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Presented By Melanie Anderson, Independent Consultant Primed and Polished

Purpose: To formally introduce a few of the upcoming changes that will be introduced over the next few months, to highlight a few of the benefits, how they all intersect and to gain a better understanding of comfort level of executive team as we grow forward.

• The Change Process…Preparing to GROW • Brand Awareness • Promotional Marketing • Training and Development • Bringing it Full Circle – Solid Strategies

Preparing to GROW Froward

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Preparing to GROW Forward Preparing for Change

Most people love progress, Few love change, unless it’s from a vending machine!

Preparing to GROW Forward • Communicate During times of change, people tend to get emotional. You’ll see resistance, a desire to rush through the process but it’s important to keep the lines of communication open to minimize confusion and ensure a smooth transition. Regardless of where your key players fall, a level head is essential, particularly as everyone processes changes differently. Be open to listen FIRST but also to voice opinions and give well thought out feedback.

• Eliminate The Negativity Exude confidence. Avoid Confusion. Trust yourself, your vision and trust your purpose every step of the way. Negativity is counterproductive and like a bad cold, is contagious. This doesn’t mean you should wear rose-colored glasses. Only that you recognize the best way to overcome tough times is to be tougher. It’s a temporary process for a long term benefit.

Preparing to GROW Forward • Accept The Reality The good old days are just that. Old. Things have changed and are changing. There are new rules, new methods, and new ways of doing business and the reality is the same old mindset won’t always work. When someone says, “We used to...” politely remind them that what we used to do got us where we are now. If the goal is to move beyond the NOW, you’ve got to stay in the game and understand that the rules that govern it are ever changing. Accepting Reality keeps you relevant.

• Communicate Your Vision and it’s Value If you’re in a position of leadership, share your vision with you team and the results you desire to achieve, then outline the steps you’ll collectively take to get there. Share with your fellow employees, customers and key stakeholders as they may prove to be an asset but SHOW them too, actions really do speak louder than words. There is value in your vision.

• Focus on the Bottom Line Things are different now than they’ve ever been. But that was true yesterday. And it’ll be true tomorrow. Change is an inevitable fact of life, and regardless of your title or position, you have the power to make it work to your advantage...and help others do the same.

Brand Awareness Brand Building All the tools in world are of no value unless you know how to use them!

Can You REALLY Grow Your Business with Social Media? • • • •

Your customers are already there. Your potential customers are already there. Your competitors are already there. Social Media makes it easy to connect with them and stay connected to them! • There are multiple platforms to consider with the top 6 being, Top 6 social media sites for business: FB, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, google plus. The question isn’t whether we do social media; the question is how well will we do social media?

Building Your Brand via Social Media

Why Twitter? • Businesses often use TWITTER to share information about their services, follow and share trends, interact in real-time and build quality relationships with customers and key stakeholders. • Twitter is extremely easy to manage and requires less of an investment of time than Facebook(although it’s less personable) • Tweets(just as FB posts) can be scheduled with one of many social media management tools such as Hootsuite or Gremlin. • Twitter is the fastest growing social network in the world in terms of active users. • Twitter allows you to connect with people in your niche and to do niche marketing.

Test Your TWITTER Knowledge  230+ million active members; and more than 100 million login every single day.  With 500 million Tweets a day, Twitter has been described as "the SMS of the Internet"  50+ Million users are in the United States  5700 tweets are sent every second  The estimated number of spam accounts is only 5%  75% of monthly active users are on mobile - this is about 173 Million.  70% of twitter’s ad revenue is from mobile tablets and smartphones.  3 Million websites are integrated with twitter

Why Facebook? Facebook has become the number 1 website in the world as of 2013 and is maintaining a lead in 2014. Active Users August 26, 2008 100,000,000 September 15, 2009 300,000,000 July 21, 2010 500,000,000 September 22, 2011


October 4, 2012


March 31, 2013


Building Your Brand via Social Media

Test Your FACEBOOK Knowledge  There are over 1 billion people on Facebook and more than 500,000 login each and every day  5 new Facebook profiles are created every second. That means new potential clients and customers join Facebook constantly  On average, users spend 20 minutes per visit. This is plenty of time for you to reach them with your business.  510,000 comments are posted every minute. This means potential engagement and viral power.  42% of marketers say Facebook is critical or important to their business. And that percentage has been growing steadily.

Marketing and Promo Tools

Rack Card back

Rack Card front

Trifold Brochure-Inside

Trifold brochure – Inside Option 1

Trifold brochure – Inside Option 2 - Colorblock

Additional Promo Tools ~Revised Welcome Packet – Pending Approval New Website – 90% complete ~Revised Parent Handbook – Draft due 5/19/14 ~Business Plan – 25% complete – phase 2/3 ~Organizational Policies and Procedures - TBD

Training and Development

Training and Development Once new policies and procedures manual and any customized training tools are developed, appropriate staff will be trained on all that are relevant to their assigned tasks. • This will ensure greater consistency in how staff are managed, disciplined, and evaluated as well as will ensure compliance as it relates to state, local and internal governance. • Phase 1 will include Policy and Procedures and some training as dictated by executive team. Additional training/delivery and assessments will begin in Phase 2 and extend to Phase or until completed. • In addition to policy/procedure/protocol a customized training will be developed based on employee and organizational needs. • A well trained staff team serves the organization on multiple levels both while serving in a staff capacity at Nana’s Place but also upon leaving Nana’s Place if they remain in the field. • How thoroughly prepared your staff is to do their job reflects the quality you place in your end product or service and that speaks volumes both to future staff, existing and future customers and your competitors ultimately. • A well trained and confident staff exhibit greater signs of competence. This can lead to improved morale, better performance and greater productivity.

It All Comes Full Circle Identify, Implement, Increase • Assess what you have in place. • Identify any gaps or what you need to put in place. • Develop and implement a comprehensive Social Media Marketing Strategy for how you will utilize what you have or will have in place. • Understand and apply the law of relativity and connectivity when it comes to your resources across the board. • Adequately prepare and position staff for optimal effectiveness. • Know you don’t have to have all of the answers, there are ENDLESS resources available. • Position yourselves to master your current level rather than maintain or to advance to the next level on one accord.

So How Do You Drive Business? While there are endless possibilities when it comes to driving business, below are a few tips you may want to consider to leave your virtual footprint and make a lasting virtual impression. Regardless of your approach, the key to social media is to be consistent. The web is open 24 hours a day, 35 days a year. •Tip #1: Create a ‘special offer’ coupon only accessible through your SM page. You may hold a special deal for a very limited time, show a coupon code only on SM and invite your fans/friends to take advantage of the great deal. •Tip #2: Offer promos, events or contests promote them on SM. Any important special activity that you may plan to have at one of your locations should last more than regular working day so that your friends have a chance to find out about it and participate •Tip #3: Facebook now has an "event" option--you can set something up at your store like a "promotional event" and “open house” “meet and greet” “parent appreciation” and more. •Tip #4: Showcase your business, activities, parent feedback, photos, new services, select services, unique offerings, that may pique the interest of potential customers.

Thank You If you would, please complete the follow up activity below. Answer a minimum of 3 of the questions and submit your responses to me via email at with a subject line: Change is Inevitable . 1. Before this meeting, I was apprehensive about _________________. After this meeting my apprehensions are _______________________. 2. I am able to see the value in the following changes scheduled to take place________________________________________________________. 3. I am unable to see the value in the following changes scheduled to take place.________________________________________________________. 4. One thing I am most/least excited to see in this process thus far is _______. 5. Something I would like greater clarity on in this process is____________.

Preparing to grow forward social media and more