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g as my y dad wanted I was lucky. I grew up traveling my brother and me to see 48 of the 50 states and their capitals by the time we graduated from high school. Dad turned it into a learning experience for us. Today, I still learn when I travel. It doesn’t matter if it’s close to home or a trip to Europe. With that learning, I’ve gathered tips and advice from all over as I continue to travel.





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egardless of your age, traveling is an amazing experience. Discovering new places, revisiting favorite spots, seeing friends and family, or just hanging out on a terrace in some wonderful part of the world…traveling can be exciting and fun.

In this issue I address one item that’s helpful to know about if you plan on traveling to Europe. For upcoming issues, I’ll offer some travel tips and advice that could come in handy, save you some money, or make your trip a little more fun. Stay tuned.



Happy traveling…wherever you go.

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Wendy VanHatten, Editor

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Prime Time Living Aug/Sep 2014  

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