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Year 11 Issue 2

Harmony between Nature & Beauty

Make Up By Liz Sharp, 2017 ABIA Make Up Artist of the Year



Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2018 2018 CATEGORIES Beauty Therapist of the Year Best Tanning Salon/Service of the Year Best Customer Care Award Best Marketing Award


Best Salon Training Award Salon Team of the Year

AUSTRALIAN & STATE SALON AWARDS Salons/Spas will enter in their State Category for:

State Salon/Spa Of the Year

State Salon/Spa Of the Year

(4 Treatment Rooms or Less)

(5 Treatment Rooms or More)

NSW/ACT | VIC/TAS/SA | QLD | WA/NT Based on judging scores, the 2 Australian Winners will be announced from the State Winners on the Gala Night.

Hall of Fame (Nominated) Salon Manager/Coordinator of the Year Business Director Owner of the Year Educator of the Year (Individual) Educator of the Year (Organisation) Wholesaler of the Year (Voted) Cosmetic Tattooist of the Year


FINALISTS ANNOUNCED Monday 11th June 2018

GALA AWARDS DINNER Sunday 9th September 2018 The Star Sydney, Pyrmont, Sydney








Bridal/Formal Make Up Artist of the Year High Fashion/Editorial Make Up Artist of the Year Fantasy Make Up Artist of the Year Body Painting/Airbrushing Make Up Artist of the Year Screen/TV Make Up Artist of the Year Special Effects/Simulation Make Up Artist of the Year Peoples Choice*

Best Make Up Business Thinker of the Year Best Make Up Educator of the Year - Individual Best Make Up Educator of the Year - Organisation Best Independent Make Up Brand of the Year Media Darling


ICONIC Make Up Icon – Nominated

AMIA Artist of the Year

Chosen from winners of the Photographic Categories


IMPORTANT DATES CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES: 4th May 2018 FINALISTS ANNOUNCED: 11th June 2018 GALA AWARDS COCKTAIL PARTY Sunday 29th July 7.30pm til late Madame Hedges, Cloudland, Brisbane

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12-13 Seeking Harmony between Nature and Beauty with Raliana

REGULARS 10 Editors Letter 14-17 Industry News 52 Make Up Shop 54-55 Beauty Shop

FEAUTURE 18 Beauty and the Environment By April Jones 20 Manology By Zoe Otis

DERMAL 22 Feeling Great in your Skin with help of Chinese Medicine By April Jones 24 Traction Alopecia 26 B Naturally You take home Ultraceuticals RVR90TM Accolade 28 Considerations for Hyperpigmentation During Pregnancy 30 Cosmetic Procedures Reward vs Risk 32 Keratosis Pilaris By Dr Amanda Oakley

AUSTRALIAN BEAUTY INDUSTRY AWARDS 34 State Salon/Spa of the Year WA/NT (4 Treatment Rooms or Less) – Cosmedica Skin Specialists 36 State Salon/Spa of the Year VIC/TAS/SA (5 Treatment Rooms or More) – Vitality Laser & Skin Clinic 38 Educator of the Year (Organisation) – Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science 40 Tanning Salon/Service of the Year – Beach Tanning

MEDI & AESTHETICS 42 Intensive Training at Mesoestetic, Barcelona By Dora Erdossy 44 UK Campagne to Ban Under-18 Injectables

PROFILE 46 Affordable Eco Towels 48 Creating Treatment Programs & Memberships for your Clinic

MAKE UP 50 The Best of British

EVENTS 58 20 Years of Changing Lives by Changing Skins 60 Beauty Expo Melbourne 2018 Wraps with a Bang!

BLOG SPOT 62 Speed Dating By Linda Woodhead 63 All for One and One for All By Paul Frasca 64 Trade Shows and Conferences, the RealLife Network By Otto Mitter 65 Never Wish the Years Away By Julie Cross

BUSINESS 66 Insider Smarts for Salon Owners By Marie Drever 68 Marketing Automation By April Jones 70 Digital Marketing tips for Salons By Tahlia Shorter

Raliana Pty Ltd
 Phone: (02) 9413 4817

 | Official website:

72 How to build your Beauty Dream Team By Ada Polla 74 Social Media Apps for 2018


Linda Woodhead


Editors Editors Note

April Jones



Kellie Woodhead


Jess Richmond

CONTRIBUTORS April Jones Linda Woodhead Zoe Otis Dr Amanda Oakley Dora Erdossy Paul Frasca Otto Mitter Julie Cross Marie Drever Tahlia Shorter Ada Polla


PO BOX 252 Helensvale Plaza Qld 4212 P: 07 5580 5155


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Welcome to Autumn! It’s been a very exciting month talking with both our readers, contributors and advertisers - there is so much knowledge and passion out there that I am constantly blown away by what a fantastic industry we all get to be part of. ABIA’s entries are still open as I write this and have been extended to the end of April. Judging will commence shortly. We are very proud and excited to have some stellar industry experts on our panel of judging this year and I for one am excited to start seeing the submissions. The quality and consistency have been outstanding the last few years and each season we have the awards this seems to increase as the awards grow bigger and bigger. Don’t forget to book your seats and tables for the gala night, this year being held at The Star, Sydney, on the last day of Beauty Expo, as tickets do sell out fast: There are some new categories and sponsors this year (who we are ever grateful to) and you can find more details of dates and how to book in this issue. Education has always been a big focus in Beauty Biz and we this year, with some great pieces on hyper pigmentation in pregnancy and keratosis pilaris. We all recognise in the industry that being able to have access to education and training is imperative to keep our businesses moving along and there has long been an outcry for higher trained therapists. I hope you enjoy the deeper focus we are continuing to bring you with our aesthetics features which I think it becoming a large part of our businesses whether we choose to adopt or not. Educating our clients has long been something as therapists we excel in and dermal and aesthetics has so much to offer us as a blended industry, something I know we will see a lot more of in 2018. I am sure that you enjoy reading some of the more diverse and interesting articles we showcase and I always am looking for an ‘aha!’ moment when selecting the best contributors. I would love to hear your feedback, but also if there is a writer in you and there is a topic close to your heart, be it business, dermal or aesthetics please get in touch. We are surrounded by a plethora of experience in our industry and the therapists, owners and managers in our salons are the ones at ‘base camp’, learning, seeing and developing our businesses every day. I look forward to seeing some of you at the next couple of Expo’s and the upcoming ABIA’s - tickets are selling fast so get them now! Many thanks

April April Jones Editor

Alpin Derm

with Edelweiss Skin Care The best of the Alps for beautiful skin from Austria. This intensive mix of active ingredients with the power of Edelweiss, nourishing mare’s milk and Alpine herb mix with genetian, hay flowers, sweet clover and yarrow was specially developed in Styx’s in house research laboratory for dry and hypersensitive skin, as well as for sensitive combination skin. The alpine ingredients with effective phytocomplexes and vitamins revitalise and rejuvenate the skin, working effectively to combat the signs of early skin ageing and loss of elasticity.


COVER STORY Seeking Harmony between Nature and Beauty with

Based in Sydney, Raliana is an Australian owned company, specialising in manufacturing Australian premium natural skincare products. Its debut product launch will feature two types of Facial Mask, made with nature’s beauty. From the gorgeous coral of the Great Barrier reef to the rainforest of Queensland and from the fiery Ayers Rock to the silent Blue Mountains, Raliana has travelled across every corner of Australia in order to seek the epitome of natural beauty and a peaceful heart.


The Mask hydrates and tones the user’s complexion so as to restore radiance and suppleness to all skin types. Its gentle Rose Aroma eliminates toxins from your skin whilst its Certified Organic Honey and Aloe Vera Gel helps sooth your skin, resulting in an immediate cooling and calming effect. Additionally, its Kakadu Plum brightens the skin tone with the detoxing effect of the underlying Kaolin. Ingredients and Benefits • Kaolin: cleansing and detoxifying; helps with oily skin; exfoliating; stimulating.
 • Glycerine: promotes skin cell maturation; maintains water balance; improves appearance of skin. • Cetearyl Alcohol: works as an emollient, emulsifier, thickener and carrying agent for other ingredients. 12

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

• Glyceryl Stearate: acts as a lubricant on the skin’s surface, hence giving the skin a soft and smooth appearance; protects skin from free-radical damage. • Avocado Oil: strengthens your skin; reduces inflammation & itching; accelerates wound healing. • Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides(CCT): helps enhance the delivery of vitamins, pigments and other active ingredients. • Titanium Dioxide: a whitening agent and UV blocker. • Polysorbate 20: works as a fragrance solubiliser and stabiliser, acts as a lubricant, and has a soothing effect on the skin. • Ceteareth 20: functions as an emollient and emulsifier.
 • Shea Butter: moisturising; reduces inflammation; skin smoothing. • Cocoa Butter: prevents skin dryness and peeling; fights signs of aging; soothes burns, rashes and infections. • Dimethicone: works as an anti-foaming agent, skin protectant and skin & hair conditioner; it prevents water loss by forming a hydrating barrier on the skin; keeps the skin adequately lubricated.

• Cyclomethicone: works as a conditioning agent, solvent, humectant, carrying agent and viscosity controlling agent; gives a silky & slippery feeling to the touch and acts a mild water repellent by forming a protective barrier on the skin. • Macadamia Oil: soothes the skin and moisturises the skin. • Phenoxyethanol: limits bacterial growth.
 • Natural Vitamin E: repairs damaged skin; anti-aging and antioxidant. • Honey: moisturises the skin deeply; acts as a pore cleanser; gentle exfoliator; lightens scars; useful in sunburn; fights acne & pimples; reverses age; adds a natural glow; hydrates the skin; helps reduces wrinkles; brightens skin complexion. • Rose Geranium Oil: minimises the wrinkling effects; helps in tightening and contracting muscles; antibacterial; helps to speed up the healing process of cuts, wounds and incisions; helps to recycle dead cells and supports the regeneration of new cells; natural deodorant; helps in the treatment of acne, dermatitis and skin diseases; antiinflammatory. • Soya bean oil: contains high vitamin E

content which acts as a powerful antioxidant. • Ethylhexylglycerin: serves as a surfactant and preservant enhancer and acts as a safe preservative in minute amounts. • Potassium Stearate: used in cosmetics and beauty products to stabilise formulas and increase the thickness. • Lactic Acid: gently cleans and exfoliates your skin; heals the epidermis and rebuilds cell walls; antibacterial especially targets acne; suppresses tyrosinase formation; promotes skin renewal and collagen production. • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder: treats sunburn; acts as a moisturiser; treats acne; fights aging; lessens the visibility of stretch marks. • Sodium Hyaluronate: helps the skin absorb water more effectively; reduces any sort of trans-epidermal water loss. • Jojoba Oil: repairs damaged skin cells; brightens dull skin; balances oily skin,soothes sensitive skin, hydrates dry skin and helps heal acne and breakouts. • Kakadu Plum Extract: antioxidant; gives a natural shining glow to the skin; prevents ageing of the skin; cures pimples; cures skin disorders and infections; is used to heal wounds, sores and boils; is also effective to prevent or control fungal and bacterial infections. • Rose Absolute: antimicrobial and aromatherapeutical; increases skin’s permeability.

“Only by reaching the acme of perfection can we get the ultimate beauty” LAVENDER BRIGHTENING GEL FACIAL MASK

A penetrating mask that allows the skin to be deeply nourished and replenishes lost moisture. The gel texture provides cooling and comfort. It is formulated with naturally sourced Macadamia, Avocado, Grapeseed and Lavender oil. The mask hydrates and tightens the skin both internally and externally and promotes the long-term hydration, restoration and revitalisation of skin. It is suitable for all skin types. Ingredients and benefits • Glycerine: promotes skin cell maturation; maintains water balance; improves the appearance of skin. • Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides(CCT): helps enhance the delivery of vitamins, pigments and other active ingredients. • Jojoba Oil: repairs damaged skin cell; brightens dull skin; balances oily skin, soothes sensitive skin, hydrates dry skin and helps heal acne and breakouts. • Polysorbate 20: works as a fragrance solubiliser and stabiliser, acts as a lubricant, and has a soothing effect on the skin. • Carragreenan: gelling, thickening, and stabilising • Phenoxyethanol: limits bacterial growth. • Polyacrylamide: stabilises products and binds ingredients. It also has foaming, antistatic and lubricating properties. • Carbomer: helps control the viscosity and

flow of cosmetic products and also helps distribute and suspend insoluble solids into liquid, and prevent the oil and liquid parts of a solution from separating. • Avocado Oil: strengthens the skin; reduces inflammation & itching; accelerates wound • Macadamia Oil: soothes the skin and moisturises the skin.
 • Natural Vitamin E: repairs damaged skin; anti-aging and antioxidant.
 • C13-14 Isoparaffin: used in cosmetics and personal care products primarily as an emollient. • Sodium Hydroxide: controls the pH levels and serves as a buffering agent. • Butylene Glycol: added to skin care products to increase penetration by other ingredients in the formulation, gives creams a thinner consistency; also acts as a solvent, and makes it easier for other ingredients in the formula to mix. • Laureth-7: used as an emulsifier and surfactant in the formulation of facial products, as well as cuticle softeners, deodorants and moisturising products. • Ethylhexylglycerin: serves as a surfactant and preservant enhancer and acts as a safe preservative in minute amounts. • Honey: moisturises the skin deeply; acts as a pore cleanser; gentle exfoliator; lightens scars; useful in sunburn; fights acne & pimples; reverses age; adds a natural glow; hydrates the skin; helps reduces wrinkles; brightens skin complexion. • Soya bean oil: contains high vitamin E content which acts as a powerful antioxidant.

• Lavender Oil: restores skin complexion and reduce acne; slows aging with powerful antioxidants. fragrance provides good aroma.
 • Hydrolysed Collagen: reduces wrinkles and aging. • Sodium Hyaluronate: helps the skin bring and absorb water more effectively; reduces any sort of trans-epidermal water loss. • Silica: helps to regenerate the skin; helps delay the aging process. • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder: treats sunburn; acts as a moisturiser; treats acne; fights aging; lessens the visibility of stretch marks • Grape Seed Extract: anti-aging; improves skin’s elasticity; accelerates wound healing; anti-inflammatory; exhibits antibacterial and antifungal properties. • Paper Mulberry Extract: whitens the skin.
 • Licorice Root Extract: heals troubled skin; fades dark spots; prevents skin problems. • Cranberry Fruit Extract: anti-aging; acts as a toner; firms up the skin; treats acne. Our new product development team is formulating other skincare products such as toners, moisturisers, creams, etc. and we are looking for new outlets and stockists. For further information please contact us Raliana Pty Ltd
 Phone: (02) 9413 4817
 Official website:

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2


INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTR SUSTAINABLE SALONS CROSSING THE DITCH For the first time, Sustainable Salons is taking its comprehensive resource recovery program and social enterprise international! The program will officially kick off in Auckland following a launch event held at Servilles Academy on 4 April. Registrations are now open to salons in the Auckland metro area and surrounds that are interested in becoming a Sustainable Salons member. Salon owners and staff are also invited to attend the launch from 6-8pm at the Servilles Academy, 131 Queen St, Auckland. The launch event will see Sustainable Salons announce the program’s local plans and operations for repurposing materials in the New Zealand market. The brand will also introduce KiwiHarvest as its community beneficiary of the recycling proceeds, in line with the current Australian partnership with OzHarvest. Servilles Salon Group founder Paul Serville will also take to the stage to share his insight on implementing sustainable business practices in the salon industry. New Zealand marks the first territory Sustainable Salons has ventured to outside of Australia, a move that Co-founder and Operations Director Ewelina Soroko says, although unexpected, has been an exciting adventure for the young company. Under the new banner of Sustainable Salons (dropping the ‘Australia’ to form a unified entity), the team welcomes Devon Tong as its NZ National Business Development Manager. A home-grown Kiwi, Devon hails from a successful sales and marketing background both in and outside of the hairdressing industry across New Zealand, Australia and recently in the UK. Salons can register for the program at To register for the launch event, go to sustainablesalons_nz.eventbrite. (NB: Salons that register for the event DO NOT need to register their interest for the program on the website as well).


Australia’s beauty industry event, Beauty Expo Australia, will take place Saturday 8 to Sunday 9 September this year at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. The show had notable successes

at its 2017 edition, with a 45 per cent increase in floor space and a 21 per cent increase in visitation. Beauty Expo Australia has confirmed Ultraceuticals, Pevonia Botanica, Inglot, Mancine, Comfortel, Pelativ, PAYOT Paris, and France Medical as some of its exciting brands on board for 2018; with the curated education program and more details on the popular Face2Face Makeup Awards and Nailympia competitions due to be released shortly. Visit for more information.

KAT VON D LAUNCHES THE ONLY PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTIST PROGRAM WITH A CAUSE “After years of dreaming, I’m thrilled to announce that our Pro Program is finally here. From the beginning, my goal was to create a program that would inspire you, connect you to others and help make artistry crueltyfree.” – Kat Von D Kat Von D Beauty has long been a go-to for professional makeup artists to create high pigment, long-wearing looks. Now, Kat Von D is on a mission to make professional artistry cruelty-free by introducing the Kat Von D Beauty Pro Program, the only professional makeup artist membership with a cause. Beginning March 1, 2018, makeup artists - students and established, alike are invited to apply for membership in this exciting program. All accepted Pro Program members will receive a metal membership card and 30% discount on every product purchased on, so they can fill their kit with their favourite Kat Von D Beauty products, like Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, Lock-It Foundation, Tattoo Liner, and the Shade + Light Contour Palette. The first 5,000 Pro Program charter members will be rewarded with a luxe, limited edition welcome box featuring exclusive swag and two full-size artistry essentials (Tattoo Liner and Lock-It Concealer Crème in White Out). All details along with application criteria will be available on http:// on March 1, 2018. Join the conversation by tagging @katvondbeauty and #katvondbeautypro.


Australia’s experts in laser and skin rejuvenation, Australian Skin Clinics, has recently completed extensive research into customer attitudes on skin care and the beauty industry, finding consumers feel they are lacking the confidence to take control of their skin care and want to visit a clinic or brand they can trust. The research project involved a number of focus groups and surveys of more than 1,000 potential clients, current clients and consumers between the ages

RY NEWS INDUSTRY NEWS of 18-54 years over the past six months. Australian Skin Clinics’ have embraced the findings and embarked on a new consumer centric brand identity, empowering people of all ages to speak up about what they deserve from their medi-aesthetic professional. The ‘I deserve’ campaign will be seen in clinics from March 1, 2018, and will feature natural and relatable looking men and women with supporting commentary akin to ‘I deserve make-up free confidence’, ‘I deserve to feel proud of my reflection’ and for the men, ‘I deserve skincare as good as hers’. Australian Skin Clinics’ Chief Marketing Officer, Christie Harris, said the shift in brand identity aims to position Australian Skin Clinics as a more emotive brand and drive awareness of the company’s key focus of empowering their clients. “The new identity is exciting and we see the move as a great strategic step forward, with our brand becoming more relatable to our clientele and telling their story through emotive imagery and commentary,” Ms Harris said.

skincare options for men who wanted products packed with natural ingredients. Bulldog is the first men’s skincare line based on natural ingredients. The products are also free from a wide list of what we consider as “unwanted” ingredients such as parabens, SLS, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or ingredients from animal sources. „We’re also doing our best with regard to sustainability. We’re now using sugarcane based plastics from Brazil’s Braskem for our packaging. That’s a big way for us to stand out from competition! “The big difference of course is that we mainly target men. We wanted to create a very male company. Bulldog is man’s best and smarter companion!”

“The campaign unlocks a more open dialogue to a broader range of audiences and hopes to shift the stigma associated with medi-aesthetic treatments, no matter what gender or age you are.”


Australian Skin Clinics has more than 45 clinics across Australia offering affordable, accessible and results-driven cosmetic treatments in high quality clinics performed by trained professionals. Treatments on offer vary from laser hair removal and microdermabrasions to their newest treatments Nanopore Micro-Needling and LED Light Therapy.

Salon Support’s 2018 Education platform will unlock potential, and amongst the many courses to fuel artistry and business acumen is ‘The Power of Social Media’ facilitated by Emily Ciardiello, Founder of Foil Me, Australia’s premier pre-cut foil company.

For more information visit

GENESIS. A NEW ERA OF INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY Genesis by mesoestetic leads the future of medicalaesthetic equipment and is unlike any other facial and body treatment device currently on the market. Genesis is the first of its kind to incorporate the SmartDrivityTM technology; an intelligent fusion of 4 technologies to deliver spectacular results that are effective and longlasting, with no downtime. It offers painless, non-invasive treatments with scientifically proven, visible results from the very first session. Genesis is the most integrated platform to perform any type of cosmetic treatment for an outstanding outcome. Treatment protocols are 100% customisable to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. What is SmartDrivity? SmartDrivity is a combination of 4 technologies with capabilities to perform a wide range of treatments. Their synergy optimises the response to treatment as it generates biological action in the tissues. Smart RadioFrequency + Smart Transcutaneous Drive = SmartDrivity With the combination of intelligent electroporation and electrophoresis, the benefits of the products, developed exclusively for Genesis, are guaranteed as the technology allows for the release and optimial penetration of active ingredients into deep layers of the skin.

BRITISH BRAND BULLDOG, STORM THE MARKET British skincare brand Bulldog has taken the men’s grooming market by storm with its unique offering of natural ingredients, simple designs and straightforward claims. The brand is now available in 24 countries and Simon Duffy is the Bulldog founder. “Bulldog is a different brand with a unique offering for men.: says Simon, “The male market is very specific. The idea for Bulldog was born when we noticed that there were no straightforward

Emily’s seminar is directed at hair & beauty industry small businesses and people who have little or no knowledge, and those that currently use it but want to learn more, about the power of social media – in particular Instagram and Facebook. An interactive and hands-on workshop, attendees will learn how to use particular apps and brainstorm about their business brands and what they really want to achieve. Within this, Emily will also share the secrets to Foil Me’s social media success!

GLOBAL ON-DEMAND MASSAGE AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA Soothe, the world’s largest and fastestgrowing on-demand massage service, is servicing Sydney, Melbourne and most recently, available on the Gold Coast. Soothe now services 60 cities, sending 11,000 fully vetted, certified massage therapists to millions around the world, in as little as one hour, to their home, office or hotel room. “We’re pleased to serve the residents of Sydney, Melbourne and now The Gold Coast their surrounding areas, and their visitors,” says Soothe Founder and CEO Merlin Kauffman. “Everyone deserves to have a massage after a long day at the office or while on vacation, either as a gift to oneself or to another.” Soothe offers deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and prenatal massages between the hours of 8 am and midnight daily, for singles or couples. The Soothe network of 11,000 certified massage therapists have been interviewed in-person. assessed, police-checked and only the therapists who meet the requisite level of certification and have a proven history of customer excellence, are accepted into the Soothe network.

INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTR Clients can book a Soothe massage by downloading the iOS or Android app ( Prices for a single’s massage are: $110+gst (60 minutes), $160 +gst (90 minutes), and $210 +gst (120 minutes). Clients may choose the type of massage, the duration time of a treatment, and the therapist’s gender. Those who are unable to download the app can book on the website Soothe or call 1800 838276 within Australia. All three booking options are available 24/7.


Hotel Spa of the Year: North & South America - Nizuc Spa by Espa at Nizuc Resort & Spa, Mexico Resort Spa of the Year: Eastern Europe - Hébe Spa at Columbia Beach Resort, Cyprus Hotel Spa of the Year: Eastern Europe - Palanga Spa at Hotel Palanga Spa, Lithuania Resort Spa of the Year: Asia & Australasia - Aman Spa at Amanoi, Vinh Hy Village, Vietnam Hotel Spa of the Year: Asia & Australasia - One & Only Spa at Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley, Australia Resort Spa of the Year: Western Europe & Scandinavia - The Thermal Village & Spa at Galgorm,

In late 2016 Instagram announced the game-changing ‘shoppable posts’ feature – an add-on that allowed users to browse and shop by clicking on tags embedded in Instagram posts in their feeds. Since Instagram doesn’t allow links in captions or non-sponsored posts, the feature made it easier for brands to drive followers to its e-commerce stores. While the shoppable posts was only available in the US for the past year, the feature yesterday launched in Australia – with the likes of Country Road and Myer already embracing the item.

UK Hotel Spa of the Year: Western Europe & Scandinavia - Dior Institut at Hotel Plaza Athénée, France Worldwide Health & Wellness Destination of the Year - Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa, Thailand


Instagram’s global head of business, Jim Squires, likened the experience to traditional window shopping at bricks-and-mortar stores. Speaking with The Australian Financial Review he elaborated: “When you see something in the window you walk in and see other products and do some browsing, then you decide if you want to make a purchase. “It’s similar to that rather than just rushing right to the register – it moves from being just transactional to being more of a meaningful shopping experience. “What we wanted to do is create a more seamless experience for people and businesses so when you see something you might be interested in directly inside Instagram, you can get more information about that product, see other related products and ... if you see something you want to purchase you can tap in directly and make a purchase from the business.” Myer spoke on its decision to embrace shoppable posts, with Myer national manager for social media and digital partnerships explaining: “For Myer the launch of Instagram shopping means we will be able to inspire consumers and drive action with a single piece of Instagram content in a way that’s user friendly for business and shoppers alike.”

WORLD SPA & WELLNESS AWARDS 2018 WINNERS ANNOUNCED Launched in 2012, the World Spa & Wellness Awards recognises and reward the work that spas do around the globe, honouring hotels and resort spas in Western Europe & Scandinavia, Middle East & North Africa, North & South America and Asia & Australasia. Following Sunday’s event, the winners of 2018 awards have been announced. Here they are in full: Resort Spa of the Year: Middle East & Africa - Hilltop Spa at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles Spa of the Year: Middle East & Africa - Dahlia Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island, UAE Spa of the Year: North & South America - Miraval Life in Balance Spa at Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa, USA

Following her win at the Global Garden Ambassador competition last year, Melbourne influencer Lauren Doolan is about to embark on her journey of a lifetime with international beauty brand, Weleda. With the aim of discovering more about its products, sustainable work practices and ethical sourcing of ingredients, Doolan will join Weleda on a on a carbonneutral journey across eleven different countries, from Australia to Argentina. A challenging selection process in Germany last year saw Doolan convince the jury that she has what it takes to become an ambassador for the project, given her creative initiative, curious nature and talent for writing and photography. You can find out more in the video above. Weleda fans will be able to follow Doolan on her trip and learn more about the brand, its products and sustainable practices, via the dedicated website and her own Instagram page, @micro_adventurist.


SAVE THOUSANDS EACH YEAR FOR YOUR BUSINESS! White Disposable Beauty towels from 22 cents each

Biodegrable Gloves Now also avaialble

Affordable Eco Towels core offering is a disposable, singleuse towel made out of recycled and organic material that’s fully biodegradable, and will break down after 12 weeks. Our ordering concept enables us to supply businesses like yours with eco towels direct from a manufacturer straight to your business without any expensive overheads.

By Using Affordable Eco Towels, You Will Reduce

Avon has announced that it will be withdrawing from the Australian and New Zealand markets. A statement from the company said that operations will cease before the end of 2018. The statement read: “As part of the company’s strategy to return Avon to long-term sustainable profitable growth, the focus will be on markets with the greatest potential for future growth to support its vision of becoming the world’s leading social beauty company. “In line with this, after a thorough deliberation on our performance, the direct selling conditions in the market, and potential for growth, we have considered all options for the business and it is with much sadness that we are announcing our decision to exit the Australia and New Zealand markets.” The cosmetics company, which was founded in New York in 1886, is famous for its direct-selling method. It has branches throughout the globe and came to Australia back in 1963.

NATURA, AESOP AND THE BODY SHOP FORM NEW CORPORATE BRAND Natura Cosmeticos, the company who bought The Body Shop from L’Oréal in a €1bn deal, has announced its new group identity. The three brands owned by the company – Natura, Aesop and The Body Shop – will now collectively be known as Natura &Co. The new corporate branding references Natura, the brand that gave birth to the group, while the ‘&Co’ conveys the ‘collaboration, co-creation and coexistence’ and ‘sense of community’ of the newcomers. “The brand symbolises the characteristics of the new corporate governance structure created for the group,” said Natura &Co executive chairman Roberto Marques.

üwater bills üelectricity bills üdetergent & cleaning product costs

ümaintenance on washing machine & dryer

üexpensive upkeep of

replacing cotton towels

üstaff wages spent doing unproductive tasks

üenvironmental impact “Our Team & Clients are loving Eco Towels in our Hair & Beauty Salon. It’s a great concept with an easy buying process and it’s great dealing with Lee, a Salon owner operator, who understands the importance of time & cost saving in todays completive business landscape. I also believe we should all do our bit for the environment and using Affordable eco towels is one thing we can do to help! Great Job Affordable Eco Towels.” Martin Lazare, Esteem Hair Beauty Spa

“This structure, which will help us grow by promoting deep business transformation, aims to ensure support, facilitating and improving integration and interdependence between the three companies in the group, while implementing a global strategy.” The brands already share a common commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices and will continue to do this, and more, under their new parent brand

0499 042 862




Lux Aestiva started as a husband and wife team from beautiful North Queensland. They wanted to change the way people thought about and use beauty and hair products in daily life. Founded in 2015. they create 100% natural, highly effective artisan hair and skin care products for people who like to choose only pure and natural ingredients on their hair and skin. As a brand they believe in the importance of understanding what goes onto hair and skin and why. Everything that is used on the body absorbs quickly into skin and blood stream hence their dedication to always be open and honest about all of their ingredients and how they work. Dedicated to not only pure hair and beauty products, but also environmental causes and charities, Lux Aestiva really are trying hard to change the environment and the world through their brand. 18

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

We talked to creator Katie Blyth about the brands conception and aims


I have always longed to start my own business, to have the freedom of expression and creation goes hand in hand with owning your own business. To be able to take the business in whatever direction I please and to have no limits to pushing what I, or my brand, are capable of achieving. Lux Aestiva was born out of my desire to create an online sanctuary where people can purchase products to enhance their everyday lives. I, personally, was tired of using the same old products in my daily routines, although they may have delivered on their promises

I just didn’t feel they were going above and beyond my expectations. I was bored with the mass produced plastic packaging, ingredient listings which I could not translate let alone recognise and the lack of aesthetically pleasing products that you would want to leave out on your bathroom cabinet! Insert Lux Aestiva. We started with one amazing Hair Hydrator and have not stoped growing since.


I draw inspiration from a lot of various places for Lux Aestiva. From vintage 70s photography, my favourite clothing labels,

my 25 acre lush, bushland property and the freedom to express myself and be truly creative though my products is a never ending source of inspiration itself. Kate also explained to us how important it was for Lux Aestiva to work with their chosen charities and donate a percentage of sales to the causes close to their heart:


They donate a proportion of all of profits to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society who are an international non profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation. Their mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the worlds oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.


The brand owners sponsor a child with world vision in chad, one of the poorest countries

in the world. Safe drinking water is scarce, made worse by frequent flooding in the area. Preventable diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera are common, farmers cannot grow enough food to feed their families and many children are malnourished. HIV and AIDS related illnesses are common in the community and health centres are inadequate and poorly equipped. There is a severe shortage of schools and qualified teachers. Many children cannot afford their education and leave school before it is completed.


The brand recently adopted Keduang via the project. Kedaung was estimated to be two years old when he was confiscated from a residence in Nora Sumatra in 2013. He had numerous dog bite wounds on his body and was in a serious condition. Fighting for his life he was taken immediately to the SOCP Orangutan Quarantine Centre in North Sumatra where he was given intensive treatment and around the clock care. Thankfully Kedaungs fighting spirit showed

through and he survived. Indonesia is home to some of the most rich and biodiverse rainforest in the world. It contains over 80 endemic species and some of the worlds most unique and iconic endangered wildlife such as the orang-utan, elephant and tiger. But these animals are in grave danger. Every hour 300 football fields of precious remaining forest is being ploughed to the ground across South East Asia to make way for palm oil. Palm oil is used in everything from snack foods to soaps. It is found in over half all packaged items on our supermarket shelves. In the last 20 years, over 3.5 million hectares of indonesians and malaysian forest has been destroyed to make way for palm oil. Almost 80% of orangutan habitat has disappeared in the last 20 years. We are losing over 6000 orangutans a year. There are now only 400 sumatran tigers left in the world. For more information about Katie and the brand visit Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2





By Zoe Otis, CPS Institute

Manology is Melbourne’s newest boutique cosmetic aesthetic clinic, designed especially for men. Based in St Kilda, Melbourne, Manology specialises in non-surgical procedures for the distinguished man looking for a point of difference.

“A few years ago, there used to be taboo against male cosmetic procedures” says owner Nicky Tzimas. “Today, we are seeing much greater open-mindedness. Social media is destigmatising plastic surgery and non-surgical rejuvenation for men. Men want to look better without undergoing a major change that would raise suspicion. As the trend in attitudes towards male cosmetics aesthetics changes we found that more and more men were after treatments, however, the vast majority of clinics are geared towards female clientele. We wanted to create a space in which we could help men to address their cosmetic aesthetic needs in a holistic way – making it their ‘one-stop-shop’. We have done so by offering a vast array of treatments, ranging from traditional, to more modern, non-surgical ‘grooming’, all in the one inviting space”. The aesthetics of men and women are vastly different and require different assessment 20

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

and attention. Manology pride themselves on understanding the ageing process of males and developing treatment plans to meet their needs. “Whether you are seeking treatment for a skin condition, unwanted hair, defined jaw, unwanted chin fat or hair loss, we get it,” says Nicky. “Our professional and registered practitioners can assist in answering all questions and attending to all of our clients needs.” Manology seeks to help demystify treatments to interested men, in the privacy of a boutique and discreet location on St Kilda’s bustling Inkerman St. Manology specialise in a number of treatments tailored to men, including excess hair, chin fat treatments, treatment for excessive sweating, hair restoration, dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatments. They also attend to every-day grooming needs such as hair removal (waxing and IPL), nail services, facials and much more.

The staff at Manology enjoy assisting clients in finding the solutions the are looking for, in an environment where they can relax and feel completely comfortable. “Our focus is on creating symmetry and harmony across the whole face to achieve a natural and refreshed look that people can’t quite put their finger on,” says Nicky, “Our clients look and feel reinvigorated, and that will show from the outside in.” The Manology team is a proud and diverse one, of which members have all worked in their respective fields for decades and love to impart their knowledge. Manology is situated at 102a/27 Inkerman St, St Kilda. Instagram & Facebook @manologyclinics

REVEAL YOUR BEST EVER SKIN Ultraceuticals paramedical treatments use innovative, efficacious cosmeceutical ingredients and techniques to help target major skin concerns such as anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation and acne.

Call for more information: 1800 355 684



Feeling Great in your Skin with the help of


Irene Prantalos was first diagnosed with psoriasis at 11 years of age, and the next 8 years of her life were extremely challenging, both for herself and her family. Irene got little relief from dermatologists and just shortterm relief from alternative therapies. However, her luck seemed to change when she sought assistance from a Chinese medicine practitioner. Within two months the psoriasis was gone so over the next seven years she spent her time completing her degrees in Human Biology and Chinese Medicine. Now, Dr Irene Prantalos (Chinese Medicine) utilises acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to assist in a variety of health concerns. Irene has a special interest in treating skin complaints such as acneic skin, psoriasis and eczema, reproductive health issues such as infertility, menstrual irregularities and menopause, digestive health issues and general anti-ageing concerns through collagen induction therapy and we spoke to her about how this Australian/Greek woman became a well respected expert in this field.


Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2


Growing up in Melbourne gave me many great memories; until I was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 11. My entire world was about to change and I had no idea to what extent. Initially, my mum took me to our local GP and he gave me some (cortisone) cream to use, which was meant to heal my rash. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for me, and the psoriasis eventually spread to cover my entire body, by the time I was in Year 11. I tried everything and anything, but there was no relief. At the age of 19 I tried Chinese Medicine out of pure desperation. I had nothing to lose and nowhere to go. I was disciplined and followed the treatment protocols while choosing to avoid inflammatory foods such as sugar, dairy, gluten and yeast. Within 2 months my skin was normal; no scaly skin, no itchiness and no sensation of wanting to tear my skin off. It was wonderful! I

couldn’t believe my eyes. So, to understand why this treatment worked when so many others had failed me I decided to study Chinese Medicine. The doctor I was seeing at the time told me there was a course starting up at RMIT University in Melbourne. Fast forward 7 years, I opened up private practise in 2003 and quickly started treating skin conditions. At first I was quite traumatised from my own experienced so I didn’t want to treat skin. The truth is, it was the last thing I wanted to do, so my focus turned to women’s health and fertility. Then around 2 years later I felt a lot more experienced with treating myself and understanding what the skin needs to heal from the inside out. With this renewed sense of self, patients started coming through the doors with a number of different skin conditions, each person responding differently based on their individual circumstances.


The fundamental belief of Chinese Medicine is that it treats the cause and not the effect. Our focus is always understanding a patient’s story of how their dis-eased body has manifested. With this information, the treatment protocols chosen are specific to rectify the imbalance in each person to bring their body back to wellness. So, yes Chinese Medicine is a great way to address skin concerns in a number of different presentations.


In both psoriasis and acne my approach as a Chinese Medicine practitioner is always to address the skin condition to alleviate the lesions from the skin. This is the most distressing part when a patient comes to see you. When acne and/or psoriasis are situated on the face, it affects a person self worth and ability to be the best they can be. Personally understanding this and as a result I’m always mindful of alleviating the rash first. During this time I explain to patients what I will need to do either initially or further down the tract. For instance, psoriasis is an auto-immune disease and so I will need to uncover why the immune system is over acting. Often in these circumstances gut health, nutrition and lifestyle factors are key to restore and discuss. In regards to acne, lesions can present due to a hormonal imbalance, diet rich in inflammatory food or low in nutrient dense foods, stress and so on. Simply put, my approach is Detox, Address Disharmonies in the Body, Gut Health, and Nourish, however each patient will be treated based on their specific circumstances.


Personally the western approach to my psoriasis was detrimental. The reason for this is that the cortisone cream only suppressed the disease during the time I used the product. As soon as I stopped, the rash returned. Similarly biologics work to suppress a part of the immune system that is instigating the psoriatic disease. In my opinion and with what I have personally experienced I believe this is detrimental. As

for acne, to truly treat it effectively I encourage your readers to address the imbalance within via natural means. It may take longer but the effect is longer lasting and side effects if any are minimal. Although in both acne and psoriasis a skincare regimen that is natural is encouraged as this will assist the healing process from the outside in. Our range of skincare Salubre Cosmeceuticals and Salubre Therapeutics, assist in the natural rejuvenation process for skin affected with acne and psoriasis, respectively. It is important in situations where people who have broken skin to avoid ingredients that can have a negative physiological effect on the body. Such ingredients include PEGs, parabens, coal tar, and paraffin are from non-natural sources and can have an unfavourable effect on one’s health. Broken skin will allow larger concentrations of these ingredients to directly enter the blood stream trans-dermally.


Skin conditions are usually complex and involve the entire body. To naturally bring the body back to wellness all aspects of one’s health needs to be addressed. So this process can take time but the length of time varies based on the duration of the illness, the type of illness and how a person adjusts to the recommendations made. There’s no specific time that can be given initially. However as time passes a practitioner can ascertain a more accurate assessment on the process of restoring the body back to health. More information can be found on Dr Irene’s website Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2





Medici Capelli have been Australia’s leading hair transplant clinic for over 30 years. Their surgical hair transplant clinic is located on the Gold Coast, Queensland with easy access for hair transplants in Brisbane. They specialise in hair loss medication for men and women to prevent hair loss, reverse hair loss and promote hair growth.

Traction alopecia is hair loss that’s caused by repeatedly pulling on your hair

They are one of the few medical clinics that specialise full-time in surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments for men and women. With over 30 years experience, the team offers patients the highest quality hair loss treatments, including hair replacements, hair transplants and hair implants, to give the most natural looking results possible. These outstanding results have established Medici Capelli as a leader in the field of hair loss treatment. Dealing with hair loss issues can be stressful and frustrating, especially issues in relation to female hair loss and conditions such as traction alopecia which we look more closely at in his article. The term alopecia refers to hair loss. Traction alopecia is hair loss that’s caused by repeatedly pulling on your hair. You can develop this condition if you often wear your hair in a tight ponytail, bun, or braids, especially if you use chemicals or heat on your hair. Traction alopecia can be reversed if you stop pulling your hair back. But if you don’t intervene soon enough, the hair loss may be permanent. Doctors in Greenland first identified the condition in the early 1900s. They discovered that women who wore tight ponytails had lost hair along their hairline.


Early on, traction alopecia might show up as little bumps on your scalp that look like pimples. As the condition progresses, the main symptom is missing and broken hairs. The hairs along the front and sides of your scalp are most often affected. However, you may also notice hair loss on other areas of your scalp, depending on your hairstyle. In addition to hair loss, traction alopecia can cause these symptoms: • redness of the scalp • bumps • soreness or stinging of your scalp • itching • scaling • folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles) • pus-filled blisters on your scalp Eventually, the hair follicles can become so damaged and scarred that they can’t produce new hair.The symptoms of traction alopecia are different from those of other forms of alopecia. In other types, the hair loss occurs in patches all over the scalp. In traction alopecia, usually just the hair that’s been pulled is affected.


You develop traction alopecia from wearing your hair pulled too tight. Pulling on the hair repeatedly loosens the hair shaft in its follicle. For example, you might lose hair if you often: • pull your hair back into a tight ponytail or bun • wear tight braids, cornrows, or dreadlocks • use hair extensions or weaves • put your hair up in rollers overnight People with very long hair can also get traction alopecia due to the weight of the hair pulling on the scalp. Men can also have it in their beard if they twist it too tightly. This condition is common in African-American women, although it can affect people of any ethnicity. It occurs more frequently among people in professions that tend to put their hair up in a tight bun, such as ballerinas

and gymnasts. Although the condition can affect people of any age, it’s more likely to happen as you get older because your hair becomes more damaged the longer you pull on it.


To prevent traction alopecia, wear your hair down. If you have to pull it up into a ponytail or bun, keep it loose and low on your head. Here are a few other ways to prevent this condition: • Change your hairstyle every couple of weeks. For example, alternate between braids and wearing your hair down. • When you pull your hair up into a ponytail, don’t use rubber or elastic bands to hold it in place. They can pull out your hair. • Avoid chemically processing your hair if you use weaves or braid your hair. The chemicals can damage your hair, making it more likely to break. • If you have weaves or extensions, wear them for only a short period of time and take a break between each use. • When you braid your hair or put it in dreadlocks, make the braids thick. Thinner braids pull more tightly. • Don’t use hair relaxers. • Keep the heat setting low on your hair dryer and flat iron. • Don’t sleep in rollers. Wrap your hair instead. • If you wear a wig, choose one with a satin wig cap. It won’t pull as hard on your scalp.


To treat traction alopecia, see a dermatologist. The doctor will examine your scalp. He or she might take a sample of tissue called a biopsy to look for other possible causes of hair loss. The main treatment for traction alopecia is to change your hairstyle. Avoid wearing your hair in a tight style, especially overnight. You’ll know it’s too tight if it hurts. Remove braids, cornrows, or dreadlocks. Avoid pulling your hair up into a ponytail or bun, or loosen the style. If your hair is very long, cut it. Minimize the use of chemicals and heat, which can damage your hair. Your doctor might prescribe one of these treatments for traction alopecia: • antibiotics to prevent infection in any open sores • topical steroids to bring down swelling on your scalp • antifungal shampoos • minoxidil (Rogaine) to regrow hair • biotin supplements to strengthen your hair If you’ve lost a lot of hair and it’s not growing back, a hair replacement procedure may be an option.


Traction alopecia is reversible, but you need to treat it quickly. If you stop wearing your hair in the tight hairstyle that caused it, your hair will grow back normally. But if you continue styling your hair the same way, the hair loss can be permanent. For further information on the clinic and services visit

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B NATURALLY YOU TAKES HOME ULTRACEUTICALS RVR90™ ACCOLADE Ultraceuticals celebrates the outstanding achievement of salon, B Naturally You, for their amazing acne transformation using skin program, RVR90™ - Real Visible Results in 90 days; designed using high-performing, cruelty free, paraben free and scientifically proven products and in clinic treatments to help transform skin in just 90 days. The Ultraceuticals team would also like to highly commend Caroline RobertsCunningham from Renaissance, Art of Beauty NZ for their pigmentation treated client and Kelly from Bouy salon, the winner of 2017 RVR90 anti-ageing category.




16-year old Hayley Revell started getting acne at around 14 years. “It came out of the blue and just got worse. I turned to wearing heavy makeup at school to try and hide my pimples. I would use as much foundation and concealer as possible and became addicted to layering my make-up throughout the day. It was hard to look people in the eyes as you could feel them looking at your skin as you were talking thinking you were dirty and to just wash your face.” Hayley refused to take photos during her troubled years “You would not find one picture of me anywhere. But recently at my high school ball, I was able to feel comfortable for the first time having my photo taken and not having to worry 26

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

about how it looks or using FaceTune. Now I love taking selfies.” Hayley’s skin condition would eventually hit rock-bottom that family members were starting to comment and would soon be the topic of conversation everywhere she went. After using countless of products that promised the world but only to dry out her skin, she wasn’t expecting miracles walking into B Naturally You clinic as a last resort.

Hayley has a renewed self-confidence with her transformation and now walks out of the house without having to stress how her skin looks. “I’ve gone from an hour of doing my makeup to now a five-minute quick tinted moisturiser.”


“That’s when I met Amy who would become my therapist. It was such a personal thing to share with someone, but she made me feel so comfortable and I become excited to start my journey. I’ve formed a great friendship with Amy now and catch up socially on weekends and even have girl’s nights in together.” The RVR90 journey has inspired Haley to pursue her own dream of becoming a skin therapist and studying at TAFE and doing her work experience at B Naturally You. “I’d always loved all things beauty, especially make-up with my past skin, but after experiencing my own journey I’ve realised how that being a skin therapist can really help people be their best self.”

25 year old Irish born, Amy Thornton arrived in Australia two years ago having already been working as a skin therapist since 2012. After

Hayley Revell and Amy Thornton

completing her regional work as part of her working visa in country WA, she discovered B Naturally You in Esperance and soon found herself working there as one of their valued therapists. Little did she know she’d become the winner in the RVR90 2017 campaign in the category for acne. Amy worked on 16 year old Hayley Revell and saw a complete transformation. “Just to see the difference in Hayley is amazing. She’s a new person. When she first came in she was quiet and nervous and didn’t talk too much. Even after a month of doing treatments her skin had cleared and Hayley was much happier.” Hayley was excited to do the next treatment after seeing the results for herself. Like many Ultraceuticals therapists, Amy began a genuine friendship with Hayley over her journey. They live close by so Amy picks Hayley up on the way to work where Hayley now does work experience part time in the salon. Amy says: “We spend a couple of nights a week together hanging in for girl’s nights. We even sat down at home and did the paperwork for the RVR90 application. Amy says: “I’m even more driven to push retail and help others change their lives. It’s a real boost to my own confidence when I can change someone’s skin and especially when I see for myself the photos from each treatment and the improvement month by month.


Hayley quickly formed a close bond with Caroline. She was so informed about the Ultraceuticals product and explained exactly how the ingredients and treatments would work to fix her skin concern. Caroline was like “Hayley, we’ve got this!”. The whole team were so encouraging every time she came back. “I’m very humbled by the fact they were able to show me with each visit the progress my skin was making with each photo. It was such an amazing reference to really see the difference. I’m a bit peeved I hadn’t done this sooner.” Hayley had always worn makeup as a way to help cover up her pigmentation as opposed to wearing make-up just on social occasions to accentuate what she had. “Today I just put on sunblock and mascara and keep make-up for special occasions.”



“I’ve received so many compliments from girlfriends saying – My goodness Hayley your skin is amazing! - I’ve never had compliments like that in my life ever.” 36-year old Project Manager, Hayley Stevens says for the last nine years she had always found her pigmentation to be an eyesore. “It felt like it happened overnight, so suddenly”. Her turning point to get help was last Xmas holidays whilst camping. Roughing it meant water skiing and sun replaced the daily makeup regime. “I remember looking in a mirror after skiing and realised how prominent my pigmentation was. I hated it.” Her sister in-law convinced her to do something about it – “Let 2017 be your year to get it sorted” she said. Hayley previously thought only microdermabrasion was the only treatment, but when she walked into Renaissance, Art of Beauty for her first consultation with Caroline Roberts-Cuningham she was thrilled at what treatments were on offer.


Therapist Caroline Roberts-Cunningham describes her journey with Hayley treating her pigmentation. “It’s so unbelievable that I won! It’s given me more confidence as a therapist and I’m definitely more passionate about Ultraceuticals. It is the best product by far and I haven’t seen these kind of results with other brands.”. says Caroline.



Grandmother of five grandkids, 61-year old Maxine Pigout said: “People have definitely commented on my skin since the RVR90 journey. I have a 16 year old granddaughter and people often mistake me for her mother.” The 2017 RVR90 winner for the category of antiageing, Maxine says since her skin journey to help overcome the effects of ageing, her skin feels more radiant and has even noticed a big difference in capillaries which had started to surface.

“I really wanted to do something about my skin’s dullness, pigmentation and general ageing Caroline hadn’t actually seen the before and issues such as redness that had occurred over afters until the second round and when she the years. I wanted my skin to look brighter. showed Hayley, she was absolutely shocked at the progress. Hayley was a pleasure to work After getting her hair done regularly at Buoy, with. She was very self-conscious about her skin Maxine was presented with a chance to have from day one. It was great to build that trust and her skin concerns improved through the RVR90 see her transformation Hayley the Ultraceuticals paramedicalunfold. treatments use was innovative, journey. “I am still in shock that I won the first serious pigmentation client she has treated. efficacious cosmeceutical ingredients and techniques campaign. It was such an enjoyable experience.” to help target major skin concerns such as anti-ageing, Hayley’s confidence in her new skin has seen her hyperpigmentation and acne. “My therapist Kelly was fabulous. I learnt a lot much more change from the inside. Hayley even about my skin and how to implement my daily educates friends based on her experience and routine. It was great to actually spend time with knowledge she’s gained from Caroline over her someone that was genuinely interested and skin journey. cared about my skin. She really felt like a friend. I even noticed a big difference in my capillaries Caroline has been with Renaissance for 14 which is amazing.” months and her renewed passion for the industry


especially after RVR90 and seeing how it can really change people’s lives. Call for more information: 1800 355 684

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Considerations for Hyperpigmentation


Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar provides a background of hyperpigmentation and explains which treatments are deemed safe during pregnancy. Hyperpigmentation is defined as excess pigmentation in the skin, and can occur secondary to excess sun exposure, inflammation, or endocrinological changes.Pregnancy, in particular, increases the risk of hyperpigmentation of the face, hands and body. Usual patterns of pigment for pregnant women include linea nigra found on the abdomen, darkening of the areola, and pigmentation that can affect the face, neck and décolletage. Melasma is a common skin condition in adults, in which light to dark brown or greyish patches of pigmentation develop, usually symmetrically. This often occurs during pregnancy, most commonly on the face, and is often referred to as ‘the pregnancy mask’, typically presenting across the midface and malar region in a butterfly fashion. When the cause of the pigmentation is gone, the pigmentation may start to fade, though melasma, in particular, can be troubling and in some cases long lasting, and may result in significant psychological distress to the patient. It is also notoriously difficult to treat and there is no one definitive modality of treatment. Understanding the pathology and management is therefore imperative if we are to correct, or control, this condition. The purpose of this article is to assess different treatments available for hyperpigmentation and will discuss which ones would be suitable for pregnant patients.


Melanin is produced by melanocytes in the stratum basale via a process known as melanogensis. Melanocytes are cells that contain melanosomes, which are small sack-like organelles, in which the melanin is formed. The main chemical reaction is the conversion of the aminoacid tyrosine into melanin pigment, by the action of the enzyme tyrosinase. There are essentially two types of melanin made: eumelanin, which gives a red pigment, and pheomelanin, which gives brown pigment. Once synthesised, melanin is moved along arm-like structures called dendrites, to reach the keratinocytes. Over 150 genes have been identified that influence pigmentation and the base 28

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

activity relies on various epigenetic factors which influence the density of pigmentation in the skin, depending on the skin type, which can be identified from the Fitzpatrick scale. The Fitzpatrick scale is a numerical classification for human skin colour and is based on the patient’s reports of how their skin responds to the sun, as well as skin, hair and eye colour.


In pregnancy, hyperpigmentation tends to develop in the first trimester, though in first pregnancies, its appearance may be delayed until several months into the pregnancy.In subsequent pregnancies, pigmentation often appears earlier and can be darker than that experienced in the first pregnancy. The exact cause remains unclear, but it is thought to occur due to increased levels of hormones that can instigate increased melanin formation. These hormones include: • Melanocyte-stimulating hormone • Oestrogen • Progesterone The increased pigmentation can continue to progress during the pregnancy until delivery. The darkened areas usually fade in the post-partum period, though this may take several months and, in some women, may not completely fade.


There are a number of medicaments that have been reported as useful in the control of melanin production, as described below. The use of medicaments in pregnancy needs to be carefully evaluated by the clinician on a risk-to-foetus vs benefitto-mother basis; taking into account the extent to which they can penetrate the skin barrier and be absorbed systemically, thus potentially having a toxic effect on the developing foetus.


The use of sunscreens is fundamental in control and prevention of hyperpigmentation, and is recommended during pregnancy and lactation, as in all

other times of life. The physical sunscreens zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which deflect and block the sun’s rays, are considered safe during pregnancy. Chemical sunscreens which absorb the sun’s rays include two general classes – the PABA (para aminobenzoic acid) derivatives and the cinnamic acid derivatives. Both are deemed safe and the actives do not penetrate the skin barrier.Sunscreen should be encouraged during pregnancy and beyond as a long-term preventative measure against sun damage.


Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching medicament used topically that works by inhibiting the action of tyrosinase thus preventing melanin deposition. This is typically used in a formulation of between 2-4%, and is often used in combination with a retinoid such as tretinoin which acts on different levels; facilitating the removal of pigment by accelerating the keratinocytes’ turnover; enhancing hydroquinone penetration through the stratum corneum; and protecting hydroquinone from oxidation. Hydroquinone is a benzene (an organic chemical compound) and its molecular structure allows it to fully penetrate the skin barrier.14 Studies have shown that up to 45% of hydroquinone is systemically absorbed following topical use in humans and, within minutes of application, hydroquinone levels are measurable in urine.The molecular weight of hydroquinone is small enough that is may cross the placenta,

which can be potentially damaging for a pregnant woman, though, due to the lack of human studies, this remains unproven. This treatment requires commitment from the patient and an understanding that melasma can take months to years to treat, and requires appropriate long-term maintenance to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

to human use, due to the significantly lower doses used in peels.Nevertheless, due to the lack of human studies in pregnancy, I would recommend against performing skin peels in pregnancy, particularly given that it is an elective aesthetic treatment that can be deferred postpartum.

Chemical peeling is the application of a chemical agent to the skin, which causes the controlled destruction of either part of the epidermis, or the entire epidermis, leading to exfoliation and the removal of superficial lesions. This creates the regeneration of new epidermal and dermal tissues. In melasma, chemical peels are used to remove unwanted melanin by causing a controlled chemical burn to the skin. Although a wide variety of agents are available for chemical peels, the choice becomes relatively limited when you are treating a patient with a Fitzpatrick skin type IV or above, due to the significant risk of developing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

When formulating treatment plans, patients should be informed that due to the limited data on the safety of many of the treatment modalities for hyperpigmentation, and the relatively short duration of wait in pregnancy, that the risk of treatment may not be justified. Melasma is more resistant to treatment during pregnancy because of the persistent hormonal trigger for development of the disease, and treatment is therefore routinely deferred until after delivery. Moreover, treatment may be unnecessary because melasma in pregnancy may be a transient affair; removal of the hormonal trigger after parturition may result in significant improvement. Emphasis should be made on prevention of pigment through appropriate sun protection including the use of sunscreens, hats, and staying out of the sun

Glycolic acid is the most commonly used alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and is used frequently in treating hyperpigmentation. Animal studies, where relatively high doses of acid were used, demonstrated systemic absorption and resulting toxicity to the developing foetus, though one can argue that these findings cannot be extrapolated

Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar is a dental surgeon with experience in head and neck surgery and facial aesthetics. She is a lead trainer for injectable courses with Oris Medical. Dr AlMukhtar has worked as an advanced injector for Destination Skin and works in private clinics in London and Liverpool.


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DERMAL Cosmetic Procedures

REWARD VS RISK While we are all aware of the rewards or positive outcomes of cosmetic procedures, in recent times, the potential risks and dangers of treatments performed both in Australia and abroad, have also surfaced.


While the arguments for and against cosmetic procedures could take up an entire chapter in a book, according to Dr Douglas Grose, President of the CPCA, the first question to ask yourself is - will the procedure give the desired outcome every time and what are the risks if there are problems? Can all problems be corrected? “I think of this as the ‘risk reward ratio’. If the risk


Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

is high and the benefit small - don’t do it. If the risk is small and the benefit high then certainly consider it. All cosmetic treatments are based on ‘want’ rather than ‘need’. If you have a cancer that requires surgery, then risk is less of an issue because you ‘need’ the surgery. On the other hand having breast implants is not medically necessary and is thus a ‘want’ and risk reward becomes much more relevant,” says Dr Grose.

I look tired all the time, even though I’ve slept well? Do I have loads of sun damage that is now catching up with me – and have I changed my sun habits so that it’s not going to be worse after treatment? Is the issue that I am so concerned with just visible to me? Can I afford the downtime and how much, if I can? Can I afford it financially and is it within my budget?

According to Dr Mary Dingley, Board Member of the CPCA, the key is to “know yourself”. Ask yourself, what is it that concerns me? Does everyone think

“Know what it is that concerns you, and although you may do some research about procedures, don’t focus on one procedure to the exclusion of everything else. It’s important to remain open and heed the advice of your doctor. What you believe to be the best procedure for you, may differ from what your doctor recommends. Consider all options before making a final decision as there

All of these questions, and more, should be well considered prior to looking into any cosmetic procedure.

may be something better for you and better for your problem that should at least be considered,” says Dr Dingley. “Things can go wrong even in the best of hands, but the way to try and minimise those risks, is to go to a reputable clinic, with doctors who are either conducting or supervising all treatments on site and have the ability to manage complications should they ever occur,” says Dr Dingley. “What you should avoid are techniques which are relatively unproven. New technology and procedures are not necessarily better, they may be just good marketing tools because they are ‘new’. I would recommend avoiding any practice where you feel even slightly pressured into having the procedure. Dr Dingley also agrees that it’s important to be wary of advertising. “There are a lot of people and places advertising in very enticing ways. Medical clinics have more rules and regulations with which to comply, compared with most businesses; sometimes the flashiest ad may be for the least-qualified place. If something sounds too good to be true, then that’s probably the case”. Cosmetic procedure preparation There are a number of steps to take in preparation of a cosmetic procedure but first and foremost, check your social and work calendar. “Make sure you have no major events for up to one week after the procedure as there may be swelling and even bruising even from simple treatments. This period would be longer for more major procedures, especially involving facial surgery. “Preparation would also depend on the procedure. If it was something simple then just wear comfortable clothing and don’t plan on doing anything for a few hours after. For more major procedures, the treating doctor will advise on whether you will need an escort. Generally if the procedure is to be done in a hospital setting, then someone to assist you home afterwards is a must. If you do not want to be seen in public afterwards then stock up on food and books before the procedure,” advises Dr Grose. According to Dr Dingley, while some procedures require no real preparation, other than making the enquiries and decisions, some may require preparatory medication, sun avoidance etc. Your doctor will advise you, so it’s important to follow that advice!

to the foreign country to have further treatment at great cost.


While it is tempting to “have it all done in one treatment”, this is incredibly dangerous. The longer a person is lying on a table under anaesthesia, the higher the risk becomes and generally the recovery process is much longer. It is much better in the long term to deal with each problem one step at a time with short procedures, “ says Dr Grose.

“If you have a problem and the practitioner who performed it is a long way away, then you may find that practitioners nearby will decline to treat the complication as they did not do the original procedure. You may have to fly interstate or back

“Also if ever in any doubt, don’t do anything! All cosmetic procedures are discretionary so it’s your choice whether to do them or not. You will always have the opportunity to do something later if it suits you at another time,” says Dr Dingley. “Finally, the goal of the CPCA is to advance the highest principles of professionalism in the management of patients’ aesthetic concerns

Dr Grose strongly advises against going to another state or another country for treatment and to avoid the lure of all-in-one treatments.

which is why for cosmetic medical treatments it is recommended that patients use one of the Fellows or members of our College,” says Dr Grose. leading representative body for medical practitioners practicing non- or minimallyinvasive cosmetic medical treatments in Australasia. The College, which evolved from the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia, provides education, training and ethical practice standards for its Fellows and Members who are required to have relevant training and experience as prerequisites for admission to the College. Members are also required to keep abreast of the most up-to-date, relevant information and latest medical and scientific advances. Overall, the key role of the CPCA is to develop and maintain the highest standards in cosmetic medicine, which helps safeguard the public. Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2




KERATOSIS PILARIS By Dr Amanda Oakley MBChB FRACP, Hamilton, New Zealand

Keratosis pilaris is a very common form of dry skin characterised by hair follicles plugged by scale.


Keratosis pilaris affects up to half of normal children and up to three quarters of children with ichthyosis vulgaris (a dry skin condition due to filaggrin gene mutations). It is also common in children with atopic eczema.Although most prominent during teenage years, and least common in the elderly, it may occur in children and adults of all ages.


Keratosis pilaris is due to abnormal keratinisation of the lining of the upper portion of the hair follicle (the follicular infundibulum). Scalefills the follicle instead of exfoliating.The tendency to keratosis pilaris has genetic origins, with autosomal dominant inheritance. This means that up to half of the children of an affected individual may display signs of keratosis pilaris to a variable degree.Keratosis pilaris-like lesions can arise as a side effect of targeted cancer therapies such as vemurafenib.


Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2


Keratosis pilaris most often affects the outer aspect of both upper arms. It may also occur on the thighs, buttocks and sides of the cheeks, and less often on the forearms and upper back. The distribution is symmetrical.The scaly spots may appear skin coloured, red (keratosis pilaris rubra) or brown (hyperpigmented keratosis pilaris). They are not itchy or sore.Keratosis pilaris tends to be more prominent at times of low humidity, such as in the winter months.


Keratosis pilaris atrophicans refers to uncommon forms of keratosis pilaris in which there are scarlike follicular depressions and loss of hair. These include: • Keratosis pilaris atrophicans faciei (face) • Erythromelanosis follicularis faciei et colli (face and neck) • Ulerythema ophryogenes (eyebrows) • Keratosis follicularis spinulosa decalvans (scalp) • Atrophoderma vermiculatum/ folliculitis ulerythematosa reticulata (pitted scarring of cheeks)


Biopsy reveals: • Epidermal hyperkeratosis • Hypergranulosis • Plugged hair follicles • Mild superficial perivascular lymphocytic inflammation


No cure is available for keratosis pilaris. The following may be useful: • Non-soap cleansers (soap may exacerbate dryness) • Rubbing with a pumice stone or exfoliating sponge in the shower or bath • Moisturising cream containing urea, salicylic acid or alphahydroxy acids • Topical retinoids, • Pulse dye laser treatment or intense pulsed light (IPL) – this may reduce the redness (at least temporarily), but not the roughness • Laser assisted hair removal


Keratosis pilaris may become less obvious in time. Atrophy or scarring with hair loss is permanent.

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Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

2017 ABIA State Salon/Spa of the Year WA/NT (4 Treatment Rooms or Less)


ABIA 2017 WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less Cosmedica Skin Specialists with Rosie Hopgood-Jax Wax

Cosmedica Skin Specialists is a small family run business with big vision and a whole lot a passion for the industry! They strive to provide excellence in customer service, whilst providing superior quality high end treatments by extremely knowledgable therapists! And have fun whilst doing so!

ultimately bringing it to life. In February 2014, Cosmedica Skin Specialists was born from a pre exisiting established business Sorbet Day Spa, Mindarie. Sorbet Day Spa underwent a full rebrand to Cosmedica Skin Specialists and a full upgrade and introduction of machines to offer all Beauty & Dermal Therapies to our clients.

They provide a range of beauty, day spa and cosmetic treatments in the heart of Mindarie. They are an extremely passionate bunch of professionals who love to come to work every day, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere where clients come back time and time again.

Sorbet Day Spa was an absolutely beautifully presented and fitted out premises, set on 100m2 of property in a private shop frontage location in the heart of Mindarie. Since taking over the layout of the fitout has remained the same but it has been freshened up with new paint, new decor, new signage and new uses/functions/ upgrades of some of the pre existing areas.

After having worked in the beauty industry for 7 years, the owner of the business Bel upgraded her qualifications, becoming a Registered Nurse and venturing into her passion for the dermal therapies & skin treatments. It was here she saw a gap in the industry in the Northern suburbs of Perth of a clinic which provides day spa, beauty and dermal therapies all in the one place. This is where she went in pursuit of finding a suitable premises to create her vision and dream34

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

The pre existing business purely only offered day spa therapies and minimal beauty treatments such as waxing and tinting. Our services menu has grown immensely not only from initial take over of the business but every year we have had the business we have introduced many new services also. Our services menu has grown to 25 Service Categories with over 155 sub

categories of service offerings for our clients and is only continuing to grow. The change and rebrand was very well received from their clientele and they have only continued to flourish and build on their exisiting clientele as well as offer something totally different and appealing for new clientele than other salons in our local area. The immediate demographic of clientele is not only the affleunt areas such as Mindarie, Iluka and Burns Beach but also a more middle class, working family demographic from areas such as Clarkson, Kinross, Currambine, Joondalup, Carramar, Banksia Grove, Tapping, Butler, Quinns Rocks. Word is getting out about their treatments, customer service and client experience and they have clients coming to them from all over Perth including as far south as woroona, east as far as ellenbrook, north as far as two rocks and west as far as karrinyup who choose the clinic as their preferred salon to have all their services done. Cosmedica provide a high quality service at an affordable price point no matter what walk of life you may come from.

Double Sided

Lash & Brow Bar by

RefectoCil Refectocil Lash & Brow Bar: the NEW & super handy tinting station. It’s both handy and super stylish. The new Lash & Brow Bar is small, light and has an integrated handle that allows carrying it from work station to work station. Or simply have out on display!

Contents: • Blonde Brow • 8 Tint Colours (Black, Graphite, Blue, Blue Black, Brown, Light Brown, Chestnut & Red) • Creme Oxidant • Micellar Make Up Remover • Tint Remover • Skin Protection Cream • Styling Gel • Silicone Eye Pads (pair) • Artist Palette • Application Brushes Hard (5) • Application Brushes Soft (5) • Base, Backing Board • Holders for cotton swabs etc (not included) • Colour Chart


Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

2017 ABIA State Salon/Spa of the Year VIC/TAS/SA

(5 Treatment Rooms or More)

VITALITY LASER & SKIN CLINIC ABIA 2017 VIC/TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Vitality Laser & Skin Clinic with Daniel Dickson-DMK

Many businesses rest on their laurels once they have achieved a certain level of success. It is a very special business that is constantly re-evolving and setting new benchmarks to keep improving, growing and becoming more profitable. Like a stunning butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, Vitality Laser and Skin is the new reinvention of the multi award winning Vitality Medispa. Owner Annette Harman has extended the menu to meet the ever growing demands of her clients for advanced medical treatments and spa therapies by creating a purpose built facility with the latest cutting edge equipment and advanced modalities available in today’s evolving beauty industry. To reflect the business’ new direction there has been a name change but the essence of outstanding customer service, superior quality treatments, cosmeceutical skin care and a warm friendly inviting atmosphere still permeates the business. 36

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

“You can’t improve unless you change” Anon. This is a mantra that the Vitality team has embraced in recent years and so this move to larger, better equipped premises was the perfect catalyst for the introduction of the latest laser technology equipment and an extensive re- training of totally committed staff. “We are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations every time they visit us” Annette has instilled in her fabulously experienced team. “Excellence comes not from just achieving outstanding results for our clients but also in providing an experience that they will remember and keep them coming back.” To achieve such a standard the state of the art new clinic has rebranded, revamped it’s logo and image, website and social media platforms to represent the clinical services now available. A full review of the protocols for the

entire treatment menu has been undertaken with an eye to improving not only the results from each treatment but also the customer experience. Each staff member has undergone an individualised training program that has identified weaknesses, specific areas of expertise and facilitation of advanced training on equipment relevant to their qualifications. The team has also undergone extensive product knowledge training in each of the salon exclusive ranges so prescriptions for home care will achieve maximum results. Reception staff have revised the customer service manual and overhauled everything from greeting clients and answer calls to our customer loyalty scheme, gift vouchers, on-line booking service and making bookings. “People will forget what you have done, they might forget your name, but they will never forget the experience.” Says Annette.


Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

The “Vitality” name has long been a widely recognised brand for excellence in beauty. Always at the forefront of what is available in beauty worldwide their customers have enjoyed unrivalled results in an intimate and very personalised clinic environment. This multi award winning, very prosperous business has been nationally recognised for its business prowess, customer service, staff training, leading sales figures and excellence in marketing over a 15 year period of ongoing growth. This new challenge in a purpose built space was an opportunity to extensively review, expand, refine and update what was already a fabulously successful formulae. Business Success Despite the incredible work load and turmoil the building of a huge new clinic has been for the Vitality Management Team the salon still recorded growth in almost every sector of it’s financial, client base and customer retention performance indicators.

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Success can be measured in many ways not just dollar figures. Vitality Laser and Skin constantly monitors a number of key performance indicators that encompass all aspects of the clinic’s health and performance throughout the year. Not only do the KPI’s represent the clinic’s performance but are also used to manage staff performance as well. Across the board the Vitality team have seen a positive growth in almost every KPI that they monitor. The most pleasing has been the growth in customer numbers throughout the year despite very little being spent in marketing outside of the existing data base. Such is the reputation of the salon both for service excellence as well as results driven treatments that the salon’s most effective resource for attracting new clients has been word of mouth referrals. This is encouraged with a referral “thank you” program that gratefully rewards our clients. In conjunction the salon also runs a systematic reactivation program that incentivises clients that haven’t been in for some time to visit again.

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Because approximately 50% of all visitors to the salon enjoy multiple services during their visit the treatment numbers have also grown accumulatively. This in turn builds the salon’s services income and provides extra opportunities to retail and educate clients . Staff are incentivised with a rewards program based on total income that encourages them to be maximizing every opportunity to best assist their clients. The net result is a healthy, growing income. By having a finger on each of the KPI’s virtually on a daily basis staff are able to be encouraged, helped, cajoled, trained and even reprimanded over their results throughout the week. This means instant feedback and the chance to reinforce great results or resurrect a flagging week. The outcome is a business that is growing according to a plan and purpose with resources and education, time and money aimed at specific areas of business need rather than an uninformed shotgun approach. Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2



Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

2017 ABIA Educator of the Year (Organisation)


2017 ABIA Educator of the Year Organisation Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science with Gay Wardle-Masters Dermal Academy The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS) was established in 2003 to meet the education and training needs of the cosmetic medical and dermal therapy professions. The college has developed new and innovative accredited qualifications to address the absence of formal training in the cosmetic medical/aesthetics field and to bridge the gap between traditional beauty services and advanced dermal therapy techniques. The objective of AACDS qualifications is to improve the safety and efficacy of cosmetic nursing/dermal therapy services in Australia. As an unregulated industry with rapid technological advances, there is a strong need for formal training, which qualifies professionals specifically in this field. The development and accreditation of these qualifications were sparked by the significant changes and rapid growth occurring in the cosmetic medical and beauty industry over the last decade. New light-based technologies (eg. laser) entered the market along with many other new aesthetic treatment methods and modalities. Cosmetic Surgeons commenced taking a more holistic view of practice and employed nonphysicians to provide non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Many traditional beauty salons increased their scope of practice to offer treatments such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), laser, microdermabrasion and epidermal peels. Prior to the Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS’ first accredited 38

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

qualification), there was no accredited training available for practitioners/therapists to learn and develop professional skills and practical competencies to allow these new technologies to be used safely and effectively. AACDS still continues to deliver the first and only accredited course in Cosmetic Nursing, the Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing. The organisation is extremely proud of the contribution it has made to innovative training on a national scale. AACDS operates three main colleges/divisions, trading as the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science, the Australian College of Beauty Therapy and the Australian College of Specialist Makeup. The fourth, division is Aspire Medispa - fully functional cosmetic medical clinics and training facilities where students complete their practical competencies in relation to cosmetic nursing and dermal therapy accredited courses. Aspire Medispas are located in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney with plans to establish more clinics on the east coast. AACDS is a dynamic, strong and sustainable RTO with a commitment to high training standards and forming industry connections. Success is measured through its innovative and flexible training models and the fact that AACDS courses have gained an excellent reputation amongst students, enterprise and industry. Their accredited courses still remain at the forefront of training and education in the cosmetic medical profession, creating value to stakeholders, industry and consumers.

Measuring overall success is demonstrated by the measurable organic growth of the organisation ie. increased enrolments without the need to engage external agents. Through independent evaluations such as the ACPET Health Check Audit, AACDS is able to gauge its success in terms of compliance, risk management and sustainability. AACDS ensure courses are up-to-date and relevent to industry needs through the establishment of the AACDS Curriculum Advisory Board consisting of industry experienced professionals. The board includes three plastic/ cosmetic surgeons, two cosmetic physicians, one dermal therapist, one cosmetic chemist, two cosmetic nurses and one practice manager - applying to all key areas covered within the courses. The board assists course coordinators in making sound decisions regarding curriculum changes and other industry matters. AACDS achieves many outstanding practices in order to contribute to the beauty industry in a positive light. The first and foremost practice starts with effective industry consultation. When developing a new qualification (i.e. not available in any training package), extensive consultation must take place to ensure the proposed qualification is relevant and meets employment needs. AACDS consulted with ALL Presidents from the key societies within the field of cosmetic medicine. Not only did this provide appropriate and useful information, it also provided the new qualifications with industry support and recognition.

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Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

2017 ABIA Tanning Salon/Service of the Year


2017 ABIA Tanning Salon/Service of the Year Beach St Tanning with Lea Taylor Naked Tan

Lauren Capelin and her business partner Giuliana Benedet had always had a vision for BEACH ST is to be Australia’s premier tanning salon, and executed every detail (and every tan) to the highest standard. To develop the BEACH ST brand, they aligned with Anne McKevitt, world renowned business coach and branding expert, awarded ‘ Woman Entrepreneur of the World’ and listing Beyonce, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow as clients. To design the salon interior, they engaged the expertise of Shaynna Blaze, one of Australia’s most rewarded and recognised interior designers regularly appearing on TV shows, ‘The Block’ and ‘Selling Homes Australia’. Together they worked on designing the best salon for client flow, functionality and appeal, as well as strong brand presence. The salon is often referred to as ‘a piece of paradise on Oxford Street’. Another major focus for the girls was to make the technical element of the salon the best in Australia, and the safest for clients and staff. BEACH ST is the first tanning salon in Australia 40

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

to design their own equipment, ensuring the best results possible for their clients. For the team at Beach St, the 5-star tans are possible due to our exclusive airbrush system, which creates a lightweight tanning mist. The specifically designed extraction unit also stops excess tan drifting to the legs and feet, which can cause overdevelopment. The BEACH ST experience is second to none. The team is committed to delivering Australia’s first truly 5-star spray tanning experience. From the moment clients walk in the door of BEACH ST, they can feel the difference. They love to see clients sitting around chatting before or after their treatment, feeling tanned and relaxed. They believe in treating clients are though they are old friends and make the experience as personal as possible. The salon offers over 30 different shades of tan, complete with the full range of Techno Tan, Sunescape, St Tropez, Moroccan, Summer Tan and Mediterranean so they can choose the perfect colour for each and every client. They are always trialling new brands to keep up with developments in the industry.

Since opening, we’ve attracted 2,158 clients, and the feedback has been exceptional. Many clients and local businesses refer the salon to their friends, family, colleagues and clients.They have been able to maintain and foster a culture of positivity, happiness, encouragement and confidence with what they feel now is part of the BEACH ST family. The girls at Beach St strongly believe clients pick up on the energy within a business, so for them their team is everything. The vision is to create a positive environment with a team that love their job and treats the last client of the day like it’s their first. They believe if they can look after their clients, their clients will look after the business. They have created a BEACH ST family, and are looking forward to growing a family of confident, sun-safe and perfectly tanned men and women who appreciate exceptional service and luxury surroundings.

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Intensive Training at

Mesoestetic, Barcelona By Dora Erdossy, Advanced Cosmeceuticals National Trainer

Dora and Dr Lorente MCT Gun training

Dora with Cristina and Kim & Paul meso NZ distributors

Mesoestetic is part of a multinational pharmaceutical company that was created in 1984 by Joan Carles Font which specialises in the development, manufacturing and commercialisation of topical medications, medical aesthetic treatments and devices and cosmeceuticals. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Mr Font on my recent training trip to mesoestetic’s headquarters in Barcelona and not only did l find him to be incredibly hospitable and kind but extremely humble. He acknowledges whole-heartedly that the success of his company is also due to the incredible team that he has assisting him on his journey from the marketing team to the sales force through to the training team and of course those who are responsible in formulating such incredible products.

Genesis incorporates SMARTDRIVITYTM , an intelligent blend of 4 technologies. These technologies include Smart Radiofrequency, capacitive and resistive, high-intensity LED and Smart Transcutaneous Drive utilising technology based on electroporation. SMARTDRIVITYTM provides a double effect.

This is my second visit to mesoetetic’s Headquarters and once again my admiration and love for this brand has grown to a whole new other level. I was joined with the incredible team from New Zealand and we were very lucky to have the complete attention of Cristina Casadaliga, International Trainer for mesoestetic and Dr Lorente who trained us on mesotherapy.

2. A pharmacological effect to assist in cell activation and the transcutaneous transport of the latest-generation of active ingredients found in the amazing solutions that have been specifically formulated to be used with Genesis. These solutions allow the user to personalise their clients treatment needs.

It was 3 intensely information loaded days where we received training in medical solutions for the prevention and correction of various skin disorders. We spent time discussing advanced techniques with mesoestetic peels, ampoules and the m.pen PRO for microneedling. We also had our first exposure to mesoestetic’s newest device, Genesis. 42

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

1. A biological effect to stimulate collagen and elastin production, accelerate tissue repair, promote biochemical processes and strengthen capillary walls.

Genesis provides 44 programs for face and body and not only does Genesis provide fantastic results but the effects are long term. We also received training on mesotherapy with the use of mesoestetic’s MCT injector, a fantastic treatment that compliments existing treatments on any clinic’s service menu. mesotherapy helps to correct aesthetic disorders such as skin ageing

and cellulite by providing a physical stimulation from the needle as well as a pharmacological effect of the specific solution or cocktail of active substances being used within the treatment. I can’t write this article without mentioning the fortunate opportunity we had to visit mesoestetic’s laboratories and biotechnology where the magic happens. mesoestetic’s facilities have been approved by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) and comply with GMP regulations and guidelines. In addition, they have obtained the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 quality management system certifications for all their activities which are updated every year. I love science and especially the science of product formulations, so to see this amazing facility up close and personal, it truly left me feeling incredibly impressed with what mesoestetic has achieved and continues to achieve. All in all, a wonderful 3 days of information and knowledge and perhaps a little tapas along the way! For further information please contact Advanced Cosmeceuticals on 1800 242 011 or visit

Educat ion

Relaxat ion

C onversat ion


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On November 17, 2017, a petition was submitted to the UK Government and Parliament that seeks to ‘stop Botox [sic] and dermal fillers on minors by making it illegal for those under 18’. The person responsible for creating the petition is aesthetic practitioner Dr Tijion Esho, of The ESHO Clinics in London and Newcastle, who states in the petition: ‘Cosmetic doctors, nurses, dentists and surgeons have been calling for tougher regulations for injectables. In the UK, it’s almost entirely unregulated with no minimum age for those seeking out Botox [sic] or dermal fillers. Without enforcement of any laws there has been an increase in botched treatments, some of which have been very dangerous, leaving the vulnerable millennial generation at most risk’. Although Dr Esho and many other aesthetic practitioners believe that the banning of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers for those under 18 would have a positive outcome, there is debate on the suggestion among the medical aesthetic community.


“There are a number of things that concern me in relation to people under the age of 18 seeking aesthetic treatments,” explains Dr Esho. “From an anatomical point of view, there’s evidence to support the fact that the face is still developing at this stage of life. Although non-surgical, these treatments are still medical and carry significant risks,” he adds. Nurse prescriber Claudia McGloin, who has been active in presenting her views on this topic over social media, agrees with Dr Esho, and adds that in her experience, younger patients are more prone to seeking cosmetic treatment due to the impact of young celebrity influencers such as Kylie Jenner. She explains, “Under-18s really don’t need these treatments and we are seeing that more and more young girls want to imitate celebrities. We also have the concern of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). I think any age group could have BDD, but I’ve seen it a lot more in teenagers who have been looking at the unrealistic ideals shown in magazines, TV and social media. They think that having an injectable procedure is more of a ‘beauty treatment’ than a cosmetic medical procedure.” A report released in June last year by The Nuffield Council on Bioethics, which was reported on in the August issue of Aesthetics, highlighted the impact of pressure from social media and advertising on the psychological wellbeing of young patients. It mentioned that young patients are at a high risk of feeling anxious over unachievable appearance ideals, which may prompt them to seek cosmetic treatments at a young age. It states, ‘We suggest that there are strong justifications for limiting access to cosmetic procedures to people over the age of 18, other than in exceptional cases’. A particular concern of Dr Esho’s is his belief that many

practitioners, who are treating patients under the age of 18, are not medically trained. He explains, “I am aware that there is an increasingly high number of non-medics who will treat patients under the age of 18, without carrying out a full consultation and assessment of their suitability for the procedure.” He adds, “Consultation is absolutely essential to look for red flags which may indicate underlying BDD. Due to the lack of regulation in the industry, it concerns me that people of all ages, particularly those under 18 who are young and impressionable, may not be being educated in the right way or given the correct care.”



Plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon Ms Éilís Fitzgerald, who is passionate about pushing for tighter regulation in Ireland, explains that when she first read the petition she was concerned that it was proposing a ‘blanket ban’. “I think putting a blanket ban on under 18s having treatments is just too simple, because botulinum toxin and dermal fillers have a place in the medical treatment of those under 18, in particular for the treatment of patients with strabismus, cerebral palsy, brachial plexus injuries, as well as those who need reconstructive work. A ban could have quite a significant knock-on effect to these patients and limit their access to these treatments.” However, Dr Esho explains that his petition has been created to fundamentally drive awareness around the ‘cosmetic’ treatment of under-18s, rather than the ‘medical’. He instead hopes that, in a specialty where there are no legal minimum training requirements, a ban on procedures for under 18s that are not deemed as ‘medical’ will prevent non-medics from injecting this age group. “It is not illegal for non-medics to administer these treatments to those under 18, which is putting young people in danger of adverse reactions. I would like to see action by the government – I would like to see a formal law put in place rather than just guidance. The introduction of a legal age limit for nonsurgical cosmetic treatments needs to be the first step for other changes to follow and to protect the public,” Dr Esho says. Although McGloin is in favour of the petition, she acknowledges that it is not entirely clear that it is not a ‘blanket ban’. “I know some colleagues have said that the wording of this petition is a bit of an issue. I think maybe the wording needs to be slightly amended so that we can say that treatment should be decided upon on a case-by-case basis. This would be with regards to certain conditions, which experienced medical practitioners can treat – what we are basically saying is we don’t agree with injecting under 18s for

cosmetic treatments, as opposed to medical conditions.”

WILL A BAN SOLVE THE ISSUE? Ms Fitzgerald believes that a ban of any kind won’t solve the issue of non-medically trained practitioners, or those who lack specialist training, injecting patients under 18 and may actually do more harm than good. She explains, “I understand where Dr Esho is coming from and I completely agree that the cosmetic use of botulinum toxin and fillers for patients under 18 is crazy. The problem is not with the product; you have to regulate who’s using the product. If you are a practitioner who is properly trained, you are not going to be doing cosmetic procedures on people under 18 as you’d know better. It comes down to just regulating the practitioners; all medical practitioners should be properly trained and regulated and I do not believe anyone without medical training should be permitted to do these procedures.” Ms Fitzgerald says that in the long run, a ban could result in other issues, “What if we discover new indications for these products for under-18s? What do we do with the ban then?” Conversely, McGloin says, “I think it’s a really good idea and it’s certainly a start.” McGloin adds, “I think myself and many of my colleagues are seeing a lot of underage patients being treated with toxin and fillers so I think Dr Esho is on the right track. It’s highlighting the potential dangers and complications in the aesthetics field.”


Dr Esho is currently promoting his petition via social media and has received some media news coverage from a letter he wrote in November to the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, as part of his campaign.5 As well as proposing a minimum age for all nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, the letter also requested to only allow medical professionals to carry out these types of procedures. There has not yet been a response to this letter. The petition will run until May 17, 2018, and, at the time of publishing this article, it has received 256 signatures. If it were to reach 10,000 signatures by the cut-off date, the UK Government must respond and, at 100,000 signatures, the contents of the petition will be considered for debate in parliament.6 Dr Esho concludes, “It’s part of the whole picture to the solution which I don’t assume is an easy one. I am determined to make a difference and make this a government issue that is addressed by our MPs and key decision makers.” Shannon Kilgariff is a journalist at the Aesthetics journal

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2




Affordable Eco Towels was created by Lee Black Owner/Director of Hairdressing Salon Mow Hair. After several years managing his hairdressing salon, he found a need for a cost-and time effective alternative to towels, and on investigating his options, started using disposable towels. After several years, Lee realised that Australia was in dire need of a dedicated bulk supplier across both the hair and beauty industries and decided to do something about it. Lee quickly began developing the potential for an ordering concept, and soon thereafter Affordable Eco Towels was founded. We spoke to Lee about why Salons and Spas alike should adopt this great concept.


Affordable Eco Towels aims to help hairdressing & beauty salons, day spas, massage parlours, gyms, and dog groomers save money while having a positive impact on the environment. Our core offering is a disposable, single-use towel made out of recycled and organic material that’s fully biodegradable and will break down after 12 weeks. Not only are disposable towels a more hygienic option, but they are also a more sustainable one. Eliminating the time-consuming process of washing, drying, hanging and folding towels. Affordable Eco Towels will not only save you time, but also boost your staff’s productivity, and enable your business to get more done during the day. You’ll have the added bonus of not having to store noisy washing and drying machines that leave business backrooms full of messy lint and unwanted heat. Hygiene is an important area that salons need to 46

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

be mindful of and being able to offer fresh towels to every salon guest, from their prospective, is an important service and a nice touch.

We also offer tailored monthly subscriptions for salons. Our concept doesn’t suit every salon but salons that can manage stock levels love it!

Basically there are 3 main savings:1. Save the environment - A huge trend within our industries to become more sustainable and eco friendly. 2. Save time - As a salon owner myself we constantly find ourselves time poor and washing, drying and folding towels just adds to that. 3. Save money - With our price structure I believe using disposable towels can now be cheaper than washing towels. Save on electricity and water bills, maintenance on washing machine and dryer, replacing cotton towels, wages etc



We distribute the same product as others. Our towels are the same premium quality and are biodegradable – they break down in 12 weeks,but we have been the first company to introduce an exciting ordering concept that is different. We enable a salon to purchase towels in bulk and save up to 30% off. We drop ship straight from the overseas manufacturers to the salons. We don’t have expensive storage or holding costs, so we are able to pass the savings on to the salons.

The gloves are exciting. We are introducing a biodegradable strong nitrile glove. Key benefits will be that they are biodegradable and dermatologically approved by the Skin Health Alliance, having met stringent standards to ensure skin safety. They have have the added benefits of being:• latex free • powder free • disposable • no chemical residue so no sticking together when pulling out of the box • and each glove weighs more than 6 grams, being super strong


As a salon owner myself I have found we average 2 towels per client so that will give a good start for anyone working out what quantities they are ordering. For more information please contact Lee on 0499 042 862 Or visit the website

Gay Wardle

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SKIN Beauty professionals working with skin anatomy must remain on a relentless journey of lifelong learning to ensure that they continually equip themselves with the knowledge and skills that are required to deliver and perform current and cutting edge treatments. Gay Wardle’s workshops and courses are designed to provide the participant with this knowledge and these skills. Education is the key to confidence in treatment planning, delivery and success for the client!


Nurses | Dermal Therapists | Beauty Therapists Therapists wanting to expand their knowledge Therapists returning to the industry after leave.

These courses are designed to meet the individual needs of all participants. Post collegial discussions and mentoring is provided to all workshop participants.


MELBOURNE 22nd – 23rd May

(Advanced Skin Analysis + Skin Disorders)

(Advanced Skin Analysis + Skin Disorders)

2 Day Course

2 Day Course

WELLINGTON, NZ 27th – 28th August

BRISBANE 8th – 9th October

(Advanced Skin Analysis + Skin Disorders)

(Advanced Skin Analysis + Skin Disorders)

2 Day Course

2 Day Course

To reserve your place For further information contact Gay Wardle Email: | Phone +61 418708455




We find out about how offering an alternative to upfront payment for your clients with customised treatment packages and memberships can increase treatments, revenue and most importantly customer loyalty. We speak to BeautyPay CEO Ben Skeggs. Treatment programs work on a recurring revenue model. You may have heard recurring revenue is king? Recurring revenue for your beauty clinic is where you take your customers details upfront and setup a treatment program or membership program over a specified period of time and once setup you receive regular income (normally on a weekly basis) for the term of that program or membership. An example 36 week IPL treatment program follows (pricing may vary and is used as an example only): Programme Inclusion: 6 x IPL Brazilian, 6 x IPL underarm: • Package Price: $900 • Term: 36 weeks • Frequency: Treatment every 6 weeks • Deposit: $200 • Payment: Automatic recurring payment arrangement is setup and you receive equal payments of $19.44 a week over 36 weeks • Payments work on autopilot and you can focus on your business and treatments The example shows that recurring revenue can be a set and forget model. If you find you are concerned about cashflow or where your next treatment or package is coming from it would be worth looking at recurring revenue through offering treatment programs and memberships says Ben.


Payment programs suit almost all beauty businesses offering treatment services. The payment solution BeautyPay was designed for Beauty Salons/Spas/Clinics, Cosmetic Laser, Medical Clinics and Home Based Clinics. Treatment programs can include hair removal treatments, haircuts and colour programs right through to massage and facial packages. Advantages of Treatment Programs: The advantage of offering a payment solution such as BeautyPay is that programs can be tailored to your customers needs to allow for the most effective results and to match your clients budget. Advantages of Memberships: Membership based models are being introduced with 48

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

success to beauty clinics. Instead of a client paying each time for a treatment, the client can purchase a membership plan and come in a set number of times over the membership period for treatments (the client pays a weekly fee for their membership). Memberships can be based on a level or certain treatments. There could even be options provided where the client gets unlimited options based on the level of membership.


The advantage of offering a payment solution such as BeautyPay is that programs can be tailored to your customers needs to allow for the most effective results and to match your clients budget. Advantages to using BeautyPay: • Helps businesses increase revenue and treatments by offering an alternative to upfront payments • Easy to run reports including scheduled (future) revenue • Fees are neutralised so no cost for beauty clinic if $400 plus a month in transactions are completed

• Be paid on time and generate future and reliable revenue streams • It is quick and easy to setup your clients • With a portion of your revenue coming in through recurring payment it can help you budget and manage cash flow. • BeautyPay offers a professional payment platform to manage your payments so that you can focus on your business and customers. • BeautyPay is simple and fast for your customers. As this is a direct debit service and not a credit service, there is no need for messy and confusing credit checks or application processes. • Following up customers for payment is the last thing you want to do. BeautyPay puts this work on autopilot with its Artificial Intelligence doing the follow up. We would highly recommend that you look at offering your customers treatment packages and memberships on an automated payment platform. Speak to BeautyPay who offer an easy to use automated solution. For full details visit: 1300 766 198 |


SPECTRUM: YOUR PARTNER IN GROWING A PROFITABLE CLINIC SPECTRUM LUMIERE PRO The Spectrum Lumiere Pro is new to the market and is a technological break through for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Featuring IPL, SHR and BBL the Lumiere Pro was created to answer all of your hair removal and SPECTRUM ACADEMY skin rejuvenationSUCCESS needs. IPL and SHR Applications: Skin care and rejuvenation Permanent hair reduction Vascular treatment Epidermal pigmentation Spots and freckles Acne

BBL Applications: Face skin rejuvenation Face skin toning Body skin anti-aging



Business building training Sales and marketing training Training by external experts in their field Easy to implement This academy will allow you to learn practical hands on strategies and tools to build incredible beauty businesses.

Purchase equipment from Spectrum and receive access to the Spectrum Success Academy The Spectrum Success Academy was created to Support you to build your beauty businesses and a life you love. Giving you access to strategies and tools that you can learn and implement into your business to grow and get real results. Call 1300 766 198 Today!

Visit the Spectrum website today



THE BEST OF BRITISH With over 6 years experience, internationally published, award winning Celebrity Make Up Artist Sean Maloney is known for working with the biggest names in the industry from Lily Allen, Amy Willerton, Amy Childs, Jasmin Walia, Zara Holland, Biffy Clyro, ITV, Channel 4, MTV and many more!

Fresh from completing a stint at London Fashion Week we find out how he got his start in the industry, what he thinks about the Kardashian’s wearing his lashes and who his icons are.


Make Up Artistry was never my plan and never something I saw myself going into. When I was 17 I moved from Blackpool to Manchester to study my degree in Broadcast journalism, I had a passion for presenting, TV, radio and writing. Whilst at university I applied for a job at Boots, at my interview the lady asked me, would you like to be on the no.7 cosmetics counter, I replied “what’s that” after explaining I would be on more money and it’s skincare and make up i replied “ I don’t know anything about skincare or make up, I wouldn’t know where to start” the lady replied “you’ve got the face for it and great skin don’t worry”. Thrown in at the deep end I began working on the counter, sent away on basic training I began learning how to match foundations to the skin and how to tell different skin types. Before I knew it 2 weeks had past and whilst working one busy Saturday on the counter a lady approached me and said, “Hi I’m the area manager for Mac cosmetics within Selfridges, I would love for you to meet me on your lunch for an interview at Mac” - I was completely stunned and went for the interview and somehow after 2 weeks on a make up counter 50

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

for no.7 cosmetics I then moved over to Mac Cosmetics in Selfridges, one of the worlds leading cosmetic brands. Before I knew it I was engulfed in make up and doing it in my free time and on the counter. I was lucky enough to be put forward for London Fashion Week and worked one of the biggest fashion shows in the world assisting some of the leading Make Up artists. I knew this was going to take off! After 5 months of working for Mac I decided to leave and became the new UK National Make Up Artist for Yves Saint Laurent - I had always had a passion for luxury make up with an edge. Travelling around the uk training staff and hosting masterclasses Yves Saint Laurent was a dream to work for. After 1 year working for YSL I was ready for my next challenge. I then became the UK assistant make up artist for the world number one make up artist, Charlotte Tilbury. I helped Charlotte open up counters and stores around the uk, train the team of artists and hold weekly masterclasses and events around the uk, really pushing and moving the brand. After a year of working for Charlotte I knew it was time to create Sean Maloney, the brand. I started working self employed around the uk with celebrities, fashion houses and magazines, branding myself as one of the UK’s most sought after MUA’s. I also began work in Sean Maloney Eyelashes, hand drawn designs from scratch sent off to my manufacturer to create. I began with 8 styles moving up to 10 and now on 20 styles with an additional limited addition deluxe box soon to be released. Sean

Maloney eye lashes were 2 years in the making, hand drawn designs, months of test trading and customising. A laser cut lash band to suit all eye shapes and make up looks, light, wearable and reusable up to 30 times. Sean Maloney eye lashes were a false eye lash revolution. As my false eye lash line began growing and began creating a huge buzz around the uk i hosted an exclusive launch event seeing over 250 people attend, press, pr, bloggers, celebrities and more - my launch event hit the headlines for all the right reasons. This was just the beginning. I recently opened my own salon and make up academy with a team of 20 staff offering, hair, nails, make up, lash extensions, lvl lashes, spray tanning, aesthetics and of course make up training, lessons and courses in my make up academy. Aurora House Of Beauty / Sean Maloney Make Up academy has been open 6 months and has gone from success to success. Being featured in national and regional press, hosting huge celebrity Make Up masterclasses and a launch party to rival the rest, the salon and Make Up academy offers a welcoming, professional and friendly atmosphere.


The Kardashian’s have always been a huge inspiration of make up and have become beauty icons. When releasing my false eye lash line my goal was to have a Kardashian wear them and love them! After months of emails and communications between myself and the Kardashians i finally had confirmation to send them out to Khloe and Kourtney’s make up artist to try. After trying and loving them, Khloe wanted to wear “ Luxe Lash “ for her appearance on the

Jimmy Kennel show! This was the icing on the cake and my end goal already achieved within less than a year of launching!


I have many career influencers and industry idols. Nothing would have been possible if it wasn’t for the huge support from my mother and sister who showed me from such a young age, if you want something go out there and get it because anything is possible. If one door closes, go and open another. Make it happen. I live by these quotes and push myself daily to achieve the best. I have always been inspired by Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashians make up artist who has always created beauty, glowy, flawless wearable soft glam make up.


Favourite product and brands to work with has to be Becca Cosmetics - my ultimate favourite brand from incredible foundations to beautiful liquid illuminator, this

brand has my heart. With an incredible team behind the scenes working hard to make the products the best in the industry I couldn’t imagine loving another brand as much as I do this one. The quality, packaging and formulas are a stand out in the industry.


I would advise other make up artists to give themselves as much knowledge of the industry, be passionate, do something you love, know your niche, stand out from the rest and if there isn’t opportunities, create them! Put yourself out there, market and brand yourself in the best possible way and always remain passionate and professional.


2018 has already kicked off to be the biggest year yet with Khloe Kardashian wearing my false eye lash line and my make up academy becoming fully booking with courses and lessons until June 2018! 2018 will see me launching a limited addition false eye lash line collection, hosting more masterclasses around the world, collaborating with some huge fashion brands and Australia is definitely in the cards, I will be attendng the first ever AMIA’s and am very excited about that!





Napoleon Perdis Browtox is an eyebrow gel that defines and keeps brows in place. The eyebrow gel features a universal shade that adds colour and definition and has been formulated with synthetic beeswax to allow for a smooth and mess-free application. The gel is paraben and fragrance free.


Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer is a lightweight, non-greasy primer that blurs the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and mattifies oily skin - resulting in a silky smooth finish. Hydrablur Primer is suitable to be used before make-up application or alone for a natural radiant make-up free appearance.



Ella BachĂŠ Great SPF 50 Sunglow is a lightly tinted shimmer that illuminates and evens out the complexion. It contains antioxidants and SPF 50 for broad spectrum sun protection, and is ideal to use to complement and highlight an existing tan. The formula is lightweight and non-sticky, and the product features an easy spray-on application.


INIKA Organic Certified Organic Lip Serum is a lip serum that will detoxify, heal and condition lips for long-lasting and natural softness. The formula is enriched with certified organic mandarin extract, vitamin E, sea buckthorn and certified organic jojoba, sunflower, rosehip and orange essential oils. Use as a remedy for sore, chapped lips or to create a gloss finish over lip colour.



Maximum coverage with a matte finish. This concealer camouflages darkness, under-eye puffiness and other imperfections. Long-wearing, creamy and crease resistant, it is aroma-neutral and ophthalmologist tested. Has a soft-tip wand applicator. Available in five shades: Birch, Balsa, Hazelnut, Bamboo, Pecan and Nutmeg.



jane iredale In Touch Highlighter is a cream-topowder highlighter. Add to the cheeks, brow bones and the bridge of the nose to enhance radiance, without unwanted shine. Available in: Comfort and Complete


Ultraceuticals Ultra CC Powder Pure Mineral Foundation is a mineral powder foundation that will visibly brighten, smooth and even out the complexion. The formula contains an anti-ageing triple-complex (Microelastin, artocarpus extract and vitamin B3) with conditioning ingredients (vitamin C and E, as well as bisabolol). Airtight compact technology guarantees freshness and mess-free use. Available in five shades: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5/Bronzer.



a massage has never been more relaxing... Experience the  Italian Fashion electric beauty bed


Anthony Nader Salon Nancy Styling Chair



black aluminium portable beauty bed

tulip beauty bed

hydraulic beauty bed forma

*also available in white

speed up processor

*also available in white

typhoon no net dryer

black portable aluminium beauty bed atomix steamer


The eye areas are the most delicate of the body, so taking care of them properly is a must. The dermaviduals Eye Cream provides intense care of the eye area that smoothes and tightens the skin to rehydrate under the eye for younger, and brighter looking eyes. Made with pure, nautral ingredients all dermaviduals products are free form emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, minerals oils, silicones, dyes and amines, so you can be sure there are no nasties in your skin care routine. dermaviduals Eye Cream is available now in over 115 clinics across Australia.


The soothing, natural mist blends floral notes of 100% pure organic Lavender essential oil and Rose Geranium with deeply restful Eucalyptus, to relax both the body and mind. • Vegan, alcohol-free • 100% natural mist • Only pure plant ingredients and positive energetic and crystal infusion • Spiritual imprints for guided spiritual consciousness • Filler and toxin-free • Infused with organic pure essential oils, crystals, and flower essences traditionally used to assist with stress and anxiety • Use as part of your evening ritual by misting your body, room or bed linen and unwind indulgently as you sleep into a deeply meditative sleep



Make your work space more inviting with this space saving, totally luxurious manicure table from Comfortel. Able to sit as a single stand alone unit or work together as multiples, Comfortel’s Manicure Tables has been designed with clean lines and sharp angles for a stunning piece of furniture in a style-savvy nail salon. The best feature of this manicure table is the marble look stone table top surface. Acetone proof and totally durable, it is resistant to scratches and sharp, pointy tools. Available in an ash timber or gloss white finish, it creates a clean, chic finish. Imagine how great your client’s hands will look here. Available from Comfortel. Showrooms



Fresh-faced certified organic skincare range, MAAEMO, the brainchild of 23-yr-old naturopath & herbalist, Hillary Wilcox, has been lauded in Australian and international beauty awards, just 6 months after launching. The MAAEMO Purifying Gel Cleanser recently won an Editor’s Choice award in the 2018 International Beauty Shortlist Awards. In November, the MAAEMO Hydrating Face Cream was honoured to receive a Judges’ Highly Commended recognition in the 2017 Nature & Health Natural Beauty Awards, placing the product in the Top 3 of 300 entries!


The 8 in 1 machine is a compact and mobile multi-function skin system on smooth rolling wheels for easy movement around the salon. Multi function facial systems combine the basic skin care functions for any facial treatment. This system includes Facial Steamer, Mag Lamp, Woods Lamp, High Frequency, Galvanic, Vacuum Suction, Vacuum Spray and Brush. It is complete treatment system for your salon or spa. Available from Comfortel. Showrooms


4 5


Enbacci’s leading 3-step skincare system, Vitis Vinifera, contains the nourishing benefits of the purple grape and is scientifically proven to strengthen, shape and improve the structural and aesthetic integrity of human skin. During scientific studies prior to its release, the scent profile of the Vitis Vinifera range was shown to offer a number of sensory benefits to 96% of its users; evoking a sense of relaxation and familiarity, and elevating mood and general happiness. Collaborating with a local Melbourne fragrance house, Enbacci today enters the homewares market by releasing two home fragrance products, a hand-poured soy wax candle and scented oil diffuser, based on the Vitis Vinifera skincare range. Enhancing ambiance and mood, both products include notes of citrus fruits, green tea and bergamot, as well as Enbacci’s exclusive Vitis Vinifera ‘happy’ scent.


Aspect Dr™ AHA / BHA Foaming Cleanser is a gentle, yet deep facial cleanser that purifies and revitalises dull skin with a combination of Alpha-Hydroxy and Beta-Hydroxy Acids. Developed with Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and natural foaming agents, AHA/BHA Foaming Cleanser thoroughly cleanses the skin by removing environmental pollutants, excess oil and makeup. Its gentle exfoliation action helps improve the skins texture, tone and smoothness, leaving skin feeling and looking smooth, supple and invigorated.


DNA renewal treatment: is a revolutionary treatment with unmatched concentrations of active ingredients, including telomere technology to assist in the repair of DNA damage, and a number of complexes to help restore skin firmness, boost cell renewal, restore hydration and elasticity, and protect skin from the damaging effects of daily pollution. Contains DNA renewal treatment, Super A, B & C serum, Ultimate Hydration and Anti-Ageing night cream.



A classic design that delivers comfort and strength. Upholstered in premium quality vinyl with adjustable height control and featuring a padded backrest, it makes for a working breeze. This stool also features Smooth, Easy Glide wheels and can be used as a reception stool. • Upholstered in premium quality vinyl. • Padded, made for comfort cushion • Backrest, padded & upholstered. • Adjustable height • Round adjustable lever • 5-star base • Smooth, Easy Glide Wheels



Inspired by the lively streets of Lisbon, the Lisbon Collection features 12 new shades in Infinite Shine Long-Wear Lacquer and GelColor formulas. From sprawling yellow houses with burnt orange rooftops and picturesque seascapes, to the infamous “Pink Street” and stately castles, Lisbon offers a spectrum of brilliant shades. World-renowned, traditional Portuguese porcelain lends itself to striking blues and whites, while golden sunsets bring rise to the soft colours fitting of Portugal’s City of Light. Lisbon Collection by OPI includes shades in classic Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine and GelColour formulas.


Real Techniques have released the latest love of makeup brushes: The Brush Crush Collection. This limited-edition collection adds sparkle to your morning makeup routine, with each brush having luxuriously soft bristles that Real Techniques are known for to create flawless looks. Each brush has been designed with a tapered handle in a pink or purple glittery hue, with the colour fading into the soft bristles. Designed for performance, the entire collection has been perfected for seamless application of liquid, creams and powders.

9 10






PIONEERS MEDICAL COSMETICS TRAINING FOR PRACTITIONERS Box Hill Institute Medical Cosmetic Educators Dr Ben Chan, Dr Eugene Chan and Dr Meg Parikh on stage at Beauty Expo with Box Hill Institute Executive Director Educational Delivery Jane Trewini.

New Medical Cosmetic Training Facilities at Box Hill Institute

2nd from left: Box Hill Institute Beauty Faculty Coordinator, Hayley Wittle-Campbell, 4th & 5th from left: Box Hill Institute Skin Clininc Medical Cosmetics Educators, Dr Meg Parikh and Dr Eugene Chan 2nd from right: Box Hill Institute Executive Director Educational Delivery, Jane Trewin

Guests at the Box Hill Institute Skin Clinic Launch and the launch of new Medical Cosmetics courses

New Medical Cosmetic Training Facilities at Box Hill Institute – Foyer of the new Skin Clinic

Australia’s highest standard of medical cosmetics training is now available at Box Hill Institute with their new clinic officially opened on Friday, 23 March. In partnership with the Cosmetic Institute of Australia, Box Hill Institute now offer a series of courses including non-accredited short courses, accredited diplomas, and advanced diplomas as well as traineeships and apprenticeships for those starting out in the field. Dr Ben Chan, Dr Meg Parikh and Dr Eugene Chan along with Jane Trewin and Hayley Whittle-Campbell from Box Hill Institute lead the program that will train doctors, dentists, nurses, and beauty therapists. “There is no other training facility like this in Australia and I don’t know of any similar elsewhere in the world,” said Dr Ben Chan, Clinical Director of the Cosmetic Institute of Australia and educator in dermatological and cosmetic procedures. “This initiative is unique 56

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

and we aim to be the best practice provider so that this model can be repeated in other countries.”

cosmetics education from the ground up with new faculty coordinator Hayley Whittle-Campbell at the helm.

Dr Chan said that consumers were currently confused about medical cosmetic services and how to choose those that are right for them, so this training will help create clarity by having providing practitioners with professional qualifications from a respected educational institution in the marketplace.

Short and one-day courses on offer include: • Basic Skin Science • Laser Safety • Intense Pulsed Light • Laser Hair Reduction • Skin Care, Peels and Micro-needling • Neurotoxins (Anti-wrinkle Injections) • Dermal Fillers • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy • Cosmetic Threads – Level 1 • Advanced Cosmetic Threads – Level 2 • Pigment and Tattoo Laser Removal

CEO of Box Hill Institute, Norman Gray AM welcomed VIPs and guests stating that it was essential that only quality partnerships be established in line with the existing high standard of the award-winning Institute. New Executive Director Education Delivery, Jane Trewin said that they were reinventing medical

For more information about short courses, bundles, apprenticeships and traineeships, please visit or call 1300 Box Hill.

The next generation in



A luxurious palette of natural shades which can be used individually or mixed together to create the ultimate brow colour for your client. Elleebana’s innovative formula helps to strengthen hair, restore growth and the natural shape of the eyebrows.

elleebana P E AC E • T R A N Q U I L I T Y • B E A U T Y

To find your closest distributor, contact:

www.e l l e e b a n a .co m





World of Confidence DMK group photo

From just one clinic in the Sydney CBD to over two hundred across Australia, meet the duo that became the world leading distributors for DMK and learn why they love DMK. Husband and wife team Daniel and Debbie Dickson, Directors of DMK Australia and New Zealand, absolutely love what they do and are passionate about the Professional Skin Revision company DMK. From the beginning they immediately recognised how special the DMK concept is. This year the dynamic duo is very excited to celebrate 20 years with DMK. Daniel and Debbie find it amazing to think back to when they started out and see just how much the business has grown and become the incredible company that it is today.

BUILDING CONFIDENCE FROM THE OUTSIDE IN In the beginning when Debbie first started as a 58

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

beauty therapist she did not have any products she felt comfortable recommending because she did not believe in them. Not until she found DMK and saw what it could do. With a focus on the quality and techniques of Professional Skin Revision that treats every person’s skin as individual in order to revise the disharmony in the skin and support skin functionality − revising skin with treatments in clinic and customised prescriptive plans to be used at home. DMK’s concept is to remove, rebuild, protect and maintain, a proven principle the couple lives by. They have also built DMK Australia and New Zealand on DMK’s philosophy of ‘building confidence from the outside in’, it is at the core of all their decisions. Daniel and Debbie believe everyone deserves great skin and to look and

feel their best and DMK provides them with a way to deliver on this belief. It changes the way their clients think about themselves and enables them to transform their own lives for the better, simply because they feel more confident. ‘We talk about giving the gift of great skin, because we genuinely care about people’ says Daniel. ‘We feel the pain and suffering from people, whether it be a severe case of acne, or premature ageing or damaged skin - and there is no greater reward for us, to see people transform themselves, to grow confidence and change their lives.’ It is not just the clients they love to see flourish. Being able to provide opportunities for clinic

Daniel and Debbie Dickson in the beginning

DMK International Distributors of the year 2018

Daniel and Debbie Dickson

Debbie conducting training

Debbie conducting practical training owners and their staff is an honour both Daniel and Debbie deeply respect. That is why they were so excited to share with the DMK Australia and New Zealand family that again they had won DMK International distributor of the year for the fourteenth time in a row, this year. Everyone takes pride in receiving such an award because they know how hard the staff and clinics work to achieve leading results.


Danné Montague-King is the genius that formulates the outstanding products and treatment protocols that are DMK. Renowned for his straight-forward demeanour and killer sense of humour that has become a close friend of Daniel and Debbie over the years and is thrilled to be celebrating their twenty years together. The skin treatments and products are very results oriented, specialising in acne, pigmentation, age management, scarring, stretchmarks and cellulite, which is what first drew Daniel and Debbie to the brand. For them though, it is more than that. Often Daniel and Debbie say, that

Celebatory lunch in LA actually DMK Australia and New Zealand is an education company, committed to knowing and learning about skin, that just happens to sell products and services. Every day is seen as an opportunity to learn and share with the industry that has given them so much. The Dicksons want to support and develop people both technically and personally to be the best they can be. As an added bonus this ensures that the industry continues to develop and grow expertise for the future. Debbie’s role as Head of Education is to help support the growth of the business and ongoing education needs of clinics and DMK technicians. Her ambition is to constantly challenge the status quo and to coach and develop the DMK network of experts so they can deliver outstanding results and quality services. One day Debbie could be in LA and in Melbourne the next, sharing the combined knowledge of the company. Her days are a combination of lecturing, developing and producing education content for the online training platform. Both Daniel and Debbie are very proud of the work they do in education and training, as it helps to build and support a network of DMK and skin experts that is growing and continuing to help more and more people deliver great results.


Nothing that happens at DMK is a sole venture. Debbie and Daniel remember their humble beginnings and understand the challenges of owning and managing clinic businesses first hand. Working with like-minded people who are as passionate about skin revision as they are, the couple are thrilled to share their achievements this year with the DMK Australia and New Zealand family. Leading DMK clinic businesses were invited to LA to share in a celebratory lunch at Las Brisas, Lagoon Beach, the same place where they first signed the contract to become distributors of DMK 20 years ago. To top it all off (though the celebrations are far from finished) the team joined the rest of the DMK International family on a cruise from LA to Mexico for the DMK World of Confidence Aesthetics Conference, hosted by DMK’s founder, Danné MontagueKing. With celebrations every night, the days were filled with education courses and events, including Danné’s seventy-fifth birthday dinner extravaganza. At DMK, the team that learns, encourages and celebrates together, succeeds together.

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2





Beauty Expo Melbourne, Victoria’s boutique professional event for the beauty industry has closed off an inspiring weekend with thousands of visitors welcomed through the doors of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) from Saturday 24 to Sunday 25 March. Delighting visitors and exhibitors alike by connecting the industry under one roof, Cory Watson, Event Director for Beauty Expo Melbourne said “ What a fabulous weekend we’ve had! I’m thrilled with the experience that’s been delivered to our guests and our exhibitors. There’s nothing like the buzz of a live event to make people feel motivated and excited about their profession, and all the possibilities for what they can achieve in the year ahead.” A stellar line-up of experts presented educational sessions on the latest beauty trends for professionals with topics like RF microneedling, treating common skin conditions, men’s brows and microblading all available for visitors to take advantage of. Business sessions were also available, with pertinent topics like Instagram for businesses, solo salon business tips for success, 60

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

and work/life balance for small business owners covered over the course of the weekend. “It’s been amazing; it’s my first Beauty Expo Melbourne and it went far beyond my expectations”, said Mia Connor, makeup artist and educator. “The makeup artists that attended were lovely, engaging and supportive. My education seminar on wing shadow had the most attendees I think I’ve ever had in my classes in any trade show that I’ve done...[the event] has got a good buzz about it... it’s a big accomplishment for me in my career for me to be associated with this”, concluded Mia. More than 100 exhibitors offered their innovations in beauty on the expo floor for visitors to explore. Two new initiatives by Beauty Expo Melbourne highlighted brands and products on the show floor that were Proudly Australian and Proudly

Natural, spurred by a growing consumer trend toward purchasing products that contain natural ingredients, as well as a desire to support local brands with Australian-made products. The initiatives were implemented following a successful pilot at Beauty Expo Australia 2017 in Sydney and were just as well-received by the Victorian industry. Making a welcome return in 2018 to Beauty Expo Melbourne, the Skincare Sanctuary displayed innovations from professional skincare providers incuding Dermalogica, Dermaviduals, and Pevonia. Beauty Expo Melbourne will take place in 2019 from Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 March at the MCEC.



SPEED DATING By Linda Woodhead

noun; an organized social activity in which people seeking romantic relationships have a series of short conversations with potential partners in order to determine whether there is mutual interest. Having been in the industry for many years now, I find it interesting how often I hear of salons jumping from company to company and are often ‘wooed’ with glittery, fancy incentives that sometimes don’t turn into real dollars for their business. This is also true of clients who ‘salon hop’, always in search of that ‘holy grail of hair salon’, that they are happy with, in every way! So, as I was driving to an event the other day, after receiving a call (hands free on Bluetooth of course) from yet another salon owner, not happy with their supplier and asking advice on where they should look for a change, it made me wonder…how do relationships really help us, how can we feel 100% satisfied and what is it that makes us remain loyal... Simple questions that could basically start or end a relationship… A bit like Speed Dating! If product companies were given 10 minutes to make a pitch to a salon, what would be the key points of interest that would set them apart, to make you want to do business with them and likewise, what would you say to potential clients if you had this limited time as well to woo them into your salon? Well to start we need to learn how to grab someone’s interest, speak their language and not waffle! I was taught by my first English Grammar teacher, old Mrs Clarke, the art or précis; something that has been very handy in writing, editing, presenting and communicating. Definition of Précis a summary of a text or speech, to summarize, sum up, give a summary/synopsis/precis of, give the main points of; condense, shorten, outline, compress, abbreviate; In short it is the art of making a summary of the main points and presenting in such a way, when time is limited, or just when you need to make a clear and concise point. Politicians by the way have the opposite art… they can speak for hours on nothing! I can do that too when it’s called for!

Anyway, back on track…Knowing how to précis is really useful and actually a great exercise when you are submitting written content for awards, pitching to a client or just are time poor and need to say what you need to say in the least amount of time. We are in an instant world and we want the facts…quickly, plain and simple. For me, standing on the sideline, there is an interesting view. There is always such a lot of movement within the industry and when you, as a salon owner are looking at moving on to a ‘greener pasture’, there is often a real risk of not addressing what you are really looking for. Instead, you find yourself influenced by shiny, pretty things and waffle and general stuff that is not the actual issue in the first place. Then you find yourself in a similar situation as you were before and still not entirely satisfied, wondering why! What a lot of wasted time and energy to end back where you were! Let’s get back to Speed Dating! Obviously different companies have different strengths and timing plays a part in that as well, but don’t be influenced by what is not relevant to you. Allow yourself to think about what is important to you. Are you just interested in good retail ranges, does cost of colour and brand stocked play a role on your decision, do the ingredients in your brand matter to you, do you want to do more as a platform artist, do you want to educate, do you want more opportunities for you and your staff? Just as you consult with your clients and find out exactly what it is they want, or, if you were speed dating you would know the questions you want answered, so to, as the client yourself, should you do the same when looking around at other potential ‘dates’. Take the time to have a conversation with your existing colour or styling partner as well and let them know what you may or may not be happy with. Make a list of what you are looking for and what would make a great partner for you and your business. Just look for answers to the questions you have and don’t be taken off track by the smooth talking, hot looking red herring!


By Paul Frasca

The United Nations has 17 Goals for Sustainable Development; four of these relate directly to environmental concerns and improvements. The other 13 are focused on our planet’s population.

Yep, we’re talking about people, people. These goals cover poverty, hunger, health, education, equality, access to utilities and safe housing, world peace and doing all of the above via partnerships. While ‘world peace’ is a tough one to put on your to-do list for 2018, we believe that all sustainability goals will lead us here by default. And a lot of this has to do with that last objective… partnerships. When it comes to collaboration, Sustainable Salons is all in. But then, that’s a huge part of both our mission statement and our business structure as a social enterprise.

doing it tough on the streets; connecting with a local hospital or organisation to offer your services in practical make-up/ skincare workshops for cancer patients; or perhaps you’ll be motivated into something bigger like Kelly Wright from Toni&Guy Bondi Beach was when she began her charity Deciding to Make a Difference. What started as a simple clothing drive in her salon to help an aboriginal community in the Northern Territory begin a micro-enterprise, has become a funded charity partnering with a Sydney architecture studio to rebuild the Jilkminggan community with 45 sustainably designed and constructed (from plastic waste!) houses. That is next level.

You might be thinking right now: “I’m a salon, my core business is to serve my clients by giving them the best treatments possible and value for money. How can community involvement fit with my business?”. Valid!

As a profit-for-purpose company, Sustainable Salons will always look for ways to invest where we can create real change… to partner with organisations and services that elevate even one person’s quality of life is in our DNA.

Often, we have no choice but to invest ourselves completely into our core business, staff and clients because things get hectic or resources are tight. However, making even a small effort to reach out to your community can actually grow your core business even more!

One of our most exciting to date is our partnership with Endeavour Foundation. Following a very successful pilot program, Sustainable Salons now provides a whole new work stream for people with a disability. Each fortnight, these supported employees head out on the road with Endeavour staff members to collect resources from our salon, while another team in the facility sorts and processes them for repurposing.

And of course, you’re empowering the people and the organisations you serve. By linking up with others to share our resources, time, talents, ideas and opportunities, what we can each achieve in our small corner of the world can have a whopping impact! These pocket actions have the power to change the culture of a community… and then a city… and before you know it, an entire country is beginning to evolve its policies towards more sustainable principles because its people have already decided to live it. That’s why we beam with pride when we see our Sustainable Salons members jumping headfirst into powerful initiatives that improve their community. Recently in our Sustainable Salons newspaper, The Green Chair, we chatted to just a few of the many salons with big hearts and bucket-loads of motivation who are building up their communities while also running their busy businesses. What does this look like exactly? It can be as simple as signing up to be a registered collector for products such as sanitary items or sample-sized toiletries that are distributed to women

It’s an awesome way to bring sustainability to life – we believe everyone has something great to contribute, we just need to be open to finding the right fit. Our Endeavour team members have become such a colourful, strong and valuable part of our community! Want to know the best bit, though? All the proceeds from our partnership are reinvested back into the Endeavour community to provide expanded outcomes for people with a disability. And just like this partnership is the perfect fit for both parties, we believe you can find one too… something that makes both your business and your collaborator’s mission that much stronger and more effective. All for one and one for all. Why not go for world peace? Keen to join the movement? Register your salon details at!


With the world we live in today, the internet definitely has the golden ticket to finding the best products on the market. It has a never-ending list of one amazing product after another and with so many options, customer reviews and offers to fish through, this can sometimes become an incredibly overwhelming platform for the consumer. Where do you start? Where do you stop? The world of technology is literally in our back pockets, handbags and at the tip of our fingertips almost every minute of the day, yet we find it hard to keep up to date with the forever evolving monster that is Internetism. The question is, in the world of technology, gif’s, keyboards and emojis, what has happened to the real face to face experience and research? Is this important to us anymore? “Insert Tradeshows and Conferences” Over the years we have seen a huge number of brands starting to veer away from the face to face experience due to how well the internet and social media can engage with the market and consumers. Some companies are opting away from the trade shows and conferences experience and focusing more towards increasing their strategic email blasts, virtual newsletters and special offers to keep in contact with their customers. However, exhibitions, conferences and tradeshows are making a huge come-back. Many suppliers/ exhibitors and educators that contribute to these events are doing world-wide research to ensure that they are bringing you the latest and most informative information and education the industry has to offer, giving you a huge leg up with your business development and professional journey. I’m sure many would agree that the virtual correspondence has taken a front run on the networking game, however face to face networking still has huge value and can create a bond that can’t be achieved through emails or social media messaging alone. It can be so easy to hide behind a profile; however, you can tell a lot about a person and their business when you get to sit down for a person to person conversation and are able to really discuss open and honestly your visions, business directions and what projects and products you wish to work on together. When establishing a business relationship, personalities speaks volume and when you click with someone you can really make magic happen in business and within your personal journey. It’s also a great way to see how they hold themselves professionally in a “real life” situation. Trade shows and conferences are now undoubtedly more competitive than ever before. They are all striving to offer the best they can with their contributors. You are also spoilt for choices as there are so many more specialised events that you can attend whether you’re a lash artist, eyebrow artist, beauty therapist, cosmetologist or dermal science guru. Attending “in the flesh” events is also a fantastic marketing tool for your business, so yes social media and the internet, we definitely need it to promote our business hands down! That’s a given. The purpose of this article is to bring to light the benefits off “getting out there”. So capturing photos and video of you or your team at events, training seminars, exhibitions can show your audience the side of you that is a go getter, has thirst for education and that you are out there right amongst it with the leaders in the game. A very powerful tool for marketing, but importantly, your personal development. Now is the time to invest in yourself, your business and your personal growth and create strong, lasting “in the flesh” relationships with your favourite brands and distributors and see where this new connection can take you.


We are already into the year and jumping through it quickly, but there was something I wanted to reflect on and discuss… We see and hear some people saying, ‘Good Riddance 2017’... or ‘Glad that year is over’... or ‘2018 is going to be my year’... well I never want to wish years away because that is wishing away life. And I am not sure if it will be ‘MY’ year with so many others wanting it to be there’s, but what I do know is this... I am predicting it will be a year of good times and some bad times... of highs and lows, of happiness and sadness, because sometimes life hurts a little and sometimes a lot... I predict there will be moments that will bring you to your knees and others that lift you to great heights... I am betting their will be news events that will have us shedding a tear asking ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ and other news stories that restore our faith in human nature... I am thinking that the tide will still go in and out, the sun will still shine and the moon will rise... I am thinking that there will be times of not enough rain and times of too much rain, and we will talk a lot about that. There will be loss and deep grief and then new lives celebrated and begun. There will be beginnings and endings, and today is a day to begin again, and know that no matter the year we have had, good or bad, that we have been gifted with another one to go at it again! And life will do what life does and we have the power to decide how to live it, love it, ride it and find happiness in it! Life is what life is, and life will go on and do what it does and we are the ones who decide see the gifts in the challenges, gain perspective from the bad and sad times and live with joy, awe, wonder and delight every moment we get the chance to stand another day on this earth and wake up with the gift of another year stretching before us. And that is just in our personal life! So what of you and your business in 2018? What vision do you have for what you want to achieve and where you want to be this time next year? What do we want to be celebrating and reflecting on?

Stephen Covey in his book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ suggests we should ‘begin with the end in mind’, and I think that is a great way to start a year off both personally and professionally. So, that would mean we would project into this time next year and ask, ‘What financial goals would we like to have achieved in our business?’ or ‘What kind of clients would we like to have attracted?’ or perhaps, ‘What is the energy of the ‘team’ I am surrounded with as I start a new year?’ and ‘What is it I am hearing being said about us out there in the market place?’ And once I know the vision, once I can project into the future and see what I want the answer to be to these questions, well now I can ask myself what I need to do here today to make sure it happens. And that right there is Goal Setting. So get your vision first, that becomes your visualisation and work back from there to the present moment and set your goals and intentions. If I need to achieve what I want financially, what do we need to do more of and less of? If I want to fulfil that vision of the kind of team I want around me, what kind of people do I need to employ and what training do I need to be doing with them? So you will not control everything that happens this year, but you will control your reaction to those things, and there will be so much we will just have to roll with, but in other areas we can consciously choose and design a life rather than live by default. So a whole new year awaits you and it is way to precious just to not actively decide how you want to live it and love it. Here is to us all making the most of the gift of 2018! Julie with Sparkle!


BUSINESS 20 Ways of Entrepreneurs


Many entrepreneurs succeed in business, some wildly so, and often against the odds. Ever dreamed you could channel those entrepreneurial smarts into rocking your own salon busi-ness? You can … if you stop dreaming and start doing.

Have you ever thought: how does salon such-and-such do it? What are they doing differently? How do they manage to reach new levels, buy new equipment or invest in a rockstar salon fit out? How do they succeed while working in the business just a few hours a week, or perhaps not at all? Chances are, the salon owners you envy most owe their success to adopting entrepreneurial ways. Don’t despair – entrepreneurial salon success is within your reach. Here, I share 20 ways that entrepreneurs set themselves apart from the rest. Read, learn and start thriving.


Everything! Relying on your memory is exhausting and inefficient. Instead, write it ALL 66

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

down: appointments, contacts, reminders. I swear you’ll not only stay more productive but you’ll keep your energy focussed and revel in the big tick of achievement when it’s done.

(and one more load of laundry) and getting your clothes ready for the next day. Getting it done this evening leads to a non-chaotic start to tomorrow.


Take just ten minutes each evening to write a To Do List for the next day. Watch your produc-tivity boom. You’re welcome.

Salon owners are great ideas people. But we tend to get side-tracked by new notions and shiny objects. Instead, get in line and stay in line – keep chipping away on your current task un-til it’s ticked off. Then (and only then) move onto the next one.


Yes, that’s right! A productive tomorrow begins this evening, along with cleaning up after din-ner, putting kids to bed, flicking on the dishwasher



Use a default diary every day for your time management. Enter in all your business and personal life to create a balanced week of getting work/life stuff done.


For all their day’s activities. You can even print this info out from your calendar and fill in the gaps with small tasks (and more reminders, so you don’t fall behind).


My personal favourite! If you can’t do it, don’t understand it or it takes up too much of your valuable time, find someone who can. No job is too small or too big to delegate.


Create folders for each contact/client in your inbox. You’ll avoid confusion and have ready access to the info you need, when you need it.


Your home should be a hub of organisation: meals planned, washing done a little every day (not left for your day off), bills paid on time and household chores scheduled and rostered.


If you haven’t used it or picked it up in 12 months, then consider ditching it from your home or office. Rather than a dumping ground, create a clean, streamlined environment.


As soon as you arrive home, unpack your bag – whether it’s shopping, your handbag or your luggage. Everything in its place, ready for when you when you need it.


Saying YES to everything soon gets you overwhelmed. It all feels impossible! Instead, say NO and keep your life organised.


It’s like delegation, but it’s at home. Ask for help

from your partner or family to get your week done and dusted. Like raising kids, it takes a village to build a thriving salon.


Entrepreneurs set very clear goals and doggedly achieve them. Growing your business, increasing sales and hiring new team members each takes several micro-goals to be executed successfully. Stay determined, stay on track.

15. THEY’RE NOT AFRAID TO TAKE RISKS. Confident entrepreneurs get the job done even under the most stressful conditions. They understand that big challenges breed big rewards. Where others focus on the challenges, confidence lets entrepreneurs spot the opportunity and focus on the rewards at the finish line.


decisions (like overspending or allocating funds un-wisely) can ruin your salon business fast. Draw up a clear financial map. What are your weekly expenses? How much can you allocate for non-essential items? What’s your breakeven?


Instead of collecting random business cards and faceless contacts, focus on building meaning-ful, value-based relationships. True networking is about deep, mutually beneficial relationships that lead naturally to business opportunities.


You hear a lot about plans and goals. And so you should – they’re essential building blocks to your salon success. Without goals, you just keep repeating the same old stuff. Over and over, never getting ahead. Break your goals down to bite-size pieces and start chewing through them. Go.

Enjoy what you’re doing. There will be long days and nights. At times, your business will consume you. If you don’t passionately believe in what you’re doing, the stress and obstacles will amass on your shoulders and eventually bring you down.

Winston Churchill wisely said: “Success is not final, failure’s not fatal: It is the courage to contin-ue that counts.” And so it is, with your salon business. Keep working at it, make like an entre-preneur every single day and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards you deserve.


Marie Dereveris a specialist ZING salon coach. For more salon wisdom, email Marie at, visit the website, find video tips on YouTube or read ZING leader. Marketing tips and hints can also be found in Lisa Conway from Zings brand new book: Your Salon Retail – The no-nonsense,nohype guide to kick arse retail in your salon busi-ness.

Extremely adaptable people can respond fast in any situation. You can make decisions, navi-gate around trouble and thrive in environments where most would sink.


Even if you’re bootstrapping your business on personal credit cards or overdrafts, you need money management skills. Poor financial

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2





If you want to boost your salon’s growth, you should consider using marketing automation software.The United States alone is home to about 86,000 salon establishments. That’s quite a lot of competition, isn’t it? Are you looking to take your salon marketing and growth to the next level in the new year? Are you feeling overwhelmed or unsure by all the options available on today’s market? We don’t blame you. Navigating the right approaches can be difficult, but understanding the benefits of automation software can help you get your salon the traffic you want.


In a nutshell, it’s using software to create personalised messages to current and prospective customers. Automation software allows you to send unique messages to your contacts, and you can decide the factors you want to include. Such marketing automation can help you tailor dynamic content specific to your clients’ needs and interests.


Think about all those newsletters you get in your email inbox. Chances are, those businesses are using marketing automation software. Chances are, they’re using a whole bunch of different campaigns to get their business off the ground and in your inbox.Yep. It’s everywherefrom Groupon to Yelp to Buzzfeed. It’s what takes companies from tiny corners of the Internet universe to the front page of Google. It’s what can also take your salon from a struggling small business to a dynamic and successful enterprise.


Here’s the thing. Even if you have the most talented beauty professionals in the industry, you still need a dynamic marketing strategy. You still need a way for new clients to be able to find all your great talent! Otherwise, you’re depending on word-of-mouth referrals. While these are undoubtedly helpful, they may not be enough in today’s competitive society. Overwhelmed by doing it by yourself? Fortunately, you don’t have to. Enter the benefits of marketing automation software. These software platforms utilise expert salon marketing tools to keep you bold, beautiful, and unique within the industry. You can create and implement marketing campaigns to run whenever you want, automating your growth and traffic strategy. You can even create recurring marketing to really amp up your campaign. Best of all? You’ll have access to the best marketing tools, and you’ll have the chance 68

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

to audit your reporting and referral tracking.


What’s the biggest headache in the salon industry? Dealing with all the scheduling hassles that come with staying on top of your appointments. Even if you have the greatest receptionist in the world (and we bet you do), there’s a lot of organisation that comes with managing a salon. There’s also a lot of quick, spontaneous changes, new appointments to be made, and no-shows to be had. It’s frustrating, but it’s part of the industry. With automation software, you streamline this entire process. You can set appointment reminders, color-code all your clients, and promptly create standing appointments with confirmations.


Looking for new clients? Of course, you are! Did you know that a whopping 40% of online appointments are scheduled after business hours? That’s right. People want to be able to turn to their smartphones, find your website, and book from the convenience of their fingertips. If you’re trying to target Millennials, automation software makes the process significantly more efficient for both you and them. That’s because they are far more likely to turn to online platforms (rather than walking in or reaching for the traditional phone) to book appointments. They’re

also more likely to utilize a 24/7 appointment approach. If you’re still only taking appointments by phone, you’re potentially missing out on some major salon growth.


Every salon owner dreads the infamous noshows. It’s frustrating for everyone involved, but it doesn’t just have to be a necessary evil. Automation software can make it easy to send out reminder emails or text messages to both stylists and clients. This can reduce the number of no-shows (less chance for forgetting). After all, who isn’t checking their phone a hundred times a day, right? The chance of a client missing this message is slim to none.


You already know that it’s incredibly hard to run a salon. There are so many different pieces to manage and so many different variables, people, and ideas to take into consideration. Automation software simplifies the process for you by providing you a backbone to lean on. This gives you the ability to focus on what’s important, whether it’s interacting more with your staff or customers or focusing on outreach or teaching. Whatever it is, chances are, you don’t want to spend your time or energy dealing with appointments or marketing strategies. Let the software do what it’s good at- so you can do what you’re good at. Simple as that.







A Business in a Box!




The world is in the path of a technology avalanche. We can ride the avalanche or get buried by it. I say, “Let’s ride it!” Invite technology in – embrace it – look for creative ways to integrate digital experiences into your salon. Social networking is still what consumers do online the most – so, aside from the obvious (having a decent website), your first step in embracing technology should be to look for creative ways to leverage social media. Social media is a great tool for keeping your clients engaged, and social media is really a natural fit for salons. Here’s why I like social sites as a first step towards a fruitful relationship with technology: ▪ “Downtime” in the salon provides your personnel with opportunities to participate in online conversations on behalf of your salon. ▪ Social sites offer a way to reach a large constituency. ▪ Social sites are dominated by salon’s primary audience, women. ▪ 64% Twitter, 58% Facebook, 82% Pinterest, 68% Instagram ▪ 92% of women share deals with others online ▪ Salons have an inherently visual story to tell. ▪ Salons are by nature social environments (the neighborhood beauty parlor is the Facebook newsfeed of yesteryear). In addition to the typical postings and client interactions you can have on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest, don’t neglect to view these sites as possible points of sale. For example, your Facebook page can easily become your booking engine – not to mention a great site for incentives and introductory offers. To keep current clients engaged, offer exclusive deals and last minute bookings to those who follow you on Facebook. Have a last minute cancellation? Fill the hole left in your schedule through social. And don’t forget to actually engage with people online, don’t just announce things – interact. When people post nice things about you on your sites: ▪ Respond with a Comment ▪ Reply with an @Mention ▪ Retweet it ▪ Follow or friend them ▪ Amplify your buzzzzzz One of the biggest barriers to true engagement on social media that I hear from salons is the concern that clients will post unflattering things about them online. When people say nasty things about you: 70

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

▪ Take a moment to calm down ▪ Determine the correct response (may be none) ▪ If possible, respond in a considerate, disarming way – even if you can’t win Social media is just one of the many tools you have to market your business, and its value comes in its real-time nature. No other marketing tool gives you the ability to truly engage backand-forth with your clients when they are away from the salon. Just having a ‘so-so’ salon website or a Facebook page is no longer enough on the internet. Successful salon entrepreneurs understand that having a strong salon brand online means you need to invest time, money and effort across all the online marketing channels. Salon marketing requires a detailed plan and a rigorous execution. If you’re not moving forward,

you’re falling behind. The most important thing to remember is that there is plenty of competition out there, so always make sure to give customers a reason to try your business and plenty more reasons to keep coming back. If you can build a welcoming in-store culture that makes your business feel like home, your customers will be counting down the days until they get to come back! Tahlia Shorter is a social media and marketing expert from Scene it Social. If you would like to learn more about where social media can take your hair and beauty salon, you can learn more at Scene It Social. They can help talk you through a digital marketing strategy and show you their marketing and website packages so you can focus on running your salon and taking care of your clients! They can be easily contacted by email at hello@ and you can also learn more by visiting

INGRID Metal salon trolley

ASTRID Metal & ash timber look salon trolley

MOLLY Metal pedicure trolley

LUMA LED magnifying lamp with table clamp Pedestal also available


BUSINESS How to Build Your


You can start as a one-woman show, but you cannot build your brand alone. Who do you hire? When? How do you find your team? What kind of agreements do you put in place? As is often the case, the people part of things is the most complex, but often also the most rewarding. WHO DO YOU HIRE FIRST?

“Having a good legal resource is like having good insurance—you never want to have to use it, but sure are glad you have it when you do.” 72

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

Your first hire will always be “special,” like your first date with your life partner. If this first hire is doubling your team size from one to two, this person should be able and willing to do a bit of everything—because, more likely than not, this is what she will be doing. However, as you make your hire, no matter the job description, here are a few reminders: • Everyone is in sales. No matter the position, everyone in your small team will answer customer questions and help sell. Even your VP of marketing is in sales; after all, she is selling your story to editors and writers. • Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are. Complementary skill sets and experiences make for strong teams. If you are new to the beauty industry, look for someone with experience in this industry. If you have never done sales, look for a great sales person. If you have no expertise in digital media, look for someone who grew up with an iPhone. • Hire for attitude, drive, and experience or ambition. Then test performance. To take some of the stress off making this first hire, set up a long probation period. This will make the commitment feel somewhat less scary. Alternately, start on a project basis

and see how the relationship develops. • Outsource what you can. Particularly with a small team, figure out what you can outsource so that you can spend time on the important things that will drive your business’s growth and success. For example, I still pay all the bills and sign all the checks, because I am a control freak. However, this is not the best use of my time; perhaps this is something someone could help me with.


• Word of mouth. Use your network, ask around, post on social media, and send an email to your contacts with the job description and profile you are looking to find. • Other brands. This is slightly politically incorrect to say, but I must admit that if you are looking for a seasoned industry person, looking at your competitors is smart. • Industry associations generally have great job boards, and the events are a wonderful source of contacts. • Beauty counters near you. If you are looking for a sales person, spend a lot of time shopping for cosmetics in malls, department stores and specialty beauty stores. You’ll find some amazing sales people that could sell ice to a polar bear. Again, this strategy is somewhat politically incorrect—but, at the

very least, time spent observing these sales people will help you refine your hiring criteria. • Colleges near you. Make friends with the career advisor and learn about the school’s job boards.


• Compensate as much as you can afford. Often, in startup mode, you will underpay your team members. Be transparent in this fact, explain that underpaid does not mean undervalued. Be transparent with the financials, explain the dream and sell the long-term goals. The people who are the right fit will understand. • Make up for a lower salary by offering benefits that are not cash drains. These benefits can include paid time off (for vacation or illness), the ability to work remotely (this is really the wave of the future) and more flexible hours. • Make up for a lower salary by paying partly in company shares. This changes the nature of your hire, of course, as it elevates the relationship from employee to part owner. This will not be right for all of your employees, but it will be for some. My two key employees who have been with me since I began

Alchimie 10+ years ago both have a blended compensation package that has included salary and benefits, as well as ownership options. That is one decision I have never regretted.

4 BEST HIRING PRACTICES 1. Hire slow, fire fast. This is one that I am still learning. I sometimes forget that “a body” is not worth hiring if it is not the “right somebody.” And I always think I can fix a bad situation and give someone another chance. Learn from my mistakes and do what those who know recommend. Take your time making your hiring decision—the first and the 50th equally. When someone isn’t right for your team anymore, have that fierce conversation early on. 2. Have your legal ducks in a row. No matter the startup stage of your business or brand, you are never too small to understand HR best practices and laws in your state. You are never too small to have solid contractual agreements in place with your team members, in particular if employment is in exchange for ownership of the company. Unfortunately, you are never too small to have to fire someone.

Having a good legal resource is like having good insurance—you never want to have to use it, but sure are glad you have it when you do. 3. Hire a good payroll processor. Nothing will upset a team more than a missed payroll date. More likely than not, you have so much on your plate already; running payroll is not something you want to add to your to-do list. Ask within your network for a recommendation for a payroll processor and compare at least two offers. Finally, this may seem superfluous advice, but please set up direct deposit for your team members. Ada Polla (ada@ alchimie-forever. com) is the co-creator of the Swiss antioxidant skin care line, Alchimie Forever, which launched in the U. S. in 2004. Her strategic focus and implemen¬tation have yielded double-digit annual revenue growth for the company. Polla holds an MBA from Georgetown University, majored in art history and political science at Harvard University, and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1999.

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2




SOCIAL MEDIA APPS FOR 2018 If your 2018 social media goals have anything to do with saving time, being more productive, or improving the ROI of your marketing efforts, then the following social media apps are here to help.

11 OF THE BEST SOCIAL MEDIA APPS FOR MARKETERS 1. Planoly 2. Datally 3. Adobe Premiere Clip 4. Signal 5. Hootsuite Amplify 6. Habit Minder 7. Sprinkles 8. Clips 9. Swiipe News 10. Botletter 11. MindFi 1. Planoly For busy social media marketers, it’s easy to get caught up in the details and forget about the big picture. Nowhere is this more true than your Instagram feed. While you might be sharing great individual posts, if these aren’t supporting your overall brand voice and building a consistent Instagram aesthetic, they could be hurting your long-term results. The Planoly app, which is recommended by Hootsuite’s social marketing team lead Amanda Wood, is the first visual planner for Instagram. The app lets you see how your individual posts will look as a grid before you post, in addition to providing data and engagement rates for each post. 2. Datally Between all the scrolling, editing, posting, and scheduling, it’s a miracle any social media manager stays under their monthly cell-phone data allowance. Google’s Datally app is here to help. The mobile data manager helps users monitor, save, and gain control of their data usage through tracking. The Data Saver feature alone can reduce mobile data usage by over 30 percent. Other features, such as the Wi-Fi finder and data usage metrics, work together to save money for those who rely on their phones more than the average user. 3. Adobe Premiere Clip Forty-six percent of respondents in Hootsuite’s 2018 social media trends surveysaid they’re already creating and sharing social video, with another 26 percent planning to over the next year. If you’re looking for a way to easily create professional-looking videos, Adobe Premiere Clip is a must-download app. The free video app gives you advanced (but easyto-use) features including editing capabilities, soundtrack support, and custom lighting and aesthetic options. 4. Signal Security and privacy are two areas social media marketers can’t cut corners with. Whether you’re discussing clients or confidential business 74

Beauty Biz Year 11 Issue 2

information, you want to ensure your messages are protected. The Signal instant messaging app uses an advanced, end-to-end encryption protocol that provides privacy for all content sent on the network, offering unbeatable peace of mind. Don’t trust us? Information privacy expert and former CIA agent Edward Snowden is a daily user. 5. Hootsuite Amplify According to Altimeter’s social media employee advocacy research, 21 percent of consumers report “liking” employee posts —a far higher engagement rate than the average social ad. Your customers want to talk to a person, not a brand. With Hootsuite Amplify, you can easily find and share news, articles, and other engaging content about your brand across your social networks. 6. Habit Minder With every new year—or new week—comes the opportunity to set new goals. Habit Minder makes sure you stay on top of these good intentions by sending you reminders to drink water, walk, breathe deeply, or any other task you choose. With Habit Minder you can track your progress and analyze detailed statistics for each of your goals. For stressed-out social media marketers, these little nudges and micro-goals can make all the difference between a forgotten intention and a completed accomplishment. 7. Sprinkles When you’re rushing to get an Instagram post up, the last thing you have time for is coming up with a witty caption. The Sprinkles app is a camera tool that automatically detects the subjects of your photos and suggests appropriate captions. Sprinkles also includes face-detection technology so you can apply Smart Stickers (masks and filters) to your images. 8. Clips Apple’s Clips lets users create and share short videos complete with special effects, text, graphics, and more. One of the more interesting features of Clips is Live Titles, which let you create animated captions simply by talking as you record. Clips also uses a specialised facial recognition technology thanks to Apple’s Machine Learning technology. It compare faces of those in your video to those in your device’s picture library. Not only that, but Clips will find these individuals in your address book and let you share the video with them in one click. 9. Swiipe News For social media marketers that are always on the go, it can be hard to keep up with world events and news. The Swiipe News app helps solve this problem. Designed for a world that loves swiping, the tool lets you easily swipe through stories and headlines without having to scroll through endless, full-length articles. Choose from over 250 trusted news sources for

a customised feed full of the news that matters most to you—or your audience. 10. Botletter Facebook went from 33,000 bots in 2016 to over 100,000 in 2017—a 200 percent increase. And this movement shows no sign of slowing down. While not technically a mobile app, Botletter is a tool that lets users send newsletters to customers over Facebook Messenger. Customers can subscribe to company’s newsletters directly through Facebook Messenger, meaning brands can reach their audience where they are most active. 11. MindFi Along with taking the time to schedule engaging content, social media marketers need to schedule time for mental health and wellness. Traditional meditation apps can take some commitment—a quiet room and at least five minutes to close your eyes and think of nothing— but MindFi knows busy individuals don’t often have that luxury. Use the app to incorporate meditation into your busy schedule without interrupting your lifestyle. The three-minute long meditation sessions can be done with your eyes open, and while you work, eat, or do other tasks. MindFi also features a ‘Deep Work’ option aimed to help users focus and prevent distractions for 25 minutes at a time. With MindFi, users report increased focus, attention spans, and productivity. This is one meditation app busy social media marketers can make the time for. The right tools can make all the difference for social media marketers. Whether you need help with your visual content, incorporating 2018 social media trends into your strategy, or making the time to do it all, the above apps will help you build the most engaging content for your customers. Dara Fontein is a Blog Writer at Hootsuite. She writes about social media, technology, and Hootsuite happenings.

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Beautybiz year 11 issue 2  

Beauty Biz provides comprehensive information to the Beauty Industry on a regular basis. It is written for today’s salon and spa owners and...

Beautybiz year 11 issue 2  

Beauty Biz provides comprehensive information to the Beauty Industry on a regular basis. It is written for today’s salon and spa owners and...