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winemakers apparently revel in the confusion by offering Shiraz wines.

$150 per day

Then there is Petite Sirah, which is definitely not Syrah. It’s not a small Syrah grape nor is it the formal, longer name for Syrah. As a matter of fact, it may not be a grape at all. Petite Sirah is a California wine that began to gain popularity in the late 19th century. With the development of genetic testing in the 1990s, scientists have been able to determine that three different things have been called Petite Sirah; a “field blend” of intermixed Syrah, Barbera, Zinfandel, and other grapes; an ancient Rhone grape known as Peloursin; a hybrid of Peloursin and Syrah known as Durif.

verb (to relieve temporarily; to give an interval of relief from)

 A breather from caregiving for yourself is well-deserved.

 It can also be a wonderful unexpected discovery for Mom or Dad about the benefits of an Assisted Living.

Since Petite Sirah comes from unknown and various origins, it’s hard to provide a general description of the wine. In my experience, some of the better Petite Sirahs are very dark and thickly textured. They tend to have ample tannins to provide structure and be especially heavy in dark fruit flavors like plum and blackberry.

Starting at $150/day, Paramount House Senior

There is a winery near Winters that makes a very tasty Petite Sirah that is quite faithful to the unclear history of the wine; it has Peloursin, Durif, Syrah, and Zinfandel grapevines all mixed up in the same field. It seems to me to be a novel effort akin to making a purebred mutt. But, as many of us know, mutts can be most interesting and fun dogs, not to mention loyal ones. And, despite the fact that genetic scientists may have caused us to wonder what exactly we are loyally drinking, we can still enjoy our interesting and fun Petite Sirah.

Living will provide a temporary retreat stay for seniors who need extra assistance after hospitalization. Respite Stays are also perfect when family members are away on vacation, business trips or require a brief time away from caring for the senior in your life.

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* Based on 30 day maximum stay. Current Physician Report No. 602 require prior to stay. Offer limited & subject to change without notice. Please Call Community Marketing Director for more details.

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