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Wax products that are beautifying the globe with Australian flora

Year 10 Issue 5



16 Jax Wax Australia Blooms with an Australian Flora Inspired Range

36 The ABC of Cosmeceuticals By Dr. Geoffrey Herber

REGULARS 04 Editors Letter 10-14 Industry News 48 Tanning Shop 53 Make Up Shop 54-56 Beauty Shop


38 Perspectives on Perfume By Dr. Andrew R. Christie 40 Berry Good by April Jones 42 Probiotic Care for the Skin with Acne and Rosacea By Dr. Oksana Shatrova

MEDI & AESTHETICS 44 Complications of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers By Mohammed H. Abduljabbar

06 Known Effects - The Ethical Marketplace

46 Nitric Oxide Gel Found Safe in Three Clinical Trials By Dr. Nathan Stasko

08 Sustainable Salons Australia Making Salon Waste History


AUSTRALIA BEAUTY INDUSTRY AWARDS 18-21 2017 Australian Beauty Industry Awards – Wrap Up 22 The Temple Skincare 24 Keturah Day Spa 26 Hall of Fame - Caroline Nelson 28 Special Recognition - Face Of Man

52 Living the Dream

BLOG SPOT 58 Turning Love Into Retail Sales By Caroline Morgan 60 Success Who? By Julie Cross

BUSINESS 62 Client Consultation By Marie Drever

50 MUA - Liz Sharp

64 Mythbuster By Annabelle Vo


68 Foundations of Facebook By Angela Henderson

30 Zambezi River Spa Experience

EVENTS 32 Cove Spa VIP Evening 34 DMK Awards

JAX WAX Australia 03 5943 2422

66 When Marketing Does Not Work By Narelle Lancaster 70 Beauty Industry Switches Focus from Cosmetic to Wellness 72 Using Instagram Stories to your Salon’s Advantage By Tahlia Shorter 74 The P’s of Business Part 4 By Daniel Dickson

2017 ABIA MUA of the Year Liz Sharp


Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2018

SAVE THE DATE OPEN FOR ENTRY: 1st November 2017 ENTRY DEADLINE: 20th April 2018 FINALISTS ANNOUNCED: 11th June 2018

ABIA GALA EXCITING NEW BIGGER VENUE! SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 9th September 2018 AustralianBeautyIndustryAwards


Linda Woodhead


Editors Editors Note

April Jones



Kellie Woodhead


Jess Richmond


Dr. Geoffrey Herber Dr. Andrew R. Christie Dr. Oksana Shatrova Mohammed H. Abduljabbar Dr. Nathan Stasko Caroline Morgan Julie Cross Marie Drever Annabelle Vo Narelle Lancaster Angela Henderson Tahlia Shorter Daniel Dickson


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Welcome to the Spring edition of Beauty Biz. We are proud to be able to showcase a wrap up and full list of winners from the recent ABIA awards including lots of great pics from the night. We feature in this edition profiles on our 2 Australian Salon’s of the Year – Temple Skincae and Keturah Day Spa, as well as our special award recipients – Caroine Nelosn, 2017 ABIA Hall of Fame inductee, Face Of Man, 2017 Special Recognition Award winner and Liz Sharp, the 2017 ABIA MUA of the year. Stay tuned to the next few upcoming issues where we will be featuring all of our award winners from the fabulous 2017 ABIA’s and sharing their journey’s to success! It was fantastic to see so many of our finalists and supporters this year at the Hyatt Regency ballroom and once again it was a capacity sell out crowd. We look forward to welcoming even more guests and finalists next year as we move location to a much bigger venue as we continue to grow! It’s been great to have so many new contributors come onboard with the magazine over the last couple of issues particularly within the area of social media and marketing which from the feedback I have had, has been warmly received by our readers. The medical aesthetics industry continues to grow and develop and we have focused some articles on the integration into our salons and spas and how this is opening up a whole new area of business and services to our clients. Over the coming issues we will explore issues such as standards and regulations for both of these areas, which are of the upmost importance when choosing to adopt these services. Business has been a huge focus this year in the mag and we are lucky enough to have some fantastic insights from Jay Chapman from Zing Marketing, Julie Cross and over the next few issues Narelle Lancaster, along with a strong focus on dermal with Andrew Christie who continues to educate and inspire worldwide. Please do remember that if you have something educational, dermal, business or just plain fantastic to share with the world via our magazine we would love to hear about it and you can contact me with your ideas, suggestions and contributions by emailing me at Enjoy the issue!

April April Jones Editor

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Known Effects is an amazing business model created by Ainsley Schumacher from her home in Byron Bay NSW. Supporting brands from handmade organic clothing, homewares, sustainable timber products (they grow their own trees!), Ecohome improvement products, food, vegan make-up, organic skincare – the works! Their vision is to create awareness for consumers about the known effects of ethical consumerism, along with changing the buyer pattern to adjust how businesses do business and making conscious choices in purchasing more sustainable, longer lifecycled products. We talked to Ainsley about this and the motivation behind the movement.


We are coastal people with compassion for this planet we all share. This is where my drive comes from, my family and our environment. I want to help create a world where it will be clean, safe and a place that is supportive of creatives, designers & makers - not money hungry corporations that only have the dollar in-mind. I can start with my family by teaching our children 6

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

the importance of keeping our environment and natural resources safe, the bigger picture of shopping local and supporting small businesses and sharing and showing their knowledge with their friends as they grow. Small business’ drive me. Small business owners’ ideas, passions and how they create their products really excites me. I want to help businesses grow ethically and as sustainably as they can. I feel I am in my comfort zone when I am brain storming with brands on how we can be even better at what we do and how we can get it all out to the world, it’s what made me want to create a marketplace more so than my own product and label.


Our home life is quite environmentally friendly however we are always challenging ourselves to be better, coming up with alternate ideas where we can to make less of a negative impact on the environment. It has kind of become a competition

when one of us thinks of something; the other has to go that one bit better – we are always thinking about ways we can become more sustainable.


In our travels around the world in our early 20’s, naïve to say the most, we were confronted with atrocious working conditions in some countries we had visited. When we started to look further into the process of how clothing is made in manufacturing companies and we were incredibly disheartened to learn the answer that that ‘bargain’ $3 shirt was actually only possible because of horrendous working conditions, next to nothing pay rates, child labour….these kids would have been the same age as my children now and I look at them and couldn’t imagine having to put them into that environment. Everything about some of these places made us angry, sad but motivated in wanting to make a difference. Then known effects was founded, in 2015.

In this time we had taken every step we could to gather as much research and talk to many businesses to evaluate if people needed this type of marketplace in their lives and lucky for us this was definitely missing. In 2016 we started to build the known effects marketplace from the ground up. Our motivation is that the reality is no-person or business is perfect but if we combine our knowledge, experience, failures, achieved goals and grow together so we can help each other reach the same end goal of more ethical & sustainable businesses, products making fairtrade priority on the larger scale and pushing the larger companies to be responsible for their products, including all of their workers and environmental impact.


Packaging is one of our worst enemies. As consumers we buy a product we want but don’t put much thought into the packaging because we just want what is inside, no real thought about way happens when we throw the packaging away. Annie Leonard quoted that “There is no ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere”. She is right, it has to go somewhere, and that place is into our earth, to undeveloped countries that don’t have the resources or capacity to handle the rubbish, into the air we breath and the ocean we are surrounded by. This ‘away’ is slowly coming around full-circle and will impact us all if we don’t take control, educate and enforce changes. Interestingly, even the 45 – 65 age bracket demonstrate a consumer awareness surrounding the importance of purchasing ethical, natural and/ or organic products. It is not only the younger generation who are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of chemicals in our foods, beauty products etc. The shift to purchasing natural and organic products has stemmed from consumers becoming aware of marketing loop holes surrounding product labelling and this education has driven some consumers to properly consider what they are buying, putting into or on their bodies and back into the environment. For businesses we understand that creating sustainable products can be a major shift in an already made process however when we join forces and give each other guidance we can start to feel confident in making changes to our production to become sustainable, even when it starts with packaging.


The brands we support under known effects range from handmade organic clothing, homewares, sustainable timber products (they grow their own trees!), Eco- home improvement products, food, vegan make-up, organic skincare

– the works! In addition, known effects would not be sustainable without an up-cycled category for brands who have the talent to turn things that are heading to landfill into some new, exciting and useful. This further allows us to support sustainable brands and create a hub for consumers to purchase new and reinvented sustainable items.


We want every business to succeed, our first priority is to make sure all our brands have the help and guidance they need so we have implemented a Brands first process where we check in with all our brands to keep up to date, help out where we can, offer advice where we are fit to do so and the one thing we love doing with our brands is brain storming. We know it can be hard on your own and sometimes feel secluded so we have been doing some email brainstorming to help our brands grow in the direction they want to go. The benefit is that brands that are serious about ethically made products are surrounded by other brands that have the same drive and passion.


The reason for choosing natural, organic, sustainable products over products that aren’t are for our own benefit, our environment and the future of our planet. When we choose products that have ingredients that have been sustainably made we are benefiting ourselves by putting less harmful chemicals and nasties onto and into our body, this varies from beauty products, food, clothing to sanitary products all which are quite often made with harmful ingredients.

When products are made sustainably you are purchasing a product where the environmental impact has been at the forefront of the brands business plan. Not only do sustainable products have a positive impact of the environment but it may also reduce long-term costs to the consumer through stronger, more durable materials.


‘There is nothing sexy about wearing an item that was made by a child’ - Jennifer Nini I could talk about this topic without an end, it’s the topic that started known effects on it’s mission to make change. We have never been perfect, we still (and I’m sure always will) make mistakes but what we have learnt is to slow down in our purchasing and think before we buy. In a nutshell, when a product is not sustainable it effects the maker, businesses, the consumers & the environment. The makers are those who are employed by manufacturing or factory companies to make the products. Most face unethical working conditions resulting in a never ending cycle of poverty, child workers, wages below the living costs, health and safety risks and no restriction on working hours – and these are only a handful of ethical standards that aren’t met or followed by some manufactures. In many cases this has resulted in employee suicide. Purchasing products that are not sustainable keeps these cycles going. More details about Ainsley Schumacher, Founder & Known Effects can be found at Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5





The Complete Story

Sustainable Salons Australia (SSA) is the first comprehensive resource recovery service designed for the salon environment that rewards salons and gives back to the community. They have taken the hair world by storm and are now moving into the beauty salon arena with this amazing service. Founded by Paul Frasca and Ewelina Soroko in 2015, SSA specialises in collecting up to 95% of the salon waste bin and redirecting all material for reuse, recycling and repurposing solutions. The program also offers rewards for salons’ recycling efforts with useful items and savings for their business, while 100% of the recycling proceeds are donated to OzHarvest, a charitable organisation dedicated to feeding the most vulnerable in our community.

SSA Founders Paul Frasca + Ewelina Soroko

For SSA, sustainability is not just about environmental impact – it’s about so much more! Investing in the viability of the salon business, providing for the local people, inspiring the next generation of hairdressing artisans, driving global awareness… all become factors that contribute to a sustainable and healthy people, planet and profit. Just two years ago, after more than five years of research, SSA signed up its first salons as industry eco warriors. Today, the program has hundreds of salon members (and growing!) across the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia as part of the journey to zero waste. How did Sustainable Salons Australia begin? Ewelina and I created


Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

SSA 8 years ago after a very long drive around Australia – which, by the way, took 4 months and $7000 in petrol! We both still swear it’s the best adventure we’ve ever had. We had many very long discussions (remember it can be over 600km before the next service station), about hairdressing sustainability, and whether it was a product or a service that it needed. We didn’t know. And what we came up with was ZIP. Nothing. I still remember Ewelina saying to me, as a true intellect: “we need to study this more”. And as a true hairdresser, I was like: “CRAP!!! Study!?” The next day we created a plan to study the waste bins of 160 salons, in the hope that we’d find the answer we needed lying in their rubbish. To my relief, we did. We realised that salon waste had no place to go – except into landfill, or into a yellow council bin. That yellow recycle bin is a funny thing actually; it was designed for residential use and then shoved onto small business. The problem with this is that generally, small businesses can’t actually put most of their waste in that bin, like hair or chemical waste, most plastic or fillers from product delivery – and get this; they even tell hairdressers not to put their foil in the bin. Are they crazy? It’s aluminium! Aluminium is infinitely recyclable! So… we set out to fix the salon waste problem and create the greatest resource recovery service the world has ever seen! Sustainable Salons Australia was officially brought to life just over two years ago in NSW, and is now in the ACT, QLD, VIC and SA as well.

clothing – textile waste is a huge landfill problem that many are working hard to find a solution for.

CAN THESE NON-RECYCLABLE ITEMS BE REPLACED WITH AN ALTERNATIVE, OR REUSED IN OTHER WAYS? In our Rewards Shop, we have a composting system that our members can purchase if they’d like to go the extra step – our aim is always try to offer solutions in the Rewards Shop for the items we can’t collect. Likewise, we are now sourcing bamboo towels as an alternative to the cotton towels, for those who prefer not to use the biodegradable option.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR SALONS THAT ARE INVOLVED IN THIS PROGRAM? Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, so we divert all of a salon’s foil, aluminium colour tubes, canisters and product packaging from landfill back into recycled resources. Even plastic bags have a story! They’re all sent to an award-winning company called Plastic Forests – they turn them into outdoor furniture and heavy-duty plastic sheeting that goes underground to protect our NBN. What materials are recycled and how does Sustainable Salons enable this process? We go directly to the salon door to collect more than 95% of the salon’s waste fortnightly. We provide all in-salon bins and outside collection bins to suit their needs. And we have the sexiest purple recycling bins in town! We provide a whole range of marketing tools that can be used within the salon to build awareness with clients, but more importantly to blow their minds on how great the salon is to be implementing such an ambitious recycling program. We have several aspects to the resource recovery system… we collect paper, plastics, metals, hair (and ponytails!), chemicals, razors, tools and more! The hair swept up from the salon floor becomes a hair boom, which means when the client comes in to get a haircut, they’re directly contributing to the potential clean-up of an oil spill in The Great Barrier Reef. See The Hair Boom Project further down! We’re also now the largest collector and donor of ponytails in Australia – we send them to various charitable organisations such as Variety The Children’s Charity to be made into wigs for those suffering from alopecia and cancer. Chemical waste is now being turned back into clean water used for manufacturing and building, rather than going down the drain and contaminating our oceans.

The best part is that 100% of the profits from all of this recycled waste goes back into the community via OzHarvest to help feed hungry Australians… for every $1 donated by Sustainable Salons, 2 meals are provided to the most vulnerable in our community (we average 2000 meals per month!). We also help gather and organise hairdressers to support local charity haircutting events, such as Do Something! Day, Rough Threads, Homeless Connect, Front Yard, Dry July and more.


We believe salon owners should be rewarded for their recycling efforts, that’s why we offer them rewards points that they can spend on sustainably-minded products, tools and/or services that benefit their business bottom line, the planet and the community. Points are earned each week via their membership, which they can spend in the Rewards Shop on items such as biodegradable gloves and coffee pods, Refoil, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, sustainably-produced tools and brushes… and so much more!


Any organic waste (i.e. food scraps). Also, there is no recycling solution for biodegradable towels, rather they are discarded as general waste and break down over time. Unfortunately we also can’t collect and recycle cotton towels and capes/

The marketing potential is key – as a member, the salon has access to all of the Sustainable Salons Australia messaging, information, design collateral and branding, and community affiliations – this immediately improves the salon’s environmental credentials and helps them attract a new type of clientele. Additionally, the Rewards Shop is a tangible benefit that salons can take advantage of from the first week they’re involved in the program; they make real savings on everyday salon essentials.


For us, it’s about creating real change. What we’ve put in place with Sustainable Salons Australia is transparent, tangible and measurable – we’re not just about the message, we’re about real action. This has a positive impact on the environment, and it also translates into a significant business advantage for our clients – salons are winning business awards, getting more clientele and better staff, and improving their local community. We started on a journey to make salon waste history… and it’s having a positive ripple effect.


SSA has grown substantially in the last two years since our launch – from Sydney to Canberra, then to Melbourne, Brisbane and now Adelaide. Our immediate goal of course is to cover territories across all major Australian cities, BUT our end game is to go one step further and make our program available to every single salon in Australia, and this means heading into regional areas too – into Wagga Wagga and Broken Hill, Bendigo to Ballarat, we want no salon left out in the cold!


A salon owner should simply head to www. and fill in the short form. The manager in their area will be in touch with them directly to discuss the program and hopefully set their salon on the path with us to zero waste!

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5



AMR Hair and Beauty has been the leading supplier for Australia’s best spas and salons for over 10 years, and is now excited to be launching their new online consumer store, offering beauty loving consumers access to their extensive range of the best hair and beauty products. With over 7,000 products from 250 salon quality brands, AMR also offers a host of exclusive brands including Fanola, Glammar and 18 in 1, Barber Culture, and Inebrya.

The new retail design offers customers a unique, interactive experience, taking them on a journey that involves all the senses. This is commanded by a dabble bar that encourages customers to touch, smell or try ingredients and products. It also offers customers the ability to experience mini and sample treatments without making an appointment. “This concept spa marks an exciting period in endota spa’s journey. It incorporates spa treatments within an inviting retail space that encourages you to use all the senses. Blurring the lines of expectations around a traditional spa.” said National Franchise Manager, Jonathan Nelson. The spa’s launch is taking place in line with Canberra Centre’s new Monaro Mall beauty and wellness precinct, which brings together and highlights over 20 local and international brands in the same space. During the launch consumers will be treated to enticing masterclasses including wellness tips from nutritionist and author Lola Berry, of which endota spa will be a part of. The launch is part of a new way retailers will connect with consumers who love all things beauty and wellness



Aromatherapy Associates are delighted to announce that Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil has won Bath Product at Best Beauty by Stylist. Best Beauty by Stylist was born to bypass confusion that consumers feel with more and more new beauty products launching on a daily basis. With such abundance of choices available, an ultimate list of must- have products was needed. Wherever you see a ‘winner’ logo, it means that alongside the beauty team, 500 reader judges and 50 expert judges have rigorously tested product categories spanning make-up, nails, skincare, hair, body and fragrance.

Ultraceuticals held an elegant high tea at the Sydney Ethics Centre on Castlereagh Street to launch the new Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum reformulation range. Ultraceuticals Education Innovator, Heather Vounnou interviewed Founder, Dr Geoffrey Heber and Research Scientist, Shiva Farabi about the innovative delivery technology of the new Ultra-RETI™ retinol. Guests donned lab coats and were provided with beakers and petri dishes, as they were taken through a specialised science class on encapsulation and stabilising active ingredients. Key beauty media and bloggers sipped on Moët Rosé and a selection of T2 teas to complement an array of delicate finger sandwiches, quiches, colourful macron’s, passionfruit curd, almond & berry tarts and milk chocolate and vanilla profiteroles amongst a garden of fresh green and white florals and white orchids.



The Non-Surgical Symposium 2017 has been announced as a National Finalist by the Australian Event Awards for 2017. Selected as a Finalist by the Judging Panel through a rigorous reviewing process of hundreds of entries received from every state and territory, the panel determined that the NSS was a stand-out and a hot contender in this year’s Australian Event Awards. Now in its ninth year, the Awards are considered the most prestigious prize of its kind amongst industry leaders and event organisers from around the nation.


The recently renovated Cockle Bay Room at the International Convention Centre, Sydney was the place to be on Saturday 26th August, where 140 glamorous and excited guests arrived for Professional Beauty Solutions’ (PBS) 2nd Annual Awards Gala Dinner. The evening kicked off with champagne on arrival and photo booth fun, with the hundreds of salons and beauty therapists mingling and sharing their experiences of Beauty Expo earlier that day. The evening’s host and MC, Rebecca George Cole started the official festivities by introducing the wonderful James English Band, and encouraging PBS’ salons, partners and international guests, including Youngblood’s global educator and MUA Philip Luque, Bestow Beauty’s founder Janine Tait, Image Skincare’s international educator Dawn Clifford, and Cherry Blooms’ founder and CEO Jellaine Dee, to take their seats for the night ahead. The night belonged to Bella Spazio Spa & Beauty who took home two awards including Cherry Blooms Stockist of the Year and the prestigious Salon of The Year Award

SYDNEY BEAUTY EXPO 2017 USPA’S SUCCESS As part of Proudly Australian and Proudly Natural, Uspa has showcased at Australia’s biggest weekend of beauty, Sydney Beauty Expo on the 26th and 27th of August 2017. The Uspa team, comprised of My-kaela Zigmantas Product Trainer, Lely Harvey Training Manager, Rose Filardo Trainer (WA), Myles Anceschi, Chief Operating Officer & Karen Wacando Select Botanicals (NSW). “We were delighted to attend Beauty Expo for the first time in 2 years with our relaunched USPA brand. Our highlight was reconnecting with dozens of existing spa clients, in particular, the positive feedback on our Age Defying Moisturiser (which now includes, the gold standard in naturally driven hydration - Wild Plum Harvest), and our Rejuvenating Micro Exfoliant with Lilly Pilly Extract. The biggest success for us was being able to introduce the brand to new therapists and salons. As a brand we have been connecting with consumers via our rituals and treatments for over 22 years....but the real pleasure for us is bringing that lux, natural spa experience to new people!”, says Myles Anceschi, Chief Operating Officer, BWX Ltd.

DMK AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND AWARDED #1 INTERNATIONALLY DMK Austraia and New Zealand have benn awarded Number 1 in the world for the 12th year in a row for business growth, sales and education. Danné Montague-King founder of DMK presented the 2016 International Distributor Top Sales Performance award to DMK Australia and New Zealand. Daniel Dickson, Managing Director and Debbie Dickson Head of Education were at DMK HQ in Los Angeles to accept the award. “We feel so honoured and excited to accept this award that recognises our efforts and outstanding year on year sales growth achievements. It’s our 12th

consecutive year and we feel both humbled and encouraged in our ambition to be the best we can be with DMK in Australia and New Zealand. We recognised how special the DMK concept is immediately and it’s mind-blowing to think our mission to introduce DMK to Australia and New Zealand consumers over 19 years ago has grown to be the incredible business it is today.” said Daniel Dickson. Added Debbie Dickson, “We are blessed to work with such amazing staff and clients who share our passion for great skin and the DMK concept. It’s their dedication and commitment to excellence – that allow us to achieve such amazing things, changing lives and having a positive impact on how people look and feel. We thank them and are grateful to Danné for supporting us in Australia & New Zealand to do what we love.

ZHAV INTERNATIONAL AT BEAUTY EXPO Yaffa Zhav, CEO of Zhav International once again exhibited at the Beauty Expo and according to Yaffa she couldn’t believe how many clinics still don’t have any equipment in their salons. “In the 21st Century the awareness for Anti-Aging Treatment is increasing and women want to look younger, they take better care of their skin and body.” she said. “Clinics who are not offering the basics such as diamond microdermabrasion are being left behind” Zhav International have developed a new machine which was launched at the Beauty Expo called “Yaffa Zhav Bio Lift™” Non-Surgical Face Lift. It is affordable, easy to deliver and was given great remarks. Yaffa says that the idea came from clinics who can’t afford expensive machines, or who already have professional big machines and want to add more to their services offered so they can get more clients in through their doors. For Further Information call: Zhav International on 08 8362 0222 |

REFECTOCIL STYLE BOOK Refectocil is taking Eye Brow STYLING to a new level with the “REFECTOCIL Style Book”. The “REFECTOCIL Style Book” is a quick and handy colour styling guide. Showcasing 9 different individual Brow Styling effects. So much of the focus is on amazing colours which can be achieved on hair at the moment. The hair or beauty professional can now match their client’s eyebrows to the client’s individual hair colour. Use the REFECTOCIL Style Book as it provides the mixing ratio and “How to”. Creative ideas include Natural Soft Look, Warm Shades, Cool Shades, Pastel Style, Purple Effect, Blue Shades, Red Style, Blonde Dark Brows, or Happy Blonde. Find these creative ideas at Or Ask your stockist how to obtain one of these REFECTOCIL Style Books


‘Generositea’ - the official Bestow Sisterhood tea from the Bestow Organic Herbal Tea Range. This beautiful rose-coloured tea is an organic blend of lemongrass, peppermint, hibiscus, cinnamon and cardamom. All Bestow profits from the sale of Generositea go to support the work of the Cambodia Charitable Trust. For more information about The Bestow Sisterhood watch here: https:// or to enquire about stocking Bestow Beauty in your salon or clinic call 1800 625 387 or visit http://www.bestowbeauty.


Sustainable Salons Australia has been announced as a finalist in the Innovative Products or Services category for this year’s Premier’s Sustainability Awards for their program which collects waste from hair, beauty and dog grooming salons. The interim Chief Executive of Sustainability Victoria, Stephanie Ziersch, praised the team for their creative and insightful work towards building a more sustainable environment. “Delivering these Awards each year means we continue to discover the talent and enthusiasm Victorians have for protecting their environment and thinking creatively about new models of sustainability. Sustainable Salons Australia (SSA) is the first comprehensive resource recovery program designed for the hair and beauty salon environment that rewards salons and gives back to the community. Founded in 2015, SSA specialises in collecting up to 95 per cent of the salon waste bin and redirecting material for reuse, recycling and repurposing solutions. For more information on the Awards, finalists and to purchase tickets for the award ceremony, visit

THE BESTOW SISTERHOOD The Bestow Sisterhood is a collective of beauty therapists and skincare clinics throughout Australasia who are changing the lives of vulnerable girls in Cambodia by sponsoring their education. Launched in New Zealand in April 2017, the Bestow Sisterhood is a partnership between Bestow Beauty founder, Janine Tait and her sister, Denise Arnold, who founded the Cambodia Charitable Trust in 2008 after hearing about Cambodian children being rented out for sex by the week. Girls who don’t go to school are vulnerable to sex traffickers or can end up married and bearing children long before their bodies are developed enough to cope with delivering a baby. Through the Bestow Sisterhood, salons sponsor a girl’s education for $40 a month, which radically changes the life of that little girl. Janine is inviting skincare clinics all over New Zealand and Australia to join the Bestow Sisterhood by sponsoring a little Cambodian sister for $40 per month. Sponsorship provides her with a school uniform and essential school stationary, access to health checks, food for her family, and a monthly contribution to family living costs to cover the loss of the child’s wage. Click here to sponsor a child today: Salons can also become part of the Bestow Sisterhood by stocking and selling

Michele Hetherngton has been working with Jax Wax since 2003 and has seen many changes. In her role as National Training Manager she liaises with National and International clients, develops educational material, conducts customised workshops and shares her experience and current industry information through writing blogs/ articles for Jax Wax Australia. Michele’s experience includes Salon owner, Beauty Educator for some of Australia’s leading companies, working with leading plastic surgeon Dr. Lionel Chang and Cosmetic Physician Dr. John Madirazza. Michele has managed and taught at one of Sydney’s leading Makeup & Beauty Schools and worked with the implementation and delivery of the SIB50110 Diploma of Beauty Therapy. Her ongoing education and industry currency are an important part of her role and she has a personal passion to maintain and update her education. “It’s hard to believe the journey sometimes, looking back I am proud that I was there in the beginning and excited to be a part of the future of Jax Wax Australia. As a beauty therapist, I have always needed to feel a part of a business, I work best when I am able to use my skills and be part of a supportive team, that’s one of the reasons I work at Jax Wax Australia. The other is my belief in the products we manufacture and the ethical standards and practices held by our company,” says Michele. Michele is a member of the AABTH, CIDESCO, Cert IV Training and Assessment, Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Cert IV Makeup, Cert IV Remedial Massage

AUSTRALIAN SKIN CLINICS APPOINT NEW CEO AS IT CONTINUES ITS EXPANSION ACROSS AUSTRALIA & INTERNATIONALLY Looking to make 2017 its year for growth, leading national medi-aesthetics company Australian Skin Clinics have appointed Kevin Waite to the role of CEO to help the already 59-store strong franchise expand its operations across the nation. Mr Waite joins Australian Skin Clinics with 17 years of management experience in franchised consumer brands.Established in 1996 and founded on the Gold Coast, the company has achieved rapid expansion due to its successful business model and growing consumer demand for its services. Director of Hairhouse Warehouse and Australian Skin Clinics, Gavin Nixon, said the company’s excited to bring someone in with such extensive franchise experience. “We are thrilled to have appointed Kevin as the new CEO for Australian Skin Clinics and we see his appointment as a great step forward for the business and its franchises,” Mr Nixon said.”Kevin’s experience is second to none when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of how to run a franchising model and with how rapidly Australian Skin Clinics is expanding, it’s great to have someone on board who can bring a breath of new experience and skills to the table,” said Mr Nixon.


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INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTR ULTRACEUTICALS LAUNCHES 90-DAY SKIN JOURNEY Ultraceuticals Australia will launch its popular RVR90™ (Real Visible Results) campaign, which runs from April to June 2018 to help people achieve their best possible skin in just 90 days. Each year, Ultraceuticals Australia launches this trademarked national and NZ campaign to drive more awareness around the effectiveness of Ultraceuticals, as well as help customers understand the commitment it takes to achieve best results. Desirably, a person’s skin journey is made up of a combina-tion of homecare and in clinic treatments. 70% of outstanding skincare results are created through a homecare regime, while the remaining percentage is accomplished through in-clinic treatments. The RVR90™ campaign has a vision to empower people with innerconfidence by achieving their best possible skin. Real is the new beautiful and Ultraceuticals aim touch everyone around the world with efficacious skincare and life changing results. The RVR90™ involves a simple 3-step process: Step 1: Skin technician identifies clients’ core skin concern and selects the treatment serum to treat this concern from four categories: Ageing, hyperpigmentation and Acne. Step 2: Skin technician then selects a pack to suit clients’ skin type. Each pack contains 3 FULL-SIZE products. RVR90™ Starter Pack Oily/Normal • Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser 200ml • Ultra Hydrating Lotion 75ml • Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Mattifying 100ml RRP $199 RVR90™ Starter Pack Dry/Normal • Ultra Hydrating Milk Cleanser 200ml • Ultra Moisturiser Cream 75ml • Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Hydrating 100ml RRP $199 Customers who take part in the program are given a promotional offer that involves a free bonus se-rum with their RVR90™ Essentials kit. Step 3: Skin technician then prescribes a complete treatment and homecare plan to accelerate the cli-ent’s journey. Clinics are provided with detailed booklets to document their customers skin journey over the 90 days including before and after pictures that showcases their progress throughout the program. To take part in the program, contact Ultraceuticals Australia

FRENCH QUALITY IN AUSTRALIA The EFB Beaute range of IPL’s, guaranteed French quality, designed and manufactured in Paris is getting bigger in Australia. Youth Beauty Australasia is the exclusive distributor for EFB Beaute IPL’s across Australia & New Zealand, providing excellent customer service, after sales support and world-class training. The TGA approved, Adena IPL still the premium choice for IPL by EFB Beaute, the international market leading manufacturer holding the only worldwide patent for Blonde, grey white hair removal. Youth Beauty is now also launching the internationally acclaimed Anthelia exclusively for the medical sector, the new Ariane offering advanced benefits for the Aesthetic market and the new Fluence perfect for salons only wanting to specialise in Hair removal IPL. The Anthelia, Ariane and Adena offer treatment solutions for Skin Rejuvenation, Acne, Vascular irregularities and Pigmentation, hair removal and more. The Fluence offers a specialised hair removal solution. With 18 exclusive patents worldwide, the EFB Beaute IPL technology has many benefits, for example: • Successfully removing white, blonde and grey hair as well as traditional dark hair IPL treatments • Effectively and safely treat Skintype 1-6, including tanned skin during summer • Self- calibration of power and guaranteed power output and efficiency of 98% • Every flash from 1st to 1 million has the same power and effect and results • Cost per flash as low as half a cent! • Effective power across the entire applicator (no hot or cold spots) • Unique absorption filters for ultimate safety and results • Unique water filter increasing durability • Square pulse technology for less painful treatments • New GSM connection allowing performance monitoring anywhere in the world • GSM hand pieces unlimited warranty! - No need to buy new handsets EFB Beaute consistently exceed traditional IPL standards, offering advanced quality performance, the very best IPL technology in the world for efficiency, safety and results, backed up by dedicated training and support from the team at Youth Beauty Australasia. Youth Beauty will work with you to find the best finance terms for your company, from Competitive cash prices to Lease to own or even renting. The team at Youth Beauty can secure a Fluence IPL machine rental from as little as $149+GST per week. Contact us today to secure your superior IPL solution and take your customer experience to the next level. Ph: 0290988430



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• Successfully treat hair without melanin with IPL – white, red, grey


• Advanced technology and advantages such as filter, stability of energy, calibration, cooling etc.

IPL Expert, International Export Manager EFB Beauté Paris

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• New online IPL and Laser International Certification


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World famous for its dazzling wildflowers, Australia is home to the largest collection on earth with more than 12,000 species of colourful blooms including 60 per cent that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet.

Inspired by the beauty and fragrance of our unique landscape, Jax Wax has rebranded and repackaged their range of waxes and ancillary products to capture the beauty of Australia. As part of the next stage in their rebrand to Jax Wax Australia, Jax Wax has decided to give all their products an Australian appearance. “For us; it makes sense”, said Tina Copland owner of Jax Wax, “with our company going through a domestic and international rebrand we decided to tap into the Australiana component of our business. Australian waxing products are held in such high regard overseas and what better way to increase our profile internationally than by encapsulating what it is to be Australian though our exquisite flora,” Tina said. Jax Wax Australia’s products will be named after the unique Australian flora. Although the product names may be a little different to what Jax Wax has used in the past, their well-known and researched formulas will remain the same. There will also be additional new products that will be introduced early next year. Tina said “we have put years of research and development into all of our products. Our products perform the first time every time, and we have developed and refined formulas for different hair growths and different environments.” Jax Wax Australia have matching hot and strip waxes, with names such as Coastal Banksia, Sydney Waratah, Victorian Heath, Cooktown Orchid, Daintree Blackbean, Alpine Bluebell and Australian Wattle to showcase the flora from various geographical regions of Australia.

Jax Wax Australia’s new range of floral inspired waxes will have a story connecting their names to the product. This will give not only their local customers information about native Australian flowers, but will give their international customers a glimpse into Australia. Information about where the plants are found and how the indigenous people use them can be read on the packaging and marketing materials as well as the new Jax Wax web site. Jax Wax will be donating a percentage from the sales of their new range to help support indigenous youth groups in sport and learning pathways. National Trainer for Jax Wax; Michele Hetherington, is proud of her Aboriginal heritage and is delighted to be giving back to the community of Kempsey for such a worthwhile cause. “My Grandmother is of the stolen generation, and to be associated with a company that respects Indigenous Australian’s means a lot, not only to me but to the community. The support from Jax Wax will not only help the current generations but will benefit for years to come,” Michele said. All Jax Wax Australia marketing materials will display a logo specially

designed by Alfred Drew, who is an Aboriginal language teacher, local rugby league coach and an amazing artist, to highlight their association with the support group. In conjunction with the new Australian Floral inspired names, Jax Wax Australia’s wax range will include 500gm stand up bags for their hot waxes and 500ml tubs for their strip waxes. Tina said, “We are noticing a trend towards home waxing and brow bars where smaller sizes are preferred and many of the countries that we deal with also use smaller wax pots that do not hold a kilo of wax so smaller packaging is logical. As our hot waxes, do not contain high melt polymers the hard wax beads can sometimes clump together when the weather is hot. The smaller bag size will alleviate this. The smaller bag also stands upright on the shelf as it is a 4-sided bag with a flat bottom making it ideal for our distributors to display the products. The new strip wax tubs can also be put directly into wax heaters as well as heated in a microwave making cleaning a lot easier and allowing therapists to change their strip wax to suit their client’s needs.” With fresh new packaging adorned with Australian wildflowers, Jax Wax Australia are excited about the next stage of growth for their business not only in Australia but internationally. Jax Wax Australia have a lot more to offer the industry which has supported them for many years. Their association with indigenous youth and strong company focus on training will continue to grow and blossom in the beauty industry not only within Australia but Internationally. For more information

packaging may have changed but our products haven’t

Jax Wax Australia is proud to be debuting it’s new and improved wax range that captures the exquisite beauty of Australia’s natural flora.

From nature comes elegance and it’s yours for the taking For more information call 03 5943 2422 or visit


Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Winners Announced at the...


ABIA Australian Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment rooms or less: The Temple Skincare with Linda Woodhead - Mocha Publishing

ABIA Australian Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment rooms or more - Keturah Day Spa with Linda Woodhead - Mocha Publishing

ABIA Best Salon Team Macquarie Medi Spa Bathurst with Maria Cocciolone - inskincosmedics

Linda Woodhead with MC Will Fennell

ABIA Customer Care Award Natural Beauty & Medi Clinic with Kay Schofield - Silk Oil of Morocco

ABIA NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less The Temple Skincare with Andrew Christie - Dermapenworld

ABIA Educator of the Year Individual Otto Mitter with Paul Frasca Sustainable Salons Australia

ABIA Tanning Salon/Service of the Year Beach St Tanning with Lea Taylor - Naked Tan

ABIA VIC/TAS/SA Beauty Salon/ Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Vitality Laser & Skin Clinic with Daniel Dickson - DMK

Beauty Biz


Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

ABIA Educator of the Year Organisation - Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science with Gay Wardle - Masters Dermal Academy

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

ABIA NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Skin Fitness with Andrew Christie Dermapenworld

ABIA National Wholesaler of the Year DBC Hair and Beauty Supplies with Nina Barbara - Mocha Publishing

The recently renovated glamorous Hyatt Regency, Sydney, was the place to be on Sunday 27th September, where 580 glamorous and excited guests arrived for the annual Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA’s) gala dinner. The evening kicked off with arrival champagne and canapés followed by host and MC for the evening, Mr Will Fennell, introducing the String Sirens Quartet as the blinds lifted to reveal a stunning backdrop of Darling Harbour. Winners were announced in 26 categories including 2017 ABIA Hall of Fame recipient – Caroline Nelson, 2017 ABIA Make Up Artist of the Year – Liz Sharp and 2017 Special Recogniition Award going to Face of Man. The Education Category was once again split into

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

ABIA Beauty Therapist of the Year Amanda Di Cesare with Metro-Dora Clifford - Clincial Pro

ABIA Best Marketing, Keturah Day Spa with Peta Friend - Biodroga

ABIA WA/NT Beauty Salon of the Year 5 Treatment rooms or more Keturah Day Spa with Rosie Hopgood - Jax Wax

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

ABIA MUA of the Year Liz Sharp with trish Lee Geosits - Laud Magazine

2 awards for Individual and Organisation and was taken out by Otto MItter and The Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science respectively.

Salon/Spa of the Year - 4 Treatment Rooms or less was won by The Temple Skincare and Australian Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year - 5 Treatment Rooms or more by Keturah Day Spa

Recognised through an online voting system and following the announcement of the state Wholesaler of the Year winners in May, the overall Australian Winner was announced on the night as DBC Hair and Beauty Supplies.

“We certainly broke all records this year in terms of number of entrants, the quality was second to none and we needed to en list double the number of judges! “ said Linda Woodhead, owner of mocha publishing and founder of the ABIA’s. “Not only did the number of entries increase this year by going to a fully online submission system, but the number of guests attending the gala catapulted to 580, our biggest ever! I believe the beauty industry should be very proud of the ABIA’s, as am I. It’s great to see the annual growth of the awards and how it is embraced as the benchmark of excellence, being the only National awards program in the Australian Beauty Industry.”

This year was the first year that Beauty Salon/ Spa of the year was separated into State categories for both 4 Treatment rooms or less and 5 Treatment rooms or more, giving all state entrants the opportunity to win. In a grand finale, the two Australian Salon/Spas of the year were announced, determined by the highest ranking amongst the State winners. Australian Beauty



Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

ABIA Business Director/Owner of the Year Karla McDiarmid with Tony Hasham - Mayerling Skincare

ABIA Special Recognition Award Face of Man with April Jones - Beauty Biz Magazine

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

ABIA Best In Salon Training, Keturah Day Spa with Paul Schofield - Brisbane School of Beauty

ABIA Best Salon Design Cocoon Spa with Lisa Feleppa - Comfortel ABIA Salon Manager Co-ordinator of the Year Kylie Rogers with Leah Coughlin - Spectrum Science Beauty

ABIA MUA of the Year Runner Up Bernice Mansfield sposnored by Laud Magazine

ABIA QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Simply Elegant with Otto MItter - Ex Imports Belmacil

ABIA WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less Cosmedica Skin Specialists with Rosie Hopgood - Jax Wax

Linda Woodhead with Kellie Woodhead

ABIA Hall of Fame Recipient Caroline Nelson with Lee Blackett- Refectocil

ABIA Cosmetic Tattoist of the Year Katy Sullivan with Robert McGowan - Think MBC Cosmetic Tattoo

ABIA QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less Natural Beauty & Medi Clinic with Otto MItter - Ex Imports Belmacil

ABIA VIC/TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less James Vivan Dermal Therapies with Daniel Dickson - DMK

Beauty Biz


Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

2017 AUSTRALIAN BEAUTY INDUSTRY AWARDS WINNERS Beauty Therapist of the Year Sponsored by Clinical Skincare AMANDA DI CESARE, LE CHIC SKIN & BEAUTY

VIC/TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less Sponsored by DMK JAMES VIVIAN DERMAL THERAPIES

Salon Manager/Co-ordinator of the Year Sponsored by Spectrum Science Beauty KYLIE ROGERS, SKIN FITNESS

QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less Sponsored by Belmacil NATURAL BEAUTY & MEDI CLINIC

Business Director/Owner of the Year Sponsored by Mayerling KARLA MCDIARMID, MACQUARIE MEDI SPA Cosmetic Tattoist of the Year Sponsored by MBC Cosmetic Tattoo KATY SULLIVAN Best Salon Design Sponsored by Comfortel COCOON SPA Best Marketing Sponsored by Biodroga KETURAH DAY SPA Best Salon Training Sponsored by the Brisbane School of Beauty KETURAH DAY SPA Educator of the Year - Individual Sponsored by Sustainable Salons Australia OTTO MITTER Educator of the Year - Organisation Sponsored by Masters Dermal Academy AUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE Customer Care Award Sponsored by Silk Oil of Morocco NATURAL BEAUTY & MEDI CLINIC Salon Team of the Year Sponsored by inskincosmedics MACQUARIE MEDI SPA BATHURST Tanning Salon/Service of the Year Sponsored by Naked Tan BEACH ST TANNING

THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS!! The ABIA’s are proudly owned by mocha publishing.

Make up Artist of the Year Sponsored by Laud Magazine LIZ SHARP NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less Sponsored by Dermapenworld THE TEMPLE SKINCARE

WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less Sponsored by Jax Wax COSMEDICA SKIN SPECIALISTS NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Sponsored by Dermapenworld RICHMOND SKIN FITNESS VIC/TAS/SA Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Sponsored by DMK VITALITY LASER & SKIN CLINIC QLD Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Sponsored by Belmacil SIMPLY ELEGANT WA/NT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 5 Treatment Rooms or more Sponsored by Jax Wax KETURAH DAY SPA National Wholesaler of the Year Sponsored by Beauty Biz Magazine DBC HAIR AND BEAUTY SUPPLIES Special Recognition Award Sponsored by Mocha Publishing FACE OF MAN Hall of Fame Sponsored by Refectocil CAROLINE NELSON AUSTRALIAN BEAUTY SALON/SPA OF THE YEAR 4 Treatment Rooms or less Sponsored by Mocha Publishing THE TEMPLE SKINCARE AUSTRALIAN BEAUTY SALON/SPA OF THE YEAR 5 Treatment Rooms or more Sponsored by Mocha Publishing KETURAH DAY SPA



Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

2017 ABIA Australian Beauty Salon/Spa Of The Year (4 Treatment Rooms Or Less)


Taking out the ABIA for the NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less, put Temple Skincare in the running this year, for one of the ABIA’s highest accolades, which they subsequently won, being named the Australian Beauty Salon/Spa of the year in the 4 Treatment Rooms or less category. The Temple Skincare is where advanced skin treatments meet with the holistic - a beautiful blend of Medi-Spa and Day Spa. They believe that to completely care for their clients they need to be able to offer serious results for clients’ skin, along side nurturing their souls and bring about balance through relaxation, de-stressing and wellness. This way they believe they can completely care for clients and can offer a complete “wholelistic” approach to beauty and wellness. The business is based upon the owner Rene Herlad’s, personal philosophy. She believes that there is something special and healing that the salons therapist’s can offer through kinetic touch and can truly bring about change to a client’s soul though the time they have them in their care. “As therapists we are privileged to be in an 22

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

industry that is actually allowed to touch another human being. I believe that if we can achieve our client’s best skin yet, as well as care for their mind, body and spirit, then we have a client for life and this stops clients being bored and trying our competitors, hence the beautiful blend of Medi-spa and Day Spa” explains Rene. The salon started as a one-man band in 2002 and has grown to current day, employing 10 staff members. Rene established The Temple Skincare with nothing more than a passion for what she does and a desire to touch the lives of clients, to give them the confidence of having their best skin yet, and to give them a place they could come to feel loved, special and valued. The Temple Skincare was born originally on the outside of Castle Towers shopping towers where it remained for 12 years. As a result of growth over the first 2 years, the salon soon

needed to take on another 2 therapists, as well as employing Rene’s Mum to be their front desk manager and client liaison. “To this day everyone that knows The Temple, knows and loves Mum because of her personality, she truly loves and cares for each and every one of our clients’ and their experience.” Rene’s sister now also works as a senior therapist. Over the past 15 years the salon has enjoyed the highest of highs with business growth and the lowest of lows through the GFC with business downturn. After hitting quite a few brick walls, the salon relocated to the Spa at The Hills Lodge and has not looked back. The Temple Skincare & Spa is bigger and better than ever. At the end of this journey today, it is making higher than ever turnover and currently employ more staff than ever!


Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

While turnover has contributed to a very healthy increase in Net Profit, Rene has continued to streamline her business systems including continual evaluation of and a willingness to modify opening hours, services offered, staff training, staff engagement in the business, and other key area’s of the business. Temple Skincare has seen growth in other areas such as industry recognition , through trade and consumer media, growth in technology, with the introduction of new equipment including the latest version of RF Face-lifting and Ultrasound Contouring not to mention growth in Business development . During the year Rene has been a member of an elite business group that meets every quarter for intense 4 day conferences called Business Blueprint. “These conferences expose me to world renown experts in all aspects of business from people management and marketing to social media and systems.” For the staff at the Temple, post graduate education and training is highly valued and Rene encourages all staff to attend education on a regular basis. “We personalise our incentives

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

to each staff member and set targets towards whatever floats their boat as we want to motivate them and everyone is different.” All in all, Temple Skincare has shown a natural progression and business success created from the passion of one lady and her team, wanting to give clients the best experience they could and to leave them with a knowing that they matter, making a difference in their world. “There’s nothing worse than a reward put in front of you that is too big and scary, that it actually un-motivates you. I always guide my staff to improve through small steps and rewards along the way to eventually reach a bigger one.” “Winning the ABIA is an absolute honour and privilege as these are the pinnacle for business recognition in our beautiful industry. Winning these awards validates the Temple team for putting their heart and soul into something greater than a job.”

ABIA NSW/ACT Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year 4 Treatment Rooms or less The Temple Skincare with Andrew Christie Dermapenworld Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5



Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

2017 ABIA Australian Beauty Salon/Spa Of The Year (5 Treatment Rooms Or More)


ABIA Australian Beauty Salon/ Spa of the Year 5 Treatment rooms or more - Keturah Day Spa with Linda Woodhead, Mocha Publishing

With continuous training, support, marketing prowess and a passion for the beauty industry, customer service and staff development, Keturah Day Spa have continued its dominant position as one of the leading Day Spa groups in Australia, taking out Best Marketing, Best Salon Training, Best State Salon WA/NT and the ultimate prize Australian Salon/Spa of the Year - 5 Treatment Rooms or More, at this years ABIA’s Keturah Day Spa pride themselves on delivering outstanding “Customer Service” to their valued clientele, offering a caring nurturing experience and amazing treatments for relaxation and personal results. Equipment and facilities are state of the art and treatments are both memorable and targeted to the concerns or desires of their guests. The Keturah Group is one of the largest privately owned within Australia where the Directors, Kim and Jemma Stergiou are hands on within the business on a daily basis. “We employ the very best available staff within the industry and work along side them every day to support them all the way and lead by example.” Says co-director Kim Stergiou.


Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

Keturah Day Spa Group was established in 1994, located in Highgate and Fremantle and in December 2006 ground floor refurbishments in these two locations assisted in a positive growth each year in the business. A new Keturah Day Spa was added to the group in 2007 within the very popular Northern Suburbs of Carine Glades, and since then they have also expanded to the newest Spa Location in the affluent Western Suburbs of Nedlands in 2012. During the judging period of March 2016 February 2017 the Group has grown by over 6%, mainly attributed an emphasis placed on providing an exceptional spa experience for every single valued client and also a rewarding workplace environment for the skilled Spa Team. Partnering with the likes of HydroCo, Keturah are being environmentally responsible with

all showerheads, tap heads, pedicure spa tap heads and toilets “water wise” approved with water saving heads installed. Recycling as much as they can is a must and hand dryers are provided instead of paper towels. In addition to the many sustainable projects within the salon, by partnering with Pevonia Botanica for both the professional and Retail Line, Keturah can actively promote how important protecting and preserving the planet is a global responsibility. The Pevonia Botanica brand maintains a harmonious balance with nature and its precious resources by offering natural, cruelty-free formulations (no animal testing) within eco-packaging (fully recyclable and biodegradable). Keturah offer a full list of Beauty, Day Spa, Hair, Medi Spa and Cosmetic Services to their valued clients and see themselves as a one stop


Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

ABIA Best In Salon Training, Keturah Day Spa with Paul Schofield - Brisbane School of Beauty

ABIA Best Marketing, Keturah Day Spa with Peta Friend-Biodroga

ABIA WA/NT Beauty Salon of the Year 5 Treatment rooms or more Keturah Day Spa with Rosie Hopgood - Jax Wax

destination for all Health and Well-Being. When you walk into Keturah Day Spa, the feeling of luxury continues for the entire visit. Each treatment room has customised heating and cooling, adjustable ambient lighting and volume control to customise the level of sound, electric adjustable treatment beds for OH&S compliance. Every treatment room also has its own Hot Towel unit, customised Steamer with Magnifying lamp. At the conclusion of the guests Spa Journey, a Shampoo & Blow Dry or Make Up application can be arranged, or simply relax in the lounge with complimentary refreshments (water, juice, Keturah organic Lemongrass & Ginger Tea, champagne).

The group’s Annual Awards recognises High Achievers within the Keturah Spa Group. “We want our Team to strive to the highest standards and be committed to our business.”, explains Jemma. “Every January, is an exciting time for us as we hold our Annual Keturah Staff Awards Celebration.”

expectations and we all strive and deliver the very best experience possible,”

In summary, says Kim, “Our expertise and strength is not only our dynamic professional team of experienced therapists, it’s not only our fantastic state of the art amazing premises, it’s not only the excellent customer service you will experience, it’s all of this and the fact that we are all dedicated to this dynamic industry and that we are passionate in delivering and exceeding

Providing an E=escape from the outside world to revitalise and restore your mind and body. “We wanted Keturah to be the best Australia has to offer. We have worked closely with an amazing Architect on the design, sourced the very best equipment and treatments available and employ experienced and caring staff “

“To achieve Business Success, we know that it takes Hard Work, Commitment & Support each and every day that we open our doors for service.”

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5



Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

2017 ABIA Hall of Fame


2017 ABIA Hall of Fame Recipient Caroline Nelson with Lee BlackettRefectocil

At the glittering gala celebration of the 2017 ABIA’s recently held in Sydney Caroline Nelson was inducted into the ABIA Hall of Fame, proudly sponsored by Refectocil Caroline is a third-generation aesthetician with extensive business and marketing experience. She has clocked up over 38 plus years of industry “hands-on” experience as a college principal; owner/manager of numerous successful beauty salons; day spa owner; lecturer at a number of national and international conventions; and a past National President of the Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia. Caroline is a highly respected public speaker, well known for her practical, down to earth style and her phenomenal knowledge of the industry. Her career has been dedicated to promoting the professional approach to “exceptional client care” and the full 24/7 servicing of total client needs. She has been described as the “retail guru of the beauty industry”and iIt is her firm belief that every 26

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

client should be using salon only recommended home-care. She is an inspiring presenter with an exceptional ability to impart her vast knowledge in a professional and concise manner. She is a dedicated believer of on-going staff education and supporting salon owners to develop “insalon training programs that deliver outstanding results”. Caroline will inspire and motivate all aestheticians and therapists to exceed both performance and retail targets. Caroline has been the “retail guru” because of her unique proven methods of training beauty professionals how to “lead potential customers down the path towards purchase”. She has borrowed the hottest retail trends from the major department stores and moulded them to suit the salon spa environment.

Caroline is a regular contributor to both national & international trade magazines and journals with well over 200 published articles to date. She is a wonderful communicator and her incredible enerry and passion to see others succeed is infectious. Caroline was presented with the ABIA Hall of Fame award by Lee Blackett, owner of Lee Fran Beauty Imports, Australian distrbutor for Refetcocil, following a video tribute with well known industry icons singing her praises. Caroline accepted the title graciously with a heart felt acceptance speech, to a standing ovation of over 550 guests. Congrats Caroline! Well deserved! Sponsored by Refectocil


The desire to escape to a paradise island, the vibrant energy of colours and sailor theme undoubtedly set the trend this year, inspired by NAVY, a collection launched by Stageline for Spring Summer 2017. This season, the perfect tones to fill the cosmetic bag and colours displayed on the international fashion catwalks. Pantone dictates it all, an intense and vibrant blue, coral red tones that radiate energy and passion. The trend boasts a light foundation for protecting the skin, and creating a fresh luminous look. Coral red for the lips as well as a blue eyeliner for the eyes. Bold eyelashes help to accentuate the look. For the more risky and adventurous women, draping is the new contouring trend, which is based on sculpting and highlighting the cheekbones with blush. More Information and products in collection on the website


Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

2017 ABIA Special Recognition Award


2017 ABIA Special Recognition Award Face of Man with April Jones-Beauty Biz Magazine

Each year the organisers of the ABIA’s, mocha publishing, recognise an outstanding salon or individual with a very special presentation, video tribute and trophy at the prestigious gala night. This year the 2017 ABIA Special Recognition Award went to “FACE OF MAN”, an absolute stand-out in the beauty industry. With a mission to be the ultimate destination for men’s grooming, skincare, and fragrance needs, the well deserved recipient this year prides themselves on being industry experts when it comes to treating men and their skin. Opening back in 1978, this establishment was Australia’s first-ever male grooming lounge run by its original owner Nancy Baliman, a true visionary of her time. After 30 years in the business Nancy thought it was time to hang up the waxing strips and sold the salon to a client who then owned the business for four years before it was sold on to its now proud owner Kylie Hayden. She too, like Nancy, possessed a very strong vision of what a 28

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

men’s salon should be like in Sydney Fast forward to more current times and in June 2011 a relocation to much larger, custom built premises allowed an expansion to seven treatment rooms, a steam/sauna, shower and locker room in the classic style of a 1930’s gentlemen’s cigar lounge. Dedicated to male-only clientele, a wide variety of treatments are offered including steam sauna, full body scrub, hot stone massage, laser hair removal, Deep Needle and LED Therapy, waxing, facials and more… all in a stress free environment where clients leave feeling all of their expectations are met. Over the past 40 years Face Of Man has

continually evolved in services, investing in state-of-the-art technology, techniques, and products, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the industry, catering to the pressures of the contemporary gentleman. Thanks to Kylie and her expert team, Face of Man remains the country’s leading destination for men’s skincare and grooming, with staff offering unrivalled expertise, personalised to suit every client’s individual needs. To excel in such a niche area with year on year growth is a testament to true passion and hard work, and is a tribute to Kylie Haden and The Face Of Man. Sponsored by Beauty Biz




After 90 days

Results after a 3 month clinical trial using Ultra A Range product. Results may vary depending on individual skin conditions

EMPOWERED RETINOL TECHNOLOGY The Ultra A Skin Perfecting Range features our exclusive Ultra-Reti™ advanced retinol stabilisation and delivery technology to significantly plump and visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Available at selected clinics and medi-spas nationwide. For more information about Ultraceuticals and this product range please contact us toll free on 1800 355 890 or



ZAMBEZI RIVER SPA EXPERIENCE OPENS AT Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Zambia Hotel by Anantara

The iconic Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Zambia Hotel by Anantara launches an authentic and luxurious spa experience with three new, riverside spa gazebos, giving guests the rare opportunity to enjoy their treatments alongside the mighty Zambezi River. Rushing water, birdsong, and the calls of nearby wildlife offer the soundtrack to this idyllic setting. Bask in the magnificent vistas together before being nurtured in a Romantic Escapade, a journey which nurtures couples side-by-side with a luxuriant Full Body Massage and a Safari Foot Treat. Or opt for the signature Zambezi Massage, which coaxes a sense of harmony through African floral oil and relieves sore muscles with massage and stretches, also releasing tension. The menu at Anantara Spa reads like an outof-Africa odyssey, drawing on revered local experiences and age-old beauty secrets to deliver radiance, relaxation and supreme wellbeing. A mark of all Anantara Spa menus, the Anantara Signature Massage combines Thai and modern techniques with a signature oil blend to stimulate circulation and deeply relax muscles while promoting the flow of energy and overall wellbeing Trusted eastern and western techniques complement therapeutic appeal, and carefully curated packages provide deeply rejuvenating journeys; a welcome balance to action-packed African escapades. The Livingstone Treasure cleanses and moisturises 30

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with a Purifying Body Scrub and Hydrating Body Cocoon, followed by a Zambezi Massage and ending with a soothing Safari Foot Treat.

spa-goers. The design embraces guests in opulent, colonial African style with views of the lush gardens and Zambezi River beyond.

Recharging explorers, Anantara Spa’s signature journeys are designed to replenish energy, relieve tired muscles and soothe sun-drenched skin. Extended three-hour sequences lavish attention and amplify holistic benefits. The Royal Relaxation journey replenishes skin with a Nourishing Body Scrub and a Detoxifying Body Cocoon, followed by a Stress Release Massage to alleviate tension and fatigue, and an Express Facial to restore complexion and vitality.


Facials are personally prescribed to maximise results, and express options provide swift relief, from massages that focus on specific areas of tension, to a pick-me-up facial and revitalizing body treatments. The Zambezi Beauty Express de-stresses and boosts radiance with an Express Facial and a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage in a seamless package. The spa’s beauty salon completes guests’ feeling of wellbeing with a range of indulgent manicure, pedicure and waxing services. Guests can also opt for a poolside foot massage, with therapists soothing weary soles amidst the natural magnificence for which the hotel is worldrenowned. The Anantara Spa at The Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara has a beauty salon plus four indulgent treatment rooms for single or couple

Anantara is a luxury hospitality brand for modern travellers, connecting them to genuine places, people and stories through personal experiences, and providing heartfelt hospitality in the world’s most exciting destinations. The collection of distinct, thoughtfully designed luxury hotels and resorts provides a window through which to journey into invigorating new territory, curating personal travel experiences.

From cosmopolitan cities to desert sands to lush islands, Anantara connects travellers to the indigenous, grounds them in authentic luxury, and hosts them with passionate expertise. The portfolio currently boasts over 35 stunning properties located in Thailand, the Maldives, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Zambia, the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Portugal, with a pipeline of future properties across Asia, the Indian Ocean, Middle East and Africa. For more information on Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, please visit Follow us on Facebook:; Twitter and Instagram: @anantara_hotels

Want to make a difference? Join the #DMKSkinObession and change the way you do skin.

Professional Skin Revision Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain. ACNE











After | Call 1800 222 342




On the evening of Thursday 10th August, Cove Spa in South Perth WA hosted a ‘mini expo’ in a small church hall conveniently located directly opposite the Spa. It was an ‘invitation only’ event, attended by 70 of Cove Spa’s VIP clients to showcase their variety of medispa equipment, procedures and products. The evening was hosted by owner Jocelyn Derecourt along with her staff who conducted the treatment demonstrations and managed sales. Maria Enna-Cocciolone, CEO and Creator of O Cosmedics, flew in from Sydney as their guest speaker. “Having positioned ourselves primarily in the past as a luxe Day Spa, I wanted the opportunity to showcase the variety of newer Medi Spa services we now have on offer. And as the Australian distributor for Viora, Emergin C and creator of O Cosmedics, Maria was naturally the perfect speaker” Jocelyn said. “Our point of difference is that we success-fully combined holistic and wellbeing services harmoniously with 32

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results driven proce-dures. A slow, firm massage still accompanies 90% of our services, along with a beauti-ful ambient room. For example, we have had our very own custom made meditation composed, with skin enhancing affirmations for clients to listen too under LED Light Therapy. We believe that mindfulness and relaxation are still vital components within any service and ultimately for beautiful skin” said Jocelyn. Demonstrations and patch tests with the VioraV20 in IPL & RF Skin Tightening, Dermapen, LED and Oxygen Therapy took place whilst clients watched on. O Cosmedics, EmerginC and Splash Alchemy Make Up retail sales soared throughout the evening, with many

clients taking up the Skin Workout Packages on offer. Jocelyn reflected - “Our VIP Event was a resounding success due to the large volume of sales and interest generated. I am very proud of my staff who have proven again why they are the best in the business. I am very grateful to the WA Inskin Team for their sup-port and to Maria for flying over to be our guest speaker. Events like these take a lot of manpower, however when the overwhelming consensus from clients afterwards is ‘Fabulous! Sign me up! and ‘When is the next one!’, it makes it all worthwhile!”


Wax Pro






Wax Heater • High performance heating system • Variable temperature control • Suitable for all wax types

• Easy fit drip ring – easy clean • Includes 1litre insert

Contact M&U Imports for full product details on (03) 9555 1533 | 662 South Rd, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia



2017 DMK AWARDS Honouring outstanding achievements for professional skin revision in Australia

CLINIC OF THE YEAR 2017 - Skin Fairy Clinic, Perth, WA. Principal Carmen Anuriw Skin Fairy Clinic (3rd right) with Danné MontagueKing (centre) and Daniel Dickson (1st left). Tahlea Vadala, 2017 DMK Therapist of the State (WA) (far right).

The 2017 DMK Awards Gala Event, held on Saturday 26th August at the Hyatt Regency in Sydney, shine a spotlight on businesses and individuals in Australia and celebrate outstanding achievements in Professional Skin Revision. DMK crystal trophies were presented in a number of categories including the prestigious Clinic of the Year Award 2017 that was awarded to Skin Fairy Clinic of Perth. “The DMK Awards celebrate the passion and purpose of DMK clinics and therapists for professional skin revision. Congratulations to all of our DMK winners. This year the bar has been raised yet again, with more clinics developing their expertise and achieving unparalleled results for their clients. It is inspiring to work alongside such dedicated and committed people.” said Daniel Dickson, DMK Australia & New Zealand Managing Director. Danné Montague-King, founder of DMK attended 34

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

the event and presented awards in several categories. “Since I was young I always have known I would create something, but I never could imagine how my concept of Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain has grown and how meaningful and incredible it would be - I am truly humbled and feel validated by tonight’s showcase of Australia’s amazing talents and passion for the DMK concept.” said Danné. For excellence in delivering DMK treatment protocols and client satisfaction the clinic award winners from each of the states went to: NSW: 1st place, Quiet Space, 2nd place, Skin Correctives (Shellharbour), 3rd place, Eden Beauty Clinic (Wilson Street) QLD: 1st place, Integrity Paramedical Skin

Practitioners, 2nd place, Just Magic Skin Care Clinic, 3rd place, Skin & Wax Solutions. WA: 1st place, Beauty Ink, 2nd place was tied result to Ora Skin and Charisma Skin Studio, 3rd place, Alive Skin + Hair. VIC/TAS: 1st place, HÜD Skin & Body (VIC), 2nd place, Richmond Skin and Laser Clinic (VIC), 3rd place, Chakra Face and Body (VIC). NT/SA: Advanced Body Image (NT), 2nd place, Fuss Wellness Advanced Skin Clinic (Mt Gambier, SA), 3rd place, Skin4U (SA). Individual therapists who demonstrated excellence in the delivery of DMK treatments, high achievements in education and Advanced Skin Revision therapies and are passionate and focused on client outcomes were honoured on the night.

Clinic of the State, QLD 2nd place - Just Magic Skin Care Clinic . Brehannah Sanders, also won Therapist of The Year.

Irena Morgenstern holding DMK Award in honour of 20 years service.

Gay Wardle DMK Ambassador of Education with Danné Montague-King

Carmen Anuriw, principal of CLINIC OF THE YEAR 2017 - Skin Fairy Clinic, also took home the Outstanding Social Media Campaign award and the DMK Ambassador Award for Social Media.

New Rising Star 2017 presented to Natalie Araleelian, principal of Euphoria Beauty, NSW.

NSW Clinic of the State, 3rd place was awarded to Eden Beauty Clinic (Wilson Street).

DMK Clinic, NSW, 2nd place - Skin Correctives (Shellharbour), and principal Karen Meiring de Gonzales (centre) DMK Ambassador Award for Mentoring.

New Rising Star 2017 award - Karyn George from Rewind Skin Clinic, QLD.

NSW 1st place Clinic of the State awarded to Quiet Space (Double Bay)

Winner of The DMK Legacy Award - Lisa Feher, Quiet Space with Danné Montague-King.

Clinic of the state VIC/TAS 2nd place - Karen Austin from Richmond Skin and Laser Clinic (VIC).

Clinic of the State NT/SA, 2nd place - Fuss Wellness Advanced Clinic from Mt Gambier, SA.

QLD Clinic of the State, 3rd place - Skin & Wax Solutions.

VIC Therapist of the year was tied with Amelia White, HüD (pictured) and Elizabeth Dundee was equal winner.

Katy Sullivan, Advanced Body Image (NT) Therapist of the state NT/SA and Clinic of the state NT/SA.

VIC/TAS 1st place Clinic of the State - HüD Skin & Body (VIC) with principal Gry Tømte

1st place, WA Clinic of the State - Beauty Ink.

WA Clinic of the State resulted in a tie for 2nd place – Ora Skin and Charisma Skin Studio.

Chakra Face and Body Clinic (VIC), 3rd place, DMK Clinic of the State VIC/TAS.

VIC Therapist of the State: Elizabeth Dundee from Universal Beauty Studio tied with Amelia White, HüD. Congratulations to the following state and territory winners: NSW: Margaret Leigh, Forster Beauty Therapy QLD: Brehannah Sanders, Just Magic Skin Care Clinic WA: Tahlea Vadala, Skin Fairy Clinic VIC/TAS: Elizabeth Dundee, Universal Beauty Studio (VIC) & Amelia White, HÜD Skin & Body (VIC) NT/SA: Katy Sullivan, Advanced Body Image (NT) The new category of NEW Rising Star recognised Euphoria Beauty (NSW) and Rewind Skin Clinic (QLD) for their advocacy of the DMK Concept and

demonstrated progression into Advanced DMK Skin Revision treatments and protocols. In celebration of marketing excellence, Integrity Paramedical Skin Practitioners (QLD) took home the lead Marketing Award, whilst HÜD Skin & Body (VIC) and Skin Fairy Clinic (WA) were awarded trophies for Outstanding Social Media Campaign. DMK brand leaders were recognised with the highly esteemed DMK Ambassador Awards for their passion, dedication, mentorship and commitment to excellence:Gay Wardle, Skinology for Education

Claire Mason, Integrity Paramedical Skin Practitioners for Media and Marketing Karen Meiring de Gonzalez, Skin Correctives for Mentoring Carmen Anuriw, Skin Fairy Clinic for Social Media For long standing dedication and integrity of practice with DMK for over 10 years, Lisa Feher from Quiet Space was awarded the DMK Legacy Award. And to one of DMK Australia’s foundation partners we congratulate Irena Morgenstern Skin Management for 20 years of dedication and service to DMK. Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5





The word “cosmeceutical” is derived from the words “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical”. It means a cosmetic ingredient with a pharmaceutical effect on the skin. The first cosmeceutical, which was discovered as such in the late 1980’s, was the prescription medication retinoic acid. Soon after this, the benefits on the skin of AHAs, such a lactic and glycolic acids, were discovered. Up until the discovery of cosmeceutical ingredients, nothing much could be done about skin ageing other than sun protection. Now people have the opportunity to keep their skin looking young for a lifetime with the proper formulations.


Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5


Retinol is the pure form of vitamin A. Other forms are retinoic acid, retinaldehyde. betacarotene, retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate and retinyl propionate. The only forms of vitamin A clearly reported in scientific research to improve changes in the skin from ageing are retinoic acid, retinaldehyde and retinol. Retinol is found naturally in beef, eggs, fish liver oils, and dairy products, including whole milk, whole milk yogurt, whole milk cottage cheese, butter, and other cheeses.

Retinol is converted into retinoic acid in the skin. Retinoic acid is the only form of vitamin A that the body recognizes. It activates genes within the cell which trigger various metabolic processes. These include the activation of cell turnover and renewal, and the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. Retinol is an active ingredient for sophisticated cosmetic skin care products and is recognized as one of the most effective substances for the care of ageing and UV-damaged skin.

The anti-ageing effects of retinol on the skin have been well documented. Retinol has been shown to enhance the proliferation of keratinocytes, to promote the deposition of new collagen and to prevent its degradation, and also to normalize skin cell turnover. It also reduces retention of keratin plugs in the follicular openings of clients with acne, helping to minimize congestion and breakout. Not surprisingly, recent studies of the effects of retinol on aged and photodamaged skin document marked improvements in fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and an increase in skin firmness and elasticity. Retinol has been shown to also stimulate production of GAG’S and Hyaluronic Acid to plump the skin and wrinkles, to reduce blotchy pigmentation to brighten the skin, to reduce congestion and breakouts and to make skin look rejuvenated and healthy. Retinol has also been shown to prevent damage to the skin from UV exposure. It suppresses enzymes in the skin activated by UV which break down the supporting dermal matrix. It’s important to note that the vehicle used for retinol delivery plays a crucial role in eliciting its efficacy, as retinol is extremely unstable and will readily oxidise and degrade to biologically inactive compounds, especially in the presence of oxidants including air, light, and excessive heat. In an attempt to create an effective delivery system that also stabilises retinol, cosmetic chemists must overcome these problems, often by encapsulating the retinol. However, different forms of encapsulation have different levels of effectiveness.


There are two types of Vitamin B that need to be highlighted, ProVitamin B5 (D-Panthenol) and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide). D-Panthenol helps to enhance hydration and skin healing in users. It acts as both a humectant and an emollient to enhance the skin’s moisture retention capacity. ProVitamin B5 is also known to help tissue repair, wound healing and skin rejuvenation. As a moisturising ingredient ProVitamin B5 improves stratum corneum hydration, reduces transepidermal water loss and maintains skin softness and elasticity. It has also been shown to increase fibroblast proliferation, which is of relevance in wound healing. Beneficial effects of ProVitamin B5 have been observed in patients who had undergone skin transplantation or scar treatment and therapy for burn injuries and different dermatoses. Studies have also shown Pro Vitamin B5 improved symptoms of skin irritation, such as dryness, roughness, scaling, pruritus (itchy skin), erythema and erosions and skin fissures over 3 to 4 weeks.

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) is a potent cell-communicating ingredient that offers multiple benefits for ageing skin. Vitamin B3 improves fine lines, wrinkles, texture, red blotchiness, elasticity and sallowness. Topical application of Vitamin B3 has a stabilising effect on epidermal barrier function, seen as a reduction in transepidermal water loss and an improvement in the moisture content of the horny layer (stratum corneum). Vitamin B3 leads to an increase in protein Results achieved using Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum over 90 days synthesis (e.g. keratin), has a stimulating effect the skin to recognise and utilise it. on ceramide synthesis and speeds up the differentiation of keratinocytes. In ageing skin Pure Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant free radical topical application of Niacinamide also improves scavenger that helps to neutralise free radicals formed texture and smoothes wrinkles. It also has antiduring exposure to ultra violet radiation, tobacco inflammatory effects in acne and rosacea and smoke, polluted air and free radicals resulting from is one of the only ingredients that can reduce normal metabolism. When applied topically, Vitamin sebum production. C can combat oxidative stress and help to protect the degradation of collagen and elastin fibres.


Vitamin C is also called Ascorbic Acid. There are no other “Vitamin Cs”. Ascorbic Acid is the only molecule the body recognises as Vitamin C. Some molecules can be turned into Vitamin C in the body and are called Provitamins. Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate is a Provitamin C. Provitamin C molecules don’t have the effects of Vitamin C themselves but the body can convert them into Vitamin C. Topical application of Vitamin C results in much higher skin levels than oral ingestion by a factor reported to be up to 40 fold. Pure Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) is an essential factor for collagen synthesis. It has been reported that Vitamin C directly stimulates fibroblasts to increase collagen production and also cause an increase in fibroblast proliferation potentially resulting in greater collagen production.It has been reported that production of collagen has been increased by up to 300% in fibroblast cells exposed to Vitamin C. Vitamin C is also needed for the formulation of collagen fibres after collagen strands, or procollagen, are released from fibroblasts. A deficiency of vitamin C leads to scurvy, which shows as a deterioration of the skin and bones with poor wound healing, skin ulcers and teeth falling out.

Not all forms of Vitamin C are the same. Pure Vitamin C is L-Ascorbic Acid. There are also synthetic forms of Vitamin C Results achieved using Ultra C10+ Firming Serum over 90 days such as Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate. Pure Vitamin C is easily recognised and is readily incorporated into the skin versus some synthetic forms of Vitamin C. The derivatives of Vitamin C can also benefit the skin; however, they must be able to penetrate into the skin and then be converted to pure Vitamin C for

Dr Geoffrey Heber is the Founder of Ultraceuticals. For more information:




Fragrance in Topical Cosmetics By Dr. Andrew R. Christie

With so many companies trying to secure their own point of difference, it is not uncommon for many standard and safe ingredients to be incorrectly ‘blacklisted’. Such ingredients given a bad rap often include petrolatum, lanolin, parabens and propylene glycol. As Dr Albert Kligman and Dr James Fulton (the fathers of modern dermatology) have researched and stated endlessly, the categorisation of such agents to be skin irritants is simply untrue. This is also the case for many perfume or fragrance additives used to scent and enhance topically applied cosmetics. Fragrance (commonly listed as parfum) is added to many cosmetic and household products to mask any offensive chemical odours. Their addition positively stimulates olfactory senses when the product is used. Aromas can enhance

product or brand recognition and may serve a functional purpose to indicate a soothing product (via a calming scent such as lavender) or a stimulating product (via an uplifting scent such as citrus). Functional fragrance affects almost every part of domestic life including peppermint (which denotes fresh and clean teeth when added to a toothpaste), lemon (which is often used in cleaning products to promote a sensation of cleanliness) or pine (often used in deodorisers to promote a sensation of freshness). Irrelevant whether a fragrance is natural or synthetic, both are sources for potential skin irritation when incorrectly used at high concentrations - an estimated 1-2% of the general population are claimed to be allergic to any form of fragrance. This also includes ‘natural’ essential oils and plant extracts which

commonly feature on ingredient listings. Note that these extracts function usually as a masking fragrance and not as skin enhancing agents. Despite the fact many consumers are taught that fragrance is bad and causes skin irritation, the reality is cosmetic chemists work with aromas at appropriate low concentrations, that have been specifically developed for safe topical application. According to the New Zealand Dermatological Society, of the more than 5000 fragrances that are used in cosmetics and perfume, there are in fact only a small number that are common sensitisers and may cause skin allergies. Fragrance Mix Tests have been developed (to determine a sensitivity) and use a combination of 8 common naturally sourced and synthetic allergy causing fragrances that are used in cosmetic and household application:





Cinnamic alcohol


Balsam of Peru, storax, cinnamon leaves, hyacinth oil, propolis, synthetic

Cosmetics, perfumes, paper, detergent, personal care products, beverages (cola, bitters)

Cinnamic Aldehyde

Spice, cinnamon

Cinnamon oil, synthetic

Cosmetics, perfumes


Clove, spice

Clove oil, cinnamon oil, rose, carnation, hyacinth, violet, synthetic

Cosmetics, perfumes, dental products, food flavouring, meat


Clove (weaker than eugenol)

Nutmeg oil, ylang ylang oil, synthetic

Cosmetics, perfumes



Rose Oil, palmarose oil, gerani- Cosmetics, perfume, make up um oil, lavender oil, jasmine oil, citronella oil – present in over 250 essential oils, synthetic

Alpha Amyl Cinnamic Alcohol



Cosmetics, dental products


Lily of the valley


Cosmetics, insecticides, antiseptics

Oak Moss Absolute

Earthy, woody

Lichen oil, synthetic

Cosmetics, perfumes


Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

Reactions to a Fragrance Mix allergy typically show as an allergic contact dermatitis. The rash, swelling, redness and itching may show up to two days’ post application of the allergen. A Fragrance Mix Patch Test should confirm 75% of fragrance allergies and indicate an allergy to one

The terms fragrance-free or unscented do not guarantee that fragrances are not in a product, they just indicate that there is no decipherable odour. A masking fragrance is commonly used to change the perceived odour of a product. When a patient samples a product on their hand, have you ever noticed that the first thing they do is smell it? Would you use a product on your skin if it smelt bad (even if the ingredients and formulation were good)?


With so many negative perceptions on synthetic fragrances within the skin care and cosmetic market, it is interesting to note that between 5080% of fragrance used in most perfumes are in fact synthetically derived.

or more fragrance chemicals. Note however that fragrance is not the exclusive trigger for a skin showing signs of reactivity or irritation. Many other factors need to be taken into consideration.

Whilst cosmetic chemists are more than aware of known ingredient irritants and duly avoid their presence in modern formulations, individual fragrance ingredients that are confirmed allergens include:



Amylcinnamic alcohol


Anisyl alcohol

Natural / Synthetic

Benzyl alcohol

Natural / Synthetic

Benzyl salicylate


Cinnamic alcohol

Natural / Synthetic

Cinnamic aldehyde

Natural / Synthetic


Natural / Synthetic


Natural / Synthetic


Natural / Synthetic


Natural / Synthetic


Natural / Synthetic

Musk ambrette

Natural / Synthetic

Oak moss absolute

Natural / Synthetic

Sandalwood oil

Natural / Synthetic

Wood tars

Natural / Synthetic

- Synthetic fragrances are more environmentally sound, over 8 million jasmine blossoms are required to produce just one kilogram of essential oil. Naturally sourced essential oils would be unsustainable if perfume and skin care manufacturers only used naturally sourced aromas. - Synthetic fragrances are specifically designed for a specific purpose. Cosmetic chemists have developed synthetic fragrances designed especially for use in skin care and cosmetics, to minimise potential skin reaction and sensitivity. - Synthetic Fragrances can produce scents not possible to be naturally extracted including fruit, lily of the valley and aquatic aromas. - Natural fragrances are limited to around 400500 choices, synthetic fragrances can offer over 5000 aroma options.

No matter how perfumed is sourced, there is slight potential for skin irritation and allergy - it is irrelevant if the aroma is of natural or synthetic origin. The higher the concentration, the higher the risk. This is why cosmetic chemists have the expertise to work with the right agents at the right concentration. Paris based, Dr. Andrew R. Christie is the Director of Lipservice Consulting. As an industry specialist with over 20 years’ experience, Andrew is the Global Medical Trainer for Dermapenworld and the author of Advanced Innovations With Dermapen. Andrew is the current ABIA Educator Of The Year and has trained over 50,000 practitioners globally.

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5




BERRY GOOD Polyphenols extracted from berry seeds can have a selected antimicrobial effect, finds Finnish Research Centre. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd has developed a new method to recover active substances from the fruit juice industry by-products. The Finnish organisation focused on the extraction of natural antimicrobial and antioxidant ingredients from seed husks. The new actives may have selected effects on the numerous microbes inhabiting the human skin. One kilogramme of berries yields 10 grammes of seed husk fractions. VTT has manufactured a range of test products from seed husks, which have received extremely positive feedback from customers.When manufacturing fruit juice, the food industry produces large amounts of press cakes containing a range of useful compounds for the skin, such as polyphenols known for their antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Until now, the industry has largely confined itself to extracting seed oil from press cakes. Despite the potential for new product concepts, no other high-value-added products are currently made from these press cakes. This is why VTT has been searching the best way to extract actives from fruit by-products, and more particularly from Nordic berry seeds. For berries with large seeds and various fruits, a specific sanding method can be used. For example, 20% of a cloudberry seed’s weight can be sanded using this method to recover the husk. “One kilogramme of berries yields 10 grammes of seed husk fractions, but a small amount suffices for cosmetics products,” explains the centre. Then, active substances from seed husk fractions are extracted using the so-called hydrothermal extraction technology. “The whole process is free from no toxic agents or solvents,” claims VTT. The final product tends to be light-coloured, powdery, water-soluble, food-grade fractions. After sanding, seed oil can be extracted from the remaining seeds. VTT has optimised and patented the process for a variety of berry seeds. As far as small-seed berries such as blueberries are concerned, their useful compounds can be extracted using a wet milling method developed by VTT. One of the most interesting properties of the substances extracted from the husks of berry seeds is their ability to prevent the growth of 40

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

harmful microbes. Indeed, research conducted by VTT show the new actives may have selected effects on the numerous microbes inhabiting the human skin. “Berry seed husks contain large amounts of antimicrobial compounds which can help to maintain a natural microbial balance in the skin, by suppressing the growth of harmful microbes while beneficial ones flourish. This is based on nature’s way of protecting seeds from threats such as fungi,“explains Riitta Puupponen-Pimiä, Principal Scientist at VTT.”We have investigated how the microbes typically found in human skin and those that hide in cosmetic products react to polyphenols contained in berries. At a general level, you could say that seed husk fractions and the resulting extracts prevent harmful microbial growth in the skin, but do not suppress the growth of good microbes,” she adds. These findings could be of high interest for the cosmetics industry which is looking for natural alternatives to synthetic preservatives as well as for innovative methods to protect the skin’s microbiota. “The maintenance of healthy skin and the replacement of synthetic preservatives by natural compounds is one of the major trends in the cosmetics market,” confirms Riitta PuupponenPimiä.


VTT investigated the properties of a large array of Finnish and Nordic berries and found cloudberries and Arctic brambles to produce the most efficient seed fraction extracts to inhibit the growth of harmful microbes. These berries, which belong to the Rubus genus, contain high levels of polyphenols called ellagitannins, which are known for their anti-microbial effects. Extract from sea buckthorn seed fractions has also proven effective. Sea buckthorn seed husks are also rich in polyphenols known as procyanidins, a kind of tannin. VTT’s research has shown that, in addition to polyphenols, seed press cakes contain many other health-promoting compounds making them a very interesting and sustainable source of active ingredients for the food and cosmetic markets. “Most of the thousands of kilogrammes of seed cake produced could be used for purposes other than feed,” concludes the research centre. Many thanks to Vincent Gallon from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd who contributed to this article.


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SKIN WITH ACNE AND ROSACEA By Dr Oksana Shatrova, Medical dermatologist, methodologist trainer at Strategy M Ltd

Every coming season poses a new challenge for an aesthetic professional where their clients are concerned, but while people with healthy skin generally need only to adapt their home care for different weather conditions, acne and rosacea patients really keep us on our toes. WHAT CAUSES THE PROBLEMS?

Propionibacterium acnes is known to play an important part in the occurrence of acne and rosacea. Regular breakouts, persistent inflammation, dilated pores, comedones on the face commonly make patients resort to very aggressive solutions and apply them often. Usually their experiments with cosmetics disrupt the barrier function of the epidermis and make the skin more reactive, sensitive and irritated. Rosacea is always accompanied by changes in the skin’s microflora, promoting inflammation further and consequently activating angiogenesis. The use of prebiotics in the chronical acne treatment. The patient is a 43-year-old woman who had Change of climate, stress, polluted suffered from acne for 29 years. The 3-month therapy course included 3 professional Eu-Seb skin environment, bad eating habits and care procedures and home skin care with Meder Beauty Science products AX1 + SA3 + ES4 + ES5. excessive suntan destabilise the skin’s ecosystem undermining its health. UVrays in particular decrease the amount over the last few years. It is known that a human of Langerhans cells, the antigen-presenting body contains some (quite a lot, actually) Many laboratories are researching the ways immune cells of the skin. Changes in the skin’s bacteria: their total weight in a healthy average bacterial lysates in cosmetics affect the skin. microflora lead to hypersensitivity which may woman’s body is over 10 kg. There are ‘good’ Maurane Lab (France) was one of the pioneers accelerate the skins ageing, mainly due to the bacteria promoting normal bodily functions, and of such studies. L’Oréal’s research centre is activation of inflammatory processed. ‘bad’ bacteria able to cause various diseases, actively pursuing this line of research, and so including rather dangerous and even lethal ones. does a group of scientists from the Department Two classes of agents are used to affect the of Biochemistry of Turku University in Finland: skin’s microflora: prebiotics and probiotics. The Plenty of bacteria live outside the body, on the A.C. Ouwehand, A. Batsman and S. Salminen. word ‘bios’ means ‘life’ in Greek, so ‘pro-biotic’ human skin (according to the Howard Hughes basically translates as ‘pro-life’ and ‘pre-biotic,’ Medical Institute, Maryland, USA). The way to A number of promising discoveries has been as ‘pre-life,’ ‘leading to the conception of life’. treat skin inflammations used to be ‘leave no made over the recent years. For example, microorganism standing,’ but it is believed to be Dr Whitney Bowe, member of the American FOCUS ON NATURAL outdated today. Modern approach to therapy is Academy of Dermatology, clinical dermatology REHABILITATION to attempt selective disinfection of the skin, while professor, conducted some research on the The concept of supporting and maintaining the simultaneously creating good environment for effect of probiotics on the course of acne and epidermal barrier with the help of prebiotics and the well-being and reproduction of the ‘good’ rosacea which has come to a conclusion that probiotics is becoming more and more popular bacteria normalising the skin. 42

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the skin’s condition does improve with daily use of the probiotic solutions. Experiments in vitro and later in vivo as well have demonstrated the positive effect of probiotics on the skin. Probiotics are some of the ‘good’ microorganisms. When they get onto the skin, they immediately start fighting pathogenic bacteria driving them away and taking up their place. Some probiotics can also synthesise substances destroying pathogenic bacteria, for example antibacterial peptides.


Today’s cosmetic technology, instead of real live bacteria, uses their fragments, DNA or membrane patches with potential antibacterial activity. As it turned out, besides their direct effect on the growth of the microflora, probiotics also promote the synthesis of some antibacterial peptides. These peptides all have hydrophobic sequences reacting with lipids and a hydrophilic sequence reacting with water and negative ions. The positive molecules of antibacterial peptides enter into reaction with the negative membranes of pathogenic bacteria, piercing into them like corkscrews and destroying them. Some kinds of bacteria change the basic properties of the skin’s hydrolipidic film: for example, when the number of Lactobacillus increases, the skin’s pH decreases suppressing the development of pathogenic flora. The immune system of the people with acne and rosacea is constantly excessively active releasing anti-inflammatory mediators which leads to hyperaemia and inflammation: the skin becomes red, puffy and irritated. Locally applied probiotics help decrease the intensity of the immune response and make it more manageable. Research confirms that not only do probiotics decrease the release of antiinflammatory cytokines, but also ‘calm down’ the cell receptors stopping them from signalling the immune system, quickly reducing inflammation in sensitive skin.


Probiotic solutions have been experimentally proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen toning up the skin. Bacterial lysate supports the optimal moisture level in the skin. Prebiotics do not contain any microorganisms; these substances create beneficial environment for the reproduction of ‘good’ bacteria (probiotics in particular), and some of them can be toxic for the pathogenic bacteria. As a rule, prebiotics are oligosaccharides extracted, for example, from yeast cultures. Some enzymes, acids and other agents, like pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) can have prebiotic properties. Cosmetic solutions with probiotics present a new approach to acne and rosacea treatment. Clinical studies demonstrated that bacterial lysate is able to protect the skin from the negative impact of the environment. It can be applied onto sensitive skin overly exposed to the sun as well as mature skin. The regular application of probiotic cosmetics normalises the skin and helps decelerate the natural ageing process while also maintaining the protective properties of the epidermis. Prebiotics in cosmetic care, however, suggest certain limitations: no simultaneous application of antibiotics, acids, retinol and its derivatives.

Antibacterial agents destroy pathogenic microorganisms along with the good ones, that a therapist is attempting to grow on the skin in order to normalise it. Meder Beauty Science Laboratory was one of the first to use prebiotics for the restoration of the skin’s microflora in their professional skin care products for acne and rosacea therapy. The primary active ingredient of this skin care is biotechnological yeast substrate, AlphaOligosaccharide, which is a perfect environment for the growth of beneficial microorganisms. At the same time, it is toxic for pathogenic bacteria, destroying the bacterial wall of Propionibacterium acnes in particular.


One of Meder Beauty Science Lab’s impressive achievements is the professional skin care program, called Eu-Seb, with a range of products applied according to dermatological protocol. Eu-Seb Concentrate containing yeast substrate is applied onto prepared skin after it’s reached the stage of nicotine-induced vasodilation, and followed by the antiseptic occlusive mask made of bamboo fibre soaked in hydrogel. The very first procedure already shows significant decrease in inflammation and after a five-week therapy course the skin looks much cleaner and healthier. (See Pic.1 ) To support and intensify the effect of professional skin care (or when it is inaccessible) Meder Beauty Science home care products are recommended. Net-Apax Gel Ax1 contains yoghurt powder and silver mallow extract. The gel removes impurities from the skin surface and, thanks to lactic bacteria in its composition, restores the protective functions of the epidermis. Goat milk peptides have a soothing and moisturising effect, reducing the inflammatory activity. Enzy-Peel Mask Ez2 is an enzyme mask for daily exfoliation, a unique bacterial enzyme peeling with powerful keratolytic effect and suitable for sensitive and inflamed skin. Enzy-Peel Ez2 smooths out and brightens the skin, tones it up and makes it more elastic, simultaneously promoting the restoration of epidermis’ natural protection. Soin-Apax Serum Sa3 contains centella asiatica extract in medicinal concentration. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and vasostrengthening effect, and enhances the synthesis of collagen. Centella in its turn contains

a unique substance, asiaticoside, a vein tonic with anti-inflammatory effect. After a few days of using the serum the skin’s sensitivity decreases, inflammatory reactions calm down, reducing redness and puffiness and accelerating the healing process. Eu-Seb Concentrate Es4 is a Bioecolia yeast substrate solution creating favourable conditions for the active development of ecoflora and at the same time it is toxic for pathogenic microorganisms. To reduce inflammatory elements, Eu-Seb Mask Es5 is recommended weekly. It is soaked in matrix gel based on hyaluronic acid and has a brightening and evening out effect, while suppressing the activity of inflammatory enzymes and free radicals. Eu-Seb Mask Es5 can be intermitted with the hydrating Hydra-Fill Mask Hf5, especially in the summer time. Hydra-Fill Mask Hf5 helps restore the optimal moisture level in the skin, reduces the skin’s sensitivity, fills in small wrinkles, stimulates the healing process and evens out the complexion. Salva-Derm Cream Sd7 is recommended as a protective solution, reducing the skin’s reactivity and sensitivity to all damaging factors. Peptides in the cream help suppress the sensitivity of the receptors and create a protective reserve of amino-acids in the upper skin layers. Brown algae extract and hyaluronic acid help restore the moisture levels in all skin layers, making it more resilient and evening out the skin tone. For oily skin Equa-Derm Ed7 is a cream of choice. It helps renew the skin’s ecoflora. Butyl avocudate (avocutin) in the cream’s composition reduces the sebum production by 30% in the first two weeks of use, matting and smoothing out the face, reducing inflammation, tightening pores and improving the complexion. It is important to remember that the use of prebiotics and probiotics in skin care must be regular and continuous. The patients should be informed of the necessity of regular professional skin care and instructed to follow their individual home skin care program for at least 2–3 months. For more information On Meder Beauty Science treatments contact Spectrum Science & Beauty today! Ph: 1300 766 198 Email: Website: Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5




Complications of


By Mohammed H.Abduljabbar

Injection of dermal fillers is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the cosmetic dermatology practice. As its usage is expanding, the possibility of complications will likely increase. Injection of dermal fillers is one of the most commonly performed procedures in cosmetic dermatology practice. According to recent data published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in 2014, soft tissue filler injections increased by 253% since the year 2000 with 3% increase from the year 2013 (2.3 million). Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers constituted 78.3% of all injectable dermal fillers with 7.5% increase from the previous year (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2014). Compatibility of HA with the human body and reversibility of injected HA using intralesional hyaluronidase enzyme make HA based dermal fillers favourable for many injectors. As the usage of dermal fillers is expanding, complications will likely increase. Even in the hands of an experienced injector, various complications can occur. Fortunately, most of the complications associated with HA fillers are mild, transient and reversible. Injection technique related adverse effects are the most commonly seen. Maximising injection technique and thorough understanding of potential complications and their management can help avoid, identify and manage them when they do occur. 44

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HA forms an integral part of the natural extracellular matrix which is found in high amounts in several connective tissues including the skin, the vitreous humor of the eye and the synovial fluid. Chemically, HA is a linear polysaccharide composed of repeating disaccharide units of glucuronic acid and N-acetylglucosamine. HA is considered to be the most popular dermal filler to replace volume loss due to normal ageing for several reasons including: its hygroscopic property, biocompatibility and reversibility. Over the past several decades, various forms of HA fillers have been developed and they differ in many aspects including: the type and degree of crosslinking, gel viscosity, gel hardness, gel consistency, extrusion force, total HA concentration and duration of presence in the skin.

HA FILLERS COMPLICATIONS HA filler complications can be divided into early and delayed onset complications according to the time of appearance of symptoms and signs. Early onset complications typically appear hours to days post procedure while delayed onset complications usually develop weeks to years post HA filler injection.


The most common side effects associated with HA injection are local injection related side effects which manifest as edema, pain, erythema, itching and ecchymosis. These adverse side effects are mild and usually last less than one week. Pain is considered to be a common adverse effect during HA injection. Several techniques can be used in order to minimise the pain associated with injections, which include: the utilisation of the small needle gauge or blunttipped cannulas, the use of topical anaesthetic agents, application of ice prior and after injection, vibratory distraction and nerve blocks. Ecchymosis and edema can be minimised by stopping the intake of aspirin, supplements containing ginkgo biloba, vitamin E, omega-3, fish oil, ginseng, kava–kava and St John’s wort at least one week prior to the procedure. Before and after procedure use of arnica, topical vitamin K or bromelin may decrease the post-injection ecchymosis, but no controlled studies prove their effectiveness. The Tyndall effect is caused by placing the HA fillers too superficially and it manifests as bluish discoloration, which can be treated by injecting 15–50 IU of hyaluronidase followed by massage.


Injectable fillers are also associated with infections, which can result from the breach in skin surface integrity. The infectious agents may be bacterial, viral or fungal. In order to minimise the risk of infection, the patients’ history should be taken, including any history of recent dental procedures, any periodontal treatment planned within the next two weeks or any history of chronic sinusitis. The patient should not wear makeup either before or immediately after the procedure. Aseptic technique should be used,

including proper skin sterilisation with 2–4% chlorhexidine or 70% isopropyl alcohol solution and avoiding contamination of the treatment area after cleansing the patient’s skin. An injection approach should be used that reduces the number of skin piercings and uses the smallest gauge needle possible for injections. It is also important to avoid injecting into inflamed or infected skin, to avoid intraoral injections and to avoid injecting through previous layers of filler.


A biofilm is a collection of bacteria surrounded by a protective and adhesive matrix, which was first discovered on dental plaques. Biofilms use the implanted filler as a surface on which to attach and excrete their own matrix. This matrix gives them the ability to survive, develop and resist antibiotic treatment up to a thousand times more effectively than planktonic bacteria. These microorganisms develop DNA mutations and achieve subsequent diversity. These bacterial colonies become active when conditions are favourable, for instance after trauma and manipulation. They can cause a variety of clinical presentations including cellulitis, abscesses, nodules or granulomatous inflammation, which can manifest


Vascular occlusion is the most concerning complication regarding filler injections. It can be a localised occlusion, resulting in skin necrosis, or a distant occlusion causing blindness or cerebral ischemic events. Localised vascular occlusion results from either direct intravascular injection or the compression of the vessels by the injected filler material. Arterial occlusion due to intra-arterial injection usually presents with an immediate or early skin blanching and varying degrees of pain; if not treated swiftly, the affected skin will develop

reticulated erythema, purpura and ulceration and consequently, scarring. Delayed onset arterial occlusion secondary to external compression by the injected filler can also occur. Venous occlusion occurs either by accidental intravenous injection or by placing a large amount of the filler material in a small area leading to venous compression. It has a more delayed presentation with persistent, dull aching pain, swelling and violaceous reticulated erythema of the skin. These features can be misinterpreted as injection induced bruising, pain and swelling, but the severity and the persistence of the pain should alert the physician to the possibility of vascular occlusion. Several measures can be taken to minimise the risk of vascular complications including: through understanding of the facial anatomy, aspiration before each injection, low pressure injections of minimal volumes (<0.1 ml/injection), dilution of the filler with lidocaine and/or epinephrine, keeping the needle moving (bolus injections should be given only in the periosteum plane), avoid injections in areas of previous scarring and use of blunt cannulas, which may reduce the risk of intravascular placement of the filler material. HA fillers are the predominantly used dermal fillers worldwide. Luckily, most complications associated with HA filler injection are mild and self-limiting. The rare vascular and infectious complications associated with HA filler injection can be minimized with a thorough understanding of facial vascular anatomy, proper injection techniques and meticulous skin preparation. Early identification and a prompt intervention can significantly decrease the risk of long-term sequelae Mohammed H.Abduljabbar - Department of Dermatology, King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5






By Dr. Nathan Stasko, PhD

A nitric oxide-releasing gel to treat acne vulgaris has been found to be extremely safe, according to three Phase 1 pharmacokinetic clinical trials presented in April at the annual meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology in Portland, Oregon. SB204 gel is a topical nitric oxide-drug candidate in development by Novan Inc. The active pharmaceutical ingredient is NVN1000, the company’s new chemical entity. “Our gel has the potential to offer a totally new mechanism of action for acne disease,” says Nathan Stasko, PhD, co-founder, president and chief scientific officer of Novan. “The understanding of acne physiology is finally attaining the level of science and attention it deserves.” Dr. Stasko says for many decades now, there has been the same themes and types of products for treating acne. “Today, though, is a really important time in the acne space for patients because much of the same innovation that has occurred in psoriasis and atopic dermatitis is now being directed to acne,” Dr. Stasko tells Dermatology Times. One of the main new features of the acne gel is that nitric oxide has the potential to inhibit the NLRP3 inflammasome assembly and the downstream production of cytokines.“There are key cytokines in acne, like IL-1β, which have been shown to be the driving force in clogging the pores,” Dr. Stasko says. “We thought that if you could stop that process – the underlying inflammation – then you could possibly treat the disease in an entirely new way.” Dr. Stasko notes that retinoids have previously attacked this particular component of acne pathology. “However, retinoids accomplish this partly by shedding or peeling off the skin, from a top-down perspective,” he says. In contrast, nitric oxide remodels the skin from the bottom up, “in a much safer and gentler approach to treat the microcomedones,” Dr. Stasko says. The series of three safety clinical trials assessed the pharmacokinetics of the acne gel in subjects with acne. “The goal of these pharmacokinetics studies was to determine if there was any systemic exposure to the product, when applied liberally to a large surface area like the upper chest, the upper back, the face and the shoulders,” Dr. Stasko explains. “In other words, is the drug still safe when administered in a maximal use setting and is 46

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there any detectable exposure to the drug in the blood.” Several sophisticated analytical methods were developed by Novan to help clarify safety of the acne gel, according to Dr. Stasko. “The conclusion from all three of the studies is that there was no detectable analyte of our drug substance in any of the subjects at any of the time points, under maximal use conditions,” Dr. Stasko says. The first of the three studies was conducted in 18 adults with moderate to severe acne, for which the gel was applied twice daily for 5 days. The placebo-controlled trial found no evidence of detectable systemic exposure and there were no changes in systemic nitrate levels from pretreatment or between the vehicle and active treated. “We used nitrate as a marker for nitric oxide exposure,” Dr. Stasko says. “The active gel had a similar level of nitrate as the placebo.” The second safety study recruited 18 adolescents with acne, for which the gel was applied only once daily for 21 days. Like the first study, the nonplacebo controlled trial showed no detectable exposure to the drug’s active ingredient and that nitrate exposure on day 1 was not substantially different from day 21. The third study assessed cardiovascular safety. Consisting of 48 adults with acne, the trial tested both a therapeutic dose of 4% concentration and a much higher dose of 12% concentration. There was also a placebo and positive control (moxifloxacin, which is known to induce minor cardiovascular changes). All four arms of the study applied treatment only once, and patients were monitored at several intervals over the first 24 hours.

“Our gel had no effect on any of the cardiovascular parameters at either concentration,” Dr. Stasko says. “There was also no difference, again, in systemic nitrate levels that float throughout the body, in any of the treatment groups.” The prescription-only acne gel, in a once-daily formulation at a planned 4% concentration, is expected to become commercially available in 2019. The gel could also represent Novan’s first product to market and the first ever nitric oxidebased drug to be approved for dermatology. “Unlike some current acne products, SB204 has shown really good cutaneous tolerability, is nonirritating, and does not require application twice a day,” Dr. Stasko says. The company plans to position the gel as firstline therapy for mild to moderate acne, that could also be included as part of a regimen of existing first-line treatments. Dr. Stasko is co-founder, president and CEO of Novan Inc.

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Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017

2017 ABIA MUA of the Year

LIZ SHARP Recently announced as the 2017 ABIA MUA of the Year, Liz Sharp is certainly enjoying an amazing life of makeup, design and visual art.

2017 ABIA MUA of the Year Liz Sharp with trish Lee GeositsLaud Magazine

Since the age of 4 she has had a special passion for this ancient art form and over the years has become a recognized talent in all aspects of Make Up Artistry and the industry in general. She is the absolute epitome of being a true all rounder, something that started some time ago. After finishing her Makeup Diploma in 1996 she decided to focus on Painting, Photography and Digital Arts as her majors pushing herself further and further so she could expand her skills to compliment her true love of Make Up. Her name is laced throughout Make-Up and Visual Art circles and credited in International Magazines, Film & TV, Special FX, Theatre, Glamour, High Fashion Events, Rock Festivals, 50

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and Education. As an educator, she has a reputation of being a very special teacher and mentor who continues to push all boundaries. “Many Make Up artists come to me for help, be it technical skills or advice, or just a loving space to share and be supported.” Says Liz. Liz has taught many Make-up artists and Visual Artists over the years, in a somewhat unconventional way but one that still respects all aspects of tradition. “I am told I am more like a mad scientist with make-up but I seem to inspire those around me.”

With the upcoming year shaping to be a great year for Liz, we will no doubt see her continue from strength to strength and is a worthy winner of this prestigious title. “I am driven to connect positive forces, inspirational people and projects that will be enlightening, to be a positive roll model as a Technician , Designer, Visual Artist and Educator and simply a human being who is curious & supportive” To see more of Liz Sharp’s work and information on her Education please visit Sponsored by Laud Magazine




8 1 0 2 BIA NG TO HIA & A

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Originally from Indonesia, U.S. based celebrity makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur Archangela Chelsea Yusuf is known for her undeniable talent, bridging all cultures and genders, making her in-demand for both makeup and grooming in Hollywood. One to watch in 2017, Chelsea continues to work in LA and tours the world with celebrity clients in television, film, reality, and music. Chelsea’s work has been seen on the biggest red carpets such as the Emmy’s and Golden Globes, the most-watched television from ABC’s “Good Morning America” to FOX’s “The Real” and “America’s Next Top Model,” and designer runways like Lanvin and Ankara. From the UK, to Australia, Indonesia, Russia, and Italy, once clients work with Chelsea they request her to come back time and time again.


I started doing makeup around the age of 16 or 17 and I’m 24 now. I used to paint a lot growing up but my older sister introduced me to makeup and that’s when I fell in love with it. I began playing around with it and I started doing my friends makeup, it then dawned on me that this is what I want to do. I love beauty, I love make-up, and here I am.


My first celebrity client was Aria Crescendo a singer under Pitbull and signed to Capitol Records I believe. I did her makeup when I was 17 years old. She contacted me out of nowhere 52

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and I was like “Oh my God, this is it!” I was so excited because I was able to go on tour with her; working with her I was able to get a lot of exposure. After the tour was over she went back to Paris where she is from. A lot of talent agencies started to notice me and contacted me for bookings. I began doing makeup full time for a famous blogger named Crystal Lin. With all the press and exposure and talent agencies contacting me, it’s how I was able to get to where I am today.


Currently, most people want to have flawless skin. So I use a lot of highlighters and a lot of bronzers. I definitely use highlighters right now, especially for the summer. I also love doing bold lip colors for the summer as well. A lot of people request pink or red lipstick, something that will really pop on their lips. Besides those requests, I would stay with nudes/neutral colors. I really love a neutral color and liquid lipstick is really popular right now. I love Kylie Cosmetics when it comes to liquid lipstick. They have colorful cosmetics with beautiful lip colors. I like applying that type of makeup on people.


I have no idea! We can create a lot of things with what we have. Take highlighters, for example, I can use eyeshadow as highlighters. There’s no need to create a product for highlighters if I can substitute an eyeshadow as a highlighter. In the future I would love to know, but honestly I just don’t know because there’s so much makeup coming out every day.


I will always be creating and exploring myself with makeup through my work and always wanting the best for myself. I would love to be an international artist and not just limited to Asia and the U.S. but allowed the opportunity to go to Europe and Australia and do makeup for magazines abroad where I travel and do my work for television and a lot of different talents. Whether she’s on tour with a client, or at home in Los Angeles, Chelsea lives and breathes makeup, spending her free time testing new products and writing reviews to ensure her clients receive only the best. Some of Chelsea’s most loyal clients are some of Hollywood’s leading men including Charlie Weber from ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder,” Cary Elwes from “Princess Bride,” and James Tupper from ABC’s “Revenge.”


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Journey to the magical land of blue lagoons and Northern Lights with the Iceland Collection by OPI. Featuring a palette inspired by the country’s scenic, varied landscape of volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields and glaciers, this collection offers a range of captivating, chic hues that portray the wild beauty of Iceland. The Iceland Collection features 12 new shades in classic Nail Lacquer, Long-Wear Infinite Shine and GelColor formulas, with colors inspired by the country’s unspoiled, otherworldly terrain.


Harvesting the potent and nourishing benefits of the purple grape, fruit stem cell skincare brand, Enbacci, is at the forefront of biotechnology research and application, replicating large quantities of the grape’s high-quality active ingredients to create a universally suitable 3-step skincare range called Vitis Vinifera. Containing high concentrations of antioxidant-rich anthocyanin, the 3-step range which includes a gel cleanser, rejuvenating toning essence and moisturising essential crème, adapts to different skin type physiologies and is designed to offer a number of benefits, including anti-ageing, skin tone improvement, protection from UV, acne reduction and deep hydration.

The gadget all polish addicts and nail art enthusiasts have been waiting for, the genius solution to help eliminate nail polish spills... Introducing the original wearable nail polish holder, tweexy. Polish on your bed, in a chair, at the beach, on your morning walk, in your car! This revolutionary gadget will allow you to take polish anywhere. While the reasons are endless, there are five key reasons why tweexy is life-changing.


Aspectâ&#x201E;˘ Sheer Hydration is an oil free, lightweight daily moisturiser that provides lasting hydration without the concern of clogging pores. Sheer Hydration soothes and replenishes the skin with vital nutrients whilst antioxidants help protect the skin against free radicals and fight against the visible signs of ageing..


Dr. Spiller has created a range of Discovery Packs to make it simple for time-poor women to select an appropriate skincare regimen that will effectively target their specific skin conditions at any age. Each pack contains a cleanser, toner and exfoliant formulated to treat a specific skin issue, plus a choice of moisturiser, depending on the clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s age.


This ultimate hydrating lightweight moisturiser with Aloe Vera, helps skin retain moisture and increase hydration. With antioxidant Green Tea, this soothing formula reduces redness and skin irritation and protects from environmental stress.


Winter chills will have many of us flocking to warmer climates for a sun soaked, relaxing tropical break. Ultraceuticals Travel Skin Essentials sets contain all your essential daily skincare favourites in convenient travel size, presented in a gorgeous silver cosmetics case. Ultraceuticals products combine sophisticated, scientific delivery systems and proven anti-ageing ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). Each product is formulated with maximum safety and effectiveness, achieving dramatic results that can actually be seen.




This is what you call a luxurious centrepiece. The DaVinci Manicure Table sets the benchmark in designer details and chic styling for nail salons. Designed to make your work space more inviting, this totally luxurious manicure table is designed to work as a single stand alone unit or work together as multiples. With clean lines and sharp angles, this manicure table is a stunning piece of furniture for any style-savvy nail salon. A manicure table made from ash timber look finishes, the drawer with cutaway handle is such a convenient place to keep your manicure tools and essentials. Add some greenery and your own lighting to match your salon style and create a workspace that’s totally your own. The best feature of this manicure table is the marble look stone table top surface. Acetone proof and totally durable, it is resistant to scratches and sharp, pointy tools. Combined with the glossy white look, it creates a clean, chic finish. Imagine how great your client’s hands will look here.



A moment of pure relaxation to soothe tired muscles and de-stress at the end of the day. Contains: 1 x 150ml De-Stress Muscle Gel, 1 x 13ml De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil, 1 x 20ml De-Stress Body Oil.

AOX Ferulic is an advanced system to help counter cellular oxidation and skin ageing for radiant looking skin with improved texture and tone. This unique formulation features a synergistic combination of active ingredients including ferulic acid, ascorbic acid and their exclusive ProtechCell Complex to provide superior antioxidant and protective action with proven results.


With my 50+ skin and having experienced a few in-salon DMK treatments, I was actually given some of the DMK range for my birthday, espcially suited to my skin and after a month of using, I must say I have been very impressed. I’m loving the at-home treatment that I had already experienced in salon of the Foamy Lift and Exoderma Peel, designed to remove dead cell build-up on the skin. This unique masque combines a powder and a gel, which activates when mixed and applied on the skin. I’ve used this fortnightly and although it feels a bit like setting concrete, it’s not unpleasant in the slightest as it tightens on the face and leaves me with that fresh, flushed feeling all in the comfort of my own home! I’ve also been trying a regular night-time regime including Milky Clean & Pure, a milk based cleanser made from botanical and herbal extracts that seems perfect for my reactive skin. Revise-A has provided me with effective exfoliation and I’ve definitely noticed my skin feeling fresher and my new go to has been the Nite Firming crème – an antioxidant rich crème recommended for skin showing the effects of ageing and environmental damage – Yep that’s me! The DMK Herb & Mineral Mist spray is a little secret bonus that I have used in conjunction with the Nite Firming crème or just to give myself a bit of a spritz during the day!


3 Days of Power Packed Education 3 Days of Power Packed Education DAY 1: Back to Basics DAY 1: Back to Basics


DAY 2: Advanced Skin Anatomy DAY 2: Advanced Skin Anatomy


Cell Biology, Cell Nutrition, Skin Anatomy (Transferring Cell Cellof Nutrition, Skin Cell Anatomy (Transferring your Biology, knowledge Cell Biology, Nutrition and Skin your knowledge of Cell Biology, Cell Nutrition and Skin Anatomy to design effective treatment plans). Anatomy to design effective treatment plans).

Ageing skin, acne, pigmentation, immune system, impact Ageing skin, on acne, of hormones the pigmentation, skin and muchimmune more. system, impact of hormones on the skin and much more.

DAY 3: Skin Disorders DAY 3: Skin Disorders

Rosacea, hyper-proliferative disorders, DNA disorders Rosacea, hyper-proliferative disorders, DNA disorders Professionals working with skin anatomy must remain on a Professionals working with skin anatomy remain a relentless journey of lifelong learning to must ensure that on they relentless of lifelong with learning to ensure and that skills they continually journey equip themselves the knowledge continually equip to themselves with the knowledge andcutting skills that are required deliver and perform current and that required to deliver and perform current and cutting edgeare treatments. edge treatments. Gay Wardleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s workshops and courses are designed to Gay Wardleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s workshops courses are to provide the participant with and this knowledge anddesigned these skills. provide the participant with this knowledge and these skills. Education is the key to confidence in treatment planning, Education is successful the key toresults confidence treatment planning, delivery and for theinclient! delivery and successful results for the client!

Gay Wardle is an independant trainer who loves sharing Gay WardleThere is an will independant trainer loves sharing education. be absolutely nowho promotion of any education. will be absolutely skin care orThere equipment brands duringno thepromotion courses. of any skin care or equipment brands during the courses.

1 Day 1 2 Day Days 2 3 Days 3 Days

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When you think about retail in the nail industry it seems that its been a huge part that has been lacking for quite some time yet the hair and beauty industry strives on retail sales to push up their weekly target. Recently I found it interesting, that when questioning nail techs on their retail sales it was simply blank. Blank expression. Blank shelves, BLANK……Nothing. This surprised me because working in hair and beauty retail sales were a major component to any business and effectively pushing profits higher. This is a BLANK area that needs to be filled. Smart marketing and retail can really be beneficial to your business if you do it right. And I’m not just talking cuticle oils….. There are some really innovative and smart retail products, which have been dropping their presence on the nail industry for sometime. Whilst we rely on our customers for income, aftercare is such an integral part of our customer service and retail sales because our customers learn to trust us when they see results. Trust me it works. There are many brands on the market now that have matching polishes which are perfect for clients to touch up at home OR for those clients who like to keep one on hand for emergencies. We rarely think of these things because we assume they should return to us when most times it simply isn’t viable. We now live in a very fast paced lifestyle and clients become time poor, so offering them a simple solution can be very helpful to both yourself and the client. They learn to trust their tech. One of my biggest sellers in my retail range, is a simple hand cream. After a clients service is completed I always offer a body butter to finish their service and most new clients (90%) will take one of the butters with them to maintain their hand at home. But HOW you say? To be smart in retail sales is not being pushy. The first thing I will ask a client regardless of what service they are there for is, What don’t you like? This will give you a fast and clear indication of what not to use or do. Next is their lifestyle. If a client exposes their hands to elements or heavy duty products it gives you a clear indication of what you can suggest to help maintain their hands at home. My biggest recommendation is not to SELL the product to your client but to RECOMMEND a treatment plan for those pesky issues that arise at home. For example “you know if you used this twice daily it would really be effective in keeping moisture in your hands, stopping that dry issue you’re having. I leave mine beside the bed and use it as soon as I pop into bed so I’m not touching anything and it has a chance to work overnight while I’m sleeping. It’s so easy to forget but so easy to do.” This is an integral part of the nail business. While we work in a service-based industry, retail sales can be the proverbial bread and butter of our industry. If you are scared of sales my biggest suggestion is to seek out sales and retail seminars as these can be inspiring and yet encouraging. Don’t be scared to sell it is important for our clients to follow on their services with a home care regime. Learn to research your products and look for interesting exciting products, which will have you selling. You will see the results and learn to work smarter not harder.








By Julie Cross

It seems to be the most often discussed, most searched for, the most pursued, the most sought after and the most misunderstood state to arrive at and achieve… and that is SUCCESS! And one of the reasons it is so hard to find it, and to know that we achieved it is firstly, well, because it really is a moving target. You see, there is always more to achieve, to see, to do, to earn. And then it is also a little difficult to define what it looks like because it is different for everybody, and changes depending on our current values. Yes, we seem to spend a lot of time chasing after something that we have trouble defining, owning, knowing and stating! No wonder it also can be exhausting and frustrating. So, let’s go back to the beginning and start with defining what it means to you? Because for some people it is status, some it is money, some would say happiness, and some perhaps would say that it is about the quality of relationships. And I am not here to tell you what is right and wrong for you, because only you know that for you. However, it may be appropriate to just remind you that there are plenty of people that are successfully ‘rich’ but unhappy… successfully ‘famous’ but unfulfilled, successfully ‘thin’ but lacking in laughter… so let us remember that it is not seemingly achieving the ‘success’ that we seek that necessarily makes us happy. Perhaps happiness is not necessarily a result of success; (although it can contribute that is for sure), but instead, happiness is a choice you make on the journey to your successes! Success for me is about feeling ‘peaceful’ in my day-to-day life. To not be consumed by anxiety around being enough, having enough or wanting more, but finding peace in the knowing that if this was it, then this would be enough and I would be enough. And yes, that takes a good deal of effort believe me! ;) I see people who are famous and obviously not peaceful… people who are rich and it still isn’t enough, people who have beautiful bodies and still feel like that they aren’t good enough… and none of that looks peaceful to me. So for me finding peace where I am is a great foundation for success and a touch point to come back to along the journey to successes and beyond. And there will be touch points along your journey to realising your dreams, moments when you did reach that goal you had set. So, in those moments I think it is a great opportunity to breathe in, breathe out and take a glimpse back so you can see how far you have come and all that you did to achieve it, and also who you have now become, as a result of the journey up until that moment of success. I would love to take the opportunity to reflect on one of those

moments in my life and the lessons learnt in that reflection. This year happens to be my 20th year in business as a ‘Professional Speaker’, and earlier this year at a ‘Professional Speakers Association’ conference I received my ‘Certified Speaking Professional’ (CSP) Designation. Now I recognise that probably means little to you, but in the speaking industry it is a big deal, and to be celebrated in front of my speaking colleagues was a huge honour. Now there are some speakers who have achieved these results in 5 years, but for me it took 20… and I could feel ‘unsuccessful’ if I was to make the comparison to other speakers now or at any time along the journey, but I choose not to make that comparison, because for me success is not about comparisons, and because you see, it all happens when the time is right for you and your journey. Let me explain… It took me 20 years because for half of those years I was busy looking after what was important personally. Looking after my husband after he had a stroke, looking after my boys through that process and then, when Autism came onto the scene… looking after all of us through that. And then there was grief to negotiate after my husband passed away. Autism was loud and grief was deep. Success at work had to wait. So, we look after what is important personally and then one day we get celebrated for the success we achieve professionally. What I also discovered is that who I became as a result of what I had been through personally helped me to achieve the success I wanted professionally. And because I had so much to focus on personally I didn’t have the space to be too consumed by my professional progress. This was indeed a gift in the end as it meant I flowed professionally to exactly where I needed to go. And when you flow instead of fight, there is peace in the process and success as a reward. So, in reflection, and in your pursuit of success I think it is important to remember that your journey is your journey. Don’t compare your journey to anybody else’s because there will be no peace in that. You do your journey and remember that success is not just about professional success but personal success as well. Keep looking after what is important to you personally, and when you do that you will find your stage for the celebrations success brings professionally. And it will happen when your time is right. And don’t hold back on celebrating all the ‘touch points’ of success along the way as the destination that is ‘success’ is a moving target! Enjoy the journey. You deserve that.

We Love Vitamin C The Perfect Anti-Ageing Serum

Vitamin C + Lipochroman-6 A double dose of Anti-Aging

• 115% more powerful than Vitamin C alone • Double the antioxidants • Penetrates straight into the dermis • Fights pigmentation • Builds collagen, strengthens elastin




Your Secret Formula for Salon Success By Marie Drever

Does your salon tick all the boxes when it comes to client consultation? If not, you’re missing out massively … and so are your clients. The cornerstone of running a successful salon or spa business is the effort you put into making every consultation brilliant. Let me explain, beginning with my recent “how not to” salon experience, not as a therapist, but as a client. It all began when I called a local salon to enquire about having a facial, asking what treatment was the best match for my concerns: pigmentation, ageing and dehydration. I also mentioned my interest in having an eye treatment. The receptionist was lovely. She explained what they could do and what results I could expect. When I ex-citedly booked for the following week, she confirmed she’d taken notes on our conversation and that, on the day, my therapist would do a thorough skin analysis, recommend the best-fit facial for me and prescribe appropriate take-home products. Tick. Tick. Tick. All the booking boxes. A week later, the lovely salon staff greeted and seated me as soon as I arrived. It was Friday and all I could think about was slipping under the warm blankets, getting spoiled with a relaxing facial before heading and heading home with a bag brimming with my new skincare regime. Sigh. Boy, was I in for a shock! “Come through,” the therapist beckoned. No introduction. No consultation card. No kind explanation of how to get into the bed (she had no idea if I’d even been in a beauty treatment room before). No questions about my skin. No questions about my concerns. No offer of an eye treatment (despite my interest expressed in the notes she hadn’t bothered reading). No skin prescription. The kicker? When the facial was finished and I was back at reception, the therapist said, “That will be $115, thank you.” Flabbergasted, I asked if she could recommend any products. She replied, “What do you need?” Hands-down the worst experience I’ve EVER had in a salon. Not to mention the dollars the salon missed out on due to NO PRESCRIPTION. Unforgivable and totally unprofessional. Do you know that you’re legally required to perform a consultation before EVERY beauty treatment, even for regular clients? When you don’t, you risk invalidating your insurance and potential debt disaster should a client make a claim against you. Thinking you can skip the consultation for regular clients because you know them and they know you? Whoa! Rethink that thought. Knowing your 62

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

client does not protect you when something goes wrong during a visit and they decide to sue you. Just imagine the damage to your reputation and potential ruination of your business. It’s non-negotiable. You need to provide every client with a consultation before they reach the treatment room. Every client, every service, every time. Think of each consultation as an opportunity to strengthen your client relationship, determine her exact needs and learn as much as you can about her. A brilliant consultation leaves her feeling reassured, that she’s in the hands of an experienced professional who not only cares about her but knows how to satisfy her needs today and plan for her future treatments. There’s no better opportunity to recommend products and add-on services. As, Steve Jobs, Apple founder, said, “A lot of times people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” So, how do you go about showing them? Try diving deep with these consultation script-bites: What are your three main concerns about your skin? If I had a magic wand, what would you change about your skin today? Let me help you with a plan moving forward to give you optimum results. This is what I’d love you to take with you today to help with … When you understand each client’s needs, making honest and meaningful recommendations is simple. Take notes and keep records of every visit to enhance the client experience and provide a useful resource for oth-er team members.

Record details of recommended products and services, client goals and samples given. And “closing the sale” bookends a brilliant consultation. Try framing it like this: How are you feeling after your treatment today? You mentioned your three main concerns were dryness, pigmentation and ageing. This is what I’d recommend you take with you today to rehydrate your skin, this serum to reduce pigmentation and a course of peels and LED for ageing. Pause here and let your client respond by asking a question or picking up a product. Then you get to close: Would you like me to work out the cost of your treatment and the products? Give the client a sample of every product she chooses not to take home. Rebook the future treatments and see her out with a beaming smile. Look after your client and your client will look after your business, returning again and again. These no easy fix for salon success but perfecting the art of client consultation sets you up to thrive. Right now, think about how long it’s been since you last trained, explained and put a consultation “system” in place in your salon. A system, you ask? Yes, a system that commits your team to a brilliant consultation for every client, every time. Plan, prepare and wow the client from the minute they enter your salon or spa right through to the magical moment when your till rings cha ching! For more salon wisdom email ZING Coach Marie Drever or visit


PEPTOX SERUM FLUID Thousands of facial expressions every day leave their traces on face. SK BOOSTER PepTox Serum Fluid has a relaxing effect on expression lines. The unique ingredient combination of hexapeptides, pro-matrix peptides and lactobionic acid works synergetically against expression lines. ■ Reduction of the intensity of muscle contractions ■ Relaxation of facial features ■ Support of skin's natural collagen synthesis ■ Countering of oxidative stress ■ Improvement of skin’s elasticity and resilience B I O D R O BIODROGA G A C O S M E T I C G MAustralia B H · I m Ro s e n| g a+612 r t e n 7 · 93880221 76 5 3 2 B a d e n - B a d · G e r m a n y · w w w. b i o d r o g a m d . c o m | e



MYTHBUSTER Young small business owners are the hardest working in the country! By Annabelle Vo

Don’t write-off Millennials and Gen Ys just yet, as new research released today by NRMA Business Insurance could shift the stereotype that younger Australians aren’t prepared to put in the hard yards. The NRMA Insurance Business Owner Sentiment Study (BOSS) surveyed 1,500 small business owners and found those aged 18-34 are working longer hours and taking less leave than any other age demographic. Millennial and Gen Y business owners were also the most ambitious and driven demographic, and were more likely to say they started a business to follow their passion. The research found: • More than a quarter (27%) of small business owners aged 18-34 are working more than 50 hours each week, compared to 24% of small business owners aged 55 and over • More than two thirds (70%) are taking less than two weeks’ holiday each year, compared to 49% of small business owners aged 55 and over • 43% said they want to dominate their industry, become a household name, or earn as much money as possible, compared to just a fifth (21%) of older small business owners who share the same ambitions • Nearly 1 in 3 (29%) Gen Y and Millennial business owners say they started their business to follow their passion, compared to less than a quarter (23%) of those aged 35 and over. “We know Millennials are like no generation before them, seeking job environments that offer flexibility, autonomy and a sense of purpose, as well as the creative freedom to grow and move around,” said Amanda Whiting, Executive General Manager of Small Business for NRMA Business Insurance. “While this often wrongly lands Millennials the reputation as fickle or entitled, it is these qualities, coupled with Gen Ys and Millennials being the most ambitious and tech-savvy generations, which makes younger people well-suited to running their own business. “It is particularly interesting to see that while Millennial small business owners might be working longer hours and taking less holiday than their corporate counterparts, the sense of purpose and achievement which comes with being your own boss outweighs the hard yards.” The study also asked small business owners what they love most, what causes them the most stress and what they find most rewarding about running their own business. The findings showed: 64

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

Gen Y small business owners are the most stressed in the country, about a range of issues including: - managing their cash flow (41% compared to a national average of 33%) - working long hours (25% compared to a national average of 22%) - their financial responsibilities (29% compared to a national average of 23%) - staying ahead of the competition (15% compared to a national average of 11%) o attracting new customers (27% compared to a national average of 23%). Younger small business owners are also the most likely to want help with a range of functions including: - finance (60% compared to a national average of 45%), - marketing (40% compared to a national average of 36%), - and their legal responsibilities (20% compared to a national average of 16%). Despite the stress and personal toll that comes with running a small business, 70% of young small business owners are confident that their business will have a better 12 months ahead, while 58% of small business owners aged 35 and over share this optimism.

“No one is an expert at everything and even the most experienced small business owners can feel out of their depth from time to time,” said Whiting. “Our advice to small business owners both young and old, is to build a network of trusted experts who you can lean-on when you need practical professional advice and support.” The NRMA Business Insurance (BOSS) Research is an annual survey which aims to uncover the concerns, the motivations and stresses of Australia’s diverse and thriving small business community. NRMA Business Insurance provides cover to small businesses across New South Wales and Queensland including tradies, financial and professional services, beauty, health and wellbeing, hospitality, farmers, retail and property. NRMA Business Insurance is proudly backed by IAG – the largest general insurer in Australia and New Zealand with a growing presence in Asia. For more information please contact Annabelle Vo, NRMA Insurance P: 0411 010 866 E:


Wax Pro





Wax Heater • High performance heating system • Variable temperature control

• Suitable for all wax types

Contact M&U Imports for full product details on (03) 9555 1533 | 662 South Rd, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia




As a marketer, it upsets me when I hear beauty industry owners say “marketing doesn’t work” or it’s “just an expensive waste”. All too often salons and spas are lambs to the slaughter of ruthless sales reps who offer substandard marketing offers, don’t care about your financial outcomes and think only of their commissions. These people are not marketers. They are sales reps. They are 100% not the same thing. Genuine marketers care about your brands, they incentivize (not cut prices) and they want you to engage with them. Good marketers seek growth of your brand, create strategies for your sales targets and deliver a successful long term strategy – really good marketers delight in you harvesting your rewards and are worth their weight in gold.


• If a rep approaches you with a request to profile you in a “beauty special” or media lift out and charge you for it, know this is reverse marketing tactic. You are simply being asked to advertise and fill up their content. Don’t do this. • If someone tells you they have a one off, special deal that would be perfect for your brand – such as advertising on the back page of a magazine once or on a billboard for a week, it means

another client has dropped out and they need to fill it fast. Unless you are closing down and all stock must go then… Don’t invest in this. • If you are approached by a new rep to advertise on radio/TV/vouchers and they say they’ve been speaking to your competitors with this “great offer” but they really like your business the best… Just walk away. • One I saw recently was a team of “marketers” who were holding $1 “marketing” sessions at city hotels and bragging to roomfuls of small business owners about turning $100k in to $1m with no insight as to HOW they did it, how LONG it took, etc. - there were so many important variables missing but all anyone could see was the dollar signs. Seriously, this is a scam. Don’t fall for this. Now, as a really good marketer I can tell you marketing does work. And I can prove it. I’ve done it. I’ve been allocated $8k and turned it into $93k. Do you know how I did it? I looked for a gap in the market – an area my client wasn’t servicing and I created a grassroots campaign for it. I

did my research, worked out what appeals and how to reach the audience and then I began my campaign. It took me three months to make that $93k and one of the reasons it was successful was because I built a great relationship with my client. My client understood where we were going, together we strategized and once we had out perfect idea the client got all the staff on board. Everyone knew what their role was. And then we did it. And it started to grow literally overnight. A little bit each week and before we knew it that $8k investment had netted $93,000. My beauty industry friends, it can be done. It’s probably a good time (before the rush of racing season/holidays/summer) to start thinking about your own marketing budget. Every salon/ spa should have one. As a rule, a marketing budget should be about 7% of your sales turnover. Think about what you made last year now skim up to 10% off – that’s your marketing budget. Don’t be tempted to prioritize a marketing budget maybe next year, after xmas, whenever – do it now. Having been an ABIA judge this year I was pleasantly flabbergasted with the marketing submissions and I’m thrilled to see the beauty industry is really starting to understand marketing and take it seriously.

Most spas and salons are now online and harnessing social media but don’t expect miracles. Successful social media engagement takes much energy and many beauty outlets just don’t have it. And blogs. Don’t even bother unless you have hours on end to invest crafting images and beautiful words and then attempt to get followers. Go old school and strategize to see what traditional marketing still works. Foolproof old school marketing tactics that still work: • Picking up the phone • Creating positive word of mouth • Giving a little extra by getting a little extra Picking up the phone and calling your best clients during down times is the easiest way to occupy staff and ring the till “I’ve got a space at 3.30 today if you want to come in and have a massage? I’ll give you 20% discount.” Remember some money is better than no money (and much more fun than refolding towels). Creating positive word of mouth by holding an event such as a make up night for your clients (notice I didn’t exclusively suggest ‘best’? – anyone should be welcome and you never know what it could lead to). A few bottles of

champagne and some fresh ideas can lead to extra sales, new bookings and positive (on and offline) chatter. Think of all the business you have given those product account managers. All the boxes that you sell for them? How many times have you asked for some freebies? Some samples? Probably never. Well its time to hit them up. Tally up your investment in beauty products – you’ve made them a fortune. Product lines have never been so vast or competitive so ask for a little something extra. Do some media advertising including their brand or product and go halvies in the fee. Create a co-promotion together and split the investment – that way you both win. Marketing isn’t going away and you need to manage it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and see it as in investment. Look forward to the deliverables it can do for your salon brand. Narelle Lancaster is a Certified Practicing Marketer and Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, a lecturer in advertising at RMIT University, an independent researcher and Director of MKTG – a marketing consulting agency. She also holds a beautician diploma and nearly failed her nails exam. Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5




Foundations of


By Angela Henderson

Business is hard. Really hard. But what I know over the last 7 years of being a business owner is that you have to start with building your foundations and making it strong in order to scale your business later on. Social media is one of the primary ways for your clients to find you, get to know you, trust you and eventually buy from you. But so often business fail at getting their foundation of social media platforms correct and therefore lose out on converting clients to sales.

“Everyone should be advertising on Facebook, you just need to have a strategy behind your ad.“ 68

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

As you probably know there are a variety of social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat to name a few, but please before you jump into all these platforms I strongly recommend choosing the 2 platforms where your clients typically are hanging out, but also by choosing 2 you’re more likely to stick with them and it not feel like a job. So if you’re wanting to create a strong presence on social media that will help increase your sales, branding, credibility and more take a look at my top 9 tips for Facebook below.


You want your Facebook Cover to reflect your brand and communicate with your audience what you actually do. The best thing is to have a great photo and your tagline front and centre, so that when they go to your page they can confirm right away if your page is something they need

and therefore they’ll like your page. You can also create a video for your Facebook Cover and this another great way to connect with your audience as they’ll be able to hear you, see you and have an emotional connection to you faster than an image. In addition to your Facebook Cover, you’re going to want to have a strong profile image. Remember people buy from people, not your logo. People want to know who is behind the brand so they can connect and trust, know that you’re a likeable person. So ensure you have a profile photo that is friendly, inviting and warm. Also with Facebook’s rolling out some new changes with the profile dimensions, make sure to double check yours is correct.

2. STAY ON BRAND AND KNOW YOUR IDEAL CLIENT Some of you might be reading this and go “doh” of course we stay on brand and know your ideal client, but I’m here to tell you that way to many times I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed and see the opposite. For example, I was following a beautiful cooking page on Facebook which has the most delightful desserts you’ve ever seen however they also started to blend in images of them getting drunk on a Saturday night. I’m all about having some champagne, hanging out with my friends

and relaxing but it’s not on brand to post selfies of taking shots when you’re business is a cooking page; keep the drunk selfies for your personal profile.


I totally understand that we’re busy and that things can be crazy, but when it comes to social media you need to be posting on a regular basis. This helps you to stay connected with your community, but also remember that your community doesn’t see every post you do because of the Facebook algorithm so posting regularly allows for at least some of your audience to remain informed.


Your audience looks up to you and they like hearing from you. If they leave a comment, take the time to respond and be engaged. When you do this, you connect with them, they feel special and when it comes time to sell they’ll be a warm client. If you’re too busy then it might be time to invest in a virtual assistant.


Your audience want to get to know you. They want to know that you’re human and even though you run a business you have sense of humour,

so post a funny meme, get on a Facebook live etc.


Depending on your audience will depend on how they like to consumer information. Do they prefer to read your blog, watch you on a Facebook live, or ask questions on your Facebook Page? Just keep in mind that everyone has different ways they like to consumer information so sharing content in different ways will keep your entire audience happy.


Starting your own Facebook Group is a brilliant way to create a more intimate community, so if you don’t have a Facebook Group consider starting one. *Caution – if you don’t have the time to put into a Facebook Group then I strongly encourage to stick with what you like and have time for. Facebook Groups are hard work but once up and running are awesome.*


If you haven’t already, make sure to add your Facebook Pixel to your website. A Facebook Pixel, is code that you place on your website. It helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimise ads based on collected data, build

targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to qualified leads—people who have already taken some kind of action on your website. It’s super powerful and will help you so much for targeted marketing.


Everyone should be advertising on Facebook, you just need to have a strategy behind your ad. Are you wanting to get your audience on your newsletter, or are you wanting to increase your likes on your Facebook Page, or are you wanting them to purchase from you? Within your strategy you also must keep in mind if your audience is a cold audience, warm audience or hot audience as this will also influence what type of specific ad’s you set up. Facebook advertising is more than just “boosting” a post. Angela is business consultant, entrepreneur, Netflix blogger, author, mental health clinician and most importantly a mother! If you’re wanting help to grow your business, to get your foundations set up correcting in aspects of your business then please feel free to reach out and connect with Anglea at www. for a free 30-minute discovery call. Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5



BUSINESS Beauty Industry Switches Focus from


Wellness has become the prism through which people now understand beauty.

as, or more, effectively than many cosmetic products.

Wellness has become a synonym of beauty as consumers show more of a belief recently in that skin appearance can be dramatically improved by reducing stress or increasing energy. The cosmetic is no longer the only reference point.

Wellness as beauty is a bottom up development, which is, and has been, 100% driven by changes in buyer behaviour and regimes. Up until relatively recently, it was the regime of certain consumer segments – in the most developed markets – which defined beauty. But now beauty experts all over the world and beyond report that consumers take a very holistic approach to beauty. Beauty regimes can now be defined by wellness rather than the narrow cosmetic.

Beauty buyers have enthusiastically embraced wellness. Wellness is the prism through which people now understand beauty. This can be seen in the appropriation of wellness terms into the beauty discourse. Words such as ‘energy’ and ‘de-stressing’ resonate with buyers. They get it. So frequently is the beauty word omitted from these discussions, it is conspicuous by its absence. Beauty, especially skincare, can now be discussed, delivered and bought without the actual B word itself ever being mentioned. There is no contradiction or confusion in the minds of buyers who believe that wellness delivers beautiful (e.g., clearer, younger looking) skin 70

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

Wellness as beauty was pioneered by innovative beauty spas/ salons in cities like London, New York and Los Angeles, which were in tune with changing consumer needs and now this is spreading across the globe and is most certainly alive and kicking here in Australia. The online and social media democratized this trend, popularizing the wellness discourse with beauty buyers around the globe. Research shows that consumers in less developed markets are as likely to look to wellness as cosmetic

for their beauty needs. These millions of new consumers, who are critical to the future of the beauty industry, come with different skin and haircare traditions and rituals. A striking example is China, one of the largest skincare markets, where acupuncture, which epitomizes wellness, is widely used for beauty. Buyers are voting with their feet and companies must adapt their products to meet the demands of beauty as wellness. Research shows that it has been the ‘new’ players that have redefined beauty as wellness, that have benefited. The legacy companies, which were so heavily invested in the cosmetic concept that they owned, have been much slower to appreciate the implications of, and react to, changes in consumer behaviour. So, if you are a clinic that wants to keep up with global trends then it may be worth looking at how you can incorporate wellness rituals into your everyday menu and services.




More than 250 million people use Instagram’s Stories feature, and it’s steadily growing faster than it was since the beginning of the year. It’s just over a year old, and has taken over Snapchat in popularity, but it begs the question – are you using it as part of your salon’s social media strategy? Instagram Stories is flourishing, and even Forbes Magazine reported back in May 2017 that influencers were seeing an average of 6-10% of their followers open their Instagram Stories on a daily basis – an incredibly high engagement rate. So what exactly is Instagram Stories, and why do you need it?


Stories on Instagram are temporary videos or photos that are strung together to form a slideshow gallery that tells – you guessed it – a story. Instagram has built its reputation and success around being a social platform that delivers polished visuals with a variety of filters, and now Stories helps users capture everything in between to create a bigger, richer story than just a series of individual photos can provide. Instagram Stories helps you create authentic content for your followers and builds up the personality of your salon’s brand. Posting lots of content is great, but you don’t want to annoy everyone by posting too much. Instagram Stories is on a whole new level because it allows you to post as many videos or photos to your story as you want – without affecting your main news feed.


You and your salon can have a lot of fun with Instagram Stories, that’s for sure. As a creative industry, the feature allows you to show off your ideas. For example, Stories is an opportunity to share all five angles of a new hair colour or hair style you’ve just spent hours doing on a client – why post just one individual photo, when you can tell a story through five different images of the same client, in the same post? Try showing some behind-the-scenes videos to give a taste of the people working in your salon, or the clients that come in on a regular basis. You can make them live too (much like Facebook’s live video feature). One idea is to give audiences a sneak peak of a new product you’ve just had delivered, an editorial photoshoot you’re attending, or step-by-step ‘how to’ guides. Light-hearted as well as exclusive content works extremely well and builds trust with your followers. 72

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

Instagram Stories lets you humanise your salon. Another interactive idea for a live Instagram Stories video is a simple interview with a client while they are having their manicure in the chair. Ask them what they’re having done, why they’re excited to be at your salon, and what makes them come back time and time again.


Instagram Stories is a great extension to the platform. Posts are generally more well-groomed and strategic, whereby Stories is a great way to truly show what your salon is all about. But what makes the feature even more appealing is that it has a temporary 24-hour time frame. This can give your salon the benefit of creating a buzz around a special promotion you might like to give and gets viewers to take decisive action quickly by booking an appointment with you or visiting your website. Stories gives your salon the potential the experience increased digital exposure, especially if you interact with other users after posting to your story. Live video, for example, is extremely engaging, and though Instagram Stories does not (yet) allow for a long, uninterrupted broadcast like Facebook Live, it does allow your salon to make your Instagram account the place to go for live, interactive content.


Instagram Stories doesn’t allow for anyone to publicly comment or like on your Story. If a viewer

wants to respond, they need to tape the ‘send message’ icon on your post to chat with you directly. You might be thinking this is a bad idea – on the contrary. It’s actually fantastic, because more people will start using Instagram Direct, and you won’t have to measure your worth by likes and comments. If you don’t want anyone to respond to your story, the setting is easily changed. One-third of the most viewed Stories come from businesses according to Hootsuite in February 2017, and one in five gets a direct message from its viewers. Those are impressive engagement numbers! There are so many exciting ways you can capture your audience’s imagination with Instagram Stories. It’s something your hair or beauty salon should be using as customers crave more inventive content to watch and interact with. Experiment with content and test out what works best, because Instagram Stories is the perfect social media feature that lets you bring new ideas to the table. If you would like to hear more about where social media can take your hair and beauty salon, you can learn more at Tahlia Shorter Digital Marketing. They can help talk you through a digital marketing strategy and show you our marketing packages so you can focus on running your salon and taking care of your clients! They can be easily contacted by email at and you can also learn more by visiting


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THE P’S OF BUSINESS PART 4 By Daniel Dickson, Managing Director, DMK Australia & New Zealand

The P of business we cover this article is Positioning, one of the most fundamental of the P’s. If we don’t know WHY we do what we do, then we are being reactive in responding to changes in the market or trends that maybe occurring in the industry and challenge our decision-making process. More than 7,000 visitors from all sectors of this fast developing industry came from across the country to enjoy a selection of products, treatments, trends and new techniques from both industry heavyweights and new up-and-comers. When we look at Positioning, I want you to think about what you want to be known for, or what are you famous for? Too often I see clinics making rapid and ill-prepared decisions to try and WIN the customer by challenging or matching another clinic because they feel in competition and need to respond to another clinic “taking” their clients. I feel this is the wrong approach to winning a client. You must be “THE ONE” for your client so they know regardless of what pop’s up, what offer is sent their way, competitive promise that is made, or NEW treatment or product that apparently is here to heal the sick and raise the dead... they don’t matter, because you have them on a Plan (a P that features in next article) and have set goals and milestones that present your customers with a clear vision for what they want from their skin. If you have set and agreed a plan with your customers, then the perceived distractions of – cheaper, more convenient, new – it’s not a part of your agreed Plan. Now I have you thinking of what you want to be famous for, I’ll share the four pillars and encourage you to choose only one – one that is relevant for you to develop. Price (cheap or very expensive), Product (famous for the delivery of product – both treatment and home prescriptives that you have available or personalised for the client), Market (do you service a specific condition or customer segment ONLY) and service (are you famous for a convenience or set package that has one fee or set package that is upfront; or a convenient service component, such as a mobile “come to you” or one set price for ALL your treatments with a no more to pay). I’ll save you too much torment by telling you that you are (or want to be) famous for Product. The reason for this is that it is YOUR way of tailoring your business offering NOT to be competing on price (which is a fast way to bankruptcy) and making 74

Beauty Biz Year 10 Issue 5

the offering one that the client views as unique, and one that they could not get elsewhere. You can include other low cost yet high perceived value add items into their package or treatment plan that rewards your client for loyalty and dedication to their journey and results, without killing your bottom line. Being famous for the product you offer is NOT the actual product, but how you deliver the VALUE to your client and how you present them their investment that is not only safe, but they will benefit from the results. Just be sure that you deliver results, a disappointed client may not return. Every decision in your business needs to come back to your Positioning – the window display, people you employ, the setting of your clinic, the greeting process, the farewell and check out process, your phone manner, your professionalism, your delivery on Promise and the overall promotion of the business MUST be 110% aligned with what you are famous for. SO,

for a few hard and fast do’s and don’ts: Do – be true to your promise, hire people as passionate as you about your vision, educate yourself to consistently on your promise, always promote offers that are true to your positioning and continually check in on your language and marketing material to ensure that you are not confusing your clients. Be clear about why they should choose to be loyal to you. Don’t – be desperate in your approach to promotions and discounts, change your focus and core offerings UNLESS it is a sincere change in direction and you have communicated this with your clients, don’t try to sell things to your clients that your trying to get OUT of – like clearance stock etc. and finally don’t represent something you don’t 100% believe in. Next time I will take you through developing your Plan.





Treatment table

Treatment table

Treatment table

Treatment table

Electric height, back, tilt & leg adjustment

Electric height adjustment

Electric height, back & leg bolster adjustment

Electric height adjustment


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Beauty Biz year 10 issue 5  

Beauty Biz provides comprehensive information to the Beauty Industry on a regular basis. It is written for today’s salon and spa owners and...

Beauty Biz year 10 issue 5  

Beauty Biz provides comprehensive information to the Beauty Industry on a regular basis. It is written for today’s salon and spa owners and...