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Vacaville Unified School District Our schools are certainly one of the most important assets in our community and should be a top priority, As a longtime resident of Vacaville and the former mayor of this great town, I want to write to share with you the many benefits of having quality schools and the importance of voting YES on Measure “A”, the local school improvement measure on the upcoming November 4th ballot. Quality schools make a huge difference, They help students by preparing them for the workforce, higher education, or simply the next grade, They are an economic benefit in attracting businesses to the local area and adding the jobs that come with the businesses, High quality schools are also known to contribute to higher property values and schools create greater

neighborhood safety by keeping children engaged in academic and extracurricular activities and “off the streets”.

Measure “A” is needed to improve the quality of education provided to local children, which will improve the quality of our community, While teachers and staff do a great job educating our students, many classrooms and buildings in the Vacaville Unified School District are old, outdated, or inadequate to provide students with the school facilities they need to succeed. A primary goal of Measure “A” is to provide equity among all neighborhood schools, Each school needs safe, up-todate classrooms and labs, so every student has similar facilities and educational opportunities. Despite our schools being well maintained over the years, with some significant classroom improvements and modernization projects over the last decade, our work is not done. If approved by voters, Measure A will make a number of improvements to Vacaville schools, The District has major infrastructure needs at many of the older school sites including the need to repair and replace leaky roofs, renovate deteriorating plumbing and inadequate electrical systems, and make health, safety and security improvements, In addition, we need to construct new classrooms and labs to replace outdated and broken down portable classrooms throughout the District, To provide equity, we must also improve student 33

access to computers and modern technology for each and every student as well as improve P.E. fields and facilities that are also used by the community for after school programs and sports, Measure “A”

will address all these needs by providing $194 million in funding to pay for these improvements. Measure “A” makes financial sense, By law, spending must be reviewed and annually audited by an independent citizens' oversight committee, All funds must be spent locally and cannot be taken by the State, which will be an economic shot in the arm with all the local jobs that will be created by Measure “A”, Finally, funds are required to be spent only on schools, not for administrator or teacher salaries. In short, Measure “A” renovates old and inadequate classrooms, improves the education of local children, and maintains the quality of our community, That's something we can all support. Please join me and VOTE YES ON MEASURE A. Len Augustine, Longtime resident of Vacaville, retired U.S. Air Force colonel, and Former Mayor.

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