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Issue # 212 ISSN: 1821 - 8075 01st- 07th December/2016



Your Health is Important to Us


Plot 589 Yacht Club RoadCoral, Masaki Peninsula Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Phone:+255-22-2601265, 255-22-2601276, +255-22-2601296 Email:

Our Services

24 Hours emergency and casualty 24 Hours Pharmacy 24 Hours Laboratory 24 Hours Operation Theatre In patient & Outpatient Facility Radiology Services General X-rays CT Scan 3D/4D Ultrasound Mammography Bone Densitometry

Physiotherapy Occupational Health Check ups Execute Medical check ups Travel/Childhood Vaccinations

Our Specialties IVF & FIBROID Clinic Radiology General Surgery Internal Medicine Cardiology Gastroenterology Ophthalmology Emergency Medicine Orthopedics Dermatology Pediatrics Neurology Psychiatry Nutritional Counselling Obstetrics & Gynecology



George & Dragon

Get your weekend party ON with the beautiful view at the roof top of Holiday Inn. Bar open till 2 am every night serving! Phenomenal food from different cuisines. Open 7 days a week and perfect for a girls night! Azikiwe Street - Upanga t: +255 22 2139250

A bonafide English pub where they pull pints, broadcast Premier League games and serve pub grub like fish and chips. There's a DJ in the garden twice a week. Haile Selassie Rd, Msasani 4pm-midnight Tue-Fri, 2pm-midnight Sat, 1-11pm Sun 0717 800 002


+255 755 963 686


Monday-Sunday Happy hour at Onyx Lounge Saturday Indian Nite at Bandari Grill with live music Thursday African Nite at Bandari Grill with live music

TEL: 2117050





Karaoke every Thursdays from

8pm till dawn. Join us for a fun filled experience, bigger and better than ever before – now @ Iguana Restaurant Food and drinks available and a wide range & variety of songs to choose from. Rose garden road, Mikocheni Tel: 0757 438 834

Located along the attractive Toure Drive with direct views of the Indian Ocean, Salt offers the discerning diner a tantalising selection of wholesome, delicious snacks and meals Phone:+255 783 180024 +255 784 277388 Toure Drive / Ghubba Road Dar es Salaam

Sunday Swahili Night: Get a real flavour of Tanzania at Our Swahili Night from 18:30-22:30 Tshs 48.000pp Saturday Samaki Garden Night: Savour an eclectic mix of fresh seafood, complimented by melodies from a live saxophonist, every Saturday from 18:30 -Tsh 60,000 pp

TEL: 0770 000 006


Thursday Live, Banana Zorro & the B band from 8:30pm Friday Live Bora Bora Band from 9pm Music, BBQ and Cold Beer Saturday DJ playing old and new tunes Buy 1 bottlr of Konyagi and get 4 Soda's FREE! All premier league games live on the screens! Sunday Wined down your week, 2 glasses of house Wine for TShs. 9000. All premier league games live on the screens! 0653 980 745


2nd Dec Une Bouteille a la mer Venue : Alliance Francaise Time : 6:30 pm Tal is 17 and Naim is 20. She is Israeeli and he is Palestinian. She lives in Jerusalem and he lives in Gaza. They were born on the land of scorched earth, where fathers buy their children. They must endure an explosive situation that is not of their choosing at an age where young people are falling in love and taking their place in adult life. 2nd – 4th Dec Swahili Fashion Week The 9th edition of the east, central and southern Africa’s largest Fashion Event and Awards. Venue Kinondoni Masaki 3rd Dec The Nyama Choma Festival Nyama choma December edition full of surprises. Venue : Leaders club, Kinondoni 3rd Dec International day of Persons with Disabilities Venue : Jane Goodalls Roots and Shoots Youth council of Tanzania 10th Dec Dance Art fusion Gala Now that you’ve been learning for a while its time to show off your new moves. Talk to your teacher to start getting ready! Venue : Dance Art Fusion Academy Time : 5pm

Contact Tel: +255 767 711120 Email:

TOP Capetown Fish Market

Serves up seafood and sushi dishes, cocktails with magnificent views of the peninsular bay. Phone:+255758888994 180 Msasani Bay Dar es Salaam


News Café

Enjoy the beast brunch and lunch at News Cafe Dar es Salaam, all day, every day. Haile Selassie Rd, Phone:+255 22 266 6655 Open 8AM–11:30PM

Deli @ Ramada Encore Enjoy a light and freshly made meal with a cool beverage in the heart of Dar es Salaam! The Ground Level Cafe at Ramada Encore Hotel is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a healthy menu offered with a wide range of hot and cold beverages. Phone:+255 (0) 222 343 434 Ghana St Dar es Salaam

Samaki Samaki “Fish & More A fan of sea food? Samaki Samaki “Fish & More has a wide variety of sea food cooked to perfection & if you are not into sea food, No Problem! Beef, Mutton, Chicken they have it all! A perfect spot to enjoy a meal with your friends socializing or even watching the match. Stop by and enjoy the perfect pub atmosphere and the ultimate youth experience with the high tables and bar benches! Karaoke every Wednesday night! Branches at Mlimani City, City Center Diamond Plaza & Masaki Open every day 10AM - 10AM 0758 812 223

Al Basha The real Lebanese taste. Our middle eastern cuisine has been serving guests for over 20 years. We proudly prepare each wrap, salad or plate as if we were making it for our family. Our traditional recipeswill have you coming back again and again. Branches at Masaki, toure drive, seacliff village & City center 022 260 1288 11am to 11pm

AKEMI Bar & Happy Hour

Open evertday from 10am, our classy bar offers great selection of cocktails an extensive wine menu with unbeatable view and delicious bar snacks. Monday to friday we have a Happy Hour with drink promotioons from 5-7pm, with live band entertainment every friday 21st Floor, Golden Jubilee Towers, Ohio St Tell:+255 753 360 360

Epi d’or Cafe Popular for breakfast and lunch in Dar .Epi d’or Coffee Shop offers French bakery, Lebanese specialties and brick oven pizza. Fresh-made juices and specialty coffees. The atmosphere is relaxing, music is great and wireless internet, makes it perfect for relaxing and work.

Hours Tue–Sun,7:30 AM - 10:30 PM.

Halle Sellasie Road, Masaki Phone: +255222601663



SALAD AND SOUP OUR salad has lots of flavour from crisp sweetcorn, tangy red onion,tomatoes classic potato salad.

Surrounded by a panoramic 180° view of the Indian Ocean combined with our chef’s fantastic cooking, lively music, warm atmosphere and the great team of staff makes for a no better way to enjoy your perfect evening! Sea Cliff Hotel, Masaki Call +255 763 935 867

Every Friday nights - Roof top Jazz. LIVE BAND From 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm Every Saturday nights - DUSK to DJ Soulful sets - Gourmet buffet - Premium wine From 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Kilimanjaro Hyatt Regency 0764 701 234

A guaranteed family favourite And soup combines the classic combination of sweet carrots .

DOUBLE TREE BY HILTON OYSTERBAY Marimba restaurant Breakfast and lunch Lunch Buffets Piamo lounge Snacks Menu Oasis Pool Bar TEL: 0770 000 006

Oktopbang Korean Restaurant & Bar - Masaki

BBQ live cooking at the table samora street,New posta cell:+255767899318

TEL: 0789 106 151 E:

Unseen & Untold often remains Unsold. Advertise small and classified ads on this page in Prime Advertising magazine starting at Tzs 10,000 only. Send your ad to or 0755 686868. Or contact us for further clarifications -0767711120.

We give you more than others.



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LOCAL DISHES & BBQ Baraza Grill, Café & Bar at Southern Sun Hotel

Brand New Extension of Mamboz Corner BBQ in City Centre of Dar-esSalaam. Brand new Menu from Indian Chefs ranging from Indian Cuisines to Indo-Chinease and our all time favorite Mamboz Classic Menu

+255 784 243 734 212 Maweni st | Upanga,

For all day meals, you won’t want to miss out on the fusion of Swahili and continental cuisine Breakfast. Mon to Fri 04h30 -11h00 Weekends and Public Holidays 06h00 – 13h00. Early breakfast can be served on request. Lunch and Dinner at the Mon to Sun 11:00 – 22:00 Phone:+255222137575 Garden Avenue Dar es Salaam

Mamboz Corner BBQ

The most interesting thing about Mamboz is the different variety of tastes to experience all prepared to compliment the local taste of Dar e salaam. Come enjoy the indian food cooked traditionally the east African way, or the MZINGA meal that compliments all the east African BBQ meats. If you love the East African taste, Mamboz corner is your GO – TO. Location - 3 Libya Street, Morogoro Rd Opening Hours - 6PM–12:30AM

Girls Guide to Grilling

(Anything a man can do, a woman can do better! With a little help from Prime ofcourse) Outdoor grilling is a staple for summer cooking. While most men love to take the reigns, more and more women are getting their grill on. For those who are a bit shy with the metal tongs while maneuvering a grill, we have some tips so that anyone can master the art of grilling. From the Chef Jerrett Joslin of Texas steakhouse, The Wild Mushroom, Prime Advertising team found some expert tips to teach novices how to be experts on the grill. “It’s all about being confident and have a few basic tools and tricks up your sleeve. Once you know the basics, anyone can master the grill,” noted Joslin

Below is his guide to grilling: 1. It all begins – and ends – with the beef. Unmatched for taste and tenderness, it Page


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features superior marbling—the fat speckled throughout the meat that gives the steak its great flavor. Marbling is a primary indicator of a steak’s quality. 2. But since only 2% of all beef is good enough to be graded as prime, it’s always in short supply. So if you can’t find prime beef at your butcher or supermarket, which is often the case, the next best grade is choice. When you buy choice, be sure to look for cuts with abundant marbling. 3. Size Does Matter! In grilling, all steaks are not equal. Thickness is very important. Steaks at least 1” to 1½” thick are best for grilling. Their marbling and thickness make ribeye, New York strip, porterhouse and T-bone steaks ideal for grilling. They are all flavorful, but the steaks with a bone, such as porterhouse and T-bone, have even more flavor. The thicker cuts can sear on the outside and still not be overdone inside. While a thinner cut, anything under an inch, is likely to dry out on the grill.

Summys BBQ Serves Local Delicacies like Chicken BBQ, Mishkaki, BBQ Prawns or fish with Rice or Chips. The food is cooked in a way to compliment the taste of foreigners who would like a bit of their country in the local food. They serve cuisines like Chinese and Indian as well but are best known for their BBQ and local delicacies. Location : Jamhuri St, Dar es Salaam, Phone: +255 655 786 697 Opening Hours: 6PM–12AM

4. Bring ‘em in from out of the cold. Steaks should be at room temperature before grilling. 5. It’s got to be hot! Pre-heat the grill to 600-800 degrees and keep it at that temperature for 30 to 45 minutes before putting the steaks on. It’s during the first few minutes of grilling that the high temperature sears the meat, forming the coating that seals in those tasty juices In fact, Morton’s chefs agree that high direct heat is almost as important as the meat itself. 6. Stick a fork in it? Never!! Always use tongs or a spatula to turn over a steak during grilling. And resist the temptation to use a fork to test the steak for doneness as its being grilled. A fork will pierce the meat and allow the juices to seep out. Sticking a fork (or a meat thermometer) into a steak during grilling is almost like testing an egg by breaking it open while it’s being boiled. 7. Medium or rare? A done deal. it’s all in the palm of your hand: • For a rare steak: Squeeze the pad at the base of your thumb. It should feel spongy and offer very little resistance. • For a medium steak: Press on the middle of the palm of your outstretched hand. It should feel firm and snap back quickly. • For a well-done steak: Squeeze the base off your small finger. It should feel very firm, with almost no give. However, Morton’s chefs strongly advise against cooking beyond medium, noting that doing so is likely to dry out the meat and rob it of its flavor and tenderness. Instead of a Turkey, try grilling steak this Thanksgiving. Your family may actually be thankful

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Offer Valid till Stocks Last

Mlimani City Centre Mlimani| |Pugu PuguRoad Road| |City Centre || Moshi Moshi || Arusha Arusha



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THE TOXIC TRADE. Mary excitedly exclaimed when she saw her favourite benefit mascara for a fantastic price on Instagram. She contacted the seller and waited for it to be delivered. Her happiness was short-lived when her mascara arrived. The packaging looked off and the bristles were inconsistent. She didn't think much of it and went on to apply it." My eyes itched and were swollen for 5 days" she recalled. When Mary contacted the seller she found out it was a counterfeit product. Research done into counterfeit products states that it is a global epidemic and that 90% of these counterfeit products are produced in cheap, unhygienic factories in China where the manufacturing cost is cheaper. In the year 2015 alone TFDA seized 135 million shillings worth of fake drugs and cosmetics. Counterfeit products have been known to cause allergic tions, skin rashes, and even E Coli. Prolonged usage of the chemicals in these products could cause severe organ damage.

First: please change email into : Second : please remove the ZTE中 and put

There are several ways to detect if a cosmetic item is a counterfeit. Check the pricing of the product the cheaper it is the more chances of it being fake, thoroughly inspect the labels for uneven fonts, incorrect shade names, pay attention to the packaging & swatch the colour before applying. As Rachel Zoe says "it's better to have fewer things of quality than too much expendable junk". Contributed by - Sayyeda Karim


Network System Integration | Cabinet Switch Router PABX | Fiber cable, telephone cable Network cable and cabling products | Security solutions CCTV installation Access system Security Alarm


Block 75 Indira Gandhi Street/ Morogoro Rd/ Near Tronic - Dar es salaam- Tanzania Tel: +255 688 857313, +255 652 886666, Email:

Quality is our first priority.



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Dar es Salaam - Hodari Chapter


Why choose to be or use BNI members? SIMPLE!

We meet the highest standards of customer sasfacon in order to maintain membership

Deals with Solar PV Systems | Solar street lights Power back up Systems | Solar water Pumping systems Solar Water Heater | Pico Solar | Mini Grids

Ground Floor, Ubungo Plaza Tel: +255-22-2460-100 Fax: +255-22-2460-100

We empower people to reach their true potential Don't think of adding more resources. We make your team produce more through...

• Psychometric evaluation • Soft skills training • Team building programs

Noor Manzil Building, 1st Floor Opposite IPS Building 759/10 Azikiwe St Tell +255 78 4711 622 Dar - es – Salaam

PROPERTY SHOP Selling, Letting and Marketing

Estate Management Tel: +255 784 844704 / +255 784 731315 Email:-

Vist us: Mikocheni near TMJ hospital or Online Tel: +255 767 711 120 Email:

Business =breakfast mee’ng held every Thursday @ 7am at New Africa Hotel Tel: +255 784 844 704 E-mail: With over 145,000 members worldwide,BNI is the largest business networking and referral marketing organization in the world. Last year alone, BNI generated 6.9 million referrals resulting in $3.1 billion dollars’ worth of business for its members.



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Unwind Saloon

Danish Hair Design is located in Kawe Beach, It is an international salon dealing with all types of hair. Services offered include: •Hair Design • Hair Treatments • Facials • Massages • Steam Room • Mani Pedi Working hours Mon:10am-6pm Tue:10am-6pm Wed:10am-6pm Thu:10am-6pm Friday:10am-6pm Saturday:10am-4pm Sunday:Closed

We care about hair style and piducare,mincuare spa, message, facial, waxing Upanga, krstyal tower, plot505 shop no 1, kelanga street, Dsm Phone+255688522270 Mobile +2550763199760

Phone +255782201055

We look forward to welcoming you!

Phimona Fashions

We sell women clothes, shoes, handbags, fashion/beauty accessories including earrings, necklaces, bras lets, watches

Eazy's Batik Shop

Plot no. 581 Haileselassie Road, Masaki


The Esquire Room Tanzania is an abode predominantly for gentlemen, offering barbering and spa services. We have a great variety of HAIR, FACE and BODY Treatments. We provide SPECIAL WEDDING PACKAGES as well as GIFT packages for MEN! Messanger@EsquireRoomTz

First Step Fashion (T) Limited

Selling Clothing And Shoes For Ladies And Gents Sea Cliff Village Phone +255767449797


Shop for handmade Batik fabrics. Each piece is a unique artwork, batiked according to traditional methods by Eazy Mjema. There is also a skilled sewer who can make your shirts, blouses and skirts. Phone:+255 754 339 851 Yatch Club Road



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Phone:+255 776 333 110

arriages are made in heaven - but there's a lot to prepare and co-ordinate for the wedding. The most elegant manicures, gorgeous hairdos, classy outfits and airbrushed makeup. Amongst all this glitz and glamour of the wedding, the attention should be given to achieving glowing & blemish-free skin. Here's how to get a clear and luminous skin for your big day.

Use a small amount of aloe vera with cold pressed coconut oil and apply on your body after a shower for a nourished, radiant skin.

Cleanse your skin regularly - Cleanse your skin regularly to get rid of dirt, makeup and other toxic elements. Use cleansers that are suitable for your skin types or make a natural skin cleanser by combining 1tsp of honey with a tsp of lemon juice & apply it on your face and neck. Massage and wash away after 5mins.

Don't experiment - Three weeks before the wedding stop experimenting with any new skincare regimes, hair colours or even makeup. Any adverse reaction could take up to a couple of weeks to subside and that's the last thing you want.

Moisturise your skin - Dry skin causes itching, cracking and scaling. Moisturization helps create a glowing, youthful skin. Page

Atsoko is the first makeup store in Tanzania with several branches across Dar es Salaam. Come to our branches in Mikocheni, Quality Centre and Kariakoo for advice from our expert beauty advisors and original products from global brands like Maybelline, Revlon, Sleek MakeUP and Depend as well as local brands like Inaya.

Drink lots of water and green tea Not only can green tea help with weight loss and keeping your skin hydrated but its antioxidant properties brighten the skin and reduces acne.

Get plenty of sleep, take less stress and enjoy the most memorable event of your life. Congratulations! Contributed by - Sayyeda Karim

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The look you want when you want it!



• Hair Cutting • Kids Hair Cutting • Machine Shave • Hair Coloring • Facial Treatment • Wave Texturing Bleach • Caucasian / Asian Hair RHG Hair Beauty Saloon P.O Box 3160 Mtama Street, Opposite Mtambani Mosque, Kinondoni- Dar Es Salaam Tel: +255 22 2664 889 / Mob No: +255 713 626 737 / +255 718 562 373 / +255 683 082 313 Email:



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SAP Business One SAP® Business One application is designed Exclusively for Small Businesses Drawing. On SAP’s 35 years of experience with business management software, this is an affordable, awarding - winning product built exclusively for small businesses from the ground up. Because it is a complete, integrated software application, it eliminates the cost and hassle of integrating multiple stand-alone applications. Its intuitive interface and extensive configurability minimizes IT complexities for implementation and ongoing maintenance.

STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH Using an affordable application built for small business

SAP Business One includes all the processes you need to run your entire business. Unlike niche solutions, it provides complete business management functions covering financials, sales, customers, e-commerce, inventory, and operations. And because it is designed specifically for small businesses, it can be installed quickly and is simple to maintain. Most important, it is easy to use. It lets you manage sales - force automation and customer service and support by seamlessly integrating these functions with other business functions across the company. With built-in e-commerce and support for online stores, you can create an online presence, open new sales channels, and reach a broader customer base. The application captures critical data across sales, customers, operations, and financials in a single system for immediate access and use. Intuitive reports based on Microsoft Office Excel allow you to click through relevant data and get answers quickly. Managers can accurately track revenues, costs, and profit margins so they can assess business performance and determine how to improve it. And because the application lets you use Web-based tools, you and your sales team can access customer information from anywhere at any time, enabling you to be more responsive to customer needs. It is easy to set up and configure, and as your business grows, you can adapt and customize SAP Business One to meet your changing needs.

One Application – Multiple Functions

SAP Business One combines a broad range of functions into a single application assisting your business to run smoothly. Accounting and Financials - SAP Business One helps you manage your general ledger, journals, budgets, and accounts payable and receivable. Sales and Customers - you can manage and maintain customer contacts with full Microsoft Outlook synchronization, which results in increased sales effectiveness and stronger customer relationships. E-Commerce and Web Store - Creating an online presence will help you level the playing field against larger competitors by allowing you to reach a broader customer base. With SAP Business One, you can design, build, and configure online stores using customizable templates and tools that manage online catalogs and integrate negotiated customer specific price lists. Purchasing and Operations – It helps manage the complete order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, and returns. Reporting and Administration With SAP Business One, you can capture all critical business data across sales. “Drag -and -relate ” functions and Microsoft Excel reporting functions let you to click through relevant data and get complete information instantly. Inventory and Distribution – It lets you manage your inventory and operations, including quotes, sales orders, shipping, and billing.

Visit us online at for more information on SAP Business One Application.



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Solutions for Small Midsize Businesses

STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS, ACCELERATE ITS GROWTH PROFITABLY Using an Affordable Application Built for Small Businesses

SAP® Business One application offers affordable and convenient ways to manage and grow your entire business profitably.

It is designed specifically for Small and Medium businesses. It helps you streamline processes, act on timely information and drive profit growth


10% OFF

Unlike accounting packages and spreadsheets, it offers what you need to manage your key business areas, including: • Accounting and finance • Sales and customer management • Purchasing and operations • Inventory and distribution • Reporting and administration ITSL LIMITED 17th Floor Ritha Tower Makunganya/Simu Street Plot No 727/11-Dar es salaam Office +255 222111142/3 Mob:+255 753 573721/+255712 573721 Email:|


2nd Floor, Shamo Tower, Bagamoyo Rd, Phone:+255 779 660 022 Hours: · 6AM–10PM


Kawe Mlalakuwa

Open Daily 6AM–9PM


This Colosseum-inspired hotel is 6 km from National Museum of Tanzania and 7 km from the ferry port for boats to Zanzibar. Gymnasium “Physical fitness is vitally important to your quality of life. At our Gymnasium, you will meet others who, just like you, share your enthusiasm for healthy living. ”The philosophy of Gymnasium at Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, The Kilimanjaro is to add an entirely new dimension to your lifestyle, enhancing your opportunities to stay fit and in shape, and creating room for individual training objectives. Not only will you find an environment that is uniquely devoted to fitness and personal training, as well as relaxation, but also you will experience an unsurpassed level of personal attention provided by professional, qualified instructors. Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 24 Hours Please call + 255 764 70 1234

Village Walk, Dsm Phone:+255 675 911 148 Open Daily : 6AM–9PM


6th Floor, Somali St Phone:+255 713 299 459 Open Daily 6AM–9PM

Unseen & Untold often remains Unsold. Advertise small and classified ads on this page in Prime Advertising magazine starting at Tzs 10,000 only. Send your ad to or 0755 686868. Or contact us for further clarifications -0767711120. Haile Selassie Rd, We give you more than others. Phone:+255 22 266 6655



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BUY. SELL . RENT Villas | Apartments | Office Space

+255 767 711 120 / +255 714 031 906




very new year we make resolutions on how we want to be kinder, emphatic and charitable towards the less fortunate. There is nothing more hero-worthy than saving someone's life, and the easiest way to do that is to donate blood. Any healthy person between 17- 65 years who weighs at least 7stone 12lb can donate & you can donate blood after every 16weeks which are approximately every four months. Studies claim that one blood donation could save 3 lives.

As per recent studies, only 50% of people in Tanzania who require blood receives it. Tanzania blood donors institute is one such institute that organizes blood drives, educates the public on the benefits of blood donations and blood transfusions. Blood donation has several benefits to the donor such as ; balances iron levels in the blood, promotes a better blood flow, reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack, helps in weight loss and the psychological happiness in helping someone in desperate need. What better way to claim your status? Donate and be a hero! Contributed by - Sayyeda Karim

Your Health is Important to Us

Plot 589 Yacht Club RoadCoral, Masaki Peninsula Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Phone:+255-22-2601265, 255-22-2601276, +255-22-2601296 Email:

Our Services

24 Hours emergency and casualty 24 Hours Pharmacy 24 Hours Laboratory 24 Hours Operation Theatre In patient & Outpatient Facility Radiology Services General X-rays CT Scan 3D/4D Ultrasound Mammography Bone Densitometry

Physiotherapy Occupational Health Check ups Execute Medical check ups Travel/Childhood Vaccinations

Our Specialties IVF & FIBROID Clinic Radiology General Surgery Internal Medicine Cardiology Gastroenterology Ophthalmology Emergency Medicine Orthopedics Dermatology Pediatrics Neurology Psychiatry Nutritional Counselling Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dental Studio

Masaki: +255 753 601 155 Mbezi: +255 758 601 155 mbezi@dentist.

Aga Khan Hospital Phone:+255 22 211 5151 Open 24 hours SMILES DENTAL CLINIC Smiles dental clinic is a family friendly private dental practice that caters for the holistic dental health needs of Tanzania’s growing elite population. As Tanzania’s growing population becomes better educated and more affluent, people are becoming more aware of and are in demand of esteemed social services including better medical and dental care. Ali Hassani Mwinyi Road, Plot No. 106/27 Nedco Building Mob: +255 716 012

Premier Care Clinic Ltd.  T:+255 22 266 8385 Hindu Mandal Hospital, showroom anudha Chusi St, T:+255222119237

JD Pharmacy Ltd

Viva towers & Toure Dr +255 22 260 2465

You can visit our complete services section and deliver quality dental services and consultation We are operating at Oasis Office Complex , Haile Selassie Road, Msasani, Opp Best Western plus Peninsula Hotel Tel +255 788 938 740


Contact Tel: +255 767 711120 Email: Page


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BONE DISEASES Diagnosis: Lab investigations include: a complete blood count (CBC), serum ALP, Serum calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin D 25 (-0H), Parathyroid hormone (PTH), Calcitonin, Serum protein electrophoresis for multiple myeloma, 24 hour urine calcium to Creatinine ratio, and fertility hormones (Testosterone, luteinizing hormone, or FSH) in case of male hypogonadism since it is associated with osteoporosis. Also liver function and kidney function tests as both organs play a role in the synthesis of Vitamin D 25 (-0H) the biologically active form of vitamin D from diatery vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) produced by the skin after UV radiation (290 – 320 nm) conversion in the presence of dehydrocholesterol. Radiology studies include bone mineral density (BMD) measurement using the dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) machine. Also for post menopausal women and men 50 years or older, vertebral imaging can be used if bone density is unavailable.

Prevention of bone diseases

Bone definition: is the hard, rigid form of connective tissue that constitutes most part of the skeleton for vertebrates mainly made of calcium salts. Osteoid is the un-mineralized, organic portion of the bone matrix which forms prior to maturation of bone tissue. The human skeleton is composed of 270 bones at birth however this total decreases to 206 bones by adulthood because some bones fuse together. The bone mass in the human skeleton attains maximum density around the age of 30 years. Bone diseases are disorders and conditions which cause abnormal development and, or impair normal bone development resulting in weakened bones, inflamed joints, and pain. Among the most prevalent bone diseases worldwide is: Osteoporosis, Paget’s disease, Rickets, Bone cancer, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Acromegaly, Osteomalacia, Fibrous dysplasia, Perthe’s disease, and Osteomyelitis.

Common risk factors for bone diseases: • • • • • • •

Poor nutrition with lack of calcium, and vitamin D insufficiency. Unhealthy habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol. Early menopause for women. Anorexia nervosa: an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat. Family history of bone disease. Having a small body frame, a low bone mass and hence low bone mineral density (BMD). Ethnicity: Blacks have a higher BMD than the New Zealand Maoris, the Caucasians, Whites, and the Asians respectively; Asians having the lowest BMD and are most at risk.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health currently calls for a supplement of 500 – 1000 mg of calcium per day to help scale down the level of age related loss of bone mass among post menopausal women. Building strong bones during childhood and adolescence, emphatically in the first two decades of one’s life is the best defense against most bone diseases. Five steps to optimize bone health include: A balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D from foods like milk, fish, cheese, cereal, honey, and margarine. Weight bearing and resistance training exercises (going to the gym). A healthy lifestyle without smoking and alcohol intake. Bone density testing and medication when appropriate. Regular check- ups with health care professionals about bone health. Make an appointment with our Orthopeadic Surgeons for any bone related problems. Sali International Hospital “Your Health is Important to us”

Phone:+255-22-2601265 | Email:

TRAVEL & HOLIDAYS Rickshaw Travels Ltd

Bonvoyage Travel Centre   Opposite UNICEF Building Bibi Titi Mohammed Street Tel: +255 2119024/25/26/27 Fax: +255 2112376/2119028 Mobile: +255 784 784952

Zanaki St, T:

2198300/5 | Chole Rd Dsm Tel:022-260 0573

STA Travel Tanzania   Phone:+255 758 828 384 Open t8:30AM–5PM Safari Big 5

Travel Partner is committed to meet customer’s needs and expectations in the tourism, car rental and logistics through utilization of dedicated and well trained staff through modern management style that meets Interna-

tional standards. Travel Partner is one of the fast growing travel and tour operators in Tanzania. From the inception, the compan has undertaken a number of credible and large scale projects which have strengthened its capabilities and increase its fieldwork experience.

Bonvoyage Travel Centre  

Uniglobe Skylink Travel and Tours Ltd

  Travel Agency Located in Masaki Opening 8AM–5:30PM

Kearsleys Travel & Tours Travel Agency Zanaki St, Phone:+255 22 213 7713 Opening: 8AM–5PM

Travel Agency Phone:+255 757 000 763 Open today · 9AM–5PM


Haidry Plaza Complex Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road Mon to Fri - 08:30 - 16:30, Sat-08:30 - 12:30 Sunday, Closed Tel: +25522 2116100/1/ 2

Travel Agency Ali Hassan Mwinyi Rd, Phone:+255 22 212 7445 Opening: ·8AM–5PM

Emslies Travel

+255 22 211 5381

IT Plaza, Ohio St, Phone:+255 22 211 4065 Open · 9AM–5PM


+255 716 786 123

Car Rentals

RENT from

USD 15

BUDGET Car Rentals

Affordable Car Rates Short and Long Term Airport Transfers Premier Meet and Greet 24 hrs Road Assistance +255 716 786 123/782 283 438/ / 22 2136464/5/6 AMHURI ST, P.O.BOX 20140 ZANAKI/JAMHURI Email:



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BUDGET Car Rentals

HOLIDAY INN LEVEL 1 AZIKIWE ST +255 22 2139250 ext 242/255 756 185 628 Email:

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Somotex (Tanzania) Limited, Plot No 21 - Inside Bora Industries , Nyerere Road, Dar-es-Salaam, Tel: +255-22-2863433-55 Mob: +255-789460830 / +255 782 505 786 Email: |


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Sales & Marketing +255 658 737 395 +255 713 418 615 / +255 673 824 986 Magazine Editor & Write Up +255 683 155 083 Office

Tel: +255 767 711 120

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BRAND NEW APARTMENTS- MASAKI Modern and brand new 24 fully furnished apartments in the heart of Masaki


Amenities: 24 hours security


Standby generator

Two spacious self contained bedrooms Two Bathrooms Dining and living rooms Modern open kitchen Balconies

Rent USD 2000 Minimum Rent



Selling, Letting and ISSUE no 212Marketing Conversation begins here

Ample parking space Visitors access control reception Visitors’ waiting lounge Dstv and other paid TV channels GYM WiFi

+255 754 711 120 / +255 714 031 906 Your FREE Copy

Kids Corner

Fantasy Land for Kids

New place for kids to have fun!! Jumping Castle Tunnel, Trampoline, Rock Climbing, Velcro Wall, Obstacle, Face Painting, Electric Train, Donkey Rides, Rolling Ball and Clown Shows are some of the things you can find at Fantasy Land! OpenSat Sun and Public Holidays: 1pm-7pm Phone:+255786124686

Fast-food chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus wings & sides. Livingstone St, T: +255 783 185 621 Hours: 10AM–9PM

Kunduchi Wet & Wild Its all the fun for kids as well as adults from water slides to the ground park. Pools for toddlers and youths. Stop by at Kunduchi and enjoy your day out. Family packages available as well. Call us on 255 716 718 680. Opening hours - 9:30AM– 6PM

Funcity LARGEST AMUSEMENT AND WATER PARK IN EAST AFRICA. Funcity Consists Of Two Main Parts, The THEME PARK and THE WATER PARK. The Fun City Theme Park Will Have 30 Different Rides And The Fun City Water Park Will Have 25 Different Slides And Even The First Wave Pool Ever In TANZANIA. FUN CITY Is Very Versatile, As It Can Play Host To Families, Schools And Also Corporate Gatherings, Keeping Everyone Well Entertained And Happy Through The Whole Fun City Experience.

Call 0712 786 000 Www.FunCity.Co.Tz

Unseen & Untold often remains Unsold. Advertise small and classified ads on this page in Prime Advertising magazine starting at Tzs 10,000 only. Send your ad to or 0755 686868. Or contact us for further clarifications -0767711120.

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COST- EFFECTIVE BATTERY O OPERATED CAMERA-MOTION DETECTOR Deployable at any location where whe GSM mobile obile phone coverage c is available



USD 650 A Very stylish and beautiful 2 bedroom apartment located in Mbezi Beach near shoppers plaza. Comprising of 1 master bedroom, spacious sitting room, dining room and kitchen, stylish wardrobes. Has great neighborhood and very accessible roads. Amenities: * Air Condition * Ample Parking * Secured (i.e fenced with a gate) * Pavement * Rental Payment is inclusive of service charges Tel: +255 767 711 120 Email:


Battery Operator G GSM C Camera M Motion Ditector

Unique Features: • Send “ALARM” calls & text notifications to a max. 6 mobile telephones • Directly transmits a color snapshot photo to any e-mailaddress • Uses any standard GSM network SIM card of your choice • Energy efficient & operates for up to 6 months using standard batteries • Compact, portable &instantly deployable anywhere • Operates worldwide wherever GSM mobile coverage is available • Arms & disarms using a maz, of 6 remote controls • Pairs up “with the (Optional) exceptionally (loud 95dB) Prisma-S Wireless Siren

Sentinel East Africa LTD

Tel: +255 782 008 000 Email:



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These magnificent apartments are located in a Serene neighborhood of Mbezi Beach, 10 minute' drive to the ocean. The road to the apartment is well tarred thus providing easy accessibility any time of the year. Amenities include a gym, swimming pool and children play area. Each apartment has 3 bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen, dining and a powder room.

Tel: 0742 995 132 USD 800

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THE REAL ESTATE ROUND UP 2016 Property Developers

Financial Institutions

Property Managers

Real Estate Agents



of PROPERTIES Tanzania


+255 767 711 120

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