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Sikorsky SH-60F CV Helo The SH-60F CV Helo shares the rugged attributes of the Sikorsky SH-60B SEAHAWK reliability, endurance, speed, and survivability - and is uniquely designed to perform in the noisy, constantly changing innerzone of anti-submarine warfare . Operating off a carrier, it can dash to a designated point, dip its sonar, locate submarines at extended ranges, and launch its torpedoes with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness.

PRIMARY MISSION Mission gross weight: 21,800 lb Mission endurance: 4.2 hrs*

Onboard sonobuoy processing Mission tape recorder system COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS

TACTICAL DATA SYSTEMS Dual, redundant mission computers

Dash speed: 133 kts**

Dual UHF/VHF/FM radios

Two Mk50 torpedoes

Digital data bus architecture (MIL-STD-1553B)

HF radio

Crew of four

Multifunction keypad access

Tactical data link

One internal auxiliary fuel tank

Cockpit video displays

UHF/VHF/HF/IFF cryptographic computers

One external auxiliary fuel tank ASW SYSTEMS Dipping sonar - Enhanced digital processing - 1500 foot depth capability Sonobuoy launcher and storage carousel 99-Channel sonobuoy receiver




Automatic approach, coupled hover, automatic departure


Two external aux fuel stations

Doppler radar

M60D 7.62 mm machine guns

Radar altimeter GPS

Up to three torpedoes *Sea level, tropical day, no wind **Sea level, tropical day, max continuous power

For more SH-60F helicopter information, please visit us online or call 203.386.7131 OCTOBER 2000

SH60F N-050

Sh 60f helo  
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