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The PM’s Reading Room _ Semester 1 2013 _ OHM CHAICHAVALIT _ Level 9 _ S3172381 _ Tutor : TIM PYKE & MARK RAGGATT


Alfred Deakin 1856 - 1919


Born in Fitzroy, Melbourne


Died in South Yarra, Victoria

- - and

Lawyer, and worked as journalist


He was the only PM to reject title ‘Right Honorable’.

Father of Federation The High Court, the navy and military defence, copyright, old-age pensions

- Deakin’s total period in office amounted to four years and ten months, the longest time served by any of the six Prime Ministers to 1915

“ I act alone, live alone, and think alone”

24 September 1903 to 27 April 1904

“the three elevens”

Deakin’s first term as Prime Minister was characterised by him as being like ‘three elevens trying to play in the same cricket match’ because the three parties did not have a majority support in both house. Deakin’s government supported by Labor party.

In January 1904, Deakin attended the cricket Test match in Adelaide, and when he spoke at a public meeting in Melbourne a fortnight later he asked: ‘What kind of a game of cricket, compared with the present game, could they play if they had three elevens instead of two, with one playing sometimes with one side, sometimes with the other, and sometimes for itself?

Alfred Deakin

Chris Watson

George Reid

‘ Great Builder ’ IThe High Court, set up a system of industrial relations governed by law and a publicly run welfare system, also began the construction of an expensive Royal Australian Navy.

“ judas!! judas!! judas!!”

In Alfred Deakin‘s period, he changed side 3 three times. But In 1909 event, what make his image got worst because Alfred Deakin betrayed Labor party and joined party with the “Anti-Socialists”. He became PM for the third time. Alfred Deakin earned the nick name Judas.

1900 - 1915


Victorian Italianate (Boom-Style)

Federation period 1890 - 1915

The Bendigo Joss House, a Chinese place of worship


1900 The birth of the modern metropolis

Futurist Manifesto of Architecture Antonio Sant’Elia 1912

Metropolis George Grosz 1916

Unique Forms of Continuity in Space Umberto Boccioni 1913

Elephant Trunk Table Adolf Loos 1899

Double-sided desk Carlo Bugatti 1900



The period of “the three elevens”

Not safe

Have to be careful

The PM’s Reading Room _ Semester 1 2013 _ OHM CHAICHAVALIT _ Level 9 _ S3172381 _ Tutor : TIM PYKE & MARK RAGGATT

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