfect up close and personal way for your to demonstrate your products on camera and give clients hints and tips for best results for using them at home like how much product to use, how to apply it and how it feels on the skin. You can also use the shoppable stickers in stories to link straight to your online store providing a unique 360 degree shopping experience for your clients.


The Instagram algorithm pays attention to your Instagram shopping post too, so you want to make sure you’re optimising them. Having descriptive hashtags is one way of making sure your post is ‘searchable’ on the Explore page or appears in the new Shopping channel. Plus, a user can also follow a hashtag, so there’s even more opportunity to have your products discovered by the right people. If you use hashtags effectively on your Instagram shopping posts, you’ll soon start to see an uptick in engagement and conversions as more people discover and follow your posts.


There’s nothing worse than trying to view a shopping tag on a post only to have the 3 other tags overlapping it blocking the name of the product. Space out the products in your shots, tag wisely and use the carousel feature to showcase multiple products. Remember you don’t have to tag every single product in every single photo. It looks spammy to overdo it. Simplicity is key. 60

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There’s no faster way to kill a shopping post than with a broken link. Consumers, especially on Instagram, want a quick, easy & fuss-free shopping experience. Taking the time to check all of your links work, and link to the right products in your online store, shows consideration and respect for your customer and their experience of your salon online.


Creating a branded feel to your Instagram feed helps convey your brand’s style and personality to your customers. It presents your brand as professional. considered and intentional and gives your followers a taste of your business before they step foot inside the door. Creating a branded aesthetic take patience and time, so don’t disrupt that gorgeous flow with a shopping post that stands out against the others! Make sure that the images you pick as your shopping posts are in line with your overall Instagram aesthetic. That means applying the same tone, editing style, content, or filter to your shopping posts so they can seamlessly fit in with your feed!


It’s easy to get excited and carried away when you find a cool new feature on Instagram. I get it. but the key to success with any post is balancing it out with the content surrounding it. Juts like your clients don’t want to be sold to all the time in clinic, your followers don’t want to be blasted with back to back daily shopping posts. Spread your shopping posts out amongst your before and after photos of complimenting treatments, lifestyle tips, educational content etc. This way you wont overwhelm your followers and are more likely to get better conversion when you do post a shoppable post.


Did you know that you can tag up to 20 brands in a carousel post that has 10 photos? This makes it an idea strategy to showcase your current promotional activity effectively using only one post. A carousel post is the ideal feature to create your own lookbook for whatever promotion, season or campaign you are current promoting in salon. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with a carousel post and have all your brands tagged in each image.


Like A

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There are two types of treatments performed by the beauty industry – average treatments and exceptional treatments. Average treatments are rarely rebooked nor remembered, an exceptional treatment on the other hand, is shouted from the rooftops and has the potential to boost your beauty business. We’ve put together seven essential steps to ensure you and your team are performing an exceptional treatment and client experience.


When clients are making a booking in your beauty space, they expect the transaction and booking process to be professional, made with ease and completed efficiently. Accommodating your clients’ needs and availability for treatment and engaging a high level of customer service during the booking process, is a crucial first introduction to your business. Beauty spaces with online bookings generally advance past others as clients now crave instant gratification in the booking process. Note. On average, service businesses websites report their highest online traffic time between the hours of 11am – 1pm – hours which a receptionist cannot be sitting at a desk awaiting the clients call.


Clients entering into your space should be warmly welcomed by a therapist, receptionist or manager who presents to a 10 out of 10 in their presentation standards at all times of the day. Make your client feel their entry into the space is important by taking the time to greet the client by their name, smiling upon approach and having open and welcoming body language. Remember; even when you are busy, ensure your clients feel like they are the most special person to walk into your space.


Typical consultation techniques need vast improvement to match with the current level of savvy and informed client we are currently treating. To grow and keep our clients engaged, move beyond asking the same questions we have always asked such as; ‘Are you using a creamy or a foamy cleanser?’ or ‘How many times are you exfoliating per week?’. Instead, consultations should be asking open ended questions to build a level of rapport and conversation with the client. We suggest questions beginning with ‘tell me’, ‘explain for me’ or ‘describe for me’. These types of questions explore the already asked questions on the client card and will have your client impressed with your ability to perform an advanced level of consultation, while being able to hold an interested and interesting conversation.


Post cleanse, every treatment (yes, every treatment) should have a diagnosis performed. The diagnosis is the time during the treatment where the client concerns discussed during the consultation, are validated. Best performed with the lights turned up, a mirror in hand for facial treatments and a diagram for visual representation, the diagnosis educates the client on their concern, a treatment recommendation and a product which should be used post treatment to continue the results performed in the

treatment. A minor two or three minutes spent clarifying to the client what they are doing in their lifestyle which is contributing to the reason of their concern is the direct bridge between the problem and your recommendation.


This step goes without saying, however if performed incorrectly, all the steps up until now hold no merit. The difference between an average treatment and an exceptional treatment comes down to three metrics being; touch, presence and performance. How does the treatment feel, is the therapist connected to the client on the bed, and how is the treatment performed? Touch, presence and performance determines how much value the client places on the service and influences their ability to return for a follow up treatment.


Different to the current sales script’s therapist are currently rattling off to clients at the front reception desk or retail shelve, the prescription is performed in the treatment room, and is made that much easier by the product seed already having been planted during the diagnosis. By providing the client with basic ingredient knowledge, being the solution to their concern during the diagnosis, the prescription is a simple confirmation of brand, price and application.


Remember this old thing? One of the best things you can do for your column, your business and your clients, the rebooking, is often over looked by the pressure of the prescription. The rebooking is where your client’s concerns are going to be solved in a more timely manner, as well as being the place where the hours of work give you a job, income enters your bank account, and your beauty business blooms. Ensure you’re showing the client the entire treatment package journey from the very first to last treatment. Once a treatment package is performed, move your clients onto maintenance treatments as per their age indicates. So there you have it, our 7 step client experience, from the initial booking all the way through to the rebooking. Ask yourself, which of these steps is my team currently performing? Which of them could we revisit? Would our clients rate us average or exceptional, based on the above criteria? With attention to the finer details when providing a beauty service, both your clients and team will be thrilled with the consistency and conscience level you hold your business to. We have recently released an online portal which covers these steps in an easy to understand flexible format! Check out for more information.

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A new year is about to begin! Are you ready? Without solid foundations and a strong action plan mapped out for 2020, your salon, clinic or spa business is like a basketball match without a scoreboard.

You and your team won’t know how you’re doing, whether you’re scoring points, dropping the ball, making the grade or falling hopelessly behind. How is your business tracking? Is it profitable or does every week feel like you’re chasing your tail? Like any pursuit, your salon success depends on you laying strong foundations and sticking to your game plan.

Think of it like this. We all (yes, all of us, even Beyonce) get 168 hours a week. On average, we spend: • 42 hours working and travelling to work • 56 hours sleeping • 7 hours exercising. That’s 105 hours, which leaves 63 for the week, or almost 9 hours a day.

Where to start? Right here with these 5 key areas for laying strong, game-changing foundations.

Surely, from those 63 hours, you can carve out 4 hours to work strategically on the success of your business.



Yes! You read this right. Spending 4 solid hours a week ON your business will be the best 4 hours you spend all week. In this time, you can work on your big ‘rocks’, not just menial, routine tasks like paying wages. Tackle whatever you need most: growth of your business (like marketing on socials and planning it out), partnerships and who you could work with or collaborate with to grow your salon, or a team education plan. I hear you: How am I going to find 4 hours a week?

It’s an absolute must! Without a plan, you’re running your business blind-folded, wandering around in a world of darkness, not knowing what’s in front or behind, unable to see the pitfalls or the opportunities for your salon. Think back to 12 months ago. In the year since, has your business grown, or do you feel stagnant? Does it feel like same, same, day in, day out? Now is your chance to begin 2020 with a solid plan, rather than simply good intentions and a handful of so-so ideas that melt into memory as quickly as your other New Year’s resolutions.

Jotting down your ideas in the front of a diary of pasting together a vision board are all well and good, but if you don’t think critically and then follow through, your effort’s lost. Right now, think about your three biggest goals you’d like to achieve over the next 12 months. Write them down, big and bold. We call these your ROCKS, because they’re big and heavy and solid. Now, break your ROCKS down into bite-sized chunks. Each of these chunks should be realistic, do-able and time-framed. Write these down as well – the chunks and the timelines for each. There you have a plan for a fabulous 2020. Next, commit to it as if your life depends on it Don’t let anything or anyone – especially you – stand between you and your 2020 goals.


Weekly critical drivers are the key to business growth. The trick is to do them every single week for 52 weeks of the year. Every. Single. Week. When you’re not consistent, you let your team and yourself down. By working on your critical drivers, you’ll strengthen the foundations of your business, week in, week out. So, what do you work on? Start with these suggestions: • new clients tracking • lost clients • marketing planner for socials • marketing planner for print /events • prepare questions for 1-1 meetings • training plan • stock spend budgets


Make sure you’ve added the Christmas party, tax, stock, WorkCover insurance, business insurance, and zip pay and after pay fees.

Just like the 4 hours a week on your business, these critical drivers will leverage your business so you can achieve your big plan.

As 2020 looms closer, take the time to really consider ALL 5 of these key areas of your business approach. Be the master of your own success for the coming year. Most people assume mastery is an end result, but at it’s core, it’s a way of thinking, a way of acting and a journey you experience.

FOUNDATION FOUR: KNOW YOUR NUMBERS I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing the costs to open your business doors. Money coming in, money going out. Learn your break-even budget, including all your expenses.

You need full clarity of the dollar amount it costs to open your business every week. That’s your starting point for understanding your profit and being able to scale and leverage your business.


Weekly individual meetings with each team member will turn your business around. Regular interactions mean you’ll hone in on what’s up and what’s low. Remember: where the focus goes, the energy flows. Your team can see where growth’s needed. Have honest, open conversations with them on what needs improving. It’s all about truth first, then implementing the training required to allow each team member to consistently grow their figures. Don’t stop there. Team meetings and daily stand-ups encourage your team to share their wins and challenges, keep everyone on the same page and let you all work congruently on what’s important.

For more salon wisdom email ZING Coach Marie Drever: or visit Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6





Did you ever stop to think that your business success totally relies on you building a brilliant team? It’s true. Without a great team, you have a never-ending job for yourself and an everyday struggle to keep your head above water. Your team is the heart of your business. Make sure this heart is healthy, strong and in great working order. How? Follow my step-by-step guide to building a dream team who will make (not break) your salon business.

STEP 1: UNDERSTAND THAT CLONING YOU IS NOT THE SECRET OF SALON SUCCESS. Do you sometimes think how great it would be if every one of your team members was just like you? You know, honest, punctual, skilled, professional, motivated, client-driven. How great would it be to have a few clones of you bringing you strong business and booming profits? I ask you to think again. Imagine if everyone in your business was just like you. Sure, you’d share the same strengths and qualities. You’d have your drive, ambition and vision in common. So what’s the catch? Your weaknesses. You’d also share the same weaknesses – and that’s never a good thing for business. You’d be supporting each other to procrastinate the same things, avoid the same challenges or constantly clash, depending on your personality. You’d stagnate. You’d learn nothing from each other. You stay stuck in your shared comfort zone. Having a team of clones spells disaster for any business.

STEP 2: LEARN TO SEE YOUR TEAM AS A KEY RESOURCE FOR PROBLEM-SOLVING You need to understand that no one’s perfect, including you. Your business success depends on your ability to be flexible about new situations, teams and challenges. You need to be able to think outside the box and challenge yourself to find a solution you never thought of. Let your great team come to your rescue, closing the gaps where you don’t have the experience or the headspace to innovate, come up with new ideas or step back and take a practical, nonemotional look at issues. Having a team where everyone is a mini-you does nothing to help you and your business grow in new and exciting directions.

Grab a notebook and pen. Draw a line down the middle. Title the left side ‘my strengths’ and the right side ‘my weaknesses. Start your list and keep going back over a few days or weeks to add new thoughts. You need to step beyond your comfort zone and be super honest, to see yourself through an outsider’s eyes. Ask for input from people you trust. It’s not personal. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Knowing your weaknesses gives you the opportunity to correct them and grow. How great is that? At the same time, you get to validate your strengths. And that’s always a good thing. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on the things you do well.

STEP 4: LOOK FOR TEAM MEMBERS WHO CAN CLOSE THE GAPS. Now you’ve identified your weaknesses, you have a list of desirable attributes for new team members. Your aim: close the gap on each of your weaknesses so together, you and your team form a well-rounded force to be reckoned with. How does it work in practice? Try these pointers. If you’re a dreamer or ‘big picture’ person, you’ll need team members who can see the finer details of how you can get to your vision. If you’re very logical and detailed but get lost in tasks, try teaming up with someone who’s more creative. If you get frustrated because you’re not good with time management, you need to delegate those tasks to someone in your team who’s good at planning and organising. If you lack the time and patience to teach skills or educate your team, seek out someone who’d love to do that either as part of your team, or as an outsourced industry-based educator. The principle here is to employ based on personality rather than skills.



Unlock the blockers holding your business back from flourishing.

Dare to find better therapists than you. That’s what smart business owners do.


Beauty Biz Year 12 Issue 6

Unfortunately, ego is still very strong in our industry. Many salon owners are working against themselves. They want to control everything in their business on a micro level. They think they know best and they know everything. They don’t trust in their team. Controlling everything is exhausting. Being in complete creative control is deadly and constant multitasking stops you giving anything your full attention. You can’t focus on doing important things right. Every task on your to-do list suffers. Give your team freedom to be creative within your framework of processes and systems, and you’ll be surprised how innovative and professional they are. Work with everyone’s strengths. Make it clear to each team member what their personal responsibility is within the team and how it relates to the team’s collective responsibilities. I promise you: employing the right people can free you as a business owner. You’ll create a lifestyle for yourself where you don’t need to be tied to the salon whenever the doors are open. You’ll be free to enjoy a holiday, or go on maternity leave, without constantly worrying about what will go wrong. Why? Because you’ve built a confident, capable team who can take care of business, solve problems and keep your revenue and profit humming along. Clever you! For more salon wisdom email ZING Coach Adrienne Varga or visit

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Beautybiz year 11 issue 6  

Beauty Biz provides comprehensive information to the Beauty Industry on a regular basis. It is written for today’s salon and spa owners and...

Beautybiz year 11 issue 6  

Beauty Biz provides comprehensive information to the Beauty Industry on a regular basis. It is written for today’s salon and spa owners and...