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38 Tommy Gun’s Partners with Movember to bring back “Cuts For Nuts” 40 Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo


42-43 Sheriff Mehmet and the Envy Barber Team 44-45 The Garage Barber Shop Collective 46-47 Mens Hairdresser/Barber of the Year – Uros Mikic


28 For the Boys By Sam Squires 30 If Life gives you Lemonade By Dr John Barry


48 Attracting New Clients to your Business By Tracy Hall 50 What Men Want By Simone Lee


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Now that we have well and truly crossed the half way mark of the year, it is time to start getting ourselves ready for the busy Christmas Holiday Season, because before we know it, it will be upon us and another year will have rolled past. So with that in mind, what are you going to do differently for this last half of the year? In this issue we touch on a few different topics from Child Clients to Finding Balance between our work life and our family life, we also reminisce on the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo Barber Competitions and the talented competitors that were placed. Editorial collections from barbers that are not only fit for magazine pages but also award winners. All that and so much more. Hopefully you can read through our magazine this month in order to find some kind of inspiration that might help you finish out this last half of 2018 strong and with a nice big bang. Don’t forget it’s Movember coming up and we have a number of articles showing you how you can get involved, and what various barber s are already doing for this worthy cause. With that being said I hope you all have been well and crushing it in whatever it might be that you are working on, whether it be your skill sets as a barber, or becoming a dynamic educator or whether it is getting yourself ready for the next barber competition in your state. I hope you are giving it your all and you are learning and improving along the way. Until the next issue, happy reading!

Lance Liufau Lance Liufau Editor – Barbershop Magazine

Instagram: @lance_topshelfbarber

Bridging the Gap

Yuki Kano is a barber at The Barberhood and Educator for Toni&Guy Australia. Most recently he was recognized as a finalist for “Mens Hairdresser/Barber of the Year” and “New Creative Force” at Hair Expo 2018.

“For me style has no gender. I love to take inspiration from the world of barbering and visualise across gender boundaries when I imagine and create styles for my clients.”

Growing up in Japan, Yuki started cutting his own hair, when he was 15, because his local hairdresser wouldn’t give him an undercut. “It was in fashion in 90s!”, says Yuki, “They always gave me a very feminine haircut and I hated it because I was a tomboy.” Pretty much around the same time he started cutting his friends and family’s hair but never thought he was going to be a hairdresser. “I was using nail scissors and razor, and I guess my way of cutting hair was like “Bonsai” style.” Before taking hairdressing as a career, Yuki had dabbled in different careers. “I studied teaching in university and had worked as a gym instructor for 6 years because of my love for sports. My uncle is a professional photographer so I was inspired to be a photographer when I was young. Then I found passion in making coffee, so I was a barista for 6 years! There is a lot in life that I love and I always strive to be better at what I do.” Relocating to Sydney was definitely a big change in Yuki’s journey. His parents had taken him and his sister to different countries when they were young and he loved travelling. “I fell in love with Sydney and moved to the city in 2004. It was in Sydney when I decided to go back to what I loved as a teenager and decided to be a hairdresser” We spoke to Yuki about his passion, being a barbers, Education and his future goals.


I started hairdressing in 2008 at the TONI&GUY Academy in Sydney. I loved every single moment of the learning experience and opportunity it has offered. I wanted to learn as much as possible and was hungry for every opportunity available. I attended and assisted whenever I could backstage at fashion shows, photo shoots and education

seminars. I love Men’s fashion and also think there is no better accessory than hair to express a person’s individuality. When I first started working with TONI&GUY, I was not able to use clippers because the philosophy of the company was that we needed to have a strong foundation skill of the scissor over comb technique and not achieve this by clippers. In 2014, as the barber trend was growing and everyone was talking about fades, the academy finally accepted the use of clippers. I was extremely honoured when the company invited renowned barber and men’s hairdresser specialist Kevin Luchman from UK and I had the opportunity to be trained by him. It was a mind-blowing experience. I LOVED working with clippers and knew that I wanted to master them and the art of fades!


I have been working as a barber for the last year and feel that I’ve found my love and passion! Over the last few years my work has been getting recognition from International awards and through teaching men’s hair cutting courses at the academy. But I really wanted to branch out into the barber industry to learn new skills with clippers and wet shaving. I was drawn to the culture of traditional barbers. One evening I was walking in Martin Place and noticed a traditional yet modern barbershop. I was captured by the way that the products and shaving equipment were displayed. It looked so beautiful that I just had to stop to watch the staff working. My girlfriend, who was with me, encouraged me to go into the shop and introduce myself, so I did! I was fortunate that the owner was in and chatted with them about my background in hairdressing and showed them my portfolio on Instagram. It was fate, the owner liked what they saw and by the next day I had a job as a barber! If you have passion, nothing is impossible so follow your dreams. cont’d over page

9 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3

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“If you have passion, nothing is impossible so follow your dreams.” HOW DID YOU FIND WORKING AS A BARBER DIFFERED FROM THAT OF A HAIRDRESSER?

Working at the barber, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know if my hairdressing skills would be transportable to the barber skill. The first difference I observed between hairdressing and barbering is timing – transiting from a 45+ minute appointment to a 30 minute appointment. This was more challenging than I realised! Second difference was that most clients have a clear idea of the length of hair they want at a barbershop. The thought process as a barber and a hairdresser is very different – while hairdressers tend to focus more on overall shape, inspiration behind the haircut and texture, being a barber you need to make quick decisions relying on professional knowledge. When you start a haircut, you need to know straight away the longest length and shortest length for sides and back, then decide what to do with the top and mission accomplished! After a year of working at a very busy barbers I noticed that my confidence and skill level improved. Every day I am challenged and this motivates me to keep learning. I now have a steady client base that keeps me busy.


As an educator, I tried my best to bridge the gap between a traditional barbering style of cutting and salon hairdressing – whilst introducing new concepts to the men’s hair industry. I’m most proud of the androgynous style of work I’ve created which I’ve introduced

into an innovative curriculum and education sessions with my students. More recently I taught a creative men’s cutting/barbering course in Sydney designed to provide an insight into how our salon brand bridges the gap between men’s fashion and cutting techniques, incorporating growing trends and influences from musicians, actors and high fashion models, and how to translate these into wearable techniques for the salon. During the course I also spoke about how I created photo shoot images to motivate my students on the importance of collaborating with other creative talent such as photographers, makeup artists and designers. For me style has no gender. I love to take inspiration from the world of barbering and visualise across gender boundaries when I imagine and create styles for my clients. I love how the men’s hairdressing/ barbering landscape is interchanging and evolving right now and how fun the industry is! I have been fortunate to meet some amazing and talented, people who have inspired me, people such as Lance Liufau, Kevin Luchman and Charlie Gray from Menspire.


Most importantly I want to commit myself to making a contribution in growing the future of this industry and inspiring others. I would love to connect with other international barbers and I would love to get involved with educational events. I would also love to be part of the Wahl artistic team one day!

10 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3



An Impressive Heritage

Duglas Mendez: Next Level Hair Competition 2017

BIBA has an impressive 43-year heritage in hairdressing and remains as one of the largest and longest-running groups in Australia’s salon industry. Since 1975, BIBA has been delivering award-winning service from its 15 salon locations across Victoria and more recently The Biba Academy has had a lot to shout about!

Bronson Cheong: Next Level Hair Competition 2017

“I love the dial on the Panasonic which means there is less need to change guards. They are light and powerful, which makes for a better clipper experience”

Rocco, Biba Academy 12 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3

BIBA Academy’s two locations, in Fitzroy and Melbourne, were founded by Pavlos Divitaris and are now run by a team of leading industry figures including Simon and Ben Divitaris, Lyndal Salmon and Mirella Heuperman. At BIBA Academy, you’ll find a hand-selected team of award-winning educators who are passionate about Pavlos’ philosophy that one must push everything “to the next level”— hair, education and your own abilities. Our mission is to produce graduates who love their craft, who love being a part of our team and who can become the next generation of industry leaders. The Divitaris family established their network of professional salons in 1975 and then the two training campuses in 1999. It’s safe to say that the BIBA brand has an established history with the Australian industry. Originally, the Biba Hairdressing Academy was established to train and motivate their own company staff. However, with the evolution of the industry, and the BIBA mindset to give-back and encourage people to ‘love the feel of hair’, Certificate Hairdressing and Barbering courses are now offered to anyone with a passion to learn Launched just 3 years ago was The BIBA Group’s Next Level Hair Competition, giving ‘up and comers’ not only the opportunity to refine their finishing skills but to jam, celebrate and learn from the art of collaboration among some of the industry’s best mentors, educators and leaders. BIBA encourages individuals to take the lead from both a commercial and creative standpoint – whether it be to specialise in barbering or just to up-skill and refresh as a qualified stylist. With a prize pool like no other, the BIBA Next Level competition sets a benchmark for our industry’s training facilities to not just follow curriculum but to go above and beyond.

Next Level Hair Competition 2017

Next Level Hair Competition 2017

Ben Russell: Next Level Hair Competition 2017


Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3

With six awards categories; Full Time Student Award, Academy RTO Apprentice Award, BIBA Styling Award, Master Colour Award, Barbering Award and BIBA Open Award, more than 50 stylists competed last year for the ultimate prize while enjoying the atmosphere of a street-party style catwalk at the BIBA Academy in Fitzroy and celebrating on the awards night at hip Fitzroy venue, Craft and Co. The BIBA Next Level Hair Competition is gearing up for a fourth amazing year in 2018 with the excitement and drama to be shared, this year, with a television audience! The proposed eightepisode series will explore the artistry and the grit that goes into preparing for hair competition as it showcases the industry’s up-and-coming talents. By following entrants as they prepare their models and then battle each other in the finale, viewers will experience the tension and, ultimately, the triumph of this growing competition. With six grand prizes of a trip to London to study at Sassoon Academy up for grabs, there is no doubt that this is the competition that hairdresser and barbers actually want to win! cont’d over page

cont’d from page 13 Working closely with well established brands such as Wella has helped BIBA expand the competition in past years and we recently learned that the Academy and Salons have now also partnered with Panasonic as their preferred Clipper Tool of choice. We thought this was a good opportunity to speak to Simon Divitaris about this recent partnership and well it has been performing at the Academy.


At Biba we like tools that make our life easier and with on selling on to our students or professionals we need to know that it is a quality product with great support.


The powerful motor and the sharp blades make them easy to use. Being ergonomic and smooth means that your hands are not as tired at the end of the day. They feel more like a custom pair of scissors! Because of this, these clippers can be used also on one length haircuts and other looks.


Easy cleaning via the blades coming off and spring load opening makes it easy to get between the blades. The lLong lasting battery and the adjustable length dial.


The Panasonic sits at the high end like an iPhone in the mobile market. It’s a high-quality item.


Who we partner with is important because we need the confidence of knowing that if something isn’t right there will be a hassle-free free solution.


Absolutely! It gives people confidence that the quality will be long-lasting. BIBA Acadmey offer a range of courses including: • The BIBA Barbering Basics Course • Certificate III in Barbering (SHB30516) • Certificate II Salon Assistant (SHB20216) • Certificate III in Hairdressing (SHB30416) • Off-the-job training for apprentices • Reskill training for qualified hairdressers and barbers For more information on the academy and Next Level Hair Competition For more information on the Panasonic Clipper 14 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3


Linear Motor


1Hour Charging

Made in

Japan Cord/cordless operation

Convenient charging stand

Panasonic Professional

Automatic Universal Voltage


(03) 9555 1533 | | | 662 South Rd, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia



“They’ve learnt how to select the right tools to achieve their desired cut, how to blow dry and style, but most importantly they’ve learnt how to respect themselves as people”

It’s a cold and wintery Wednesday morning in the western suburbs of Melbourne, but Barber Max Laban isn’t worried about the weather. Max’s focus is on setting up a space ready for the youths that will soon crowd in. Many come from the streets; they might be homeless sleeping in doorways trying to escape the bitter winds, living rough in parks, couch surfing or scrambling for space in the ever crowding support shelters. They might be well dressed or not, hungry or full, sick or well; but they have one thing in common. All of them will have experienced hardship. All of them come to learn. Barbering is the skill, but many lessons are learned.

In 2017, Max had a vison to create a program with purpose, to provide support for those experiencing difficult life circumstances. His passion unfolded into the Cut and Shine program which has now been operating and developing empowered youth with skills for the industry. With the support of The Youth Junction Inc team, the program is growing and gaining massive support. ABOUT THE CUT AND SHINE PROGRAM In December that year, The program framework offers a viable solution to the reduction of crime and anti-social behaviours in young The Youth Junction Inc. people by providing a positive, non-judgemental environment where young people can gain hard and soft skills sourced funding through in the art of barbering which in turn, changes their behaviour and aims to build positive and pro-social structures R.E. Ross Trust and by within their lives. We anticipated that barbering will teach young people self-respect, how to treat others, knowing February 2018 the Cut and how to socialise with others, benefits of meeting new people daily, and most importantly changing young people’s Shine program was born. lives through the art and skill of mastering a pair of clippers! The program was developed to instil values in the young people who will become Barbers, in seeing the joy of customers as they leave the chair feeling satisfied from their hair cut that would potentially change young people’s lives. This provides a great opportunity to young people to become positive role models, rather than always focussing on their disadvantages and deficits.

The Cut and Shine Program isn’t just about cutting hair, it offers the students so much more. While students learn a variety of skills during the program including clipper basics; the art of fading, OH&S fundamentals and responsibilities, how to gain work experience, the importance of attending Industry Trade Shows, they also learn how to setup a business, the importance of insurance, how to gain publicity and why promotion and marketing are so fundamental to a profitable business. They also learn about the importance of good customer service and treating everyone with respect.

were times where he just couldn’t connect or communicate with them because they were dealing with some serious events that most of us never experience. If homelessness wasn’t enough, the youth were trying to manage courts cases, some without legal representation, long days and weeks of being in and out of court, other police matters including theft, domestic violence, unruly behaviour and medical issues. Many were getting into fights over sleeping spaces and relationships. If their own problems weren’t enough many were being distracted by friends who were under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and many other issues. The distractions seemed endless. But they kept turning up. They wanted to learn. They sought the care and dedication Max and The Youth Junction Inc. provided.

“I am extremely proud to see what they have achieved over these past weeks”, Max beams, “they’ve learnt how to engage with customers, how to speak to them and how to properly drape our customers with a Cape. They’ve learnt the five things they need to do before they begin the haircut, and how to face challenging customers. Through team bonding, they’ve learnt to trust one another, they are offering help to one another, and are able to praise each other to help build self-esteem. They’ve learnt how to select the right tools to achieve their desired cut, how to blow dry and style, but most importantly they’ve learnt how to respect themselves as people.” When creating the program, Max knew he had to make sure there were activities and team challenges that would allow the group to turn to each other for help, building a solid team within the program. He focused on weekly planning, setting individual goals, homework and challenges that would assist in building social skills. “I also had to change the way I did things too” Max admits, “I really had to change the way I spoke, so they could understand what message I was getting across. I had to remind myself that these weren’t like my ordinary barber workshops where I was able to engage with an audience already in the hair industry”. Max remembers weeks where some students didn’t want to engage at all and then there

Max was amazed. He knew that even though they had all these things going on, they still turned up to class. He watched with respect how much commitment they put in, how much effort they turned out, and mostly how they kept turning up. Not just turning up but ‘With the right attitude” Max said. “I knew they had a choice of where to spend their Wednesdays, and every time I was grateful when they chose to come here”.

When asked why he felt there was a need for this kind of program, Max instantly becomes animated and his excitement about the program is contagious. “As a professional Barber and a Social Worker part of my role is service,” he starts, “That service requires you to help someone who may be struggling with life in general. I’ve seen and spoken to a lot of youth who have either left school, got kicked out of school or even gotten to the point they’ve joined gangs.” He bows his head sadly explaining, “Now, these things don’t happen overnight. There would be some sort of pattern created, or they have been influenced by

17 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3

cont’d over page


An integral and valued member of the Wahl Education and Artistic Team Australia, Max Laban is a well renowned educator with over 14 years’ experience in the Barber Industry. Known colloquially as the ‘Fade Specialist’, Max’s technical cuts and fades makes him highly sought after for education sessions. This, in conjunction with his community involvement also make him a highly respected member of the community.

cont’d from page 21 those around them that have led them to where they are now. Some have no jobs, some are lazy, generally there are no role models, no guidance and no support. These are basic things that are lacking in their lives which again has assisted in leading them astray. I can honestly testify this to be true because I was once in their shoes, I can speak from experience.” Speaking to some of his students, it’s easy to see that Max knows what he’s talking about. By the age of 24, Cut and Shine student Zoe had been through more in her life than most. Growing up in what she calls ‘a very broken home’, her father passed away from a heroin overdose when she was young. Followed by not one, but two of her brothers committing suicide. After having so many people and services in her life letting her down, Zoe became closed off, unable to trust and as her life careened off the rails, she ‘started having run-ins with the police’. Zoe’s story isn’t a solitary one. Many of the students now attending the Cut and Shine Program had been referred to The Youth Junction Inc by the courts, Police, Legal representatives, schools or other services. Some were involved in petty crime, some were abusing drugs. The difference now is that many of them have been given something they’ve never had before, a role model, people they can trust, a place where they can learn and better themselves and most importantly, a safe place. Cut and Shine student Zeke was referred to The Youth Junction Inc. by the courts after his family life and his declining relationship with his father eventuated in police intervention. “Max has taught me so much and it’s not just about cutting hair, it’s about connection and it is really helping me more than I thought it would,” he says.

“I’m so grateful for the support and opportunities provided, it really has changed my life forever.” “I never thought my life would lead down this path but I now know this is what I want to do with my life. I’ve made such great relationships with those involved in the Cut and Shine Barber program and the staff at The Youth Junction Inc. I’m so grateful for the support and opportunities provided, it really has changed my life forever.”


The success of the program is becoming more evident in the fact that students, once they have completed the full Cut and Shine (CAS) Program, are now enrolling at Chisholm Institute to do their Certificate III in Barbering. The program has also seen some big names in the industry provide support, with both Wahl and iCandy providing tools for the student’s workstations. Along with further support from organisations such as Chisolm Institute. The Youth Junction Inc. along with Max, the mentor, the confidant, the teacher, the friend, is very proud. Proud of the students. “They’re now making the right choices in the most challenging times in their lives” and that alone is a far cry from where they began and will give them an opportunity to shine in their future. For more information visit: 18 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3

The Youth Junction Inc. (TYJinc.) is a notfor-profit organisation that established the Visy Cares Hub in 2005 which is a colocated, multi-agency youth service centre in Melbourne’s Western Region. Alongside the other not-for-profit youth services, TYJinc. provides a range of services and programs to disadvantaged young people aged between 12-25 years. With the on-going support from Case Workers at The Youth Junction Inc. young people are provided with support in early intervention and recreation programs, legal, health, education, employment, new arrival support, crime prevention, social skills, settlement and training programs and services. Young people that are referred into Cut and Shine have shown an interest in upskilling and wanting to make change in their lives. Each year, TYJinc. helps 18,000 disadvantaged youths to integrate and participate in their local communities in healthy and meaningful ways. When young people are intensively worked with, there is real potential to achieve sustainable outcomes in not only their education and employment, but also their recreational time, family life and relationships.

BEING A TRUE GENTLEMAN NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE BEING A TRUE GENTLEMAN Benefits: • Moisturises and Nourishes giving hair OUT OF STYLE NEVER GOES manageability and skin softness. • Lubricates, Soothes and Balances skin Benefits: reducing irritation, leaving it feeling • strong, Moisturises andhealthy. Nourishes giving hair soft and manageability and skin softness. • Anti-Oxidants offer Protection and • Strengthen Lubricates, the Soothes andhair Balances skin skin and reducing reducingaging irritation, leaving it feeling damage, and fading. strong, soft and healthy. • Adds Shine and Body. • Anti-Oxidants offer Protection and Strengthen Achieved with: the skin and hair reducing damage, aging and fading. • All Natural Ingredients including Argan • Oil, Adds ShineSeed and Oil, Body.Aloe, & Vitamin E Hemp to name a few. Achieved with: •• NO parbens, sulfates, artificial dyes, Ingredients including Argan All Natural phthalates, propylene glycol, or other Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Aloe, & Vitamin E harmful ingredients. to name a few. • Proudly Vegan and Leaping Bunny • Certified. NO parbens, sulfates, artificial dyes, phthalates, propylene glycol, or other harmful ingredients.

MARRAKESH FOR MENBunny DESIGNED FOR THE MAN THAT WANTS TO • Proudly Vegan and Leaping LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, SMELL GOOD....... NATURALLY Certified. For further information or for your local supplier please contact

Australian Australian International Industries on (03) 9764 2833 MARRAKESH FOR MEN DESIGNED FOR THE MAN THAT WANTS TO International | GOOD, FEEL GOOD, SMELL GOOD....... NATURALLY Industries Unit 7c Scoresby Industry Park, Janine Street, Scoresby VIC 3199 PTY LTD



Supplying the Hair & Beauty Industry since 1974


Contemporary Style For Every Modern Man

DEPOT celebrates the tradition of men’s grooming with an advanced and comprehensive concept. The sophisticated yet simple targeted products that make up the range are modern must-haves based on traditional formulas: true classics updated for today’s man. A complete line that caters to all facets of men’s grooming from cleansing – styling – shave to post shave, featured exclusively in professional hair and men’s grooming shops world-wide.

“The aftershave classic cologne smell is amazing!”

Gregson Gastar, BG’s Lounge DEPOT is being adopted in salons and barbershops Australia wide and one such salon named after the its owners Brad Rush and Gregson Gastar, BG’s Lounge in Adelaide, is loving everything about it. Having relocated from Brisbane to Adelaide just over a year ago to open their cute boutique-style salon in the city, Gregson is still on a high after receiving a finalist placement in this year’s 2018 Hair Expo Awards, in the category of Australian Men’s Hairdresser/ Barber of the Year.

“Clients react to the aesthetics of the product, so it makes it natural and easy to talk about”

“I’ve been hairdressing just shy of 25 years and still love it”, says Gregson Gastar, “And choosing the right brands to partner with us in the salon is a decision not taken lightly. Initially I was attracted to the packaging of DEPOT. It is so clean and fresh. I also loved the simplicity of the line especially when it comes to men’s grooming. I love the philosophy behind the brand and the fact that DEPOT are sustainable products including packaging.” As an international brand, orginating in Italy, it’s a well-known fact that the Italians are known for making beautiful thing that are polished and well thought out. “Attention to detail, such as the merchandising and materials used by the brand are on trend, spot on and succinct with today’s market. This makes DEPOT translate well Internationally including here in Australia”. As a forecaster of men’s hair fashion Gregson feels that the barbering trend will be around forever, or at least stay in the background with even more emerging trends. “I believe that men’s grooming, and grooming products will continue to grow and progress organically and if I was to relate that in my salon, the growth of our men’s products and services is almost sitting at 50 % of my overall business. I don’t think mens grooming will take a backward step, it will just go from strength to strength, so it’s more important than ever to partner with the right brand” Gregson has found that even though DEPOT is specifically for men, the women in his salon go nuts over it because of how much they love the packaging and the fact that they are able to find great gifts for their partners that they wouldn’t normally think about or source themselves!

DEPOT - stamp.pdf


With a larger than average number of products in the range, catering to cleansing, treating and styling hair as well as beard, shave and moustache servicing, every aspect is covered. “Clients react to the aesthetics of the product, so it makes it natural and easy to talk about.” Gregson says, “and the numbering system on the bottles also make it easy to recommend and use the right products for the client. Every product is clearly and simply titled so it is very user friendly “




Barber Trend is all the rage in Mexico Hidden a few blocks away from Tijuana’s main thoroughfare, an old warehouse has become a cultural landmark for the city’s fashion-concious men. Getting a face mask at barbershop Nobel and Fine

Staff at Nobel and Fine Wings painted outside the building are the only indication something is different about the space, most recently used as a gym. Inside, a Drake song blasts over stand-up speakers, the smell of aftershave fills the air and scissors snap over men in antique barber chairs.

Barbers also use a vibrating hand massager on men’s heads, neck and faces after a cut. The device, which straps to the back of a barber’s hand while a blenderlooking engine sends vibrations through fingers, was first used by barbers in the 1940s and has become a staple of the Tijuana barber scene.

The space is home to one of Tijuana’s rising social media stars, 30-year-old barber Edgar Buena, better known as Don Edgar. Using Facebook, he has cultivated a following with instructional videos on men’s grooming aimed at a new generation of Mexican men, who want well-maintained beards and fade cuts, where hair on the sides and back is very short and tapers to a longer length at the top.

Ruben Chavarria, 40, a machinist in San Diego who lives in Tijuana, used to get his hair cut in San Diego now but goes to Don Edgar Barberia once a week.

Edgar who dresses intentionally like an old time barber — handlebar mustache, gray-rimmed glasses, bow-tie and suspenders — said his customers no longer scoff at spending money on their looks. “Men enjoy how they look and take better care of themselves now,” he said. Don Edgar Barberia is one of more than 100 barber shops that have opened in Tijuana in the last three years, mirroring growth in the men’s grooming industry in the United States and Europe. Tijuana had roughly 50 to 80 barber shops in 2013 but now has more than 150, said the city’s economic development office. Baja California now has the second most barber shops — roughly 220 — of any Mexican state (Sonora has around 270). Retail experts say going to a barbershop is a way of selling masculinity, but there are other factors that attract clients: Nostalgia, bargain prices , access to beard products and increased amenities offered by barbers. The process at Tijuana’s new barber shops isn’t all that different from a classic shop, with a few notable differences. Barbers tend to trim and style facial hair first, followed by a mix of clippers and scissors for the head and finish off with a hair wash and styling. Other services include a hot towel to the face (with or without a shave), a face mask during the hair cut and a few shops offer manicures.

Chavarria’s girlfriend, 30-year-old Nallely Preciado, sat at a cafe in the same space rented by Don Edgar, sipping coffee and surfing Instagram. She goes to a salon every two months but doesn’t mind her boyfriend getting groomed weekly. “It’s the trend right now,” she said. “And it (haircut) looks good on him.” The big rage in all of Tijuana, though, are beards and that has led to another trend: beard tinting. Cali Cuts, which has four locations in the city and another in Mexicali, uses a black wax that stains the skin to make a beard look more full for about $11. It sounds crazy, but the results work so well it seems like magic and is offered at most Tijuana barber shops — even if most treatments last only a day. Miguel “Robo” Angel Gomez, 39, is a master barber at Cali Cuts with more than 10 years of experience tinting beards. He loves his job because he says tinting and trimming beards brings joy to his clients. “That look on your face,” he said after trimming a UnionTribune reporter’s beard. “That’s why I do this.” Gomez said a high-end barber in Tijuana could earn up to $US27,000 a year. It might seem small compared to San Diego wages but that’s more than the average pay of a Tijuana police officer. Marco de la Cruz, owner of the Cali Cuts in Colina Cacho, said the store was making about US$1,000 a month when it opened in 2014 but now earns roughly US$22,000 a month. Much of his sales come from grooming products, such as Mel Bros Co. beard growth cream (containing minoxidil, used for Rogaine) and what seemed like the

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Staff at Don Edgar’s, Doing a complete sevice

Edgar Bueno, owner of Don Edgar’s Barber Shop

Barber Tony Montona at Don Edghar’s Barber Shop

Barber Shalum Martinez at the Barber Shop, Mexico most popular pomade in Tijuana, Suavecito. Prices at Tijuana barber shops range from US$5.60 to US$8.50 for a child’s cut; for an adult cut, US$8.50 to US$16; and usually about US$11 for a beard trim. While barber shop owners in Tijuana say Americans and tourists are not shy about going to their establishments, there might not be much of a recourse for a bad cut. In Mexico, barbers have no governing body or requirement for a license, unlike its neighbors to the north. In California, the state Department of Consumer Affairs governs barbers by issuing licenses, overseeing exams, receiving complaints, doing inspections and issuing citations. In the first three months of this year, 273 barbers were issued citations and 3,603 inspections conducted. A bad cut in Tijuana, or injury, could be reported to its consumer protection agency, Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor, or PROFECO. Still, Don Edgar said the next step for the industry will be some sort of certification program because people complaining about bad cuts from untrained barbers hurts everyone. To the untrained eye, there doesn’t seem to be much difference in quality for men’s cuts between Tijuana and San Diego. At Noble & Fine in Playas de Tijuana, about 2,500 feet from the ocean, owner Sergio Alberto Madero proudly declares his barbers are self-taught. Regardless of potential American sensibilities about a lack of training, residents of Playas can’t get enough. Jeanette Arreola has been taking her sons, Gian, 9, and Andre, 4, to Noble & Fine since it opened in November. She said she would take them to the salon with her before but Gian has insisted he will only go to Noble & Fine. “I want to look like (Cristiano) Ronaldo,” Gian said of the Real Madrid soccer player. One of Noble & Fine’s most seasoned barbers, 45-yearold Edward Avila, has been at it for 28 years. When he was deported from the United States 15 years ago, he worried he would not be able to support his four children.

He said it was rough making ends meet for many years, but the recent demand for barbers has been a lifeline financially. “I worried a lot,” Avila said of when he was deported. “I thought, ‘Wow, how am I going to make it without a U.S. job?’” While the Tijuana government is aware of the increased popularity of barber shops, the focus remains on aerospace and electronic companies in the city, said Javier Michel Payan Mendez, a Tijuana economic promotion director. Mendez also happens to own a high-end barber shop, The Barber Shop Mexico, which features individual rooms for customers to get their hair cut. House and pop music is piped through the establishment while modern fashion icons, like Irish UFC star Conor McGregor and Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, adorn the walls. It’s also one of the only shops in Tijuana to have female barbers. It’s most extravagant offering, costing $16, includes a haircut, face wash, massage, shampoo and water or beer. While estimates for more growth in the Mexican barbershop scene are spotty, the U.S. forecast could provide some indication. There is expected to be a demand for 10 percent more barbers, hairdressers and cosmetologists by 2024, said the U.S. Department of Labor. “This is one of those e-commerce proof services. You can’t get a haircut online,” said Pamela Flora, director of retail research at Cushman & Wakefield. “A lot of barber shops are tapping into that experiential retail, making it a place for men to gather, socialize and relax.” In an often struggling retail market, barber shops have been a bright spot, and the male grooming industry is predicted to grow substantially worldwide. In 2012, the year before most researchers say barber shops and men’s products took off, the industry was valued at $15.68 billion, said market research firm Statista. By 2023, Statista said it will be worth more than $27 billion. Courtesy of The San Diego Union Tribune By Phillip Molnar and Alejandro Tamayo

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According to a recent survey, the male grooming sector continues to grow from strength to strength. Since 2012, beauty and personal care launches specifically targeted at men have increased globally by more than 70%!

Everyday struggles that a barber has to endure are the trials of having to deal with young clientele and their parents, that sometimes ask for the impossible. Over the years that I have been barbering I have come across many youngsters that have been very difficult to deal with while cutting their hair, but during my years of educating I have tried my best to sort out the best stories involving young clients. I think my search is over, as one of the attendees of one of my education sessions was willing to share their story. I will keep their name anonymous, as I do not want any unnecessary attention to go their way. So the story starts as any normal day in a barbershop or salon would, with clients waiting to be served. The barber finishes with their client and puts through that transaction, they then turn to the waiting area and asks for the next customer to make their way to the chair. It just so happens to be a young child, who is reluctant from the get go. This child clearly does not to want any part of it so they proceed to whinge and whine at their parent but the parent will not have any bar of it. So the child is made to sit in the chair and get their haircut. The haircut has not even started and the child is refusing to even put the cape on but after some persistence, they manage to cape the young fellow up and they continue. The barber then picks up their tool of choice to begin the haircut and their comb and as they approach the child, the child decides to turn towards the barber and with extreme force and aggression, bites down on the barber’s breast. While trying to remain professional the barber places her tools down and walks to the back lunchroom. After closing the door the barber then screams out in pain, then checks in the mirror to see if her nipple is still attached, the great part about this story is the barber goes back out after a few minutes and finishes the haircut and sends them on their way. The saying “the show must go on” has never been so true than in this story. I don’t know about you but I would have had no problem refusing this client especially after being put under physical pain like that. I believe in this story the child was around 5 or 6 years old, which I know is young, but I don’t think is too young to not get a haircut. We have plenty of children of this age who sit through a whole skin fade so I think at the end of the day this child just did not want a haircut on that particular day. Would love to hear from you guys, if you are willing to share your stories of difficult young clients feel free to follow us on Instagram and Like our Facebook Page. Instagram: @barbershopmag Facebook: BarberShop Lance Liufau @lance_topshelfbarber 24 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3




GET QUALIFIED AT BRISBANE SCHOOL OF BARBERING Certificate III and Pathway Program. Apprentice training program (on campus/in shop). Vocational training program. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Gap Training. Dual Qualification. Skill Set Training. 3229-2999

Brisbane School of Barbering is a division of Academies Australasia Hair & Beauty - RTO 32488

Female Refusal Yay or Nay? BY LANCE LIUFAU

It is nothing new to hear of Barbershops that do not allow entry for females, but in a day and age where equality and non-discrimination laws have never been enforced so much, it is definitely a sensitive topic but I thought we might tackle this issue right here and start a conversation at the very least.

A very popular Barbershop that I am sure you already know of and needs no introduction enforces this very rule of denying females at the door. None other than the famous Schorem Barbers of Rotterdam, Netherlands. But from the very beginning this Barbershop was known for it and it became part of their culture, which I’m sure the locals accepted. Here in Australia, there have been a few Barbershops that have enforced the same rule and have undergone public criticism and even suffered lawsuits being filed against them. Which has brought negative publicity and shame upon them in the eyes of some. What I can’t understand is that it has become more and more common to see females working in the Barbering industry so in that case, does this rule still apply if one was to apply for a job at one of these few Barbershops that carry this “no females” rule. But there is one Barber and Barbershop that I wanted to speak about in particular who recently

endured a lawsuit by a young girls mother who claimed he breached the Sex Discrimination Act and even escalated it to Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. The Barbers Name is Sam Rahim, who is the owner of Hunter Hills Barbershop in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. Now Mr. Rahim explained to the mother that he was not qualified to cut females hair which in my opinion is fair enough but the mother claims that Mr. Rahim would not run his clippers through the young girls undercut, which in my opinion is definitely within our capabilities as Barbers. The lawsuit has continued for over eight months and has just recently been settled at mediation, ahead of its October court date. The barber said he was “mentally tired and exhausted” over the incident, which took place in his shop back in December 2017. During this time, Mr. Rahim claims that it was an extremely stressful time for him and even considered closing up shop on many occasions. Now that everything is settled and things are 26 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3

in repair mode, Mr. Rahim has turned to social media to publicly state that these matters have been resolved and that the young girl is welcome in his Barbershop at any time and he will provide the same service for her or anyone else regardless of gender. Gratefully the support that Mr. Rahim got from around the globe was astounding, receiving postcards from Germany, Denmark and The United States. The community also rallied together from day one and pitched in with funds that would go towards his impending legal battle, and a GoFundMe campaign was also oraginsed for Mr. Rahim raising over $32,000 which he states will help go towards paying his legal team and anything he has left over will be given away, but Mr. Rahim has yet to receive his final bill. With all of this being said I ask you to have a think about this for a moment and then ask yourself, is this acceptable or is it not? Some have claimed that there isn’t any difference to (Woman’s Only) Fernwood Gyms. Is this a good comparison or not? I will let you decide that for yourself.

*optional padded heelrest



original APOLLO 2

More than A Barber


I am Samoan, born and raised in West Auckland (Ranui), married with 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls) and finished high school in 2005. In January 2006 I took up an offer to work in a salon as a barber, which has pretty much led me to where I am today.

I started my journey as a barber when I was in Year 8. Mum was the barber in our family, or so she thought, until that one time I was told to cut my cousin’s hair because mum was busy. I had no clue what I was doing but I gave it go and I’m still going till this day. It hasn’t always been about barbering. I love my sports and music. I wasn’t very good in school academically, but sports and music were definitely a forte of mine. I entered nearly every sport in school - Basketball, Volleyball and Rugby - you name it and I was there. I was also part of the school Quartet Barbershop Group and entered the talent quest every year. I continued on with the music side of things when I finished high school and during my 1st two years of barbering I attended Excel, which is a Christian based School of Performing Arts in Auckland. As you can already tell at the age of 17, I didn’t know what I wanted to do so I gave a few different career paths a go. I toured NZ with the Performing Arts team, played Premiere Rugby and continued to work as a part 28 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3

“I felt that barbering was most likely going to be my bread and butter and decided to put all my time and effort towards my barbering career and took it on full time.”

time barber. Out of everything I had done, I felt that barbering was most likely going to be my bread and butter and decided to put all my time and effort towards my barbering career and took it on full time. I moved to Brisbane, Australia at the end of 2010 looking for the next chapter of my barbering career, and what a ride it has been thus far. I am very grateful to the shops that have helped me along the way. Special mentions to ‘One on One Sports Barbershop’ and ‘Lole’s Barbershop’. You have been important in my growth not only as a barber, but also as a person. In 2015 I entered my first ever competition at BHBE. I didn’t know what to expect, I was a late entry and before the competition had started there were a few people that had pulled out so I was given the opportunity to participate. I decided on the spot to sign up and give it a go. With less then 24hrs to look for a model, read up on the criteria, I entered The Men’s Traditional competition. It was very nerve racking. I was so nervous I had to tell my model to talk to me because I was sweating up a storm in the first 5 mins. This had been one of the highlights in my barbering career. This particular category meant a lot to me and coming away with first place was a big achievement for not only my team, and my family, but also myself and for all those who believed in me. Barbers are known for a particular style, I was known as a Modern/Urban Barber. I wanted more. I began to work and invest more time towards different areas that I wasn’t comfortable with, areas that needed some strengthening. Traditional barbering was one of them. Time changes, and so must we. After a few years I decided to come back to BHBE and enter the Barber competition, but this time I entered three categories. Men’s freestyle, Men’s Traditional and Men’s Hair Art. I must say that this year was tough. Looking around the room back stage where all the competitors met, I saw a lot of familiar faces that I follow on social media, business owners and some very talented well-known barbers. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. It is never easy cutting under pressure especially when there is a lot of talent being showcased as well as a clock ticking down. I am very humbled and grateful to be placed in all three categories. 1st in Men’s Traditional, 2nd in Men’s Hair Art and 3rd in Men’s Freestyle. Something I will always say was a huge achievement in my career was opening up a shop called ‘The Loft Barbershop’ alongside my business partners Bruce Leeroy aka The Barber Bandit and Lance Liufau aka TopShelf Barber… And this is where you will find me today. 29 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3



Moe Diedericks from Razorsmiths Barbershop started his career 4 years ago working with Xiang Hair, learning everything there is to know about hair under his mentors Tom Donato and the Xiang Hair Team.

Recently he found himself taking an interest in men’s hair, “I would go to different barbers all around Melbourne to get my hair cut, watching everything they did, from the cape going on to coming off, how they sectioned, how they positioned themselves and how they styled my hair. From that, I fine tuned my skills and improved my service.” Moe would work 8 hours and then come home and watch hair tutorial videos on YouTube till midnight and then sleep for 6 hours and do it all over again the next day. “It was always men’s hair videos” he says. Three Educators, Josh Lamonaca, Vidal Sassoon and Sid Sottung, not to mention Alan Beak are the people who inspire Moe. “The way they look at hair really spins me out and forces me to understand and learn how they did that or how the hell is that even possible!” When Moe’s boss, Tom Donato, told him that he was going to open a barbershop it was music to his ears! “Itmade me excited, I felt like it was a calling, something that the universe set up for me. I had a chat with him and told him that I wanted to move over to the barbershop and since that move, I’ve pushed myself harder to understand hair and give my clients exactly what they need.” It could be said that Moe’s current style of cutting comes from classic barbering with a light touch of modern hairdressing. Softer hairlines and structured light free flowing hair. “I’ve recently started to use my feather razor a lot more, which has helped me a lot with shattering the ends of the hair to create a seamless flow,” says Moe. “I can do a whole haircut with it or I can fine tune one. To me it’s a great tool to have and I can see myself achieving a lot more with it in the future.” And what about the future for this young talent? “Education is my next step, I would love to share what I know about hair to everyone, I love to help and I can’t wait until that dream comes true. I love to enter competitions because I get to see everyone’s skills and see what they’re bringing to the table, I also get to see the areas I need to improve in, it’s a great way to motivate yourself.” This year and last year Moe took out first place in the classic cut competition at HBIA in Melbourne and also competed in a Female Mullet competition at Hair Expo. “Although I didn’t get to leave with a win I still left with motivation and inspiration…also a few YS Park combs and clippers ;) insta: yourmaneman_moe



1 YEAR – 4 ISSUES $50.00 2 YEARS – 8 ISSUES $ 90.00


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According to a recent survey, the male grooming sector continues to grow from strength to strength. Since 2012, beauty and personal care launches specifically targeted at men have increased globally by more than 70%! In fact it is even more common to close the doors at the time that it says, even a bit before, to try at the very least to get out at a reasonable hour, and still have a line up of people that will not leave regardless of whatever the time may be. Even though your clients know that it has been a long day for you, as barbers, it is an unfortunate circumstance to be in, but they do not care as long as they get their service and you help them look their very best. Now that we are in the age of Education, this has brought even more responsibilities to the plate of a barber. Keep in mind this is a completely voluntary thing, so if a barber is wanting to go down this road, know that this is also going to consume more of your time outside of the normal work hours that you are currently used to. I speak of all of these things because I have been living this life for quite some time now, just to give you a brief breakdown of what a normal week looks like for myself, I work Tuesday through to Saturday. That is my full time work. I usually fly out on a Sunday and perform education sessions on the Monday, I then fly home Monday night and get up to do it all again from Tuesday onwards. If you didn’t know, I am also the editor of this very magazine, which I can do mostly from home via my computer and that is done in my spare time. So now that you have a breakdown of what my weeks look like, lets get back to what this article is all about, which is clearly stated in the heading. “BALANCE” I have been thinking about this very topic for such a long time and I feel like there are so many barbers that are wanting to go down the same road as I have. I know this is because I receive many private and direct messages on various social media platforms asking me, how did you get to where you are? And how can I get to do what you do? Firstly, I want all of those that are wanting these things to ask yourself the question… Is this really what I want? I have a saying that I always say to myself when I am getting the feelings of, “this is getting too much” or “I need to take a step back”. That saying is “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR”. Around 5-6 years ago, I would say to my wife all the time. “I feel like I am not doing enough, and I feel like I could be busier”. Fastforward to today, that has all come to pass and so much more. But with great victory, comes great sacrifice. And that sacrifice is TIME! It is that time that you cannot get back; it is moments and memories that you miss out on. It’s the birthdays, weddings, family get togethers and so on that you tend to miss out on because you are constantly on the go. That is why I want you to ask yourself again, is this really what you want? If so I recommend that you try your best to find a good balance between your workload and your time with family, because at the end of the day, it is that time that you spend with family that is the most important because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. And monetary things mean nothing if you are never there to enjoy it with your family. So on that note I am going to take this same advice that I am giving you and try my very best to find that balance, so that I do not miss out on to many precious memories of my beautiful family. Have a great day and I thank you for reading. Lance Liufau @lance_topshelfbarber

A Burning Passion BY LANCE LIUFAU

Michael Nguyen began his barbering journey when he was given an iconic bowl cut. Not satisfied with this style, he decided to cut his own hair. “Taking my first steps into high school, my friends quickly caught onto my hair style, and as their curiosity grew they began to ask me to cut their hair.” he says.

Michael’s experience grew but his interest in barbering hadn’t sparked just yet, leading him to pursue a career in graphic design. With limited experience in cutting hair and an interest in design he stumbled across an artist’s channel on YouTube named Diego (@diego_djdgaf). “I was awestruck by his finesse and his skill and the way he performed in his highborn 3D tutorial, combining his passion for both art and hair into a single creation’. The A new flame had been sparked, a passion that burned above all else. Michael then went all in on the barber lifestyle and we asked him to share his story with our readers… “The source of my motivation has always been my failures, the experience that makes me strive to be better. It took many applications and 8 barbershop trials until I finally landed an apprenticeship at ‘MIB Barbers’. This started the beginning of my career and where I became obsessed with the craft and eager to prove myself. As my training went on I received help and guidance from some major influences in my life, juliuscaesar, staygold, deigo and 360jeezy. They all helped hone my skills in different aspects. The 2017 Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo eventually came around and my opportunity to represent ‘MIB Barbers’ and prove myself, emerged. I placed 2nd in the competition which only drove me to strive for

more. After 2 years of stepping into the world of barbers I decided it was time to move on from MIB and leap as far as I could. Fast forward to today, I’ve found a new place to refine my craft at ‘The Chopspot Barbershop’ in West End, working alongside a crew that has potential and passion. This new path in my career has helped me grow not only as a person but as a barber, pushing me to showcase what I’ve learnt and to represent my crew at the 2018 Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo. To me, competitions are like exams; a test to determine the quality of your craft, meaning preparation was key. Last year I was only eager to be competitive and win, but as my passion evolved I found a new love for the barbering scene; I wanted to enjoy myself and continue to strive to be the best I can. Competitions are not only a way to prove yourself but also a place to network, build connections and give back to the community that has given so much to me; something that I wanted to fully involved myself in. Every year competitions get more challenging, with barbers constantly evolving and aspiring to be the best. To take 1st place in the freestyle and hair art and 3rd place in traditional at the BHBE meant a lot to me, it meant my hard work was worth it and validation to myself that I have come a long way.”

35 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3

HALVE YOUR MO’S ON THE LAST DAY OF “MOVEMBER” On the final day of Movember 2018, the Movember Foundation calls on Mo Bros around the country to do a shave-down with a brave twist and sport a ‘Half-Mast Mo’ in honour of the Aussie men who continue to die from preventable causes. This month, 469 Aussie men will be lost to prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide. And like a half-mast flag flown for those lost, the Half-Mast Mo pays homage to the men who should have been by our side this Movember. We all have men we care about, that are important to us. The men’s health crisis stops for no-one and Australian men are still dying, on average, four years younger than women for no biological reason. It will take a brave man to step up to the basin and bid farewell to half of their fully-fledged handlebar, wisp, or trucker moustache on the last day of Movember. But whether it’s for half a day, half an hour, or just five minutes for a quick selfie to share with your network, the benefits will outweigh the sacrifice by going above and beyond to raise awareness and funding for men’s health. You can be the difference and help stop men dying too young. Women can also show their support by encouraging men to halve their Mo’s or even do the honours of shaving it off for them. With money raised, the Foundation has invested in more than 1,200 game-changing programs in prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health suicide prevention around the world, whilst positively challenging the way in which men’s health issues are researched and addressed. Key men’s health statistics: • Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australian men aged 15 to 44 years • On average, 6 men take their own lives each day • This year, more than 3,452 Aussie men will die from prostate cancer • Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young Aussie men aged 20-34 years The Movember Foundation is the only global charity focused solely on men’s health, funding over 1,200 innovative projects across 21 countries. To date, the Foundation has created a men’s health movement of over 5 million people supporting these critical areas: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. But our work is not done. Be the difference and go to to donate or participate. Together we can stop men dying too young.

STOP MEN DYING TOO YOUNG Together, we can make a difference in men’s health. Get your barbershop regulars involved in fundraising this Movember for the dads, brothers, sons and mates who need our help.

Tommy Gun’s partners with Movember to bring back ‘Cuts For Nuts’

…and no they’re not cutting your nuts!

It’s that time of year again where Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop team up with The Movember Foundation to raise much needed funds for testicular cancer research. On Wednesday November 14, Tommy Gun’s will donate $10 from each haircut to the Movember Foundation. The stats show testicular cancer in Australia is the most common cancer, in young men aged 20-34 years and rates of diagnoses have doubled in the last 50 years. Tommy Gun’s Marketing & Purchasing Manager, Roxy Diversi, was blown away last year with the turn out to their Cuts for Nuts event and hopes to increase funds again this year. “We donated $17,948 to the Movember Foundation last year, and plan to smash that out of the park and raise $25,000 in 2018. We are setting ourselves a pretty lofty goal, which is why we are only providing one service (The Classic Cut) all day. We want to service as many people as possible.” Tommy Gun’s started this event in 2016 to generate powerful and often life-changing conversations simply by getting men in the chair for a haircut. “The shops will be pumping with great vibes and an unmissable atmosphere nationwide on November 14th.” Tommy Gun’s and The Movember Foundation support raising awareness for young men’s health. To help change a life come and grab a haircut or Grow a Mo of your own this Movember. To find your closest Tommy Gun’s barber, please visit: You can also donate directly to Movember at: 38 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3





- Gives a soft and moisturising shave to the roughest guy's face and the most sensitive legs & underarms. - Tea Tree Oil helps soothe skin bumps. - Argan & Hemp Seed Oils offer unmatched smoothness.

- Contains Argan and Hemp Seed Oils to nourish and moisturise while Tea Tree Oil soothes the scalp. - Hydrates and nourishes dry hair and scalp. - Sulfate Free. - Good for all hair types and safe for colour-treated hair.

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For further information or for your local supplier please contact

Australian International Industries on (03) 9764 2833 | Unit 7c Scoresby Industry Park, Janine Street, Scoresby VIC 3199

Australian International Industries PTY LTD

Supplying the Hair & Beauty Industry since 1974


IT’s A WRAP The 4th annual Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo entertained, inspired and educated just under 7,000 industry professionals across the two-day show.

Staged on Sunday 29th & Monday 30st July at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, the event saw visitors travel from near and far, including regional Queensland, Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and New Zealand.

The inspiration and education continued across the Salon Cash Centre Stage, Timely Spotlight Stage and Horatio & Finn Barbershop Stage. Over 40 free presentations were incorporated into the all-inclusive entry ticket price.

The Expo attracted the ‘best-of-the-best’ industry experts and educators all as part of its Extended Education Program, which saw 500+ people learn valuable techniques, skills and information across a variety of topics.

The Horatio & Finn Barbershop Stage was THE place to be for those who are passionate about their barbering trade and featured sessions with some serious industry heavyweights. Horatio & Finn launched their product on stage – DEFINE IT Barber Colour. The product is designed to enhance the image of men of all ethnicities through innovative and sophisticated grooming products.

The Expo’s expanded Sunshine Pro Series Competitions were once again a stunning feature on the Expo floor. Over 500 industry professionals competed in the Emendee Nail Competition, Pravana Hair Competition, Redken Brews Barbering Competition, LashJoy Lash Competition and the Crown Brush Makeup Competition. All these competitions provided industry peers the opportunity to test their skills and go head-to-head for great prizes and most importantly, the prestigious titles. The inaugural Redken Brews Barber Pro Series Competition was a hit on Sunday morning, drawing large crowds to watch the best in the business compete. Barbers from all over Australia challenged themselves and showed off their razor sharp skills. Managed by Matters In Gray Training, the Redken Brews Barber Pro Series Competition featured three Open categories including Men’s Freestyle, Traditional Barbering and Hair Art, plus an online photographic category was held in conjunction with the Pravana Hair Competition for those who were not be able to attend or wished to not compete in a live environment. Winners were spoiled with prizes from Redken Brews, iCandy and Wahl. Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2018 Barber Pro Series Competition presented by Redken Brews: Men’s Freestyle 1st – Michael Nguyen – The Chopspot Barbershop 2nd – Xavier Pina Silva – Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop 3rd – Lorenzo Savea – The Loft Barbershop Traditional Barbering 1st – Lorenzo Savea – The Loft Barbershop 2nd – Fred Woo – Le Barbier d’Elwood 3rd – Michael Nguyen – The Chopspot Barbershop Hair Art 1st- Michael Nguyen – The Chopspot Barbershop 2nd – Lorenzo Savea – The Loft Barbershop 3rd – Wally Abbas – Wally’s Barbershop Men’s Total Look – Online Photographic 1st – Grace Hogan – Maverick Hair & Art Space 2nd – Xavier Pina Silva – Jimmy Rods Barbershop 3rd – Jase Alpen – Zeppelin Barbers Studio

This year the stage hosted immense talent including crews from Heroes & Villains Barbers, Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop, The Loft Barbershop, King’s Domain Barbershop, Clippy T’s Barbershop, Esquire Male Grooming and King Louis IX, as well as many awardwinning barbers in their own right. Spectators were able to pick up some new skills and enjoy hanging out and networking with their fellow barbers. Industry icon James O’Brien of Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop said of the barber competition and stage area, “It was Barbering Heaven! It was so great to see the whole South East Queensland barbering community coming together in one place. So jam-packed with amazing education and inspiration and it continues to grow in size and quality every year. Can’t wait to do it all again next year.” With over 88 companies on show, the Expo featured a stunning range of quality industry brands and suppliers, with deals and special offers galore. Expo Founder and Manager Jason Greenhalgh was extremely excited with this year’s Expo feedback and the event’s future potential. “Once again, we are so appreciative of the industry support of the 2018 Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo. They have voted with their feet as this industry event continues to go from strength to strength. As Queensland’s premier hair and beauty event, we continue to look for new ways to take the event to the next level. We are already planning for 2019 and look forward to welcoming the industry once again with open arms,” stated Greenhalgh.


41 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3


Sheriff Mehmet and the Envy Barber Team

Hair by Sheriff Mehmet and the Envy Barber Team IG @envybarbers Photography Kevin Lutchmun IG @kevinluchmun Make Up Sarah Redzikowski IG @beautybysarah Stylist Tahnee Mitra IG @tahneemitra

The ‘Modern Classic’

by The Garage Barber Shop Collective

Barbering Rex Silver & Garage Artist Collective Make Up Rex Silver & Jenna Styling Rex Silver Photography Nina K

WINNER for THE 2018 Hair Expo AWARDS

Mens Hairdresser/ Barber of the Year

Uros Mikic

Hair: Uros Mikic Photographer: Kevin Luchmun Makeup: Katie Moore Styling: Tahnee Mitra


Word of mouth is the most important influencer for three quarters of consumer purchases, according to a Deloitte media consumer survey. The majority of consumers said that reading reviews from people within their social media circles ranked in their top three influences for making buying decisions, showing that this digital word of mouth referral from friends and family is becoming ever-more prominent.

For many hairdressing salons and barber shops, marketing can seem like no easy feat, especially if you’re under-resourced and can’t allocate a team member to look after it for you. But what many owners don’t realise is that there are plenty of cost-effective and time-efficient strategies to help attract new customers through word of mouth and digital tools. Hairdressers/Barbers rely on their local communities to thrive, so to help generate word of mouth for your salon, here are some offline and online tips to help engage your current client base and get increased traction for spreading the word about your salon with local friends and family.


For clients who visit a salon/shop regularly, a trip to the hairdresser/barber may be more like dropping in to visit a friend. For clients who

rarely get their hair cut, a trip to the hairdresser/ barber could be more of a chore, and clients could be looking for a quick experience with minimal chatter.

target audience can help you identify the kinds of marketing and digital tools that can help you increase word of mouth activities about your business.

Think about the community that exists within and around your salon/shop – do your clients live in the neighbourhood? Do they walk to the salon/ shop, or do they come by car? Do you accept walk-ins? Do your clients know each other? Is there general conversation among clients during appointments, or is it an in-and-out experience?


Think about your price-point. Are you a salon/ shop that prides yourself on cheap cuts, or does your salon/shop offer a luxurious experience with a higher price point? Identifying the purpose your salon/shop serves in the community and considering the personalities that visit you may help to define your target audience. Having a clear understanding of your 48 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3

Social media can be a powerful way to spark conversation about your business. It can help you keep your current clients engaged with your salon and gives you the opportunity to reach new clients. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can allow you to build a relationship with your clients and keep the conversation open with them between appointments. Think of it as a two-way conversation to engage your community, as well as an advertising tool. To help encourage your clients to engage in likes, comments and word of mouth shares, ensure the content you post is attention-grabbing. Posting

regular client transformation pictures and special offers can help to remind your network why they trust your salon with the best cut, colour and styling, and might prompt them to book their next appointment. They may even tag their friends and family in packages that are on sale, or outstanding transformations. To further encourage social engagement, you could also consider offering clients an incentive for sharing your business with their personal networks. Consider posting a special offer for regular clients on their next cut or colour, or a discounted blow wave for every friend they tag in a post, who goes on to become a new client. Think of what people love about your salon, and the opportunities available to you to keep current and new customers coming back. Social media conversations sparked by encouraging clients to engage their personal networks can be a great way to help bring in new business.


Once a potential client has heard of your services by recommendation, there is a strong chance they will jump online to check out your salon. A polished and professional website, with consistent branding across social media channels is crucial, because it may enhance the great feedback they’ve already heard about you. Make sure your website domain name is directly relevant to your business and consider aligning your social media handles to your domain name. To make it easier for customers to find your salon/shop when they type you into a search engine, consider employing SEO strategies, like including keywords on your website. Keywords are words that describe your business, that clients would type into a search engine to find you. For instance, cut and colour Bondi, fade specialist Paddington, or mens cutting specialist Fitzroy. The more specific you can be the better, to help show higher in search results. Consider also adding a map to your website, to help clients can find you by location. If you already have a website, but haven’t updated it recently, it might be time for a revamp. With a choice of online website builder tools, you can give your site the refresh it needs in under an hour. You will want to make sure your website is optimised for mobile devices, as many people will view your website on their mobile device first. When creating or refreshing your website, it may be good to consider adding an online appointments feature, so prospective clients visiting your website can easily book an appointment online, without having 49 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3

to go out of their way to make a call. Online website builders like GoDaddy Website Builder have an online appointment scheduling feature which can make scheduling appointments easier for both you and your customer. Your website should also include contact details, operating hours, a list of services you offer, and you may want to consider including pricing, so clients can find the information they’re looking for. Make sure this information is easy to locate on the site, under clear headings. You can also use your website to showcase the best of your hair services. You may choose to integrate social media content on the site, notable client testimonials, photos, and your latest offers, to encourage website visitors to make a booking.


Partnering with complementary local businesses that share similar brand values can be a great way to naturally build your customer base, and simultaneously get more involved in the community around you. You could partner with a neighbouring cafe or coffee shop where your clients may visit before or after their appointment, or a local gym, sports centre or tobacconist even, who attract the kind of clients that you’re looking for. A partnership could look like anything from visibility on each of your websites, tags in social media posts or inclusion in PR or advertising efforts. If you run an active blog on either of your respective websites, you could collaborate on blog posts relevant to your communities and share the blog posts across both your social media accounts. You could even team up to offer promotions across the two businesses. For example, a free coffee delivered to you while you’re having your hair styled/cut, or 20% off your next colour when you buy five coffees at the local cafe across the road. Offering an incentive to customers of another business in the local area may help to win new clients for your salon, and vice versa. Increasing word of mouth for your salon doesn’t have to be a stressful process. If you think strategically about the channels that are right for you, and put some simple marketing elements into place, you can be starting help attract new clients through word of mouth in no time. Tracy Hall is the Marketing Director of GoDaddy Australia and New Zealand. GoDaddy is the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses. For simple tech solutions to help make your life as a business owner easier, visit


Trying to really understand what men want, regarding a great hair salon or barbershop experience, began with my husband, whom I met in my salon, which specialised in men’s barber services, when I was just 18 years old. For many years I styled his hair as a regular guest, until one day he did not return. Years later we met by chance, on a night out in the city, and the rest as they say is history… but not when it came to his hair! Winning him back as a salon guest was not easy, and keeping him as client has been even harder, especially in recent years as his appearance has helped him achieve multiple State and National Men’s Body Building Awards. So … what do men really want when it comes to looking after their locks? According to recent statistics collected by Modern Salon Media Priority Study, “44 percent of men go to go to barbershops as opposed to other types of salons, and what they consider most, is cost and convenience, but they also prefer a good cut. Men’s salons have popped up across the nation in recent years, upping the anti on traditional barber shops, enticing both younger and older men in the door, by offering luxurious male grooming experiences and sophisticated escape havens. Some of these salons have builtin bar areas, pool tables, fox sports and a whole beautification department that provides facial, nail and massage services.

Traditionally barbershops were a place where men spent time with each other, providing a community environment. My grandfather explained to me not so long ago “I will never go anywhere else but Bubba’s up the road. We have a laugh, its quick, not expensive and we chat about life. I love the smell of the place, the talc and I like my cut, it’s a real blokes place and I’m a man’s man.” It’s clear that one type of barber salon does not fit all in today’s world. Will traditional barbershops exist in years to come? What will new barbershops need to do to compete effectively? What is clear, is that tapping into today’s men’s market involves stylists and barbers being able to provide specialist practices, like clipper art, hair and scalp analysis, treatments for hair loss and digital augmentation for styling practices. The wonderful world of hair science is likely to enter the men’s salon space in a huge way in coming years, if recent statistics reported by Mintel (global award winning provider of market research) are correct. Trichology hair science is where I have been able to keep existing male customers and attract a whole new world of younger male clientele in my award-winning salon, and most importantly retain my somewhat challenging husband! 50 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3

Top Hair Tips To Attract Male Guests Include: • Digital Hair and Scalp Trichology Analysis for Hair loss and scalp complaints including hair loss programs, • Personalised hair cut designs using digital trichoscopic imaging which determines the hairs diameter, texture and type enabling artists to design different sculpting techniques and select specific cutting tools that will suit the hair. The digital haircut is amazing as it enables easy precise cutting plans to suit the hair for different ethnicities. • Seeking the advice and mentorship from an experienced barber is a great way to build skill levels, gain inspiration and ideas, • Maintaining a great personality at all times, focusing on active and reflective communication techniques that engage your salon guests and • Offering unique detailed finishes for all of our hair grooming services, from ultrablended fades to clean design lines.





Barbers Chair

Barbers Chair

Barbers Chair

Barbers Chair


MOVEMBER RATED BARBERS For many men, their health isn’t their number one priority. What’s more, a lot of men labour under the stereotype that it’s not manly to talk about their problems. The result? Too many men are suffering in silence, and not taking action to address health issues until it’s too late. Barbers are in a unique position. They are trusted by men. And through an innovative global initiative by the Movember Foundation, barbers are helping improve men’s health through the power of conversation. Movember Rated Barbers is a free online program giving barbers access to information, tools and resources about men, conversations and the things that matter to a man. The staff at Mt Eliza’s The Barbershop and Co were one of the first in the world to sign up. “We have always supported Movember and the philosophy behind Movember Rated Barbers tied in to what we wanted to achieve,” said owner Sam Grove. “The barber’s chair rates as one of the top four places that men will talk about their problems, so as barbers we are in a privileged position to be able to help them.

COMFORTEL’S RAVEN II BARBERS CHAIR. A perfect touch of old meets new vintage style barbers chair. Inspired by the vintage Barber Chairs circa 1930’s-50’s, the Raven II is the is the perfect touch of old meets new. Traditional styling is met with the highest grade of durability, finish and of course maximum comfort (nothing is more important). With a monochrome look of black and white, this barbers chair is a striking accent piece to any barber shop. • 360º (lockable) rotation • Reclining backrest • Adjustable, integrated, removable headrest • Upholstered padded armrests. • Recline lever • Upholstered and padded footrest • Raised leg support • Lockable hydraulic lift • Round chrome base Available from Comfortel.

Showrooms Australia Wide

“Barbers are talking to men all day and that includes hearing their problems. It’s important to learn how to deal with it and how to help the clients in the chair and point them in the right direction.” Grove said the program had given staff the confidence to have more impactful conversations. “It gives you simple techniques that help when speaking to clients,” he said. “You aren’t trying to be a psychiatrist. It’s little questions like ‘how are you going?’ or ‘are you doing ok?’ that can really make a difference.” The program has had a profound effect on the staff at The Barbershop and Co, and they are urging others to join the global movement. “Movember Rated Barbers has been brilliant and has really helped us communicate better as a team,” said Groves. “Not only is it beneficial for your business and your staff, you learn things that you can use in your everyday life.” Men are dying too young – on average six years earlier than women, and for largely preventable reasons. Just being there, listening and talking, can be life-saving. The Movember Foundation is the leading charity dedicated to changing the face of men’s health around the world. With a singular goal to stop men dying too young, the Foundation supports the following causes: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Since 2003, the support of more than 5 million participants has funded over 1,200 innovative projects across more than 20 countries. To donate or learn more, please visit



Classic barbering style makes a comeback! Vines Vintage brings traditional barbering to the modern gentleman with a classic collection of hair tonics.

“When I first started out barbering, I was constantly ragged on by my mates”, Says Uppercut Deluxe founder, Steve Purcell. “It doesn’t seem so long ago that dudes would be embarrassed about even getting their hair cut, but now you see lines out the door of barbershops all the time.” Fuelled and inspired by the sudden increase in popularity of Barbering, the Uppercut Deluxe team worked hard to contribute in the resurgence of the trade doing everything possible to help contribute to its growth. “We have always been a brand built by barbers, for barbers” continued Purcell. “Back then, I couldn’t have even imagined that Uppercut Deluxe would get to where it is today, I really thought we would be limited by how far Barbering would come back. One of our missions from the very start was to do everything in our power to help further the trade. With a tonne of hard work and timing on our side, we like to think that we did our little part in helping fuel the change in perception about men’s grooming.” Since its inception, Uppercut Deluxe has been present through the shift in social perceptions, contributing at every point possible and worked tirelessly to bring the brand to people across the globe. In its 10 Year history Uppercut Deluxe has earnt itself a position as an industry leader. With highlights such recruiting a team of Global Ambassadors from all walks of life, cutting at some of the world’s biggest music, surf & skate events, introducing new products to the market and most importantly getting in the hands of people across 40 countries it’s easy to see why the Uppercut Deluxe team is so excited for the future. The brand has resonated with consumers worldwide with its stand out brand appeal and high quality formulas. To celebrate 10 Years of Staying Power, Uppercut Deluxe is introducing a limited-edition capsule including a Tee Shirt, Anniversary edition Tin Lid, Keyring and Patch, all of which stamped with the 10 Year Anniversary graphic, designed by one of the original Uppercut Deluxe founders. Check out the Tin, Tee, Patch and Keyring on the Uppercut Deluxe website. Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950s barbershop and its spiritual founder, Willy Uppercut O’Shea, Uppercut Deluxe is a modern, yet traditional approach to men’s grooming. An Australian-born brand proudly made with only the finest ingredients, Uppercut Deluxe delivers a core range of high quality grooming products for men without all the fancy embellishments of salon brands.

Hair tonics are the original men’s hair styling product and Vines Vintage has been creating their classic tonics since the 1930s. Vines Vintage creates traditional men’s hair products made with quality ingredients, innovative formulas and a passion for slick styling. Available in five classic finishes: Eau De Portugal: with tangy lemon oil and bitter orange. Eau De Quinine: infused with vanilla and sandalwood scents. Coconut Oil Brillante: a tropical coconut oil infusion. Eclipsol Plain: traditionally scented with willow bark. Eclipsol with Oil: formulated with added oil to deeply nourish hair and scalp. Vines Vintage, authentic barbering with attitude since 1937. For Stockists or more Information: Call Dateline Imports P/L On (02) 9666 3611 Or Visit

THICKER, FULLER HAIR by Delorenzo is the latest edition to this great mens range. Instantly promotes the appearance of thicker, fuller hair with a matte finish, whilst offering a firm hold. The unique formula atomises from gel to liquid upon spray and is formulated with Organic Basil Leaf extract and a clay blend, including magnesium. The NEW DMAN Thickening Gel Spray is now available separately and also as part of a Limited Edition Father’s Day Grooming Kit.


Australian men’s grooming brand, Uppercut Deluxe is stoked to be celebrating 10 Years of Staying Power.

Who doesn’t love shiny and strong looking hair? Vines Vintage hair tonics deliver sleek styling as well as nourishment for dry, dull hair and flaky scalps. Massaged into the scalp, Vines Vintage oil-based formulas provide nourishment and hydration for healthy looking hair and sooth the scalp. After massaging, simply comb hair into shape to create a slicked back look with hold. There’s a finish and fragrance for every discerning gentleman!

SNIPPITS EXCLUSIVE BARBER SHOP OPENS IN PARRAMATTA The Esstudio Group officially opened their doors to Esstudio Garage, their first dedicated barber shop located in Parramatta in August. The new barber shop will see founder of the Esstudio Group, Aleks Abadia and up and coming talent Johnson Viane partner to bring their vision of a cutting-edge barber shop to the local community. Aleks Abadia, Founder of the Esstudio Group says, “The moment I met Johnson I knew we were on the same page. Since we opened Esstudio Colour Bar last year the locals have been asking for more male focused services.” Johnson Viane, Head Barber at Esstudio Garage says, “I’m so excited to partner with Aleks. The set-up of the barber shop is exactly what I had envisioned. I’ve been working in the area for the past four years and I’m happy to now be able to offer a shave experience with a difference.” Esstudio Garage offer a range of barbering services including: • Men’s style cuts – with options for university students, high school studios and soon to be man • Hair design & Art – skin fade, hair design, wash with scalp massage and camo colour • Beard services – polish up and original clean up using cutthroat

“Since the age of 12 I’ve always loved picking up the clippers and cutting hair, whether it was for my friends during a school lunch break, in the locker rooms before a rugby game, or even in my garage. Cutting hair became a passion of mine and something I could never give up. I learnt from the best local barbershop in North shore of Auckland, New Zealand and spent countless hours learning the amazing craft of barbering,” said Johnson. Esstudio Garage is located at 3 Barrack Lane, Parramatta

• Corporate packages – include men’s facials as well as classic and deluxe razor shaves

HARD MUD BY AMERICAN BARBER Introducing the latest addition to the American Barber range, Hard Mud provides a gritty matt finish with extra strong & pliable hold. Water soluble so it’s easy to wash out!

MARRAKESH FOR MEN Being a true gentleman never goes out of style and the Marrakesh For Men range offer just that to your clients. Moisturises and nourishes giving hair manageability and skin softness. Lubricates, soothes and balances skin reducing irritation, leaving it feeling strong, soft and healthy. Anti-Oxidants offer protection and strengthen the skin and hair reducing damage, aging and fading. Adds shines and body achieved with: All Natural Ingredients including Argan Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Aloe, & Vitamin E to name a few. NO parbens, sulfates, artificial dyes, phthalates, propylene glycol, or other harmful ingredients. Proudly Vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified. To find your local supplier please contact Australian International Industries on 039764 283 or visit

BARBERSHOP PROGRAM USES CLIPPERS AND CONVERSATION TO HELP BOYS RE-ENGAGE AT SCHOOL An innovative western Sydney school program that has swapped desks for barber’s chairs has been hailed a success in re-engaging at-risk boys. A classroom/barbershop at Granville Boys High School is home to the Groom Room, where students learn how to chop, clip and fade over a 10-week program.

Project manager, Charles Lomu, offers the young men barbering advice as well as talking about life skills “Essentially we’re teaching the boys about the barbering shop but within an urban barbershop,” project facilitator Leo Tainoi said. “We talk to them about life matters; boys-to-men conversations about things that are relevant to them [and] outside of school as well.” The school, located in one of the most multicultural regions in the country, caters to around 500 students, 99 per cent of which come from non-English-speaking backgrounds. Those selected to take part in the program are disengaged from mainstream education. “They’re not doing too well, they skip classes, they’re having problems,” Mr Tanoi said. “Some people were so disengaged that they didn’t even look us in the eye for the first three or four weeks, and so rather than putting them through class on a Monday, it’s probably preferable for them to come and learn some life skills or work skills like barbering. This program is highly successful in terms of the skillsets that have been handed over. We’ve cut about 80 people’s hair.” Ten weeks on, deputy principal Noel Dixon said the success was evident. “I think this is the only school that has its own barbershop,” he said.”We’ve had tremendous growth in all areas of their schooling by a number of the boys in this program. We’ve had boys who have been on long suspensions before who haven’t been suspended once since they’ve been involved with this program. We thought it would be successful, but it’s been far more successful than we thought it would be.”

Around one in eight students at the school have paid a visit to the barbershop

While motivation behind the program incorporates far more than equipping students with practical barbering skills, past participants have followed barbering as a career path. Kanavale Talakai received his graduation clippers in 2016, before the Groom Room became a permanent fixture in the school grounds.

Reprinted courtesy of ABC News. Story by Harriet Tatham

Kanavale Talakai completed the program in 2016 and now has a full time job in the city

MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE Miracle Oil started as a 100% natural and therapeutic blend of Tea Tree, Argan, Hemp Seed, Vitamin E & 6 other beneficial oils. The benefits of the Miracle in a bottle are Now available in a Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner, Shaving Cream, Crème and a handy On the Go 12ml Oil Spray. The Miracle Oil Range has amazing benefits and almost limitless usage. Made with Natural Ingredients it is perfect for soothing shaving or waxing irritations, areas of dryness, moisturises skin, as well as relieving dry scalp, insect bites, sunburn, minor cuts or burns, reduces the appearance of scar & stretch marks and great for external piercing and tattoos and lots more. Truly a Health Spa for Life’s Irritations. Available through Australian International Industries


Now, he’s a barber at a fast-paced city store. “The program opened my eyes up to a new lifestyle and barbering, but new morals I guess as well; like when you grow up and you want to focus more on what you want in the future.”


BLOG SPOT. IS OUR INDUSTRY A MESS? AND IS IT OUR FAULT? I read a statistic that the number of apprentices going to TAFE is down again-and over the past 3-4 years has been dropping by at least 10% each year, meaning we have less apprentices than we have ever had coming into our amazing industry.. 50% less than 5 years ago! WHY? Why don’t young kids want to be hairdressers anymore? Are we not cool? I personally think a room of hairdressers are way cool! Maybe my cool compass is off - I know my daughter certainly thinks so. I’m pretty sure shows like MasterChef are enticing/taking potential hairdressers, as the whole cooking thing is now so creative and looks cool. But like hairdressing cooking is tough, long hours etc, and I know the apprentice numbers in hospitality are down as well. The sad fact is, apprenticeships are not being taken up in the numbers that they once were, and we need to adapt. So, how do we adapt to the changes within our industry? We can’t ignore the numbers and we can’t just complain about how hard it is to find staff - this is complacency and not innovation. Is it fear of change? Most of our business models work around training apprentices, but this needs to change or at the very least be re-worked to fit the current climate. I strongly believe that nothing in life is to be feared and understanding takes away fear. We need to LEARN and ADAPT. At Stevie English Hair we have 4 full-time apprentices at the moment, and interestingly they are all boys! We have two that went on the floor late last year, one senior staff member that has been on the floor for 2 years and our head colourist that has come through our education program has been with us 8 years. We try to grow our talent, nurture them and make great hairdressers out of them. I think that’s the secret. Not allowing bad habits to develop, teaching an understanding of the business of hairdressing not just the technical skills.

To adapt to shrinking apprentice numbers, we have tried to take away as many of the menial jobs that I had to do as an apprentice. This allows us to spend more time training and upskilling apprentices, something that is particularly important if you employ adult apprentices who are very expensive. We have a dishwasher so they don’t have to wash dishes, we have a cleaner once a week for a full salon clean, we use single use towels so they don’t spend the time washing and folding towels. We get our foil pre-folded from Refoil, (I spent my whole apprenticeship folding foil). These small changes give us the ultimate commodity: TIME! These things don’t help our apprentice crisis in this industry but this does help our salons solve a critical problem, and it helps us to keep the apprentices that we do get because they are more engaged in the job of being a hairdresser, not the job of being a cleaner… after all they are the stars of the future. My good mate Clive Allwright has looked at this problem and come up with a solution through his website Piloroo. You can book a casual salon assistant, or stylist. We have found this helps in our busy times like Wednesday and Thursday nights and Saturdays. Piloroo is deliberately easy to use and a great alternative to full-time apprentices when all you really need is someone to rinse colour! The website addresses the immediate problem of labour shortage with no commitment to long term hiring. Innovation! There will be other ways to look at the future of our industry but this is an excellent first step. Over and out! BIG LOVE Stevie

56 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3



WHAT YOU WATER…GROWS! Recently I was contacted to arrange a time to have a meeting with the Head Office of a Retail Chain. They were wanting to talk to me about how we could provide sales training for their frontline managers. The meeting went well, and we arranged all the necessary times for the training. At the end of the conversation I asked the head of Training and “Customer Services” what training they had in place for Customer Service (as Customer Service is my passion, and I am on a mission to bring old school, old style service back in a big way). This is the reason for this article, as their answer just floored me. As soon as I asked the question, within a matter of seconds the answer shot out…. “we don’t see any value in training our customer facing staff in customer service training. It is something they SHOULD JUST KNOW. We expect them to get up to speed in their own time” (Yup….. my mouth is still wide open with shock). Here is where the issue lies. As a business, we can never just assume our staff “know” the right and correct way to do anything. To be very honest, training staff in the area of sales and the art of upselling is totally useless if the customer’s experience during that process is nothing short of amazing. For a company to have a tangible culture, it has to be taught, instigated and nurtured. It can’t be up to individual staff members to set it by default. It really shows that today, unfortunately there are many businesses who have a band-aid approach to major issues within their business model. Great training, and I mean proper training programs seem to be few and far between these days. It seems that lately businesses are more willing to

invest money in areas that really have no effect on the customers’ experience, instead of realising that unless they do, their customers will end up going to other businesses where they feel more valued and appreciated. As the title of this article states, what you water… grows. If you are not going to invest into your staff, into the structure of how customers are treated, and in the culture that your customers will be walking in to, then everything else is just surface effort. Without happy and returning customers, everything else we do is a little bit irrelevant. Unfortunately, these days, it seems a lot of businesses are expecting a harvest but they either have never planted a seed or if they have, they have never watered or cultivated those seeds to ensure they grow, prosper and multiply. It must be a deliberate and calculated approach! That is exactly what we need to do with our staff. There is no use teaching them the “How” of customer service if they also do not understand and appreciate the “Why”. I am passionate about customer service, mainly because as a consumer I rarely experience anything other than a vanilla experience. It is those businesses who see value and importance in training their staff who will be the ones who will last the longest. Having a “ready, fire, aim” mentality to training, or only addressing it after it’s too late will result in static business outcomes. Justin Herald is the Managing Director of Customer Culture. He is also the Author of 8 International Bestselling books and speaks at over 100 conferences globally each year.

57 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3


BLOG SPOT. THE ULTIMATE CHEMICAL REACTION Would you pick up a tin of paint and tip it into your fish tank? You just scoffed, didn’t you? Out loud, too, I bet. I know how ridiculous that question seems, but it isn’t really – we often don’t think twice about pouring leftover liquids down our sink, which can essentially have the same effect in our oceans as that acetone in your finned friend’s underwater mansion. Our councils and government do their best to assure us that what we wash down the drain is treated before it gushes out into our waterways. The truth is, they can’t really be sure because chemicals often persist through the water treatment process. Actually, the United Nations reports that 80% of the world’s wastewater flows back into the rivers and oceans without being treated. Yikes! And what happens when fish food is laced with chemicals? Our fish food is laced with chemicals – chemicals that were used to power the V-2 rockets of World War 2! Yep, that’s how powerful hydrogen peroxide is. In high concentration, these chemicals can cause endocrine system disruption in fish – basically, this means reproductive, behavioural, immune system and neurological disorders, including the big C. Other animals eat the sick fish, then they’re poisoned and the whole situation gets worse as you go higher up the food chain. Ending with us. At the moment, the micro-plastics findings are making headlines, and many researchers have started to release just how much of those nasty particles are ending up in our bodies (apparently if you’re an avid mussel-lover, you could be ingesting up to 11,000 micro-plastics a year!). Well, I’m predicting that the chemical story is not too far behind.

So, let’s get in front of it now. It’s no secret that all hair salons have excess chemicals; our businesses survive (and thrive) on a liquid diet. Some of you do your best to seek out more eco-friendly options for your professional products and cleaning solutions, which is a fantastic place to start. But for those items that don’t have the green seal of approval, how do you minimise your toxic footprint? Unfortunately, it’s still very difficult for small businesses to divert their own chemical waste because of the small quantities. Currently excess chemicals can only be collected in a 1000L drum – how long would it take your salon to fill that with leftover colour mixture? An insanely long time (we hope!). And where would you put that thing anyway? At Sustainable Salons, we went on a mission to make chemical recycling available to our industry and we’re now the first and only organisation to offer it successfully. Our 20L insalon yellow buckets have so far saved more than 7,500 litres of excess chemicals from ending up in our precious waterways. And just like a modern-day miracle, they’re all turned back into water and used in roadworks, construction and manufacturing. That means the foaming cleanser you’re using right now could be made using recycled water from foaming cleansers before it… it’s like reincarnation, for chemicals. It’s made possible because most liquids – 58 Barber Shop Year 7 Issue 3

including peroxide – are approximately 98% water, and that’s what makes the whole process so worthwhile. It’s actually quite simple to keep these liquids in circulation and out of our oceans. Hygiene, cosmetic and specialty products industry body Accord Australasia has given our system two thumbs up, publically endorsing it on many occasions. Mostly we think they’re just relieved that we have hundreds of amazing salon members around Oz and NZ who care enough about our waterways to swap their back room sink for a simple yellow bucket. As an industry so reliant on products and potions, perhaps it’s time we all band together to stir the pot on this issue – let’s make modernday miracles happen, every day. Keen to join the movement? Register your salon details at!

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Barbershop year 7 issue 3  

BarberShop is a trade magazine specifically for mens barbers and mens hairdressers. Keeping up with trends and fashion as well as business a...

Barbershop year 7 issue 3  

BarberShop is a trade magazine specifically for mens barbers and mens hairdressers. Keeping up with trends and fashion as well as business a...