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Ganesh and Vasanth

Outdoor Cooking By Sangeetha Sridhar


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Bombay Brasserie & Moti Mahal Review By Natasha Best Viral Videos Of December

Coimbatore In


Don’t Cry My Love


Restaurants/ Cafe

Bombay Brasserie Feast with Grandeur! ~ Natasha Lund

Food is food and it’s either delicious or not

Once your vehicles taken by valet the small

and is available in various places in our city.

stone paved green courtyard welcomes you

Then why this buzz, where people of Coimba-

with a contemporary façade that speaks a

tore are ready to wait for hours just for a ta-

thousand words with its first look. To the

ble in this restaurant? Let’s take a peep at

left a glass house kind of room allows you

what’s all this talk about! Off Race Course Road lies Puliyakulam road surrounded





amidst that you can see a subtle yet attractive blue light inviting you to this residence converted to a restaurant called BOMBAY BRASSERIE, a branch of the Copper Chimney food chain. 01

Dec 2013


to look through the interesting interiors of the place yet hiding the entire experience. The restaurant has seating on the ground and first floor and encages you with the soft yet classy ambience of sea green color with a touch of contemporary art. Bags of spices invite you telling you the story of their authentic Indian cuisine.

A fresh glass of Virgin Mojito or any other

that is cooked on low flame letting the veg-

mock tail will help you settle down. Short

etables, meat, rice and spices blend and

eats can be chosen from authentic Sheikh

bring out the best flavors.

Kabab, Andhra Chicken, Achari prawns, Tan-

The cover of the Dum is opened in front of

gri Kebab all drowned with rich spices and authentic flavors. For the vegetarians Panner

you letting you indulge in the steaming aromas and tease your taste buds which is

tikka, stuffed mushrooms are a delight.

served with cold Raitha. Also from the land

As the evening goes by everyone’s involved

of north they provide authentic gravies

with their conversation and high on the flavors of their dishes, you enjoy the soothing yet energetic environment. The main course calls for their signature Dum Biryani both veg and non-veg served in a brass container

with red and white base making all unique in their way. Butter Chicken is recommended for those who like mild spices but strong flavors with the edge of butter and succulent chicken accompanied with soft 02

Dec 2013


fluffy Kulcha, Butter Naan... Dal Makhini is the traditional dal made to perfection with cream and special flavors. In the final course they offer varied ice creams and brownies. It’s a fine dine and take an approximate time of 15-20 minutes for preparation. Thus experience a treasure of flavors with a luxurious ambience making it a special evening. Recommendation: Reserve table in advance or be ready to wait for a table. Cost: Rs. 1200- 1500 for two. Value for money: fine dine- expensive. Location: Abdul Rahim Rd, Red Fields, Puliakulam, Coimbatore-(road leading to puliyakulam from Thomas Park) For reservations: 0422 420 2122 03

Dec 2013


Moti Mahal—Tandoori trail From the land of Punjab! ~ Natasha Lund

Punjab the land of fertile land, great people,

are a must with every meal. From the Shor-

amazing colors and most of all lip smacking

bas, the Tamatar Dhanya Shorba is a thin

food which is hard to resist and easy to fall

soup made from tomatoes with pungent

in love with!! Moti Mahal Deluxe- chain of

tangy taste and for the non vegetarians the

restaurants by Monish Gujral has adorned

famous Murg Kali Mirch which is clear

our city of Coimbatore with a mini Punjab

chicken soup with a peppery taste.

bringing the authentic dishes and spices to fill our pallets! Located in the hub of the cityRace Course with a soothing Nawabi ambience taking you back in time with the bright red walls and traditional designs yet giving a simple statement for its true flavors!

Masala papad the bases of all north Indian

dishes is a default to be ordered. Their Tandoori chicken is to die for with the galore of spices drenched into the soft meat is tandoored to perfection and served with cold fresh Pudina Chutney giving you the taste

Punjabi people are welcoming and believe in

of true Punjab. Also Stuffed Chicken Tangri

making every guest happy with their food, so

Kebab and Afghani Chicken are a good

this restaurant too invites every guest with

feast. In the veg side they offer soft Panner

its pickled onion with the sour vinegar, Chat-

as Panner Tikka marinated with authentic

pata pickle and fresh Pudina Chutney which

spices with a hint of herbs, also Tandoori 04

Dec 2013



Dec 2013


Mushrooms, Malai Sabzi Kabab are few of

All this and no lassi??? Any Punjabi meal is

the other must try veg starters.

incomplete without it so a cold glass of

Don’t be too satisfied because these were just

sweet lassi is a must. But keep in mind

the starters and Picture Baki Hai… For the main course the all favorite Roghan Josh, is the tender mutton gravy made with a galore

there’s always place for sweet and desserts. Phirni, an authentic kheer with cream, saffron, dry fruits and Rabri Malai are well

of spices, deep onion and tomato base giving

known to all sweet lovers.

your tongue a rollercoaster ride with its hot

They also offer combo meals and exotic

flavor. If you prefer chicken, then can try

lunch thalis.

their Murg Bemisal-Roasted chicken in tan-

door cooked with minced lamb and egg to a gourmet perfection in thick gravy or Saag Chicken with a spinach gravy. For the

Thus a satisfied tummy with the flavors of

Punjab spreading joy of food! Location:

Shakaharis their signature Panner Makhini

41/42 Race Course, Opp Collector’s Bunga-

is a must. Also Malai Kofta another signature

low, (next to Marry Brown) Coimbatore.

dish is a treat to your pallet. All this accom-

For reservations: 0422-4220355, 4220366.

panied with some fresh Garlic Naan, Pudina Paratha or can try the authentic Khasta and

Value for money: Rs.800-1000 for two.

Missi roti which are the actual Punjabi

breads. 06

Dec 2013


Soda Hut with a difference ~ Rakshith D Rakish

We could find the soda huts all over the plac-

One such initiative has been brought up by

es in our city. But can we say that each and

the Mr. Soda outlet in Sai Baba Colony, Co-

every shops earn the same revenue?

imbatore. We have witnessed only the road

No. We cannot say so. The revenue that each shop earned during the inception is much more higher than that they earn now. The reason behind this is because people got bored up by drinking just sodas. The excitement behind the soda huts has vanished. To bring back the same old momentum, the shop dealers should plan and bring out new strategy.

side soda points. But this is something


Dec 2013


unique. If we see from outside it will be just one another typical soda hub. But if you step inside they have an ambience which we could never imagine in a soda hut. The place is fully equipped by red floorings. They also have separate furniture where we could sit and dine.

The room also greets us with a giant LCD TV. Above all its centralized air-conditioned. Other than soda they are planning to offer snacks from next month. They take up birthday party too. They have combo packs for all varieties of soda. They just charge Rs.400 for 3 hours as rent where people can enjoy themselves without any disturbances. We go to many outlets, order something for 500 bucks and feel hesitant to sit for long but whereas here they charge us rent and provide us an excellent environment. It is so dynamic environment where we could even incorporate many new business ideas. The success of these kind of soda hubs are only in our hands.


Dec 2013


An Outdoor Cooking With Sangeetha Sridhar

This Coimbatore Girl, who grew up as a mountaineer, paratrooper and as a state-rank student Sangeetha Sridhar, now finds new joy in her hobby as a geologist, paleontologist and outdoor-chef in the Sultanate of Oman. By profession she is an E-Government Consultant: managing nationallevel initiatives of the government of the Sultanate of Oman. Watch her 5 course meal cooking in 20 minutes – her outdoor personal challenge held at the hottest and driest place, in the oil-field area of Oman – Fahud. View at

Passion to collect rocks and minerals, has turned her into an outdoor person, driving out far into deserts and trekking into the mountains in several countries such as Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Cappadocia, Jordan, etc. And the sheer nature beckons her every spare moment to be spent amidst the bounty of nature outdoor. Have you ever wondered how this Vegan managed to find fresh food outdoors in camps?

Yes, she cooks them fresh. When blessed with farm fresh produce like lemons, tomatoes, spring onions, brinjals, green gourd, lettuce and greens, her recipes take new twists in ingredients and tastes. What drives her to enjoy cooking outdoor? She for one believes in taking control of her own meal: NO-processed food, NO-preservatives, not hyper-spicy, low-fat and full grain / millets options, basically a hot-fresh meal anytime, anywhere. She conducts food talks and demonstrations to demystify the following common myths about cooking: 1. Use of spice-powders to save time – flavor loss 2. Use of pre-cut vegetables to save time – vitamins loss 3. It requires a heavy masala-base to make a tasty dish – loss of ethnic flavors of grains and veggies 4. Healthy food can be boring to eat – unimpressive taste or presentations


Dec 2013


5. Cooking is a laborious activity – no recipe takes more than 20mins in an average. Given a free evening or a weekend, Sangeetha can be seen to drive off to un-charted places, to pitch a tent beside a stream or a sand dune, or to cook a hot meal at the cliff of the Grand canyons. Home cooking with a 5 burners cooking range is no longer a challenge; once the ingredients are ready, it is easy to fix a 3 course meal in under 20 minutes. If you ask her why, she admits that she has no patience beyond this for any recipe. Being a vegan fresh-meal aficionado, she carries her 5kgs LPG stove and a non-stick pan around to cook exotic meals including soups, noodles and biryani. With spices packed in zip-lock bags, and fresh vegetables that can be sourced on the spot from nearby farms, her culinary ventures outdoor take greater class and style. Sangeetha’s 5 course outdoor cooking challenge in 20 minutes for 5 guests, was performed at Lekhwair - Fahud, touted to be the hottest and the driest place in Oman. Well the plan was not revealed to the guests beforehand, and hence their excitement to taste the dishes soon they were ready was quite high. This balanced meal of the following items was cooked. Note the time taken as revealed by time-record. This included vegetable cutting and meat-pounding time. 1. Sweet Corn chicken soup - 7 minutes 2. Panneer baby corn pilaf – 16 minutes 3. Broccoli and Foulmadamme Beans – 4 minutes 4. Saffron Chicken Fry – 15 minutes 5. Almond Sevaiya Kheer – 5 minutes 10

Dec 2013


This is Sangeetha’s Food Philosophy in her own words


Dec 2013


Food is a wonderful combination of cereals, lentils, vegetables / meat in a blend of some wonderful spices. It is an ancient indulgence of man which is now an art and science. It is time get some food security at a personal level, to understand the ingredients and chose a meal package that suits our health, age and life-style. This is seldom possible when a meal is outsourced. From 2 minutes smoothies are muesli parfaits to marinated dhum biryanis, the effort levels and the complexity of the process may vary. But there should not be a short-cut in life to grab a fast-food meal that is simply loaded with carbohydrates and fats along with toxic agents for coloring or adding a flavor artificially. It is time to know what, how and why of the food we consume irrespective of the numerous temptations to eat out. It takes just a few minutes to fix a home meal provided you have stocked smartly. This saves time, cost, travel, and a lot more in terms of health benefits. The social media culture to promote eating-outside is partly to be blamed. I have strong hope for change: 1 tummy at a time. In the spirit of promoting healthy self-cooking I am more than happy to demonstrate and talk about food in any venue or occasion. Kindly connect to me via Facebook http:// or Twitter @sangitasri.


Dec 2013



Adventures of Ganesh and

Vasanth #1 If you know who are Ganesh and Vasanth a big high five for you. If not, read this article to know about them. Ganesh and Vasanth are the lead protagonists in the detective novel series by Sujatha. Ganesh is a bit of serious character and Vasanth is exactly the opposite being a kind of playboy who tells ugly jokes, except for their detective skills. I fuzzed about the ‘Mexican Salavaikari’ joke for a long time and expected that Sujatha will reveal that one day. But unfortunately he doesn’t. There is also another one called ‘American Dentist’. In an interview, Sujatha revealed why he introduced Vasanth. He told, “Ganesh first 13

Dec 2013


appeared as sole, but the structuring becomes difficult. A character is needed for expressing what is in Ganesh’s mind, a counterpart character. So I created Vasanth, an immatured Childish as opposite to Ganesh, a matured. Ganesh first appeared in the novel ‘Nylon Kayiru’ as a lawyer, which is published in Kumudam in 1968. He was a side character. He was in Delhi at those times and comes in only the first half. There is no Vasanth. He appears in court and gets freedom for a person who is a murder suspect.

Before Vasanth, there is another assistant for

Ganesh, a girl named Neeraja. She appeared in ‘Paathi Rajiyam’ as a client and get promoted to Assistant in the story ‘Oru Vibathin Anatomy’. He comes to Chennai after some time and only after that the Vasanth appears. Vasanth first appears first in ‘Gayathri’. The same is released as a film directed by Jayaraj at the same name. In the movie, Jay Shankar stars as Ganesh and Vennira Adai Moorthi as Vasanth. Jay Shankar is so serious in the movie and Vennira Adai Moorthi fits the role. Then, a guest appearance of Vasanth in Priya. We all know, this is the same ‘Priya’ where Rajini dons the role of Ganesh with Sri Devi as the ‘Damsel in Distress’. At those times, we imagined Rajini and Kamal as Ganesh and Vasanth. They are perfect in and after ‘Nirvana Nagaram’. Then there was a series of their stories appeared and developed a strong fan base for this duo. ‘Vasath! Vasanth!’ increase






Vasanth. The specialty of these novels is that their realistic narration of places and facts by Sujatha, starting from the ‘Thambu Chetti Theru’, ‘Ramakrishna hotel’, ‘Chennai High Court’, etc. ‘Mistrust the obvious’ was the basic concept for Ganesh-Vasanth novels. ‘Kolai Uthir Kaalam’, ‘Pesum Bommaigal’, ‘Vasanth! Vasanth!’ and ‘Nirvana Nagaram’ are my most loved among others.


Dec 2013



Dec 2013


Few memories make you smile, few sad, then there

teaches her to live a balanced life and also tells her

are few that make you feel funnily embarrassed eve-

that love is also a part of this balance. Eventually Liz

ry time you think of it. But there are few although

meets Filipe, a Brazilian businessman with whom

they don’t belong to you can change your life. I know

she falls in love with and her life changes forever.

you are confused and probably think that I am blabbering, but no! The memories of few people when shared become a lesson. Lessons from which you can learn to pull yourself together when the whole world you built with great care comes crashing down. It tells you how to let go of the person you thought will come with you till the end. Eat, Pray, love (2006), a

Eat, pray, love is a fascinating novel that takes us through a journey of memories worth visiting. The book observes you into it like quick sand that you will never want to keep it down. Elizabeth Gilbert teaches you the art of letting go, moving on and to accept yourself for what you are. The author tells us

memoir written by Elizabeth Gilbert is one such

that happiness is within us and it is something we

treasures I found few years back when my life was

should strive for. Her sense of humor is impeccable!

running downhill.

When I read this book I could feel Elizabeth Gilbert sit

The book Eat, pray, love is described as one woman’s

in front of me and narrate all the incidents to me. I

search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia. The book was adopted as a motion picture in 2010 starring Elizabeth Gilbert on the lead role. It is about a 32 year old woman Liz who is a successful writer

cried with her, laughed with her and then there were times I wanted to sit beside her and comfort her. I learnt from her and I grew as a better person. I learnt to let go off the things that makes me unhappy. I

completely dissatisfied with her life starts a journey

learnt that life will go on and we always get a fresh

to find a purpose in life when it changes track after

start no matter how difficult it is right now it will

her marriage. While she dreams about travelling the

surely get better. If not today, someday!

world her husband plans to expand the family. The story starts with Liz kneeling down on the bathroom floor asking God to help her with making a decision on her married life and her life itself. Everything falls apart when she reveals Steven, her husband, about her disinterest in staying in the marriage. While she goes through a painful divorce she finds herself being in an intense rebound relationship with David which breaks down too. Life seems to be of no purpose. She is depressed, disheartened and starts

If you are heart-broken and looking for a way to move on and get over your past. If you want to start over.

You should just stop breaking your head on

how to do it and just go get this novel. It has all you need at this moment. Happy living! And thus I finish my review by quoting one of my favorite lines from the book, “eventually, everything goes away” An Article by Gayathri

hating herself for the person she is. That is when she decides to leave everything behind to spend a year travelling 3 places to revive her life back. The places she chose to visit are coincidentally the 3 Is - Italy, India and Indonesia. She spends her time in Italy eating everything she loved and learning Italian which she’s been wanting to learn from a long time then she comes to India in search of peace and learns meditation. Eventually, she learns that life is about letting go of the things that do not belong to her anymore. In Indonesia she meets the medicine man who 16

Dec 2013


Will Smith’s Words of Success My favorite 7 Quotes! By Ram Kumar Will Smith, the man who is my Inspiration of

6. “The Separation of Talent and Skill is one of

Success. Most of you already know him as an

the greatest misunderstood concepts for people

American actor, producer and a rapper. But more

who are trying to excel, who have dreams and

than just a movie star, Will Smith has an ex-

who want to achieve things.

traordinary attitude towards life and that’s what

Talent is what you have naturally; Skill is what

made him into the man he is today. When I came through his interviews, I found his words to be highly inspiring and motivating. I experienced such confidence in his expressions revealing his positive attitude towards life. So I wanted to share my favorite quotes of Will

your craft”. 5.

“You don’t set out to build a wall, you don’t

say that, I am gonna build the biggest badest greatest wall that has ever been built. You don’t start there. Start saying, I am gonna lay this

Smith, with you all.

brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid. You do

7. “The only thing that I see that is distinctly dif-

standing right before you”.

ferent about me is I'm not afraid to die on a treadmill. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, but if we get on the treadmill together, there's two things: You're getting off first, or I'm going to die. It's really that simple!!”


you develop by hours and hours of beating on

Dec 2013


that every single day and soon you have a wall 4. “I want to do good; I want the world to be better because I was here. I want my life, my work, my family to mean something. It is like if you are not making someone else’s life better, then you are wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other’s lives better”.

3. “Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people who really belong in your life will come to you. And stay.” 2. “Don´t ever let somebody tell you, you can´t do something. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they

wanna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it. Period.” - The Pursuit of Happyness. 1.

“Rather than feeling that you are an effect to

all the things that are happening to you, Make a choice! Like you just decide! What is gon-

Read More Articles

na be? Who you are gonna be? How you are gon-

By Ram Kumar

na do it? Just Decide. And from that point the universe is gonna get out of your way”

At Scan the QR code to read


Dec 2013


Don’t Cry My Love— Memoirs of a Lover By Prabhu Raj Firstly

let’s give a shocker to the conventional

wisdom of our parents first. We all, your children fall in love and get into relationships too. This may be hard to accept to anybody who always wanted their children to be controlled by them. Truth is we are sorry we only conceal them and hide them. Although there is a slight amount of guilt the parents will have to take to, it’s better to be open about things, rather than facing a shock of life later and at least stop portraying love as something that is bad. It’s inevitable. Look at it this way, when someone talks about something and when we try to hide it from somebody, there is where people get inquisitive to find out about what’s going on, rather be honest and upfront. And tell them the positives and the negatives of it, like I am about to do now. This applies to any sensitive issue that a parent and children face; love or alcoholism or anything

that is sensitive. 21

Dec 2013


FACT: EVERY ONE OF US IN OUR EARLY 20’S NOW, HAVE BEEN IN A RELATIONSHIP OR TWO OR AT LEAST HAVE LOVED SOMEBODY. Okay now let me cut to the chase, not all this love and relationships are sweet and nice, hard truth but sadly it is. Let me tell you the positives of being in a relationships first. Initially in a relationship, this is where the people involved in the relationship lose focus on what is important and where things become evident in terms of academic performance, family life and this causes worries to parents and obviously our mentors. It is where we ignore what we had loved so much before and they feel the void of us not being with them. So here parents feel and know that something is wrong with their son or daughter, although the daughters normally tend to play this scenario a little better. This is the first phase.

Second phase of the relationship is where, things settle down and you get your priorities sorted and you look at life completely. Although this is where most relationship fail because most often that the priorities do not match and the most of them have different opinions.

Well looks so easy and smooth right, actually not at all. I have been in several relationships in the past and for all the time and energy I devoted there and rather put it somewhere, I swear I could have built a satellite.

Third Phase, If you are here, you are in for a long run. This is where you sort things out for the future and you have each other in the future plans, i.e. Marriage and at the same time you are able to work your career goals around it. This is actually the phase where things have to be taken into deep consideration. I made this mistake in fact of taking decisions from a point where all I focused was her and myself and never the future of myself. NEVER DO THIS.

But anyway let me tell you the grimmer side of the story now, except for the first phase where nothing matters in life except attraction, in reality it is the satisfaction of our bodies more than anything else.

Fourth Phase, well happy married life, you made it.

But otherwise starting from the second stage onward it’s an all-out war. There are going to be hundreds and thousands of issues, were one shares a different viewpoint and aligning them and sorting them out is one task. Here there are egos at play, sometimes you have to accept people and also accommodate and this is a test of character, this is the second one.


Dec 2013


The worst part is the uncertainty in any relationship, what is going to happen in the future, are we going to be together? Are things going to be like this always? What if this person abandons me and am I going to be left in the dark? And finally cheating with someone or leaving one person for the other. Well people do this and there are always reasons why people do it, sometimes valid, sometimes unacceptable, if you are at the receiving end of the fire.

Personally I have left one person and also got dumped, and here there are two things. When I did leave her, and moved on with someone else, initially this new person did keep me occupied and progressing. But hey, memories come to haunt you and I did in fact help the person who I left to move on and get going, well now she is happy and has progressed and at least that is the best I can do for her. But on the flip side when I got hit, I got hit hard, It was a misery, a new place, a big gap, 2 year relationship went beyond love, emphasis on marriage and almost a live in relationship and now you know another person is there for her and she is happy and you aren’t. The worse I did was call up who I gave the misery to and cried, well at least she battled me up to weather the storm and said “ what goes around comes back around“, funny isn't it. Then comes the breakup stage, now all those friends who we dumped for one person tend to laugh and have a light giggle at us, but you know what they would do, they yet be there for you. They would help you pull the thread and go along. Dealing with heartbreak is tough and there is no escaping from it, you have to face it and fight it out. Alcohol or any sort drug is not going to help you at all. Face it, cry it out and get over with it and there is no quick remedy to it. An Article By, Prabhu Raj, MBA Student, University of Toledo, USA


Dec 2013


And make sure you let go of that person who didn’t want you, stop calling them up, visiting them and trying to get back, it doesn’t really help. I’m telling you guys this because, I did it and it made me feel sick of myself to have done all that. Everyone has some self-respect and dignity and never let that go even while in the relationship even though you love them. Now all the good and bad apart, Love is something that is beautiful, something that everyone goes through. But when doing so make sure you stay by your word and be real sure if you wanted any of it, else don’t get into it and for those people who want a relationship to go the long way and worried about their parents, just ask them once at least before splitting up. I have seen so many instances where fear has destroyed a great potential marriage. Then there are these people, who play with it and the feelings of it, I’m not calling them a cheat nor am I accusing them of anything, just don’t give anybody pain, try your best not to. The whole feeling of being in a relationship is something everybody must go through irrespective of how successful or bad it ends but it teaches you so many things in life. It at least makes you a better person, it teaches you character, it at least prevents you from making future mistakes and teaches you how to take care of the one who has found you or will find you in the future. Last but not the least, have fun in the relationship, explore yourself and you will learn a lot. Those are the things that you’ll need to cherish in the end. Remember for any pain you have right now, it’s just the price you are paying for destiny to call you and open your eyes and remember to be Mr./Ms. Brightside.

Coimbatore in Mobile Apps

We live in a world of smart phones. And it becomes a mandatory for us to use them. The compatibility along with the increasing memory and graphics enables the smart phone to be as powerful as PCs with

apps for everything. There is now a phrase in the B town on this, “We have an app for that�. And the recent location based apps comes in handy to discover the local places wherever we go. But not too many cities and towns of India enjoy that. The mobile applications from Zomato, Burrp and the likes of them cover only few metros. That’s the reason where we first started Coimbatore Hangouts. We wanted the people to enjoy our city, Coimbatore and now we guide people to the suitable hangouts for them. Apart from us, when we looked around there are more niche platforms that enables the user to understand Coimbatore better like us. And more before than us.


Dec 2013


The Sans Software situated in Hopes created two apps to solve the problem of finding the restaurants

of specific section and finding the places near you. 

Eat and Joy

GPS Nearby place finder

While the first one is specifically for restaurants, the second one is for more hangout places.

Eat and Joy This app helps you to find the restaurants based on your preference, you can select your desired one from the menu. Like, you can see the South Indian hotels by selecting this on the menu. Also the menu includes hotels, bars, home delivery, with music and Chinese. Once you select the category, you can see the restaurants on that category from A to Z. GPS Nearby place finder This is more convenient than the former, if you want to see the restaurants/cafes that are available nearer to you. The best part of this app is that you can also see where the atms, banks, theatres and hotels that are located near to you.

We believe that these apps are still in their beta stage i.e. testing stage. Because we can’t find the map or the link to the map for the location in the app. Added to that, there are stars and comment option in there, but it is not working. Still it helps us a lot by helping us to find the places and also save us our time a lot. What we expect: 

Petrol bunks in the GPS nearby place finder.

Maps or links to the map of the location.

Interactive user interface. Scan to download The apps 26

Dec 2013



Campus Diaries Hack Live


Dec 2013


Campus diaries was started in 2010 by 2 en-

Students were asked to bring out ideas on a

gineering students from Manipal. What

particular theme. The ideas were pooled to-

started off as a hobby soon turned into a se-

gether and each participant was asked to

rious business with the launch of the web-

pick and write a story or paint based on that

site and opening up of chapters in various

idea. This way, students were able to share

cities. Based out of Bangalore, campus dia-

their ideas, make it heard and understood

ries is India's fastest growing youth maga-

by everyone else.

zine and by April 2014, we would be in the

The themes that day were 'Youth for Social

top ten magazines in India. We reach out to 300 campuses across the country including IIT Chennai, IIT Delhi and so on. The magazine is a crowd sourced with the best article being picked out of the website. Apart from this, campus diaries strives to provide an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and writers, artists. Campus spark is one such event that was held in Bangalore with around 200 odd people attending it. It consisted off ani-

mated panel discussions, products getting patents and to top it all, graffiti painting and beat boxing. It was a two day event held in September 2013 Who wouldn't want their stories to be read and praised? We all write blogs and notes and tag as many friends as possible for that short lived appreciation and recognition.

Wouldn't it be much better if we had a chance to share our stories and paintings with people having similar interests? A chance to share and see what others our age with our interests are doing is exactly what Story Hack Live was all about. Around 50 students who were interested in writing, art and designing were invited for the event.

and Political change' and 'College - Best and

Worst'. A serious and a light topic gave the right balance to get people talking. Campus Diaries saw a variety of ideas from the students of Coimbatore, from Hostel Life, Bunking classes, Fun with friends, to Acceptance for change, Rights for Women, Education for all, Child Rights, etc. Here's






Meenushree had to say about it: "Story Hack Live was a whole new experience for me. It was different and refreshing to discuss and work on a project rather than to think for hours together, all by myself to get a good idea. I had a chance to meet so many people from different streams of education. It was fun to discuss over a sandwich with live music on the background. A city band N2

played the acoustic version of some of the best Coldplay songs. It was a Sunday evening well spent; all thanks to the members of the Coimbatore chapter for such an amazing event." For those who missed the first event in Coimbatore, Campus Diaries will be conducting many more events in the coming

months. Until then, Stay tuned! 28

Dec 2013


Coimbatore in Facebook #1 A series of articles on how Coimbatore is doing in Facebook—Prince Mohamed Khan

We all know how it is essential to be in the Facebook or how we would miss lot of things else. I heard recently from a HR of one of the top companies in India, that they will look at the Facebook profiles of the candidates before they call them up and they even shortlist candidates based on that. Oops... The world’s number one social media networking site have a huge followership in our city too. More than a lakh users are using Facebook in Coimbatore. And they are sharing their thoughts and ideas on everything. They form communities/groups based on their interest and communicate with the fellow Coimbatoreans with the same interests. Now, that’s what we call social networking. Recently I have seen many cases where a

group of Facebook friends meet offline and 29

Dec 2013


hangout together. I personally seek people

in Facebook nowadays rather than searching it in yellow pages or directories. With the ‘Graph Search’, I can even find possible recruits for CHO through Facebook. Facebook is highly addictive and at the same time is essential now. You know there are applications being developed to control the people who are addicted to Facebook. But we are not going to talk about that here. We are going to enlighten you about the communities, groups and pages that are dedicated to our evergreen city Coimbatore under these series of ‘Coimbatore in Facebook articles’. There are lots of groups in Coimbatore, here we handpicked some of the best. Let’s see some of those best groups here and their descriptions on the Facebook.

Guys this is my small initiative to find out best food outlet n bring out the hidden talents of Home makers, young budding entrepreneurs/promote restaurants in and around Coimbatore and also share your experiences here. FOOD is the source of life. KOVAI FOODIES is the place to share the ex-

pert cooking and the changing tastes of Kovai, as Coimbatorians have rich experience and travelled around the globe and aren’t afraid to try something new. In this group we would like to invite the various food joints, home entrepreneurs to come forward and actively participate and share

their expertise and culinary of dishes to our Kovai Foodies. We would like to invite the entrepreneurs to come forward to advertise their ongoing festivities on our banner page, the chefs can also share variety of dishes, health tips to the Kovai foodies. We respect each and every fellow members and there are NO Restrictions to what members post related to food/nonfood kitchen based/restaurant feedback. Look forward for an active participation Cheers, Lalitha Gautam

Scan this QR code To go to Kovai Foodies Facebook group


Dec 2013


Stop, pause, think, articulate and discuss shopping, shopping experiences, recommend products and services at this interactive forum. Large store, new stores, out of town life style exhibitions (we love it don't we) good tailors, all this and more will be discussed here. Boutique owners, retailing from home entrepreneurs can connect directly with their clien-

So let’s get started The posting of products, services and links on Kovai Shopping forum does not, in any shape or form, implied or otherwise, necessarily express or suggest endorsement or support of any such posted material or parts therein. Kovai Shopping cannot be held responsible/ liable for the reliability or content of the products and services mentioned in this forum.

tele here.

Scan this QR code To go to Kovai Shopping Facebook group


Dec 2013


This is a Coimbatore based community group dedicated to re-using, re-cycling and upcycling goods to help spread awareness and encourage



This group is a place to donate/sell/buy/ barter/rent used/recycled products (Books, Baby products, Furniture and the like). The

Before you go out, burn fossil fuel and buy anew, or discard something you no longer have any use for, put it up for sale or for freecycling on this page. You could find a great book you wanted to read, a beautiful curtain, or a lovely old record, from other nice people.

group is dedicated to used / recycled and upcycled goods ONLY. Please do not post new

Re-discover the charm of recycling.

products / good for sale here. Do respect the community guidelines and post relevant information only.

Scan this QR code To go to Kovai Flea Market Facebook group


Dec 2013


This is a property related page for people in and around Coimbatore. Coimbatore is the Manchester of South India, blessed with a lovely climate throughout the year and is well known for the second best wanted in the world. It is an industrial city, dotted

with many textile and engineering units. Coimbatore is growing at a very fast pace, Join us here for properties. Buy/sell/rent/lease.

Scan this QR code To go to Kovai Property Plus Facebook group


Dec 2013


Viral Videos


Five best viral Videos of December, 2013

1. Amazon Prime Air: Drone Delivery is Ready

Scan this QR Will Amazon one day have a fleet of Prime Air vehicles in the sky? Yes it’s just a matter of time. Are you really surprised? URL: 37

Dec 2013


code to see this Video

2. iDiots

Scan this QR Guys at Big Lazy Robots obviously, love robots. And as mocking Apple fans is no longer fun – over 2.3 million views in a week.

code to see this Video


3. Sofles—Limitless

Scan this QR Unlimited color + empty warehouse + artists + camera = awesome video with almost 5 million views in a week. Great music, beautiful graffiti, what else to write? Oh yes, created by Ironlak films.

code to see this Video

URL: 38

Dec 2013


4. One Coin For All Your Cards

Scan this QR One of #firstworldproblems – you have so many cards that they won’t fit into your wallet anymore. But don’t be desperate, here comes a solution! Proud to present COIN, what an idea sirji and interesting video with 5.9 million views in a week. Great, now you can loose all your cards at once!

code to see this Video


4. Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

Scan this QR Another great stunt by Volvo Trucks with 7.8+ million views in only 2 days! After the ballerina, hamster and crane, this one features the one and only Van Damme and his epic split™

URL: 39

Dec 2013


code to see this Video


Event: Las Vegas Nite 2014 Venue: Senator I & II , The Residency, Coimbatore. Title Sponsor: Dollar Biggboss Powered by Sponsor: Ideal Water Tank Coimbatore is all set to bid adieu to year 2013 in a great style - partying in Las Vegas Style on the eve of our brand New Year 2014 at Senator I & II of The Residency, Coimbatore. Apple Entertainment renowned for its innovative ideas and great style of partying has made efforts to give its guests the experience very close to Las Vegas clubs. The dedicated team lead by Rajesh Agarwal, present CEO, has gone through the minutest details of LAS VEGAS STYLE of partying and planned the Party accordingly with little alterations to suite our Indian guests. What’s in store for the guests?  The best DJ in the city, DJ Prince is excited to make the crowd to rock the floor on the hot favorite commercial numbers . You might burn your feet to the sizzling hot music of DJ Sophia (Top Lady DJ in India).

 

The team has selected the best foreign dancers , who are trained in a Las Vegas Styles of dances. The dancers are surely going to make the crowd go crazy by their sensuous moves. (There is no vulgarity intended and the attire of the dancers will be decent enough to maintain our culture). We will have the largest LED floor in Tamil Nadu to give an effect of a Vegas Club. All our guests will be greeted with two welcome drinks of their choices. The best vegetarian menu is arranged for the guests to enjoy the most delicious food in Coimbatore. For pre-booking contact : Ankit:- 9965 12 3938 40

Dec 2013


HSBC Bird Race 2013 Date: Sun, Dec 15, 2013 Venue: Coimbatore Organizer: SACON

Along with HSBC and Yuhina Eco-Media, Mumbai, SACON is organizing a Bird Race in Coimbatore on 15th December 2013. The India Bird Race is a dawn-to-dusk event where

teams of experienced and budding birdwatchers will spend an entire day spotting and identifying birds in an effort to record as many species of birds as possible.

CEBACA Cauz Carnival Elite Evening 2013 Date: Dec 21, 2013 Venue: Le Meridien Hotel This event is specially for the industrial professionals and important personalities of Coimbatore City who will grace the function and enjoy the music night programme. It is conducted by Chinmayee, Stephen Devasi, MLR Karthikeyan, Febin & Pooja, Biwas Academy, Raack Academy, Laser Show and Quick Angels.

A musical event by Mano, Chinmayee, Stephen Devasi, Swetha Mohan, MLR Karthikeyan, Febin, Biwas Academy, Raack Academy, Laser Show and Quick Angels. This is mainly for the youngsters and college students.


Dec 2013



Dec 2013


Coimbatore Hangouts December  

Coimbatore Hangouts is a regional magazine for Coimbatore covering its cool hangout places and the events that are happening across Coimbato...

Coimbatore Hangouts December  

Coimbatore Hangouts is a regional magazine for Coimbatore covering its cool hangout places and the events that are happening across Coimbato...