PRIME Bursary Impact Update, 2017

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2017 Bursary Impact Update Thanks to your support we were able to fund bursaries for 14 key individuals from various countries to join us at the 2017 Annual Conference… as well as their own personal benefit each of them report new activities to help spread whole person care in their contexts as a direct result of attending the conference. Not only that, the spotlight presentations they gave added a truely international and inspiring flavour to the event.

Dr N, Nigeria “I want to sincerely thank PRIME International for the opportunity of attending the 2017 conference. It has greatly changed my practise as a healthcare professional and further equipped me as a medical teacher. Applying the principles I learnt from ‘Jesus the Teacher’ has made my teaching of medical undergraduates simpler and more interesting. The conference also further equipped me for my role as the CME coordinator of CMDA Nigeria, with the responsibility of coordinating all aspects of continuing medical education in CMDA Nigeria. The conference also prepared me to bring positive change to medical practice in my environment through the introduction of whole person care.”

Father S, South East Asia “I am very grateful to PRIME for providing me an opportunity to attend the Annual Conference. Personally it enabled me: •

To know the situation of different countries especially their minorities and disadvantage people.

To meet brave, Spirit filled, God fearing, high calibre and well decorated professionals who despite of different challenges (e.g. language, culture, religion, dictatorship etc), serve humanity globally.

To strengthen my faith and soul through their strong faith witnesses and spiritual atmosphere.

In short it has given me a new spirit, zeal and orientation. As a priest I already believed in Jesus’ holistic approach (body, mind and spirit), however this conference has endorsed

and strengthened my belief. During the introductory session the slide with title ‘Full Enlightenment’ where humanities, religion, science and medicines are reconciling with each other under the cross was very inspiring.”

Dr M, Kenya “I wish to pass my gratitude for the full sponsorship afforded to me to attend the Annual PRIME International Conference in Northampton, United Kingdom in the first quarter of this year between 23rd and 27th March, 2017. The visit and participation in the conference accorded me great insight in the principles of Whole Person Medicine. Moreover, the interaction and witness of colleagues was inspiring and memorable. The cordial welcome and hospitality of your team was unmatched.”

Dr D, Kenya “I would want to appreciate the board of PRIME International for giving the opportunity through the bursary in 2017 Spring to travel to Northampton to attend a very educative and informative conference. The bursary enabled me to travel and stay in Northampton for the duration of the conference. During the conference, I got the opportunity to listen to the PRIME vision and mission afresh. It was refreshing to hear the need to go out and bring the whole person gospel to the world that is sick and needy, not just physically but psychologically, spiritually, socially and economically. It opened my eyes to the need beyond my boundaries and the necessity to be involved in bringing this good news to the world. It enabled me to network with others from around the world who are also involved in this great work; from Nigeria, from South Africa, from UK and Romania. Those involved in South East Asia and the many heartwarming stories of how God is reaching out using this principle of whole person medicine. I also got the opportunity to volunteer to work

with others in furthering this work, not just in Kenya but in the region and in the world through writing articles and leading groups in conferences that I attend. The need to look at patients wholesomely and to minister to them as people made in the image of God. One of the greatest lesson for me, that has helped me in the teaching of health care student is the method of Jesus teaching of asking question. What it does is to help student be reflective and think about the problem of the patients. I am currently writing a protocol to validate the Reflective Thinking Scale at the University of Nairobi.�

Dr S, India “What I learned through the PRIME educational resources helped me to understand the difference between ethics- how you should behave- and values- why you should behave. This understanding about values-based education and the need to teach Christian values, as part of medical education has been a paradigm shift in my view of being a medical educator. I have understood why medical education must be taken as a calling from the Lord, how teaching is a mission in itself. This understanding has led to my decision to take the lead in forming a network of Christian medical educators in India. I now see the value of investing in students and bringing the Christian values into the teaching sessions that I have. I also see the need as a Christian medical educator to demonstrate Christian values in my relationship with my colleagues and other staff. I have understood why modelling is so crucial in education. This is not easy, but the Lord has used PRIME to remind me of this aspect of being a teacher. I have used the PRIME resources to teach medical students, postgraduate trainees in Family Medicine and junior doctors. Medical students come to our unit for two weeks of rotation in Family Medicine. I had to take a session for the students. As introduction, I used the video on whole person medicine from PRIME and had a brief discussion on it. This video helped me to understand the different aspects of caring for the whole person and also present it to the students to help them be sensitive to issues beyond the physical. I had to take another session for the Family Medicine residents and junior doctors on professionalism. Usually this session is from a very academic point of view. I found the video on professionalism from PRIME a very useful tool. I used to video to have a discussion with the

students and explained the need to be doctors with values. The National Board of Examinations, India, started a new national webcast for Family Medicine residents that will be telecast live to all the trainees in the country. I was asked to give the first talk about principles of Family Medicine. In my talk I brought in the concept of whole person medicine and the need to see the patient as a whole with a mind, body, and spirit. This was a step to sensitise the postgraduate trainees to the concept of whole person medicine and I plan to teach this in other meetings for the trainees. There is a state level Family Medicine conference coming up in January and I plan to speak about whole person care there also. CMC has a medical education department which is actually a nodal centre of training for the medical council of India. I got some materials for the department from PRIME when I came for the conference. I had a meeting with the head of the department. She is a committed Christian and was very keen to include teaching about whole person medicine in CMC. I handed over all the resources I got from PRIME to her and we had a few follow up discussions too. We are planning a seminar on whole person medicine / Teaching like Jesus/ Values in medical education; the dates have not been finalised.�

Sadly five other agreed bursaries went unclaimed as the UK Immigration Service declined visas for those individuals. We hope to be able to welcome them to another conference in the future.

This year we will also be looking to fund bursaries for more key partners to attend our International Annual Conference. If you would like to support the Bursary Fund again this year please mark any donations clearly, so that we can identify them.

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