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WHEN SCIENCE MEETS HAIR How to Help Your Clients with Hair Loss and Hair Health

Simone Lee and Arthur Chan, founder of Activance

“Building on generations of innovation with Activance Professional, the brand puts two perpetual industry concerns in focus – the prioritisation of the salon, and hair health.”

Newly positioned in the world of luxury hair cosmetics, Activance Professional stood out as one of the most prestigious, innovative brands to launch at Hair Expo 2017. Activance Professional (AP) is a contemporary hair treatment range that complements the existing Activance Total Hair Health line.

“We aim to add value to every action and interaction”, says Simone Lee, Global Brand Ambassador of Activance, who crafted both the AP campaign and Hair Expo events.

“Activance is the ‘world-first’ to bring you and your clients the true meaning of hair and scalp health,” Activance Founder Arthur Chan explained. “We all enjoy dental health by cleaning our teeth every day and we all enjoy skin health by using gentle, nourishing and UV-rays protective cream. What about hair health? No one talks about it, but everyone deserves hair health just as much.”

With hair health as a primal brand focus, AP range is delineated into four categories – the all-new Densify, Vitalise, Alleviate and Purify. Densify utilises powerful Rhodanide to grow hair ensuring a healthy scalp and added hair thickness, with three different products catering to different hair and scalp types. The Vitalise leave-in treatment nourishes the scalp to protect against breakage, colour fade and environmental harm. Alleviate combines protective antioxidants with the calming MSM molecule and antiinflammatory properties to soothe the scalp. Finally, Purify offers two types of shampoo (Calming and Balancing) and a Calming Conditioner, using ingredients such as moringa plant extract, rosebay plant extract, Tasmania pepper-berry, tea-tree and fruit acids to protect and nourish sensitives scalps.

Aside from amazing new technology AP is committed to supporting social initiatives. The brands first photographic campaign featured models from Fashion Advocate Life Skills Program, which was initially designed to help build the confidence of Indigenous teenagers. The models were flown over to hair expo to appear in the first ever AP Main Stage Showcase “Hair DNA” 46 Barber Shop Year 6 Issue 3

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