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June 2012 Edition

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Congratulations Ms. Megan Regehr! “Apple “Apple of of Our Our Eye” Eye” Teacher Teacher for for June June 2012 2012

This month we recognize Ms. Megan Regehr as the recipient of our “Apple of Our Eye” award for June 2012. Ms. Regehr is one of the Lead Teachers in our Pre-K Class. Ms. Regehr is a jovial and energetic teacher who immediately makes her children feel loved and comfortable. She has the gift of bringing the best in her students, and creating bonds that last forever. We feel honored to have Ms. Regehr in our Primrose family.


Congratulations Ms. Regehr!

Our Primrose friend this month is Percy. Percy, the proud rooster, is the leader of the Primrose Friends. He offers wisdom and cheerful direction while setting the course for fun and learning. Percy has a big, caring heart and provides leadership to others by setting an example of good character. Percy will teach us in June about COURAGE.

The Carters - Family of the Month! Every month we recognize a wonderful family for their warmth, love, and generosity. The Carter family is our June 2012 Family of the Month! Anyone who meets the Carter family, immediately notices the nurturing love and humanity that they show not only to their son Collin, but to the everyone around them. We had the privilege to meet extended members of the Carter family at our Spring Fling event, and we can say that these wonderful human qualities do run in their family! Collin, Christine Carter, and Adela Taboada

Congratulations Carter family…we are honored to have you in our school!

Ms. Ms. Pearl Pearl Going Going to to Training Training in in June June Our Director, Ms. Heather Pearl, will attend a four-day training at Primrose’s training center in Georgia during the third week of June. This intensive program will focus on academics: ageappropriate expectations, effective technology integration, our Rhythm & Notes music curriculum, the importance of sign language, math, learning centers, and more.

Heather Pearl

Our goal is to continue to take our curriculum to higher levels, and fulfill our promise of being the best early education school in Northern Virginia. Our children deserve it!

New New Members Members of of Our Our Teaching Teaching Team Team Ms. Brittny Hamilton joins us from VCU, where she recently completed her Master’s Degree in Education. Ms. Hamilton is committed to providing her students with a fun and structured classroom where each child can experience the joys of learning! Ms. Hamilton will be our lead camp counselor this summer, and looks forward to our first summer camp!

Brittny Hamilton

Ms. Christine Larimer approaches each day in the toddler room with joy. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and our toddlers have quickly grown to love her! She can often be found singing and dancing with our little ones as they enjoy their day at Primrose. You will see Ms. Larimer in the afternoons in both of our toddler programs. We are thrilled to have her as an integral member of our Primrose family! Christine Larimer & Friends

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June 2012 Newsletter  
June 2012 Newsletter  

June 2012 Newsletter of the Primrose School of Ashburn