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As a  Valued  Client  and  Friend  of  PRIME,  we  invite  YOU  and  a  Guest…   PRIME  Learning  Group,  Abbotsford’s  Leading  Professional  Development  Firm  is  hosting  our  first  Client   appreciation  night  on  January  11,  2013  at  the  Abbotsford  Entertainment  and  Sports  Centre  for  the   Abbotsford  Heat  vs.  Chicago  Wolves  (Vancouver  Canucks  AHL  Affiliate)  hockey  game!!!  

WHAT the  evening  entails…   For  this  exciting  VIP  night,  PRIME  is  hosting  a  client  appreciation  night  for  the  very  exciting  hockey   match  up  between  the  Heat  and  Wolves.    In  addition  to  the  game,  there  will  be  a  meet  and  greet  with   Ryan  Walter,  Stanley  Cup  Champion  and  former  Vancouver  Canuck.    Ryan  Walter  is  a  renowned  speaker   and  is  the  President  of  the  Abbotsford  Heat  Hockey  Club.  

HOW to  participate…   In  order  to  facilitate  this  amazing  evening,  please  RSVP  as  soon  as  possible.    Tickets  will  be  available  for   pick  up  before  2  pm  at  the  PRIME  Learning  Group  Open  House  located  at:  #204-­‐  32112  South  Fraser   Way,  Abbotsford  BC.    If  you  are  not  available  to  claim  your  tickets  at  the  Open  House,  please  contact  us  to  make   arrangements  at  604.864.7701.  If  arrangements  are  not  made,  tickets  will  be  disbursed  to  others.   We  are  happy  to  include  this  gift  of  tickets  however  please  be  advised  that  food  and  beverages  are  not  included.      

WHY you  should  attend…   In  addition  to  attending  an  exciting  hockey  game,  you  will  have  the  opportunity  to  network  to  meet  a   fantastic  group  of  people  from  a  diverse  number  of  industries.  Plus,  it’s  going  to  be  FUN!  

WHERE this  VIP  event  is  taking  place…   PRIME  Learning  Group  Open  House:     #204-­‐  32112  South  Fraser  Way,  Abbotsford  BC  (above  the  Bank  of  Montreal)   Abbotsford  Entertainment  and  Sports  Centre:   33800  King  Road,  Abbotsford  BC       Best  Regards,   PRIME  Learning  Group  

32112 South  Fraser  Way,  Abbotsford,  BC,  Canada  V2T  1W4        I          t.  604.864.7701  

PRIME Learning Group  

Abbotsford Heat vs. Chicago Wolves

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