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editor’s letter Australia is Tough and Lucky…hang on, maybe we’re lucky we’re tough, that sits better. We went from a burning land, to floods, to one of the island nations on the planet that isolated itself from the world, bracing for the wrath of Covid-19. In the blink of an eye, all that happened, and for a lot of us, we were isolated at home on top of that. Home-schooling and dealing with our businesses, opened or closed came with extra work and stress. Dealing with you accountant, the ATO, making sure your staff are well looked after, landlords were sorted, the banks ok..and then, if you were closed, opening back up and what that looked like….. It’s certainly been a rollercoaster. Some changes to the way we do business are changed for now and some changes may be for a long-time, some forever; it’s very different for barbers all over the world as you will read here in Barbershop. We have amazing stories of strength and resilience from Barbers sharing their Covid-19 experience here on the ground in Australia. We have amazing stories of the same, with very different changes being made to how our overseas colleagues will have to run their businesses now and in the future. Barber Business, post Covid-19, by our international colleagues, some of the worlds leading Barbers and Educators in our field, share their stories, but there most certainly is a common thread binding us throughout this crisis amongst our kind… What do barbers do when they are not earning? Well it would appear, for the most part, we start learning. That’s right, read it here, social media use per individual increased up by 31% in the first quarter this year and after checking in on Mum it seemed we had a penchant for increasing our Skillset. Educational platforms - online offerings - free tutorials - interviews, classes and everything in between were cropping up, and numbers were going ballistic from our Product and wholesale companies delivering business advice seminars online, free from some of the big names here in Australia, Kobi Bokinsh and Adam Ciaccia nailing it with the Aftermath Hairdressing Education Facebook Page blowing up to 11,000 members, yeah yeah mainly hairdressing but some amazing men’s stuff in there too. Don’t forget lil off the top was out there with Jules Tognini, one the best in men’s cutting stylists around…plenty of good stuff there.

Straight up barbering!! We saw Wahl Pro USA and Nieves Almaraz team up and deliver 101, 102 advanced courses on Nieves’s ‘How to Fade Hair Platform’…….again in the USA and Sofie ‘@ staygold31’ Pok for BaByliss PRO some amazing education was dropped. Andis have been sharing you tube videos of some great cuts and we share some of these with our readers in printed step-bysteps. Schorem dropped some videos and it was on!! Check out their stories here along with inspiration from Don DeSanctis and his pre-covid trip to Rotterdam to become Australia’s first ‘Scumbasador ‘with Schorem Barbers and Reuzel Products. What a score for Australia! Robert Braid is here from the UK with ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and of course Jürgen Niederl shares some very fresh work called ‘1969’. All of our contributors speak of big changes to their Barber lives in the future, and no doubt we will all have major changes to normal lives as well. How we grow from it and move forward, will define our success. Let’s stand united and make these changes and grow together, for together we can shape the Barber Future! Welcome to BarberShop Issue 9:2 my 3rd as editor, Enjoy!!

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18 The Barberie Company – Devoted To The Craft of Barbering


06 Editors Letter 28 A Letter To My Former Self By Aaron Chan 48 New Gear


10-12 StayGold By Rex Silver 14 This Little Piggy Went to Rotterdam


16 Career Path – Jordan Tabakman 26 An Australian All-Star – Luke Munn 46 Achieving The Perfect MultiTechnique Cut with Jarred Liddington - Andis



20 The UK Perspective with Robert Braid 22 Keeping Up With Jurgen Niederl 24 Turn Up The Education with Nieves Almaraz


32 A Barber Who’s Doing it Right – Lefty’s Barber Shop 34 Guys Grooming By Rex Silver


36 Surviving The Winter 38 Viral Virtuosos By Collette Saunders 40 Why Are New Beards So Darn Itchy By RD Ben De Campos 42 Men’s Mental Health – How Barbers Can Help 44 How Barbershops Are Adapting to the ‘New Normal’


50 New VS Current Clients – 6 Marketing Tips By Sarah Garner 52 Now Is The Time To Market By George Hawwa

12 20 26


54 Oh My Rona, Surviving Covid-19 By Don De Sanctis 56 Locked, Stocked and Loaded By Collette Saunders 58 Positive-Spin Your PPE By Paul Frasca


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Due to Covid-19 The AMBA’s have been postponed to launch in 2021

CATEGORIES Photographic and Submission Australian Modern Barber of the Year Australian Modern Barber Business of the Year PHOTOGRAPHIC ONLY Best Men’s Collection Classic Best Men’s Collection Freestyle Best Team Collection Best Men’s Collection Junior BUSINESS CATEGORIES Best Director/Owner of the Year Best Customer Care Best Men’s Educator of the Year Best Barbershop Design of the Year NOMINATED CATEGORY Special Recognition

AMBA Clean Skin Professional Product Awards Categories HAIR CARE - Best Shampoo and Conditioner pair or 2-in-1 product HAIR STYLE - Best Styling Product. Entries can include:- Styling Wax, Cream or Paste BEARD CARE - Best Beard Care Product. Entries can include:- Oil, Wax, Cream or Paste OPEN FOR ENTRY 22nd February 2021


ENTRY DEADLINE 21st June 2021

AWARDS NIGHT 7th November 2021




Hands down the busiest Female Barber in the World. Sofie Pok AKA Staygold31 has a massive 376k followers on her Instagram and preCOVID-19 she travelled 75% of her year as a Global Ambassador for Babyliss Pro.

10 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

When she’s not away educating, you can find her in her studio creating cuts and fine tuning her photographic and videography skills in between her now buzzing, online education platforms. Still in hibernation and busting with energy and positive ideas for USA V2.0. after the lockdown, BarberShop catches up with the amazing Staygolg31


I started my barbering career 11 years ago now in Orange County, California. I went into the industry thinking I wanted to be in the salon because that’s the only thing i was previously exposed to. I never thought I would end up in the barbershop until my 2nd year in. Once I got in, I realised that I loved the fast pace of the shop, the work environment was so connected that it felt like a hang out, & the fun challenges of learning how to do these short-detailed cuts.


As far as barbershop environment, the culture of it was really dope! Collectively, it’s where a lot of people go from all types of backgrounds to come get cleaned up, especially where I worked. We pushed for a very family type environment which made it comfortable for all walks of life. It was a great networking circle as well and I learned a lot about people, their careers, and different ethnicities. For the type of style of cut, I was very drawn to the details that went into these cuts. You’re practically moulding and shaping all different types of hair to fit the client’s lifestyle. You get to add an emotion to their cuts and the excitement I felt watching them walk out more confident than when they came in. What keeps me there is the freedom to create and express a feeling through a style of cut. I love connecting with people in my chair. We can learn so much about the world through each person. The diversity of my clientele also pushed me to get into more styles of hair. We need more people who stay passionate about what they do, because when you help people feel good, they do good in whatever they are into.


For about 7 years, I always worked at barbershops/men’s salons, but in the last 3, I currently work in a private studio by myself. I travel about 75% of my schedule prior to Covid-19. I was a bit nervous at first thinking I would miss being in a shop with other people, but due to crazy scheduling i was forced this direction and now that I’m used to it. I love the privacy I have with clients. The same space also works as a double because I also create my content through there as well with Video shoots/photography with models.


I started doing education with a Clipper Company called Babyliss Pro about 4 years ago now. It started off with domestic shows all over the US to showcase new technology within the barbering division that was just created. Babyliss has been known for years for blow dryers, flat irons, and other hot styling tools. When I joined the team, they had just launched this new division. During these shows, we are able to connect with different people from many places to share the reasons why we use the tools we do, the stories behind what we do and how we got here, and sometimes in smaller classroom events to take it even more in depth. I started from the bottom of that team and worked my way up to be a Global Ambassador for the company.


The Barbering Bible was a pretty cool project. The idea of spreading more knowledge within the barbering scene is always a positive. We have seen videos, in person classes, but not often times in a beautiful coffee shop table kind of book. I was honoured to be on the cover of this project especially because it means a lot of different things to me. Barbering being something that is male dominated to have a female on that cover was huge because everyone inside that had a story are BIG icons in the industry. To earn the respect from my community meant a lot. We often see a lot of finished material from these monsters on social platforms, but this was a way to get a deeper story from each person and also sharing their signature cuts and seeing how they broke down the cuts was a cool read.


11 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

cont’d from page 11

“I love connecting with people in my chair. We can learn so much about the world through each person.” YOU AND CAN YOU EXPLAIN HOW YOU SO MASTERFULLY CONQUERED THAT?

Social media changed my life. Without that tool, I don’t know if I would have the same opportunities that I have right now. I used to use it for just portfolio work for the barbershop because I was having a hard time booking clients because they didn’t trust a girl. From there, it evolved into a personal brand that now has given me opportunities to collaborate with companies, people, celebrities, IG/YouTube influencers, and brands even outside of hair. It’s crazy where it can take you and you really don’t know the way it can expand what you do on a global scale. I highly recommend any person that works in a passionate field they care about utilize this tool. It’s crazy to me to NOT TRY.


Going into lockdown first was just a nice week break, or so I thought, LOL. Something super short I thought, but I realise now it’s been about 3 months! My entire year was cancelled for travel and I’m not currently educating through shows, but during this time, we have developed new ways to educate virtually. I just opened it not too long ago and it’s been quite nice to still connect and give great detailed education to people from wherever they’re from. I’m also pretty savvy with technology so with photography and videography, I’m able to still deliver lessons in high definition that it allows people to really see what I’m teaching. I’m also doing other work now as well that keeps money flowing. Brand colabs, video editing, other social platforms like YouTube, and my virtual barbering/social media classes.


A better version of me when I come out of quarantine. I’ve been really working on centring myself and digging deep to understand where I’m heading with all the things I’ve been investing into. A better me makes a better barber, educator, and all other creative outlets. I’m always looking for ways to expand and elevate my craft.


First and foremost, Australia is a place that’s high on my list to visit one day. Second is that no matter where you live, because of the access we have, the world at our fingertips so, put yourself out there. Even when you think it’s not good enough, IT IS, because it’s always true to where you currently are and if you don’t fake the funk and you can own up to these moments of growth, no one can judge you. And if they do, you still have to give them permission to hurt you with opinions or not. The earlier you start the better, because at every stage you get to, you learn a new set of skills that will help you with the next phase. I don’t mean just barbering skills, people skills too, and most important how you deal with failure. How you react to things when it doesn’t work out. How to become self-aware of your steps so you can make better decisions in the future that support where you are going. Things that don’t seem important at the moment are all a piece of the puzzle. I’d like to leave it at this. Where we are in our lives are always in scale to the choices we have already made. And what decisions you make today, will heavily impact your future. If you find something you love, do more of that because that is what will take you further. Things move in waves so You’ll stop and quit if it’s something you don’t really care about, but if you love it, you will be more willing to go the distance. SORRY that was longer than I thought lol but I mean every word!! Youtube - http://youtube.com/ sofiestaygold Instagram - http://instagram.com/ staygold31 Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/ staygoldsofie/ Tiktok - http://vm.tiktok.com/VyVbwe/


This is gonna sound weird - white rice, fried chicken + ketchup, and watermelon. Together it’s just absolutely amazing. lol BUT ALSO, anything SUSHI is also tied at 1st place lol


I used to LOVE strawberry Horchata, Whelches Grape Juice, Hot chocolate and baileys, but I’ll settle for water these days. Healthier choice!


So far, Bali was amazing. I have a hard time choosing one but Japan is tied at first too! Lol




At the moment, classical music as I’m doing this interview, but normally...deep house & hip hop


I finished Ozark not too long ago. GREAT SHOW.


One of my favourite questions! “Who Says you cant? you do” !! great read and the author is actually from Australia!




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This LittlePiggy Went to Rotterdam!! One of Australia’s Top Barbers and Barber Educators just racked it up a notch and upskilled big time with the legendary Schorem Barbers of Rotterdam (makers of Reuzel products) and became one of 10 Barbers in the World to be chosen as a Global Scumbassador!!

14 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

It is of course, Don DeSanctiis , CEO and Creative Director of Barber Boys, 3x AHIA Winner in Barber Categories and 1x AHIA Winner as Best Director Owner. This is his Scum Bag Story…. It all started with an opportunity to attend Reuzel and Schorem’s Scumbassador training in Rotterdam, Netherlands. I was nominated by The Barbiere Company to be a candidate and produce a short 5-minute YouTube video of a haircut/style tutorial using Reuzel products. In the video you had to explain a step by step guide to cutting the chosen haircut and explain the products used to achieve the certain look. The video was sent to the international Reuzel and Schorem’s team in the United States, where they judged all videos from around the world and 11 barbers were chosen to fly to Rotterdam and do a 1-week program to become a Reuzel and Schorem Scumbassador. The journey began when we all arrived in Rotterdam on Sunday 9th of February 2020. The Reuzel and Schorem team organised an amazing dinner at Bowling with Grilling. A great environment to meet all the other international barbers which were chosen to do the Scumbassador program and personally meet Leen and Bertus and the international educators for Reuzel. Monday 10th of February was our first day of the Scumbassador Training. It was walking distance from our hotel to The Old School Barber Academy. It felt so surreal to be in the Old School Barber Academy rather than seeing it in videos, to be a part of a world phenomenon in our industry. The first day consisted of mostly theory and observation. We started by meeting Leen and Bertus – the Co-founders of Rezuel and Schorem and were lucky enough to have look and learn haircut demo, by the two. After lunch, we got an insight to the week ahead and had a product knowledge teach back session. Prior to the trip, each member was randomly given a Reuzel product that we had to teach back to the team. This gave everyone an insight to you as an individual, your teaching methods and your knowledge about the products. The next day was a hands-on day! It started with a haircut demonstration by The Old School educators and then we got on our tools and performed the haircut on live models. I was so fascinated how everyone had their own tricks and talents and we were able to share them with the team. Everyone there,

including myself, we all have our strengths and weaknesses in the barbering world, and it was great to learn the Schorem philosophy and cutting structures. If we were chosen as a Scumbassador we would have to take back to our country and demonstrate their cutting methodology and product knowledge. Wednesday was another hands-on day - where we had live models for cutting and styling. We were taught the Reuzel Vangaurd and Long Trim Pomapour – both very classic hairstyles like an Elvis and James Dean look and taught us fundamental cutting structured for both haircuts. At the end of the day, all attendees were assigned to a topic that we drew from a hat. These ranged from cutting to product knowledge. I had drawn from the hat The Vangaurd and Long trim Pomapour – so my task was to teach a 10 min teach back presentation explaining the fundamentals, structure, and history of the haircut. Our last day was the ‘’Teach Back” session – this session had a huge impact as each ‘teach back’ session performed determined if we were competent to Reuzel and Schorem’s standards to officially become a Reuzel Scumbassador. Everything we had learnt throughout the four-day training such as presentation, product knowledge, teaching methods and techniques came down to this. The pressure was on and the 10-minute presentation felt like it went for hours. But at the end, when I was back in Australia, I receive news from the international Reuzel and Schorem team that I was one of the lucky 10 to be been chosen to be an international Scumbassador. We ended the week with a dinner, great food, and company, hosted by Reuzel educators including Leen and Bertus. From this trip, I have gained many friends throughout the Barbering industry world-wide. I have now Rezuel Family within all continents around the world and have the honour of the title to be a Scumbassador. Many thanks to The Barbiere Company, Paul Mansour, and Ward Gauvin for the opportunity. Look out Australia! @barberboysau

15 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2



Career PathTabakman Jordan Jordan Tabakman is a young energetic barber of just over 4 years, who started in the trade when he lost his passion for being a tradie.

Jordan and Alex Tabakman

“At that time, I looked around for inspiration and quite simply, didn’t need to go any further than my dad, who has given our family an amazing life. One day I hope to do that with my own family, so I decided to follow in his footsteps and aspire to achieve what he has in the barbering industry.” Jordan trained at Biba and was lucky enough to spend almost 4 years at Kings’ Domain Barbers being strongly mentored by Joey Scandizzo and Aaron Chan who he still holds in high esteem and has formed great friendships with. “It’s funny as the tables have turned a little with Aaron now coming to see me for a haircut at our new shop!” In 2019, Jordan became the co-owner of 4 well known barbershops in Melbourne when he partnered with his father Alex Tabakman AHIA Best Barber business of the year 2016 with The Barber Club. As the lead educator for Andis clippers in Australia (starting with them in 2018) Jordan is extremely proud to be a second-generation barber growing up in a family of hair. “With my main passion for education I have proudly made many accomplishments in the hair industry,” he says, “including finalist for American Crew all Star challenge 2 years in a row.” Over such a short time, Jordan has built up a celebrity clientele in the Sporting world cutting stars such as tennis player Nick Kyrgios, NBA players Arron Baynes and Dante Exum and many well-known footballers whilst commonly appearing on TV and radio segments cutting hair. It’s been a busy time for this talented barber having travelled internationally to educate with Andis clippers, going to Russia where he taught at well-known academies such as Boycut Moscow, also, Malaysia for the launch of the master clippers and India on a 13 days road show tour and stage work at the Pro Hair and Beauty Expo in Mumbai! This incredible father and son duo’s most recent venture is their new ultra-modern yet minimalistic salon in Port Melbourne which opened on May19 this year. “My Father and I will continue to grow the company through ongoing training and help our staff achieve goals of educating, photoshoots and opportunities to grow throughout.” Jordan has also recently been named as an ambassador for evo hair products through The Barbiere Company, adding yet another string to his bow. “With the help of my mentors I keep grounded and will never cease to be humbled by my achievements, for mine is a truly amazing life!!” Stay tuned……. There is lots more to come! @jordantabakman


Barber Chair

The Harlem Barber Chair gives you that sense of feeling like a king and gives your client the comfortable throne they deserve. The comfort of the Harlem Barber Chair will allow your client to feel like they had a great experience and leave them wanting more. Features: • Disc Hydraulic • Reclining Backrest • Adjustable Footrest • Upholstery available in Black

Chicago *Beware of imitations!


L egen d G r an d e

Hav an a

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Devoted to the Craft of Barbering Introducing Barbiere Company The Barbiere Company isThe dedicated to curating and distributing the best barber shop products and tools and is a new venture from Haircare Australia, already well known as one of the most successful Devoted to the craft of Barbering importers, manufacturers and distributors of premium, salon-only products. The Barbiere Company is an importer and distributor of professional barber brands, men’s grooming products, barber tools, sundries and equipment; devoted to the craft of barbering. We come from a family of Australian hairdressers; but like all rebellious little brothers, we were determined to follow our heart and forge our own path. Somewhat naturally, that lead us to starting The Barbiere Company – a family-operated company dedicated to curating and distributing the best barber shop products and tools. Having grown up in the industry, we understand the craft of barbering and the art of building a successful and sustainable barber shop. Of course, it’s about the right blade, scissor, pomade, wax or chair; but also those finer details – the bean, the beer, the whisky.

“We’re committed to partnering with barbers to help grow their businesses through exclusive brands, world class education and fostering a community around the culture and craft of barbering”. - Paul Mansour, National Key Accounts Manager A one-stop shop for barber products and tools, The Barbiere Company offers a curated portfolio of exclusive brands including Evo, Reuzel, Modern Pirate, Andis and Wahl through to sundries and equipment such as brushes, scissors, aprons, towels and gloves. each our andexpert everyCustomer barber shop”, Having grown up inexperience the industry, The Barbiere Offering a tailored and personalised expertadvice advicetothough Servicesays Paul Company understands the craft of barbering and the Mansour, National Key Account Manager AU/NZ. and Sales Team with no minimum orders, our clients can benefit from having just one account and one art of building a successful and sustainable barber friendly customer service team. shop. Of course, it’s about the right blade, scissor, The Barbiere Company have some amazing barbers pomade, wax or chair; but also, those finer details – who are also part of the family and it’s through these More than just the an importer the innate that needs barbers isand supporting ambassadors theof company brought to life. Jordan the bean, the beer, whisky. and distributor, we recognise the growth of the barbering community – The BarbiereTabakman is truly devoted the craft Barbering. of The to Barber Clubofand Anthony Staltari of “We understand the specific needs of barbers and we want Barber Boys have come on board with a true passion to help support them in any way that we can,” explains for evo hair products while Don De Sanctis of Barber Boys, Josh Mihan of The Bearded Man and Jono Tavita Company Director Ward Gauvin. “Yes, we are a supplier and distributor of curated barber products and tools, and Goodwin of Tommy Guns Australia are flying the flag for we pride ourselves in this… but we aren’t just that. We are Reuzel as qualified international Scumbassadors. Having in business to help barbers become the masters of their such talented and successful Ambassadors on board not only gives The Barbiere Company its voice but allows this craft. My family started Haircare Australia over 40 years ago, which is fundamental to The Barbiere Company’s innovative brand to continue supporting the barbering story. I grew up in the industry as the youngest of three community with their fingers on the pulse. boys and like all rebellious little brothers, I wanted to be As for the future, there will be more innovation, education able to follow my heart knowing that barbers’ needs are and exciting developments announced. different and to be able to provide them with an offering that was specifically tailored for them.” “We are continuously looking to source products from A one-stop shop for barber products and tools, The emerging barber brands around the world, bringing the very best brands that we can to the industry,” says Ward. Barbiere Company offers a portfolio of exclusive brands including Evo, Reuzel, Modern Pirate, Andis and Wahl “All our education is designed to challenge your inner being and deliver the most cutting-edge courses in cutting, through to sundries and equipment such as brushes, ThinkSt.modern scissors, aprons, towels and Privity Pty Ltd trading asgloves. The Barbiere Company — ABN: 23 styling 007 887 and 729 —barbering. 17-21 Commercial Marlestonunconventional SA 5033 creative inspiration with tips and tricks to add PO Box 700 Marleston DC SA 5033 — T 1300 833 983techniques, — accounts@barbiereco.com — barbiereco.com.au to your arsenal – we want to help take barbers to the next “Our portfolio of exclusive brands from men’s grooming and lifestyle products through to sundries and equipment level.” allows us to give barbers access to the best products and The Barbiere Company is certainly committed to partnering tools to help them perfect their craft. Barbers can also with barbers to help grow their businesses through benefit from having just one account and one friendly team exclusive brands, world class education and fostering a to deal with which eliminates the hassle of having to work with multiple companies and hold multiple accounts. The community around the culture and craft of barbering. Barbiere Company has a passionate and expert team www.barbiereco.com.au @thebarbierecompany of people who are dedicated to providing personalised

18 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

The UK Perspective with Robert Braid


After hearing about the Corona virus breaking out in China, like many others, our UK correspondent Robert Braid felt a little alarmed, but when it started to hit places like Italy, it became all too apparent that this pandemic was spreading across the globe and about to hit the UK. I spoke with Robert by phone to get his perspective on how this has affected him on a personal level and the UK Barbering community.

Robert Braid

Says Robert, “I think when we heard of it spreading to Europe, it was at that point we were just wondering, when is it going to hit us? We noticed that the business was starting to slow down, less people were coming in. Then, when there were a few cases in the UK, some of our staff started to get a little bit scared and it was starting to be scary. We obviously could not close down the shops because if we wanted to get government help, we had to wait for them to tell us what was happening, especially when it comes to rent payment on the shops. We were in an unknown zone with business downturn on one side and the landlords still wanting rent because we hadn’t actually been told to close. We were then told to close, but we had some confidence with the Government announcing it would give a one-off payment for staff pay. This meant we could survive. Just like everyone, we also had to work something out with our landlords and for the first time in my life I found myself un-employed with a family, mortgage, car, businesses and staff…very scary!” Life in Lockdown has its upsides too, Robert spoke at length of the precious time spent with his family and in fact, it’s the most time spent with his youngest son in his four short years, a time they will both cherish always. Coming Out of Lockdown, business in going to look very different says Robert… “July is the golden date; they say July is when we will reopen. If things aren’t ready, they will have to re-look at everything for another 3-month period, extending Government help and the hole nine yards with Banks and re-negotiating landlords etc, the whole lot. For now, everyone is geared and getting ready for July. So, we have 2 locations and 10 staff, and we operate 7 days a week. Now we will do shorter days for starters where 3 staff will do 3 days and 4 staff will do 4 days and swap that around weekly. That’s the roster. No more 5 day working week for staff for the foreseeable future. Inside will also be different. We had the choice of putting Perspex between each workstation or work with visors, we chose visors, and everyone has masks of course. We are not going to wear gloves, as we will be washing hands all the time and cutting with gloves isn’t great.

Our Services will also be different. We will have pre-paid appointments only, gone will be walk-ins, we will do a temperature check on everyone and it will be 30 min only. Cuts only no shaving, no beards and no washing hair and conversation will be minimal. 15 min will be set aside at the end of every service to deep clean the area, chair tools, our visors and hands and a different gown for every customer. Every second workstation can be used. So Essentially, it’s half the staff, half the customers and half the services with 12 minutes cleaning every half an hour. To be honest, I count us lucky. We have big shops that can do every second station, a lot of small shops won’t be able to comply. We will supply fresh masks and gloves to our guests as they come in and wash hands. A lot is going to change. Going to the Barbers will not be the same for a long, long time. The many reasons people come for won’t be there and the social side of it is just one of those reasons, there’s a million little things that will be missing.” With confidence being about 50/50 with the public and the business community about opening back up, we spoke further about the different approach and messages required in marketing to Robert’s customers and how him and his staff connect with them. “The first thing we are going to do, is a video showing our customers how seriously we take this whole situation and how cautious we are with our health concerns and safety, and more so, their health concerns and safety. We’ll make it cool, you know, personalized PEE. We will have our logo on face masks and such. I think this is where you will see The Survival Of The Fittest because cheap shops that don’t bother giving good service in the first place and aren’t qualified etc, won’t be able to go the extent needed and expected by the consumers, and that will sort quality operators from the rest.” Robert Braid is a Multi-award-winning UK Barber with 2 locations in London. Robert like all Global Educators has had the year shows cancelled for now but is geared to be-boot his 2 shops with gusto. BarberShop Magazine is following Robert for 12 months as our UK Correspondent. This is Roberts second issue with us, and he has decided to share some of his “Gangs of New York” Collection to accompany this story and represent his outlook on these Covid-19 times we all are sharing. Hair and Art Direction @r.braid Photography @kimhardyphotography

21 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

Keeping Up WITH



On March 16 Our barbershop was closed by the Jügen Niederl government due to the Covid-19 situation. Of course, there was also a feeling of uncertainty in the first few days, since nobody knew how long the situation would last. But after these first days the first creative thoughts came back. Our family thinks very positively and supports me in every situation.


It was easy for me to finally implement many projects, such as our online shop, and to develop new shooting ideas like our BEFORE & AFTER SHOOTING.


It was nice for me to spend a lot of intensive time with my family, which only brought us all closer together and made us even stronger as a team. We also took the time to give our shop a new and more individual look.


Since May 2nd we have opened our doors again to all customers and are looking forward to finally following our passion again. We also will also be holding seminars from June on in our Holy Tiger Barber Academy and we are looking forward to passing on our experience and skills to the many interested people who enrol in our education courses.

22 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

“It was nice for me to spend a lot of intensive time with my family, which only brought us all closer together”


I think that due to the global situation, things will change a lot outside of Austria when it comes to shows, seminars, etc. and many will make use of digital training. Jügen Niederl is current Austrian Barber of the Year and in 2018 was ranked 3rd at the International Barbers of the Year Awards. He travels globally as sort after educator and like many had a full schedule of dates cancelled due to Civid-19. Jüurgen owns @holytiger Barber Shop and Barber School in Graz, Austria’s 2nd largest city. BarberShop Magazine has been following Jürgen these past 3 issues as our European Correspondent. @holytigerbarbershop @grave_tiger Photos @stellakager

Turn Up the Education ‘Life is how you look at it and what you make it’, according to Barbershop’s US correspondent; from Chicago Il., Nieves Almaraz. There is no denying that Covid-19 has hit this part of the world hard, but Nieves still manages to give us his time and it’s all up-lifting and inspirational, not one complaint, what a leader!!

Nieves explains; The United States started to shut down late March, immediately the thought was how to refocus education and still keep in touch with the industry. Online education is the way to deliver continued education. It is proven to be a great way to connect via website, Zoom or LIVE. I believe everyone was caught off guard with the pandemic, however I personally have been offering online education through my academy, howtofadehair.com with great success and higher than usual traffic.


I have been creating instructional videos from home for Wahl professionals USA and Wahl professional Mexico. With everyone’s attention and them tuning in to social media was a great opportunity to connect and inspire. My main source of income is behind the chair at my barbershop, I had to quickly shift focus to sustain financially.


At first, we were told that we would have to close the barbershop for two weeks, this has now turned into two months almost three!! I also wanted to be prepared when I reopen, we gave my barbershop a facelift and did some remodelling. The great news is we are scheduled to open this week with some new guidelines. I am looking forward to seeing my clients, understanding that they are also affected by this pandemic I’ve decided to offer my services in my barbershop at no cost the first week back. I totally appreciate my clients filling my schedule in just ten minutes after my books opened. (Nieves Reopened 29.5.2020)


To my understanding shows are rescheduling or cancelling here in the US, the DISRUPTOUR has been postponed till 2021 and so it seems that Covid-19 is this year’s true disruptor.



More great news Wahl Professional USA is now in collaboration with my ‘How To Fade Hair Online Academy’ to offer certified education state side. This project is going to be huge as well as lots of work that will need to get done. I am truly looking forward to getting back to the Barbershop and the collaboration with Wahl Professional USA. Nieves Almaraz is being followed this year by BarberShop Magazine and this is our 3rd story with him. Nieves was a finalist in this year’s North American Men’s Hairdresser of the Year and is the Leading Senior Educator for the touring team of Wahl USA. Nieves regularly educates in South America, Mexico and of course right across the United States. This year’s massive ‘DISRUPTOUR by WAHL Professional has been postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19. Nieves owns Jacobs Barber Shop in Down Town Chicago. @howtofadehair @wahlusa howtofadehair.com









An Australian r a t S All


26 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

On March 30, 2020 he was announced Australian Winner of The American All-Star Challenge… On April 2nd, 2020, He was proudly Announced one of the coveted 5 Global Winners for this year’s Amercian Crew All-Star Event Worldwide…

LET’S MEET: LUKE MUNN My path into the Barbering and Hair industry kind of fell into my lap by chance. I had been studying at university and bouncing around between casual work when I thought to myself, I needed some type of trade that I could always use as what I liked to say back then, a “fall back option”. That was when I enrolled myself into The Barbery Academy here in Adelaide. Training under Lou Fimmano and the team, I instantly fell in love with the trade and everything about it. They took me on like I was family and I think that really helped me hit the ground running. I spent just under 12 months training at the academy before moving onto the shop floor with Barberboys. It was there that I really got the chance to refine my skillset and push myself to become the best I could. A lot of people get out of their training and hit the shop floor and that’s where it stops for them. For me it was only the beginning - I did every education session I possibly could, learning from the best of the best and networking with industry leaders at trade expos and such. Upon finishing my qualification, I found that I was searching for more and wanted to experience what else the industry had to offer. This lead me to working with the team at Attaboy Hair. I have been able to really push my creative vision alongside the team within the salon. I have been lucky enough to be selected as one of the five global winners for the American Crew All Star Challenge. To be honest it still hasn’t fully sunk in and even writing that sounds surreal. I am so grateful and honoured to be able to take out one of the top spots. I remember refreshing my newsfeed and seeing my entry pop up and almost having a heart attack. I never expected to win. When they announced global winners, I found out via video call just before they officially announced it. Thinking I was just having a video interview about being a finalist, they revealed that I had won. I was speechless. The next step for the winners is to fly over to LA once everything is safe to do so. I and the other 4 global winners will work together with the team at American Crew to shoot a collection with Founder David Raccuglia. The idea behind the winning haircut was to create a look that you wouldn’t usually see as part of the ASC as the majority of entries and cuts are “classic cuts”. I entered 3 different entries this year and the style that won was something I wanted to do as a bit of a personal expression. I spent hours visually brainstorming ideas of what I wanted to create and then found models to match that style. I think having a strong vision is important. I spent time refining my technique and prepping, but the shot that won it was actually created on the day of the shoot. I flipped my thought process and my thinking completely to create something outside the box. My brief was simple -Texture -Edgy/Creative -Length Surprisingly I organised my model at the last minute. He fit the brief perfectly. The next 12 months I am really looking to push to the next level within the industry and study my Certificate III in Hairdressing to become dual certified. I think this will allow me to take my cutting to the next level. I want to push myself into educating within the industry and working alongside people I am inspired by. With Attaboy about to open a second shop I am excited to hit the ground running and put hair on the floor. There is nothing better in this industry then working on the shop floor alongside a great team. @kukemunn.barber @americacancrew @americancrewoz

Dear Aaron, You have just made the decision to leave a job you love as a chef and follow a path in hairdressing. Since starting your chef’s apprenticeship, you have developed skills that will help in many facets of life. Spending countless hours in the kitchen has taught you what hard work is and given you an eye for detail. Both of these qualities will stand you in good stead in your next career. Adapting to a new workplace and learning new skills is never easy and can be frustrating but stick with it. Resilience and determination will take you a long way. You will love being a part of the industry you are entering. One day you will start your own business which will be equally challenging and rewarding. You will have the opportunity to work with and mentor interesting people from all over the world who will in turn contribute to your own personal development. Achieving your goals is important but life is about the journey not the destination. Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy yourself along the way. As Mum always says, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Take every opportunity that comes your way and don’t be afraid to try new things. @kingsdomainbarbers https://www.facebook.com/kingsdomainbarbers/

28 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2


A Letter to My Former Self




A BARBER WHO’S DOING IT RIGHT!! Who: Lefty’s Barber Shop Where: 94 Main Street, Lilydale, Victoria Owner: Tara Taylor

32 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

THIS IS MY BARBER STORY… I opened Lefty’s in August 2018. A dream fulfilled. After being a true Easty for most of my life, I experienced inner city living and built up a bank of knowledge and techniques from working in the inner-city barbershops. Then I moved back, deep into the Yarra Valley. I grew a bunch of kids and this is where we stayed. So, it was now time to take on that next adventure. I managed to enlist an eclectic team of local, talented barbers and we have enjoyed the steadily, growing success as each month has gone by ever since. We deliver on service and thrive on community spirit. Community is at the core of what we do. We support home grown where possible. All our quality products are Aussie created. Milkman Grooming, King Brown, Tuckerbrowne and Mr Smith back up our commitment to service. Yarra Valley produces some fine craft beers, our fridge is stocked with Hargreaves Hill and Watts River on high Rotation. Our Tees were designed by our Melbourne friend, 1Line clothing. We think it’s vital to give back to the people that have embraced us. We support our local homelessness and housing support service, Anchor Inc. They do incredible work with individuals and families who are battling through hardship. We offer haircuts every month to anybody from this service who might need some attention and a freshen up. We organised a fundraiser for bushfire relief back in late Feb. Something really important to me was to develop strong relationships with the barbershops in our area. Creating this event, along with Cormac Sheehan from Purpose Communications was an absolute highlight. We engaged 4 other local barbershops and ran a 24hr ‘Cutathon’ where we raised a combined total of $4659.35. The relationships we built with our fellow barbers is something I’m really proud of. It has helped us navigate this covid-19 climate. Having that connection and support from your local industry peers only adds to your business success. Earlier in the year we set up shop at a local music festival, called Hotter than Hell. Again, loving that community connection. Hopefully an event we continue to be involved in over the years. We OBSESS over BEARDS. We are all about the experience. We will send you to sleep with an eye mask to zone out, whilst we lay on the service. Hot towels, essential oils, attention to detail, combined with an array of Milkman’s killer beard care range. Giving your beard all the love it can handle. I was told by a client recently, that he floated back to the office after a visit to Lefty’s. A colleague asked him how his beard trim went. He said, quote “I didn’t have a beard trim, I had an ‘experience’. Yep, we have fulfilled our brief. @leftysbarbershop_

Guys Grooming BY REX SILVER

34 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

How do you get the inspiration to open a Male Grooming business? You spend 5 years driving a Contiki coach through Europe! This was the perfect environment for Nathan Ahern (a guy who had no professional grooming qualifications as either a Barber or Beauty therapist) to gain the confidence that his full-service male Grooming business idea called “Guys Grooming” would fly. Nathan had seen firsthand the impacts of male grooming styles and trends across Europe and soon realized that this was missing from his home town of Perth, Western Australia. After returning to Perth in late 2004, spending a year preparing the business plan, researching the market and falling in love with a beautiful “Hairdresser” called Rebecca they were ready to open “Guys Grooming”. The opening of the business was stalled from Oct 2007 to March 2008 due to a greedy Barber within the same complex flashing a lease that gave him exclusivity. Apparently his $20 haircut clients were all going to jump ship and pay Guys Grooming’s $55!!!! All was sensibly resolved, and Guys Grooming opened on 27 March 2008. The premises were 138m2 and comprised 5 cutting stations and 4 treatment rooms all built around a central chill out area that had a bar and flat screen TV. Clients came from all professionals, with different needs, to experience the premium services offered by Guys Grooming that covered hair, body and face. Within 18 months they had out grown this space and this can be attributed to some of the quirky marketing campaigns such as ”Ranga’s do get lucky” where red heads received a $25 discount. Not that Guys Grooming had a huge influx of red headed clients but the political incorrectness of the slogan created plenty of publicity. In 2011 Guys Grooming moved into a new 411m2 premises allowing for more growth and increased services to include full body exfoliations and a sauna. There was now 12 cutting stations, 5 basins, 7 treatment rooms and a 75m2 bar and chill out area for clients. This move heralded the start of 7 day a week trading and new campaigns like “Clear the Forrest it makes the tree look huge” and “You’re ugly”. This tongue in cheek humour and brashness appealed to the market and Guys Grooming continued to grow reaching a full-time staff of 25. With the increase of clients and continued development of styles and ideas Guys Grooming launched it’s first “Style Guide“ in 2013 and has since delivered 4 publications capturing all the evolving and classic styles that the Men of Perth have been wearing thanks to the talented team of hair stylists. Staff and their development have always been a passion of Rebecca’s and is a fundamental reason for Guys Grooming’s success. The investment in training courses held both on site and at industry venues has seen the team deliver in-house master class sessions, demonstrate at expo’s and specialty events plus grown into the most experienced skin centre for Men in Perth. In there 12 years much has changed in the industry and the renaissance of the beard has been market defining. This was captured in the last 2 style guides with a bearded men section plus WA’s own “Greatest Beard in Perth” competitions that was picked up by commercial TV and radio stations. Made popular by the hipster movement but more importantly it forced the industry into developing beard services, treatments and products. They stock the full range of Milkman beard products and their very own Beard Cape to assist guys with at home beard trimming. Guys Grooming has always had plans to expand beyond 1 store. The impacts of the Global financial crisis, the collapse of the WA mining boom along with the buyout of investors, paying down debt and now Covid-19 the time, to date, has not been right but it is still a future goal. When leaving Guys Grooming you know you have been somewhere special, you feel great and thankful for that extra level of service but more importantly you know that this business is a brand and with over 40,000 clients on their database and a wall of industry awards it’s your next Instagram and Facebook follow as their story is just beginning. Guys Grooming is situated in Perth, WA

35 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

Surviving the Winter

The season of sturdy leather jackets, natty winter caps and cool trackies is on, but some of us aren’t all that happy. Winters bring in joy for many, but then there are those of us who legit struggle to protect our skin and hair from the adverse effects of the dropping temperature. While chapped lips, flaky skin, and the whole Old-Man Winter appeal may urge most, if not all, men to reach out for anything and everything that ensures less shrivelled skin during winters, it’s important that you suss out the best ways to cater to your skin’s needs, especially during the chillier days. So, to make sure you don’t go absolutely nuts trying to maintain that summer-like tough and unblemished skin, we have curated a skin-care guide for yu and your clients, which will help you survive the harsh winter season.


While washing your face with JUST water may seem like an easy and less timeconsuming resort for some you (you know who you are!), the rest of you must know

that your skin requires more than just the goodness of H2O. The first step of any skin care guide comprises of picking the best face-wash in the market, one that best suits your skin. After all, a good face wash will help unclog your skin’s blocked pores, clear the oil mines on your face, and ensure a radiant facial skin, making them an absolute MUST have in your grooming kit.


The second step of this four-step guide comprises of flooding your barren skin, with the moisture that it needs (and deserves!). Winters suck out most of your skin’s moisture as if it were stranded in the Sahara Desert for centuries, yearning for just a few droplets of water. Not only does dry skin feel and look bad, but it can also lead to numerous skin issues, which can be highly daunting for most of us. As such, moisturizing your skin with the best winter moisturisers will ensure that you steer clear of the ill-effects of dehydrated skin.

36 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2


While moisturising creams and winter creams may seem identical to most men, they do incorporate certain distinguishing factors. Winters can cause your already rough skin to get rougher (for lack of a better word) because of the dryness caused by an insufficient amount of moisture in the skin. The best winter creams in the market, ones that are specially formulated for men, comprise of a wide array of ingredients which serve as forage for your skin, bestowing it with the nourishment it needs to remain healthy.


Winters might urge you to head out and soak up the heat of the seemingly calm winter sun, but you need to make sure that you are aptly geared. The first tool for your defence against the harmful UV rays of the sun has to be an A-grade sunscreen, with the right sun protection factor (SPF). An effective sunscreen will make sure that you are not exposed to the various ill (in some cases, grave) effects of direct sun exposure.


| ˈma stǝfʊl, ˈma stǝf(ǝ)l, |

adjective performed or performing very skilfully: a masterful assessment of the difficulties. verb in a very skilful manner: a masterfully crafted wax.

Jax Wax Australia’s Daintree Blackbean range is a unisex wax which is ideal for strong, stubborn multi-directional hair that is suitable for every body. The Daintree Blackbean Wax range consists of beaded hot wax and a strip wax that contains pure Cedarwood essential oil and is scented with Sandalwood to appeal to the most discerning male. The wax range also is complemented with an After Wax Body Lotion that is enriched with Organic Hemp and Argan Oils and contains pure cocoa butter to support skin hydration.

“We will be using Jax Wax for many, many years to come it will be a staple in our Barbershop. And our customers love it!”

- Bruce Hathcock,

Legends Barbers

For more information call 03 5943 2422 or visit



[ Latin virtus “virtue”, “excellence” or “skill” ] BY COLLETTE SAUNDERS

Everyone gets smacked from the left field some time! When you do, and if you haven’t yet then you inevitably will, it will take all the values, foundations and grounding that you have put in place in your life to recover. This year, so far, saw Covid-19 tentacles reaching so quickly and so deeply into, not just our day to day life but into the financial, the personal, the mental, the physical, the belief systems, the political systems. They threw us on the ground and said, “Now get up and start that again”. During these past months and the outpourings and the stories shared to me I’ve learned, as we all have, the value of connection. Sad it took a pandemic to wake us up to what is valuable. As systems came undone, we could only watch as our control was taken away from us and we had to rely on our Government to keep us safe. Thank God we are an Island in the middle of the Pacific and could isolate and social distance the entire continent. We are the lucky country and we stand by each other. I spoke with Andie Lister, owner of @stagefourbarbers in Docklands, Melbourne. As one of the broad population who firmly believed the hair industry should have been shut down, she felt we were forgotten. She endured 6 weeks of chemo treatment and impending surgery, then she and her staff were dealt a double blow. She wanted her team to respect the way she handled everything and decided to close, re-opening when it became safer to do so. The clear anxiety expressed by her team was evident with their honest communication in the lead up to closing.

As a business owner, the strength and honesty of the employee to employer relationships shared is something she is very grateful for. It was breaking her heart to think that she had worked so hard even through her treatments, and that this virus could possibly take down her business. Now re-opened in a freshly painted shop - that she painted herself - she is a living virtuoso. Katrina Bishop owns two Tommy Guns Stores in Adelaide as well as a Price Attack store. Her businesses were closed for 5 and 6 weeks respectively.

The saddest thing she told me was that her most loyal and hardworking employees, her temporary visa holders, were left with no income support. She believes closing was the right thing to do. It gave time to absorb and re-evaluate how to trade going forward. Her visa holding staff had to find other casual work to survive, and now that trading has resumed, she is working rosters so that they can do both jobs and maintain a decent income. She wants all barbers and hairdressers to remember, when every day feels a lot like Groundhog Day, to give ourselves credit for the role we play in mental health and well-being, and the personal level on which people connect with their Barber. Stacey Cox @staceycox_barbering says that the biggest impact for her was her anxiety levels. When the doors of the shop in which she works, Ryan & Co Barber in

38 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

Brisbane, were closed by her employer she couldn’t have been more relieved.

She said she tried to not let it affect the client’s service, but with everyone talking a about Covid-19, it was difficult to put it to the back of your mind and get on with the job at hand. Now back operating, the shop is working at reduced capacity, and they are following covid-19 safe guidelines and wearing PPE for each appointment. She feels safe and feels they are doing the best they can to ensure confidence and safety. Renee Houston @houstonandco_ barbershop opened her shop in Ipswich on 14 September 2019.

Stocked with the best, polished and ready to go she hit the ground running, but like all of us who didn’t see it coming, closed on 28 March 2020 for 5 weeks. She did work for one week in PPE prior to closing. She found it extremely fatiguing, uncomfortable, and breathing was difficult when combining constantly spraying the

room and chairs. Conversation was all Covid-19 and by the end of it she was exhausted. Anyone in business knows how critical the first 12 months is. For a young business it has been a worrying time and a tough decision. It has been an extremely emotional time for her as well, and the many messages of support from people online, while closed, were warmly received. Her supportive community in Ipswich has made her feel proud for what she is achieving locally. They are coming back in droves and the appointments system she operates is booked out virtually weeks ahead.

listening liturgy of virtuosity. Two of our best have teamed up. Eoin McCarthy @ eoinmccarthyhair and Leigh Winsor @ thebarbellbarber Barber of the Year 2019, were in the lineup with over 20 other global icons on @kraftlookbook this year. You could fill this whole publication with the names of The Who’s Who in hair, but the point is clear. We get behind each other even when we are not behind the chair ourselves. We give, and we love every minute of it. We are all showmen and show-women when it comes down to it. We stand on a floor and create. It’s in our veins whether physically or virtually.

Education exploded onto the socials. If anyone had even had the glimmer of a thought to do an online cutting demonstration, then it was about to happen. Born from this viral vice came the virtuosos. Expression, creativity, comedy, free education from industry leaders, sales pitches, how to grow your business after Covid-19. There is now no area untouched with which you can expand and build from going forward. It’s one of the best things to come out of all this. Diversifying, rebranding, opening with new perspective and new skills. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth says the proverb, and the gifts from greats like Kobi Bokshish and Adam Ciaccia in starting @aftermath_haired and Benni and Jules Tognini with their live feeds from the Loft and hundreds more exceptional educators. Alan Beak’s Barbersoup podcast is a raw and easy

One shop that never did shut down deserves applause.

That is @heartsandminds_barber on the Central Coast NSW. Danny and Laura Banford are a remarkable couple really! Not only is their space a bespoke barbering and specialty coffee hub, they bring community together through their outreach programs and commitment to mental health. Right from the beginning 39 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

of all this covid-19 uncertainty they had a plan and they stuck to it. They tirelessly operate 7 days a week in both of their shops and their hand-picked team whose vision matches theirs in commitment, bring what barbering historically is all about.... the people. From the onset they were using the shops as drop off points for food and essentials to be shared to those who had nothing. They remained open with confidence and dug a virtual trench to soldier on in. Once a soldier always a soldier. Be that in himself, or the faith this husband and wife stand on, or a combination of both, this pair deserve the praises and yet remain humble. To quote their Post Covid-19 Mantra: “STAY READY! We plan to stay ready. We’ve worked so hard to keep our team in jobs. We love our team. We want more than ever to lead them well from a place of love and humility. The barbershop has an important role to play in every community. CommonUnity. Common purpose, common values! Every one of us together working towards better future for all in the barbershop and community.” Virtue, excellence and skill. All viral virtuosos. Appreciation of artistic excellence and skill well above the average performer. Masters of our craft. This virus hasn’t weakened us, it has strengthened us. @AustralianFemaleBarbers @collettecutthroats


Why Are New Beards So Darn Itchy?

The dreaded beard itch is the bane of many a “beardsman”, and one of the leading causes of “beard drop out”, where efforts to grow a beard are aborted after a few weeks of growing it out. From time to time you may get a client that wants to grow a beard (or has already tried to) but is struggling with the itch. To help them, we’ve put together this primer on how to explain the causes and treatments for the itch of a new beard. What causes beard itch? Fresh beard hair follicles are mainly responsible for the itch from a new beard and there are a couple of things going on. Because the tips of these hairs were only recently cut by a razor or electric shaver they are sharp and often chisel-shaped because the hairs grow, and are therefore shaved, at an angle (see Figure 1). [Figure 1: Stereo images of recently shaved hair follicles showing the sharp chiselled tips that cause itch. Extracted from The British Journal of Dermatologists 2012 166 (Suppl 1) pp 6-12]. These little “chisels” are also quite stiff and wiry because the hair fibres are newly formed and are yet to have been softened by the elements and a good beard care routine. So basically in the first few weeks of growing a beard, there are whole bunch of sharp pointy things aimed at an angle towards the skin, scraping it as the face moves around during the course of a day.

This is a recipe for itchiness. To make things worse, for most men there will also be a small number of follicles that don’t grow outward cleanly and end up curling back into themselves, creating in-grown hairs. These blighters can cause irritation, skin blemishes and more itchiness. How to deal with it The main objective is to keep those new beard hairs from irritating the skin. There are several ways to do this and ideally it is better to use several methods in combination for best results. First, a twice-daily brush with a beard comb or beard brush is a great way to slowly start to dull the sharp tips of the hair. I recommend brushing upwards against the grain with several firm strokes, so that the brush or comb rubs against the tips of the hair, before finishing with a few gentle downward strokes to set the hair back in place. This will not produce instant results, but with time it should contribute to a dulling of those little chisel tips and make the beard hair less irritating. Regular brushing against the grain should also help the beard hair to grow out from the face (instead of down along it) which may help to reduce rubbing of the beard hair tips against the skin. Next, a good quality beard oil is something that many beardsmen swear by. An oil with the right ingredients will lubricate, absorb into the hair to soften it 40 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

and help to moisturise the skin. Be aware that, like a good wine, some beard oils are better balanced than others. Brands that include a mix of quality light botanical oils but avoid nut oils (for the safety of those with nut allergies) tend to be popular. Coconut oil is especially well absorbed by beard hair so formulations that include significant amounts of it should achieve great results. A cleansing routine can also be helpful. In the early stages it is important to exfoliate to avoid in-grown hairs as the beard emerges from the face. Many guys opt for a gentle cleanser that has sufficient lather to remove build-up of oil and dead skin, but not too much that it dries out the face. By adopting a good beard care routine, the itch will quickly be a distant memory. After all, every man deserves a chance to have a go at growing one of the most enduring symbols of manliness without the whole experience getting under his skin.

Men’s Mental Health How Barbers Can Help Tom Chapman is the barber behind a radical initiative in the UK called The Lions Barber Collective. The concept? To help turn barbershops from mere places you go for a cut and a shave to safe spaces where men can start a conversation about their problems. Recent research conducted by The Lions Barber Collective and The Bluebeards Revenge grooming brand suggests that barbers are in a unique position to help men battle depression, with more than half of the men surveyed saying they feel more comfortable discussing mental health issues with their barbers than their doctors. Torquay-based Chapman has already been awarded one of the British Government’s Point of Light awards in recognition of what the group is doing, so we wanted to share with our readers his comments on this important work. Do you have any previous experience of mental health issues? I’d lost a good friend 12 months previously – I didn’t know he was going to take his own life. At his funeral there were too many people to fit into the crematorium and it dawned on me that there were so many people who cared about him, but he still didn’t feel that he could open up. It was something he was dealing with that I wasn’t aware of and we’d hung out as far back as being teenagers How did The Lions Barber Collective start? From a comment on a barbers’ Facebook group. I was looking for a group of barbers to help create a lookbook and raise money for a charity. I got 30 barbers together and we were talking about the charities we could direct the money to. Men’s cancer was an obvious one, then one of them mentioned a suicide prevention charity. It was just going to be a one off, maybe an annual thing, but the Lions have grown far more since then. What is it that The Lions Barber Collective actually does? The Lions’ mission is twofold. We raise awareness for men’s wellbeing and suicide prevention and lower the stigma around it. If people think they can open up more in a safe environment, that’s a huge thing for us. The second aim is to educate – we created a bespoke training programme called BarberTalk, which is a day long and designed for barbers, based on suicide prevention training and mental health first aid. We’re not trying to turn barbers into counsellors, but to build a bridge from society to the organisations that are there already. There are many great ones, but people don’t know about them.

What is it about barbers that makes them suited to this task? Because of that follow-up rate we have with clients – maybe every two to four weeks – we’re in the best position to notice sudden changes in people. It’s normally spotting anything extreme – too much sleep or not enough sleep, losing weight or gaining weight, etc. We train barbers to recognise those signs and to ask clients how they’re feeling, listen non-judgmentally and [to know] where to direct them to. In an extreme case you might have to stage an intervention and initiate a “safe for now plan”. Why do you think men feel comfortable talking to barbers about this stuff? I think it’s been known for many years that women talk to their hairdressers, and it happens the same way in barber shops. You’re in that chair for half an hour, one-to-one, and it’s very intimate. You’re touching someone’s head, ears, necks, things you don’t normally do to other men. There’s a big relationship there – I’ve known clients for 15 years, met their wives and kids. There’s a huge level of trust and friendship, but it rarely goes out the door – so they know that if they talk to you it’s likely not going to get back to their other circles. Also, I think that being in a male-dominated environment creates that ability for them to feel safe. We think we should be strong and tough for women, so when there’s no women around those barriers come down a little. I do know guys who talk more to women and there are women barbers working with us, but the male environment does make a lot of people feel safe. For more information www.thelionsbarbercollective.com Reproduced courtesy of askmen by Justin Quirk

42 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

American Barber Haircare


(03) 9555 1533 | sales@muimports.com.au | www.muimports.com.au | 662 South Rd, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia

How Barbershops are adapting to the ‘new normal’ in a transformed landscape The barbershop has always been an especially intimate environment. It is a place where close contact is nonnegotiable but all that stopped when the coronavirus forced salons and barbershops in many countries to close, temporarily breaking the bond between stylist and loyal client, and curtailing the camaraderie and community of many barbershops. As lockdowns ease around the world, shop owners and employees are returning to workplaces that have been crucially transformed and our advice is of course to make sure you check all current safety guidelines in your own state regarding what measures need to be taken to stay safe and operate your Barbershop within the current regulations. As lockdowns ease around the world, shop owners and employees are returning to workplaces that have been crucially transformed and our advice is of course to make sure you check all current safety guidelines in your own state regarding what measures need to be taken to stay safe and operate your Barbershop within the current regulations. A standard ruling across all states is for barber shops to keep a record of all clients that visit your store. This includes names and contact details which will help with contact tracing should a client be diagnosed with COVID-19. You must currently also adhere to physical distancing requirements, seating clients 1.5 m apart, including the 1 person per 4 square metre rule. Hygiene measures are very specific when it comes to barber shops and hairdressers and a full list can be found on all State Government WHS sites. Some of these will include but are not restricted to:Reception and Retail Area: • Discard old magazines and other nonessential items in the waiting area that cannot be disinfected • Wipe down all soft surfaces (couches, chairs) with water and a clean towel - Remember that these soft surfaces cannot be disinfected Clean and disinfect all hard, non-porous surfaces such as reception counter, computer keyboard, • phones, door handles, light switches and point of sale equipment - Make sure to follow contact time for all surfaces • Clean and disinfect all shelving, glass and display cases; keep product containers clean and dust free • Place signage in window to notify clients of your diligence in practicing proper infection control Work Stations • Clean and disinfect all non-porous implements used in your services, as required by all states (immersion, spray or wipe) • Store properly disinfected implements in closed, containers that have also been disinfected (wipe or spray) • Clean and disinfect all electrical implements used in your services as required by all states

• Clean and disinfect chairs and headrests and consider barrier methods on chairs such as disposable paper drapes or towels that can be laundered after each client • Clean and disinfect station, rolling carts, drawers and any containers used for storage • Ensure that single use (porous items) are new Restroom • Clean and disinfect all surfaces • Replace any soft goods (toilet paper, paper towels) • Consider upgrading to touchless faucets, soap and paper towel dispensers • Consider adding touchless, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers • Place a trash container near door • Remove any products that do not belong in the restroom – nothing should be stored in a restroom Shampoo Bowls • Clean all bowls, handles, hoses, spray nozzles and shampoo chairs • Disinfect all bowls, handles, hoses, spray nozzles and shampoo chairs observing full contact time with a properly concentrated disinfectant or wipe Disinfectants / PPE: • Disinfectant must be EPA-registered and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal • No product will be labeled for COVID-19 yet, but many will have human coronavirus efficacy either on their label or available on their websites • Disinfectant for immersion must be made fresh daily and replaced if it becomes contaminated sooner • Any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used is single use and must be changed after each client, for example gloves • Mask may be required and changing them would be dependent upon availability • Hands must be washed after removing gloves Practical changes: • In the short term, consider staggering appointments so that waiting areas have minimal congestion • Staggering of appointments also gives adequate time to properly clean and disinfect in between customers • Even if you haven’t used an appointment system before, now may be the time to implement one. If you continue to take walkins, be conscious of how many people are in your waiting area and be 44 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

• responsible about keep those numbers low • Consider how to make your POS terminals safer • If you are using an iPad, asking the customer read you their card number means that you are the only one touching that screen • Encourage the use of applications like Apple Pay that do not require any interaction between your consumer and your surfaces. If you must you a touch pad, this should be disinfected frequently • In the short term, do not re-introduce things like magazines, self-serve coffee or candy jars • Disinfect reception counter, door handles, phones and writing implements at the beginning of the day and every 1-2 hours, based on traffic • Discontinue the practice of shaking hands - While this handshaking has long been considered a sign of welcoming and respect, there are safer ways to welcome someone in 2020 • Decline services for any client that exhibits signs of illness Hand Hygiene: • Wash hands with soap/water for 30 seconds before/after eating, smoking and using the restroom • Wash hands immediately before and after providing a client (hand sanitizer where allowed) • Provide hand sanitizer at reception desk and all stations for clients to use • Maintain intact skin by frequent use of lotion Laundry: • All towels/capes laundered (porous) or disinfected (non-porous) after a single use • All towels/linens dried until “hot to the touch” • All towels/linens stored in a closed, covered container • Use disposable where you can. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Follow the Guideline’s, all of which will bring us back to our new normal sooner rather than later!

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PIMP YOUR RAZOR BY MILKMAN GROOMING CO If you’re shaving clients with a straight razor all day every day, why not use something that looks as good as it feels? Milkman have delivered once again with their take on a premium razor. Features include a gorgeous hard wood handle, black titanium finish & brass tension adjustment. It’s like getting a Bentley on a Honda budget. Get yours from www.milkmangrooming.co ANTI-DANDRUFF DUO PACK BY AMERICAN BARBER Ideal for customers with a dry and itchy scalp. www.muimports.com.au

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New vs Current Clients

6 Marketing Tips BY SARAH GARNER

So often people associate marketing with discounting, and yes, this is the first thing we think of in an effort to attract clients. Who wouldn’t want to come into your salon, spa or clinic for an attractively priced service?

Thinking about your most loyal clients, what makes them want to come back time and time again? It probably has nothing to do with price, but more so the experience you and your brand provides and the relationship you and your team builds with them. Keeping those dream clients coming back for more and more? Now that’s a game we would all like to win at. Let’s explore why it’s important to have a mix of campaigns that target both current and new clientele in your business. Education STOP ASKING YOUR AUDIENCE TO BUY FROM YOU! You may not be aware, but your brand is coming off like a used car sales person to your audience. Rather than focusing on asking for the sale, educate them on why they need particular treatments. How do they know they have a problem with their fade, beard or skin if you don’t show them? Educating your clients should always be high on your priority list. Both new and current clients both benefit from it. The current loyal ones are already on the education train whereas the new ones are at the starting line and will take longer to educate as they do not yet know, like and trust you enough.

Return On Investment Time is a precious commodity we cannot buy more of; we cannot borrow it or steal it. But we can spend it wisely. Money isn’t the only thing you spend when focusing your marketing efforts on reaching new clientele, it’s also a greater lead time before they commit to making a purchase from you. Here’s a little secret I want to let you in on, are you ready? Returning clients spend more money and refer their friends and family too. Not only are your repeat clients purchasing more over time than new clients, they likely trust you enough to purchase your more expensive products or services. Every hair, beauty or barber business should have a strategically designed retention marketing plan that will keep those loyal, raving fans coming back for more. Your retention marketing plan could include: - A loyalty rewards program - Rewarding repeat visits - Digital marketing; social media, email marketing, mobile SMS, blogs, seo Targeting your existing clients - Referral program - Memberships

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Boosts Brand Awareness & Position in The Marketplace The main reason your clients keep coming back wanting more is all down to the experience they have with your brand. The environment they enter into, the level of care and service they receive, what you remember of them and their life from last time they visited, how you communicate with them, how you made them feel. Staying at the forefront of your client’s minds is an essential part to remind them to come back. In 2020 the digital (and physical) landscapes are overcrowded and businesses are forever competing with other industries, personal accounts, influencers and even that cute Golden Retriever account! Since technology is ever-evolving, people are spending more and more time behind a screen so it’s crucial you strengthen your presence on digital channels where your dream clients hang out. You have to work hard to even get into any new client’s awareness, current clients already know, like and trust your brand AND they are more likely to be following you on all the platforms PLUS even give you a review. Attract Dream Clientele It might sound cliche, but the truth is you absolutely need to understand WHO your ideal audience is. There is no point marketing to potential clients who never end up buying anything from you because they weren’t picking up what you were putting down in the first place (which is a fancy way of saying they aren’t your ideal clients!) You have limited time and resources as it is; you don’t want to waste it day in and day out by trying to cast a net to catch all the fish in the sea. Your brand must be relevant to your potential clients and create an emotional connection with them. Knowing who they are and what aspirations, challenges and needs they have can help you create a brand that will easily connect with your market, grab their attention and create a positive perception of your business in their minds. Find your specialty; A specialty is a combination of things you love doing, you’re really good at them and you have done them many times before (Your passions, abilities and experience). Ask yourself these questions, What am I passionate about? What am I skilled at? What am I knowledgeable on? What am I more experienced on? From here, you need to find a gap in the market (your potential clients), identify their problems/ needs, research your competitors in this niche and develop unique strategies to set yourself apart from everyone else! Then, take note of your current regular clients. Are they a dream to work with? What characteristics do they have that you like? Where would they spend most of their time online? Are they even online? What do they sound like? Do they show up 10 minutes early to an appointment? Do they buy whatever you recommend? Do they have children? Do they earn a certain amount of money? What’s their style?

Increase Your Average Dollar Sale Your current clients already know, like and trust you. They have already purchased from you, and chances are, do an incredible job so they not only love you, they purchase again, but more so purchase anything you recommend to them. New clients have only heard of you on the gram’ if that! They take a lot more tender love and care, nurturing and a whole lot of loving before they even make the first purchase with you (sometimes it could be 6 months or more before they consider coming into your salon). Consistent Client Experience How your customers feel and are treated when they come into contact with your brand is extremely important. What your brand puts out there on social media, print media and your website must reflect how your customer experiences your business at all touch points. If there is a mis-match with what you ‘perceive’ your business as versus what it truly is, your customers are likely to come away disappointed and tell every living soul about it. For example, if you post to your business’ Instagram and pinch pictures off Pinterest portraying a high-end, beautiful, luxurious looking premises then a new client walks in with high expectations - they see your space hasn’t had a fresh coat of paint in 10 years. Not only have you lost a sale and probably a loyal client, but also brand trust, authenticity and credibility (which means you won’t be in business for long). Make sure what you are portraying your brand to be in the media world, matches in real life too. Your existing clients already know this of your business and they are your red hot ticket to attracting new clients. The best part? Your dream clients are laying on your spa beds and chances are they are going to refer their dream friends and family too. Getting new clients to know your name let alone through your door to wow them on your incredible brand experience takes time. Sarah Garner is the Founder and Creative Director at Digital Bloom, an industry-specific branding boutique dedicated to helping your hair, beauty or wellness brand turn heads for all the right reasons. Check out Digital Bloom’s website: www.digitalbloom. com.au or contact Sarah at hello@digitalbloom.com.au.

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Now is the time to Market!! BY GEORGE HAWWA

Is now the time to begin increasing your marketing output and get your business communication out? Absolutely! Why is that? Well, to survive as a business you must communicate. And marketing is a core part of bringing customers to take a seat in your business.

Making sure your marketing is being seen and heard by the right people is definitely a factor. But what’s most important still, is ensuring you are consistently communicating to your audiences. Here is some advice on how to get your business going in the right direction in a transitioning out of Covid-19 marketplace. Increasing communication to your databases and marketplace is more important now than ever for your business, as you need to pivot into a momentum-based marketing approach The mantra for your marketing during any time of downturn or quiet period for your business should be to communicate more than you were before. It is very easy for a business to slip into apathy on their marketing and outflow of communications to potential clients and customers. It’s easy to just say ‘what’s the use? No one has the money’. If this is you, you really need to

scrap that mentality. Your marketing actions and success really depends upon your level of communication outflow. During this time, step it up a gear and push yourself to communicate more than you were prior to COVID-19. Using digital channels such as social media and email is the best way to communicate now Facebook reported that during COVID-19, the use of the Facebook platform (which is Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) increased by 31% per user. Social media is where a lot of users are getting their news, updates and social latest from during the Covid-19 situation. This makes it particularly appealing to businesses, who want to reach audiences that will be highly engaged. The great thing about social media for your business is, the expense is relativity low and the ability to target your audiences is extremely accurate. There are some very specialised techniques such as uploading your email database into your social media business ad accounts and targeting all your previous customers on social media, to come back.

52 Barber Shop Year 9 Issue 2

Email marketing to your current databases is highly effective also. What is observed, is if you run social media and email marketing alongside one another, is a highly successful and profitable marketing technique. Empathy with the marketplace is the best tone of communication to come to market with as you begin reexpanding your business awareness to the public When you communicate to market through your various forms of marketing, whether it’d be social media, email marketing etc, it is important that the tone during these times is not displayed as self-serving. You want to avoid any advertising or promotion that can be seen as you trying to lure customers in or trying too hard to gain business. The best approach currently, is the empathy approach. Understanding your audience, know their issues currently and work with them in providing a service which will help them. Your content language should envelop a style of communication that is a ‘We are here for you’ type dialogue. In terms of the Barber industry, communication such as ‘Need a pick me up? Get a great hairstyle to get you back on track’, ‘We’re still open and still doing great hairstyles for our clients. Love what we do, and we are here to do what we can to help you get the look that makes you feel confident’. Know a lot of your customers would be going through job losses and various hardships. So, for them a haircut or a trim, will be the thing they need to get back to the job market. Creating a thought-leader / value-add content angle is the best way to have the potential clients get back into the chair with you! Be a thought leader. Add value! Give advice and create a dialogue in your social media content that invigorates the attitude that you are here to help. Your clients are more

to you than just a quick haircut. This is the most powerful and the highest form of communication you can evoke with your clients. Give advice on hair styling, what’s the best way to maintain a beard, shaving techniques, what are the latest styles and trends. Other great material and content is customers coming in for a haircut or a trim, showing their work off on your social media or through your marketing. Show people you are still active and you are living what you’re preaching! Paid advertising on social media should be something you should have in your budgets Look at doing some paid social media advertising to reach your key audiences. Do not boost posts, use Facebook Ads Manager instead. This will gain for you a much more powerful result. Facebook and Instagram have the ability for you to collect bookings now and also collect names, numbers and email addresses. Be sure to use these tools to book people in and gain growth for your business. George recently won the ‘Outstanding Young Entrepreneur’ award at the NSW Regional Business Chamber Awards in 2018. George started Attention Experts, after successfully starting, building and selling two multi-million-dollar businesses utilising social media and also, lectures on behalf of the Centre for Continuing Education on social media strategy at Sydney University. If you need any help with any of the above. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Attention Experts. Attention Experts provides FREE social media audits and can give general advice. You can make a booking for a meeting at attentionexperts.com. Or you can call and get the help you need at (02) 8095 9342.

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Oh My Rona, Surviving COVID-19! with Don De Sanctis

With social distancing guidelines and closures of nonessential businesses, Hair salons and barber shops could remain open. Regardless of this, it still plays a huge impact on our industry. Even though we are legally allowed to remain open, some businesses might make the difficult decision to close temporarily, due to many financial and health factors relating to the pandemic. We are in an industry that requires close physical contact with people, which puts us at a high risk. These are a few things we have done at Barber Boys to protect the safety of our staff, clients, and business. 1. Sanitation and Hygiene: This is one of the biggest guidelines to follow for the protection of staff and clients. All Barber Boys employees have been supplied with ample amount of hand sanitiser, gloves, and masks. Sanitiser must be used before and after each client and customers must use the hand sanitiser provided as they enter any Barber Boys’ stores. All staff must wear gloves and masks when providing services to their customers. Before COVID-19 affected the world, Barber Boys have always been compliant with the Public Health Act. But during this time, we have monitored closely and sent daily reminders to my staff to clean the store thoroughly and regularly. Duties such as cleaning their stations, tools and equipment after every client, cleaning and sanitising of the front desk, product shelves, floor etc.

2. Staff rostered hours: Communicate to your staff about the pandemic and how it could possibly affect their rostered hours. I respectfully gave my staff the option, of who wished not to work during the pandemic. With that, management were able to work out temporary operating times and rostered staff hours best suited for each store. Majority of salon owners would have seen an enormous drop with sales during the pandemic, along with the 1.5 meter distance and 4 square meters per person in a room rule, for the salons to survive, operating hours and staff rosters need to be adjusted to be financially stable. 3. Social Media: Social Media is a great way to help boost, not just advertising the brand but sales as well. At Barber Boys, we used our social media pages to help promote the safe and hygiene at all Barber Boys stores. As this helped our customers understand the precautions we were taking during this pandemic. It also allowed our customers to feel safe to enter our stores for their services. Additionally, our social media pages helped with our online sales with gift certificates and products purchases. These are just a few changes in which Barber Boys did to help survive though COVID-19 pandemic. As the months are passing by and the cases of Corona are decreasing, I believe COVID-19 will continue to have a huge impact to all industries and individuals. Eventually, when there will be zero cases, the side effects of COVID-19 will still have an effect and it will take time for humanity and businesses to return to ‘normal’ again.

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BLOG SPOT. LOCKED, STOCKED AND LOADED Staring Down The Barrel of Covid19 with Collette Saunders Goooooood Morning Planet Earth. Who is totally over the smell of fresh Corona in the morning? So here I am 10 weeks into a Covid hiatus, looking at this blank piece of paper! What the hell am I going to write? Writing your own thoughts requires you to be still, and I have had plenty of stillness recently, and 4 extra kilos to prove it? Here we are in the middle of a social, economic and political revolution, and if there’s one capital I’m greatly in stock of, its hope. Here we are in the middle of a viral war, keeping virtually connected, while last year we were being told that too much virtual is unhealthy! Backtrack to 1 Jan 2020 and I, like many, were making those New Year resolutions. Clarity, Consciousness and Freedom were mine! Then C19 spread its incidious tentacles. Slam Slam Slam Slam 4 walls Lockdown. So then here we were, trying to maintain our own Identity Focus, while being under order and controlled. ( I still don’t like the way you all acted over toilet paper. Yes, you know who you are. Overconsumption is obnoxious. ) Yet as we grieved the way in which we used to interact, fundamental necessities returned. Out came the head block. Suddenly the masses became the masters of sectioning and slicing, and how to create the perfect GHD curl! Tripods replaced chairs, and we saw an explosion of online education, home haircuts from the bathroom, husbands and kids became the Barbers Next Top Model. (The funniest thing I watched was Jules Tognini and Lauren McCowan doing “The Ferns Between Us”. No judgement here Jules, cheers for the laughs at a time when sometimes we needed not to take our social media so seriously.) Anyway back to train of thought... Fundamental AND essential. Diverting me to this next little seed of thought. How bloody essential are we! That our government in its wisdom kept us on the frontline knowing full well some would and

some wouldn’t. Keeping some flow into our small business economy. Barbers in the trenches. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. For most of us we cut hair like our lives depend on it, because it does! Bills, food on the table, roof over the head, family dependants. Not everyone got Job Keeper or Job Seeker payments. For those who remained open, each day, every spin of the chair was like dodging a bullet. On they soldiered steel to the ready. Suddenly resilience is everything. Three things I’ve always stood by are 1. Front Up. 2. Change Your Perspective. 3. Try New Things. Three strategies that will carry you, any time anywhere. So whether you stayed home or still worked during this lockdown, you still had to show up in your life, change some views, and hopefully grabbed the opportunity to try some new things. Rational approaches on each own individual levels had us “satisficing” = satisfy & suffice, like the Carnegie Decision Model. Limited information and limited resources interrupted our solution making processes. We all had to make decisions, and make those decisions quickly, and once on that path stay on it, and not quit. Call it the “Aussie Spirit” or whatever you will, but these times proved for the most part, an industry that pulls together to do good, support each other and create hope. It’s just what we are wired to do! We don’t stay down and we never give up. We’ve always got plan B. We may have gotten locked but we were still stocked and loaded. Collette Saunders @collettecutthroats @australianfemalebarbers

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STRENGTHEN & HYDRATE Cleanse & NOURISH SUITABLE for all hair types SUITABLE for all hair types







Thicker fuller heaLthier looking hair

Sold exclusively through salons

American Barber Haircare


(03) 9555 1533 | sales@muimports.com.au | www.muimports.com.au | 662 South Rd, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia


with Paul Frasca

About mid-way through the covid-crisis, the team at Sustainable Salons started to make an effort to look on the bright side; we even asked our field team to let us know what that view looked like for them and then we splashed it across our socials… we called it ‘my pandemic positive spin’. (Let me just say here that I’m not at all playing down the tragic fallout of this global crisis. Our hearts and efforts went out to our members first and foremost to help alleviate some of the struggles they were facing daily, while we also dealt with our own internal business and personal challenges.) The most common answer our team members gave was that they loved watching Mama Earth show signs of healing! A recent study has shown that carbon pollution fell 17% during the pandemic’s peak - the biggest annual drop since World War II. It’s pretty cool, but it shows that big, ongoing change is so necessary. At the same time, I’ve been desperate to jump in here and promise you that this doesn’t mean our small changes aren’t helping either! Our operations and attention has definitely shifted to making the ‘people’ part of sustainability our core focus as we navigate new priorities in health, safety and community welfare. But we’re also determined not to let the health of our dear Mama Earth suffer unnecessarily either. So, we have this awesome positive spin where she’s breathing a little easier (at the moment), but now, as a collective, we’re placing singleuse items in front of a salon client in an effort to do everything we can to keep people’s germs to themselves. And ultimately, as the past has shown, those items are headed for landfill and litter. How do we make sure our new priorities don’t undo all the great work we’ve already done? I’ve got some ideas and helpful hints for you, and the best part is that you can implement them right away. Let’s look at the commonly-available, key salon items in question here: • Disposable masks - these are most often mixed-materials and nonrecyclable • Gloves - latex, non-recyclable • Cleaning products/sanitisers - use harmful chemicals that wash down the drains and into our waterways, not to mention the abundant plastic waste (at least it’s regularly recyclable… tick!) • Disposable cups, crockery, cutlery and straws - heart-breakingly non-recyclable! So, how can we tread lighter and still stay safe? Here’s how to positive spin your PPE: BIODEGRADABLE If you absolutely need to use single-use in the salon, choose biodegradable. For Sustainable Salons Members, we have a huge range of biodegradable products on the Rewards Shop. If you’re not yet a member, do a Google search before you hit ‘reorder’ with your

regular supplier for biodegradable towels, gloves, cups, straws, fibrella (yes, there’s a better option!) and PPE masks. A little research goes a long way - it just requires some extra prep. REFILLABLE Think big. Yep, buying in bulk will help you keep your plastic waste to a minimum while also saving you bucks! RECYCLABLE Always look at the symbols on the products you’re purchasing to find out if they’re recyclable. If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to ask the supplier if they are, and more importantly, how to recycle them. For Sustainable Salons Members, the specialised recycling program we offer means we’re able to recycle and repurpose more of your salon materials than your council’s recycling service, so get in touch if you’d like to know what this includes. And don’t forget, if it’s not recyclable, I (strongly) encourage you to find another option. REUSABLE We’ll get to the Covid-19 debate around this in a minute. But let’s say you’re keen, it’s a great way to continue your sustainability commitment, and it’s often much cheaper. There are plenty of eco-friendly floor cleaners, hospital-grade disinfectants, handwashes, soaps, dishwashing detergents and laundry liquids available, just remember to buy in bulk for added greenie points! Okay, here it is, the argument FOR reusables in a Covid-19 world. For anyone choosing single-use as an added layer of risk management, I’d love you to reconsider… or just research it for yourself. Safe Work Australia says that “Reusable, washable cloths, PPE and covers should be washed in a regular cycle wash using the warmest possible setting with normal washing detergent. Avoid shaking out the items before placing in the washing machine.” That’s a green light to me! And the Victorian Government has provided this helpful tidbit (in a very clear FAQ doc for food businesses): “Due to the delicate nature of the viral envelope, coronaviruses are relatively sensitive to both heat and detergents (including soap). For this reason, normal washing of dishes in hot water (or better still, a dishwasher) using detergent is likely to completely inactivate any coronavirus present.” When it’s all wrapped up in a thorough package of in-salon cleaning and sanitising procedures, you’re on your way to kicking Covid’s butt while keeping Mama Earth out of it. Together, we can make the positive spin not spin at all... and then, it’s just called reality. Keen to join the movement? Register your salon details at www.sustainablesalons.org!

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Barbershop year 9 issue 2  

BarberShop is a trade magazine specifically for mens barbers and mens hairdressers. Keeping up with trends and fashion as well as business a...

Barbershop year 9 issue 2  

BarberShop is a trade magazine specifically for mens barbers and mens hairdressers. Keeping up with trends and fashion as well as business a...

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