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AUCTION INFORMATION Fundraising auction objective • Every community, club and organization is responsible to execute fundraising efforts to offset production and operational costs as well as elevate programming opportunities This includes schools, minor sports, community halls, non-profit groups, 4-H and many more that creatively fundraise for benevolent benefit. • Many rural communities have rallied together for benefit fundraisers with proceeds going to a family that have experienced adversity or even tragedy • It is important for our young rural leaders to learn the responsibility to ‘give back’ regardless whether with monetary contribution or volunteerism

topics & guidelines For auction items • Juniors (ages 9 –11): Create and/or source an authentic item that showcases your greatest passion. Examples include: celebrating food, sport, industry, art, culture, etc. • Intermediates (ages 12 –14): Create and/or source an item that reflects the diversity and uniqueness of livestock byproducts. Examples include: beauty products, health & wellness, sports equipment, clothing, etc. • Seniors (ages 15 –20): Create and/or source an item that is useful to managing and/or promoting your respective livestock species. Examples include: a gestational calendar, livestock handling tools, show equipment, digital apps, etc.

auction dates & details •  Online Auction will be administrated and hosted by DV Auction •  Online Sale Catalog Available • June 28th–30th, 2019 • Summer Synergy Fundraising Sale • Horse Race Finish at 7pm on the 30th

please  note tHere  is  no lot  45 Olds Regional Exhibition Box 37515116 –54thStree Olds, AB T4H 1P5 Ph: 403.556.3770 Fax: 403.556.3333 tracy@oldsaregionalexhibition.com www.oldsregionalexhibition.com


Ultimate Sports Fan Pack JUNIOR - Kasey Adams, Forestburg, AB


Paint Night Fun! JUNIOR - Tori Anderson, Dalemead, AB


Country Garden Ornaments JUNIOR - Miley Becker, Acme, AB


Acme Golf Club JUNIOR - Wyatt Becker, Acme, AB


The Great One is No Pansy! JUNIOR - Landon Brandl, AB


Barn Wood Sign JUNIOR - Max Burris, Blackfalds, AB

ONE OF A KIND CREATION CR CREATIONS EATIONS BY MAX MAX KIND CREATION Using a rotor I will make a UNIQUE sign any way you like on beautiful barn board or a wood of your choice. I can also blowtorch to make it look old. WHATEVER YOU WOULD LIKE I WILL BUILD IT!!

Dimensions - 5 feet x 3 feet maximum Sign will come with hooks for hanging. PLEASE CALL MAX BURRIS TO DISCUSS YOUR CREATION 780 853 7187 or maxburrisanimallover@gmail.com ** Picture is a sample of work I have done in the past**


Teeny Tiny Sheep Flock JUNIOR - Elena Cowell, Spirit River, AB


East Friesian-cross fleece JUNIOR - Emerson Cowell, Spirit River, AB


Sports Package JUNIOR - Ivy Fletcher, Rocky View County, AB

LOT 10

Nothing Runs Like a Deere JUNIOR - Levi Fletcher, Rocky View County, AB

LOT 11

Autographed Softball JUNIOR - Sadee Howell, Penhold, AB

LOT 12

Calgary Flames Platinum Club JUNIOR - Logan Matthews, Olds, AB

LOT 13

Lets Go Fishing Package JUNIOR -Boeden Nickel, Lethbridge County, AB

LOT 14

Almond Crunch JUNIOR - Taylor Reid, Hafford, SK

LOT 15

Team Koe and Canadian Beef JUNIOR - Erik Sharp, Lacombe, AB

LOT 16

Nailed It JUNIOR - Sloan Walker, Carstairs, AB

LOT 17

Calf Roping Dummy JUNIOR - Ethan Yaremko, St Paul, AB

LOT 18

Calla & Lilly Planters JUNIOR - Tavianne Yoder, County of Barrhead, AB

LOT 19

Did you say BACON? INTERMEDIATE - Scott Anderson, Dalemead, AB

LOT 20

A Girls Everything INTERMEDIATE - Jaci Becker, Acme, AB

LOT 21

A Piece of Nostalgia INTERMEDIATE - Clara Blatz, Foothills, AB

but the moo Yeti fun LOT 22 Everything summer pack

INTERMEDIATE - Wyatt Bradford, Eckville,


LOT 23

Rest Your Weary Bones INTERMEDIATE - Wynton Brandl, Jarvie, AB.

LOT 24

New to Ewe Pillow INTERMEDIATE - Claire Chapman, Lethbridge County, AB

LOT 25

The Complete K9 Dog Food INTERMEDIATE - Kallista Chessor, Lacombe, AB.

LOT 26

Beautifully Hand Felted Soap INTERMEDIATE - Angeleah Couch, Sundre, AB

LOT 27

Rustic Deer Antler Hanging Rack INTERMEDIATE - Jake Curtis, Forestburg, AB.

LOT 28

Cowhide Storage Box INTERMEDIATE - Layne Cuthbertson, Guy, AB

LOT 29

Tandem Load of Manure INTERMEDIATE - Wyatt Cuthbertson, Guy, AB.

LOT 30

Wool Art INTERMEDIATE - Charlotte Cutts, Lacombe, AB

LOT 31

A treat for man's best friend INTERMEDIATE - Teresa Cutts, Lacombe, AB.

Till the Cattle Come LOT 32 Bi-Products Home INTERMEDIATE - Ella Davis, Lethbridge, AB

LOT 33

From Pasture to Plate! INTERMEDIATE - Lexi Dietrich, Forestburg, AB.

LOT 34

Portrait of Livestock By-Products INTERMEDIATE - Mitchell Gosling, Rockyview, AB

LOT 35

Blondie Bag INTERMEDIATE - Elle Groeneveld, Kathryn, AB

LOT 36

Bare Necessities INTERMEDIATE - Caylee Handsaeme, Lethbridge, AB

LOT 37

Legacy Natural Skincare INTERMEDIATE - Aiden Hopp, Langdon, AB

LOT 38

Landscaping Soil NTERMEDIATE - Lily Howell, Penhold, AB.

LOT 39

Innisfail Golf Club INTERMEDIATE - Seth Kemp, Red Deer County, AB.

LOT 40

Cow Flower Pot INTERMEDIATE - Justin Leeson, Vauxhall, AB

LOT 41

Beef Bundle INTERMEDIATE - Levi Martin, Stettler, AB

LOT 42

Beef Supporters Sporting Pack INTERMEDIATE - Spencer McMillin, Hanna, AB

LOT 43

Assorted Cheese and Meat Basket INTERMEDIATE - Grace Nikkel, Pickardville, AB

LOT 44

Lanoline Skin Care Products INTERMEDIATE - Ross Redelback, Brooks, AB

LOT 46

Elaine Hiller Leather Purse INTERMEDIATE - Olivia Saucier, Airdrie, AB

LOT 47

Hand Crafted Leather Package INTERMEDIATE - Landon Schelske, Cluny, AB

LOT 48

Spragg's Meat Shop Jerky INTERMEDIATE - Ruth Spragg, Rosemary, AB.

LOT 49

Woolly Planter INTERMEDIATE - Dayne Stevens, Harris, SK

LOT 50

Puppy Love INTERMEDIATE - Lauren White, Claresholm, AB

LOT 51

Autographed CFL Football INTERMEDIATE - Reese Wildman, Sangudo, AB

LOT 52

Hitchin' Post Planter INTERMEDIATE - Lexi Wirsta, Elk Point, AB.

LOT 53

Alberta Strong, Alberta Beautiful INTERMEDIATE - Ellie Woolf, Welling, AB

LOT 54

Pampered Pooch Package INTERMEDIATE - Emily Yaremko, St Paul, AB

LOT 55

Fire Extinguisher NTERMEDIATE - Tate Yule, Gleichen, AB

LOT 56

Custom Graphic Designs SENIOR - Halley Adams, Forestburg, AB

LOT 57

Grant Rolston Photography SENIOR - Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB

LOT 58

Building Your Brand Basket SENIOR - Baxter Blair, McLean, SK

LOT 59

Ideal Livestock SENIOR - Will Bradford, Eckville, AB.

LOT 60

Coolest Halters on the Block! SENIOR - Kailey Brandl, Jarvie, AB.

LOT 61

The Ultimate Shot Box SENIOR - Jayden Calvert, Drayton Valley, AB.

LOT 62

Rookie Ready SENIOR - Tell Calvert, Drayton Valley, AB

LOT 63

Freestyle Stay Straight Bars SENIOR - Kale Chessor, Lacome, AB

LOT 64

Stall Chute SENIOR - Dawson Cleveland, Carseland, AB

LOT 65

Farm Dog Care Kit SENIOR - Alexis Couch, Sundre, AB

FURminator – The Awesome Dog deShedding Tool ____

Homemade by Me…several varieties of cool dog treats ____

SilverSpur AllNatural Antler Chew ____


Chuck it! The Classic Toy ____

Food and Water Tower Dispensers

The perfect kit for your important livestock boss… We all know how very important our farm dogs are to the daily management of our operations, whether they help us to bring in the herd, protect the premises or livestock or give us the companionship everyone needs. A dog is invaluable to farming operations. Not long ago, we lost one of our farm dogs, Brodie, a very hard worker, dedicated to his cows and his people. This project is in his memory. Here is a great opportunity for you to also honor your livestock helper…a kit you and your special dog will both enjoy! A special and HUGE THANK YOU to Lone Star Tack and Feed – Mrs. Donna Olson and Family for their terrific support of this project and Setting Sails! All items popular at Lone Star! Homemade treats pet approved! Miss you Brode.

ALEXIS COUCH 403-638-0160 prairiesidefarm@gmail.com Feel free to contact for further information

LOT 66

AI set SENIOR - Emma Cross, Okotoks, AB

LOT 67

Ranchers Essentials Package SENIOR - Jed Curtis, Forestburg, AB

LOT 68

Show Stoppin' Stall Signs SENIOR - Jessica Davey, Saskatoon, SK

LOT 69

Custom Ear Tags SENIOR - Ryan Edwards, Carbon, AB.

LOT 70

All Purpose Creep Panel SENIOR - Sydney Edwards, Carbon, AB

LOT 71

Calving Book Leather Case SENIOR - Travis Edwards, Carbon, AB

LOT 72

The Essential Show Supply Kit SENIOR - Brandon Fraser, Cochane, AB

LOT 73

Tub Cradle SENIOR - Dylan Fuller, Lacombe, AB

LOT 74

Cattle Family Tree SENIOR - Carter Gosling, Rockyview, AB

LOT 75

Stall Display SENIOR - Luke Haggart, Onoway, AB

LOT 76

Weaver Your Way to the Top SENIOR - Annalise Holmes, Linden, AB

LOT 77

Kirk Stierwalt Cattle Clinic SENIOR - Logan Jamieson, Dalemead, AB

LOT 78

Live Performance SENIOR - Kayla Jones, Olds, AB

LOT 79

Handling Sticks SENIOR - Hannah Kemp, Red Deer County, AB.

LOT 80

A Shepherds Calendar SENIOR - Megan Krys, Vermillion, AB

LOT 81

Herd Management Binder SENIOR - Riley Leeson, Vauxhall, AB

LOT 82

Davis-Rairdan SENIOR - Bret Marchall, Red Deer County, AB

LOT 83

Fitting Bars SENIOR - Trinity Martin, Stettler, AB.

LOT 84

Cattle Herd Record Keeping Set SENIOR - Sydney McMillin, Hanna, AB

LOT 85

Elevated Eating SENIOR - Cara McNaughton, Whitecourt, AB

LOT 86

Fall Classic Display Space SENIOR - Erika Moore, Egerton, AB

LOT 87

Sheep Grooming Stand SENIOR - Taiya Nickel, Lethbridge County, AB

LOT 88

Step Ahead Solutions SENIOR - Abigail Nikkel, Pickardville, AB

LOT 89

Photoshoot with You and Your Animal SENIOR - Hannah Nikkel, Pickardville, AB

LOT 90

Micro Class Livestock Photo Editing SENIOR - McKenzie Paget, Red Deer County, AB

LOT 91

Beef Producer Management SENIOR - Riley Pashulka, Derwent, AB

LOT 92

Hand crafted boot jack SENIOR - Taylor Pashulka, Derwent, AB

LOT 93

Calving Bundlet SENIOR - Even Patriquin, Thorild, AB

LOT 94

Fertilizer Transfer Implement SENIOR - Bryanne, Peltzer, Duchess, AB

LOT 95

Cattle Fly Control SENIOR - Lyndsey Peltzer, Dushess, AB

LOT 96

Handmade Calving Toolbox SENIOR - Kord Phillips, Waskatenau, AB

LOT 97

Turn Heads SENIOR - Tia Schram, Bruderheim, AB

LOT 98

3 Holster Vaccine Coolerx SENIOR - Luke Sevcik, Strathmore, AB

LOT 99

Canadian Beef Industry Conference SENIOR - Julie Sharp, Lacombe, AB

Beef Butcher & Culinary LOT 100 Canadian Experience SENIOR - Michael Sharp, Lacombe, AB.

LOT 101 4 Mineral Tubs

SENIOR - Kalsie Sibbald, Cochrane, AB

LOT 102 Moocall

SENIOR - Kylie Sibbald, Cochrane, AB

LOT 103 Advertisement

SENIOR - Madison Sibbald, Cochrane, AB

LOT 104 Lambing for Newbies SENIOR - Faith Stevens, Harris, SK.

LOT 105 CattleMax Software SENIOR - Maria Taschuk, Two Hills, AB

LOT 106 A Recipe for Success SENIOR - Matthew Trefiak, Wainwright, AB

LOT 107 Cattle show starter kit

SENIOR - Sadie Wauters, Lethbridge County, AB

LOT 108 BBQ Delight

SENIOR - Carmen White, Claresholm, AB.

LOT 109 The Essentials

SENIOR - Thomas Wildman, Sangudo, AB

LOT 110

Caught you looking? SENIOR - Kailey Wirsta, Elk Point, AB

LOT 111 Sync N' Succeed

SENIOR - Kyle Yaremko, St Paul, AB

LOT 112

Promotional Package of a lifetime SENIOR - Brynne Yoder, County of Barrhead, AB

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2019 Summer Synergy Marketing Auction Catalogue  

Summer Synergy Marketing Competition On-Line Auction Catalog - 2019

2019 Summer Synergy Marketing Auction Catalogue  

Summer Synergy Marketing Competition On-Line Auction Catalog - 2019

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