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FINALE WA8164-112 The Finale is the ultimate finishing tool, designed for blending, bald fades, necklines and eliminating stray hairs. Featuring a professional rotary motor providing a high speed and powerful trimming action with low vibration, the Wahl Finale is a durable, hardworking and practical tool that provides a close bump-free shave and ultimate finish. Cord/Cordless operation allows the prodcut to be used

without thecord offering freedom of movement and benefitting from Lithium Ion technology the Finale offers 80 minute run time from a 120 minutes charge time. The ultra thin hypo-allergenic gold foils enable a super close and bump free finish. The Finales compact and classig design provides you with a quality tool which is lightweight and easy to control.


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100ml & 50ml Duo Packs* *Contains: 1x100ml & 1x 50ml

Sold exclusively through salons Contact M&U Imports for full product details on (03) 9555 1533 | 662 South Rd, Moorabbin Victoria 3189 Australia




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08 Editors Letter 56-57 Snippets


12-14 Modern Flair & Traditional Barbering – Chris Foster 20 Dignity Through Transformation 23 A Special Tribute to Mr. Barber


16-18 The Boss Lady – Missy Mac 22 Follow Your Dream By Megan Glass 28 When Passion for Barbering becomes your Sanctuary By Gabriel Prince Loggley 30 Magic Mike By Mike Ecru


26 It’s A Mans World – Zak Grooming for Men 32 Garage Barbershop No.2 34 The Best Little Barbershop in Texas By Kimberly Sutton


42-43 American Crew All Star Collection 44-45 Irrevernce by Nathan Yip


46 When Science Meets Hair – Activance Professional 48 Selling Skin Products to Men 50 Trichology with Simone Lee 52 Barbers are Waxing to the Max


54 Why You Shouldn’t Follow By Steve Corthine

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I believe that this is the year that has changed the game for barbers nation wide, with the rest of the world recognising the talent that we have down under. Anyone that attended the Sydney Hair Expo this past June can also testify to the growth that the barbering industry has had since the last Hair Expo which was held in Melbourne last year. World renown barbers touched down on our shores the likes of the Schorem Barbers from the Netherlands and The Menspire Lads from the UK also returning from last year, not to mention we have had the privilege of having Julius Caesar and Diego from Los Angeles also visit us and share their knowledge and passion for our craft. With that kind of a line up, I think it is evident that Australia and New Zealand are definitely beginning to make their mark on the world stage. This rapid flow must continue within our barbershops on a daily basis, because that is where it all begins and that is where it all counts. As much as it is an exciting movement with the shows and education sessions across the country, it is our day-to-day clients who we speak with about their ups and their downs, who we built a long term relationship with. They are the ones who have helped us get to where we are. I have been blessed with many of these opportunities to share the knowledge that I have gained over the years across the country, but every time I step back into the shop, I am reminded of where and how I received these opportunities in the first place. So lets continue to grow together as an industry and also as human beings and always keep in mind why we wanted to become barbers.

Lance Liufau

Lance Liufau Editor – Barbershop Magazine Instagram: @lance_topshelfbarber

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American Barber Proudly AustraliaN OWNED! M&U Imports has designed a styling range specifically targeted to the mens barbering trend and American Barber now exists to support the growing industry of male grooming and styling. The demands have never been so great and Australia continues to successfully lead a male dominated demand. This proudly Australian owned and designed product includes a selection of three Styling aids, Styling Paste, Clay Styler and Deluxe Pomade. They are all intermixable and also stand alone as exceptional styling tools. They are all water soluble, with no flakey residue and what is great news for the Australian market is that they are humidity resistant. All three products can be used in wet or dry hair giving greater flexibility for the desired result. Styling paste is a strong yet pliable hold product that is suited for short to medium length hair. It has a low sheen matt finish similar to that of Clay Styler. The difference between the two is Styling paste has a more creamier texture when working through your hands and Clay Styler is more for guys that are used to the hard wax feel. The Deluxe Pomade gives a total option and with medium hold it can be used in wet or dry hair that gives a high shine finish. The amount of shine depends on how much product is used. The products transcend from Barber to home, giving guys a really great chance to maintain their look into daily routines, but also allowing the chance to mix it up a little for those gents more confident with varied styling options. M&U imports 03 9555 1533

“What I love about American Barber is the enormous options available within just a small easy to use product line. It’s vital in my salon or photographic sessions that I have a product that I can rely on in the creation of many varied looks on different hair lengths”. Gregson Gastar, Director of BG’s Lounge - It’s All About the Hair

10 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

Modern Flair & Traditional Barbering

Chris Foster

A leading player within the male hairdressing industry with multiple awards and over 20 years experience, Chris Foster’s unique approach combines a modern flair with traditional barbering techniques. As Creative Director at The Refinery, Mayfair (formerly with Harrods Barbershop) and now Principal of The Foss Academy, he is dedicated to providing education through his elite men’s grooming training to ambitious and progressive stylists who want to achieve the highest level of technical excellence. In the last mnth alone, he’s presented at four major seminars in Miami, Dubai, Mumbai and the UK.

12 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

Chris is a dynamic international platform stylist who exhibits the right mix of showmanship, energy and education, which is also reflected in his photographic and session work. Currently Style Director for The British Barbers Association, Chris has lead global creative teams, demonstrating his diverse skills at fashion weeks in Paris, Moscow, New York, and London, once completing a record-breaking 105 models for the largest ever menswear show held in Leicester Square. Chris is seen as one of the UK’s leading men’s groomers and is the editor’s choice for several leading features. His outstanding work has been showcased in publications such as Londons’ Sunday Times Style Supplement, Hairdressers Journal, FHM and Men’s Health Magazine His list of accolades includes Hair Magazine Best Men’s Hairdresser of the year 2014 & 2015, three times winner of ‘Black Hair & Beauty Barber of the Year’; inductee into the ‘Barbering Hall Of Fame’, winner of ‘The Guild European Golden Clipper Award’ and he was also one of the first to receive the honorary PHAB Standard.


It was actually, yes! My first insight into the hairdressing industry was when I started work experience in a barber shop. I ended up doing two years there and realised that I needed to get qualified. Back in the 90’s, qualifications were all in female hairdressing so that was the route I went down. I did that for a while and absolutely loved it, it was amazing buzz and I saw hairdressers travel all over the world. I noticed that barbering didn’t really have the same opportunities; the traveling and show work didn’t exist because there wasn’t the focus on men’s hair. I realised that men’s hairdressing was very niche so my whole career then became focused on changing that perception. I shifted my career from hairdressing to specifically men’s hair – I wanted to make it more creative, exciting and attract others to do it. There weren’t the same opportunities in the award

circuit either, I won Barber of the Year three times but the award was restricted to afro hair – there wasn’t any other men’s awards to go for


I would say the excitement of working with other creative teams. I love seeing how they develop a concept into a physical product that walks down a catwalk and how my hair skills complement the looks they’ve created. For me, it’s all about working with other creatives and the process of collaborating to create something incredible


The show was for a designer called Ozwald Boateng. It was his A/W 2010 collection show in London and we had five hours to style over 100 models. He created tribes with the models, so each look had to sit with a specific tribe. I prepped solidly for the two days previously sorting the models into categories so that on the day we had a factorytype scenario. We had separate cutting and styling stations whilst one stylist would do the beard trims and another would be applying the product – it took five stylists and five hours which was the only way we were able to execute all of the looks. It was a conveyor-belt of hair styling and once I’d signed off the final look, they were sent off to the clothes stylist and then onto the runway. It was before London Collection Men’s existed so it was very new and exciting. I’d say it was organised chaos!

13 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

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These days I look at other influencers in the industry. Years ago, I would look through trade magazines, trend reports, editorials and glossy magazines for inspiration but social media has added a whole new level of inspiration for me. Men’s hairdressing is much different to women’s, men are slower to adopt new styles and they generally keep styles longer than women do. It’s always the subtle changes and finer design details that alter with men so it’s important to stay on top of the game and use the outlets available to gain inspiration and keep your finger on the pulse. I get inspiration from many places. One of my collections was inspired by a walk around Mayfair in London. I saw a bust of a Greek God and thought I’d love to do a collection based on mythical Greek Gods – and that was it! Inspiration for other collections have come from films, comic books, sculpture, art…the list goes on!


The biggest change I’ve seen to the industry is the speed at which product companies have jumped on the male grooming industry- the number of products now available is staggering. There are more products for men now than there has ever been. 20 years ago, you could barely find a hair gel; now there’s everything a man could need! This growth has made it more desirable for the hairdressing industry to embrace male grooming, the retail opportunities are endless for salons and barbers alike. The ‘barber’ lifestyle has such a positive stigma to it. One of the main reasons I have so many amazing opportunities to travel is because I’m known as a barber. The life of a barber is more appealing than it has been before. We’re also seeing a huge growth in barber focused magazines and the desire to be a barber is unreal. I was in Miami recently talking to a chair manufacturer and they said they literally can’t make barber chairs quick enough, the demand is ridiculous! I never expected it to blow up quite as much as it has.


Before I developed the Foss Academy 10 years ago, I was frustrated that I couldn’t get the level of education that would help me develop and grow as a barber. I thought, if I’m having this frustration then others must be too, and so the academy was born! My philosophy was to base it on the fashion and creative work in the elite grooming emporiums in London. Opening the academy meant that when people wanted to get extra training in the barbering world as the industry grew, they could come to us and learn off our experiences and knowledge. Business was slow for a couple of years. It took a long time for people to realise that we could really help their business. We provided in-salon education and personal development programmes which included individual mentoring. Not only

do I teach the practical side of male grooming but I also teach how to create a brand for themselves. The business has changed a lot in the last 10 years. We’re helping people at all levels now in a plethora of hairdressing avenues rather than just how to cut hair. It’s been an exciting and interesting progression.


Innovate or die is my way of finding new ways to tell old stories. For me, if you don’t innovate or create, you ‘die’ creatively. I’m always looking at how I can do things differently, how can I change what’s been done before and how I can get people to think differently. Classic barbering is an old story so I try and find new ways of telling that story. For instance, I created the very first barbering app in the UK; jumping on digital opportunities was a big thing for me. I must constantly push boundaries and be open to change. We all get comfortable but I try not to stay in the comfort zone for too long!


Winning Creative Head’s Most Wanted Male Grooming Specialist award was very special to me. I was the very first person to win the award which was such an honour. I remember looking at awards previously and thinking there isn’t one that I could go for, but with the rapid growth and interest in men’s hairdressing it’s something that magazines just can’t ignore!


Innovation! Instead of teaching one-to-one, I’ve adapted to teach one-to-many. The two education apps we’ve developed offer something for everyone. We have free and paid-for courses as well as a YouTube channel and our brand new online education portal which we’ve just launched. The Foss Academy business model has changed over the years as I took a brave step away from teaching seminars to focusing on online education.


It can only get better! We are seeing the global growth of male grooming getting bigger and bigger. The global value of the male grooming market is currently US$47.9 billion and is predicted to tip US$50 billion by the end of 2018. The industry and its creatives are moving rapidly and I think that’s why people are interested in the sector – but we mustn’t forget that there’s always new things to learn. Innovate or die!

14 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

The Boss Lady Michelle Macfarlane AKA Missy Mac is the owner and operator of BREETHAZ’ BARBERSHOP in Hamilton city, New Zealand. Although the popular inner-city shop is only in its second year of business, Missy is an award-winning boss lady who has been in the barbering business for over 20 years. We spoke to Missy about her career, her business and what makes her proud to be a ‘Boss Lady’ Barber!

16 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3


Going into business for myself has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences I’ve had to date. Operating on another level, managing staff, balancing the books, taxes, it all comes in to play. Also with the sacrifices you make in growing a new business and the demands of a growing family you have to strike a balance. In setting up my Barbershop, I wanted people to know that even though I’m a female, this is a Barber shop. Breethaz’ represents the males in my life from my family, husband and 4 sons to my male coworking barbers and the men who walk into our shop wanting to make us their Barbers. It’s about men, The Breethaz’, the brotherhood, The Brethren.


We went from having 4 Barber chairs to 5 in the last month. I currently have 5 barbers including myself and 1 apprentice, and maybe 2 more apprentices, in the near future.


Being a Female in a male dominated industry, my path in Barbering started with mastering barbering and hair art, staying loyal to who I worked for and to my customers. At Breethaz’ we provide very diverse styles catering to each of our client’s individual custom haircuts and designs. We provide a service for the families that come in to our shop, to have

an experience. I have a wide skill set, so I want our clients to be satisfied with their service. I noticed that not many barbers were doing hair art, so I wanted to create more options. Also, every barber we have here has their own different styles of cuts and services. I’m well known for the clientele I’ve had over the 7 years of being situated in 2 Barber shops. 5 years in the first shop and now coming up to 2 years directly opposite on the other side of the street in my own shop. Clients range from players from the Waikato Chiefs, Super Rugby, All Blacks past and present, MMA fighters, Businessmen, Doctors, Lawyers, Generations of families, Grandfathers, Fathers, Brothers, sons and their grandchildren not to mention individuals from the Entertainment industry including DJs, Musicians and well-respected clients within their fields. Our grass roots clients new and loyal, all walks of life have sat in my chair. We built our reputation from the quality of our cuts and services. Our advertising has been a lot of word of mouth. Even though we had People like Liam Messam and Sonny Bill William amongst many others, we made it known that whoever came through our shop, every single client who chose us to be their Barbers, they were our MVPs - Most Valuable People.


Invest in your skills and in your equipment, also develop the finer skills of customer engagement, business management, presentation, and health and hygiene. Stay teachable, even when you think you know it all, there is always so much more you can learn. Communication with your Boss and clients is key to delivering what

17 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

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the client wants and retaining your clients, and keeping your job. Stay solid to the Barbershop your representing, employers don’t like floating barbers. Time management and a great work ethic is key to being successful.


It has helped me showcase my work. Also promoted my reputation and put my business on the map. Social media has allowed me to stay connected with other barbers and to the trends in our trade. It has provided that appreciation for other people’s work and what we all can inspire too.


I quickly developed the foundation skills in barbering, driven and committed to mastering my experiences and knowledge to excel in the Barber trade. In my many years in barbering I’m one of many that have never done a course in Barbering. Self-taught from watching experiencing, trial and error with wanting to do better myself and creating different designs, I was determined to use these skills I had taken on to my advantage to serve my clients and empower myself. It wasn’t until I had my own shop that I completed my National certificate in barbering QBYE (Qualified by Experience).


I love the fact that I’m passionate about our industry and that my experience and investment in my work has been recognised. Last year in

2016 I competed in New Zealand’s first Battle of the Barbers, hosted by Barbercraft NZ. I entered in 2 different categories and won the Master section in the pattern, going up against 6 Master Barbers with only 1 winner in that section, I was stoked to be the only female in that category. I’ve worked in collaboration with media and corporate partners. I’ve only wanted to project a solid positive experience and respected reputation as a quality barber. Barbering is something for which I have always had a great passion for. It’s what I do- it’s what I know and love. I’m proud of my achievements and commitment to making a difference in people’s lives. One thing that I pride myself in is delivering quality barber services for all my clients combined with great time management. Only a true Barber knows the life of a barber, the commitment to the Barbershops that we represent, the long hours and dedication to the staff, business, clients and to our craft.


I remember my first experience with an old school barber in Auckland, who had a funny way of pushing me out of my comfort zone. I had never been taught how to do a flattop or learnt how to line clients up with a cutthroat blade. The clients he chose for me had the most difficult hair, he used to say to me, “use your razor to finish off the client’s neckline, (amongst other things), otherwise you’re out of a job”, who says that?! Even though I felt insulted, it worked, I learnt quite a few valuable lessons from him in the fear that I may lose my job, in a way without that pressure put on me I would never be walking this path I am today.

18 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

Dignity Through Transformation

Big hearted Brisbane pair donate 1000 haircuts to support our homeless.

“My son died of a drug overdose My wife and I struggled to cope with the loss A year after his death she took her own life I walked out of the house and never went back.” “My brother gave me a pair of scissors He asked me to cut his hair instead of cutting myself”

20 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

“I think I might like to be a hairdresser.”

“I used to run a busy childcare centre I had a breakdown and couldn’t cope anymore. I lost my job, my partner, my friends and my home All I have left of who I used to be is the car I live in.”

Every now and then, you meet someone who makes you stop and realise how many wonderful folks are out there just quietly doing their thing, but in the process, making a massive contribution and lifting humanity through their kindness. This is a story about two rockabilly fans from Redcliffe who stepped away from their community housing and aged care careers to open a retro-styled mobile barber shop and offer free haircuts to the homeless. Jack Reed Barber Shop is the sea-change dream of Teresa Reed and Danielle Hannah, two Brisbane locals who wanted to bring back the simplicity of a bygone era when grooming was about style and a trip to the Barber was about the experience and the opportunity to “shootthe-shit” with the Barber. The girls work every day to help their homeless clients feel good about themselves and maybe consider a fresh approach to life. With a $73,000 grant from a Queensland government policy called Dignity First, they turned a van into a retro-styled mobile barber shop with a hotrods and motorbikes theme, installed air conditioning, two very comfy barber chairs, even a Nespresso machine, and hit the road to help the homeless get their mutton chops styled to perfection! Taking the history of their profession seriously, they pay respect to the traditions and skills of the Barbering trade, with every aspect of their services guided by their four key values: authenticity, simplicity, style, transformation. Their vision is to provide dignity through transformation, offering one thousand haircuts, absolutely free. “When you’re living in a hostel, sleeping rough or sleeping in your car, a haircut is often not high on your list of priorities. Your focus is usually on finding food and shelter for the day, but a simple haircut has the power to restore a sense of dignity” “Not only does how we feel influence how we look but the reverse is also true; how we look influences how we feel. The face is the feature most important in terms of first impressions and hair, as the framer of the face,

is the major visual component of the first impressions we form of others. These impressions influence our behaviours and interactions with that individual”. There are over 25,000 homeless people just in Queensland alone. Each night they struggle to find a safe place to sleep with homeless shelters full long before night falls. 30% of our homeless are under the age of 18 and 20% are sadly under the age of 12. There are many and varied shared stories of family breakdowns, domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, mental health issues and financial hardships among the most marginalized in our society. For many, dignity is a notion long since forgotten. Danielle said, “The first person to have their hair cut in the van was Hermi, a Peninsula-based homeless man who lives out of his car. Hermi said it was not often you were able to get anything for free. “I don’t ever get my haircut, I usually do it myself with a razor blade, but I can’t reach all the places that need cutting. It just isn’t a priority.” Often, what their clients most enjoy is the conversation and human interaction; they just love having a chat while their hair is cut. With a goal to offer 1000 free haircuts in a 12-month period, the van moves around the north Brisbane and once a month, visits the Royal Brisbane Hospital, to cut the hair of those in the mental health ward. They’re currently 350 cuts down and closing in on their 400th. Relying mainly on sponsors to provide product and basic suppliers, the project has been supported by Uppercut Deluxe, AMR and Boho Balm; Trending Media Australia have literally followed them with a camera from the very beginning and even their local Signarama helped out! Search 1000 haircuts on Facebook and Instagram and check out their webpage www.jackreedbarbershop. com/1000-cuts-for-the-homeless to follow their journey.

21 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

Follow Your Dream BY MEGAN GLASS

I am a 52-year-old mum of 5 and my youngest has Asperger. Once he got to high school it was time for me to return to the workplace so I enrolled into a short course in barbering which was a 16-day course. I decided I was going to become a barber but I knew that the work and the journey was going to be hard with just 16 days experience, so my next step was the decision to back myself, open a shop and create a job for myself. My rent was $250 plus out goings. You could imagine at this point that I was very nervous. I thought to myself, if I could just pay my rent and electricity I would be doing well. I knew I would be a single chair barber but wasn’t sure how I would attract my clientele. 18 to 40 years of age was my target market and that is what I was looking for. So I sold a horse and brought 2 red vintage barbers chairs. I new the location we lived at on Lake Macquarie was ideal for a barber shop, the parking was good and a few doors down was a bottle shop that had the 3rd best sales in NSW. I decided I was going to wing this. I really don’t know how I did it but I did. Within 3 months the business was sold and my family relocated to northern rivers.

a great support. I now have a cert 3 in barbering through RPL. On Wednesday nights I train 6 indigenous young men with barbering skills. Anthony Skinner was a client of mine and he taught me so much about being a good barber, he was so pedantic. Then he asked me to cut his cousins hair who was coming out on weekend release, so I started cutting his hair and passed on all my barber shop mags to him and a kit with all my corded clippers so he could start his journey as a barber. Through my experience of sharing with others, this trade that we all love so much, I have found great joy within myself and also those that I share my knowledge with. I definitely encourage all to lend a helping hand wherever they can and to support each other like others have supported me.

On to location number 2 and I knew as a single chair barber I could only make X amount of dollars per week so my rent had to be right, as the saying goes, “Seek And Ye Shall Find” and guess what, I found a location for $80 a week and I couldn’t be happier. I continued to teach myself to be a barber and to learn the art of the hot towel shave; I followed the nomad barber on YouTube, watching young men doing shaves in India, I would read the Barbershop Mag over and over again and I also had a lot of help from the barber movement and spoke with Max Laban who encouraged me to not give up, Charls Lomu was also 22 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

A Special Tribute to

Mr. Barber

Neville Spence, known to many as MR. BARBER was born in 1950 in Port Chalmers Dunedin. He hung up his clippers and scissors on 14 June 2017 after a long battle with lung cancer and we would like to celebrate his incredible life and commitment to the barbering industry with this special tribute Neville had two brothers, Tony and Garth, and two sisters, Shona and Gail. Neville was the much-loved middle child of Arnold and Valda Spence His passion was grooming so he embarked on a career as a barber at the age of 15 in the new style of barbering, mixing the old with the new, learning from the best English barbers that had come to New Zealand. He then moved on to his own business renting a chair at the Vulcan, a very fashionable Barber shop in Vulcan Lane, working alongside some of the best barbers and good friends like Robert Payne, who owned the Vulcan and now Ponsonby Barbers. He competed in many NZ competitions and won. He met wife Jacqui at 18 and they moved to Sydney at 21 winning competitions cutting mens and womens hair. Neville was a perfectionist so everything he did had to be the best it could be. Neville and his close friend Daniel Lonergan (another barber) decided to partner up and go to Canberra to open a hairdressing salon called Salon Nouveau. It was said “They charged like wounded bulls but were the best.” During that time they decided that Henna was going to be the next big thing so Daniel went off to Persia to procure a container of henna powder for his next adventure.

They developed a brand Sunshine Henna, packaged the henna powder and developed other complimentary products and showcased the products creating stage shows to introduce it to the hair industry. Others such as Paul Heuge de Serville came in to help with the shows and have loads of fun, often having lots of Tequilla before the show! Neville and Jacqui had monthly parties at their Canberra home, which were wildly successful, so they decided to open a night club. Salon Nouveau was housed in a large basement in the centre of Canberra so they moved the salon and turned the space into a Night club called Tricks. Neville was given glowing character references from many including Sir John Gorton (Australia’s Prime Minister), who was a neighbor and client of his, and through this help and reputation he was granted a Liquer Licencem being the youngest Licence holder in Canberra. Soon after the club had opened however, it caught fire. Neville worked hard to get it up and running again in a month and Tricks quickly became a very popular cub having a 24hour licence opening at 10pm closing never before 6am with Neville being the DJ.. again Tequilla played a big part!

This was a new concept at the time - a complete Male Grooming Centre for Men offering hair, facials, waxing etc. After a few years Neville decided to move back to NZ and MR. BARBER was born. He opened his Barbershop in Epsom first, then a city Barbershop in Albert St, but found that there were no professionally trained barbers in NZ anymore, so he decided to train his own. Apprentiships were nonexistent and Barbering Qualifications were created by hairdressers – certainly not fit for the purpose required. So Neville and Jacqui set about reinvigorating the industry and developed a training concept that would work for Barbers including a Barbering Qualification. The MR. BARBER Training Centre was born. Aspiring barbers came from all over NZ and Australia to learn from him. He gathered a team of highly professional, passionate barbers to train barber students alongside of him and took his skills to MR. BARBER Training Centre to ensure the future of Barbering. Neville put into place a system that kept paying forward, training passionate barbers like himself to be tutors to pass on their skills.

He spent hours pouring over imported music lists, creating an incredible atmosphere and melting pot of new talent At the same time Neville worked in the hairdressing salon Salon Nouveau.

MR.BARBER has gone on to be wildly successful with full classes every year and a waiting list Neville was always so proud of being able to pass on his exceptional talent and skills.

After 5 years of Nightclubbing Neville and Jacqui decided to move back to Sydney and set up a new business called Male Vanity in Darlinghurst.

Neville will be missed by family, friends and the many barbers that he has played an instrumental role in helping through his experience and passion for the craft.

23 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3


Artistic Master Barber 2017 Michael Daskalakis is just 25 years of age and from the nations capital. Having been a barber now for 8 years owning his own barbershop for 4 years called MIKOS (formally known as Boys 2 Men Hair Studio), he recently won the 2017 Artistic Master Barber competition proudly sponsored by Wahl and Barber shop Magazine.

We asked Michael to share with our readers a little about his career so far and what the future holds for this very talented artist and Master Barber… I always like to challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone so that I have a chance to grow and progress within my career. I found this competition really appealing, as it was a chance for me to test myself. I also knew that all the talented barbers from around Australia were going to enter so it was a good chance to put myself up against the nations best. In the past I placed 2nd in 2015 & 2016 so once I got the results back from the judges I was extremely delighted, as it felt so surreal having gained 1st place. I knew my hard work and persistence had paid off and it felt like a whole lot of weight was just raised off my shoulders. The Japanese Geisha was inspired to me from a holiday my wife and I went on. It was our first holiday together as a married couple and we absolutely loved Japan. The culture and atmosphere is second to none. So I wanted to dedicate my entry piece to our very first holiday. I have always loved hair art, and how it has evolved over the years. My goal is to continue to progress in this area of Barbering and specifically work on portraits. Hair art has allowed me to bring my hobby in to my professional workplace. I don’t have a lot of time for drawing in my personal time so I just bring it to work with me, so I consider myself very lucky to be able enjoy the best of both. I am currently studying at the Canberra Institute of Technology for my Cert III in Barbering as it’s the first time they have had a Certificate for the industry and also my Cert IV in Training and Assessment, to become a teacher at the Canberra Institute of Technology to represent our industry and to give back for what Barbering has given me, an opportunity to do what I love and love what I do. My goal by 2018 is to be a teacher to represent the Certificate in Barbering, to have my Certificate in Barbering and to maintain the qualities of a successful barbershop with a committed team and to learn and then pass on more about our industry. A special thanks to Pancake, McPaddy, Special K & Darway for the continued support and for making this achievement possible. It’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.

“I am happy to say that I have a great team who are motivated, hard working & joyful by my side. Without the support of my team and my wife I would not have any chances to enter competitions like these so I am very thankful.”

IT’s a mans world

26 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

The team at ‘Zak Grooming For Men’ are an award winning, creative team of men’s stylists who offer the total service and full consultation. Services include style cuts, product finishes, hot towels, traditional barber shaves, colours, shampoos and treatments. Zak Grooming For Men displays the latest in salon design and global cutting edge hair trends. Relaxation to the max, every client receives a full shampoo, head massage, cut and style finish and a complimentary alcoholic beverage with every service. Zak Grooming also offers techniques in extended areas such as retail knowledge, traditional barber shaves, designer colouring & camouflage, product demonstrations, salon training and more. All training is customized to suit the persons or salons required needs. The dynamics within the salon are electrifying and has been dubbed as ‘The Man Cave’ especially when the ‘Zak Grooming’ resident DJ is spinning on the decks!


Zac’s dedication to the hair industry shows in his consistent work, passion for his clients and in creating hairstyles that display the latest global trends. He established ‘Zak Grooming For Men’ ten years ago and has watched it prosper into the states most successful men’s barber salon with a twist. His personal creation of unisex water soluble hair styling products, ‘ZAC’, has developed into a highly successful styling range with the thousands of monthly clients that visit Zak Grooming. In high demand, Zak Grooming has become a nationally renowned salon with Zac’s personally trained employees becoming finalists in national competitions such as the American Crew All Star Challenge. With 20 years of expertise, Zac is motivated to keep every client incredibly happy and feeling confident after every cut. As a perfectionist he strives to create styles that best suit the client whilst interacting his own unique edge. His elite clipper skills sees him uniquely transform cutting edge styles. His teaching techniques display skill that is easy to understand as he implements strategies that connect with each individual. His unwavering determination, fun loving and honest approach encourages an inspiring and positive team environment while upholding professionalism and fantastic customer service. Once meeting Zac you will understand why people love and connect with him.


The talented Mr Dutton from Manchester England chose Australia as his adopted home in 2012. Phil’s expertise extends 30 years in all aspects of men’s cutting and styling. In 2015, Phil became a finalist in the national American Crew All Stars Challenge. His passion for delivering the perfect cut and finish sees him constantly striving to create new and exciting styles. Phil enjoys all areas including training, traditional barber shaves, photographic competitions and clipper work. His witty sense of humour creates an enjoyable atmosphere. Phil will be Zac’s partner in demonstrations.


Having travelled the globe creating his designer cuts, Simon is the newest addition to the Zak Grooming team. A specialist in both men’s and women’s colours, cuts and finishes, Simon enjoys creating crazy cuts that are a little out of the ordinary. His quirky character sees him constantly experimenting in all areas of hair in a career spanning twelve years.


Fusing creativity and personality into one has been Costa’s focus since he learnt the craft of barbering. Costa is passionate about precision cutting, clipper techniques and styling men’s hair. In 2017, Costa became a finalist position in the national American Crew All Star Challenge. Costa focuses on creating quality barber services and connecting with his clients to ensure they feel valued.


The youngest stylist in the Zak Grooming clan, but by no means the least
talented. Johnny’s story starts in his back shed where he taught himself to cut his friends hair from a young age. Johnny enjoys cutting, clipper work and creating awesome world standard fades. Zak Grooming has nurtured Johnny’s passion for the industry and turned him into a true professional. The skies the limit for Johnny who’s just getting started! Shop 3 / 72 Broadway, Glenelg South SA 5045 27 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

When A Passion For Barbering Becomes Your Sanctuary BY GABRIEL PRINCE LOFFLEY

I want to give thanks to Barbershop Magazine for accepting my experience to share with our barbering industry. In 1995 I was 7 years old when I first attempted to fade with my brothers hair, guided by my older brother who was a street barber and at the time the only one who performed a zero fade, half blend mushroom, slick back style! You were the coolest. In 2007, my passion for barbering became my sanctuary. I was indecisive on which career path in my teens I wanted to stick with, as I idolised professionals in the NBA and Rugby Union. I signed up with Mr Barber Training Centre and graduated in 2007, which sparked my passion for the barbering industry. Being only in my teens, I wanted to grow within the industry and network like most training wheels would do. I remember Neville, in the training centre always being straight up with me and his words of encouragement when I had put myself in pressured situations like when I had snipped this guys’ ear with texturizers! He would still educate me to make an example out of the situation, and give me more options to troubleshoot with, like posture, distance, stance etc. 5 years later, experiences behind the chair quickly changed, and I remember becoming more ambitious with being creative as I wanted to expose myself to all these new trends with new fading methods, multiple structured patterns and designs. I reached out to a mate in Papatoetoe and had then begun to become more creative with my mentor Imran, owner operator of Modern Hairdressing Ltd in 2012. Papatoetoe is situated in the South side of Auckland and is home to where competition haircuts are very demanding. The amount of support I was given through our clients was amazing. Most days we would laugh and make fun of everyone as the banter here was enough to have you laughing pretty hard. This Barbershop I shared with my barber brothers who made my experience even more cooler! In 2014, I decided to leave New Zealand and move to Australia where I made a move to the world renowned Culture Kings on the Gold Coast. A friend had set me up in Culture Kings, where I was exposed to social media with a lot of trendsetting goals. I remember the atmosphere and vibe was world class. It was second to none. Culture Kings barber’s had shown me so much support and definitely up-skilled me to new heights. My experience there was amazing. In 2015, I moved to a remote town in Western Australia, where the hairstyles changed to mullets and foil fades. The aboriginal boys always allowed me to try new styles and patterns or tracks that helped me progress further. As a team we always bounced ideas around and my team mates helped change my techniques and polished my finishing touches, which I am forever grateful. I had spent a year learning a lot about Australian footy with the clients and how Fremantle and the Hawthorn Hawks were kings of the sport but the Richmond Tigers had Dustin Martin and he’s part kiwi so I went for them! In 2016 I wanted to try teaching and get back to my roots of barbering again so teaching and mentoring at the time became an obsession. I remember meeting and greeting all students when I became full time employed with Mr. Barber as a Tutor and Assessor. I enjoyed the students stories and their professionalism, the matureness and how they demonstrated a ‘Just do it’ attitude like Nike. The students were awesome to work with and I am forever grateful to be part of their journey. One memorable experience I had with the students was getting them lost on a class excursion to one of Auckland’s barbershops and the Guinness world attempt on the most haircuts done in 8 hours. Happily all students had haircuts on stage and became part of the world record that New Zealand now holds. In 2017, I ventured into business and opened Shop Twenty Four Barbershop in New Market, Auckland. I have acquired multiple awards and certifications that I felt were needed through my experience and this by far is the coolest thing I’ve done. Shop Twenty Four Barbers bring that X factor, vibrancy and fun experience to the atmosphere in the store. The clients here are amazing and we have all different nationalities and cultures from around the world working and visiting here. There is no competition here and luckily we have been blessed to recently announce we are branching off to Papatoetoe to where my creativity was first born. I’m blessed to say… Papatoetoe I’m home!

29 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3


Hi my name is Mike Eru aka Magic Mike the barber, and the main driving force behind this article is my focus to share my story, vision, passion and my love for barbering with you. I started barbering as a young 16 year old straight out of high school. Back then… it was a fouryear apprenticeship in a small town called Levin, which was located just south from New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. My mentor Kevin Gray was a well-known barber from Wellington. When I first started I soon came to learn that there was no easy route around it, except for pure hard work. I still remember the first thing he taught me was to face shave.

“stay true to yourself, be open-minded, be humble and honest, followed by the most important, which is to always help others that are least fortunate.”

The first technique I ever learnt was taught from an old school tradition which previous barbers used in their day. I was forced to learn how to face shave smoothly and quickly when I was instructed to shave a balloon with a cutthroat blade. The principal behind the technique was simple… if the balloon pops then essentially you’ve cut your client. So after plenty of popped balloons I soon grabbed a basic understanding of how to face shave. Soon followed the next cutting technique, which was scissor over comb using 7-inch scissors; this method also applied to cutting with clippers over comb, so effectively I was killing two birds with one stone. In regard to ‘fading’ it wasn’t known or seen as a popular hairstyle unlike today. Back then the generic cut was short back and no sides, followed by a high and tight military cut… LOL. The clipper cut is basic but effective if performed properly. Looking back, Kev was harsh but fair. He taught me everything he knew. In all honesty, I owe that man a lot. To this day him and his 51 years of barbering experience still hold their legacy as he holds his hands high clipping and snipping away to this day. He will always be the man in my eyes. He inspired me. The 10 years I stood by his chair were some of the best years of my barbering career and I would never wish for any of it back. As my journey continued, I moved to the city of Palmeston-North, Central North Island of New 30 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

Zealand, where I opened my own barber shop called, PHAT FADEZ BARBERSHOP, which was in the suburb of Takaro. Everything at the time was happening and there were exciting times ahead. I was 26 years old and there was no social media at all in the 90’s. Basically, there were no shares of a Facebook post or any shout outs on Instagram, it was all word of the mouth. The first year of owning a business was by far the hardest as I was overwhelmed by the perks of commitment and organisation. As time went on, I soon developed the notion that with hard work eventually the rewards would started to come rolling in, because as my mother would say, “What you put in is what you get back”. I occupied my own shop for 9 years… man were they good times. What followed was soon to be the biggest move of my life as a person and my career as a barber. It all started by moving to the land of opportunity, Australia. I arrived in Brisbane on October 4th 2005. I couldn’t believe how hot it was and how big the city was. I was absolutely gobsmacked, but definitely excited at the same time. My first job was at a barbershop called Clippy T’s Barbershop. Over the 12 years I’ve now lived in Brisbane, I have worked in various barbershops and have witnessed a multitude of changes within our trade. The amount of knowledge and skills I have gained during my time in Australia has been phenomenal. Currently, I’m managing a barbershop in Wynnum (Bayside of Brisbane), which is called ‘Cut-n-Edge Barbershop’. It has been open since March 2017 and is owned by an inspirational woman, who one day will produce a great barber in the making. The shop currently has 3 staff, including myself, Caitlyn and Terri. Our future goal is to be in a position to open more shops around Brisbane and then hopefully in the wider Queensland state. We cater for young and old, with no bookings needed just simply walk in. We provide an indulging hot towel service, beers, juice, water and loyalty cards. We do everything from face shaves to phat fades, no stones are left unturned. I strongly believe in quality not quantity. I’m excited and look forward to what the future holds for Cut-N-Edge Barbershop. Personally, if it wasn’t for the support and love from my wife, four children and friends none of this would be possible. Something I live by is to stay true to yourself, be open-minded, be humble and honest, followed by the most important, which is to always help others that are least fortunate. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge Lance Liufau AKA ‘Top Shelf Barber’ for letting me share my journey as a barber. Thank you for your time, Magic Mike out.

31 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

“I was forced to learn how to face shave smoothly and quickly when I was instructed to shave a balloon with a cutthroat blade.”

Garage Barbershop No.2 Barbershop magazine met Rex Silver a few issues ago and featured his award winning, successful barber shop – Garage Barbershop in Gladstone, Qld. Having recently taken the plunge to open his second shop in Bundaberg, we thought we would catch up again to see how this new development has worked for him so far, assuming great results from this passionate individual.

32 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3


Gladstone is an industrial hub with workers from all over Queensland staying there for work and then going home for weekends. After so many customers saying “you guys would kill it back home” you start thinking. Bundaberg has a great Main Street vibe, a decent population, and is as far south as I wish to go for now, so I chose it as our fist location to try out with the expansion of our brand.


Bundaberg is 2 hours drive south of Gladstone, not a huge commute for city folk. We opened 8 weeks ago, I worked there Monday to Friday for the first 5 weeks and came home weekends. Now I go every Thursday and Friday so I’m only away from home 1 night a week. We have built a strong name in Central and North Queensland as I was born in Cairns and grew up in Gladstone. The recognition we have enjoyed on a national level, like being published in BarberShop, is really celebrated up here, as regional Queenslanders are very proud to have one of their own bringing city services and slick city styled stores, back to regional areas. Being a Finalist, 2 years running for the prestigious Australian Hair Industry Awards Best Barber Business of the year has also helped the brand immensely and we will continue to look at new ways to promote ourselves to our regional community. I think that connection of being a local, so to speak, really resonates. I was really lucky to have 2 amazing Bundaberg barbers, Sammy Benson my Bundaberg manager, and Shannon Coleman, want to start with me immediately. We are looking already for a 3rd.


I have read a lot about the pitfalls of expanding, and of getting too big too quickly, so I am being extremely cautious. Hope for the best and plan for the worst. Would I have done anything differently, ask me in a year haha........

ANY ADVICE YOU CAN GIVE OTHERS THINKING OF EXPANDING? Plan, plan, plan and then plan again. Read and research, involve others and ask questions. Visualise your ideas successfully working and believe they will, and of course cross your fingers!!


YES! I hope to open more Garage Barber Shops at a steady and realistic pace in Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns. As I mentioned earlier, with people really being behind us in encouragement and support, I would like to continue to expand where our customers are telling us they want us. 33 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

The Best Little

Barbershop in Texas BY KIMBERLY SUTTON

With the number of traditional barbershops shrinking and being replaced by styling salons or corporate barbering businesses, there is still one independent barbershop where one can get an old-fashioned hot shave and a flat top in Texas, USA...Shepard’s Barber Shop. The 105-year-old Shepard’s Barber Shop is located at 116 Simonton Street in Conroe, a budding city about 30 miles north of Houston, known for its timber and oil industries in southeast Texas. The United States Census Bureau recently named Conroe as the “the fastest growing city in America, seeing a 7.8 percent increase from 2015 to 2016, a growth rate more than 11 times that of the nation. Shepard’s Barber Shop is one of the only known places where a customer can get a close shave with a straight razor, and afterward, get wrapped in a steam towel. A few customers drive more than an hour away every six weeks to get a haircut. In 2014, Shepard’s Barber Shop was named the oldest barber shop in Montgomery County by the Montgomery County Historical Commission, earning a historical marker on the front of the building. The shop has a wooden rack dating back to 1936, an old soda machine, pictures and news clippings on its walls. Owner Leon Apostolo has been cutting hair at Shepard’s for more than 30 years, since he was 17, and eventually bought the business from his mentor and friend Bobby Shepard who passed away last year at the age of 80.

Apostolo arrives at 6 a.m. every morning, except Sundays and Mondays, turns on the lights and starts cutting hair. He said he has a solid base of faithful customers, who drive many miles to sit in his chair. Despite his loyal customers, Apostolo said barbershops are a dying breed. He said most of them are chains and run customers through like an assembly line and get them out in about five minutes. “As far as old-fashioned barber shops go, we’re vanishing,” he added. Walking into Shepard’s is like walking back in time. It’s a popular melting pot for locals to share their tall tales and varying views on the issues of the day, whether it’s if President Donald Trump is or isn’t making America great again or how big the fish were they caught on nearby Lake Conroe. The walls of the shop are a medley of photos, posters and memorabilia that reflect both the history and quaintness of the community and long-gone eras. One can see a poster from the 1958 fight when boxer Roy Harris of Conroe took on Floyd Patterson for the heavyweight title and a photo of Elvis Presley getting his hair cut in 1955 when he came through Conroe for a concert at the high school. Numerous




34 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3


depicting the history of downtown Conroe and its citizens have been added to the walls of the barber shop. One includes historical images taken in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, as well as photos of children getting their first haircuts - some who, a generation later, are bringing in their grandchild for their own first haircut. “We have many generations of customers who have come to the shop for their whole lives,” Shepard said in a previous interview. “You get to know people and it’s a good relationship. They know us and we know them.” The building serves as a priceless time capsule for Conroe and Montgomery County. The men who built this barber shop were founding fathers of Conroe, said Larry Foerster, president of the Montgomery County Historical Commission and who is a regular customer. Shepard’s Barber Shop continues to serve as an example of how Conroe has changed from a small timber and oil town to a flourishing suburban center of the fastest growing city in America.


The 105-year old building once known as the “Little Jack West Building” has served the greater Conroe community as a popular

local barber shop for over 100 years. Although the faces of the barbers in their white starched shirts may change from time to time, cutting a man or his son’s hair the same old-fashioned way never changes at today’s Shepard Barber Shop. The building serves as a priceless time capsule for Conroe and Montgomery County. The men who built this barber shop were founding fathers of Conroe. Overview from the Montgomery County Historical Commission: The history of the little brick building at 116 Simonton Street goes back to the very creation of downtown Conroe by J. K. Ayers in 1889. On May 6, 1889 a county election was held by which the small unincorporated community named for Isaac Conroe became the Montgomery County seat. “Captain” Ayers, as he was known, was an enterprising lumberman and land holder who operated a sawmill on the International and Great Northern Railroad south of Conroe. He successfully lead a petition drive in March 1889 to hold an election to move the county seat from the town of Montgomery to the sawmill community of what was first known as “Conroe’s Switch.”1 Conroe had the good fortune of being situated at the intersection of two railroad lines located in the middle of Montgomery County. At a time when there were no major roads across the county, businessmen such as J K. Ayers saw the potential for commerce in this community served by two railroads. The community had its start in 1881 when Isaac Conroe started his sawmill two miles east in what was then called the Beach community.

tracks. After that fire, more businesses relocated to newly constructed wooden buildings around the courthouse square on Main Street (then called Chambers Street) and Simonton Street. While there is no documentation that identifies barber shops in the downtown area at this time, there can be no doubt that one or more would have soon operated near the courthouse square. The recorded deeds for the land where Shepard’s Barber Shop building stands today can be found in 1906 and 1908 when Pete West and his son John Henry “Jack” West purchased two lots in Block 7 of the Ayers Addition along Chambers and Simonton Streets. Peter West was born in Canada in 1849 and migrated to the United States in 1862 thru Michigan where John Henry “Jack” was born July 30, 1875. They then came to Texas where they became pillars of the Conroe community. Their entrepreneurial spirit led them to help build Conroe. Conroe was incorporated by election on December 10, 1904. On January 25, 1905 Peter was elected as alderman to the first City Council. John Henry “Jack” West was the third Mayor of Conroe. He served 22 months in office before passing away at his home on February 7, 1934. 3 & 4

After the Conroe residents prevailed in the election to move the county seat to Conroe, Ayers dedicated one block of land for the courthouse and another block for the county jail for $1.00 each. The Commissioners Court accepted the offer, and promptly ordered that a new courthouse be constructed.1 Thereupon, Ayers filed his Ayers Addition plat on May 15, 1889.2

In February 1906, the Wests’ purchased Lot 20 from W. J. Porter and wife Mary Porter and W. S. Willette and wife Nannie E. Willette. The deed indicates that a building stood on the property. Included in the sale of the building were all “bar and bar fixtures and furniture, including chairs, tables, lights, & glassware used in and about the building located on the aforesaid lot….” 5 The two-story wooden building stood at the corner of Chambers (Main) and Simonton Streets. On July 16, 1908, Pete West and son purchased the adjacent Lot 19 with improvements from R. L. Edwards and Alice May Edwards.6 It appears from a photograph taken sometime before 1911 that the wooden building on Lot 19 was used by Pete West as the Courthouse Exchange Saloon and the building on Lot 20 was used for a mercantile business.

The Conroe business community remained primarily on the east side of the tracks until soon after the Courthouse was completed in 1891. Thereafter a few hotels and businesses began to open along the west side of the International and Great Northern Railroad track nearer the courthouse square. In June 1901 a fire severely destroyed most of the businesses along Avenue A on the east side of the

On February 21, 1911, a fire destroyed about 65 wooden structures on the east and south side of the courthouse square, including the two buildings owned by Pete West and his son John Henry “Jack” West. Conroe citizens quickly began to rebuild from the ashes. The new buildings were constructed of brick in compliance with the February 23, 1911 “Fire Limits” Ordinance prohibiting combustible 35 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

buildings in the Ayres Addition (downtown Conroe).7 According to the Conroe Courier newspaper edition of March 3, 1911, downtown property owners soon commenced construction of new brick buildings on Chambers and Simonton Streets. Among the new structures was a new two-story brick building constructed by Peter West and son.8 The Courier reported on August 4, 1911, that the Pete West and Son building was nearly complete and considered “the best building in Conroe and well located.”9 Interestingly, the fine new two-story brick building was laid out over Lots 19 and 20 but was not constructed to the rear property line. The Courier gives no account as to what Pete West and his son’s plans were for the rear of the two lots. However, one of the many wooden buildings destroyed in the Conroe fire was a barbershop owned by Henry Williamson.10 According to Carolyn Cryar, a cousin in the West family who is a respected Conroe historian and family genealogist, Jack West was married to Susie Uzzell; and Henry Williamson married Willie Mae Frolick on October 12, 1912. Susie and Willie Mae were first cousins and very close. After completing the two-story building, Jack West decided to help his wife’s cousin by building a little shop to replace the one that Henry lost in the fire. Pete West and his son “Jack” constructed the smaller one-story brick building at the rear of both Lots 19 and 20, facing Simonton Street. This smaller building was constructed of red brick and utilized the leftover building materials from the larger West building next door.11 After extensive research, records were located in the Archives at the Newton Gresham Library proving the time of construction. The Montgomery County City of Conroe Lot Abstracts shows the change in value of the lots. In the 1911 the lots were valued at $1,000 and in 1912 the valuation was $10,000. 12 Thus it appears the building was completed in late 1911. Shepard’s Barbershop will be featured in an upcoming coffee table-style photo book of Montgomery County, Texas, by Texas journalist Kimberly Sutton. Also, Sutton’s photo of Shepard’s Barber Shop won first place for Houston’s Buzz Magazines 2017 Photo Contest, where judges said “it reminds us of a Norman Rockwell painting.” To order the book, email Kimberly Sutton at

Analyse Barbering p o h s k r Wo

36 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

The Barbering Industry has grown immensely over the last 5 years here in Australia and the talent that has emerged from this wonderful country has been inspiring, to the point that barbers from around the world have started to notice and have caught wind of what’s going on down under. As a result of this we seem to be progressively getting more and more barbers wanting to visit our shores, to experience what not only our industry but what our country has to offer as a whole. On June 18th 2017 we had the privilege of having the presence of two world renowned barbers join us here from Los Angeles in Brisbane as the last city of their Australia wide tour, showcasing and sharing their knowledge, for what we do within our craft as barbers. Julius Tanedo aka @juliuscaesar and Diego Elizarraras aka @diego_djdgaf also collaborated with our very own Lance Liufau aka @lance_topshelfbarber who organised the event and managed to pack the place out with barbers and hairdressers from around the globe. With attendees travelling from Sydney, Perth, Grafton, Adelaide, New Zealand and even Macau Hong Kong, it was nothing less than an amazing experience of bonding and networking between our peers of the hair industry. Diego took to the stage first with his signature drop fade, sharing with the audience his advice on how he has been able to perfect the art of an effortlessly blended drop fade. With the use of various tools and techniques, Diego’s drop fade demonstration was a smash hit with the audience, as this is definitely a style that a lot of barbers have trouble with. He then finished the haircut off with his trademark track “The HighBorn” which is a design that Diego created quite some time ago but still to this day is being performed in barbershops around the world. Julius was next and brought with him something that the audience was not expecting, it was both creative and technical which caught the room off guard. Julius showcased his ability to not only utilise his talent for clipper work but he also put his shears on display as he put them both to work in perfect harmony. With various blending and fading techniques, Julius produced original shapes and both soft and harsh lines, which

made this art piece, come together flawlessly. The advice that Julius gave while performing his demonstration was also very motivating and informative at the same time; you can imagine that the flame was re-ignited for many of those that had lost that fire. Last but not least, Lance followed suit with what he has focused a lot of his energy on throughout his career, which was Hair Art. With an artistic background, Lance was able to share various techniques in order to create cleaner lines and ways to add character to your design work. His story about how he joined the industry and the way he came to discover the artistic side of barbering could definitely resonate with many that attended. Lance also completed his demonstration by adding a 3D effect to his design, which was heavily inspired by his past artistic experiences. To wrap the event up it was concluded with Questions from the audience as Julius, Diego and Lance gladly answered. The networking continued after the event with food and beverages and a quick rest as the official after party commenced at the Defiant Duck, where the hair could be let down and everyone could just enjoy each others company for what it was. Our guests from the US seemed to have enjoyed themselves over a few beverages and live music and have already mentioned that this will not be the last time that they visit with us on this side of the world. Nobody knows exactly what will happen from this point on, but I do know this, the barbering industry will continue to grow as long as we grow with it. If you have not followed the boys on Instagram, be sure to do that. @juliuscaesar @diego_djdgaf @lance_topshelfbarber

37 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

HAIR & BEAUTY TAKES OVER BRISBANE The third annual Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo certainly grabbed the attention of the industry, with over 6,100 visitors streaming through the doors across the two days.

Staged on Sunday 30th & Monday 31st July 2017 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, the event saw visitors travel from near and far, including regional Queensland, Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and New Zealand. With over 6,120 industry visitors attending this year’s Expo, up 20% on last year’s figures (and more than double the inaugural Expo), Brisbane’s hair and beauty community is certainly alive and well. The Expo attracted a first-class list of leading industry experts and educators, including Lorna Evans, Rae Morris, Dmitri Papas, Justin Pace, Dario Cotroneo, Jules Tognini, Mia Connor and American Crew – all as part of its Extended Education Program, which saw 479 people (up 27% on last year) learn valuable techniques, skills and information across a variety of topics. Another focus of activity on the Expo floor was the newly launched Sunshine Pro Series Competitions – Nail (sponsored by Emendee) and Hair plus the newly introduced Lash (sponsored by LashJoy) and Make-Up Competitions. With a total of 331 competition entries received (up from 179 last year), these competitions attracted intense attention as peers went head-to-head for great prizes and most

importantly, the prestigious titles. The enormous amount of included entertainment and education on the Expos’ three stages was tremendously supported. The Centre Stage provided immense talent in a range of different disciplines. A new addition to this year’s stage program was the Rising Stars Showcase, directed by the award-winning Laura MacLeod. The showcase featured eight apprentices from around SouthEast Queensland, spending six weeks developing their best look for the Expo catwalk. The results were spectacular and well received by the crowd. The Spotlight Stage and Barbershop also hosted a range of enthralling presenters including American Crew, Jimmy Rod’s Barber Shop, Inglot, Julie Piantadosi, Dermalogica and Silk Oil of Morocco. With over 89 companies on show over 145 sites (up 30% on 2016), the Expo featured a range of quality industry brands and suppliers, with deals and special offers galore. Just some of the many brands on show at the event included Milk_Shake, Silk Oil of Morocco, Girlie, Inglot, Salon Support, iCandy Scissors Australia, France Medical, Scissor Empire,Young Nails, Comfortel Furniture, GirlBoy Hair Candy, Pulp Riot, Spring Spa Wear, Dessata, Eco Tan, Excellent Edges, plus many more. 38 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

Expo Founder and Manager Jason Greenhalgh was extremely excited with this year’s Expo feedback and the event’s future potential. “The response to the 2017 Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo by attendees and exhibitors alike was extraordinary, and we are so excited about the potential of this event. “The increases we experienced in every aspect of the event are phenomenal. The day after the event we received numerous new enquiries from significant brands wanting to exhibit at next year’s event. “As Queensland’s premier hair and beauty event, we have some exciting plans for 2018, and look forward to moving towards our goal of achieving 10,000 visitors by 2020,” stated Greenhalgh. “We are grateful to all those who supported this year’s event – our sponsors, partners, exhibitors, educators and visitors. The event will only be as strong and the support that the industry can provide.” The 2018 Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo will be held on Sunday July 29th & Monday July 30th 2018.

Brisbane School of B A R B E R I N G

YOUR GATEWAY TO BARBERING Enrol now in the new Barber Qualification via Apprentice or Vocational Pathway. Certificate III in Barbering - SHB30516

Dual Qualification Skill Set Training Talk to the Brisbane School of Barbering today. 3229-2999

Brisbane School of Barbering is a division of the Brisbane School of Hairdressing - RTO 32488









WHEN SCIENCE MEETS HAIR How to Help Your Clients with Hair Loss and Hair Health

Simone Lee and Arthur Chan, founder of Activance

“Building on generations of innovation with Activance Professional, the brand puts two perpetual industry concerns in focus – the prioritisation of the salon, and hair health.”

Newly positioned in the world of luxury hair cosmetics, Activance Professional stood out as one of the most prestigious, innovative brands to launch at Hair Expo 2017. Activance Professional (AP) is a contemporary hair treatment range that complements the existing Activance Total Hair Health line.

“We aim to add value to every action and interaction”, says Simone Lee, Global Brand Ambassador of Activance, who crafted both the AP campaign and Hair Expo events.

“Activance is the ‘world-first’ to bring you and your clients the true meaning of hair and scalp health,” Activance Founder Arthur Chan explained. “We all enjoy dental health by cleaning our teeth every day and we all enjoy skin health by using gentle, nourishing and UV-rays protective cream. What about hair health? No one talks about it, but everyone deserves hair health just as much.”

With hair health as a primal brand focus, AP range is delineated into four categories – the all-new Densify, Vitalise, Alleviate and Purify. Densify utilises powerful Rhodanide to grow hair ensuring a healthy scalp and added hair thickness, with three different products catering to different hair and scalp types. The Vitalise leave-in treatment nourishes the scalp to protect against breakage, colour fade and environmental harm. Alleviate combines protective antioxidants with the calming MSM molecule and antiinflammatory properties to soothe the scalp. Finally, Purify offers two types of shampoo (Calming and Balancing) and a Calming Conditioner, using ingredients such as moringa plant extract, rosebay plant extract, Tasmania pepper-berry, tea-tree and fruit acids to protect and nourish sensitives scalps.

Aside from amazing new technology AP is committed to supporting social initiatives. The brands first photographic campaign featured models from Fashion Advocate Life Skills Program, which was initially designed to help build the confidence of Indigenous teenagers. The models were flown over to hair expo to appear in the first ever AP Main Stage Showcase “Hair DNA” 46 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

Activance Pro Hair DNA show models @ Hair Expo Aust, June 2017


“Activance maximizes the amount of hairs on your head and encourages the growth of thicker healthier strands through increased moisture uptake, thus swelling the hair fibre for a fuller individual strand.” Arthur Chan

“Activance Professional works with the biology of the hair, not against it,” Arthur says “The active ingredients are so natural and important to hair health and growth that our own bodies produce them. Our products are anti-pollution, anti-stress, anti-thinning, anti-ageing and combat hair loss. By boosting the vital hair nutrients and fostering the best environment for a healthy scalp and healthy hair growth, the treatments ensure thickness, volume, strength, shine and manageability.” At the heart of the New AP scalp care line is the stunning new Densify range, with the brand’s key Rhodanide ingredient and a host of other high-quality, natural components creating healthy hair that begins at the scalp. Rhodanide is a vital nutrient that our bodies naturally produce to keep hair growing and healthy, but which is depleted by daily stresses such as styling, health conditions and chemical treatments. Rhodanide deficiency accelerates hair damage and thinning, and an infusion of the molecule can absorb through the hair’s protective cuticle layer to nurture the hair and scalp from within. Beyond the vital elements for your clients’ hair health, Activance Professional was designed with the salon professional in mind, giving hairdressers and barbers a salon ONLY product they can feel confident recommending, which is supported by sophisticated brand education. AP has 47 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3


Images show close up scalp images of male who has aggressive male pattern hair thinning/androgenic alopecia. The first image shows an inflamed scalp where there is no hair growing from the follicles and the second image shows scalp taken four weeks after treating his scalp with AP Densify range. As you will see there is new hair growth/re activated follicles and the scalps inflammation has subsided. recently formed a collaborative training partnership with renowned hair science education provider, The Australian Institute Of Trichology, further demonstrating the brands unwavering commitment for innovation. “The Activance Professional range is made available to the public via certified professional hairdressers as the only channel, so that the salons and hairdressers can enjoy the exclusivity, concentrating on serving clients without the worries of competing with e-commerce or other nonhairdressing outlets,” Arthur explains. “To learn and understand the true meaning of hair health, we also offer education and certification.” For more information on the all-new Activance Professional range and to see more about Activance Total Hair Health visit

Selling Skin Products to Men

According to a recent survey, the male grooming sector continues to grow from strength to strength. Since 2012, beauty and personal care launches specifically targeted at men have increased globally by more than 70%!

But young, hipster-types are not alone in growing use of skincare. There’s an equally sophisticated, more mature market too who are realizing that all the years of working or playing out in the sun can take its toll and they need to moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise more!


Men are beginning to broaden their horizons with skincare and are more concerned than ever with looking their best. Currently the skincare market is growing at around 10 per cent a year. The men are definitely purchasing.” Men’s Biz 1500 products range includes globally sought after brands such as Jack Black skincare and Penhaligon’s fragrances, with a vintage barber service as well as ipads on which shoppers can access online product ratings offered onsite. In the past five years, there has been a flood of new products specifically targeted at men from companies such as L’Oreal, Clinique, Clarins and Nivea ads well as the slaon only offerings from many well known brands. According to IBISWorld’s latest Cosmetic and Toiletry Retailing in Australia Industry Report, Ryan Lin, IBISWorld Senior Industry Analyst, estimates annual sales of total men’s grooming products in Australia now exceed $500 million a year. “Recent developments within the sector include the introduction of male-specific lines and multi-functional products,” he

says. “These trends are expected to continue over the next few years.”


At the same time the men’s grooming products industry is predicted to post growth rates in excess of that of the wider cosmetics/personal care industry over the next five years, says Lin, although in the low single digits. Yes, despite the sound of men slapping on moisturiser or handcream, male only skincare products are still a small segment of the total toiletries market in Australia which is currently worth $3.6 billion. David Olsen, global vice president of beauty and grooming for The NET-APORTER Group, a retail website selling more than 300 leading international brands to 170 countries, has been in the industry for 15 years. “Every year it’s the year men’s grooming is going to explode’,” he says. “I personally think it is a slow burn, but it is definitely increasing. Education is key. We need to teach men why it’s important to take care of your skin, along with the basics.” The opportunity to increase awareness among Australian men – especially 35-plus, affluent, educated, confident and skincaresavvy – is enormous, however, the sales pitch needs to differ substantially from that to skincare-savvy females. Men tend to be practical in their purchasing decisions and this extends to skincare. They tend to be wary about products that add too much time to their routine and are also less driven by marketing messages. 48 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

They look for products that are compatible for their skin and they tend to prefer fragrance-free but if there is a fragrance it needs to be subtle and perhaps more citrus that floral.


Right now most men won’t use an eye cream or night cream, yet they are enthusiastic users of moisturising products. At Men’s Biz, undetectable concealer and anti-shine powder for men have recently been introduced while at, more men are willing to experiment with treatments, brighteners and specialised creams. E-commerce has also removed some of the cringe factor for men in what may previously have been seen as femaleorientated products – no more having to front the retail counter.


Men’s products need to be multi-taskers. While there are men who are just as obsessed with new products and grooming in general there are also men who would prefer to have one product that does four different jobs. Men prefer lightweight, freshsmelling products that disappear into the skin, leaving no residue. They are resultsorientated, not necessarily price-driven and because they have thicker, oilier skin, formulations need to be a bit different in order to effectively penetrate the skin.


Free Call: 1800 805 276 • Tel: +61 8 8300 1999


When business hits a slump whether it be from economic down turn, staffing issues, or perhaps a new salon/barbershop has opened up next door to you, many owners sit back too long and hope for the best. Taking strategic action, such as offering exclusive niche services in your salon or shop can assist in business growth. Hair thinning cosmetics is one of the fastest growing retail markets in the world and is estimated to be worth 35 Billion Dollars. This is not surprising considering recent statistics which show 50% of the population will experience some form of hair thinning or hair loss throughout their life. 30% of men by the age of 35 will experience hair thinning, and by the age of 50, 85% of men will have noticeably thinner hair. Hair loss can be a psychologically devastating occurrence which often catches both men and women unaware. Some common concerns of people who suffer from hair loss conditions can include; - Depicts the end of youth - Inability to style hair - Dis-satisfaction with appearance and body image - Low self esteem - Loss of personal attractiveness - Embarrassment / social teasing and humiliation - Feelings of depression and introversion - Subconscious emotions of envy - Work related issues - Negative effects on social life While touring nationally and internationally teaching the AIT Associate Trichology Program recently, I discovered, after questioning many salon/shop owners and product company technical educators, that hair loss retail service strategies rate amongst the lowest offerings in professional hair salons, which was surprising news to me. The most common reasons suggested included: - Hair loss is a difficult topic to start communicating with clients about. - Lack of necessary hair and scalp science knowledge by the stylist - Hair loss products can be confusing and complicated - Need for products that actually work - Need for products that don’t leave the hair feeling coarse and ‘straw-like - Need for an advanced but simple solutions to address thinning hair concerns. Designing a plan to create a hair and scalp health department in your business does not need to be hard work and the most important step starts with undertaking study of appropriate hair and scalp science from a reputable education provider. Forming a list of all of the things you will need to do is also vital. This list should include a summary of potential start-up costs such as marketing, location, facilities, manpower, the scale you wish to incorporate trichology practices within your salon, your target clientele and most importantly research if there is any existing market competition in your area.

Guests who suffer hair and scalp complaints such as hair thinning can become the most loyal of clients, as they generally TRUST the advice from a qualified practitioner. This type of guest is willing to spend money on products and services that can help them. There are millions of people out there that desperately need advice and can feel embarrassed to approach the topic with their hair stylist. Hair thinning and hair loss affects each individual differently and we need to start talking about it more openly in our salons and barbershops.


The average person’s scalp contains up to 150,000 hair follicles and each individual follicle has its own life cycle meaning each hair grows independent to the hair next to it.


Hair is made up of the protein Keratin, which originates in the follicle papilla situated beneath the skins surface. As Keratin is being produced, old cells become hardened and are pushed upward through the follicle forming strings of dead Keratin cells, which we call hair. Generally, hair on the scalp is growing approx. 90% of the time. The loss and replacement of scalp and body hair is maintained by the hair growth cycle, which consists of a series of phases (Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, Neogen) that are repeated over and over again throughout the course of our lives. The medical term for hair loss is Alopecia. Hair loss is the result of a disruption to one or more of the hair growth cycle phases and the most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition known as Androgenic Hair Loss also referred to as Male Pattern Hair Thinning. In the next issue of Barbershop I will continue to talk about all things ‘Trichology’! Until then... Simone Lee

50 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

MAN ’ S BEST FRIEND - ACT I VANCE P RO FES S I O NAL Activance Professional is an innovative and effective hair health range, guided by the philosophy that healthy hair means beautiful hair. Our gentle, fragrance-free formulations contain pure Australian botanicals that work in harmony with your body’s biology, promoting scalp health and bringing out the inner beauty of your hair by providing the nutrients it needs. DENSIFY










Barbers are Waxing to the Max with Jax!

Jax Wax Australia teamed up with DBC Hair & Beauty, Winner of the 2017 ABIA NSW State Wholesaler of the Year to investigate the ever-growing popularity of Waxing Services within the Barbering world. The ManCave Barbershop was founded by Abbas Maqbool who, inspired by sophisticated European grooming trends, created his own concept suited to the Australian market. ManCave Barbershop is located on Level 2 in Westfield Shopping Centre Burwood NSW and he has another four locations in Bondi Junction Westfield, Miranda Westfield, Rouse Hill Town Centre and Oran Park ManCave Barbershop love working with Jax Wax Australia products and DBC hair & Beauty and ManCave Barbershop Business Manager Shadi Sysan and Senior beauty therapist Tara Stephens were happy to spend some time talking about why they chose Jax Wax Australia products and how they are changing the way men interpret waxing treatments. The ‘barber’s code’, is an unspoken understanding of mutual trust between client and barber which has been in place since barbering began. The ManCave Barber’s educates clients on the benefits of facial waxing and looking after their skin. Waxing is available in the fully equipped treatment room, in

the barber’s chair or at the hair basin. Tara Stephens says, “Once men are introduced to facial waxing, they are more likely to book regular waxing treatments than women”. I asked Tara what it was she liked most about Jax Wax Australia waxes, her response was simple, “Jax Wax Australia waxes are the only waxes that will remove male facial hair properly”. “Male beard patterns vary; some men can shave in the morning and have a 3-day growth by the afternoon. Most of these men wouldn’t go to a beauty salon for facial waxing but are happy for a beauty therapist to wax them at a Barbershop which makes perfect sense to me,” Tara said. Tara works with Jax Wax Australia’s Lavender and Original Sin Hot Waxes for waxing above the beard, full face, eyebrows, nose, ears and forehead. Tara said, “men enjoy the long lasting cleaner look that waxing provides and they comment on the improved texture of their skin.” Jax Wax Australia’s Original Sin Hot Wax is great for removing blackheads 52 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

and tiny hairs that are trapped under dead skin build up on men’s noses. Jax Wax Australia Cocoa Butter & Vanilla After Wax Lotion has a natural subtle fragrance and when it is applied to sensitive areas after waxing it immediately soothes and reduces redness. Jax Wax Australia Lavender Tea Tree After Wax Lotion is recommended to applied in-between waxing treatments to reduce the formation of ingrown hairs and protect against breakouts. Male waxing requires an experienced therapist, a great wax, customised aftercare products and proper client consultation. Jax Wax Australia offer training and support in advanced waxing and are committed to providing quality, Australian products on a global scale. I would like to thank Tara Stephens and Shadi Sysan from ManCave Barbershop for taking the time to speak with me and for using and recognising the superior quality of Jax Wax Australia products. ManCave Barbershop adds a refreshing twist to the red and white pole!

g n i x a w e r a s r e ! x a Barb J h t i w x a m to the

It maybe unspoken but the code is there. It is between you and your client and it is YOU that must do everything to uphold it. So why, trust any other wax product, when the only wax that will remove ALL male facial hair is Jax Wax Australia. TRY OUR NEW E DAINTRE AN BLACKBE HOT BEADED WAX

For more information call 03 5943 2422 or visit




WHY YOU SHOULDN’T FOLLOW We live in a world where having more followers means you are better … But does it really ?

marketing. Does it look good? Is there something wrong with it? Is it funny? Is it on brand?

Now you can follow me @stevieenglish on insta or Stevie Fucking English on Snapchat… but should you or shouldn’t you follow me? WARNING! My insta and snap stories are boring! Most peoples are!

Now don’t get me wrong I do get ideas from other people all the time. I get something that already exists, talk with my tight crew and then make it better. I don’t struggle with looking at what someone else is doing and then figuring out how I can make it better and suit my brand Stevie English Hair. What I do struggle with is seeing salons doing exactly the same shit! First time was good/funny/clever second/tenth time… Yawn Also you have a DIFFERENT business. Sure you both colour hair, you’re in the same industry, but what looks good on social media actually might not be working in their till! But you post the same thing?!

You will see my dog, the surf, my kicks, me at the gym (because obviously if you didn’t take a pic, where you actually there?!), the salon and of course my life travelling around the world educating for Matrix (that’s the good bit). Follow, don’t follow… My thoughts are you should never follow the herd… especially in business. In a world where there is so much white noise, everybody is on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat … Everybody wants to know the social media secret! Ultimately it’s pretty simple! DO STUFF THAT PEOPLE LIKE. That’s The Secret! I see so many salons copying what other salons are doing on social. And I’m sorry but I DO judge you! Sure, imitation is the highest form of flattery, but when it comes to business I really struggle when everybody wants to do the same thing. When I’m doing something ‘social’ I always think do I like the image or the idea of what I’m doing/posting/

Also… who are you posting for? Other hairdressers? Or potential clients? There is definitely a fad of posting something that all the hairdressers in your feed will like but will the consumer? I think as hairdressers we are all good at copying. But is copying creative? Is the idea of a group where everybody does the same thing a good idea? When I looked at what to charge in my salon, I started my prices based on what my last employer charged. No rhyme or reason other than what was learnt/copied behaviour. My bad! When choosing a website did you look 54 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

at what your competitors are doing and copy?… I’m guilty of looking…. but for reference only. I also look at all sorts of websites, not just hairdressing. I have a list of things I love and things I hate. I find this helps me. If you copy others exactly… at best you are going to do the same… Don’t you want to do better? Food for thought…imagine a place where every high street looks the same with the same shops… are we destined to have the same look, same fashions, same styles? Same businesses? A homogenous society… the peoples society. Even the same business coaches who offer the same products? DON’T YOU WANT TO BE DIFFERENT? IN BUSINESS DIFFERENT IS GOOD! I believe the people that disrupt ‘normal’ behaviour, the people that don’t copy, that change things up, that question the status quo or at least question WHY… Are the best people, and also the better business owners. Maybe follow those types. It’s interesting to note that as soon as the herd starts to follow these types of people… they have changed tact! By all means watch and follow but stay original and true to your brand! Big love Stevie

SNIPPITS HEALTHY HAIR The health of your hair starts with the health of your scalp. That’s why Activance Professional brings you the latest innovation in hair health: Densify. AP advanced fragrance-free Densify treatments combine protective antioxidants with powerful Rhodanide, a natural nutrient that’s vital for maximizing hair growth. Regular use of Densify results in a healthier scalp, leading to naturally healthy hair with added thickness, strength and shine. The additions of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), amino acids and calming plants extracts in Densify 02 and Densify 03 respectively allows different choice of moisturizing, nourishing and soothing/calming levels required for different hair and scalp types delivering the maximum benefits to each individual requirement such as virgin hair to chemically damaged hair, dry scalp to oily scalp, normal to sensitive scalp etc

BEARDS: HELPING THE PLANET Milkman Grooming Co recently launched a limited-edition Tea Trees Beard Oil to help support BeardsOn For Conservation, a notfor-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness about climate change. Each year, BeardsOn run a Winter Challenge from June 1st to August 31st where men grow out their beards and raise money for conservation projects and their goal of planting 1 million trees. In 2017, Milkman have supported this cause with a limited edition, premium, and all Australian inspired ’Ten Trees’ Beard Oil. Funds raised from the sale of each Ten Tree Beard Oil will be doing exactly what this oil’s name suggests – going directly to BeardsOn to pay for the planting of 10

trees in regional Australia. The boys at Milkman Grooming Co wanted to do something special with this beard oil. Every aspect from the packaging to the formulation has been carefully crafted to fit the Ten Trees theme. First, the bottles were recycled - each bottle washed, scrubbed and re-printed in a gorgeous duotone of green and white. With regard to the formulation, they chose to only use Australian Certified Organic (ACO) carrier oils as the base of this beard oil. These oils, including coconut, argan, hemp, sunflower and jojoba are all fantastic for skin and hair health. Each oil has been sourced from plants that have been grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or GMO’s, and are environmentally sustainable. As for the essential oils for Ten Trees, they kept to the theme of tree-planting in the Australian bushland, choosing all natural oils with enjoyable and masculine aromas including sandalwood, buddha wood, and lemon myrtle essential oils. The result? A fragrance that makes you feel like you’re walking through the Australian bush on a crisp winter morning.


Dry, rough beards don’t look or feel good on any man, but now with mr muk Beard Oil, the longest beards to designer stubble can be tamed and moisturised with this newest member of the muk Haircare family. mr muk Beard Oil is specially formulated to penetrate into the beard to soften and tame. The non-greasy formula is a combination of argan oil, sweet almond oil and linseed oil, all renowned for their moisturising properties and now, the ideal mix to achieve a neat and tidy beard. mr muk Beard Oil can be used on a damp beard after showering or on dry beards between washes for added condition and as a refresher, peppered with a light Giorgio Armani inspired scent. In addition, mr muk Beard Oil is an ideal product for Barbers performing close razor shaves on their clients. It’s perfect to use when using a cut throat razor on clients neckline (rather than foam) and can also be used as a pre-foam softener when performing a full face razor shave, in salon or for guys at home using a disposable razor. Due to its softening qualities, it facilitates a very smooth shave, making it the perfect in salon product to use on male clients and to take home.

SNIPPITS SCRATCH/BURN AND IRRITANT FREE After years of hearing from customers how stale and unpleasant their daily shave was, the team at Milkman Grooming Co decided to do something about it by making the post shave experience something to look forward to. “We know that many men don’t enjoy shaving but it’s something they have to get done,” said Milkman CEO Ben De Campo. “We thought why not get a little boost after shaving with a product that has some really special properties.” And Milkman certainly has delivered. Their all new “Spring Rider” fragranced After Shave Serum combines a daily moisturizer to hydrate, protect and nourish with an alcohol-free after shave to soothe, tighten and tone the skin. With ingredients like witch hazel, aloe vera and allantoin, it contains some of the most sought- after post shave ingredients. But it’s also packed with the kind of high-end

moisturisers and anti-oxidants you would usually expect to see in a much more expensive day creams including hyaluronic acid, kakadu plum extract, beta glucan plus vitamins E and B5. To bring even more excitement, Milkman opted to create a special Spring fragrance especially for this After Shave Serum so you’re reminded of this wonderful, most optimistic of seasons while your skin is gently scented in a way that’s relevant to Spring. Other seasonal fragrances will be launched throughout this year and next to coincide with Summer, Autumn and Winter. The first release “Spring Rider” has an intriguing scent with manly notes of leather and musk combined with light floral notes that are characteristic of Spring time. “We wanted this fragrance to feel like you’re riding a motorbike on the open road through fields of flowers as the sun shines overhead,” said Ben.

PREMIUM SNACK BRAND TARGETS (HEALTHIER) BEER & LIQUOR AFICIONADOS Tiger Buck Beef Jerky has launched nationally at all good bars and quality retailers. Tiger Buck uses no artificial flavours or colours, and is made from 100% raw, unprocessed Australian Beef. It’s low in fat, it’s a great source of protein, and has also been endorsed by Coeliac Australia as a certified Gluten Free product- making it the perfect ‘drinking snack’! Tiger Buck’s progressive branding and iconic packaging has been influenced by saloon bar games of the American frontier, and traditional playing card design. Tiger Buck is a medium-soft, approachable Jerky... the signature flavour is its smokey bbq notes, and the more you chew, the more it shines through. Tiger Buck Jerky was born of the idea that premium pre-packaged bar-snack options are almost nonexistent. Venues and retailers focus endlessly on constructing wine-lists, beer-lists, and back-bars, with snack options almost always forgotten. A premium bar-snack can be an important addition to a customer offering, often leading to an increased spend-per-head on drinks… (Tiger Buck is best enjoyed with flavoursome beers and/or neat dark spirits).

healthier option than other traditional snacks. In the US, ‘Jerky has grown 61% in dollars over the past five years’ says David Lakey, VP of Marketing at Oberta Jerky- #2 Jerky in the US (Food Navigator USA, ‘Jerky in the Ultimate High Protein, Low Fat, Low Carb, Healthy Snack’ by E.Watson, 20/08/15). In the US, the Meat Snacks Category is now worth over $2.8 Billion USD, and is growing at twice the rate of crisps (Washington Post, 10/04/2017 M. Judkis) Creator, Benjamin Cairns has had over 15 years experience working with local and global liquor & FMCG brands. The lack of quality ‘drinking snacks’ at bars and liquor retailers was the inspiration behind the Tiger Buck brand. W: Facebook & Instagram: @TigerBuckJerky

Consumers view meat snacks as a convenient and

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