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welcome from team Primrose 5 TREATS this month’s best treats 6 - 7 HIDDEN GEMS the jewels in Primrose Hill’s crown 10 - 11 DOG TRIBES the coolest canine tribes 12 - 13 IT’ S A DOG’ S LIFE time to stop pampering your pooch? 15 - 16 THANK GOD IT’ S THURSDAY the best weekday haunts 19 MORE THAN JUST A FRIEND why we love our dogs 20 THE CALL OF BEAUTY our beauty ed’s tips 24 - 25 BITCH,PLEASE Monsieur Jacques knows who’s boss 26 - 31 SHOPPING the perfect summer looks 33 THE LADY WANTS THE TRAMP lets get ugly 35 - 36 HOUSE AND HOME interior style hits 38 - 39 THE NEW PRIMROSE HILL SET so long to the stars 40 UP YOUR STREET Primrose take to the street 42 - 43 TABLE TABOO where have our manners gone? 45 MOVING ON UP blast bikini body blues 49 2 MINUTES WITH we chat to fashion’s favourite dog 50


editor’s letter

PRIMROSE Spring/Summer ‘12


ART Nicole Campanaro Shona Wallace

FEATURES Reannah Yussuff NamKyeong Kim

FASHION Jess Knowles

BEAUTY Harriet Charnock-Bates

FOOD Vibha Sabharwal

CONTRIBUTORS Sheena Bulsara Waggin’ Tails Dog Boutique Yvonne Klemperer Primrose Hill Interiors Kristin Knox Cristina Campanaro (Illustration)

Hello and welcome to the first issue of Primrose magazine! Our debut issue looks into the dog world, one which we are sure most of you are familiar with. From the new dog tribes on the block (page 12) to an interview with one of fashion’s most famous pooches (page 50), we’ve got it covered. Mix in a whole lot of fashion, food, beauty and interiors and you’ve got what we hope will be your new favourite magazine. Enjoy! Team Primrose x COVER SHOOT PHOTOGRAPHER: Tom Johnson MAKE-UP/HAIR: Cheyenne Raymond STYLIST: Shona Wallace & Nicole Campanaro MODEL: Julia Caeser DOG: Monsieur Jacques








Selfridges £105

Liberty £2.95

Anna £48




Lost in Beauty £26

Paul Smith £270

Sandro £200




East End Prints £25

Mulberry £150

Anna £370







Mawi £315

Harrods £77.95

M&S £29.50




Diptique £50

Paul Smith £50

Jimmy Choo £260



Rifle Paper £16.95

Cath Kidston £12


Harrods £52.95


hidden gems

Primrose Hill’s


There are undiscovered treasures on your doorstep, VEEBS SABHARWAL let’s you in on the Hill’s best kept secrets TRIYOGA 6 ERSKINE ROAD Tucked away amid inconspicuous mews is the extraordinary Triyoga, a haven with myriad benefits for your mind, body and soul. There’s the meditative music; the aroma of incense sticks; the tea lights; the Buddha heads and the humble greet from the staff, all wonderfully sublime. Let us not forget, however, the Madder Rose café. On offer is a creative mix of health foods promising to detox, de-stress and uplift your drive. Pre work-out, opt for the energiser,

£3.50, a delicious smoothie of apple, carrot, ginger, pear and beetroot. This one’s packed with all the good stuff. For a post work-out pick-me-up, treat yourself to a banana, chocolate and yoghurt smoothie for £3.50, made to revive and protect.

JUDITH MICHAEL 73 REGENTS PARK ROAD Filled with a selection of antique and vintage wonders, from a French dressing table here to a vintage tapestry upholstered armchair there, Judith Michael is an Aladdin’s cave. There are even original 1960s editions of Playboy Magazine. If only the items could talk.


hidden gems

SHEPHERDS FOODS REGENTS PARK RD We love the community feel of charming little Regent’s Park Road, where everybody knows your name and stops to say “Good morning”. It inspires us to bake a cake and give our neighbours a slice. If you’re going to do just that, then we suggest you head to Shepherd’s Food, a Wonka’s factory disguised as an average grocer.

Images: Triyoga , Judith Michael and Daughter, Shepherds Food

From Marshmallow Fluff to Apple Jacks cereal, the shelves are lined with sweet things we didn’t think existed anymore. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. The aisles are an A-Z of imaginative drinks like elderflower fizz and hard-tofind condiments like fig jam (urging to be served with homemade brioche, by the way). One trip to Shepherd’s Food, several bags of goodies later and you’ll be left to channel your inner Martha Stewart. At this time of year? Have a street party and invite everyone. EPICURE VANILLA Epicure Vanilla Pods give you the original taste of vanilla. Scrape out the soft, wonderfully fragranced seeds and add to your cake recipe, make a perfectly flavoured crème brûlée, or use to make a sublime ice-cream. Keep the pod in a jar of sugar for delicious vanilla sugar, or infuse in a syrup. £4.49 for a tube.

POP TARTS For a lovely alternative in Summer, warm your cinnamon and brown sugar Pop Tart to a lukewarm temperature and smother in butter followed by vanilla ice-cream with a caramel ribbon. It will remind you of your Grandma’s apple pie.

YUNNAN TEA Tibetan’s treks from long ago inspired Twinings, the connoisseurs of tea, to create Yunnan tea bags: smooth and nutty. Best served after a 3-5 minute brew topped with a splash of milk. £2.99 for 50 teabags.



DOG TRIBES Does size really matter? NAMKYEONG KIM investigates whether size is just as big a deal in the dog world As summer approaches, we all find ourselves looking forward to the sunshine it brings with it. But at the same time, many of us are worried. The size zero issue has been at the centre of controversy every summer. However, when it comes to dogs, it doesn’t seem all that serious.

Size really doesn’t matter in the dog world. Dogs of every size are beautiful just the way they are. They have their own charm. Even so, we must admit that we are still likely to have a preference about their size and this preference very much depends on your style.

SIZE 0 THE ‘TOY’ DOGS (E.G. CHIHUAHUA, YORKSHIRE TERRIER, POMERANIAN) Pros & Cons: They’re extremely cute and adorable because of their small size. You can expect to hear a lot of compliments when you are out with them. They can be taken with you everywhere you go because they are so petite. But, if you’re fond of them because you think that they’re easy to manage, you’d better think again! They enjoy being exercised a lot and love to be the centre of attention. You need to take care of them at all times and always give them as much love as possible. Otherwise, they may disappear and, at their size, you may never find where they’ve got to! Style: Their look matches any style. They are so adorable that they look good on anyone and will instantly cheer you up.


SIZE 1 & 2 THE ‘UTILITY’ DOGS (E.G. BULL TERRIER, BULLDOG, COCKER SPANIEL) Pros Cons: There is a great variety of dogs to choose from. Each breed has got its own strong personality and they are often very bright and lively by nature, something which can be both its strength and also its weakness. They make an excellent companion, though you may find it hard to control them sometimes. Nevertheless, once you fall in love with their charm, you won’t get out of there. This too can be both a strength of theirs and a weakness! Style: Think casual. Just go with the flow.

Images: Shona Wallace, Nicole Campanaro Illustrations: Cristina Campanaro






Pros & Cons: They’ve got that strong look going on and the ability to be recognized immediately, even from far away. You’ll always feel safe as long as they stay by your side, but at the same time, they need plenty of open spaces to satisfy their wandering instincts. However, you need to be extra careful when you take them to walk in public because of their other instincts – prevail, herd and hunt. Need I say more.

Pros & Cons: They’re huge like a bear. Just having them makes you feel special. Of course, you need a big space to keep them and the garden is essential for them. Also, you need to provide large amounts of food everyday as it’s directly related to their survival. You can’t help but love the way they do cute things with their giant body. You’ll feel like you have the biggest baby in the world. And they’ll last as a baby forever.

Style: Well dressed owners who are very aware of their appearance.

Style: Relaxed dress code to take care of the biggest baby.

PRIMROSE POOCHES Some of Primrose Hil’s most stylish pooches. PRIMROSE 13


IT’S A DOG’S LIFE How much pampering is too much? NICOLE CAMPANARO investigates the extremes of dog grooming. What happened to the old saying ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’? Take a look at dog owners today and you’d be forgiven for thinking it went a little more like ‘a dog is the perfect fashion accessory’. We’ve all seen them, those Paris Hilton clones who carry a tiny Chihuahua in a designer handbag whilst they shop or get their nails done. The poor dog is generally dressed in some awful outfit made of velour with the word ‘juicy’ rhinestoned inappropriately on the bottom. Unfortunately, this isn’t just an exaggerated stereotype. These women do exist, arguably because of Paris Hilton and her infamous show The Simple Life. Hilton’s Chihuahua Tinkerbell featured in every series of the popular reality TV series that was watched by millions worldwide. It was after the release of this show that Chihuahuas shot to the top of every fashionista’s wishlist. And why? Because they are cute enough and small enough to dress up in pretty clothes and carry around in your handbag. If Paris does it, then they can too and the fact that she would bring Tinkerbell along with her to an array of star-studded events only fuelled this idealistic view of dog ownership further.

heiress has been known to splash out extravagantly on treats for Tinkerbell like a $55,000 diamond collar, a purchase for which she was heavily criticised. As if that wasn’t enough, Tinkerbell and her canine siblings also have the luxury of living in a splendid doghouse, at the star’s Beverly Hills pad, worth a staggering $325,000. And she wonders why she receives so much criticism… The heiress defends her lifestyle by saying “dog’s mean a lot to me. So I always pet them. I can afford it.” A solid and compelling argument from Paris, as always. But just because you can afford to blow a fortune on your pet, does this mean you should? Lauren Harding, a solicitor from Primrose Hill who owns a Bichon Frise, believes that there isn’t any harm in treating your dog every now and again. “A dog is a member of the

“Just because you can afford to blow a fortune on your pet, does this mean you should?”

With gems of wisdom like “you don’t have to be an heiress to look like one, if you act like one then everyone will just presume you are one.” It’s no wonder that so many women have tried to emulate the Paris Hilton lifestyle. The shopaholic

family and just like us, they deserve a little pampering every so often. Some people take this a little further than just a fancy collar and a professional clean, but ultimately it’s up to the owner. As long as the dog doesn’t mind, then I don’t see it’s doing anyone any harm.” Organic dog food is one thing, but some of the more exotic grooming experiences available to dogs in London include aromatherapy treatments, dog therapists



But, behind the frivolity of all this pampering there does lie more serious issues. As we know, fashion is a fast paced world and it doesn’t hold on for anyone, least of all these dogs. In what has been dubbed “Paris Hilton Syndrome”, animal rescue centres in the UK and the USA are seeing a huge increase in the number of ‘teacup dogs’ (even smaller versions of ‘toy’ dogs such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers), and in particular Chihuahuas, being abandoned. These innocent dogs are being dropped by their fashionista owners as quickly as last season’s handbag. Even they are unable to survive the fickle world of fashion. Charlotte Cullinan, communications officer at Battersea Dog’s & Cat’s Home explains how they get many Chihuahuas at the home who “haven’t been treated like dogs, they’ve been treated like handbags and this causes them to have behavioural problems, which then often leads to them being abandoned. No dog of any breed should be transported in a handbag or treated


like an accessory and people should not be influenced by fashion trends when deciding to buy a particular breed.”

“Many traditional breeds are edging towards extinction.” “Any dog can be associated to a certain image and people choose a breed because of the image they have” explains Charlotte. “Just like someone might choose a Staffordshire Bull Terrier to look cool, a family may choose a Labrador because they are known as a family dog. It’s important to choose a breed that fits with your lifestyle rather than because of the way they look or the image they represent.” However, it’s not just the health concerns that need to be considered. Due to the popularity of ‘designer’ and pedigree dogs, many traditional British breeds, such as the Red Setter and the Norwich terrier, are edging towards extinction. Research has shown that this is largely due to media influence with TV programmes and adverts, like the Andrex puppy adverts, popularising particular breeds. But who wants the same dog as everyone else anyway? If you really are just getting a dog to be a la mode, then surely it would be far more fashion forward to get a breed that isn’t around every street corner? “We have so many well-natured mongrel and mixed-breed dogs here at Battersea, as well as very well behaved staffs,” says Charlotte “but it is always the smaller dogs like the Yorkshire Terriers and Bichon Frise who are rehomed first.” The key is remembering a dog isn’t a toy. If you are thinking of getting a dog because you think it’ll look cute and you can dress it up, then you aren’t ready for one. A dog is for life, not just for Autumn/ Winter ’12.

Image: Unkown

and spa days. Now surely this is taking things a little too far? Yes it’s nice to treat your dog, but you can’t help thinking a dog really isn’t going to appreciate it; after all they are a dog. As far as I’m aware, dogs prefer a run around in the park to manicures and blow-dries; but maybe I’m just a traditionalist?


Thank god it’s


The Friday night out is starting to lose its appeal... Thursdays are the new Fridays says NAM KYEONG KIM For a long time Friday has been the actual start of the weekend. However, going out on Friday is not that appealing anymore. All the nice places are full of people and everything costs more than usual. Moreover, the service is unlikely to be better compared to other days.

Image: Unkown

It is hard to go back to this uncool Friday situation once you have gone out on a Thursday. It seems like the perfect new Friday. A lot of bars offer not only happy hours for drinking but also free entry for clubbing with the slogan of a ‘Thirsty Thursday Special’. Also, going out on Thursday does seem pretty hip, avoiding the weekends when everyone else goes out. Despite all the benefits of Thirsty Thursdays, a young, single man has decided to give up his Thursday night socialising. “I love going out on Thursdays

because I knew that even when I drink too much and am hungover, I only need to suffer through one day until the weekend,” says Adam Smith, an account manager at a travel agency in London. That said, it started to damage his health, though he only had to make it through Friday, he was then expected to go out Friday night. Yes, Thursday may be the new Friday but it seems that Friday has not quite died. Perhaps at this point, though, Thursday deserves a new nickname. ‘Thankful’ seems to sum up Thursday in a more positive way than ‘Thirsty’. We express thanks to our family and friends every week, while people across the Pond in the United States give thanks to god once a year. Thanksgiving does not need to be a fancy dinner, it is all about having a good time with your loved ones, fancy or not, leaving alcohol to the side for a moment.



MORE THAN JUST A FRIEND Dogs are friends for life, but REANNAH YUSUFF asks what does your dog mean to you? It has become very obvious that dogs mean a lot to people. In various countries across the world and as time has progressed, so has mans love for their furry little friends. Various celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have been snapped with their dogs on their day-to-day tasks. For many years now, dogs have been known as mans best friend, but why is there such a special bond between humans and canines? The idea of taking your dog everywhere is one that has become the norm for most. The concept of dressing up your dog and giving them names normally reserved for humans, like Charlotte or Rosie is also something that has become socially acceptable. Is it these characteristics that make dogs so loveable? In the UK we are known for spending outrageous amounts on our dogs even buying them custom leads, bags and outfits. According to Good Housekeeping it costs ÂŁ30,380 to care for a dog over a twelve-year period. For that amount you could a BMW One Series and still have change for a luxurious holiday.


Despite all of this people still continue to indulge their pets. The extremes dog owners go to have escalated such that you can even marry your pets online, now if that is not commitment I do not know what is. allows people to go online and marry their pets for a fee and then receive a certificate afterwards. The essence of marriage is that you are entering an eternal bond with a loved one, with the reasoning that you will share everything with your significant other. So why would you want to marry your dog, knowing that their life will span no longer than twenty years, potentially leaving you in a state of despair and grief. It has been said that there is a dog for everyone regardless of their age and personality. I decided to speak to various dog owners to hear what owners had to say about their personal and special relationships with their animal. I spoke to different dog owners with very different breeds of dogs to get an idea of what a dog can come to mean. I spoke to Yvonne, the proud owner of a four yearold French Bulldog. I asked her how


Image: Unkown

she felt about her dog and what he means to her and she replied, “I’m sure you can tell Monsieur Jacques is such a lovely boy, he is ever so lively. He loves people and especially children.” Yvonne continues, “You know, he is almost like a real person. He has got such a big personality, he is really independent and he just likes to go off and do his thing.” Yvonne is passionate about giving dogs the love and affection they need, “That is the thing about animals: they need attention 24/7. I mean, Monsieur Jacques means so much to me, he is an excellent companion and he is such a loving animal.” It seems that, for some, dogs are much than simply a pet. Similarly attached to her dog is Brigitte, a twenty year-old barmaid, who recently bought Roman, a Staffordshire bull terrier. “He means the world to me, I know it sounds silly but he honestly does” explains Brigitte, “the older he gets, you can see

him doing all the stuff you have taught him and the respect he has for you, I even miss him when I go to work, I mean he is my dog and I love him to bits!” These days, a dog certainly is girl’s best friend. I can say, from my own personal experience, that the loyalty of an animal is certainly comforting. A dog will always be loyal to their owner, no matter what. Speaking to these dog owners has cconfirmed my theory that it is the loyalty and love a dog has for an owner that means so much. As Brigitte said, seeing her dog progress and develop using all the tricks and techniques she has taught him makes her happy. I guess the idea is that you have almost brought up this dog and it is almost flying the nest. Essentially it shows that it’s not necessarily just the dog itself that means so much to the owner, but the feeling the owner gets from their dog.


THE CALL OF BEAUTY Beauty editor HARRIET CHARNOCK-BATES guides us through this summer’s beauty essentials for you, your partner and your pooch The long-awaited summer season is upon us but are you and your pooch ready to look your best? Head down to Regents Park Roads’ luxury cosmetic boutique Lost in Beauty and renowned pet shop

CLEANSING WIPES Milk Scrub + Cleanse 2 in 1 Wipes (£14.00) are a travel bag essential. They’re man-sized and incorporate microbeads to free pores from dirt and lift stubble. The signature citrus vanilla scent and deep cleansing properties make Ole Henricksen Truth To Go Wipes (£11.90) a perfect multi-purpose product for all skin types. With lavender essential oil and a natural antiseptic, Herban Essentials Pet Towelettes (£9.00) are the ideal way to quickly cleanse your dog after a run in the park.


and grooming parlour Primrose Hill Pets to stock up on must-have beauty buys and essential doggy delights! Spoilt for choice? Thought so. Here’s our pick of their best goodies for him, her and Fido!

FRAGRANCE Creed Himalaya (£87.00 for 30ml) captures the spirit of variation with top notes of bergamot and lemon on a base of ambergris and Tonka musk.A powerful ‘holiday’ scent. Tom Ford Black Orchid (£85.00 for 30ml) brings a new depth to fragrance. Bergamot is mingled with intoxicating Lotus Wood to create a sensual scent for balmy summer nights. Dog Generation’s Oh My Dog! (£22.99 for 100ml), was created to harmonise with your pet’s sense of smell. Osmanthus, Freesia and Rosewood create the signature canine perfume.


DRY SHAMPOO Ideal for refreshing and invigorating the hair inbetween washes, Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo for Men (£24.00) also works well as a texture creator and adds a great amount of volume to your roots. Simply spray onto scalp and hair, brush through and you’re ready to go.

Illustration: Cristina Campanaro

Orbie Dry Texturising Spray (£38.00) absorbs oil at the roots and blitzes through grease thanks to the specifically patented clever polymers. The natural plant extracts work hard to replenish thirsty hair so there’s no need to worry about dryness and gorgeously tousled locks are just a spritz away. Bad hair days are a thing of the past ladies! With a delicious blueberry muffin fragrance and no parabens or DEA, Pet Head Dry Clean Waterless Shampoo (£9.99) sprays on and brushes out for on-thego freshen ups. Pop in your bag to keep odours at bay when venturing out for a walk with your canine chum.

LEAVE IN CONDITIONING SPRAYS With Brazillian rainforest extract and jojoba to moisturise and sooth, Tigi B For Men Leave in conditioner (£7.95) hydrates from root to tip for a healthy scalp and strong, nourished hair. The scent is divine but subtle and you’re guaranteed to notice a difference after just one application! This Volumising Conditioning Spray by Rene Furterer (£17.00) creates body while the natural carob extract fortifies and protects each strand to promote growth without weighing your hair down. Designed for fine hair, this versatile product works beautifully with all hair types. Don’t style your hair without it! Add shine to any coat with a spritz of John Paul Oatmeal Conditioning Spray (£11.95). Specially formulated to penetrate deep into the skin, detangle fur and add luster, this pet-friendly formula is ideal for use inbetween grooming visits and smells delicious.

If you really feel like giving yourself the once over or fancy a little pick-me-up, call in or e-mail to book in for a luxurious beauty treatment. Rekha Joshi who was featured as a brow expert on Channel 4’s ‘Ten Years Younger’ offers a threading service with prices starting from just £8. If relaxation is what you’re after, opt for a Bespoke Full Body Massage (£85) or a hydrating Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Oil Absolu Treatment (£20)… Voila!




PHOTOGRAPHY: Tom Johnson HAIR/MAKE-UP: Cheyenne Raymond STYLING: Shona Wallace & Nicole Campanaro


wears bracelet by Primrose Hill Interiors, Monsieur Jacques wears collar by Waggin’ Tails THIS PAGE Julia wears necklace by Sheena Bulsara, Monsieur Jacques wears collar by Waggin’ Tails


wears bracelets by Sheena Bulsara and Primrose HIll Interiors, Monsieur Jacques wears collar by Waggin’ Tails


wears necklace by Primrose Hill Interiors, Monsieur Jacques wears collar by Primrose Pets



summer style MONICA VINADER

Liberty £240

Stroll up the hill in this statement dress by Isabel Marant, the semi-sheer cotton is ideal in the heat and full sleeves are RALPH LAURENperfect for BBQs and net-a-porter £760 bonfires on those long summer’s nights. Slip on a pair of Miu ALEX MONROE Miu’s decadent Sweet Pea £175 seahorse sandals to embrace the aquatic trend and put a lot of sparkle MIU MIU into your step. Miu Miu stores £610


net-a-porter £640


ANNA £150


ANNA £89


Donna Ida £195

net-a-porter £395


Daisy £58

Whether you’re at Little One or Lanka sipping your iced latte this summer, these Chloé heels are a must-have, the wedge heel and soft cut-out leather make them both practical and stylish. Pair with floral jeans for a relaxed look, Current Elliot’s cropped style will keep you cool in every sense of the word.



THE LADY WANTS THE TRAMP Ugly is the new pretty, even when it comes to our canine companions SHONA WALLACE writes. It is unlikely to have slipped your mind that Primrose Hill is a rather pretty area. NW1 is arguably London’s most desirable, and thus envied, postcode, and everyone knows that there are few places in London, nay the world, that come close to the idyllic urban community that is Primrose Hill. From the sun drenched hill itself through to the cherry blossom trees that stand alongside the creamy townhouses, everything here is just so pretty. There does, however, come a time when pretty becomes boring and it appears that time has come. Things are about to get ugly, ladies and gentlemen. Before you panic, there are, as of yet, no plans to wedge a grubby McDonalds into Regents Park Road or to close down the temple of Bikram Yoga on Bridge Approach. The Primrose Hill you know and

love is sure to be as beautiful is ever, but a distinctly abstract trend is ready to ring a few changes. All of a sudden nothing feels quite so apt as a downright ugly dog. Dogs are at the heart of Regents Park Road socialising. A dog walk is the perfect opportunity for a catch up and a solitary coffee feels far less depressing with your pooch by your side. The canine population of Primrose Hill consists of mainly pedigrees and purebreds, but even in such a gloriously attractive area, the trend for unfortunate looking pets is catching. Initially you may be wondering what actually constitutes an ugly dog. Beauty is always subjective and dogs are no exception, some appeal to us while


think others may not. Nevertheless, there are still a number of dog breeds that are widely regarded as being a little bit odd looking. The wrinkled pugs, patchy Chinese crested and scrawny Mexican hairless are far from cute, but recent figures show that these unconventional breeds are gaining unprecedented popularity in Britain, leaving traditionally attractive dogs like golden retrievers lagging behind. Just a leisurely walk down Regents Park Road and the influence of the ugly dog becomes apparent. While Collies and Spaniels remain top dog, unusual breeds are edging in steadily, and with good reason. Ugly dogs, without doubt, get far more attention than the cute ones. They are the innovative choice, perfect for the trendsetting sorts that thrive on the unconventional. A peculiar looking dog is endearing and intriguing, offering both character and personality alongside those bizarre physical attributes.

“They are little more than a fashion statement.”

As with every trend, it all comes round to fashion. While at first blush it may appear odd to covet something unattractive, it is not a new concept in the weird but wonderful fashion industry. A glance at the leading catwalk shows for Autumn Winter 2012/2013 confirms that ugly is the new beautiful. Clunky seventies loafers paired with jacquard pyjama pants at Prada and outsized novelty hats at Louis Vuitton are just a few of the anti-fashion looks ready to influence our winter wardrobes. Again this all seems to signify the hunger for something new and exciting. The Marmite dogs are certainly a breath of fresh air, and how could you resist their slightly warped little faces? To find true beauty, you have to scratch the surface,” says Lesley Lockhart of The Mexican Hairless Club UK, “people are a bit taken aback by [the dogs] but once they get to know them they are bowled over.” Perhaps, then, it is a case of learning to love them for their flaws. In saying that, though, a dog should never be a fashion statement. If you are hungering for something borderline hideous, settle for the Prada loafers.

Such dogs really are like Marmite, though, and not everyone is convinced. These dogs are an acquired taste and the reasons for their popularity are questionable. For some they ore little more than a fashion statement, a slightly sophisticated reinvention of the early noughties fad for Chihuahuas dressed as fairies.


Image: Trunk Archive

Furthermore, these canine companions can be slightly self-indulgent. Far fetched though it may sound, women choose these dogs not only to create a talking point but also to enhance their own allure. An adorable Andrex puppy is all well and good, but the ladies of Primrose Hill are not yet ready to be outshone by their dog.


HOUSE AND HOME Looking to spruce up your home this Summer with some quirky interiors? Our home style expert VEEBS SABHARWAL shows you how. Best in Show Wallpaper, Osbourne and Little, £105 per roll

When Carrie Bradshaw said in Sex and the City 2 that she’d “been cheating on fashion with furniture”, we knew she was forever. Getting the balance between trendy and timelessness in decorating is surprisingly easier than achieving the same with our wardrobes. And it’s so much fun! Don’t be afraid to add a whimsical

Tea light holders EDC showrooms, price on request


twist to your home and add a touch of decadence. Let your crystal chandelier hang over an eccentric rug for a warming welcome that’s still stylish. Or use your finest frames to mount the little ones’ Crayola drawings. Black and white will always convey a Hollywood glamour, so there’s no worry that monochrome won’t be exciting. You


Pendant Lights, Jeeves and Wooster, £155 - £175

Capri Mirror Laura Ashley, £325

don’t need to go painting your walls all the colours of the rainbow, instead just choose signature pieces like a bright vase, textured cushions or trinkets to add a more personal touch.

You can find a great assortment of such touches available on Regent’s Park Road; in fact the choices are endless. Put some boudoir into your everyday rooms by displaying your downtime reading: Agent Provocateur by Rowan Pelling, £20 and Pop Art by Tilman Osterwold, £8.99 are both available to buy from Tann Rokka, 123 Regent’s Park Road. Don’t just tuck them away on a bookshelf, lay them out

Park Louis XV Table, £1,395

“Large mirrors will open up you room making it look more spacious and inviting.” proudly on your coffee table (they make for excellent conversation!) Be inviting by adding beeswax candles (£8 each, Primrose Hill Interiors) in alcoves and leaving Hummingbird Bakery notecards (£9.99 for 20, PH Factor) on visible shelves in your kitchen. Make your home more enchanting by hanging fairy lights (£20 for a set, Graham & Green) around the living room mantelpiece. It’s easy to get carried away with accessories and furniture but remember the abstract features of your rooms like space and light which can be played with to create various effects. Painting a single horizontal stripe across the centre of your walls in a contrasting colour will form the illusion of a bigger room. Gentle light from different sources will cast soft shadows and make your living room seem very cosy. Why not try out a variety of lampshades for an edgier look whether the lights are on or off.

Chaise Lounge Call stockists: 0207 463 722£1,495, £1,495



THE NEW PRIMROSE HILL SET asks, where have all the celebrities gone? JESS KNOWLES

“Let’s go to Primrose Hill”, excitement bubbled inside me at this idea- images of Kate Moss casually sipping a coffee at a cute cafe, Sadie Frost relaxing in Regent’s Park with her children and (sigh) Jude Law enjoying a pint at the pub instantly entered my fame fascinated mind. Apparently, I’m ten years too late; whilst Primrose Hill was the place to spot said celebrities in the late nineties, now it’s a relaxed, family area: albeit an affluent one. Houses can sell for anywhere between £700,000 to £1.5 million, I’d previously assumed this was due to the association with some of Britain’s best known faces however, after spending time in Primrose Hill park, I realised what draws people here is that it’s an enclave of tranquillity and greenery in one of the world’s most hectic cities. When asked, even those who’d lived in Primrose Hill for a number of years had yet to have a celebrity sighting, whilst local resident Yvonne agrees it has a “touch of elitism”, this is diluted by a genuine community vibe; a true rarity in London, which is better known for being a city with a “cold” atmosphere - socially and meteorologically. So why have the local celebs become


lesser spotted than perpetually papped in Primrose Hill? Quite simply: they’ve disbanded. Courtesy of romantic trysts gone wrong and bad publicity thanks to overt drugs use and alcohol abuse the Primrose Hill set seem keen to distance themselves from each other; and the postcode which provided them with ample press, outrageous parties and subsequently, (for some) plummeting careers. It’s quite unheard of for any of the founding ‘gang’ who created the trendy reputation for Camden’s most notorious district to speak about the goings on during their heydays. It’s almost as if it never happened, just as you won’t find many twenty something’s re-hashing the times they were in trouble at school. As the Moss’, Frost’s and Ifans’ have grown up and moved on, so has Primrose Hill. There’s no sign of any walks of shame, no blaring music or overly made up wannabes attempting to rub shoulders with the stars. What I noticed more of in Primrose Hill was an abundance of plush pushchairs

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celebrity and the entire Caramel baby and child collection. Dogs and babies were the most frequently spotted and Primrose Hill mothers bring a whole new level of chic to the gauche “yummy mummy” persona.

seemingly still appeals to a few famous hipsters; both Henry Holland and Harry Styles (One Direction) own houses in NW1, yet their jet set lifestyles and the lack of an overwhelming party scene means they’re very rarely seen.

“an enclave of tranquility in one of the world’s most hectic cities.”

It seems the original Primrose Hill party set are now a rare breed, upping sticks and moving to St. John’s Wood and being quietly replaced by the likes of a younger, more elusive band of icons. Though, panic not, residents of Primrose Hill- I’m sure family man Jamie Oliver and playwright Alan Bennett will see to it that the serenity of Primrose Hill is not once again violated by a youthful band of party animals. We can only hope the infamous “curse of Primrose Hill” which has damaged so many talents before is enough to keep them in check… Fingers crossed!

In terms of where the fashionable residents shop, Regents Park Road boasts a cornucopia of interiors stores, café’s, salons and a grocery store with a mix of international foods so extensive it can only be rivalled by Selfridges food hall. Evidently, this niche environment


UP YOUR STREET After travelling all over london in search of the capitals finest street food vendors, NICOLE CAMPANARO reveals her mini guide to 2012’s trendiest finger food. Hear the word street vendor and you will be forgiven for thinking of that rusty old Mr Whippy van that was permanently parked up outside your school. Well times have changed my friend and 2012 is the year of the street vendor. Street food is back and it’s better than ever before. Quality is of the highest standard and the choice available


is astonishing. From exquisite Korean cuisine to devilishly delicious hot dogs, there really is something for everyone. So if you feel like trying something a bit different this summer and venturing to a part of London that you don’t normally frequent, then why not try one of these recommended street vendors for an truly unforgettable meal guaranteed?


Arancini Bros

Fans of Latin American foods will love the Luardos Burritos Van in Whitecross Street Market. Don’t be surprised to find a queue of people ahead of you – it’s only because these burritos are worth queuing for! And if you are finding it hard to choose then opt for the slow-cooked pork caritas; you won’t be disappointed. Ideal for: Spice enthusiasts

ARANCINI BROS – THE REAL FOOD MARKET If you haven’t tried arancini before (fried rice balls coated in breadcrumbs) then you are seriously missing out. Deliciously tempting mouthfuls of Sicilian cuisine, arancini are one of the healthiest types of street food around but they also taste divine. Ideal for: Healthy eaters

Luardos Burritos


Images: Nicole Campanaro and unknown Illustration: Cristina Campanaro

Woodward Farm

This is Southern comfort food at it’s very best. Opt for the “Notorious P.I.G” pulled pork sandwich or their signature “Mac ‘n’ Cheese” dish to truly experience Anna Mae’s finest meals. Oh, and expect to leave with sauce around your mouth you won’t be the only one! Ideal for: Messy eaters

WOODWARD FARM – THE REAL FOOD MARKET Nothing beats a good burger and the team from Woodward Farm sure know how to make one. Their succulent gourmet burgers, sizzling away on a hot griddle, are extremely hard to resist. Add a filling of British cheddar cheese into the mix and you’ve got yourself the perfect burger. Ideal for: Meat lovers

Anna Mae’s




Doggy bags are all the rage, but have our manners gone to the dogs? Perhaps, but SHONA WALLACE sees the sense in saving some for later. Foodies can be a frugal bunch. Take a trip to any of London’s luxurious restaurants and you will see this first hand. Nobody orders bottled water anymore, not when tap water does the trick, and the art of dessert sharing, once exclusive to dieters, is common practice. The final flourish in this recession-proof restaurant hopping is to ask for a doggy bag. Waste not, want not, as they say.

Image: Unkown

The doggy bag is a nationwide phenomenon. While once the beacon of bad taste, asking to take home your remnants is now economic and commendable. The “Too Good To Waste” campaign aims to shake off the stigma of doggy bags and their discreet boxes can now be found in a number of London eateries. It seems the trend for salvaging your leftovers has truly taken off. The eco-conscious community of Primrose Hill are likely to welcome this trend with open arms. So much food goes to waste and ridding the UK of its mountains of

leftovers would be a tremendous step forward environmentally. Perhaps we just need to swallow our pride and ask for that duck breast to be boxed up, ready for lunch tomorrow? Unfortunately, asking for a taboo-ridden doggy bag really is easier said than done. Recently, after a delectable meal at Odettes, I ordered a coffee only to be treated to a jam jar of lightly chewy mini meringues. Comfortably full and unable to scoff another, I felt it the perfect time to ask to take these sweet treats home, but my manners got the better of me and I left empty handed. Annoyingly, had I had the courage to ask, Odette’s would have obliged, and I could have been six meringues better off. Surely it is time to give doggy bags a better name, for it is far more shameful to leave half a plateful than it is to take your remnants home. It may not appear particularly elegant, but there really is no shame in saving a little for later.




is here to help

Determined to slink gracefully into your swimwear this summer rather than spend your supposed ‘chilled out’ hours in the sun holding your breath in a bid to look slimmer? Or do you simply fancy a bit of a health kick and a new hobby to boot? No matter what your reasons are for mixing up your day to day routine by adding in some exercise, one of London’s top fitness hotspots is right on your doorstep. Head down to Primrose Hill Park for a whole host of activities, guaranteed to get your heart and muscles pumping!

Image: Unkown

If your aim is to get in shape fast, the Gavin Walsh Bootcamp offers nonmilitary style fitness programs with an encouraging ‘get fit, have fun’ motto. Expect to be pushed both physically and mentally in order successfully to achieve your goals but down to earth Gavin sends out regular e-mails to keep you on the right track and promises to support you all the way. ‘Fit for a Princess’ aims to empower customers with effective fitness routines designed specifically for women. Their intensive summer bootcamps are renowned for getting you feeling good about yourself in lightening speed! The impressive outdoor gym in Primrose Hill Park enables you to fit exercise around your busy daily schedule and go at your own pace. Master Personal Trainer Ali Hussain of Simply Fitness spent some time putting together ‘The perfect Primrose Hill Park workout’ – a descriptive ‘how-

to’ fitness guide that leads you through the circuit and helps you to get the most out of each exercise set. If you think that having your own personal trainer by your side would be more of a challenge and encourage you to really get stuck in then PerfectlyFit is the ideal choice for you. With a full weekly training plan along that includes kickboxing and aerobics along with healthy lifestyle advice, you’re able to achieve the best possible result in a way that suits you. So here’s to your healthiest summer yet… If you’re stuck for something to do or fancy a calorie burning session to work off that devilish slice of victoria sponge you indulged in last night, stroll on down to the park and you’ll have a work out wonderland in front of you!


but want to keep fit too? Head to Triyoga for one of these “power yoga” sessions where you can burn around 300 cals and hour! GO RAW Treat your body to a

detoxifying raw food flush. Try Manna’s delicious vegan Mezze and snack on some guilt free NAKD bars.


profile Who inspires your wardrobe and why? The true divas of the world, women like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, but I’m way more chic than they are - like a canine Audrey meets Anna Dello Russo.

BUTTERS The doginista talks ‘dlogging’ and blueberry facials at Harrods Why did you initially decide to start your blog? I was guest dlogging for Mom and some people wanted more pommy and some less, so the obvious thing to do was to separate my online ventures from hers. If your blog had a mission statement, what would it be? To boldly go where no fashion dog has gone before… How would you describe your style? I am a luxury diva, unlike my low-key Mom. I’m a high maintenance girl who loves pink, bows and anything sparkly. Miu Miu glitter pumps taste great! What is your favourite item in your ward robe? I love my collection of Mulberry coats and my signature Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Who are your favourite designers? Mulberry are the only major designer that have dogs on the catwalk and on the FROW, so them, obviously. Juicy Couture is also great. They have a huge range of clothes and accessories just my size.


What is your advice to other doginista’s who are thinking of breaking into the industry? Don’t follow other bitches’ leads, go off-lead, run free and let your inner diva doginista shine through. Also, never wee at press events or fashion shows, you won’t be invited back. Is there any rivalry between you and your Mom (The Clothes Whisperer)? Not really as I am clearly the more successful and Mom does not begrudge me that, she’s proud of me. And finally, who is the most pampered pooch in the industry? Marc Jacobs’ bulldog terriers have their own specially designed LV trunk and Anna Dello Russo’s Cucciolina is pretty spoiled, but I’ve had complimentary blueberry facials at Harrods (tasted so good!)

Image: The Clothes Whisperer

2 minutes with...

What do you do when you aren’t dlogging? I like to chow down on organic chicken that is freshly cooked for me every night, dog-watch in the dog park (rolling in the dirt is too unchic for me), nap for hours on end and have my tummy rubbed.

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