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left to right photographs after 1, 2, 3 and 5 procedures (in 5 weeks) respectively. The blue lines demonstrate the dynamics of the changes in the eyebrows position.

and are found in the papillary layer. And when certain mimic patterns—a habitual grimace or a particular facial expression—prevail, a constant local compression of the skin leads to the development of defects of a dermal level—this is how creases and wrinkles appear on the face. The more varied a person’s mimicry is, the longer their face appears young, although general health and skin’s condition certainly affect the wrinkles appearance as well. The epidermis and dermal layer’s dehydration, the decrease of the metabolic activity in the deep skin layers, the increase in the activity of the free radicals, malnutrition and finally the external damaging factors, such as smoking, excessive sunbathing, insufficient skin care, sleep deprivation, high stress levels and so on, accelerate the formation of wrinkles. When several damaging factors are present, for example if a person smokes, suntans a lot and neglects her cosmetic care, wrinkles may appear prematurely and become rather noticeable even at a young age.

the skin needs to be prepared. The three stage preparation protocol used in the program ensures the preservation and full penetration of the peptides due to nicotine induced vasodilation and anti oxidant protection. In the process of the skin preparation blood vessels are strengthened and tissue metabolism is activated in the areas where preparation solutions are applied, while the skin is smoothed out and moisturised as well. Myo-Fix program can be used for the general correction of mimic wrinkles and skin rejuvenation, as well as brow lifting and visible rejuvenation of the eye area and the upper third of the face.

Today there are many ways to reduce mimic wrinkles, most popular and widespread being the injections of botulinum toxin. In recent years a non-invasive method of affecting the tone of mimic muscles has been developed—the application of the solutions containing biologically active neurotransmitter modulating peptides onto the active mimic zones.

The Myo-Fix program performed by a professional fully qualified and familiar with all application methods of the solutions used in the procedure, allows to widen the range of cosmetic services and attract new patients looking to rejuvenate the upper third of the face and eye area.

The wrinkle correcting peptides in the Meder Beauty Science Myo-Fix program are small lipophilic molecules able to penetrate into the skin over the epidermal barrier and denervate the mimic muscles fibres at the points of their attachment to the skin. To ensure the maximum penetration of the peptides during the procedure


A course of non-invasive wrinkle correction can reduce wrinkles in the upper and middle thirds of the face; smooth out nasolabial folds and lines around the mouth; improve the skin’s tonicity; moisturise, brighten, even out the skin tone and texture; lift the outward ends of the brows making the face look more open, expressive and young.

After the full Myo-Fix course mimic wrinkles smooth out, the facial mimicry becomes less active and the facial tone brightens and evens out. If the concentrate is applied in the centre of the forehead and the lateral eye area, the ends of eye brows rise slightly for a youthful, lively and expressive look without any risk of the infamous “Mephistopheles eyebrows”.

Naturally, the procedures affect the overall skin condition as well as the facial muscles tone. After the course the skin’s ability to retain moisture is improved, the skin tone is more even, pores shrink, and the skin is more toned up and elastic. Proper, individually prescribed cosmetic care at home makes the results more visible and lasting. On the day of the procedure the patient should avoid swimming, going to a sauna or sun parlour, sun bathing at the beach and intensive workouts. If a client cannot avoid being in the sun on the day, they should apply a sun screen or mineral makeup powder to protect the skin from the sun. Duration of a non-invasive correction procedure: 60 min. Duration of the course: a standard course consists of 5 procedures. If a patient has overly active mimicry or very deep wrinkles, two courses can be performed in a row. The interval between the procedures is 3–7 days. The photos are used with the patients’ permission. The photographs have not been processed or tempered with. Individual results may vary. Meder Beauty Science distributed by Spectrum Science & Beauty 1300 766 198

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 6


Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 6  

Beauty Biz provides comprehensive information to the Beauty Industry on a regular basis. It is written for today’s salon and spa owners and...

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 6  

Beauty Biz provides comprehensive information to the Beauty Industry on a regular basis. It is written for today’s salon and spa owners and...