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MD 520N Estimated Direct Operating Cost Per Hour (Based Upon Year 2007 $US) C20R+ Engine

Fuel and Lubricants1 Fuel @ $4.98* per gallon @ approximately 32 gallons/hour Lubricants @ 3% of fuel

$159.36 $4.78

$164.14 Airframe Maintenance and Spares2 Maintenance Labor Costs: Scheduled (.15 Manhours/Flight Hours) @ $75.00/Hour*


Unscheduled (.26 Manhours/Flight Hours) @ $75.00/Hour*


$30.75 Spares Cost: Scheduled (Inspection) Parts: Used during Periodic Inspection i.e., filters, seals, o-rings, etc.


On-Condition/Unscheduled Part


Reserves: Component Overhaul (TBO)


Reserves: Limited-Life Parts


$89.41 Engine3 Scheduled maintenance labor & parts Reserve for engine overhaul, spares and accessories

$3.00 $58.43


Total Direct Operating Cost4


1 Fuel Cost and labor rate* is based on Conklin & deDecker, “The Aircraft Cost Evaluator�, Fall 2006 Average cost while operating under the following conditions: Gross Weight: 10% less than maximum certified Speed: Maximum Range Speed, 117 KIAS Altitude: 1,000 feet on a standard day 2 Overhaul costs are based on participation in factory exchange program 3 Engine fleet maintenance costs provided by Rolls Royce Engine Company 4 Indirect costs such as insurance, hangar, salary, etc., are excluded

Cost figures shown are extrapolated from a broad database and are intended for example purposes only. Actual costs will vary, depending on local operating conditions, pricing and supplier practices. We encourage you to compare these figures with other manufacturers, using the same unit costs for fuel, labor, etc.

January 2007

Data Subject to Change Without Notice

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