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Guilt & Redemption

Guilt It surrounds you and chokes you

It overflows you, overwhelming It’s a mountain too high to climb. It’s a valley too far, too wide. Or at least it seems. We think that backwards is the end of the world To stumble means we’re helpless, to fall means we’re hopeless But guilt. Well that’s an entirely different story We all know how it feels To do what you can’t undo To break what you can’t repair To say what you can’t take back But to wallow in the waters of guilt Only pushes you further down To be pushed and pulled by the waves of sorrow Removes your direction, takes away your drive

The anchor of forgiveness remains in sight But only to those who wish To look for it, search for it, work their hardest for it Those who dedicate their entire life to receiving it It will be tough, it will most certainly be hard To change your whole life, to erase all the wrongs But soon you’ll be shaking the hand of repentance And soon you’ll receive the gift of redemption.

Commentary: I wrote about how sometimes guilt can feel overwhelming, how sometimes it can feel like you’ll never get out. We all know the feeling of an action we commit we want to take back. But while it is okay to feel guilty, which is evidence of our humanity, it shouldn’t distract us from apologizing, from making it up to them, for redemption.

I chose to draw a picture of a guy panicking, about to drown. But he is so busy panicking he doesn’t even notice the hand reaching out to help him. Guilty people tend to be so busy in their own troubles they don’t realize the opportunities they have to get out of it. I purposefully made the outstretched hand’s shirt green because it represents life, energy, and most importantly, renewal. This was the hand of rebirth, the hand of redemption.

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Guilt Zine  

Guilt Zine