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My planet is :


--Uranos is the seventh planet of the solar sistem. Uranos is the fourth planet most massive and the third most bigest. His name is in honor of the Greek god of the sky Uranos.Uranos is the first planet discovered with one telescope. Uranos is similar to Nepture. The astronomers say that Urano and Nepture are frozen planets. Uranos atmosfere is like of Jupiter and Saturn. The atmosfere contains : Hidrogen and Helium. They have the coldest atmosfere in the Solar Sistem , with the minus temperature is of 224ยบC.Uranos were form of rock and ice. Uranos have one ring system , one magnetosfera and many satellites. I`s axis of rotation are Iying. The winds of Uranos are very fast. They can rach 900 km in one hour, they can go 250 metres in one second. And for finally Uranos have 13 rings around them.

MY IMAGINARY PLANET : IMAGILAND - The name of my imaginary planet is Imagiland , because in Imagiland you can create everything: when you imagine one perfect house, in seconds you can see you new house. Imagiland planet doesn`t have posision in the Solar System. You can go when you like ; Is like a one secondary planet in the Earth. Imagiland planet doesn `t have rotation on its axis. The size of Imagiland is infinity , you can`t see the end. The gravity is very low: of 1,62 m/s2 . Is the same as the moon. So, you can jump very high. They don`t have orbit, Imagiland planet is still. The atmosphere is very thin but is more protective than the Earth atmosphere. The temperature is of tropical climate temperatures, everydays the temperature is more than 18ยบC. The compositions of Imagiland is of glass, but some thing are painted. They have two moons ; one at nigth and one in the day. They have many rings encircling. In the planet only can live person who have got a good imagination. Anybody discovered this planet , so to see this planet, you need one pill to sleep.

- WATER: Water is the first condition for live. The temperature must the warm. -METEOROLOGICAL FEATURES:The atmosfere and the ozono layer contributeto soften the temperatures . Live would not be possible under very extreme meteorological conditions. -ATMOSFERE: The atmosfere and the ozono layer protects us from solar harmful rays. It work like a greenhouse. -GRAVITY: Earth`s suitable gravity contributes to keep the atmosphere and the liquid water in the oceans. CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS: Chemical compounds such as oxygen , hydrogen , carbon and nitrogen are essential to enable life on a planet. FIRST LIVING CELLS: The first living cells beings that developed in water, similar to some algae we can find nowadays in the oceans. Plants and animals got adapted to the life on the ozono layer was already formed and protected them. If you look at any animal , you will realise that its body is adapted to the place it lives and the food it eats

The greenhouse effect is a natural process that keeps the Earth a temperature that is suitable for life. It is created by gases in the atmosfere that absorb heat. The problem is that the greenhouse effect is stronger. Several factors intervene in the greenhouse effect, some natural and some created or a least alugmented by human activity. The greenhouse effect is a natural process that in the last decades is getting stronger therefore becoming a global problem.

THE UNIVERSE I think that the universe is a very very big treasure for the human. The universe is one amazing thing. The universe have many treasures hidden and humans like to discover them. The universe is infinity and we can`t see the end. In the future, I think that the universe is going to desappear. The global warming, the greenhouse effect and so on .....


I`m to speak about the universe and the treasures of the universe and of space