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PRIME Partnerships in International Medical Education is an international network of professional healthcare educators, committed to integrating rigorous science and compassionate care for the whole person. PRIME encourages and supports healthcare professionals to practise and teach sound scientific knowledge and clinical skills, to consider the effects of illness on the whole person - body, mind and spirit - and to provide care with integrity and generous compassion. We do this through delivering teaching programmes and training and resourcing healthcare educators around the world with teaching skills and materials that present evidence for the global health benefits of this approach, and illustrate the practice of patient-centred healthcare. Over the last financial year PRIME tutors delivered 64 separate programmes in 25 different countries across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. This involved over 105 different tutors from many nations serving overseas for a total of over 645 days providing teaching and training to well over 4,300 individuals. Indirectly, we believe that this training will improve the care provided to the thousands of patients each of those individuals will treat, as well as the hundreds of healthcare students they will teach in the course of their careers. Our tutors and partners continue to work extremely hard and many have travelled with great courage into demanding situations. PRIME remains totally committed to its foundational Christian calling, and we are very aware and grateful for the ongoing blessings that we have all witnessed. Praise God. We couldn’t do anything that we do without you so first and foremost, whether you have joined a team, donated money to our general or support

64 programmes

25 countries

105 tutors

645 days of training

4,300+ delegates

funds or helped us out in some other way. Thank you. The organisation is evolving into a horizontally-connected international network of like minded people taking their own initiatives within their culture and calling. The original core group seek to maintain a central facilitating hub, becoming a resourcing and encouraging group rather than a dominant leading team. Numerous opportunities are opening up world wide not only with new and growing national groups, but with academic centres and a range of health-care professionals and institutions. To sustain, resource and expand PRIME's work we urgently need new strategic thinkers and leaders to build a Network that restores the heart of healthcare wherever we have the opportunity. Please pray earnestly for this process - currently the focus of a speciallytasked Forward Planning Group - and ask God if he has a role in mind for you.

This update is intended to provide some encouragement and recognition of all those working so hard to spread the vision of whole person care in different locations around the world, and more importantly to see God’s will be done in the world of healthcare. Our hope and prayer is that it inspires you to get involved in one (or more) of these programmes. To help you find any particular areas of interest we have arranged our updates by continent and then country but if you prefer to search for a particular type of activity we have included an index by healthcare specialty at the end of the document. If you read something that inspires you or about which you would like more information please do get in touch with the Operations Team in the first instance by emailing us on

AFRICA Ethiopia PRIME teams visited Ethiopia several times this year with “Practical, helpful, inspiring varied programmes from training faculty members at a and applicable to the clinical Christian medical school in Addis Ababa, to teaching family teaching situation” medicine residents and building a national PRIME group. Delegate, Ethiopia The teams also contributed to a medical ethics conference for medical professionals at which representatives from the Ministry of Health and the Ethiopian Medical Association were present. PRIME materials have been provided to the Toronto Academic Collaboration who hope to use the whole person healthcare model for teaching in Gonder and Jimma and to SIM (Serving In Mission) who will be promoting whole person healthcare across their teams including employees, medical students and doctors. A further visit is being explored to teach new faculty members and run a two-day mental health conference. Several individuals from Ethiopia attended the PRIME Global Missions Healthcare Pre Conference (GMHC) programme and the PRIME stream at the main GMHC conference in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2016. It is hoped this will strengthen our links in this country initially with a two-day conference to deliver whole person healthcare teaching, and to explore partnership development with the local CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental Association) and to grow PRIME in Ethiopia. Other potential avenues are being explored including teaching at several universities in the country.

Ghana We continue to stay in touch with several contacts in the country, though no events are being developed in detail at present.

Kenya PRIME tutors from Kenya led sessions on whole person healthcare in a special preconference programme immediately prior to the international GMHC Africa 2016 conference which attracts delegates from across Africa and beyond. PRIME tutors also participated at the annual national CMDA Students’ Conference leading sessions on suffering and healing and provided an introduction to whole person medicine for CMDA Kenya volunteers at their leadership training conference. One of our Kenyan tutors led sessions on whole person care and healthcare education at a national conference. Kabarak University continues to utilise the PRIME publication ‘The Good Teacher’ as the core text for their course on reflective learning and teaching as part of their Family Medicine Residency Programme. We were delighted that both our regional lead and two new potential tutors were able to attend the international PRIME Annual Conference - both have pioneered whole person medicine lectures in their places of work - and that a representative from Kenya has joined our Activity Review Group. Looking ahead, opportunities seem to be developing for input at leading universities for medical students and junior doctors/residents and for church leader training via the National Council of Churches of Kenya at their national leaders’ conference.

Mozambique Two PRIME tutors from Portugal delivered training programmes in the three main medical schools of Mozambique to around 200 delegates including students and faculty members. The programme in each location covered whole person care, frameworks for ethical decisionmaking, virtue ethics, and spirituality in healthcare.The former Minister of Health attended the PRIME course in Maputo Medical School and the current Director of the Institute of Health Sciences (the most prestigious nursing school of the country) invited the team to address the opening lecture to about 300 new nursing students, health professionals and members of the faculty. There are possibilities to deliver a full course in this nursing school in the next visit, anticipated for February 2017.

Nigeria PRIME teams, including both local and visiting tutors, continue their involvement in Nigeria with several very successful programmes delivered during the year. Our local partners and tutors have an exciting vision for whole person healthcare in their country. During the last year PRIME teaching has reached over 1,200 medical professionals, nurse students and teachers, pharmacists, health workers and other related professions in several areas of Nigeria including Ebonyi, Enugu, Ibadan, Ife, and Abia and Imo States. A PRIME-trained doctor led a session on whole person medicine at the CMDA students’ conference in Enugu using materials provided by PRIME. CMDA Nigeria have invited PRIME to deliver a training event in Lagos and at the University College Hospital in Ibadan in July 2017.

Sierra Leone All PRIME activity in Sierra Leone was put on hold during the Ebola crisis. We remain committed to assisting with the regeneration of the decimated healthcare system and email discussions are taking place with various contacts in Sierra Leone to this end. Discussions are only at a basic exploratory stage at present.

South Africa We were unable to attend the CMF South Africa conference in person due to ill health but at their request an introductory DVD was provided for the national CMDA conference. We are exploring invitations to teach at a family medicine department, two new Christian Medical Schools and to contribute to the ACHAP African Christian Health Associations Platform conference in February 2017 around ‘Caring for our patients and each other’ and ‘Enhancing teams and preventing burnout’.

“The lessons are so transforming - I was richly blessed.” Delegate, Nigeria

South Sudan Our Australian partners, Healthserve Australia, are partnering with the National Institute for Health Sciences to train health workers in South Sudan. It seems likely that there will be openings for PRIME tutors to help in this process working with ICMDA and a key medical school for nationals currently operating out of Uganda.

“The context was helpful because I was reminded through the role-plays that sometimes we leave our patients un-helped through the way we handle them.� Delegate, Uganda

Uganda PRIME continues to teach whole person medicine programmes in three clinical schools (which between them produce the GPs of sub-Saharan Africa as well as hospital clinical officers) and our programme for volunteer community health workers. We have also taught several groups of church leaders to encourage them to introduce whole person care by health workers providing both health education and advice within the umbrella of church ministry. This has been in several areas but especially mental health. Several potential new areas of activity are being explored including further input at the clinical officer schools, a new government school, two new church dioceses and a school for nurses and clinical officers from South Sudan who are at present training in Kampala. PRIME tutors are also involved in whole person healthcare teaching and other practical support in prisons.



A new potential partnership is being explored to develop nurse education in the capital Luzaka, initially around compassion and patient-centred care.

PRIME were privileged to be invited to teach the 3rd year students on patientcentred values. The students loved the material and teaching style, embracing the role-plays with gusto. We were invited to attend a faculty meeting where, after seeing the student feedback, the conclusion was that PRIME teaching was needed for each cohort of students as they start their clinical training and again just before they qualify. We hope very much that these developments will be in conjunction with our tutors in Nigeria as well as some from the UK.

Asia Armenia A PRIME team contributed a session on whole person care at the 3rd International Symposium of Family Medicine, a two-day GP update conference for approximately 400 GPs organised by the Yerevan State Medical University Faculty of Family Medicine in conjunction with Armenian Medical Association of Great Britain and GPs from Sweden. One of our tutors was also interviewed by Medical News AM prior to the conference and the article was published online both in Russian and Armenian a few weeks later and therefore reached an even wider audience. They have very succinctly put together the concept of whole person medicine, treating the whole person not just the physical illness, and how this ultimately improved doctor-patient partnership and health outcomes. The plan is to visit the country annually and participate in the symposium as well as look into opportunities to teach in more rural health centres. Another PRIME team contributed to the Armenian Christian Medical Association 10th anniversary celebrations and the 11th ACMA Annual Conference in September. The team included representatives from the fields of nursing, palliative care and disaster management. A PRIME tutor will attend the Yerevan State Medical University GP National Conference where she will deliver a session on ethical issues around breaking bad news. Our main partners in Armenia are looking to us to help them develop further training programmes in family medicine, emergency disaster medicine, palliative care and nursing.

Cambodia The Executive Director of World Mate Emergency Hospital and Handa Medical Clinic in Battambang has contacted PRIME about a potential partnership, requesting help with the teaching of doctors. A PRIME tutor will shortly be visiting the country with a different organisation but he would be pleased to make contact with any PRIME tutors with an interest or calling to Cambodia to explore the possibility of running a PRIME programme in Battambang.

China PRIME Australia is a key part of the newly established Sydney Hainan General Practice Support Network linking colleagues from Sydney, Australia and Hainan Province, China. This high-level network links educators, general practitioners and primary care practitioners in the two countries. As part of the programme six Chinese GP colleagues from major Hainan hospitals visited Australia in May to attend an international medical education PRIME workshop.

India PRIME tutors continue to be involved in the contact phases of the Christian Medical College Vellore MMed Family Medicine programme coordinated by our colleagues at PRIME Australia. The programme now takes place in eleven locations across the country and is now being co-led by local facilitators who have previously undertaken the programme themselves. We anticipate this programme will become self-sufficient in due course as the local facilitators develop further. Indian and British PRIME tutors have delivered palliative care training in seven locations in South India. The audiences were nurses, doctors, students and the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists in government, private and mission hospitals. The emphasis was on caring, whole person healthcare and how to use role-play to teach communicating skills. PRIME participated with two other Christian-based palliative care charities, (EMMS International and Cairdeas) along with the Academy of Global Health, University of Edinburgh. It is hoped to join a similar event in 2017. PRIME is a confirmed contributor to the international ICMDA World Congress 2018 and we look forward to hopefully running a pre or post conference programme on whole person healthcare.

“Thank you for your valuable time and in fact it was a blessing to many of our medical students, and doctors.� Delegate, India



A PRIME team will be visiting Nepal in November and collaborating with the Psychiatric Association of Nepal to run a two-day mental health conference. The team will also be visiting our partner organisation KOSHISH (an NGO which helps those suffering from mental health issues) and teaching various community health groups. The team are anticipating additional opportunities will open up once they are on the ground.

A three-day training the trainers programme was held for healthcare educators at the National University Hospital and in association with the national HCF (Healthcare Christian Fellowship) and tutors from PRIME Australia. The programme was designed to introduce whole person medicine and to enable delegates to teach the principles within their healthcare education activities, as well as their own practice.

South East Asia Two key individuals were able to attend the PRIME Australia Annual Conference recently. A PRIME team will visit in late 2016 to meet with the small CMF group, run a one-day conference in conjunction with NCFI, provide training to an existing School of Nursing, two-days of midwifery training, some CPN/Psychiatry work and some undergraduate teaching at a leading medical school. A small team are involved in expanding our programmes and courses in the area, and helping establish a Nursing and Midwifery Department at a university there.

Europe Albania PRIME tutors continue to support two children's projects, a street-children's project and a girls' safe house. In November 2015, training on child development, mental health problems and the effects of chronic trauma was given to staff workers at both projects. PRIME tutors continue to support the two projects via email and Skype and plan to return to offer further teaching and advice. Further teaching has also been offered to long term PRIME partner, Elbasan Psychiatric Hospital. A separate team has been undertaking further palliative care training in rural areas as well as the main cities and there is also growing interest in establishing a course for the European Certificate of Palliative Care in Kosovo and Albania. PRIME tutors continue to work with longterm partners ABC Clinic in Tirana and supporting their new medical education lead.

Bosnia and Herzegovina PRIME tutors from Bosnia and the UK contributed to the medical student, nursing and resident training in Foca including communication skills, motivational counselling and rheumatology. Local PRIME tutors are involved in a World Health Organisation project to develop a public health strategy for Bosnia which will focus initially on prevention of cardiovascular diseases. One of the primary tasks of this project will be to educate over 600 (70%) of the family doctors and nurses on prevention planning and current practical guidelines by February 2017. Over the next six months the medical school would like to focus more on nursing with plans to develop community-based nursing and reformation of the undergraduate curriculum and we look forward to exploring this with them.

Georgia In May a team of three travelled to Batumi to facilitate a palliative care conference with our local partner, which was attended by 30 people and well evaluated. We will be supporting our partners to develop a palliative care service in this area.

Poland The special elective programme on communication skills for medical, dental, pharmacy and physiotherapy students continues. In parallel one of our partners will be visiting the UK to learn more about introducing and developing a simulated patients scheme. Local and visiting PRIME tutors will be taking part in the inaugural conference of the Communication in Medicine Society organised by the University of Medical Sciences in Warsaw. Communication skills and patient-centred care training continue in Poznań led by our local partners and this year the communication skills training included a special programme for dentists led by a visiting tutor from Sweden. Professor Richard Vincent, PRIME senior tutor, continues to have an official role as visiting professor at Poznań University of Medical Sciences. One of our tutors also led a seminar on ‘difficult patients and anxious families - uneasy conversations in medical practice’ at the Wielkopolska Medical Association conference. Plans are developing for PRIME teaching at a key conference for medical and dental students around managing medical errors.



Our Portuguese tutors gave a PRIME whole person medicine presentation at the XIX ACEPS Annual Conference and are planning a variety of programmes and events in Portuguese speaking countries.

Locally trained faculty in Cluj delivered their first two PRIME training programmes with support and advice from one of our Romania Lead Tutors. A PRIME teacher’s support group has also been established. PRIME continues to have strong links with local partners in Arad and Timisoara and we hope that PRIME will again become active in these regions, possibly with an expansion into nurse education.

Russia A team from the UK helped lead a summer camp for doctors, medical students and others, leading sessions including whole person medicine and a practical seminar on advanced life support, basic surgical skills. A PRIME team also led a conference for the senior MCAR leaders and contributed again to the training the trainers programme at two leading medical schools. PRIME tutors will also be supporting a family medicine conference and visiting various medical schools where they will be providing whole person care and family medicine training.

“I would really just love to thank you for your time and presence. Being there and listening to you moved so much in me. It filled me up with so much desire and passion and hunger to want to do more, to be more. I found the conference very enlightening as I learned a lot from it and it was also a bit self-assessment on my part. I loved all your approaches and everything you said will always resonate in my mind.� Delegate, Russia

United Kingdom A number of on-going PRIME activities in the UK occurred in the past year. Our bi-annual Palliative Care Day took place in London with new and existing tutors and other interested parties meeting together to explore issues relating to palliative care and to find out more about engaging with PRIME programmes. In 2017 PRIME hopes to once again collaborate with two other Christian-based palliative care charities, (EMMS International and Cairdeas) along with the Academy of Global Health, University of Edinburgh in an international palliative care event. Our international Annual Conference (held in Northampton, UK in March) was once again a highly successful event with fourteen nations represented. The annual Mental Health was held on October 14th and drew 26 individuals from a wide variety of disciplines and professions related to mental health. The morning short presentations on a wide range of topics were followed by round table workshops and an excellently presented session on psychological first aid. The feedback was extremely positive. Many were new to PRIME and expressed keen interest in teaching with us. This will greatly enhance our ability to provide teaching in mental health in a wide variety of settings.

United Kingdom, continued‌ We also held a special conference for team leaders to explore together ways to support them and to develop programmes further. The PRIME Sheffield Regional Group goes from strength to strength with regular meetings which include updates from tutors involved in PRIME programmes in Armenia, Cambodia, Nigeria, India, Russia and the Values Added programme running in Hull. Some individuals have been travelling quite some way to attend these evening meetings. A sub-group of tutors periodically discusses possible new UK-based PRIME initiatives. These include further development of aspects of the Values Added programme to form an accredited university course. Meanwhile new materials continue to be developed with module three being piloted in Hull and almost ready for general release. PRIME tutors contribute in various ways to NHS training programmes including a one-day programme on values and compassion in health and healing, GP training schemes and more. Early discussions are also underway with several agencies possibly interested in working together with PRIME in the support of NHS staff on the ‘front line’.

Ukraine PRIME tutors contributed teaching on general and palliative care topics as workshops within the 6th International Christian Medical Association of Ukraine conference in Poltava. This was largely organised by the students themselves with help and encouragement from Ukraine Medical Outreach (UMO) and a local PRIME tutor. Openings for involvement in university and postgraduate institutions continue to be explored in conjunction with UMO and MEI (Medical Education International). Plans for the 7th Conference are well advanced with PRIME tutors once again contributing to these exciting conferences which attract delegates from many, many nations who are training in Ukraine before returning to their home country and hence we see these conferences as strategic. Tutors who have attended this conference return much encouraged by those they meet and teach. Joining one of these teams is a good introduction to working overseas. Without a doubt there will be further such conferences in the years to come.

North America United States of America We remain connected via the GMHC Africa at which we participated this year (see Kenya) and by connection to the information system at A colleague at Medical Education International is currently working on a PhD thesis on the PRIME whole person medicine programme and what makes it “attractive, accepted, valued, and taught by healthcare professionals from both genders and a variety of locations, cultures, and faith groups”.

South America Brazil Our first ever PRIME programme in Brazil is scheduled for March 2017 in Curitiba during the 2nd Portuguesespeaking ICMDA conference. There will be a pre-conference programme (1.5 days) and a PRIME presentation during the main conference programme. It is expected that Christian doctors from Portugal, Angola and Mozambique will attend this international meeting.

Peru Two PRIME tutors ran a four day programme in Peru in October with the Association of Christian Health Professionals as a launch event for PRIME in South America (two days on whole person care and a day and half on teaching to change hearts). This led to them forming a PRIME Peru group with plans to pass on the teaching to colleagues. They were given Spanish translations of all the material in the two courses to help spread the PRIME vision locally and more widely across S America, with support and prayer from the UK and Portuguese branches of PRIME.

“The aim of this teaching trip is also to envision some of those there to become a group of South American PRIME tutors who could extend the vision throughout the continent.” Senior Tutor, Portugal

Oceania Australia Our PRIME programme continues to collaborate with partners in India, China, and Singapore. The PRIME Australia Annual Conference took place in Sydney this year and included colleagues from China, Indonesia and South East Asia. The visitors from China came as part of a government funded project to encourage General Practitioner / Family Doctor teachers and network with HealthServe and University of Sydney – The Hainan Sydney GP Support Network. The connections came through PRIME Australia tutor’s visits to Hainan to attend the ‘Chicken Docs’ annual conference of expatriate and Chinese Christian doctors.

Papua New Guinea PRIME Australia continues to support various programmes in PNG. The ‘Papua New Guinea Health Care Manual’ is now in its third edition with implementation planned in conjunction with the Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea.

Indonesia A PRIME Australia tutor gave a presentation on ‘emerging global health issues’ at an international conference on ‘Christian Responses to Global Health Issues’ and was able to make a variety of new contacts in that region in particular.

Philippines PRIME tutors attended and contributed to the NCFI (Nurses Christian Fellowship International) World Congress running a PRIME pre conference stream, attended by many of the senior NCFI personnel, a teaching the teachers course and a plenary session in the main programme. The Congress attracted nurses from around the world and resulted in several new avenues being explored.

The PRIME Network The PRIME Network is open to individuals involved in any aspect of healthcare committed to practising and teaching evidence-based medicine that includes psycho-spiritual and relational dimensions and embodies altruism and compassion. Network Members come from countries all around the world who are committed to whole person, compassionate care in their practise, example, teaching and encouragement of others. They are all also in sympathy with the teachings and example of Jesus. By joining the PRIME Network, members receive: •

electronic versions of the PRIME Newsletter and International emails

announcements of PRIME conferences worldwide

access to additional resources on the website

The PRIME Network has nearly 1,000 individual members from over 85 different countries and at least 32 different professions within healthcare. Network Members receive a monthly international email which seeks to encourage and inspire the practice and teaching of whole person healthcare, the PRIME Newsletter which keeps them up to date with PRIME’s activities and advance notice of PRIME conferences and other events that might be of interest. Network Members also have access to a special area on our website. We are hoping over time to develop this area, but it already includes details of PRIME publications, core teaching resources and current tutor opportunities. Find out more about the PRIME Network at

PRIME Training Discovering the Heart of PRIME Equipping Tutors and Team Leaders 24th to 26th November, 2016 Theddingworth, Leicestershire, UK This conference is designed for all those who have usually attended an introductory PRIME conference or event but wish to be more involved with PRIME in the future. You may have recently discovered PRIME or been a tutor for a while but wish to go deeper into developing teaching skills, become more engaged with how PRIME functions, consider leading event teams or all of these. Whilst we are a charity that encourages medical education, this is not primarily a course on how to teach - it is a course about how to integrate whole person, compassionate, creative, learner-centred medical teaching into courses in order to reach the heart and change attitudes. In order to achieve this, come prepared to be interactive and share your skills, ideas and prayers with each other.

PRIME International Annual Conference 22nd to 25th March 2017. Northampton, UK PRIME’s Annual Conference has become a wonderful place for meeting and encouragement. Last year we welcomed 108 participants, with representatives from over 14 countries. Everyone is welcome to join us to share experiences, learn from one another and take part in our formal teaching sessions from those ‘just looking’ to those already involved in PRIME’s teaching in many different settings. The main conference will be led by experienced PRIME tutors, though contributions from partners and participants will also feature in the always popular ‘Spotlight’ sessions. Booking will open in late Autumn.

More information about these events and more can be found on our website

Working with others The principles of the working relationship between PRIME and NCFI are being reviewed prior to the development of a new Memorandum Of Understanding between the two organisations. PRIME is also involved in early discussions about establishing a new European Christian Health Network. Our primary role is likely to be delivering some further training and development for members of the proposed network.

Developing Mental Health The PRIME publication Developing Mental Health (DMH) has now published eight editions, each with a different focus relating to mental health in developing nations. DMH already has over 130 subscribers in 34 countries since its relaunch earlier in the year. Themes include ‘Psychological First Aid’, ‘Violence isn’t Mental Illness’, ‘Dignity in Mental Health’, ‘Mental Health - a Major Global Health Issue’, ‘Adolescent Mental Health’, and ‘Children and War’. Each edition includes practical and inspirational contributions from an international team of healthcare professionals, highlights relevant articles from the academic world and practical tools to help and support individuals working on the front line. A supporting website and archive have been established at

Specialty Index

Allied Health Professionals

Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, South Sudan, Uganda

Church Leaders

Kenya, Uganda



Emergency / Disaster Healthcare



Armenia, Ethiopia, Mozambique

Faculty Training

Albania, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Uganda, Zimbabwe

General Practice / Family Doctors

Armenia, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Ethiopia, India, Russia, South Africa

International Conferences

Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, UK

Junior Doctors / Residents

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Medical Students

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, South East Asia, Uganda, Ukraine, Zimbabwe

Mental Health

Albania, Ethiopia, Nepal, South East Asia, Uganda, UK


Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mozambique, Nigeria, Philippines, Romania, South East Asia, Uganda, Zambia

Palliative Care

Albania, Armenia, Georgia, India, UK, Ukraine

Prison Health


Whole Person Healthcare

Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Singapore

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This update is intended to provide some encouragement and recognition of all those working so hard to spread the vision of whole person care...

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