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Election Results: Division of Macquarie 1940: 44.6% Ben Chifley

40.3% John Lawson

1943: 65%

27.6% Arthur Hebblewhite

Ben Chifley

1946: 58.4% Ben Chifley

29.9% Eric Spooner

1949: 57.7% Ben Chifley

38.8% Bob Cotton

1951: 61.8% Ben Chifley

38.2% Bob Cotton

Bathurst Demographics: Population: 33,110 (2010) Occupation: 23.1% Professionals (Large education sector) 12.9% Technicians and Trade workers

City of Bathurst Local Social and Political Issues: 1940 - Army camp in Bathurst that became a migrant reception and training centre. 1948 - First group of migrants arrived, up to 10,000 residents. 1951 - Attempts to establish a university college. 1970 - Mitchell College of Advance Education. 1989 - Became part of Charles Stuart University.

Prime Minister’s Library J.B. Chifley Library, ANU

Joseph Benedict Chifley (1885–1951) was Prime Minister of Australia from 1945 to 1949 and his government introduced the Bill which led to the establishment of the Australian National University in 1946. Chifley took a strong interest in the development of the University and played a role in attracting eminent Australian-born academics to return to Australia to staff the new University. He also saw clearly the need for generous expenditure on long-range research projects.


Bathurst Railway Station

Bathurst High School

Charles Stuart University, Bathurst

St Michael & St John’s Cathedral

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