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THE PrimeTIMES — SEPTEMBER 2023 — PAGE 1 Volume 4, Number 2 • SEPTEMBER 2023 Visit us at PRIMETIMEAGRIMARKETING.COM ©PrimeTime AgriMarketing Network, Inc. PrimeTIMES The Livestock and Agri-News That Matters to You Since 1991 1/3 PRO-GROWER The ultimate steer growing feed to maximize your steers’ potential and show ring results! Protein - 12% • Fat - 4% • Fiber - 12% HEIFER DEVELOPER High-fiber, low-energy, complete textured feed to start and grow your heifer while increasing depth and center body without gaining excess condition. Protein - 13% • Fat - 3.5% • Fiber - 16% BANNER CHASIN’ BEGINS HERE For more information on our easy 3 step steer & heifer programs visit or call (419) 310-3159
PAGE 2 — SEPTEMBER 2023 — THE PrimeTIMES Chippewa Valley Angus Farms Matthew Brown 330-383-1516 | Matthew Horst 330-464-8243 Hopkins Simmentals Stan Hopkins 740-962-5288 | Heil Farms Adam Heil 740-819-6839 | Brady Clemens 740-605-6347 VanHorn Farms Josh VanHorn 740-607-1074 | Tybenal Farm Allen Shockling 740-509-8499 GCC Farm 740-974-4227 | 1840 Angus Farm Ross Cockrall 330-347-8081 Request your sale catalog today! Email: or Call: Matt Brown 330-383-1516 CattlemenCattlemen FOR SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2023 6:30 PM | ZANESVILLE, OH | MUSKINGUM LIVESTOCK SELLING 70 BRED FEMALES • ANGUS | SIMANGUS | SIMMENTAL 8056 / ANGUS CTS Remedy x KB-Carcass Merritt Bred to SJF SMJ Payroll 9097 / ANGUS EXAR Stud x Connealy Confidence Bred to Sitz Stellar 726D 1005 / ANGUS SydGen Enhance x Mytty In Focus Sells with a fall calf at side by DMCC/Wood Fully Loaded 39D 23F / 1/2 SM 1/2 AN EXAR Upshot x MAAS True Dream Bred to Rains Incredible Doc INDH J3 / PB SM B Chiller x W/C Double Down Bred to LLW Card True North G71 H51 / PB SM B OLE One Eye x SS Ebonys Grandmaster Bred to Schooley Standout 27G K16 / 3/4 SM 1/4 AN DSF/STF United x DSC Cavalier Bred to DMCC/WOOD Fully Loaded 39D Sexed Female Semen 73J / PB SM THSF Lover Boy x GSC GCCO Dew North Bred to Rocking P Private Stock K218 / PB SM WLE Uno Mas x CNS Dream On October Fall Yearling Open Heifer Bid Online! View the Catalog Now! • 800-217-2007 • SHOW FEED SPECIALIST Krisha Geffert – 307-760-0327 REVERSE LOGO For use on dark backgrounds: Pantone 186 red Pantone 527 purple Contact for logo questions. MoorMan’s® ShowTec® 11% Swine No. 12381 For pigs needing a lower protein diet MoorMan’s ShowTec BB 18 BMD No. 18241 Ideal for show pigs on target weighing 50 lb to show MoorMan’s ShowTec Hi Fat 18 BMD No. 18007 When pigs need a little more cover this feed delivers MoorMan’s ShowTec Hi Fat 16 BMD No. 16700 Just the right amount of protein and fat to develop a fuller body on a high intake while maintaining muscle and cover MoorMan’s ShowTec 14.5/6 BMD No. 14560 To enhance cover for the show pig with a bit too much muscle MoorMan’s ShowTec Lo Fat 15 BMD No. 15350 The perfect complement of protein and fat to manage To drive championship performance, you need the right product geared to body type. Proud to be an NJSA Ally Sponsor! Tuesday October 10, 2023 COMPLETE FALL HERD DISPERSAL SALE Selling 625 Head! COLEMAN BLACKBIRD 2605 Reg. 20572237 Sire: Coleman Rock 7200 Dam: Coleman Blackbird 9214 A standout in the set of 120 open heifers. She is a daughter of the record-selling Coleman Rock 7200 and stems from a daughter of Bravo with a progeny production record of BR 2@83, WR 2@102, and YR 1@105. This is a deep set of opens and represent our freshest genetics. A model heifer with tons of rib and cow potential. She Sells! of focus on maternal genetics. She defines volume, mass, power, and the phenotype we look for in our cow herd. She has a progeny production record of BR 5@89, WR 5@104, YR 3@105. She Sells! COLEMAN DONNA 6317 Reg. 18734954 Sire: Coleman Juneau 044 Dam: Coleman Donna 801 A signature female in this historic event that will headline the fall calving cows. This female represents years FALL PAIRS | FALL HEIFERS | ET HEIFERS DONORS | EMBRYOS FEATURED HERD SIRES 125 COMMERCIAL SPRING-BRED HEIFERS — All AI Bred to Coleman Easy Decision 1539 10% $M Larry & Dee Coleman Family • Jeremy & Jenny Haag Family • 40067 Morris Road • Charlo, MT 59824 Larry Coleman 406.240.2751• Jeremy Haag 406.833.0117 CATALOG UPON REQUEST ONLY WWW.COLEMANANGUS.COM


Well, I sat down to write to you about something else entirely, but I flipped on the distraction device for a moment and watched a set of 375# steers bring $1669 each. WOW! Needless to say, the distraction device worked…my mind went elsewhere and stayed there. Have you seen and experienced these markets lately? This is an historic period for sure; one that was anticipated by some but is still overdue for many. It does my heart good to see livestock producers get rewarded for their efforts – it’s why I am in this business - and there is certainly still plenty of room to go up in these market conditions; I hope you get to take every advantage in your outfit.

To put things in perspective, my first SHOW calf cost $450 and I bought at least 3 eventual county fair Grands, that I can remember anyway, for less than what that pen of commercial steers AVERAGED. Things sure do change, sometimes amazingly quickly. I mean you can take your weigh up bulls to the sale barn, straight off grass, and they will net you $3000 or more. These are game-changing kinds of numbers for producers of all sizes. They command differences in mindset and strategy.

It is interesting that up markets present nearly as many challenges as down markets. Other than the obvious and perhaps most important one - extra cash in your pockets - there are still many questions to answer when returns are up: How will I invest the overage?

Can I expand? How much? Do I want to? Should I upgrade my quality and/or facilities? Spend it outside the operation?

The answers will be different for each outfit, but in my experience the best investments from windfalls have been to improve your enjoyment and quality of life through your operation. Fix some old facilities that always bother you or create safety hazards. Take the time to flush your most proven cows and mass produce them to upgrade from within. Make more aggressive investments in quality replacement stock – bulls and females – that do their jobs better and then open new doors for you. Do it your way, but I urge you to take some cow cash and use it to make your job easier so that when you drive through your pastures you increase your happiness quotient; it’s really all that matters. Buy. Sell. Be Happy.

THE PrimeTIMES — SEPTEMBER 2023 — PAGE 3 Hill Valley Reckoning 931 Dauntless FSF Fire In the Hole Here I Am 24 Karat Good Times
20600628 FALL YEARLING SELLING 1/2 INTEREST LOT 1 Maplecrest Rita 2256 19700832 DUE 8/22/23 TO E&B WILDCAT LOT 57 Maplecrest Blackcap 9187 4152974 • Sim-Angus BRED HEIFER DUE 1/28/24 TO CCR BOULDER 1339A LOT 35 Maplecrest Rita 204K 20377767 BRED HEIFER DUE 12/30/23 TO GAR SUNBEAM LOT 12A Maplecrest Rita 2024 Fall Calving Cows n Spring Calving Cows Bred Heifers n Fall Yearlings SELLING 76 LOTS, INCLUDING: 67 Registered Angus Females (including select donors) 9 Sim-Angus Females FEMALE PRODUCTION SALE Saturday n September 23, 2023 n 6 PM At the farm near Hillsboro, Ohio 20 th Annual Predictable seedstock genetics are the result of proven, generational cow families. Maplecrest Farms’ “Rita”, “Fanny”, “Eva” and “Blackcap” cow families continue to produce Angus females with extraordinary donor potential and show ring excellence. The sons out of these cow families find homes in some of the most progressive registered and commercial cow-calf operations in America. Take advantage of the MCF commitment to design elite Angus genetics through proven cow families. MCF DONORS OF DISTINCTION RITA n FANNY n EVA n BLACKCAP Family
Contact us today for your free sale book. John & Joanie Grimes n Lindsey & Adam Hall n 2594 State Route 73 n Hillsboro, Ohio 45133 n Joanie Grimes: (937) 763-1198 n John Grimes: (937) 763-6000 n Adam Hall: (740) 336-8142 n Lindsey Hall: (937) 763-8115 Watch the sale and bid live online. ADD THESE TWO DATES TO YOUR CALENDARS! SEPT. 22 Trans Ova Open House Hosted at Maplecrest Farms SEPT. 25 Maplecrest Farms Frozen Genetics Liquidation Sale Hosted at MCF FS 6x10 4c-TransOva Newsletter.indd 1 8/23/23 1:22 PM
THE PrimeTIMES — SEPTEMBER 2023 — PAGE 5 ZANESVILLE, OH MUSKINGUM LIVESTOCK AUCTION COMPANY YOUNG CATTLE COMPANY RICK & JAYNE YOUNG 67910 Pancoast Rd North Belmont, Ohio 740/837-6077 or 740/835-2071 FOR MORE INFORMATION: John Spiker, Auctioneer: 304/677-0255 Jeff Allen: 304/551-2651 Cody Lucey: 304/639-2721 AUCTION MARKETING BY: Craig Reiter: 419.350.9159 Big, Young, Docile, Healthy, Productive Cows and Pairs Will Sell! 30 SPRING-BRED COWS 10 Two Year Olds • 20 Three-Four Year Olds 50 FALL PAIRS Blacks and black baldies - Some will be 3-in-1’s Milky and docile - Real calf raisers! SELLING 130+ HEAD BRED COWS & FALL PAIRS 60 SPRING BRED HEIFERS Big, gentle, and easy calving! LEARN MORE AT WWW.DONORSUNLIMITED.COM OR CALL THE FUND ADMINISTRATOR AT 877.800.9230 Brought to you by the partners at DONORS UNLIMITED and the families of BRENT BEITLESPACHER, LOGAN RAU, and NICK REIMANN To apply for a 2024 award, please visit DONORSUNLIMITED.COM and apply before June 1. Gold Winner DREW COOK TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY Silver Winner HALLIE HACKETT TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY Bronze Winner MACKENLEE EVANS WEST TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY THANK YOU to our many donors in 2023. A portion of every purchase made in a Donors Unlimited event supports this fund and without your support, these awards would not be possible. To date, more than $68,000 has been awarded to deserving students.