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Before coming to the brandlisten website we need to know about the

A few years ago, created The idea was simply to provide a way for people to take tweets offline in the form of PDF documents which could easily be printed or taken to meetings. It also served as a kind of backup of those tweets.

Over time, Twitter started removing tweets from search results more frequently and tweetdoc became a useful tool for capturing the things said at your event/gathering/group/meeting before they were vaporised – leaving you with a copy of that data that would effectively last forever.

Over time, tweetdoc was used to capture all sorts of data from all over the world; there’s an increasing number of Spanish, Dutch and French tweetdocs being produced as people take control of their event or product’s social presence.

As more and more people began to use tweetdoc, it became clear that for some, tweetdoc wasn’t helping them analyse the data or indeed do anything other than look at it.

Tweetdoc is a reactive tool; you use it after the event to capture what is still lurking in the search results. But the question is, how can we be more proactive and help you not only capture this data, but make sense of it and stay up to date with it as it changes?

Well, hopefully Brand Listen will a major part of that. Here’s the elevator pitch.

What is Brand Listen? It's a social media monitoring tool which helps you see who is interacting with your brand and what they're saying. Brand Listen is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product aimed at those who need more control over the online social profile of their product or service. Brand Listen performs continuous searches to identify any online activity that relates to the product or service (such as blogs, forums, twitter, facebook, web results and videos) and analyses this data for important details.

Brand Listen also provides a notification system, allowing users to stay ahead of the game the next time someone complains in a dark corner of the internet, where it would normal go unnoticed. What can it tell me? Brand Listen knows who is engaging with your brand, whether they're saying good or bad things, their social influence and what they're talking about. Why should I use it? Do you have an online presence? Wouldn't you like to see how people are engaging with you, what they're saying and who is listening? Brand Listen can tell you this by monitoring and analysing the social activity of your (or your competitor's) brand. Where does the data come from? Brand Listen look at every possible source of data that might relate to your brand and then aggregate this together and make sense of it. Can I use the data in other ways? Data can be exported in raw format, or you can produce professional PDF reports of brand engagements in order to take results and statistics offline. Create pretty PDF reports or export to a spreadsheet Whether you need to create professional reports to take to your next meeting, or export raw data for your own analysis, Brand Listen makes it easy and gets out of your way. Creating Documents Brand Listen makes it easy to create regular PDF brand reports or export the raw data into spreadsheet form for you to play with yourself. Don't waste time performing manual searches and creating documents yourself, use Brand Listen and instantly have all the same results plus a ton of extra analysis instead. Brand Listen won't let you miss a thing Brand Listen keeps a copy of every result and lets you browse though them individually. Brand Listen also helps you identify your most valuable engagers by looking at metrics such as engagement frequency and impact. Know Your Engagers We believe there's value in knowing who your most important customers are and using this to your advantage. Brand Listen can calculate this based on how often people engage with you and how many people they can affect through what they say.

All your social intelligence in one place Brand Listen helps you keep all of your brand searches and statistics in one place and provides you with live updates as new data is found. Search Overview At a glance, Brand Listen makes it easy to see key metrics about your active searches. We'll let you know the overall sentiment of your brand, the number of people engaging with you and the number of results found. We'll also help you understand how your engagement is changing over time. Create new brand searches in seconds It takes a matter of seconds to set up brand monitoring, allowing you to easily watch various types of social activity relevant to your business - including your competitors. Creating Brand Searches Setting up brand monitoring is so easy you'll be tempted to monitor everything. After all, why not listen to what your competitor's customers are saying too? On the other hand, searches can be set up for very specific things. For example, we could set one up for brandlisten with the word hate to start identifying what people don't like about brandlisten.


Start Listening: Your customers talk about you all over the Internet. With Brand Listen, you can listen to what they're saying. People might be complimenting or complaining, but unless you're seeing it you don't know what to do more of or what to fix. How?

See Social Engagement: Your engagers have their own audience and influence. If the Queen of England tweets about your product, it's far more reaching than when Joe Smith does. Brand Listen helps you understand this network effect. How?

Track & Report: It's important to be in control of your online social profile. To do that, we make sure that you have all the data you need to see how you're doing. You can create professional PDF reports or export data for external uses. How?


Create an account:

For Free: Provide one month search history for 2 Active Searches 10 Pounds Per Month : Provide six months search history for 10 Active Searches 25 Pound Per Month : Provide Unlimited Search history for Unlimited Searches

Create an Account -> Login and Create a New Search start monitoring a new brand, product or service -> From Every Search will get the metrics like Sentiment Overview, Sentiment Audience, top influencers, Top Engagers, Trending Topics

Note: Brand Listen queries the same Twitter sources for data as tweetdoc does, with more data sources to come in the next few weeks. The next source will be Facebook, and also extending into searching blogs, videos, news and general web results to make sure we’re checking every dark corner of the internet for data relevant to your search.

Conclusion: Normally we know twitter and other social media sites provides widgets like tweet box which shows the current tweets on particular search terms. In same manner Brand Listen pulls the PDF reports with all tweets data of particular timeline given and also provides the Brand Monitoring, Competitor Analysis, Social Data Aggregation Reports.

Here are few Social media search platforms (PR-7) About Radian6: Radian6 Founded in 2006. It was created with the idea that companies need to be listening to the social web in order to effectively participate in consumer conversations. Intelligence about online conversations is critical: companies need to know what’s being said about their brand, industry, and competitors online. So we built a listening platform designed to help companies do just that. (PR-6) About Nutshellmails: Nutshellmails Free and easy tool to aggregate conversations on your social outposts in a single scheduled email. It's supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, MySpace, YouTube, Foursquare, and Citysearch. (PR-5) About Postling: Get smarter, faster, and better at social media in 5 minutes a day. Postling provides small businesses with the tools, alerts, and insights to get the most out of social media.

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Brand Listen  

Social Media Marketing Online Tool

Brand Listen  

Social Media Marketing Online Tool