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A Comprehensive Guide for Long Island and Metro New York Seniors, Baby Boomers and Caregivers


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50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019


The Long Island

Index of Services HOME & HOUSING

FLUSHING HOUSE 347-532-3014 • flushinghouse.com..................................... 5 MYNOTIFI 800-541-1420 • mynotifi.com/falldetection........................6 SADDLE ROCK 631-563-0174 ........................................................................7 SAFE BATH LI 631-923-6502 • safebathLI.com ..........................................8 SENIORS HELPING SENIORS 516-390-8938........................................................................9 A GENTLE TOUCH 631-647-7622 • agentletouchseniorcare.com......................9


SIGNALALERT ASSET MANAGEMENT 516-829-6444 • signalalert.com.........................................10 BRISTOL FINANCIAL SERVICES 516-349-5555 • Bristol-Financial.com..................................11


LAPROSCOPIC DOCTORS 631-228-8277 • JourneyToTheNewYou................................ 2 LONG ISLAND FAMILY AND ELDER CARE 516-826-4483 ext 2.............................................................12 MATHER HOSPITAL 631-474-4590 (PJS), 249-2347 (Melville)............................12 LONG ISLAND AUDIOLOGY 516-712-2268 • liaudiology.com.........................................12 THUNDER HEARING SERVICES 631-830-4296 • thunderaudiology.com.............................13 GERIATRIC PHYSICIAN CONSULTANTS 631-830-4296 • NadMedicalServices.com..........................14 VISION WORLD Medford 631-924-5188 • Farmingdale 516-420-9595 Greenlawn 631-261-3900....................................................14 AGEWELL NEW YORK HEALTH PLANS 718-696-0206 • agewellnewyork.com................................15 EDP DENTAL 800-929-7881 • EDPDental.com........................................15 STAIRGLIDE NEW YORK 631-647-8855 or 327-3339 • stairglideny.com......Back Cover


CATHOLIC CEMETERIES 631-249-8700 • ccbklyn.org...............................................17 ST. MICHAELS CEMETERY 718-278-3240 .....................................................................18


SUFFOLK TRANSPORTATION SERVICE 631-665-3245 x8 • suffolkbus.com.....................................19

CONTENTS Index of Services.......................................4 Local Resources.........................................5 HOME AND HOUSING How to Prevent Falls in the Home...........6 Senior Living Technology Pieces Your Parents Need for Their Home...................8 MONEY AND FINANCE When Retirement is Just Around The Corner....................................................... 4 Getting Benefits to Make Ends Meet......10 Senate Aging Committee Examines Financial Exploitation by Guardians.....11 HEALTH AND MEDICAL Does and Dont’s for the Primary Caregiver..................................................13 PREPLANNING Long Island Directory of Funeral Homes........................................16 Why a Catholic Cemetery?.....................17


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50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019

When Retirement is Just Around the Corner, 3 Steps to Help You Prepare


By Ryan Eaglin

f looking ahead to retirement makes you a little nervous, you’re not alone. Nearly half of Americans (46 percent) who haven’t reached retirement predict that they won’t be financially comfortable once they get there, according to a Gallup survey. Just what does it take to be prepared? “Many Baby Boomers measure their preparedness in terms of assets,” says Ryan Eaglin, founder and chief advisor of America’s Annuity. “They’re trying to hit a certain number or account balance. Asset accumulation is an important part of retirement planning, but it’s not the only component. There are a few other steps you need to take to make sure you enjoy a stable retirement.”

Prepare not just one, but two budgets. Most Americans don’t use a budget, even though it’s a handy tool – especially in retirement. “It helps you see where you’re spending your money, how much money you can afford to spend and what adjustment you should make,” Eaglin says. He recommends creating two budgets. One would be for your remaining years before retirement so you can look for ways to cut

spending and save more. The other would be for after you retire. “Think of ways to live while also staying within your income,” Eaglin says. Project your income. While your budget will help you understand how you are spending your money, you also need to have a good grip on what your potential retirement income will be. For most people, that’s a combination of Social Security, personal savings and possibly employer pensions. Social Security has an income estimator tool on its website, and an employer should be able to provide a pensionbenefit projection. “Your financial professional should be able to help you project how much you should be able to take from your savings each year,” Eaglin says. Once you compare your projected income to your spending budget, he says, you’ll know whether you need to save more or rethink retirement spending. Plan for long-term care. As much as people don’t want to hear this, the average 65-year-old has a 70 percent chance of needing long-term care in retirement, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “It’s possible you or your spouse may need care either in your home or in a facility,” Eaglin says. “That care can be expensive. It’s usually not covered by Medicare, and it’s covered by Medicaid only after you’ve depleted much of your assets.” 50+

50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019


Home and Housing • Home and Housing • Home and Housing

LOCAL ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE The Nassau and Suffolk County Offices for the Aging and the NYC Dept. of Aging are officially designated as Area Agencies on Aging. They are charged with developing and implementing policies and programs for Sen-

iors, 60 years and older. They serve as a funding agency for community-based programs in the areas of health, counseling, employment, legal services, home care, transportation, nutrition, etc.


Suffolk County Office for the Aging 631-853-8200 • www.suffolkcountyny.gov Riverhead County Center Office 631-852-1420 • www.suffolkcountyny.gov


Nassau County Office for the Aging 516-227-8900 • www.nassaucountyny.gov/agencies/seniors


Department of Aging Call 311 • www.nyc.gov/aging

FUEL ASSISTANCE (HEAP) HOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM HEAP provides an annual benefit to income eligible homeowners/renters to help pay fuel or utility costs. Open to persons 60+, the disabled or SSI recipients of all ages.

NASSAU 516-227-7386 SUFFOLK 631-853-8326

PRESCRIPTION DRUG ASSISTANCE EPIC (Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage) is available to NYS residents age 65+, who meet income guidelines and may save you money on your prescription needs. The program is state funded. For information call: EPIC, 1-800-332-3742.


50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019

Home and Housing • Home and Housing • Home and Housing

How to Prevent Falls in the Home By Lisa M Cini


ach year in the U.S. one in four people over 65 experiences a fall. It’s a common problem and can lead to a loss of independence, hospitalization, lack of confidence, and in some cases death. Avoiding falls in the first place is a vital aspect of living independently. Here's how to prevent accidents in the home and make living independently a positive experience. Assess Your Living Space. Take a minute to answer the following questions: Is there a phone within easy reach? Are there rugs on a polished floor surface? How easy is it

to get around your room? Is clutter posing a hazard? Get Safe Flooring. Invest in antislip tiles for bathrooms and kitchens to avoid sliding on water spillages or polished surfaces. Make sure any rugs have anti-slip fixtures underneath. Consider a contrasting color for steps and rails to make them easier to see. Since your feet spend so much time on the floor, make sure you have well-fitting shoes and slippers. Avoid flip-flops and flimsy footwear as these easily lead to trips and slips. Consider the Lighting. Lighting equipped with sensors to come on


when movement is detected are very helpful for stairs and bathrooms or any room. Amber colored night lights help you see around the home at night and should be placed in stairs and bathrooms. Install Handrails to Keep You Steady. Having a handrail in all high-risk places, such as the shower or stairs. Make the Garden Safe. Clear moss and old leaves from the paths to minimize the risk of slipping. When icy, make sure you lay some grit and have someone clear your paths. Avoid too many pots and ornaments. Install lighting so you

50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019

Home and Housing • Home and Housing • Home and Housing can see your way along paths in the dark. Remember, you can get help from others to do the heavier jobs, which lessens your risk of falling. Remove Clutter. Clear clutter from steps and floors. Don't leave things lying around on the floor where they can cause a hazard. And avoid trailing wires when using electrical items. Keep Things Within Reach. Don’t stretch or balance on step ladders to get things on high shelves or awkward places, as it leads to falls. Make sure you organize your living space so things you use frequently are within easy reach and you don't need to climb on steps. Avoid carrying too much at one time as this can set you off balance, resulting in a fall.

Do Some Posture Exercises. Join a Pilates or Yoga class or other exercise programs designed to help you avoid falling by maintaining good balance, core strength and posture techniques. Some exercises are chair-based, but most are gentle and set at a pace that the group can follow. Footwear is important in the prevention of falls. Give yourself time to adjust when moving from a sitting position. This helps avoid dizziness from changes in blood pressure. Taking these few steps to make your living space safer will help you avoid falls and stay independent. 50+ Lisa Cini ASID, IIDA, is an awardwinning, internationally-recognized designer with more than 25 years’ experience developing interiors that improve quality of life for seniors.



50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019

Home and Housing • Home and Housing • Home and Housing

Senior Living Technology Pieces Your Parents Need for Their Home By Rachel Cooper


s our aging population is growing, technology is evolving to make day-to-day life easier for seniors. Here are some innovative products that help improve their quality of life. 1. Medical alert systems. The most popular technology for seniors is a wearable call button that dispatches emergency help when needed. Before making a long-term commitment to a specific service, ask if for a free trial period. 2. Wearable health monitors. Gadgets such as smartwatches, fitness trackers and specialized sensors are available to measure heart rates, track asthma, monitor blood pressure and so much more. 3. Financial alert technology. Set up alerts to protect you from fraud, scams and identity theft. Sign up with your bank to receive automatic alerts for

withdrawals from your account. Use apps such as EverSafe to monitor financial activity. 4. Smart home technology. Smart home technology provides conveniences such as LED lighting, auto stove shut-off systems, smart thermostats, home security systems, smart outlets, smart smoke or carbon monoxide detectors and more. 5. Digital Assistants. Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home are voice-activated WiFi devices that can be helpful for living independently. 6. GrandPad This customized tablet is a technology designed specifically for seniors who have little technical expertise. No dialing or typing is required. For more information, visit the Apartment Guide Blog (www.apartmentguide.com/blog/). 50+

50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019



We Win Again!

or 2018, 50+ Lifestyles earned three awards from six of its entries in the National Association of Mature Publishers Association media awards. Some 293 entries were submitted from 45 different national publications. 50+ Lifestyles earned a second place in the Editorial/Opinion category for editor Gary Joyce’s “On Veterans’ Day;” a third place for How-To Guides for Joyce’s “Playing Your First Golf Tournament;” a third place for Special Sections and a third for Overall Design, both by Art Director Gregory Jones. Congratulations! 50+

50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019


Money & Finance • Money & Finance • Money & Finance

Getting Benefits to Make Ends Meet


ccording to the Social Security Administration, 23 percent of married couples and 43 percent of singles who get Social Security depend on it for 90 percent or more of their income. Fortunately, there are more than 2,500 federal, state and private benefit programs available to consumers. Finding the right one for you, however, can seem daunting. That’s where the “BenefitsCheckUp” tool comes in. Created by the National Council on Aging and co-sponsored by Empire BlueCross and Empire BlueCross BlueShield (Empire), it’s a comprehensive, free, online tool that connects older adults with benefit programs that can help them more easily afford health care, utilities, rent, groceries and more. It matches an individual’s unique needs to benefit programs based on factors such as location, income, assets, and marital status, and then provides a personalized list of programs for which you are eligible. BenefitsCheckUp also tells you how to apply for the programs. To find benefit programs that can help you, go to empireblue.benefits checkup.org. — NAPS 50+

50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019


Money & Finance • Money & Finance • Money & Finance

Senate Aging Committee Examines Financial Exploitation by Guardians


ases of financial exploitation against older Americans have increased in recent years. The cases have become more complex, and many of these situations are not identified until the seniors have lost their homes, their savings, and even control of their own lives. Perpetrators include friends, family, strangers, and, in many of the cases that have garnered recent attention, professionals who have been granted legal authority to control the individual’s life and finances. Recent press accounts of exploitation and financial abuse of seniors by guardians or others in positions of trust or power have

called attention to the need for continued oversight in this area. One article published by the New Yorker in late 2017 titled “How the Elderly Lose Their Rights” documented the horrific story of a couple in Nevada who allegedly lost control of their lives and assets to a private guardian. The guardian was able to obtain a court order appointing herself as the couple’s guardian without providing any advance notice to the couple or their adult daughter. The Committee heard testimony from four experts on guardianship who offered their insight on ways to improve the system. Nina Kohn, Professor and Associate Dean for Research at Syracuse University College of Law, provided

an overview of the four fundamental problems she sees with the guardianship program; Dr. Pamela Teaster, professor and Director of the Center for Gerontology at Virginia Tech, explained that efforts to improve the guardianship system have been hampered by a lack of data; David Slayton, the Executive Director of the Texas Judicial Council, highlighted the extent to which guardianships are overlooked at the state level; and Denise Flannigan, a Guardianship Unit Supervisor at Westmoreland (PA) County Area Agency on Aging, described the work her organization does to support up to 80 seniors as either power of attorney or guardian. For the latest info on this subject go to: https://bit.ly/2r4HCtj. 50+


50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019

50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019


Health & Medical • Health & Medical • Health & Medical

Dos and Don’ts for the Primary Caregiver By Reshmi Saranga, MD 1. Do plan out difficult conversations ahead of time. Loss of independence and routine can trigger emotions like anger, frustration and depression. 2. Do act and speak with compassion. Even when you have to make tough decisions, be compassionate. 3. Do offer alternatives. Come up with a ride schedule if a loved one had to stop driving. Work to find a compassionate caregiver who can help keep them healthy, happy and comfortable if in-home care is now a necessity. 4. Do give yourself a break.Caregiver burnout is very common because people devote every moment to the person in

need and forget to take care of themselves. Eat right. Exercise. Take time to relax and unwind. 5. Do encourage them delicately. Know when to give them a slight push or words of encouragement to try new things and get out of the house. At the same time, know when to keep your mouth shut. 6. Don’t get frustrated when they forget things. Many illnesses in the elderly bring about both short and long-term memory problems. Don’t get upset, angry or frustrated when they forget things. 7. Don’t skip doctor appointments. If they start to show improvement, don’t think they are cured and cancel your appoint-

ments. Elderly patients need to be monitored very closely especially if they are taking medications. 8. Don’t assume you know what symptons to look for. Consult with your medical professional. 9. Don’t assume depression in the elderly is normal. Constantly living in a depressed state is not normal regardless of age. 10. Don’t assume they are taking their medication properly. A good idea is to get a pill organizer. You may want to write out specific instructions and even watch them take their meds when you can. 50+ Reshmi Saranga MD is a psychiatrist and the founder of Saranga Comprehensive Psychiatry.


50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019

50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019



50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019

Preplanning • Preplanning • Preplanning • Preplanning

Long Island Directory of Funeral Homes The following list is provided by the Nassau-Suffolk Funeral Directors Association (NSFDA). Suffolk (631 Area Code) Goode, J.F. F H Inc 545 Albany Avenue Amityville, NY 11701 Phone: 842-6464 www.goodefuneralhome.com Powell FH Inc 67 Broadway, Amityville Phone: 691-0172 www.powellfh.com Raynor & D'Andrea Funeral Home 683 Montauk Highway, Bayport Phone: 472-0122 www.raynordandrea.com Grant Michael J. FH 571 Suffolk Avenue, Brentwood Phone: 273-4443 www.grantfh.com Wesche Funeral Home Inc 495 Main St. Center Moriche Phone: 878-0007 www.weschefh.com O.B. Davis Funeral Homes 2326 Middle Country Rd Centereach Phone: 585-8888 www.obdavis.com Commack Abbey 96 Commack Road Commack, NY 11725 Phone - 631-499-4422 www.commackabbeyinc.com D'Andrea Brothers FH 99 Oak Street, Copiague Phone: 631-691-5700 www.dandreabrosfuneral.com Grant, Michael J. FHs 3640 Route 112. Coram Phone: 696-0909 www.grantfh.com Claude R. Boyd-Caratozzolo Funeral Home 1785 Deer Park Ave., Deer Park, Phone: 667-8614 www.boyd-caratozzolofuneralhome.com

Brueggemann FH 522 Larkfield Road, E. Northport Phone: 368-1235 www.brueggemannfh.com

McManus- Lorey FH 2084 Horseblock Rd., Medford Phone: 732-1112 www.mcmanuslorey.com

Chapey, Fredrick J. 200 East Main St., East Islip Phone: 581-5600 www.chapeyfamily.com

New York Atlantic Funeral Services Corp. 2084 Horse Block Rd Medford Phone: 732-0570 www.nyatlanticfuneralservices.com

O'Shea, RJ FH 94 E Montauk Hwy.. Hampton Bays Phone: 631-728-3131 www.rjosheafuneralhome.com Connell, M. A. F H 934 New York Ave Huntington Station Phone: 427-1123 www.maconnellfuneralhome.com Overton Funeral Home 172 Main St., Islip Phone: 581-5085 www.overtonfuneralhome.com Butler-Hughes FH 69 Indian Head Rd. Kings Park Phone: 269-4555 www.butler-hughesfuneralhome.com Clayton Funeral Home Inc 25 Meadow Rd., Kngs Park Phone: 269-6421 www.claytonkingspark.com Moloney Funeral Home & Cremation Center 132 Ronkonkoma Ave. Lake Ronkonkoma Phone: 588-1515 www.moloneyfh.com O.B. Davis Funeral Home 1001 Route 25A, Miller Place 631-744-1001 www.obdavis.com Weber, Joseph A. F H 231 Hawkins Ave Lake Ronkonkoma Phone: 588-9599 www.jaweberfuneralhome.com/ Lindenhurst Funeral Home 424 So. Wellwood Ave. Lindenhurst Phone: 957-0300 www.lindenhurstfuneralhome.com

Casimir Funeral Home 1001 Route 25a, Miller Place Phone: 473-5100 www.obdavis.com Nolan Taylor Howe F H 5 Laurel Ave., Northport Phone: 754-2400 www.nolantaylorhowefh.com Robertaccio FH Inc 85 Medford Ave. Patchogue Phone: 475-7000 www.robertacciofuneralhome.com Ruland FH 500 North Ocean Avenue Patchogue, NY 11772 Phone: 475-0098 www.therulandfuneralhome.com Casimir Funeral Home 4839 Nesconset Highway Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776 Phone: 473-0360 Fax: 473-8589 www.casimirfuneralhome.com O.B. Davis Funeral Homes 4839 Nesconset Highway Port Jefferson Sta. Phone: 473-0360 www.obdavis.com Rocky Point FH 603 Rte 25A, Rocky Point Phone: 744-9000 www.rockypointfuneralhome.com

Shalom Memorial Chapels 760 Smithtown Bypass Smithtown Phone: 360-1600 www.shalommemorialchapelsinc.com De Friest-Grattan FH Main Rd., Southold Phone: 765-3850 www.defriestgrattan.com Chapey, Fredrick J & Sons FH 1225 Montauk Hwy., West Islip Phone: 661-5644 www.chapeyfamily.com Boyd-Spencer FHs 255 Higbie La., West Islip Phone: 669-8338 www.dignitymemorial.com Raynor & D' Andrea F S 245 Main St., West Sayville Phone: 589-2345 www.raynordandrea.com Nassau (516 Area Code) Cecere Family Funeral Home 2283 Grand Ave., Baldwin Phone: 223-4200 www.cecerefamilyfunerals.com Bartholomew, C.S., & Sons 302 Bedford Ave., Bellmore Phone: 785-0225 www.csbartholomewandson.com Chapey, Fredrick J & Sons 20 Hicksville Rd., Bethpage Phone: 731-5600 www.chapeyfamily.com Kearns, Leo F. Inc 445 E Meadow Ave., E Meadow Phone: 794-0500 www.leofkearns.com

Bryant FH Inc 411 Old Town Rd., Setauket Phone: 473-0082 www.bryantfh.com

Donza FH 333 Atlantic Ave. East Rockaway, Phone: 593-2521 www.donzafuneralhome.com

Shelter Island, The FH 23 West Neck Rd., Shelter Island Phone: 749-2212 www.defriestgrattan.com

Mc Court & Trudden F H 385 Main St., Farmingdale Phone: 249-1303 www.mccourtandtrudden.org

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50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019

Preplanning • Preplanning • Preplanning • Preplanning

Why a Catholic Cemetery?


ur Catholic faith teaches us that our bodies are a sacred part of God’s creation, and therefore the human body is worthy of great reverence. The Church has always taught that the living human body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. In keeping with this belief, the Church has directed that sacred and blessed places be provided for the burial of the faithful departed, including the cremated body. Our choice of a final resting place should reflect our life and devotions, our journey toward eternal salvation. The statuary, shrines and symbolism throughout our beautiful grounds serve as constant reminders of the sacredness of this holy place, providing faith, hope and comfort. The preference of the Church is that every Catholic be buried in a Catholic Cemetery characterized by these evident signs of faith. A Catholic Cemetery reflects the doctrine and liturgy of the Church and is forever a consolation to the bereaved and an inspiration to the living. 50+

Our Cemeteries Have Been Serving & Providing Care and Compassion To The Catholic Community For Generations.

50+ RG 12-18


50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide - Winter, 2019

Preplanning • Preplanning • Preplanning • Preplanning White, Arthur F. F H 315 Conklin St., Farmingdale Phone: 249-0336 www.arthurfwhite.com

Wagner, Vernon C. F H 125 Old Country Rd., Hicksville Phone: 935-7100

Hungerford & Clark Inc 110 Pine St., Freeport Phone: 379-3119 www.hungerfordandclark.com

Dalton, Thomas F. F H 2786 Hempstead Tpk., Levittown Phone: 796-0400 www.daltonfuneralhomes.com

Fairchild Sons FH Inc 1201 Franklin Ave., Garden City, Phone: 746-0585 www.fairchildfuneral.com

Flinch & Bruns FH Inc 34 Hempstead Ave., Lynbrook Phone: 599-3600 www.flinchandbruns.com

Park Funeral Chapels 2175 Jericho Tpk. Garden City Park Phone: 516-747-4300 www.parkfuneralchapels.com

Perry FH Inc 118 Union Ave., Lynbrook Phone: 593-1111 www.perryfh.com

Hempstead FH 89 Peninsula Blvd., Hempstead Phone: 516-481-7460 www.hempsteadfuneralhome.com

**Taglia, Lysak & Co. (Service to the Trade Only) 118 Union Ave., Lynbrook Phone: 599-0041 www.taglialysak.com

Meserole Five Towns FH 143 Lord Ave., Inwood Phone: 516-239-1398 www.meserolefivetownsfh.com

James Funeral Home 540 Broadway, Massapequa Phone: 541-4000 www.jamesfuneralhome.com

Massapequa FH, No. Chapel 1050 Park Blvd., Massapequa Park Phone: 798-2500 www.massapequafuneralhome.com Massapequa FH, So. Chapel 4980 Merrick Rd. Massapequa Park Phone: 798-8200 www.massapequafuneralhome.com Walker, N. F. Inc 2039 Merrick Ave., Merrick Phone: 378-0303 www.nfwalkerfh.com Cassidy Funeral Home Inc 156 Willis Ave., Mineola Phone: 746-6222 www.cassidyfh.com R. Stutzmann & Sons, Inc. 2000 Hillside Ave., New Hyde Park Phone: 352-3434 www.rstutzmannandson.com

Towers FH Inc Long Beach Rd., Oceanside Phone: 766-0425 www.towersfuneralhomeny.com Oyster Bay FH 261 South St., Oyster Bay Phone: 922-7442 www.oysterbayfuneralhome.com Schmitt, Charles G. F H 3863 Merrick Rd., Seaford Phone: 785-3380 www.schmittfuneralhome.com Hartnett FH Inc 561 Jerusalem Ave., Uniondale Phone: 483-9288 www.hartnettfuneralhome.com Lieber, Edward F. F H 266 No. Central Ave. Valley Stream Phone: 825-2900 www.lieberfuneralhomes.com Barnes- Sorrentino FH 539 Hempstead Ave. West Hempstead www.barnes-sorrentinofh.com


STAIRS? • Straight, Curved, Narrow Staircases • Fold Up Against Wall • Factory Direct Pricing • Installed within 48 Hours • New, Reconditioned and Rentals

Straight Unit NEW and INSTALLED




410 Sunrise Highway, West Babylon, NY 11704

631-647-8855 • 631-327-3339 • www.StairGlideNY.com

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50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide Winter 2019  

A Comprehensive Guide for Long, Island and Metro New York Seniors, Baby Boomers and Caregivers.

50+ Lifestyles Resource Guide Winter 2019  

A Comprehensive Guide for Long, Island and Metro New York Seniors, Baby Boomers and Caregivers.


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