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THE PrimeTIMES — — PAGE 1 Volume 3, Number 4 • MARCH 2023 Visit us at PRIMETIMEAGRIMARKETING.COM ©PrimeTime AgriMarketing Network, Inc. PrimeTIMES The Livestock and Agri-News That Matters to You Since 1991 A program committed to breeding superior high quality, fault free Angus and Hereford cattle for over 100 years. WWW.BOYDBEEF.COM ANGUS AND HEREFORD BULL SALE NOON-SATURDAY MARCH 11, 2023 MAYS LICK, KY Reg# 44356917 • 1/01/22 NJW Manifest x Boyd 7154 Rita 3005 This exceptional individual will see have use in our program – He is stout and big ribbed with tremendous performance. The maternal power behind this bull is unbelievable as he stacks as many great cows in his pedigree as you will find! BOYD CORNERSTONE 2003 CED +6.5 BW +0.8 WW +62 YW +97 Milk +33 MB +0.24 RE +0.34 BMI$ +$470 CHB$ +$126 1/01/22 – Reg# 20363001 G A R Home Town x Boyd Rosetta 0007 The bull the breed has been waiting for to bridge the gap between maternal, carcass merit and phenotype. He has the potential to be the most impactful bull ever bred at Boyd Beef in our 130 year history! A truly special beast! BOYD BELLRINGER 2010 CED +7 BW +2.2 WW +91 YW +163 DOC +24 Milk +28 HS +.61 CLAW +.41 ANGLE +.37 MB +1.02 RE +.97 $M +75 $B +192 $C +325 1/05/22 – Reg# 20351680 DVAR Huckleberry 871 x Vintage Lucy 9552 Progressive genotype in a stout, eye appealing package! His highquality dam earned a spot in our donor line-up. BOYD HALLMARK 2014 CED +4 BW +1.6 WW +77 YW +139 DOC +28 Milk +23 HS +.12 CLAW +.41 ANGLE +.44 MB +1.14 RE +.74 $M +94 $B +186 $C +335 Call or email to request a sale book (606) 584-5194 or Sale Managed By RANCE LONG 918.510.3464 RANCE LONG, INC 918.510.3464 cell PO Box 2, Adair, OK 74330 Sale Managed By INC 6077 Helena Rd. • Mays Lick, KY 41055 Charlie Boyd II (606) 584-5194 • Blake Boyd (606) 375-3718 Logan Boyd (606) 375-3366 • E-mail: MYERS ANGUS FARM Harrodsburg, KY 40330 David Myers - Colby Myers Joe Myers (859) 265-0097 MATHENY HEREFORDS Mays Lick, KY 41055 Andrew Matheny (606) 584-5361 Austin Matheny (606) 375-2167 WITH GUESTS Boyd_PRIMETime_3_23.indd 1 2/23/23 2:10 PM
PAGE 2 — MARCH 2023 — THE PrimeTIMES please scan the QR code or go to Must be done within 24 hours of sale closing. If more than 24 hours after sale closing please go to www.cattleinsurance Jimmy James 580-481-0955 or Jace James 580-481-0927 If you have any questions please contact: For full mortality insurance to be bound immediately, 50% SIMMENTAL BULL 3642999 BANKROLL X THE SITUATION PROVEN BALDY POWER & STYLE Simmental Bull 3819962 LEDGER X BROKER PROVEN PUREBRED POWER MAKER 11.95% CHI BULL 410511 SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE X THE SITUATION EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY / ALL CLEAN ANGUS BULL 20198682 CRAWFORD GUARANTEE X SKY HIGH SURE-SHOT CALVING EASE & LOOK Angus Bull 20373212 SIX MILE FORT KNOX X HA OUTSIDE OUTCROSS CALVING EASE COW MAKER FOR SEMEN CALL 309.883.3971 OR ORDER FROM CATTLE VISIONS

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The Fire Has Started!

The other day I was working the annual Angus sale at Schaff Angus Valley in St. Anthony, ND. While opening the auction Joe Goggins said “In the next 2-3 years the highest priced feeder cattle you have ever sold in your life will be sired by the bulls you buy today”. I think that statement – coming from someone like him that really ought to know – was accurate and exciting and prescient; all the pieces are in place for an historic rally. Whether you sell them by the pound or by the head, what a great time this is to be in the beef business as the rising tide lifts all boats and it will be exciting to be involved with! Whether the opening speech had anything to do with it or not, we went on to have an amazing day at SAV selling more than $9M in Angus cattle in one big event that averaged over $14,000/animal. It was one for the record books for sure. Afterward I went out to dinner with friends and saw the photo above of JFK (yes, that JFK) helping to sort some cattle in the area stockyards. Can you imagine one of our presidents doing that today?

A few days earlier I helped with The Program Bull Sale at Cardinal Cattle in Wyoming, IL. Jeff and Lucas Wisnefski presented a very impressive offering of bulls in 4 breeds. There was strong quality from start to finish and they were rewarded with their best average yet. The top bulls were both sons of Cardinal True North with one bringing $44,000 to Baty Livestock, CO, and another at $35,000 to Young Cattle, OH. It was a packed house full of optimism and happiness, all showing strong support for The Program. I have that auction lodged in my memory banks as well. It’s true. The cattle you buy this spring will have a major impact on the level of your profitability and enjoyment of this great business for the next few years. If you have done it long enough then you know the power of the best cattle and how they affect things in your herd for generations to come. The spring season is upon us and it’s time to make some big bovine decisions. I am proud to be a part of it and I am excited to watch it all unfold. Happy hunting. Buy. Sell. Be Happy.

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LOT 8 February 75% by End Game LOT 17 March 75% by Drivin 80 LOT 25 January 37.50% by Good As It Gets LOT 35 February 62.50% by End Game LOT 37 February 25% by Maternal Made LOT 40 February 37.50% by Full Tilt LOT 45 March 62.50% by Epic LOT 53 March 25% by May We All LOT 56 March 37.50% by Class On Class LOT 71 April 75% by Sweet Willie LOT 74 May PB by Unlimited Power LOT 87 February 25% by Hulk LOT 2 January 75% by Databank LOT 41 February 37.50% by Daddy’s Money LOT 46 March 25% by I Am Here LOT 4 January PB by Databank
PAGE 4 — MARCH 2023 — THE PrimeTIMES BYLAND YELLOWSTONE 2PW52 reg: x4342587 sire BSG Profitwise 1767 BYLAND ELITE 2SD66 reg: x4342604 sire Byland Soggy Dog 7TM73 BYLAND TOP FLIGHT 2TD92 reg: x4342893 sire: Byland Top Dog 0SD40 PVF LIBERTY 12K ET reg x4336914 sire Byland Soggy Dog 7TM73 PVF ICON 50K reg: x4336957 sire: Byland Flash 9U106 PVF RIVALRY 75K ET reg: x4336982 sire: Byland Flash 9U106 PVF Prime Time March 23.indd 1 2/15/23 4:01 PM BNWZ DIGNITY GATEWAY FOLLOW ME CONLEY SOUTH POINT 8362 BUSH’S WINGMAN HILL VALLEY RECKONING SWEET WILLIE PEACE OF MIND ICON ESSENTIAL BUSINESS GOOD AS IT GETS W/C BANKROLL W/C DOUBLE DOWN WOOD RUTHLESS LOVER BOY WLE COPACETIC FSF PERFECTION HC NORTH OF 49 JACK OF HEARTS REDNECK RED ROCKY 2 IN GOD WE TRUST THAT’S RIGHT KNOCK KNOCK PUBLIC ENEMY STRIKIN’ GOLD CHOSEN 1 HERE I AM KING COBRA GETCHA SOME AM HERE 1 OAK TRICKED OUT MAJORITY RULES NOT BY CHANCE NO GUTS NO GLORY SCC SCH 24 KARAT CONLEY EXPRESS SILVEIRAS FORBES CONLEY NO LIMIT 800-217-2007 SHOW FEED SPECIALIST Krisha Geffert – 307-760-0327 MoorMan’s® ShowTec® BB 18 BMD No. 18241 Ideal for show pigs on target weighing 50 lb to show MoorMan’s ShowTec Hi Fat 18 BMD No. 18007 When pigs need a little more cover this feed delivers MoorMan’s ShowTec Hi Fat 16 BMD No. 16700 Just the right amount of protein and fat to develop a fuller body on a high intake while maintaining muscle and cover MoorMan’s ShowTec 14.5/6 BMD No. 14560 To enhance cover for the show pig with a bit too much muscle MoorMan’s ShowTec Lo Fat 15 BMD No. 15350 The perfect complement of protein and fat to manage muscle and structure while maintaining proper finish To drive championship performance, you need the right product geared to body type. Supporting products REVERSE LOGO For use on dark backgrounds: REVERSE LOGO (without background behind) Pantone 186 red Pantone 527 purple Logo © ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc. • Contact for logo questions.
THE PrimeTIMES — MARCH 2023 — PAGE 5 MARCH 14 EXPLOSIVE SPRING BULL SALE OMAHA, AR MARCH 18 THE OMAA SALE COLUMBUS, OH MARCH 21 THE DIAMOND L GENETICS SALE OGALLAH, KS MARCH 23 WILD TO MILD RED ANGUS SALE WESSINGTON SPRINGS, SD APRIL 1 THE BULL SALE AT PVF MILLERSBURG, OH APRIL 1 PARTNERS IN PERFORMANCE BULL SALE ZANESVILLE, OH APRIL 6 DONORS UNLIMITED WINNING TIME SALE HEREFORD, TX APRIL 14 TRENNEPOHL’S TURN-OUT TIME SALE ZANESVILLE, OH APRIL 22 THE STEAKS ARE HIGH SALE SALADO, TX MAY 6 DERBY DAY AT CAMPBELLCO CEDARVILLE, OH MAY 13 BURNS FARMS & FRIENDS SALE PIKEVILLE, TN MAY 20 DONORS UNLIMITED SHARE THE FUTURE SALE HEREFORD, TX Partners in Performance April 1, 2023 Saturday • 6 p.m. Muskingum Livestock Zanesville, OH Angus Bull Sale Way-View Cattle Co. LLC Fred Penick & Family Hebron, OH (C) 740-404-1832 To request sale book, contact Sale Mgr. Dan Wells - 740-505-3843 Dave Felumlee & Family Newark, OH (C) 740-404-3594 • Several large sire groups of half brothers! • All Bulls have been semen tested! • First Breeding Season Guarantee! • Complete Health & Vaccination Programs! • Many Calving-Ease and Heifer Bulls! Their sons will Sell... SydGen Enhance Myers Fair-N-Square KCF Bennett Exponential Poss Rawhide GAR Hometown KCF Bennett Summation John Ferguson, Owner. 440-478-0782 Lindsey Rowland, Manager. 440-478-0503 Scott Lehman, Herdsman. 330-621-1510 Jefferson, Ohio • Ferguson Show Cattle VIEW SALE CATTLE VIDEOS & ADDITIONAL INFO AT Rare Vintage Sale • Annual Production Sale Saturday, October 21, 2023 Jefferson, OH FSCI MS GINA G258 3/4 Simmental 1/4 Angus • ASA# 3597922 CDI Innovator x LLSF Neon Rey Proven Donor! Sells open, ready to flush! FSCI MS GEMSTONE H051 Purebred Simmental • ASA# 3902888 W/C Fort Knox x TNGL A Gemstone A527 Due in August to MR CCF The Duke FSCI BROKER J161 Purebred Simmental • ASA# 4053019 MR HOC Broker x HPF Sazerac 251D FSCI SAZERAC K613 Purebred Simmental • ASA# 4150477 SO Remedy 7F x HPF Sazerac 251D FSCI BROKER K204 Purebred Simmental • ASA# 4152474 MR HOC Broker x W/C Miss Werning 863F CREATE PROFITABLE GENETICS SELLING A PROVEN DONOR, BULLS, OPEN AND BRED FEMALES SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 2023 COLUMBUS, OH • 1:00 PM • BID ONLINE PROVENCow Families
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