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Calmness of Wisdom

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Don't Let Go: Suicide Prevention & The Elderly


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By Terry Minion

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5 Reasons to Take Your Hearing Health Seriously in 2016

By Cynthia Peffers, ACA, BC-HIS


Don't Let Go: Suicide Prevention & The Elderly

By Patrick Arbore, Ed.D.

Regular Exercise & Fitness

By Robin Moler

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Mortgage Matters

By Gregory Ritchie

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Planning Your Winter Getaway

By Travel and Escapes

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Caring Voices on Capitol Hill Calling for Change

By Craig Dresang, CEO, Yolo Hospice

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Love the Wine You're With... Materra | Cunat Family Vineyards

By Wendy VanHatten

Brazleton Ranch, Vacaville

By Wendy VanHatten


Certified Farmers Markets


Napa/Solano Edition


Words from Wendy When reading the complete, long title of our magazine…Inspired Living in Your Prime; BOOM Magazine…so many things come to mind which inspire me. It’s especially true in this issue. When I read Terry’s Column about calmness, especially in our crazy, fast-paced world, it spoke to me about reflecting on life as it moves past us with the speed of light. Talk about inspired… For me and many of us, inspired living comes with a great glass of wine. Check out Love the Wine You’re With as we explore another of Napa Valley’s great wineries. It’s a tough job researching wineries and discovering what sets one apart from the next one down the road! We try to find ones which offer something special or different. Mattera | Cunat Family Vineyards offers great wines, amazing hospitality, and a delightful experience. If you aren’t familiar with them, read the article and then schedule a tour and tasting. While I’m having that great glass of wine, cooking also inspires me. This month, our recipe for Pappardelle al Cinghiale is one I’m definitely

trying. Maybe I’ll head to Chianti Osteria in Suisun to try it first. Chef Salvio does an amazing job with all of his dishes. I can’t wait to go back. See for yourself. It’s located at 314 Spring Street in Suisun. Speaking of cooking, I love going to Brazelton Ranch to pick up apricots, peaches, and other fruit. Right now, the peaches are fantastic. Check them out at 3628 Gates Canyon Road in Vacaville or on their Facebook page, Brazelton Ranch. Perhaps travel gets you inspired. If so, it’s not too early to starting thinking about that winter getaway. Travels and Escapes offers some hints, tips, and ideas. I mean, who doesn’t want to get away for a weekend or even longer? What inspires you? Let us know… we’d love to hear from you.

Wendy VanHatten, Editor

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Napa/Solano Edition


calmness By Terry Minion

❝Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.❞ —James Allen


t was common in so many different parts of my life to want to be somewhere else. When I was a young boy, I wanted to be a teenager, and then while a teenager, I wanted to be an adult. I think that in much of my life I was not present where I was, but wishing it were different, better, improved, free. I thought from my current late sixties point of view, “why would anyone be okay with being old?” Or, rather, “why would anyone choose to be older when they could be younger?” The answer for me is that it is cool to be older.

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What has gone before seems like stepping stones to where I find myself now, and I like where I am right now. I’m not eager to get older, but not the least bit intimidated by it either. I’m not fantasizing being younger, because I’m perfectly satisfied where I am now.

it is more of an accumulation of wisdom that causes us to think differently, and perhaps more fairly.

There is something special about right now in the age I am in, and it is reflected in the quote that began this piece. Here’s the whole quote from James Allen: “Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. It is the result of long and patient effort in self-control. presence is an Yolo Its County’s Yoloindication County’s of ripened experience, and of a more than ordinary knowledge of the laws and operations of thought.”

James Allen clarifies what I’m saying in this: “A man only begins to be a man when he ceases to whine and revile, and commences to search for the hidden justice which regulates his life. And as he adapts his mind to that regulating factor, he ceases to accuse others as the cause of his condition, and builds himself up in strong and noble thoughts; ceases to kick against circumstances, but begins to use them as aids to his more rapid progress, and as a means of discovering the hidden powers and possibilities within himself.”

The phrase ‘self-control’ in that last quote is, to County’s Solano County’s me, not theSolano kind of self-control where we deny ourselves something in order to change, but

He claims that, “Self-control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power.” I love how that all comes together

Solano County’s

Solano County’s

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Napa/Solano Edition

YOU with ‘calmness is power.’ It is our accumulated wisdom that creates this calmness.

quality. This is what I love about being older. I love that I can see more clearly now.

Of course, some may rather grow in their accumulated prejudice, but I think that moving toward the upper ages allows most of us to see how blessed our lives have been including all of the things we used to struggle with. Now we can see how that struggle was self-inflicted and temporary pain, and that these instances were also stepping stones to an improved position. There are so many ways and paths to the same end result.

Wayne Dyer’s last book, which I loved, especially on audio with him reading it, is titled, I Can See Clearly Now. What a perfect ending to a long and full life of bumps, trauma, joy, growth, and all accumulating to one massive amount of sharable wisdom. What a blessing for me to have had the joy of knowing some of his accumulated wisdom, while building on my own. All of those I have seen, read, met, had deep and shallow relationships with have all contributed. I relax luxuriously in my calmness of spirit and my accumulated age.

As I age and make use of that golden ticket called reflection, I can see how everything worked out, often in spite of my efforts to thwart it. And, in the process of each, I accumulated bits of wisdom, now accumulated to a substantial and delightful amount, both in quantity and

Terry Minion is an owner/manager of, a website, online marketing company based in Fairfield CA. He also writes the CTS Daily Inspirations at

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reasons to Take your

hearing health

Seriously in 2016

When is hearing loss not just about hearing? Although it sounds like the beginning of a riddle, the truth is hearing loss affects you in many ways beyond just having to turn up the volume on the TV or asking someone to repeat something they just said. Hearing loss is connected to your overall health and wellbeing in ways you might not realize. 

Presented by Cynthia Peffers, ACA, BC-HIS

Having your hearing checked may help you avoid other health risks!

Hearing loss is a hidden disability; while not obvious to the outside observer, it often manifests itself in myriad psychological, emotional, and physical health problems. And since hearing loss is usually gradual and progressive, worsening over time, it tends to be minimized or ignored by those who have it. Unfortunately, the average time that elapses prior to seeking treatment is seven to ten years. boom 10

These top five health risks associated with hearing loss are important reasons to take your hearing health seriously in 2016:


Mental health

To begin with, many individuals with untreated hearing loss experience feelings of embarrassment and frustration. A person who can’t hear well might stop going to parties, socializing with friends or participating in hobbies or activities that they used to enjoy. That social isolation can then lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. But loneliness and depression aren’t the only psychological or emotional issues to result from hearing loss. Irritability and anger are common, resulting from the inability to hear what others are saying. Fatigue is common as well; it can be exhausting trying to keep up with conversation if you can’t hear a good portion of what is being said. The bottom line is the numerous emotional and psychological issues associated with untreated hearing loss can lead to compromised emotional health. But it doesn’t stop there; poor emotional health resulting from untreated hearing loss can lead to stress, which can then lead

to a decline in physical health.


Heart conditions

The vestibular system and the cardiovascular system are inexorably linked. As such, hearing loss has been linked to an increased risk of conditions such as heart disease. According to Charles E. Bishop, AuD, an assistant professor in the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s Department of Otolaryngology and Communicative Sciences, the ear is actually a window to the heart. A healthy cardiovascular system means that there is adequate blood flow to the blood vessels of the inner ears; conversely, a poorly functioning cardiovascular system reduces blood flow to the inner ear, causing trauma to the blood vessels and leading to hearing loss. “Hearing health should not be assessed in a vacuum,” says Bishop. “There is simply too much evidence that hearing loss is related to cardiovascular disease and other health conditions. It’s time we maximized the information we have in order to benefit the individual’s overall well being.” So, experts such as Bishop have established that cardiovascular issues 11

can lead to hearing loss, can hearing loss lead to cardiovascular issues? Well, indirectly, the answer is yes. Indisputably, hearing loss causes stress. Stress leads to a process in the body known as vasoconstriction, or reduced blood flow and oxygen to vital organs including the heart. In addition, stress increases heart rate, damages blood vessels and raises blood pressure, all of which increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Cognitive decline

A recent study out of the University of Colorado looked at the link between hearing loss and cognitive decline, specifically dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers found in individuals with hearing loss, the brain’s ability to process sound is significantly compromised. That decline in ability to process sound then results in a reduced ability to understand speech. Even with mild hearing loss, the hearing areas of the brain atrophy, or become weaker. What happens next is the stronger areas of the brain, already necessary for higher level thinking, step in to compensate for the weaker areas. When these stronger areas of the brain are otherwise occupied, they are unavailable to do their Napa/Solano Edition

HEALTH primary job. Hearing loss must be taken seriously, especially when it comes to dementia, because the brain begins to re-organize itself from the earliest stages of hearing loss. Knowing this, the solution could be as simple as early hearing loss screening programs for adults. Getting ahead of the decline through early intervention with hearing aids could prevent long term cognitive issues down the road.


Personal safety

It is difficult enough to hear approaching cars, the beeps of a truck in reverse or the shouts of pedestrians and cyclists among the sounds of urban life. Add in hearing loss and you are engaging in risk every time you leave the house. It is vital to be able to hear what is going on around you when you are on the streets, whether as a driver, cyclist or pedestrian. Diminished hearing loss causes danger not only for you, but for those around you. And what about in the home? Imagine the danger involved in being unable to hear the smoke alarm, or even a weather alert from the television telling you to take shelter. Unfortunately the

high pitch of many alerting sounds makes them inaudible to those with hearing loss. In addition, someone with untreated hearing loss might inadvertently compromise the safety of someone else if they are unable to hear a cry for help.


Maintaining balance

Falls are the leading cause of death among the elderly, especially for those over the age of 65. Now, a recent study out of Johns Hopkins has determined that that even a mild hearing loss triples the risk of an accidental fall among the elderly. Although experts differ on the exact link between an increased risk of falls among those with hearing loss, one aspect is not debatable: that the hearing system is necessary to deliver the cues needed to walk safely. Whether falls result from too much brain capacity being used for hearing, leaving not enough energy left over for balance and walking safely, or whether hearing loss and  a compromised vestibular system interferes with spatial awareness, the result is the same: a potentially dangerous fall.

boom 12

Take action now! So why wait 7 to 10 years? Make 2016 the year to take care of your hearing and your health. Schedule an appointment today for a hearing evaluation at no charge. Simply call our office at 707-999-2877 and mention this article for a Free hearing test.

Your body, and your mind, will thank you for it.

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Napa/Solano Edition


Mortgage Matters By Gregory Ritchie


he question on many people’s minds during an election cycle besides which presidential candidate is going to take the reins of our great nation is how will mortgage rates be affected during a presidential election year. Many people are unsure if they should refinance or buy a home during an election year or wait until the dust has settled. But what history has shown over the last four decades, is that rates do not change much during this time, and although this year may have some bumpy campaigning, historically rates have shown that they will not be as bumpy.

So what has history shown us will happen with mortgage rates? • 2012 – November 6, 2012 (Barack Obama) 3.40%---down to 3.38%) • 2008 – November 4, 2008 (Barack Obama) 6.09% – down to 5.29% • 2004 – November 2, 2004 (George W. Bush) 5.73% – up to 5.75% • 2000 – November 7, 2000 (George W. Bush) 7.75% – down to 7.38% • 1996 – November 5, 1996 (Clinton) 7.62% – down to 7.60% • 1992 – November 3, 1992 (Clinton) 8.31% – down to 8.21% • 1988 – November 8, 1988 (George H.W. Bush) 10.27% – up to 10.61% • 1984 – November 6, 1984 (Reagan) 13.64% – down to 13.18% • 1980 – November 4, 1980 (Reagan) 14.21% – up to 14.79% • 1976 – November 2, 1976 (Carter) 8.81% – down to 8.79% • 1972 – November 7, 1972 (Nixon) 7.43% – up to 7.44%

boom 14

Although it is difficult to predict if mortgage rates will go up or down, history has shown that an election cycle bears little influence on rates.

dropped even lower, and hit all time lows in July, despite earlier predictions that the Federal Reserve would raise rates. This presidential election will surely bring a showdown among the republican and democrat nominees, but don’t let that impact your decision on whether to refinance or buy a home. Although there is much uncertainty in our economy at this time, it is still a great time for people to think about refinancing or buying a home. Gregory Ritchie, Broker/Owner Citizens Financial 406 Main St. Suite E Vacaville, CA 95688 Office: 707-800-6047 • Direct: 310-405-4744

So what does influence rates? There are many factors that influence rates, such as the domestic financial market and the overall health of the global economy. For example, after the Brexit vote, mortgage rates


Napa/Solano Edition


Don’t Let Go:

Suicide Prevention and the Elderly By Patrick Arbore, Ed.D., Founder & Director, Center for Elderly Suicide Prevention & Grief Related Services, Institute on Aging, San Francisco, CA

24-Hour Friendship Line – 800.971.0016


the total number of deaths by suicide in 2014 (42,773), almost 18% or 7,693 people were 65 years of age and older. When I ask people in the community, which population of people have the highest rates of suicide, the answer is always the same: Young people. (In 2014, the rate of suicide for people <25 was 11,6 per 100,000 population). While young people’s deaths by suicide are tragic, older people have higher rates of suicide. Does this surprise you? The ratio of suicide attempts to completed acts of suicide for young people, for example, are 100-200 attempts for one completed death boom 16

by suicide. For older people, however, the ratio of suicide attempts to completed deaths by suicide is 4:1. What this means is that older people are less ambivalent about their decision to die by suicide. Would older people’s ambivalence towards death by suicide change if they had someone to talk with who would listen compassionately? If an older adult who was thinking about suicide could connect with someone who cared, would this make a difference? I believe it could. That’s why the Friendship Line was created in 1973. Through the Friendship Line older people who may be feeling lonely, depressed, isolated, alone, bereaved, sad, and/or suicidal can connect with a trained volunteer or staff member who truly wants to hear your story.

I had the good fortune to be part of a small number of people who created the Friendship Line. Because of my interest in the field of aging, I was aware that older people were more likely to respond to an invitation to have a conversation about a difficult topic than they would to a confrontation. The difference between “Hello, Suicide Prevention” and “Hello, Friendship Line, may I help you?” is vast. When we responded to a call with the latter response, the older caller began to speak and share their story. In 1973, if we had 50 contacts with older adults, we thought we were doing a good job with our outreach. In June 2016, we had approximately 8,000 contacts with older adults and younger disabled individuals. I knew we were on to a better way in which to connect with older people.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness Community Walk held at the Suisun Waterfront October 15, 2016 Register at: Why We Walk The core of the Out of the Darkness Walks, the Community Walks created a movement. Held in hundreds of cities across the country, they give people the courage to open up about their own struggle or loss, and the platform to change our culture’s approach to mental health. The Out of the Darkness Walks are proof that when people work together they can make big changes in the world. They are AFSP’s largest fundraiser – they produce millions for suicide prevention programs, unite those who have been affected by suicide, and create communities that are smart about mental health.


Go to: Help Spread the Word: Share Your Walk Scroll down and click on

Calls to the Friendship Line originate from people who live in the 58 counties in California, including Solano County, as well as throughout the United States. In addition to receiving incoming calls from older adults, younger disabled adults, family and professional caregivers, we make emotional outreach


Napa/Solano Edition

calls to older people who may need additional support. If you are living alone or know someone who is isolated, please call 415.750.411 and make a referral. No one in

Through the Friendship Line older people who may be feeling lonely, depressed, isolated, alone, bereaved, sad, and/or suicidal can connect with a trained volunteer or staff member who truly wants to hear your story.

this day and age should be slipping into isolation. We care and are willing to reach out to you and offer emotional support.

and ashamed. My adult son and I got into an argument. It was bad. He said hurtful things; I did too. I don’t know what to do. Can you help me?”

As an accredited crisis intervention service, we are unique in that we are both a hotline and a warm-line. What this means is that you don’t have to be in a suicidal crisis to contact us. For example, a sixty-two year-old man called recently. He had never before used the Friendship Line. After a few minutes of hesitation, he said “Can I tell you that I feel really alone? I just don’t want to call anyone I know. I feel embarrassed

Yes. We did help him by actively listening as he shared his story with us. This story and thousands of others that we have heard over the 43 years that Friendship Line has been in operation matters to us. Our stories reveal something about us, our lives, our concerns. We at the Friendship Line care. Don’t let go. There is always hope. If you need someone with whom to speak, don’t hesitate to call 800.971.0016. You matter!

More joy per square foot.


Age of You

Whatever retirement means to you, embrace it with even greater pleasure. Our Northern California community pairs secure living with gracious, modern comfort. It’s time to enjoy life with the worry-free ease you worked a lifetime for.

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5/10/16 2:53 PM

Sundowning and Sleep Problems It’s 5 p.m. and your loved one regularly becomes more confused and agitated. Or it’s 3 a.m., and your family member wants to go to work. What’s a caregiver to do? Join us for a FREE class by Heather Gray, M.A., Family Support Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association. Heather will discuss common causes for sundowning and sleep disturbances and offer practical tips for reducing and coping with these issues.

Date: Thursday, August 18, 2016 Time: 1 - 2:30 pm Location: Fairfield Senior Center 1200 Civic Center Drive Fairfield, CA


Napa/Solano Edition


Caring Voices on Capitol Hill Calling for Change By Craig Dresang, CEO, Yolo Hospice


espite the quarrelsome and divided nature of this year’s presidential election, it’s good to know that some lawmakers, on both sides of the aisle, are working together on key issues that will eventually impact people living with a life-limiting illness. Many of the policy changes being discussed at the national level could potentially mean significant and positive reforms for nonprofit hospice and palliative care programs. These changes would lead to greater accountability for healthcare providers and higher levels of care for all Americans.

Members of NPHI at the United States Capitol; Leah Morris of Yolo Hospice far right

boom 20

Through the National Partnership for Hospice Innovation (NPHI), Yolo Hospice was fortunate enough to meet with a few of these lawmakers and demonstrate its commitment to taking on an active role as guardians of the public interest in endof-life care. The organization, which one member of NPHI described as “small but mighty,” participated in a recent Senate Briefing on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. The event, titled “30+ years of person-centered care: Innovations in hospice and the future” was co-sponsored by Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

and Johnny Isakson (R-GA). At this important spring briefing, Senator Whitehouse introduced NPHI, whose mission is to influence the future of hospice and advanced illness care through innovation and collaboration, as “The best in class of the industry.” He went on to say, “The National Partnership for Hospice Innovation is really important. It’s essential to expand access to hospice. If you’re plotting to take over the world, please consider me an ally in your plot.” The senator also reacted to recent articles in the Wall Street Journal, the Pittsburgh PostGazette, and the New York Times that have highlighted the misuse of hospice, largely among for-profit hospice companies. Senator Isakson then shared a personal and moving story about his mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, and the burden it placed on the family. He also explained how an uncoordinated system of care created even greater stress for his mother’s caregivers. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) chimed into the discussion and talked about the need for a “hospicelite” program for people who are still in the curative phase of treatment. Together, members of NPHI from across the country stated their case before lawmakers

Members of NPHI in Washington DC, with Representative Phil Roe, MD, R-Tn (center by flag); Leah Morris, far left.

explaining why the group is a critical voice in shaping the future of care for people with a life-limiting illness. Leah Morris, a Yolo Hospice nurse practitioner said, “We all wanted to show our enthusiasm for being a problem-solving organization that can work with lawmakers in helpful and collaborative ways. The issues we are facing are not unique to northern California. These are national challenges.” The NPHI membership is a nationwide collaborative of notfor-profit, community integrated hospice and palliative care providers. Each member plays a unique role as a crucial safety net for the sickest, most vulnerable patients in the communities they serve. Last year, the collection of programs across 21 states served more than 140,000 patients and families in both urban and rural areas. The group also provided nearly $32 million in charity care and unfunded programs, and garnered one million hours of volunteer support from 20,000 volunteers. The motivation for the recent briefing stems from 2014, when the United States Senate Committee on Finance took its first step in an important initiative to improve care for the millions of Americans managing chronic illness. They held a hearing called “Chronic Illness: Addressing Patients’ Unmet Needs.” Senators heard compelling testimony from individuals battling multiple chronic medical conditions. They also heard from health plans, employers, and providers about the challenges they face in trying to offer higher quality care at lower cost. 21

Napa/Solano Edition

Last year, that same committee held a second hearing entitled, â&#x20AC;&#x153;A Pathway to Improving Care for Medicare Patients with Chronic Conditions.â&#x20AC;? Senators heard testimony from experts at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (Med PAC). The hearing gave members an opportunity to examine how the coordination of chronic care programs are working, the challenges that remain, and possible solutions to improve health outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries. At that meeting, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) announced the formation of a bipartisan Senate Finance Committee Chronic Care Working Group, cochaired by Senators Johnny Isakson and Mark Warner. Last May, the working group issued a letter formally inviting all interested stakeholders to submit their ideas, based on real-world experience and data-driven evidence, on ways to improve outcomes for vulnerable Medicare

beneficiaries living with multiple chronic health conditions. The request for input generated 530 stakeholder recommendations including several from NPHI. Some of that input focuses on ways that CMS and Congress could work together to advance best practices and set standards for excellence nationwide. We are grateful to the handful of lawmakers who are committed to working with NPHI on these critical issues. In the meantime, Yolo Hospice will continue to play a role with NPHI in shaping care for our communities and giving voice to, and creating, our own future. Yolo Hospice is one of just three programs in California that is a member of NPHI. For more information visit their website at






Our focus is on You!



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ervices Collabria Care Chronic Condition Services Alzheimer’s Services P alliative Serv

Living Well Parkinson’s

nd-of-Life Care Family Consultations Collabria Day Program Mind Boosters Collabri

opice Caregiver Programs Community Education Programs Bereavement Services Com


alliative Care Program Partners in Palliative Care Collabria Care Chronic Condition

ervices Alzheimer’s Services P alliative Services End-of-Life Care Family Consultations

ollabria Day Program Mind Boosters Collabria Hospice Caregiver Programs Commu

PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS FOR THOSE WITH PARKINSON’S DISEASE, THEIR Services CARETAKERS, FAMILIES, FRIENDS ation Programs Bereavement Palliative Care Program AND Partners in Palliative Car

TOPICS ollabria Care Chronic Condition Services Alzheimer’s Services P alliative Services September 12:

Methods to reduce common movement disorders

nd-of-Life Care Family19: Consultations Collabria September Techniques to help youDay stayProgram positive Mind Boosters Collabri September 26: Identifying and relieving sleep disturbances

ospice Caregiver Programs Commnity Education Programs Bereavement Services Progr October 3: Addressing nutritional concerns

artners in Palliative Care10: Collabria Care Condition Services Aheimer’s Service October Optimizing yourChronic brain health

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ervices Palliative Care Program Partners in Palliative Care Collabria Day Program Fam

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provides community-based care for those facing transitions of aging, Alzheimer’s and other serious illness, or the end of life. FIND A FULL LIST OF COMMUNITY SERVICES AND EVENTS AT: 707-258-9080

23 Your Home Nursing Services This series is made possible by

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Planning Your Winter Getaway By Travels and Escapes


ummer is in full swing. The pool is refreshing. Why would I want to think about winter? Good question. However, it you’d really like to get away for a winter vacation, now is the best time to start thinking about it. Why? Here are a few things to think about…even while you’re sipping your favorite beverage by the pool.

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TRAVEL Start checking airfare. Yes, now is a good time to put in some alerts on different sites. Recently, I posted on my blog, www.travelsandescapesblog. com, a good rule of thumb for knowing whether an airfare is a good deal or not. Use this simple formula. For domestic flights take the number of round trip air miles times 3.2 cents and add $230 (RT miles x .032 + 230). For International take the miles times 8 cents and add $200 (RT miles x .08 + 200). It really does help to know if that email you just received is a good deal or not.

Also, start checking where you want to stay. Is it an all-inclusive, a vacation rental, hotel, or resort? Are you flexible or do you need a specific time and location? Look at Internet specials. Many places start advertising deals in the summer for their fall and winter stays. Sometimes you can get lucky and find deals at the last minute as resorts like to have all their facilities booked, but don’t count on that.

So, when should you book those fares. I’ve found that international airfare starts rising about 90 days out. Bottom line…check early and often, especially if you have specific dates you want or need to travel. Domestic fares are supposedly at their best 54 days out, unless you find a fantastic fare.

If you’re traveling internationally, be sure to check your passport. Make sure it doesn’t expire in the next six months. If it’s close to expiring, apply for a renewal immediately. Right now the passport offices tell me there could be a three month wait. It will be December in four months!

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Providing Quality Chiropractic & Acupuncture Treatment with Supportive Therapies to include Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage and Physiotherapy for:

Do you have a house sitter or pet sitter? If so, check their availability. You wouldn’t want to find out at the last minute they are already booked somewhere else.

Headaches • Neck Pain • Whiplash Soft Tissue Injuries Arm & Leg Pain (Including Numbness & Tingling) Upper & Lower Back Pain Muscle Spasms • Sciatica

Do your plans include a special type of getaway where you need a guide? If you’re thinking of diving in the Caribbean, exploring Antarctica, checking out all the Christmas markets in Germany, or hiking in the Andes…regardless of the time of year, you’ll need some type of guide. Start looking now at who offers what packages and what appeals to you and your budget.

Wellness Care for Optimum Health & Performance Acupuncture

First Visit $30

If you’re planning weekend getaways instead of a longer stay, start looking at where you want to go and what’s going on that weekend. Maybe there are festivals, wine harvest events, concerts, sporting events, or performances which would be fun to attend. Accommodations might already be booking or booked. Check the calendar for events in the area where you want to go.

Includes consultation, examination and treatment. With this ad. No expiration.


First Visit $20 Includes consultation, examination, treatment and Xrays (if necessary). With this ad. No expiration. If you have worker’s comp, personal injury or group insurance, your insurance will be billed.

Regardless of when or where you are thinking of going…a little advance planning now will help you have a wonderful time on your winter getaway. Let me know where you went…

In Pain? Call Now! We Are Here to Help!


2801 Waterman Blvd., Suite 260 • Fairfield Most insurances accepted • Special payment plans available


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Love the Wine You’re With… By Wendy VanHatten

Materra | Cunat Family Vineyards


tepping out into the warm sunshine, and walking toward the entrance to Materra | Cunat, I was greeted by a smiling, welcoming lady carrying a glass of perfectly chilled sauvignon blanc wine. The lady was Neena, daughter of the owner who oversees the daily operations as well as their public relations. The wine was for me. What a way to start a tour and tasting. And…they greet everyone this way. Schedule your appointment and you, too, will be greeted with a delightful glass of their sauvignon blanc wine. It gets better. Want to take a tour and taste their wines? Allow about 45 minutes for a full production tour of the facility, which includes their history and offers a chance to see their operation up close. If you’re lucky, the assistant winemaker might be on hand

as you walk among giant stainless steel tanks or admire a room full of barrels. Ahh…the wonderful smell. Remember your glass of sauvignon blanc? Bring the glass with you as you will taste different wines as you walk. Once the tour is complete, you have the opportunity to taste more of their wines, sitting outside admiring the views of the Vaca Mountains or the perfectly straight rows of vines. This is the perfect ending to your tour. Perhaps you don’t have time for a tour. That’s okay. They offer tastings as well. This is a family operation, with family members involved in all aspects of the business, from planting to blending to deciding on the labels. When you’re involved in a business like this, it helps if you like the business. It’s apparent they do. The attention to detail throughout is evident. I mean, if your restrooms look like these, you know someone was paying attention to every detail…even the heated seats. You just have to try them for yourself. What did I come away with after my tour and tasting?

boom 28

Several things. The wines were all fantastic and well made. That first taste of the crisp sauvignon blanc was refreshing. But it didn’t immediately disappear, as its pleasing fruity taste lingered for a little while. The chardonnay reminded me of French chardonnays, with just a hint of oak. The viognier, only slightly oaky, just begs for food. And, you just have to try their Merlots. I’ll let you decide what you’re going to eat with them. As much as great wines, the total experience here at Materra | Cunat was special. They make you feel welcome and special. Wineries can offer service. And, many do just that. Materra | Cunat offers hospitality. There’s a difference. Come see for yourself.

Wineries can offer service. And, many do just that. Materra | Cunat offers hospitality. There’s a difference.

IF YOU GO: Materra | Cunat Family Vineyards is located at 4326 Big Ranch Road, Napa. Call to book an appointment at 707.224.4900.


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regular exercise and fitness routine isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just for younger people. Older adults can enjoy the benefits as well, says Dr. Madhav Goyal, M.D., of the NorthBay Center for Primary Care in Vacaville. Numerous studies have shown

that people of all ages can improve their health and wellbeing by engaging in physical activity of moderate-intensity on a regular basis. Regular physical activity substantially reduces the risk of dying of coronary

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heart disease â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the nation's leading cause of death. It also decreases the risk for stroke, certain cancers and diabetes. It helps with controlling weight and high blood pressure, contributes to healthy bones, muscles and joints, and can reduce symptoms of anxiety

Vacaville Convalescent & Rehab Center

585 Nut Tree Court Vacaville, CA 95687 707-449-8000 Solano County’s best rehab team provided by

Lic.# 790001

and depression.

"If a person has not been in a regular exercise routine, I recommend starting in a gradual fashion — 15–20 minutes a day for the first week and then gradually increasing over the course of one to two months, progressing to something more intensive," says Dr. Goyal. "There are guidelines (for exercise requirements in adults) but they are just ‘on average' figures because everyone is different and has different

Yet the Centers for Disease Control estimates has found that many American adults do not get enough physical activity to provide health benefits and 25 percent are not active at all in their leisure time. It doesn't have to be that way.


Napa/Solano Edition

n of maand

able day daairat

icaShe at

needs and limitations — lifestyles, schedules, physical needs— so each person needs to adapt their routines to those issues." The good news is that it's never too late to start an active lifestyle. No matter how old you are, how out of shape you feel, or how long you've been inactive, research shows that getting active can make you healthier and improve your quality of life. "The more intense the activity, the harder the heart works. And, the longer you are able to do that, the better it is for the heart. The increased cardio helps with weight loss and mood and stress issues," notes Dr. Goyal. "And randomized trials have shown it also helps to fight infections. One hour of moderate-intensive exercise for five to six days a week decreases the rate of catching colds by up to 50 percent compared to those who don't exercise." Dr. Goyal believes an ideal program for the

McCune Garden Chapel

average adult would include a 15-minute warmup period "to build up to sweating and breathing more heavily" and then would maintain that intensity for 45 minutes. Older adults with health and physical issues may want to meet with their doctor and talk about an exercise program first. "Adults come with variety of issues — arthritis, heart disease, other organs that are not working well, COPD — so if they have problems when they exercise like chest discomfort or lightheadedness, it's important to see a doctor because these could be an indication that something more serious is going on that needs to be addressed." Outside of those types of issues, Dr. Goyal argues that everyone should be able to at least walk a bit each day. The important thing is to get up and move. "Anything that gets us to move more is probably a good thing," he says.

Assisted Living • Dementia/Alzheimer's • Hospice

FUNERAL DIRECTORS In Your Community Since 1938 • FD-0388

212 Main Street • Vacaville, CA (707) 448-6546

Milton Carpenter Funeral Home In Your Community Since 1859 • FD-0386

569 N First Street • Dixon, CA (707) 678-2189 Traditional Funeral Pre-need Arrangements Cremation Memorial Services Monuments Serving Vacaville, Dixon, Winters, Davis & Surrounding areas.

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rin g

0y for o u r Sen i o r s f or o v e r 3



105 Power Drive | Vallejo | (707) 643-7617 Located 2 blocks from Kaiser and Sutter Hospitals

*Excludes Agency Referral

Trisha R. Beard, Executive Director

Lic # 486801896

NOW IN PRIVATE PRACTICE... Taking New Patients Triple board certified American Board Medical Specialties Internal Medicine Geriatric Medicine Hospice and Palliative Care Retired Air Force physician Patient Advocate Visits at assisted living facilities and nursing homes M/W/F

Making House Calls in Vacaville & Fairfield

Kathryn Amacher, DO

Internal Medicine, Geriatrics 707-451-4111

Anita Semple, FNP Penelope McAlmond-Ross, PsyD Applied Psychology Systems 707-330-5535

Keeping Dr. Zimmerman's goal alive by caring for those who need care in their homes. Call for more information. For more information on how to donate to the Zimmerman Patient Care Fund visit or call (530) 750-5220


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Introducing Solano County’s Mobility Call Center Personalized Assistance including: • • • • • •

Live Transit Trip Planning Travel Training Programs Mobility Options for Seniors and People with Disabilities Countywide ADA In-Person Eligibility Program Information Senior Driver Safety Program Information Regional Transit Connection (RTC) & Senior Clipper Cards

Let us help you maximize your local transportation options. Live customer support weekdays 8am - 5pm.

SUDOKU Looking for In-Home Care? Let us help!

(707) 447-7734

Sally Price

Patti Ruona

Debbie Doyle

Thank you for trusting us to serve your Senior In-Home Care needs for the past 10 years! See page 44 for puzzle answers.

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!!! Ice cream is a favorite dessert in the United States, especially in the summer. Can you answer the following questions about this way to finish a meal? 1.

According to, how much ice cream does the average person in the U.S. eat per year?


More ice cream is sold on this day of the week than any other.


This is America’s favorite ice cream topping.


Italian type ice cream, richer than that in most other countries, is called this.


80-90% of the world’s vanilla beans are gown in this country.


Which is the most popular ice cream flavor in the U.S.?


According to most studies, this country eats more ice cream than any other.


This flavor consists of chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and nuts.


When ice cream is served with pie, it’s called this.

For more great ways to boost your brain: Get ready to flex, tone, and boost the brain with Brain Flexers mindstimulating book! Science has revealed how much our brains can grow and change in response to learning throughout life, even when a person is experiencing memory loss. Regardless of age, everyone has the ability to change their brain for the better! Authors, Kristin Einberger and Janelle Sellick, M.S., have created activities that are fun—and appropriately challenging! And just like any good workout, the benefits increase the more you do!

Find your copy here

10. Which state produces the most ice cream? 11. This ice cream like dessert has no fat. 12. Ice cream was first introduced to the public in this country in the 1600’s. 13. President Reagan declared this month as Ice Cream Month. 14. What is the major ingredient in ice cream? 15. How many licks does it take, on average, to eat one scoop of ice cream? 1) 48 pints, 2) Sunday, 3) Chocolate syrup, 4) Gelato, 5) Madagascar, 6) Vanilla followed by chocolate, 7) United States, 8) Rocky Road, 9) Pie a la Mode , 10) California, 11) Sorbet. 12) France, 13) July, 14) Air!, 15) 50


Napa/Solano Edition


Brazelton ­—Ranch— Vacaville

By Wendy VanHatten

boom 36


hen I want fresh apricots, peaches, or prunes in the spring and summer, I head to Brazelton Ranch. Located at 3628 Gates Canyon Road in Vacaville, it is the perfect place for fruit. In the winter, check out their mandarins. We’re not just talking one variety of peach, either. Every year I think I have a favorite…


Connecting People to Community






7 2 8 1 s t C T E WI



A ER u g u



City Coach is an award winning program37 of the Vacaville Public Works Napa/Solano Department Edition


until I sample the next variety, or the next peach. With about 100 acres of orchard, and more if you include the ranch, fruit trees line up for as far as you can see. This year they planted more trees, as the older ones are producing less. They started out in the 1960s drying prunes, then supplying them to Sunsweet, and now they do their own. Juice runs down my chin as I sample a peach on the way home. Check it out for yourselfâ&#x20AC;Śyouâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll thank me.

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THE END OF ALZHEIMER’S STARTS WITH YOU SOLANO COUNTY WALK TO END ALZHEIMER’S SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2016 The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds. When you participate in Walk, your fundraising dollars fuel our missionrelated initiatives of care, support and research.

Harbor Plaza, Suisun City for more information contact


Interested in learning more?

START A TEAM 800.272.3900 800.272.3900


Join us at our Kick Off Party Wednesday, July 21 | 5:30 – 7 PM NorthBay Green Valley Administration Building 4500 Business Center Drive Fairfield, CA 94534 Napa/Solano Edition



CLUES DOWN 1. Drive-in server 2. Kiss 3. Red fruit eaten as a vegetable 4. Foot and legwear 5. Changes 6. Wind deposited silt 7. Formerly (archaic) 9. Gold fineness measure 10. Military snack bar 12. Capital of Uzbekistan 14. Old Tokyo 15. Heat in a microwave 17. A waterproof raincoat 19. Stared sullenly 20. Slang for cool


26. Emergency broadcast network

4. And hearty

27. Transcending national boundaries

8. In a murderous frenzy (var. sp.)

34. Applied by spreading

10. Substance that imparts a hue

35. Lower in esteem

11. Italian’s capital

36. Entered the noneating larval stage

1. Chicago time

12. Oral flavors 13. The Pitt Family artist, Wm. 15. Most buffoonish 16. A group of 8 17. Overlords 18. Camera artists 21. Resinlike substance in shellac 22. Fundamentally important

23. Revolves 24. Don’t know when yet 25. Sports shoe 26. Opposite of beginning 27. Chevy sedan model 28. Communist nickname 29. 007’s Flemming

37. Nears

30. Drama awards

38. Woke up

31. Badgered

39. Selfs

32. Towards land

40. Parts

33. Leaseholder

41. Dry: esp. of vegetation

34. Capital of Gyeonggi-do

42. Knot in a tree

36. Yellowstone or Central

43. River in NE Scotland

23. Fishing implement 24. Hamilton’s bill 25. An adult female hog boom 40

See page 44 for puzzle answers.


Certified Farmers Markets Featuring fantastic farmers markets offering the freshest, locally grown produce.


Napa County




» The Green Valley Ag Conservancy Farmers Market Market Location: Green Valley Rd. and Vintage Lane, Fairfield Day & Hours of Operation: 1st Sunday (12pm4pm)  June to October Website:

» Kaiser Vallejo Certified Farmers Market Market Location: 975 Sereno Street and Kaiser Hospital, Vallejo Day & Hours of Operation: Year round on Fridays (10am-2pm)  Web Site: Kaiser Vallejo Certified Farmers Market

» Napa Tues Downtown CFM Copia parking lot, 500 First Street

TUESDAYS » Gold Country Farmers Market Market Location: One Quality Dr., Vacaville Day & Hours of Operation: Year round on Tuesdays (10am-3pm)

THURSDAYS » Benicia Certified Farmers Market Market Location: Downtown Benicia on First Street between Between B & D Streets  Day & Hours of Operation: Thursdays (4pm-8pm) April 28-October 27, 2016 Website: benicia-events/annual/ » Fairfield Certified Farmers Market Market Location: Downtown Fairfield, 675 Texas Street on the County Lawn Day & Hours of Operation: Thursdays (2pm7pm) May 5-October 6, 2016 Website:

SATURDAYS » Rio Vista Certified Farmers Market Market Location: Main St., between 2nd and 3rd Streets, Rio Vista  Day & Hours of Operation: Saturdays (9am1pm) June 25-November 19, 2016 » Vacaville Certified Farmers Market Market Location: 300 Block on Main Street, Vacaville   Day & Hours of Operation: Saturdays (8am-12pm) May 7- October 8, 2016 Website: markets?page=1 » Vallejo Certified Farmers Market Market Location: Between 300 & 400 blks of Georgia Street, Vallejo  Days & Hours of Operation: Year round on Saturdays (8am-1pm) Web Site: markets?page=1


THURSDAYS » Napa Chef’s CFM First Street between Main and Franklin St. in downtown Napa

FRIDAYS » St. Helena-Napa Valley CFM Crane Park; 8 to 1

SATURDAYS » Calistoga CFM 1235 Washington Street; Saturday 8:30 to Noon

May 4 thru October 26 and November 2 thru April 26; Fridays 9 to 1

Saturday and Sunday 9 to 1

» Long Meadow Ranch Farmer’s Market 738 Main Street, St. Helena CA 94574 » Yountville Farmers’ Market 6525 Washington Street, Yountville CA 94599

Napa/Solano Edition

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Senior Centers American Canyon Senior Center 2185 Elliott Drive American Canyon 707-647-4369

Napa Senior Activity Center 1500 Jefferson Street Napa 707-255-1800 Florence Douglas 333 Amador St. Vallejo 707-643-1044

Please contact your local Senior Center for Schedule & Event Information

Fairfield 1200 Civic Center Drive 707-428-7421 McBride 91 Town Square Vacaville 707-469-6660 Rio Vista Senior Center 25 Main Street, Rio Vista 707-374-3349


Dixon 201 South 5th St. 707-678-7022 Suisun City 318 Merganser Dr. 707-421-7203 Benicia Senior Center 187 L Street 707-745-1202 Senior Center Without Walls 877-797-7299

Napa/Solano Edition

Learn how to use and enjoy transit in Solano County. Our Transit Training Program Will Teach You How To: • Read schedules • Plan a trip • Find your stop • Board and get off the bus

• Pay your fare • Use transfers • and more...

Do you use your public transportation system? If so, we need your expertise. • Help people become more independent using transit • Introduce new transit users to bus travel and public transportation

★ Volunteers receive a FREE monthly transit pass.★



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Crossword from page 40 | Sudoku from page 34

Resource Guide - Important Local Phone Numbers SOLANO COUNTY



AREA AGENCY ON AGING: 800-510-2020

The toll free number will automatically route the caller to the city of residence.

NAPA OMBUDSMAN: 707-258-9348


Administrative Offices: F a i r f i el d: V a ca v i l l e: V a l l ej o:

PTS_Sol_OctNov09:Layout 1


644-6612 4 2 9 -6 2 3 5 4 6 9 -6 6 7 9 6 4 3 -1 7 9 7 AM

Page 26





Reaching Across the Generations NORTHBAY ALZHEIMER'S DAY CARE CENTER When older adults across the generations 707-624-7970 Fax: reach 707-624-7969 to become mentors for children, everyone beneSENIOR DAY PROGRAM fits.FAIRFIELD It is for these reasons that the Solano Inter707-428-7742Partnership was formed. generational

CAREGIVER RESOURCE CENTERis a TheREDWOOD Solano Intergenerational Partnership 800-834-1636 composite of individuals and professionals representing andVolunteer senior’s services with FAITH INchildren’s ACTION: Interfaith Caregivers of Solano County, Caregiver Respite Program, Ride with Pride & Cancer Patient Navigator Program the goal of promoting intergenerational opportuSouthpractices Solano County: 707-425-6164 Solano nities, and policies throughout North Solano County: 707-469-6675 County. IN-HOME SUPPORTIVE SERVICES If you are interested in learning more(I.H.S.S.) about intergen-

Public Authority: 707-784-8259 erational initiatives and opportunities please contact I n t a k e L i n e: 7 0 7 -7 8 4 -8 2 5 9 Rochelle Sherlock at 707-864-3984 or rochelle_sherMEALS ON WHEELS of Solano County Home Delivered Meals: 707-425-0638 i As cited in Zedlewski, S., & Butrica, B. (2007). Are We Taking Full AdDixon, Fairfield, RioPotential? Vista, Suisun & Vacaville vantage of Older Adults’ Perspectives on Productive Aging, Number 9, December 2007, Home Delivered Meals: 707-644-7444 ii When Older Adults are Involved in the Community, the Benefits are Mu& Vallejo tual,Benicia (2004). The AdvantAge Initiative. Congregate Dining: 707-426-3079 iii As cited in Zedlewski, S., & Butrica, B. (2007). Are We Taking Full AdSenior centers in Solano County vantage of Older Adults’ Potential? Perspectives on Productive Aging, Number 9, December 2007,


We use gentle effective SOLANO OMBUDSMAN 24-Hour Hotline:technique 800-231-4024

ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES We specialize in Sciatica, 707-784-8259

Arthritis, Headaches, Knee Problems, 24-Hour Hotline: 800-850-0012 Degeneratie Disc Disease, Plantar Fascitis, All Body Pain & Pain Management "I guarantee

Providing 50+ seniors a resource for social interaction while providing support and information through social services, nutrition, recreation and travel opportunities.


318 Merganser Drive • 707-421-7203

Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.• Monday through Friday

Find the glasses and you could WIN!

Find these reading glasses in our magazine and be registered to win a $50 Olive Garden gift card! Simply e-mail the PAGE NUMBER and your NAME and ADDRESS or enter by mail by 9/15/2016. or

Prime Time Living, 209 Glen Eagle Way, Vacaville, CA 95688

Prime Time Living BOOM Aug/Sept 2016  

Inspired Living in Your Prime

Prime Time Living BOOM Aug/Sept 2016  

Inspired Living in Your Prime