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13th May - 30th June 2013

Issue 62

Unbeatable Coverage in the North East


Primary Times Newcastle

Hi Everyone! Though it doesn’t seem long since the Easter Holiday, here we are heading towards Half Term! We have some great competitions for you including a very exciting opportunity to win the chance to be a Youth Wildlife Officer with DFDS Seaways - plus to say a ‘thank you’ the winner will also enjoy a family weekend break for 4. There is also the opportunity to win a holiday in Spain with Jet2 Holidays! We really enjoy bringing you great things to do and win, that’s why we pride ourselves on being the Uk and NE leading What’s On Guide for parents of Primary School Children. In a recent letter to a national newspaper, from 50 experts which included academics, authors, MPs and charity leaders, it said children should be ”free to channel their energies into forming friendships, discovering their talents and unleashing their imaginations; things that cost little but whose value is immeasurable.'’ Just what Primary Times helps you to do! Enjoy and we’ll see you again at the beginning of July with our Bumper Summer Issue.

Jan and the crew…..

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Dino Science from Life Science Centre.

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Seven Stories Book Review.

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Become a Youth Wildlife Officer for the Day with DFDS Seaways.

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Bee Diaries From The Alnwick Garden.

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Your 9 Page Guide to What’s On this May Half Term Holiday.

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Theatre Listings – Your Guide to all the Family Shows.

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Primary Times Newcastle



Primary Times Newcastle

A Half - Term of Hands - on History

This Half-Term English Heritage is bringing the fascinating story of North East history to life. A programme of events set to ignite young imaginations will take place in the region’s Roman forts, medieval castles and awe-inspiring gardens! Witness gladiatorial combat, marvel at medieval martial skills or take part in the noble art of archery. If you want your kids to go back to school with a bigger sense of adventure and an imagination full to bursting, our half-term events will allow little ones to step into the story of England and experience hands-on history to take back into the classroom.

Spring Half-term Events Hadrian’s Wall Roman Festival – Events all along the wall this Half-Term

force. Youngsters can join in the drill and training with sessions throughout the day.

*Time Travellers Go...Roman Soldier School at Housesteads Roman Fort

*Time Travellers who visit any of the following events will receive a Time Travellers passport to collect event stickers!

Tue 28th May - Sun 2nd Jun 2013.

The Imperial Roman Army at Birdoswald Roman Fort Sun 26th & Mon 27th May 2013 (Bank Holiday Weekend) Join the armoured ranks of the world famous Ermine Street Guard as the imperial Roman army is put through its training. Witness the colourful and armed Roman soldiers as they practice their combat skills, battle tactics and artillery firepower that made the Roman army a formidable fighting

*Time Travellers Go... Roman Pottery School at Birdoswald Roman Fort Tue 28th May - Sun 2nd Jun 2013 Try your hand at making Roman pots with our master potter.

Youngsters will join the imperial army under the instruction of Maximus the Centurion. Roman Soldier School will put them through their paces as they master life throughout the ranks. *Time Travellers Go...Gladiator School at Chesters Roman Fort Tue 28th May - Sun 2nd Jun 2013 We will train youngsters to be Roman Gladiators with hands on activities for all children willing to become the next Gladiator! Time Travellers Go… Crime and Punishment Week at Belsay Hall, Castle & Gardens: Mon 27th May - Sun 2nd Jun 2013

Children and visitors can take part in trials and hear grisly tales before completing the crime and punishment trail in the grounds. Medieval Castle Life at Warkworth Castle Sun 26th & Mon 27th May 2013 (Bank Holiday Weekend) Join the 15th Century folk as they take up residence within the castle walls. There will be demonstrations of various medieval past times and crafts depicting the variety of medieval jobs and positions that would keep a castle running. Have-a-go Archery at Belsay Hall Castle & Gardens Sun 23rd June Have a go at the noble art of archery with a local team of experts in the stunning setting of beautiful Belsay.

Hear gruesome tales from our hangman and his felons and their punishments during the Georgian period, a time when death was the sentence for over 200 offences!

For more information about admission prices or opening times visit or call: 0870 333 1181 Primary Times Newcastle


A Cricketing Dream DINO SCIENCE Life is a science centre full of exciting exhibitions, activities, shows and workshops. We’ve teamed up with Primary Times to bring some fun facts and science activities to try at home. Look out for our column in every issue.

SCIENCE FACT: Living dinosaurs? Birds probably first evolved in the Jurassic Period, from dinosaurs called Theropods. So all birds have dinosaurs for great, great, great, great...and a few million more...grandparents. The closest thing you’ll find to a living dinosaur might be flying around your garden!

'Matthew Temple had a dream. That dream was to succeed at just one thing in life - just for once. Cricket could be the only game at which he would have any chance to do that. He wished he could play

You will need:A cup of flour, half a cup of salt, water and a mixing bowl.

Mix the salt and flour together in a bowl. Add a little water at a time, and keep mixing till you

can squidge the dough into a ball. Choose an object to leave a trace fossil. Pine cones, shells and plastic animals are really good. Press the object into the dough and pull it out again to leave a print. Maybe try a few. Leave your fossil out to dry for a few days. Imagine what would happen to it over millions of years!

LOOK UP! What can you see in the night sky? When we look at the night sky, not all the things we see are stars. If you see something that looks like a very bright star, but isn’t twinkling like most stars do, it’s probably a planet. At the end of May, you might be lucky enough to see three planets looking as if they’re very close together. They’re actually millions of miles apart. Jupiter and Venus will appear very near each other in the evenings, with Venus looking particularly bright. Mercury will also be seen close by, but fainter.

Hope to see you at Life soon! There’s lots to do this half term including our new Age of the Dinosaur exhibition Life Science Centre, Times Square, Newcastle. NE1 4EP Tel: 0191 2438210


The book is called 'A Cricketing Dream' and is aimed principally at 8 - 13 year olds, although it is certainly suitable for all ages. It is cricket themed - the title gives it away - but the main principle of the story is about working hard and never giving up on your goals and dreams. His 10 year old son was the inspiration behind it. This is the synopsis from the back cover of the book:

Try this at home Make a fossil

Fossils form when the bodies of dead things get replaced by minerals and turn to stone. Some fossils are the imprint where a living thing touched the ground, like dinosaur footprints. We call these trace fossils. Why not make your own?

Chris May a father and reader of Primary Times from South Shields published his first children's novel in October last year.


Primary Times Newcastle

the game just like the stars in the England team, and his very own hero, his famous Dad. Who could help him fulfil his dream of one day playing at the World famous London Cricket Ground? 'A Cricketing Dream' is the story of how hard work, determination, and the will to succeed, can allow anyone, to overcome any problem and provide the opportunity to fulfil their dreams.' The book has been well received by schools, so if you would like to buy a copy it’s available from Amazon UK and all Online stores or good book retailers from £8.99.

Primary Times Newcastle


Seven Stories is the first museum in the UK wholly dedicated to the art of children’s books. The Seven Stories Bookshop offers the best in children’s literature and gifts. Entry to Seven Stories Bookshop is free, so pop in and say hello or visit

Picture Books Penguins Can’t Fly Richard Byrne Anderson Press £10.99 Join Gregory the Gull and Hudson the Penguin as they discover that their differences are what make them special and unique. A beautiful tale about friendship, identity and finding your special talent.

Catch Us If You Can-Can Alex T Smith Hodder £6.99 Foxy DuBois wants to enter a dance competition to win the Golden Egg, only the competition is only open to birds! After convincing Alphonso the Alligator to join her scam, they hit the dance floor determined to win the converted prize, but things start to go horribly wrong! A fun laugh out loud read.

Confident Readers Mariella Mystery Investigates: A Cupcake Conundrum Kate Pankhurst Orion Publishing £4.99 Do you have a problem that you just can’t solve? Meet the Mystery Girls, led by Mariella Mystery herself. When somebody tries to sabotage ‘Bake or Break’, the great Puddleford Bake show, the Mystery Girls are on the case at their detective best! A fun new series full of perplexing problems.

Advanced Readers Wild Boy Rob Lloyd Jones Walker £9.99 Do you have a problem that you just can’t solve? Meet the Mystery Girls, led by Mariella Mystery herself. When somebody tries to sabotage ‘Bake or Break’, the great Puddleford Bake show, the Mystery Girls are on the case at their detective best! A fun new series full of perplexing problems.

Accidental Time Traveller Janis Mackay Kelpies Books £5.99 Saul is on his way to the corner shop when a girl suddenly appears out of nowhere… Her name is Agatha Black, she has time travelled from 1812 and is slightly lost in the 21st Century. Saul decides to try and help Agatha get back home but not without am adventure of two first! A terrific time-travelling escapade from the write of the Magnus Fin trilogy.

Seven Stories, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2PQ. Tel: 0845 271 0777 Seven Stories is supported by Arts Council England and Newcastle City Council. Registered charity number 1056812


Primary Times Newcastle

Become a Youth Wildlife Officer for the day and Win a Marine Wildlife Mini Cruise! Did you know that whales and dolphins live in the North Sea? Win the chance to become a Youth Wildlife Officer with DFDS Seaways and join their wildlife experts on board cruise ferry King Seaways in their search for North Sea whales and dolphins. Expert Wildlife Officers live on board the King Seaways looking for whales and dolphins in our waters; regularly spotting animals including harbour porpoises, white beaked dolphins and minke whales. DFDS Seaways are looking for two Youth Wildlife Officers to join wildlife team for a day this summer. The two Youth Wildlife Officers and their families will join our experts on a fun training day on board King Seaways while docked in port in North Shields. The Youth

Wildlife Officers will learn how to recognise different whales and dolphins living in UK waters and will practice wildlife watching with researchers from whale and dolphin charity, ORCA. The recruits will also win a 2-night Marine Wildlife Mini Cruise to Amsterdam with their family, where they will be able to put their training into action and take part in deck watches to try and spot these animals for real! To be in with a chance of winning simply create your own North Sea Wildlife Superhero. Write a short story about how they save a marine animal in danger and draw a picture of your Superhero to illustrate your story. Send your entries to

The Editor, Primary Times North East, 1 Denehead Cottages, Hexham Road, Walbottle, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 9RX. Closing date for entries is Saturday 15th June 2013. DFDS Seaways will lend the two Youth Wildlife Officers a video

camera to make a video diary of their trip which they can take back to school to share with their class. We’ll also share a report of what the Youth Wildlife Officers learnt during their training and spotted on their trip in the October issues of Primary Times Newcastle, Sunderland & Durham.

(c) MichaelJTetley

For more information about Marine Wildlife Mini Cruises with DFDS Seaways visit

Terms & Conditions The training day will take place on Saturday 7th July 2013 & each child must be accompanied by an adult. The mini cruise includes 2 nights in a sea view en suite cabin for 4 people, plus return coach transfers to Amsterdam. The prize is not transferable and no cash alternative will be offered. No other costs will be covered. The prize is valid for travel on selected dates until 15th September 2013. The prize is subject to availability and usual DFDS Seaways T&Cs apply.

Primary Times Newcastle



This is your friendly queen bee, Bonnie from The Alnwick Garden. I’m talking to you from the Bee House (the hive) where things are starting to get very busy for us bees! Now is such an important time of the year for us; we’re doing all the spring preparation work so that we’ll be at full strength in the summer and can really enjoy the lovely long warm days. I’ve started to lay lots and lots of young bees and this means more work for the other bees in the hive. A worker bee will live for six weeks and of this they will spend three weeks working inside the hive and three weeks working outside. In the first three weeks the bees keep the hive clean and look after all these new young bees (the brood).

The older bees will spend all their time flying outside the hive travelling to visit plants. They can travel up to two miles to visit some of the tastiest flowers and at this time of the year they collect lots of powdery pollen from all our favourites. It’s this pollen which is so needed to feed the young bees and give them protein; In fact if you look at some of the outside bees you may see this little brightly coloured powdery pollen held onto their legs. It comes in all kinds of pretty colours- yellow, orange, red, green and many more!

Try looking for us in some of our seasonal favourites- Apples, Cherries and Hawthorn are all trees which we love. Bluebells, Hyacinths and Geraniums are preferred low growing plants, I hope you see some of us- if so, don’t forget to say hello! Bonnie.

BEE FACT OF THE MONTH In The Alnwick Garden’s Cherry Orchard there are over 600,000 tulips; it would take a honey bee over 8,000 trips to visit every tulip, that’s almost 21 years work and nearly 182 times the life span of a bee!


Primary Times Newcastle

Fulfil your potential In the current difficult job market you need to be able to stand out from the crowd, with qualifications that you put to work straightaway. If you already have a job, you will know how important it is to keep your skills up to date or to add to them in order to enhance your job security and progress in your career. The Open University can help with a range of qualifications from certificates and foundation degrees through to MBAs and research degrees, all designed to be flexible enough to fit around your career and family life. The Open University offers high quality university education to all, regardless of their previous educational attainments or where

they live. We are highly respected by employers and many qualifications are developed in partnership with practising experts and professional bodies. Studying with the OU is affordable, along with student loans, there are a range of payment methods on offer including paying by instalments as you study or you could qualify for subsidised fees if your income is less than £25,000. To find out more about what the OU has to offer visit our Gateshead Open Evening at The Open University, Baltic Business Quarter, Abbots Hill, Gateshead, NE8 3DF on Thursday 25th June between 5pm and 7pm.

Visit our website or call 0845 300 60 90 to speak to one of our staff.


A New Leading School for Girls Newcastle’s Central High and Church High Schools to form region’s new leading girls’ school In January this year Newcastle upon Tyne Church High School and Central Newcastle High School announced plans to join together to form Newcastle High School for Girls GDST, a new leading independent girls’ school in the North East and one of the outstanding girls’ schools in the country. The new school, which will be based in Jesmond, will educate girls aged from three to 18, combining the best of Central High and Church High to create a vibrant learning community and offering a range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that will make it the leading choice for every girl and parent in the North East. With over 250 years of experience in girls’ education, the coming together of the two schools will create a unique opportunity to build on the significant heritage of academic excellence and pastoral care, and to echo the founding aims of both schools – to create the most radical, exciting and innovative school in the region. The new school will be a member of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), the UK’s leading network of independent girls’ schools with

24 schools and two academies in England and Wales. Providing excellent education for girls will lie at the heart of the new School and all girls attending Newcastle High School for Girls will have the opportunities they deserve to grow as individuals, assume leadership roles, develop lasting friendships and take risks in an environment that caters for their needs. Newcastle High School for Girls will launch in September 2014 when Hilary French, current Headmistress of Central High, will become Head of the new school. Sharing her thoughts on the new school Hilary French said: “The chance to develop a school for girls incorporating all that we know about the way that girls learn, the spaces they need, what great teaching looks like for them and how the day can best be shaped for them is hugely exciting. Newcastle High School for Girls will give girls the very best start in life and imbue them with the confidence and self-belief to deal with whatever life might throw at them in University and beyond.”

Joy Gatenby, Head of Church High, will stay on full-time as an executive advisor to the new school until July 2015. She added: “Both schools have a history and a heritage in the city and a longstanding commitment to bringing out the best in every individual girl in our care. We shall take the best of Central High and the best of Church High – both academically and creatively – to make the very best school in the region.” The two existing schools will operate in parallel for the next academic year, fully merging in September 2014. Already unveiled by the Duchess of Northumberland in March, are the Junior School facilities at Chapman House, Sandyford Park in Newcastle. Chapman House will become the Junior School for Newcastle High School for Girls. It sits in five acres of grounds and has recently undergone a multimillion pound refurbishment by the Girls’ Day School Trust to create outstanding spaces for Junior girls. The work undertaken has transformed the site which includes a John Dobson designed villa, a beautiful chapel-turnedSchool Hall and impressive bright and spacious classrooms.

Angela Charlton, who will be the Head of Junior School at Newcastle High School for Girls, said: “Chapman House fuses traditional values with creative and innovative learning. Making maximum use of indoor and outdoor spaces to deliver an incredible education for girls is at the heart of the redevelopment programme. We have completed the internal works and are now focusing on completing the creative outdoor spaces by the end of the year. Chapman House is a unique learning environment a stunning space in which to teach and learn.” The Senior School for Newcastle High School for Girls will also undergo an equally exciting transformation. The Girls’ Day School Trust has already pledged to invest several million pounds in developing Church High’s superb site at Tankerville Terrace, Jesmond. The Senior girls can expect to enjoy the finest facilities in the region. This, combined with the delivery of an outstanding curriculum and teaching, will establish Newcastle High School for Girls as one of the best in the country.

Open Week Monday 17th June - Friday 21st June If you would like to find out more about Newcastle High School for Girls or to enquire about a place in either school for this September, please come along to our Open Week. Telephone Admissions on 0191 201 6511 for further details and to make an appointment. Building a new future for education. Primary Times Newcastle


Family Fun at Wallington

This half term, give your kids a taste of the wild and a rare chance to see Gibside landscape park and nature reserve come to life after most visitors go home…

Visit Wallington this half term and you’ll find events for all the family to keep you entertained. March back in time with Comitatus as the Romans Return on Sunday 26th & Monday 27th May. Watch Roman soldiers put through their paces, marvel as the Cavalry squadron display their skill on horseback and see gladiators in action at this exciting bank holiday event. Or take our 50 Things Challenge from Tuesday 28th – Friday 31st May and see how many of our 50 things activities you can do before you head home. Don’t forget to have a go at climbing our famous “Climbing Tree”, the

At Family Camping Weekend, Saturday 25th to Monday 27th May, you can pitch your tent for three days and two nights of family adventures and activities at the heart of this historic estate.

best tree to climb in the UK, and tick No. 1 Climb a tree off your list.

Call 01670 773600 to find out more or


Go Wild at Gibside

Primary Times Newcastle

There will be loads to keep the kids amused with bushcraft and outdoor games during the day, live music, hogroast and bar (for parents!) each evening, plus plenty of time to explore, enjoy the adventure play areas and tick off the National Trust's ultimate list of

'Things to do before you're 11 and 3/4'. Each pitch costs just £60, book early to avoid disappointment. If camping doesn’t take your fancy, Gibside offers all their usual bumper batch of free family events every week day in half term.

Call 01207 541820 to find out more or visit

What’s On Newcastle North Tyneside

Gateshead South Tyneside Northumberland ALNWICK CASTLE All events & activities are free after paying admission. Visit for more information. Daily BROOMSTICK TRAINING Join the resident wizard professors & learn to master your broomstick on the very spot of Harry Potter’s first lesson! Daily CRAFTS AND DRESSING UP IN KNIGHT’S QUEST Dress in medieval finery & take part in daily traditional craft

We take great care to ensure all this information is correct at the time of going to press. However, we would advise parents to phone and check details prior to making a long trip … or promise! activities, such as making medieval tiles & magic wands. Sat 25th – Mon 27th May WALKING WITH DRAGONS Meet the Goblin Queen & her enormous, smoke-breathing, roaring dragon! Tues 28th – Thurs 30th May & Fri 14th June POTTER-INSPIRED CHARACTERS Put on your best robe & watch some of your favourite characters come to life as they are back with all kinds of magic & laughter!

ALNWICK GARDEN Unless otherwise stated events & activities are free after paying admission with no booking required. All events are drop in 11am-4pm. Visit for more information. Every Weekend & School Holiday until Mon 9th Sept SPLASH ALNWICK! Family friendly water pistol fun comes to The Alnwick Garden when a mad band of Pistoleers will be on hand to dish out a soaking with a series of games designed to be played by all. Dare to sneak up and soak in the Labyrinth? Get stuck in with a dash about the grounds as the team set up a series of challenges to test your mettle. It is advised you bring a change of clothes with you!

Newcastle Sun 26th & Mon 27th May EVOLUTION FESTIVAL Newcastle Gateshead Quayside The North East’s Annual music festival with another outstanding line-up featuring the most influential & exciting names in popular music right now, headlined by Paloma Faith & The Vaccines. For further info visit

Sat 1st – Sun 30th June FESTIVAL OF THE NORTH EAST Various venues A month long cultural celebration running throughout the whole of the region during June 2013. For further info visit

EVENTS AT SEVEN STORIES The Centre for Children's Books 30 Lime Street Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2PQ 0845 271 0777 Unless indicated, no booking required & events are Free after paying admission charge. Booking fee is in addition to admission charge. Sat 25th May – Sun 2nd June MYSTERY, MAGIC & KIDNIGHT FEASTS Drop in all day & discover the great outdoors with the brand new exhibition; Mystery, Magic and Midnight Feasts, the Many Adventures of Enid Blyton. Learn how to solve the case in code cracking workshops & take your characters on an adventure in an exclusive creative writing workshop with Diverse Voices Winner, Helen Limon.

Primary Times Newcastle


Tues 28th May (10.30am) & Thurs 30th May (1.30pm) BACK TO NATURE STORY PARTY Busy bees & butterflies are invited to go back to nature in a Story Party dedicated to everything we love about the countryside. Bring the outside in as you share songs, stories & games. Ages 18months – 5yrs. Cost £2.50. Early booking essential. Wed 29th May 11am SECRETS & SPIES CODE BREAKING WORKSHOP Find out how to predict the future using just maths & delve into the secret world of spies & code breaking in this thrilling workshop. Cost £2.00. Fri 31st May 11.30am & 2pm CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP Join Helen Limon for an exclusive Creative Writing Master class for budding authors. Be inspired to write your own stories with exciting characters & plots & pick up top writing tips. Cost £6.00. Sat 15th & Sun 16th June DARING DADS WEEKEND Drop in all day into a Viking World. Handle Viking artefacts & weaponry, learn the art of Viking warfare & make a medal for your Dad!


Sun 16th June VIKING WARFARE WORKSHOP Eowils, the wandering bard has set up camp for the day at Seven Stories. Don't be shy! Drop in, ask questions & hear about life a thousand years ago. Sun 23rd June 11am HOW TO BE A HERO PERFORMANCE Enroll in Seven Stories Viking School where you will learn many skills, including dragon training & what it takes to become a hero… the hard way! Cost £3.00. Booking essential.


Sat 18th May, 15th & 29th June 10.30am & 11.30am SATURDAY STORYTIMES Come & meet the Great North Mouse for storytime sessions with Gallery Interpreter Kathryn. Stories, songs & learning through play. No booking required. Parents must accompany children throughout the session.

Wed 29th May 10.30am-12.30pm & 1.30–3.30pm CREATIVE CREATURES Drop in for a free arty event where children can print their own monster footprint, discover the sea creatures hiding in the Marble Hall & make a 3D sea creature to take home.

Tues 28th May 11am-3pm CELEBRATION PICNIC Bring along a packed lunch & join us as for a FREE special celebratory birthday picnic on the lawn. Take part in activities throughout the day & see what you can discover in a treasure hunt around the museum.


Barras Bridge, NE2 4PT Tel: 0191 222 6765 hmuseum.


Every Thursday 10.30-11.30am MUSEUM MICE Join the Museum Mice every Thursday in the Mouse House 10.30am-11.30am with Gallery Interpreter Kathryn & meet the Great North Mouse. No booking required. Parents must accompany children throughout the session.

Sat 8th June 10.30am-12 noon SATURDAY ART CLASSES FOR OVER 8’S On the first Saturday of each month, enjoy some Saturday art fun! Develop different art techniques, using the Laing's exhibitions as inspiration. The classes are £4 & there is no need to book. Tel 0191 2112102.

Primary Times Newcastle

New Bridge Street, NE1 8AG Tel: (0191) 232 7734

Centre for Life, Times Square, NE1 4EP. Sat 25th May – Sun 3rd Nov AGE OF THE DINOSAUR EXHIBITION Transporting visitors back to the Jurassic & Cretaceous periods, Age of the Dinosaur aims to give visitors a glimpse of life as it was 65 million years ago. Featuring fullscale animatronics & stunning film footage, Age of the Dinosaur is a must for dinosaur fans. Visitors can also check out Dino-mighty, a live theatre show exploring some of the facts we know about these fascinating creatures. Plus there’ll be an exciting new 4D motion ride, Timechasers to add extra thrills & surprises! Tickets: Family (2+2 or 1+3) £29.50, Adult £10.85, Child £7.50.

Tues 21st May & Tues 18th June 9.30am-3pm PRE-SCHOOL DAY Led by Life's friendly Science Explainers, sessions provide a delightful opportunity for young children to enjoy & explore the Science Centre. Cost £5.50 per adult. Accompanying children under 4 are free

North Tyneside Every Monday & Wednesday 4.30-7.00pm GR84ALL! YOUTH CLUB The Tim Lamb Children's Centre, Rising Sun Country Park, NE12 9SS Youth Club for children with disabilities or additional needs & their siblings. Tel. 0191 2665233, email or visit website on for more details. Mon 27th – Fri 31st May WORLD OCEANS WEEK St. Mary’s Lighthouse Drop in & celebrate the oceans and the amazing abundance of life they support. Each day there will be FREE activities, crafts, talks & information from featured guests including RSPB, ORCA & The Wildlife Trusts! Tel 0191 2008650.

Mon 27th – Fri 31st May 1.00pm ROCKPOOL RAMBLES 2.00pm TOUCH TANK TALKS St. Mary’s Lighthouse Learn how to rock pool effectively & find fish, crabs & other fabulous creatures, led by a warden. Ages 5+. Cost £2.00 per person. Then at 2pm, find out some weird & wonderful facts about amazing rockpool animals. Get the chance to touch these cool creatures & take photographs, with wardens on hand to answer your questions. Cost £1.00. Tel 0191 2008650. Tues 28th May 10-11am JUNIOR ARCHERY Rising Sun Country Park Aim for bulls eye at this fun session for young people of all abilities aged 8+, led by a fully qualified instructor. No equipment required. Wear a long sleeved top. No parental supervision required. Cost £3 per child. Book in advance on 0191 643 2241. Tues 28th May 12noon & 12.30pm PARTY ANIMALS Rising Sun Country Park Meet & find out about everything from bunnies & guinea pigs to lizards & snakes. Cost £3.50 per child. Book in advance on Tel 0191 643 2241.

Wed 29th May 10am-12noon OUDOOR ADVENTURERS Rising Sun Country Park A day of action and adventure for 8-11 year olds including den building, archery & cycling. Led by fully qualified wardens & instructors. Cost £6 per child. Book in advance on 0191 643 2241. Wed 29th – Fri 31st May WHITSUN COOKERY WORKSHOPS The Food House, The Rising Sun Farm, Wallsend NE28 9JL Try your hand at some practical cookery over the Whitsun holiday. Places are limited & MUST be booked in advance on 0191 2344959 or email Fri 31st May 10am-12pm & 1-3pm SAY IT WITH OBJECTS Rising Sun Country Park Children & adults can use a diverse range of recycled materials to make an artistic creation or sculpture which they can take home. Book on 0191 2662269. Fri 31st May 1-3pm STORYTELLING Rising Sun Country Park Join a storyteller for a fantastic journey into your imagination. Free event, to book Tel 07500 857010.

BLUE REEF AQUARIUM Grand Parade, Tynemouth Tel 0191 2581031. Sat 25th May – Sun 2nd June SHARK WEEK Despite their reputation as man-eaters, sharks worldwide are under increasing threat from us. Learn all about the secret world of these amazing creatures and what we can do to help protect them in the wild. Sat 8th June WORLD OCEAN DAY An annual event aimed at raising awareness of the marine environment. Celebrate the planet’s seas & oceans plus talks from local whale and dolphin conservation specialists.

SELF STORAGE from £10.00 per week FREE MOVE-IN VAN Brewery Lane, Felling, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear NE10 0EY email: Tel: 0191 438 1616

Primary Times Newcastle


Sun 16th June FATHER’S DAY A selection of sea-going super dads are taking centre stage this weekend showcasing some real fishy father figures including clownfish, banggai cardinal fish & the famous seahorse.

SEGEDUNUM ROMAN FORT, BATHS & MUSEUM Buddle Street, Wallsend, NE28 6HR Open: 1 April to 4 November Monday to Sunday 10am-5pm. 1 November to 31 March: Monday to Sunday 10am-3pm. Adults £5.25, Concessions £3.25, Free entry for children Tel (0191) 2369647 Tues 28th May 10am - 12pm & 1pm - 3pm COLOSSAL COINS Go & see the Backworth Hoard exhibition from the British Museum and make your own Roman treasure hoard to take home.

STEPHENSON RAILWAY MUSEUM Middle Engine Lane, North Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE29 8DX Tel (0191) 2007146 The Museum is open every weekend from 1 April to 31 October, and open seven days a week during school holidays (except Christmas holidays). Opening hours are always 11am 4pm. Admission Free. Train rides are available Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays at 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm & 2.30pm. Cost Adults £3.00, Child/Conc £2.00, Family £7.00 (2 adults & 2 children).


Primary Times Newcastle

Gateshead Sat 25th – Mon 27th May FAMILY CAMPING WEEKEND Gibside NT Give the kids a taste of the wild in the heart of Gibside's landscape garden. Pitch your tent for three days & two nights of family adventure & activities. Cost £60 per pitch. Booking essential. Tel 01207 541820. Mon 27th May 11am-3pm SPRING BANK HOLIDAY FUN DAY Gibside NT A bumper batch of Gibside's favourite family activities including den making, frisbee golf, Gruesome Gibside Walks & story telling. Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 01207 541820. Tues 28th – Thurs 30th May 8.30am-5.30pm RYTON RANGERS HOLIDAY CLUB Ryton, Crawcrook & District Youth Centre Football, Karate & Dance coaching sessions with lots of fun activities. Ages 4-11. Cost £18 per day, £11 half day. Free sample session for new starters. Contact Sharon Neil on 0191 4132053. Tues 28th – Fri 31st May 11am-3pm MAY HALF TERM FUN Gibside NT Free family activities & outdoor escapades every day of half term. Join us for Foodie Tuesday, Wildlife Wednesday, Adventure Thursday & Fab Friday. Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 01207 541820. Sat 1st June 11.30am INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S DAY STORYTIME Central Library, Prince Consort Road Enjoy some stories from around

the world to celebrate International Children's Day. Contact Chris Myhill on 0191 433 8494. Sat 8th & Sun 9th June 11am-3pm OPEN FARM WEEKEND Gibside NT Follow a Scarecrow Trail to Gibside's very own hill top farm & explore behind the scenes with animals, live music, historic machinery, family farmyard challenges, fantastic local food & far-reaching views. Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 01207 541820. Sat 15th June 10.30am DIGGING WITH DAD Central Library, Prince Consort Road Celebrate Father's Day with your dad in the library garden, with garden activities & stories. Contact Chris Myhill on 0191 433 8494. Sun 16th June 11am-3pm DENS WITH DAD Gibside NT This Father's Day treat Dad to a woodland adventure! Pack a picnic, explore the woods, build a family den & toast marshmallows round the campfire. Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 01207 541820. Fri 21st – Sun 23rd June AN EXHIBITION OF PRIMARY SCHOOL ART WORKS St Mary’s Heritage Centre An exhibition of art works produced by primary schools across Gateshead & the wider region to celebrate the European Team Athletics Champions this weekend. There will also be the opportunity to participate in athletics inspired activities & games. Tel 0191 433 4699. Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd June 2pm EUROPEAN ATHLETICS TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS Gateshead Stadium The first major athletics event in the UK since the London 2012 Games & the perfect opportunity to see Great Britain in action. Tickets from £10.00. Sun 23rd June 2.30-4pm MEADOW WILDLIFE RAMBLE Gibside NT Join a Gibside Ranger on a ramble through Gibside's meadows, discovering the more exciting and difficult to spot plants and wildlife. Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 01207 541820.

Sat 29th June 6.30-9.00am ROE DEER SAFARI Gibside NT Join Gibside's resident Roe Deer expert for a unique early morning safari into the woods to track these beautiful & elusive creatures, followed by a hot breakfast in the Potting Shed Café. Adult £18, Child £16. Tel 01207 541820.

BALTIC CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART Gateshead Quays Tel: 0191 4781810 Every Sat & Sun 2 – 4pm BUSY B’S Hassle free, no need to book – just drop-in and get stuck in. Activities for young artists inspired by our exhibitions. Suitable for children 12 years and under with their families. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Admission FREE.

THE SHIPLEY ART GALLERY Prince Consort Rd, Gateshead, NE8 4JB Tel 0191 4771495. Every Wednesday 10.15 - 11.15am during Term Time SHIPLEY SCAMPS A fun arts & crafts session suitable for children aged 2 - 4 offering a range of creative activities along with singing & stories. Sessions are £2 per child. Tues 28th May 10am-12pm & 1-3pm FAMILY FUN – TOY SHOP TOP SHOP! Bring along your teddies & dolls for a spring makeover! Professional design help & materials will be on hand to give your favourite toy a brand new outfit. Cost £2 per teddy or doll.

Only £9.95





South Tyneside Sat 25th May – Sun 2nd June 11am - 3pm FLEECING THE FLOCK Bede's World, Jarrow NE32 3DY Help make a giant sheep, learn the wonders of weaving & make fantastic felt friends with prizes for successful shepherds! Cost Adults: £5.50, Child £3.50 Family Ticket £13.50 (2 Adults, up to 3 children). Tel 0191 4892106.

Terms & Conditions Valid until 30th June 2013. Offer subject to availability. Offer only valid on production of this voucher. Management reserve the right to withdraw or change this offer without notice. All regular & promotional tariffs include an allowance for a shoe hire fee of £1.30 per person. No discount is offered for customers using their own bowling shoes. Must be pre booked.

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Sun 26th May 10am-4.30pm MEDIEVAL FAIR Bede's World, Jarrow NE32 3DY Join Bede's World for the stunning opening of the Jarrow Festival 2013, where a host of re-enactors, craftsmen & storytellers make for a real Medieval day! Entrance to the Medieval Fair costs just £1 & includes admission into Bede's World museum & farm too. Tel 0191 4892106.

Sun 9th June 10am-3pm GREAT NORTH DOG WALK The Leas The 3.5 mile walk takes place on the Leas, along the beautiful coastline. Cost Free. Recognised as the world's largest dog walking event, the Great North Dog Walk is now in its 23rd year & just keeps breaking world records! For more information visit

Sun 26th May 1-3pm PIRATE CAPTAIN JACK… & WILL! South Shields Ferry Landing Join swashbuckling Captain Jack... and Will for exciting pirate party games & balloon bending on a mini cruise on the Tyne. Includes competition & prizes. For full trip details & where to buy tickets visit

Sun 9th June 11am-4pm MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR COAST FESTIVAL Souter Lighthouse NT A fun family festival celebrating life on the coast. Small charges for some activities. Tel 0191 5293161.

Mon 27th May 11am-1pm SEAHORSE SAFARI Souter Lighthouse NT Search the rockpools along Souter's rocky shore. Free. Tel 0191 5293161. Wed 29th & Thurs 30th May 11am-4pm CRAFTS FOR KIDS Souter Lighthouse NT Help Souter this May make their bunting for their coast festival in June. Free. And between 1 & 2pm, join the team for a high tech treasure hunt around the Whitburn Coastal Park. Tel 0191 5293161. Wed 29th May 1-3pm FAMILY SUMMER FUN South Marine Park A taste of the summer activities programme. Free activities will include sports & games, nature walks & bug hunts! Tel Janine on 0191 4281144. Fri 31st May 2-4pm ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS South Shields Ferry Landing Bring the children along to enjoy the delights of our cute (or even scary!) animals as they sail along the Tyne! Includes fun glitter tattoos. For full trip details & where to buy tickets visit

SOUTH SHIELDS MUSEUM & ART GALLERY Ocean Road, South Shields, NE33 2JA Tel: (0191) 456 8740 Every Monday, 10.15am 11.15am during Term Time LITTLE SEAHORSES Pop along to a drop-in group for parents and under 5s? Explore the museum, enjoy arts & crafts, stories & songs. Refreshments for all. No booking required. A donation of £1 per child is welcomed.

Northumberland Every Thurs during Term Time 6-8pm ANIMATION CLUB Collingwood Media College, Stobhillgate NE61 2HA Ages 8+. Cost £3.50pp. Booked in advance. Tel 01670 516374. Sat 18th May 10am-12.30pm DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT DAY! Collingwood Media College, Stobhillgate NE61 2HA A chance for people aged 3yrs plus to bring along an adult & make your own animated film using toys & plasticine. Cost £7.50 for child, accompanying adult free. Tel 01670 516374.

Luxury Florida Holiday Home Luxury 2 storey, 3300 sq ft holiday home, Tropical Florida, 'Beachbum route 66 or Cocktail heaven', private pool, pool table and bar, all mod cons, beat the recession/cheap deal for 2 families sharing. Contact Danielle 07947 945050 View: ref F2853


Primary Times Newcastle

Sat 18th & Sun 19th May 10am-4pm BLYTH BATTERY GOES TO WAR South Beach Blyth NE24 3PQ A free weekend full of reenactment displays & living history, with military vehicles, aircraft & armour on show with mock battles both days at 12 noon. Sun 19th May 11am CARS IN THE COURTYARD Wallington NT Admire a selection of Post-Vintage & Classic Cars in the courtyard. Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 01670 773963. Sun 19th & 26th May 11am-1pm MAKE & DO Seaton Delaval Hall NT Join the creative team for some craft activities for kids. Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 0191 2379100. Sat 25th May – Sun 2nd June 10am-5pm DREAM FLAGS Cragside NT Take part in the 150th anniversary of Cragside & mark the occasion by making your own dream flag. All Tickets £4.50. Tel 01669 620333. Sat 25th & Sun 26th May 11.30am-4.30pm REGENCY REVIVAL Belsay Hall, Castle & Gardens Celebrating the opening of the “Costumes from Austen” display of TV & film costumes (which is hosted until Sun 26th Aug), the Arbeau dancers perform regency dance on the front lawn, while a pair of gentlemen demonstrate the honour bound perilous act of duelling. Adult £7.90, Child, 5-15 years £4.70, Family £20.50. Tel 01661 881636. Sat 25th – Fri 31st May WILD WEST WEEK Whitehouse Farm Centre, near Morpeth Mosey on down for some “hands on” activities & lots of rootin’ tootin’ fun. Fancy dress competition twice a day, magic shows, western themed party games & line dancing with great prizes to be won. Look out for the Sheriff & his posse, you may get locked up in the County Jail! Plus feed most of the animals and

handle baby animals,a large adventure playground, soft play barn, trampolines, go-karts, Frisbee Golf, racing cars, willow maze, tractor trailer rides, café, shop & lots more. Tel 01670 789998 or visit Sat 25th May – Sun 2nd June 12noon – 3pm PIRATE WEEK CRAFT Woodhorn Museum & Country Park, Ashington Get into the mood & create your own pirate mask inspired by Johnny Depp & Orlando Bloom costumes from Pirates of the Caribbean featured in the Dressing The Stars exhibition. Suggested donation £1.50. Plus Free Family Bug Hunts everyday at 2pm. Tel 01670 528080 Sun 26th & Mon 27th May 11am THE ROMANS RETURN Wallington NT Watch Roman soldiers put through their paces & marvel at the Cavalry squadron as they display their power & skill on horseback! Small charge for some activities. Normal admission charges apply. Tel 01670 773963. Sun 26th & Mon 27th May 11am-5pm MEDIEVAL CASTLE LIFE Warkworth Castle Demonstrations of various medieval past times & crafts depicting the variety of medieval jobs & positions that would keep a castle running. Adult £5.00, Child, 5-15 years £3.00, Family £13.00. Tel 01665 711423. Mon 27th May 9am-6pm NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY SHOW Bywell, near Stocksfield NE43 7AB Visit the first show at Bywell & see the Devil's Horsemen & Bold Dog Lings Motorcycle display team. There will be the traditional animal classes, with a huge gathering of superb cattle, sheep, horses, alpacas, dogs & fur & feather exhibits. Advance Tickets Adults £10.00, Child £2.50, Family £25.00. Free parking. Tel: 01434 604216.

Sat 25th - Fri 31st May 2013 Come down to the Ranch for some rootin-tootin fun!! Look out for the sheriff & other characters Daily Fancy Dress Competition at 12.30pm & 2.30pm Great prizes to be won! Magic Shows & Western Games Birds of Prey & Beastie Shows Meet the Meerkats – Feed & Talk Bottle Feed lambs – final week! Lots of animals to feed, hold & stroke

PLUS Adventure Playground, Soft Play Barn, S EW R D N TO RE I TU QU E R


Wild West Week

Private Tuition in your own home by qualified CRB checked tutors.

Key Stage 1, 2 & 3, GCSE & A Level plus Entrance Exam preparation available.

Go-karts, Donut Dash, Racing Cars, Bouncy Castles, Frisbee Golf, Trampolines, Restaurant and more...

Open daily 10am - 5pm 10% off admission with this voucher

All ages & subjects covered across the North East. Tel 0191 252

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Mon 27th May 11am-3pm SPRING BANK HOLIDAY CRAFTS FOR KIDS Seaton Delaval Hall NT Try your hand at different seasonal craft activities. Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 0191 2379100. Mon 27th May 11am – 3pm BEWICK’S FEATHERED FRIENDS Cherryburn NT Get up close to some incredible birds of prey including a buzzard & a Harris hawk with a hands-on demonstration and displays. Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 01661 843276. Mon 27th May – Sun 2nd June 11am-5pm TIME TRAVELLERS GO CRIME & PUNISHMENT Belsay Hall, Castle & Gardens Meet Thomas Turlis, the 18th Century Hangman, & hear his tales of felons & their punishments during the Georgian period! Take part in trials before completing the crime & punishment trail in the grounds. Adult £7.90, Child, 5-15 years £4.70, Family £20.50. Tel 01661 881636.


Mon 27th May 11.30am – 1.30pm 50 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU’RE 11 Lindisfarne Castle NT Join the hunt for crabs, sea urchins, lobster & maybe even a small fish or two with the coastal rangers & go rock pooling near Lindisfarne Castle on the beautiful Holy Island. Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 01289 389244. Tues 28th – Fri 31st May 11am-3pm 50 THINGS CHALLENGE Wallington NT Enjoy wild play at Wallington & see how many of their 50 Things activities you can do before you head home. Small charge for some activities. Normal admission charges apply. Tel 01670 773963. Tues 28th May – Sun 2nd June 11am-5pm TIME TRAVELLERS GO GLADIATOR SCHOOL Chesters Roman Fort & Museum- Hadrian's Wall Youngsters will be trained to be Roman Gladiators with hands on activities for all children willing to become the next Gladiator! Adult £5.40, Child, 5-15 years £3.20. Tel 01434 681379.

Primary Times Newcastle

Tues 28th, Thurs 30th & Fri 31st May 11am – 3pm BEWICK’S BOREDOM BUSTERS Cherryburn NT Enjoy Cherryburn as Thomas Bewick did as a young lad by exploring the great outdoors. Great family fun. Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 01661 843276.

Thurs 30th May 10am-3pm DIGITAL MEDIA or COMPUTER GAME DESIGN WORKSHOP Collingwood Media College, Stobhillgate NE61 2HA Try out various activities in the Media Suite or learn to create a level in your very own game! Ages 8+. Cost £12.50pp (bring packed lunch). Booked in advance. Tel 01670 516374.

Tues 28th May – Sun 2nd June 11am-5pm TIME TRAVELLERS GO ROMAN SOLDIER SCHOOL Housesteads Roman Fort Hadrian's Wall Youngsters will be trained to be Roman soldiers with hands on activities for all children willing to join the imperial army under the instruction of Maximus the Centurion. Adult £6.20, Child, 5-15 years £3.70. Tel 01434 344363.

Thurs 30th May 1.30-3pm MINI BEAST HUNT Plessey Woods Country Park, NE22 6AN Meet the beasts that inhabit the depths of Plessey Woods. Ages 5 years +. Cost £2.50. Tel 01670 824793.

Tues 28th May 1.30-3pm POND DIPPING Plessey Woods Country Park, NE22 6AN Look into the depths of the pond & discover who lives there. Ages 5 years +. Cost £2.50. Tel 01670 824793.

Sat 1st June 10am-4.30pm CRAMLINGTON TOWN FAIR Eastfield Playing Fields, NE23 2UA Cramlington Community Town Fair with Turners Fun Fair. For more info visit Sat 1st June 10am-12.30pm ANIMATION WORKSHOP Collingwood Media College, Stobhillgate NE61 2HA A chance to try Stop Motion Animation. Ages 8+. Cost £7.50pp. Booked in advance. Tel 01670 516374.

Sun 2nd June 11am-3pm CORONATION PICNIC & CAKE COMPETITION Seaton Delaval Hall NT A family day out to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Coronation celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II. Bring along a picnic or buy one here. Bake a cake with a Coronation theme for a chance to win a prize. Categories will be Juniors & 16 & over. Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 0191 2379100. Sat 8th & Sun 9th June 11am-3pm OPEN FARM WEEKEND Cherryburn NT Meet the animals at the tiny farmstead where Thomas Bewick grew up, dress up as a young farm lad or lass, enjoy live music, alpaca wool-spinning & more! Free event (normal admission charges apply). Tel 01661 843276. Sun 16th June 11am & 1.30pm DANGEROUS DAY WITH YOUR DAD Wallington NT Have lots of fun learning woodland skills like fire making, shelter building & tool making, as you tick more things off your 50 Things list. Fun for little AND big kids! Small

charge for some activities. Normal admission charges apply. Tel 01670 773963. Sun 23rd June 12pm-4.30pm HAVE-A-GO ARCHERY Belsay Hall, Castle & Gardens Have a go at the noble art of archery with a local team of experts. A small extra charge applies to take part in this activity. Adult £7.90, Child, 5-15 years £4.70, Family £20.50. Tel 01661 881636. Sat 29th June 1-4pm SUMMER FAIR Prudhoe Castle First School, Castle Road, Prudhoe NE42 6PH Free entry to the School’s biggest & best summer fair yet – magic show, face painting, diggers & dumper trucks, dance demos, penalty shoot out, raffle & tombola, nail art, hair braiding, bouncy castle, tuck shop, fruit kebabs with a chocolate fountain, BBQ & beer tent & much, much more. Tel. 01661 833122.

Theatre What’s On Guide Family & Children’s Shows

Theatre Royal

Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre

Box Office 08448 11 21 21

Tickel Hotline 0844 493 9999

Sun 19th – Mon 27th May CIRCUS HILARIOUS DAREDEVILS AND CLOWNS Daredevil acts & daring feats from across the world (including Houdini's Milk Churn Escape) & hilarious comedy routines from Clive Webb & Danny Adams, joined by Dangerous Alan, (black belt, 3rd Dan, AA and RAC) guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat & howling with laughter! Excitement & comedy for all the family. Tickets from £8.00.

Mon 10th & Tues 11th June DORA THE EXPLORER LIVE: SEARCH FOR THE CITY OF LOST TOYS. Everyone’s favourite explorer is embarking on a LIVE musical adventure across the UK! Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer has lost her teddy bear Osito, & the search is on to retrieve him! With the help of the audience, Map, Backpack, Boots, Diego & their courageous friends, Dora uses her map-reading, counting, musical & language skills to successfully pass through the number pyramid & the mixedup jungle to reach the City of Lost Toys. But watch out - you never know what that sneaky fox Swiper might be up to along the way! Tickets Adults £18.00 & £16.00, Children £16.00 & £14.00, Family £65.00 & £55.00.

Wed 22nd - Sat 25th May SPOT’S BIRTHDAY PARTY It’s the Birthday of everyone’s favourite puppy! All Spot’s friends will be here; Steve the Monkey, Helen the Hippo & Tom the Crocodile plus Spot’s mum & dad, Sally & Sam. Special guest Marco the Rabbit Magician will be there too, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Join in the fun – music & songs, games & stories – theatrical magic to capture everyone’s imagination. Come dressed for a party & make a birthday card for Spot! All Tickets £12.50.

Whitley Bay Playhouse BOX OFFICE 0844 277 2771

Sun 2nd June 1pm & 3.30pm MILKSHAKE LIVE TOUR! A brand new Milkshake! Live tour, “Come out to Play”, starring Milkshake presenter AMY, Little Princess & Scruff, Noddy & Tessie Bear, Roary & Big Chris, Fifi & Bumble and B1 & B2 – the Bananas in Pyjamas! Plus introducing a new Milkshake presenter. Tickets £12, £10 children, £42 family

Customs House South Shields 0191 4541234

Sat 1st June 2.30pm THE ELEPHANT BRIDESMAID “There are no elephants in Australia. Well, no elephants except this one...” A magical musical about weddings & wombats & the loveliest elephant the world has ever known. Join Nessie the Elephant & her fantastic animal friends & help them as they go in search of an outfit fancy enough (& large enough) to make her the Australian jungle’s first & most beautiful Elephant Bridesmaid. For ages 4 – 104. Tickets £9.50, £8.50 conc., £32.00 Family Ticket.

Primary Times Newcastle



ADVENTURE VALLEY COMPETITION WINNER Allison Cassin from Oakfield Infant School, Gateshead.

DIGGERLAND COMPETITION WINNER Caelan Athey from Prudhoe West First School.

NORTH EAST LIVE COMPETITION WINNER Lily Symington from Western Community Primary School, Wallsend.

CROODS FILM COMPETITION WINNERS T Mathieson from Darras Hall First School. Jessica Pringle from Springwell Village Primary School. Sam Yeeles from South Gosforth First School.

COMPETITION PAGE Win a Family Ticket to see

CIRQUE DU HILARIOUS – DAREDEVILS AND CLOWNS at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle, on Monday 27th May 2013. Daredevil acts, daring feats and hilarious comedy routines from Clive Webb & Danny Adams (stars of the Theatre Royal panto), guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat and howling with laughter! Matinee and evening performances on Sun 19th & Mon 27th May. Tickets from £8 are available from the Theatre Royal Box Office on 08448 11 21 21. Primary Times have teamed up with the Theatre Royal to give you the chance to Win a Family Ticket to see Cirque Du Hilarious on Monday 27th May 2013 at 7pm, by simply answering the following question:

Q. What are the names of our Daredevil duo? On Wednesday 22nd May 2013, the 3D animated adventure Epic is released. This is from the people who made all the Ice Age movies & features the voices of Colin Farrell & Beyoncé Knowles. It tells the story of an ongoing battle deep in the forest between the forces of good who keep the natural world alive & the forces of evil who wish to destroy it. When a teen age girl finds herself magically transported into this secret universe, she must band together with a rag-tag team of fun & whimsical characters in order to save their world…and ours.


Send your answer along with your name, address, telephone number & school details to Theatre Royal Competition, Primary Times, 1 Denehead Cottages, Hexham Road, Walbottle, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 9RX or by e-mail to Entries must be received by Thursday 23rd May 2013. The winners will be notified thereafter. The judges decision is final & there is no cash alternative!


Primary Times Newcastle

Primary Times has teamed up with 20th Century Fox to offer you the chance to win 1 of 3 packs of merchandise from the film (which includes a t-shirt, adventure set, garden set, lunch bag, paint your own mug, stationary set, holographic magnets & card puzzle) by simply answering the following question:

Q. Which female pop star does a voiceover in the film? A Send your answer along with your name, address, telephone number & school details to Epic Competition, Primary Times, 1 Denehead Cottages, Hexham Road, Walbottle, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 9RX or by e-mail to Entries must be received by Friday 31st May 2013. The winners will be notified thereafter. The judges decision is final & there is no cash alternative!

all o you c What d ers? b two rob f o r i A pa s! r e k knic

What do y call som ou eone who exp lo for eggs res ? An eggs-p lorer!

t he W ha Why did cross r if yo t do you dinosau u ? sting cross get the road i ng n e s u an e Beca hadn’t V d a hedg ttles s n e k e eh chic r y yet! han sore og? evolved ds!

Primary Times North Ea st 1 Denehe Jokes ad Cotta ges Hexham Ro Newcastl ad e NE15 9R upon Tyne X.

Primary Times Newcastle


Primary Times Newcastle May Issue  
Primary Times Newcastle May Issue  

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