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Lord Over the Cosmos The Royal Instrument Affair By Neil Ayers Lord Over the Cosmos is the story of young Percy Bysshe Binghamton, Assistant Accountancy Assistant. In the beginning, Percy doesn’t amount to much, not much even as an ordinary folk, and certainly not as protagonist of a galactic epic. But by the end of the journey he will have ascended and acquired the power to lead the great political and military establishments of the universe. He will have become “The Lord Over the Cosmos.” His path to success is a tale of assorted calamities and unlikely victories, ranging from an undeserved imprisonment for life on a distant labor planet; his forced induction into a galactic mercenary force; and his deployment into battle against a planet of crazed fanatics. These events hone his warrior skills as he evolves into a formidable fighter, an outcome as unexpected as is his remarkable ability to survive. His new, but hard-won, qualities serve to forge his character under circumstances that propel him into the heart of a cosmic crisis of power and intrigue. Now known by his military name, Aathan, he rapidly climbs the military ranks, through bravery, cunning and luck. Promoted from private to general, he encounters Suzi, the strange but exceptionally beautiful psychoclone. Suzi has been created and programmed to seek out individuals who can be of most assistance to her and her galaxy. She identifies Aathan as the one to protect her as she fulfills her unspoken quest to return the Galactic Jurist martyrs to power — and to challenge the galactic government of the Committee of Leadership. Another woman enters his life, the cosmic-class beauty Privateer Thornia. She too finds in Percy/Aathan that which she fervently seeks, although her quest is a different one. Thornia’s secret is that she is the legal heir of the crown of the royal family, the P’Pylle, a matriarchy that for millennia ruled the galaxies with fairness, compassion and profound intellect. Thornia discovers strengths in Aathan that she admires, enjoys and most importantly, requires in her pursuit to regain the ascendancy of the P’Pylle. Despite his greatness, he doesn’t stand much of a chance resisting the charms of either Suzi or Thornia. Suzi and Thornia lead Aathan on a series of bold and desperate adventures to fulfill their noble but dangerous ambitions. They take him to Devastor, a medieval disaster of a planet, in pursuit of Thornia’s dream, and then on to Pleazurioux, the most decadent of worlds. They subject him to perils of torture and death in the vacuum of the deep void. And as finally Thornia begins to realize her dream of a return of the P’Pylle, Suzi gives her own life so that Thornia’s dream of galactic peace may become a reality. Thornia, both for herself and of the P’Pylle, declares that Aathan will become the next head of the P’Pylle family, the ruler of the galaxies, the Lord Over the Cosmos. 489 words

Lord Over the Cosmos  

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