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Issue 173 21 Dec 2012-8 Feb 2013

Bristol Old Vic transports us to Neverland. Page 4. Also Winter baking Last minute gifts Keeping chickens

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• Roundabout • Save money! 12/5/2012 3:31:56 PM

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Most parents will be in the thick of their Christmas preparations as Primary Times reaches them. But amidst the scrunch of wrapping paper and the cacophony of ringing phones, they may not yet have considered the empty days between the end of the festivities and the start of term. That’s where our Roundabout section comes in (p. 13) highlighting the region’s many attractions and wonderful family treats this season; much easer to sell to the kids than those chilly winter walks. We also explore keeping chickens (p.30) and teaching your children to bake (p.6). Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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the editor

-8 Feb 2013 21 Dec 2012 Issue 173

Also ing Winter bak g-llers Late stockin kens Keeping chic y ty arty Bar

GET BAKING! P6 Francesca Clifford on the joys of teaching children to make cakes. A STROKE OF CLUCK P30 Sarah Ollington on raising chickens. NOW AND FOREVER P33 Late gift ideas by Francesca Clifford.


Vic takes Bristol Old land. us to Never Page 4.

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Primary Times in Avon

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Find these amazing offers this issue!

Avon Ski & Action - 10% off one tobogganing session Bristol Aquarium – one child goes free At Bristol - one child goes free with every paying adult Pete the Pirate - free tour voucher for teachers

Santa’s Invention Works hop, until 6 Jan, At-Bri stol CHRISTMAS 2012


12/5/2012 4:24:48 PM



All images: Mark Douet

Following ‘Coram Boy’, ‘Peter Pan’ swoops into Bristol Old Vic for a Christmas show unlike any other. Director Sally Cookson talks to Primary Times.




efore I direct any show I always ask myself, ‘Why do I want to tell this particular story?’” says Sally Cookson. “In this case, I wanted to investigate Peter Pan’s enduring power as a story. The first production was over 100 years ago and, since then, it has had numerous outings worldwide. Peter Pan may refuse to grow up, but he also will not die. We won’t let him. The story has taken on mythological status. “When I was little I used to look through my mother’s old hardback copy of ‘Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens’. Gazing at the extraordinary watercolours of illustrator Arthur Rackham, I became intrigued by the character of Peter. The muted colours and detail of the strange, grotesque goblin world where he flies around as a baby in Kensington Gardens completely drew me in. For years, I never read the story, but made up my own version based on the illustrations. “When I eventually got round to reading the novel ‘Peter and Wendy’ (Based on J.M. Barrie’s play ‘Peter Pan’), I was delighted by the story’s dark undercurrent, which reminded me of Rackham’s illustrations. Everyone knows about Peter Pan, regardless of whether they’ve read the book, seen the film or watched a production. I’d like to make a version that lives up to everyone’s expectations. “I work in a devised and collaborative style of theatre, which means that we don’t start with a concrete script but build on a structure of ideas during 4


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rehearsal. The novel will provide our starting point. We draw on music, singing, movement, action and text to help us create the piece of theatre. Ideas are generated by the whole company. “The importance of imagination particularly appeals to me. Barrie was inspired by the creative ability of children to dream up incredible, fantastical worlds and characters. He shared this skill, and never grew out of it. “In our version, we will draw on the imagination of the audience to enter into our world. Barrie created a story that indulged the child’s love of play yet also captured our tragic, adult awareness of mortality and the fleeting nature of childhood

“I see Wendy as a wonderful storyteller who captivates the Lost Boys.” pleasures. The story is encoded with many adult matters and I’m keen to explore these. “Our production will be fuelled by the theme of imaginative play, and therefore I want to expose the mechanics of how we create certain images. For example, with the flying sequences, I want to see the workings of the ropes, wires and counterweighting. The technical aspect of how you fly someone is just as much fun to watch, and the actors will be counterweighting each other in full view rather than stage hands doing it off-stage. Actors will be

playing more than one character so we will see them changing costume on stage. “In Peter Pan, Barrie created a story that indulged the child’s love of play yet also captured our adult tragic awareness of mortality and the fleeting nature of childhood pleasures. The story is encoded with many adult issues and I’m keen to explore these. Motherhood is one theme and Barrie offers the reader a complex view of his attitude and feelings about mothers. Through the character of Mrs Darling and the affection shown to her by her family, we see an intense, sentimental devotion to motherhood. This attitude is not shared by Peter who harbours a distrustful resentment towards mothers, having been barred from his own nursery as an infant. This exclusion from a desired maternal relationship is fundamental to the Peter Pan story, and one which I want to emphasise. “Our version will start with an adult Wendy, mother to fiveyear-old Jane, looking back on her childhood. I’m keen to make Wendy a heroine who will resonate with today’s audiences. The novel sees her as an Edwardian young woman who’s happiest darning socks. I see her as a wonderful storyteller who captivates Neverland’s inhabitants, the Lost Boys, through her power to tell extraordinary stories, but who enters into the adventure with gusto and courage.” PETER PAN BRISTOL OLD VIC UNTIL 19 JANUARY T: 0117 987 7877 W: WWW.BRISTOLOLDVIC. ORG.UK


12/5/2012 3:42:02 PM

First Steps SCHOOL OF DANCE w w w. f i r s t s t e p s d a n c e . c o . u k



Babies from 2 ½ years

National Modern Tap Jazz Greek

Exams ★ Shows ★ Displays ★ Competitions ★ TV work Or just for fun!

Please contact: Kathryn Pearce AISTD.DDE Tel: 0117 9495357 Email:


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12/5/2012 11:18:13 AM

Get baking!

Teaching your children some kitchen basics can give them confidence and pay dividends round the Christmas tree, says Francesca Clifford.


he suggestion of children’s home cookery often fills parents with foreboding. While there will inevitably be a certain amount of clearing up, baking with your kids can be a rewarding and bonding experience. Not only that, it can teach children some valuable skills without it feeling like a lesson. The baking process encourages children to take responsibility for what they eat, appreciating the ingredients included in their food. Developing this awareness at a young age will help to instil a sense of balance in their diets. Search out some alternative recipes to classic children’s favourites to promote creativity in baking. For example, using beetroot in brownies is a great way to include more vegetables in your child’s diet: it has even been described as ‘the new carrot’, providing a moist and velvety texture. Producing a selection of root vegetables and telling your child you can transform them into tasty brownies will make you seem as magical as Dumbledore. Most beetroot brownie recipes are much healthier, too, using around half as much



12 Avon Features Xmas 2012.indd 4

fat as regular brownies. Cooking with children promotes an understanding of measurements, giving them the chance to use the skills they are learning in school. They will be able to see exactly what 500ml of milk looks Makes 24 decorative gingerbread cookies like, feel the weight of 250g of flour, crack an egg without getting 75ml black treacle shell in the mix and pour the bat60g dark soft brown sugar ter into a cake tin. Following a rec60g butter, softened ipe can also help children appreci3/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda ate the value of doing things in a 1/4 teaspoon ground mixed spice, cinnamon, particular order to achieve a specloves and ginger cific result. Using mixing spoons, 1 egg scales and baking trays improves About 325g plain flour motor skills and dexterity, improving control of their movements. Preheat oven to 180oC/gas mark 4. If this all seems like a lot of extra In a large bowl, mix all ingredients and 100g of work, then consider asking your the flour until combined. children to take part in preparing With a wooden spoon, stir in enough of the the evening meal. Often gathering remaining flour all of the ingredients and equipment to make a stiff dough. necessary for baking can seem like Wrap in cling film and chill for 15 minutes. a chore, but the convenience and On a lightly floured surface, roll the regularity of cooking dinner is the dough to 3mm thick, and cut out your perfect opportunity to get them shapes. involved. Even if it is just weighing, Place shapes 1cm apart on a baking grating or stirring, the kids will be sheet. Make a small hole a centimetre excited to be a part of the process. below the top of each biscuit before The chance to decorate and cooking. make something look pretty is Bake for 12 minutes, or until edges are guaranteed to raise excitement firm. Remove immediately onto a wire in children. This recipe for edible cooling rack. gingerbread Christmas tree When cooled, be creative and decorate decorations is so simple and with writing icing. When dry, thread offers plenty of fun as your kids some festive ribbon through the hole, tie personalise each one. And, if firmly and hang on the tree! you’re stuck for finding the right shape, a range of local and online companies offer a great selection of child-friendly bakeware and Christmas-shaped cookie cutters W: The Cook’s Kitchen W: www. for your tree decorations. Pro Cook Unit 67, Gloucester Kitchens, Bath 4&5 Quiet Street, Quays Designer Outlet, St Ann Once you’ve taken them out Way, Gloucester GL1 5SH T: 01452 Bath BA1 2JS T: 01225 330524   of the oven, enjoy the best part 501575 of all, hanging them on your Kitchens, Bristol 167 Whiteladies Christmas tree in time for the big Road, Bristol, BS8 2SQ T:  0117 973 Lakeland 3-4 Market Walk, day! 9614 Salisbury, SP1 1BT T: 01722 338769

Works Every Time


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BATH BATHEASTON CHURCH HALL School Lane, Northend, BA1 7EP. 01225 859023, batheastonhall. Goldilocks and the Three Bears Thu 31 Jan-Sat 2 Feb & Thu 7 Feb-Sat 9 Feb. 7.30pm/2.30pm. £7/£10 • Join Goldilocks as she ventures into the woods and meets three new bear friends. Advance booking advised. THE EGG Theatre Royal, Sawclose, Bath BA1 1ET. 01225 448844, www. Heidi: A Goat’s Tale Tail. Until Sun 13 Jan. Various times. £10£16 • The egg’s version of Heidi offers the audience a unique twist, a full cast of goats! The sets give the illusion of a stunning Alpine landscape, and there will be yodelling, clog dancing, and Alpine treats. Ages 6 +. Rapunzel Sat 19 Jan. 11.30am and 3pm. £7 (adults)/£6.50 (children and students) • A playful adaption of the classic tale, Rapunzel continues to captivate audiences from her tower where she is held captive wondering when she will escape. Ages 3-7.

Little Red… You Know Who! Fri 25-Sat 26 Jan. Fri 10.30am and 1pm/11.30am and 3pm. £7 (adults)/£6.50 (children and students) • The story of Red Riding Hood is reworked with the specialist use of puppetry and original music. Watch a forest grow before your eyes and discover a new character, a very endearing bear! Miki Fri 1-Sat 2 Feb. Fri 10am and 1.30pm/ Sat 11.30am and 3pm. £7 (adults)/£6.50 (children and students) • A stage adaption of the fantastic children’s book Miki, by Stephen Mackey, featuring Miki, Polar Bear and Penguin. On a crisp winter night, they make a wish and embark on a magical adventure in search of a star. Beautiful sets accompany a heart-warming story. There’s a Rabbit in the Moon Sat 9-Tue 12 Feb. Sat-Mon 11.30am and 3pm/Tue 11.30am. £7 (adults)/£6.50 (children/ concessions) • Thomas Snout collects nights; he captures them with his bare hands, a dangerous and messy job. He has long nights and short, moonlit and pitch black, nights of his own and nights belonging to others. Be transported on an adventure through his collection of the strangest and most wonderful nights. Ages 4 +

KINGSWOOD SCHOOL THEATRE Lansdown Road, Bath BA1 5RG. 01225 427108, Jack and the Beanstalk Until Sun 23 Dec. 2pm and 7.15pm (Sat) and 2pm (Sun). £10/£8 • Get into the Christmas spirit with a seasonal performance, brought to you by the Kingswood School Theatre. THE RONDO THEATRE St. Saviours Road, Bath BA1 6RT. 01225 463362, A Christmas Carol – The Musical Until Sat 22 Dec. 3pm and 8pm. £12/£10 • A magical Christmas retelling of the classic children’s story ‘A Christmas Carol’. Christmas would not be the same without this festive and heart-warming tale of miserable Scrooge and his bah-humbug view of the world. His view is soon to be changed after encounters with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-to-Come. THEATRE ROYAL Theatre Royal, Sawclose, Bath BA1 1ET. 01225 448844, www. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Thu 13 Dec-Sun 13 Jan. 2pm, 5pm & 7pm (various days). £16-£100 • A rare opportunity to see a pantomime version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves! The classic tale is taken on by a talented cast of actors including seasoned pantomime dame Chris Harris. Join Snow White as she meets seven new friends, takes on the wicked queen and finds her prince. Guaranteed to entertain and induce giggles aplenty.

BRISTOL THE BREWERY THEATRE 291 North Street, Southville, Bristol BS3 1JP. 0117 902 0344, The Lost Present Until Sun 13 Jan. 11am and 2pm (Wed-Sun). £24 (family)/£7 (standard) • A musical comedy extravaganza, with games, songs, toys and a bit of detective work. Set in the Number One Lost Present Department, main characters Vic and Ed need to find new homes for all of the lost presents, and fast. Recommended for ages 3+.

Aladdin, Hippodrome, Bristol Until Sun 6 Jan 8 CHRISTMAS 2012

12 Avon Theatre listings Xmas 2012.indd 8

THE BRISTOL HIPPODROME Saint Augustine’s Parade, Bristol BS1 4UZ. 0844 871 3012, www.

At the egg, Bath, 1-2 Feb

Aladdin Until Sun 6 Jan. Various performance times. £10-£35 • The classic tale of Aladdin dazzles and glitters its way to Bristol, with sets which promise to wow and hilarious lines to please parents and children alike. Dance troupe Flawless of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ fame also makes a special appearance. Russian State Ballet’s Swan Lake Tue 8-Wed 9 Jan. 7.30pm. £13-£39.50 • A breath-taking love story promises audiences a memory to cherish. Children will marvel at the beauty of the dazzling costumes and extraordinary dancing. Russian State Ballet’s The Nutcracker Thu 10 Jan. 2.30 and 7.30. £8-£39.50 • A ballet for the whole family, promising to capture the Christmas spirit in one magical evening. Children’s toys come to life in a ballet spectacular. Oliver! Tue 22 Jan-Sun 24 Feb. (Matinee and evening performances Tue-Sun). £17.50-£52.50 • Neil Morrissey stars as Fagin in what promises to be a sensational production. The audience will be shouting, ‘More please!’ THE BRISTOL OLD VIC King Street, BS1 4ED. 0117 987 7877, Hey Diddle Diddle Until Sat 5 Jan. 10.30am and 1.30 pm (until Fri 21 Dec), 11.30am and 3pm (all Saturdays and weekdays from Wed 26 Dec-Fri 4 Jan). £13/£7 • The Bristol Old Vic transforms into a Christmas playground for young audiences to enjoy the re-telling of classic nursery rhymes. Ages 3-6. Peter Pan Until Tue 29 Jan. See website/call box office for dates and times. £8-£28 • The classic story of Peter Pan takes flight at the Bristol Old Vic, combining the well-loved tale of Peter, Wendy and Captain Hook with laughter, fun and music. Ages 6+ A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Tue 5-Fri 15 Feb. 7pm/2pm » PRIMARY TIMES

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12/5/2012 11:45:32 AM



EVERYMAN THEATRE Regent Street, Cheltenham GL50 1HQ. 01242 572573, www. Dick Whittington Until Sun 13 Jan. See website or call box office for times and prices • Follow Dick Whittington on his journey to London, meet his loveable streetwise cat as they fight off the evil Queen Rat and attempt to win the heart of the lovely Alice. Tweedy the Clown from Gifford’s Circus also makes an appearance guaranteeing some side-splitting laughs and audience participation.

Sat matinee, £14/£8/see website for offers • An ingenious performance of puppetry and storytelling with a fantastical and unusual storyline. Things will never be the same when a very old man with enormous wings crashes to the ground in a flurry of feathers. THE COLSTON HALL Colston Hall, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5AR. 0117 922 3686, Mini Messiah Family Concert Sat 22 Dec. 4.30pm. £5 (adults)/ under 18s free • This bite-size family-friendly version of the Messiah serves as a great introduction to Handel’s masterpiece. Prodijig Fri 17 May. 7pm. £35/£25/£17.50 • Dance troupe Prodijig, made up of seven of the world’s best modern Irish dancers, break boundaries with their modern fusion of Irish dance with contemporary moves. Tickets available to book now. THE REDGRAVE THEATRE Percival Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3LE. 0117 315 7000. The Redgrave has no permanent box office so please book directly with the visiting companies listed below. Sleeping Beauty Tue 8-Sun 13 Jan. 7.30pm/2.30pm Sat/Sun. £8-12 • A traditional pantomime, filled with laugh-out-loud comedy, sing-a-long numbers and a love story to capture the hearts of the entire audience. 0117 965 8598 Dance Show 2013 Sat 19-Sun 20 Jan. 7pm. £7 • Two local dance groups, Dance Extreme BS13 and Sway Dance come together for a medley of different style performances. Visitors are likely to end up dancing their way home! Tickets on the door. Our House Wed 23-Sat 26 Jan. 7.30pm/2.30pm Sat/Sun. £12 • The Ivy Arts Youth Theatre use classic songs from Madness to follow the tale of teenager Joe Casey who’s determined to follow the right path in life after his 16th birthday. Early booking advised 07551 531841. Romeo and Juliet Sat 2 and Sat 9 Feb. 10.30am. £7 • Bristol Old Vic Theatre School has specially adapted this production for younger audiences: a perfect introduction to the fateful tale of Romeo and Juliet. Suitable for Key Stage 2, suggested ages 7-13 years. 0117 973 3955. ST GEORGE’S BRISTOL Great George Street, Bristol BS1 5RR. 0845 402 4001, www. At the Redgrave Theatre, Bristol, 23-26 Jan

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, Bristol Old Vic, 5-15 Feb, and Salisbury Playhouse, 22-26 Jan.

Children’s Christmas Carnival Sun 23 Dec, 2pm & 4.30pm, £13 • Includes performances of The Snowman, a selection of Disney songs and more festive favourites to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. THE SOUTHVILLE CENTRE Beauley Road, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1QE. 0117 923 1039. www. Recycled Stockings 2 Until Sun 23 Dec. 2.30pm and 6pm on Sat 22 Dec/11am, 2.30pm and 6pm on Sun 23 Dec, £7 (adults)/£5 (children) • Show of Strength returns for a second year with this production, featuring six characters who each provide a short play about Christmas. Children are handed a stocking when they arrive which will be filled with six special gifts from each character. Not suitable for buggies. Production info from TOBACCO FACTORY THEATRE Raleigh Road, Southville, Bristol BS3 1TF. 0117 902 0344, www. Hansel and Gretel Until Sun 13 Jan. Various times. £7-15 (family rates available) • The classic Brothers Grimm fairy-tale is adapted in this new production, enchanting audiences with beautiful wintry sets as well as lots of fun, live music, humour, and storytelling. Ages 6+. You’re Not My Friend Anymore Wed 13-Sun 17 Feb. 11am and 2pm. £6 • A comical and poignant look at the highs and lows of young friendship. Questions and issues are tackled in a light-hearted manner; what to do when a friend who makes you happy also makes you sad. Can it ever work having two best friends?

NORTH SOMERSET THE BLAKEHAY THEATRE Wadham Street, Weston-superMare, North Somerset BS23 1JZ. 10 CHRISTMAS 2012

12 Avon Theatre listings Xmas 2012.indd 10

01934 645493, Dreamland Adventure Sat 22 & Sun 23 Dec. 11am & 2pm, £7 • Go on a journey through the land of dreams, where absolutely anything can come true, in this magical interactive show. Suitable for ages 2-7. THE PLAYHOUSE THEATRE High Street, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, BS23 1HP. 01934 645544, Sleeping Beauty Until Sun 6 Jan. Various times. £13.50-£64 • A star-studded cast promises to make this pantomime truly sparkle. Join Prince Muddles, the Lilac Fairy, Nurse Katie Cough-Drop, the calamitous King and the wicked fairy Carabosse on a fantastical journey to awaken Sleeping Beauty.

FURTHER AFIELD THE ARC THEATRE College Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 0ES. 0845 2990476, Aladdin Thu 10-Sun 20 Jan. See website for specific dates and times. £8.50/£6 (concessions and under 16s) • The Trowbridge Players transport you to Arabia with this special performance. Will Aladdin finally win the love of the Princess, despite King Abanaza’s best efforts to stop him? BAYSHILL UNITARIAN CHURCH HALL Royal Well Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 3DS. 01242 263283/07940 430094. Puppet, Toy and Shadow Theatre Festival Tue 12-Sat 16 Feb. Daily performances 11am and 2.15pm. £10 (family)/£3.50 (adult)/£2.50 (child) • Join the talented Colin Bailey for a variety performance of fairy-tales told using puppetry and shadows. The audience meets Robin Hood, Sleeping Beauty and many others.

MERLIN THEATRE Bath Road, Frome, Somerset BA11 2HG. 01373 465949, Frankenstein Fri 25 Jan. 7.45pm. £12/£10 • A perfect evening for anyone who loves the traditional pantomime format but is looking for something different. Frank is in a race against time as he rushes to construct a superhuman being which can carry the precious genes of the rich and famous forward into the future. But Frank’s being turns out to be a hideous creature, shunned by his creator and the whole world. Ages 7+ NEW BREWERY ARTS Brewery Court, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 1JH. 01285 657181, www.newbreweryarts. Little Red Robin Hood Sat 22-Sun 23 Dec and Thu 27 Dec. 11am and 2pm. Tickets £8-£6 • Two classic children’s tales are brought together, featuring glove puppetry, slapstick, musical delights and some false teeth. Little Red Riding Hood meets Robin Hood in the forest, promising a creative and entertaining evening to remember. SALISBURY PLAYHOUSE Malthouse Lane, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 7RA. 01722 320333, Sleeping Beauty Until Sat 5 Jan. Various times. Tickets from £11-£19 • In a new take on this well-known tale, the audience follows the fortunes of dashing Prince Dylan and the treacherous journey he faces. Will he reach his destination in time to save the beautiful Princess Rose? Traditional panto sing-alongs and audience participation accompany the gripping tale. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Tue 22-Sat 26 Jan. TuesSat evenings 7pm/Sat matinee 2.30pm. £12/£8 • See Bristol Old Vic listing. THE WYVERN THEATRE Theatre Square, Swindon, Wiltshire SN1 1QN. 01793 524481, Aladdin Until Sun 6 Jan. Various times. £12.50-£26 • Starring Keith Chegwin, this production of Aladdin promises to dazzle audiences with sparkling wit, colourful costumes and everyone’s favourite genie. PRIMARY TIMES

12/5/2012 3:45:12 PM

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12/5/2012 11:47:03 AM

P StagehandsP Hanham Methodist Church, Bristol Singing, Dancing and Drama For 6 - 14 years Fridays 5.30pm-7.00pm Fees - Price per week £8.50 Pupils work towards two yearly shows with the option of vanguard exams in speech & Drama.

Dance classes in Brislington... Ballet, tap, modern and hip-hop - From 3 years NEW Adult Tap Class Mondays 6.30 - 7.15pm

For more information

Tel. 01761 472109

ing n e p O ary Janu 3 201

Coming Soon! Caerleon Child Care

Coming Soon! Caerleon is a brand new purpose built Childcare Centre with custom designed garden.

After over £350,000 of investment, Caerleon will have the most modernChild equipment and facilities. Caerleon Care

Caerleon is a brand new purpose built Childcare Centre with custom designed garden. After over £350,000 of investment, Caerleon will have the most modern equipment and facilities. Daily supervised visits to Jump before it opens and exclusive Jump benefits. Conveniently located within only 5 minutes of Aztec West Business Park and The Mall Cribbs Causeway. Tours and open days are available throughout December and January. If you would like to make a booking or require more information please contact Rachel on 08456 031 996 or email

Daily supervised visits to Jump before it opens and exclusive Jump benefits. Patchway Trading Estate, 22 Concorde Road Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, BS34 5TB Conveniently located within only 5 minutes of Aztec West Business Park and The Mall Cribbs Causeway. Telephone 08456 031 996 Email

To request a brochure call 08456 031 996 or visit 12

p12.indd 1



12/5/2012 11:51:19 AM

ROUNDABOUT Your ultimate family diary of what’s on, where & when

Deadlines: List your school’s winter events in Primary Times for free. We work a half-term in advance so we’re now collecting information copy for February and March 2013: deadline Mon 7 January. If your event is to raise cash for a school or charity, and is open to the public, we want to know. Email PLEASE CHECK BEFORE YOU TRAVEL While we make every effort to ensure these listings are accurate and up to date, event information can sometimes change after we’ve gone to press. Please check with the venue or organiser before you set off to an event to make sure it’s going ahead as planned . . . and tell them you saw it in Primary Times!

DECEMBER ONGOING WINTER NIGHT SKY At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB. 0845 345 1235,, regular daily shows • As the seasons change, the view of the sky does too. Join At-Bristol for some seasonal star-gazing, and learn much more about the sky above us from the Planetarium experts. ONGOING LITTLE STARS PLANETARIUM SHOW At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB.

0845 345 1235,, weekends at 2pm • Witness a specially designed planetarium show for the under-fives. They will be introduced to the night sky, and be able to participate in an interactive starry night story. ONGOING READING GROUPS Various locations across North Somerset. uk/Leisure/Events, see website for times and dates, free • Visitors will receive support for struggling young readers and the chance to take part in a group reading session. ONGOING LET’S SK8 ROLLER DISCOS Various Bristol locations. 07766 335799/07908 474515, www., £4.50/£2.50 (nonskaters) • Regular Let’s Sk8 roller discos across the Bristol area offer a resident DJ playing party songs and disco lights to get visitors in the disco mood. ONGOING THE SINGING TREE Various locations across Bristol, Wiltshire, East Sheen and Somerset. 07905786447/07747745675,, various times available, free trail lesson/ enquire for prices • The Singing Tree offers music classes held by experienced, professional musicians and teachers. Children are surrounded by music and singing, which the group believes is the key to helping children grow in con-

Santa has some unusual visitors at Slimbridge Wildfowl & Wetlands Centre, until Sun 23 Dec

fidence and musical ability. Free trial lessons available. UNTIL SAT 22 DEC DICKENSIAN CHRISTMAS GROTTO Trowbridge Museum, the Shires, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8AT. 01225 741339,, 10.30-12.30 and 1.303.30, £4/£5 • Pay a visit to a traditional Victorian Father Christmas, and receive a special gift and a sepia-toned photograph of your encounter. UNTIL SAT 22 DEC A VERY VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS AT GLOUCESTER FOLK MUSEUM Gloucester Folk Museum, 99-103 Westgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2PG. 01452 396868, www., 10am-5pm, £10 (family)/£3 (adults)/under 5s free • See Gloucester Folk Museum’s transformation into a Christmas wonderland. Featuring mummers plays, carol services, Christmas crafts, and festive food in the tea rooms. UNTIL SAT 22 DEC HARBOUR WONDERLAND M Shed, Princes Wharf, Wapping Road, Bristol BS1 4RN. 0117 352 6600,, 5pm-7pm, free • Enjoy a unique pre-Christmas evening at the waterfront. The harbour area is abuzz with seasonal and historic films, projections and animations to watch, while visitors sip on a warm drink and eat hot mince pies. Also performances from local choirs in Museum Square bring the Christmas spirit to life.

Harbour Wonderland at the M Shed, Bristol, until Sat 22 Dec PRIMARY TIMES

12 Avon Roundabout Xmas Term 2012.indd 13


Blundson Station, Tadpole Lane, Swindon, SN25 2DA. 01793 771615, www.swindon-cricklade-railway. org, trains running 11am-4pm, £32 (family)/£7 (adults)/£10 (children, inc. present)/£5 (children under 3, inc. present)/£6 (seniors) • Journey to see Father Christmas on a special steam train. All children receive an age-appropriate present. UNTIL SUN 23 DEC CHRISTMAS AT THE DEAN HERITAGE CENTRE Dean Heritage Centre, Camp Mill, Soudley, Gloucestershire, GL14 2UB. 01594 822170,, 10.30am12.30pm and 1pm-3.30pm, tickets £7.20-£28 • Meet Santa and his reindeer in a festive countryside setting and embark on a special Christmas trail which leads visitors around the seasonal displays in the grounds. Children can also take part in free Christmas crafting activities and get the chance to meet Mrs Claus. The newly installed Gruffalo and monster trails are also open through the festive season. UNTIL SUN 23 DEC ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS Westonbirt, The National Arboretum, North Tetbury, Gloucester GL8 8QS. 01666 880220, westonbirt-christmas, Fri, Sat and Sun 5pm-8.30pm (last admission 7.15pm), £9 (adults)/£5 (children) • Westonbirt offers a one mile trail along a scenic path, illuminating the beautiful towering trees at night. Each year the path is altered for visitors to see a different part of the attractive setting. Also take part in craft activities, meet Santa, go on the traditional merrygo-round and enjoy the delicious outdoor refreshments. » CHRISTMAS 2012


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ROUNDABOUT A Winter Wonderland The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol Until Sun 6 Jan

Want to meet Santa and pet his reindeers, experience an ice castle or skate the day away? Throughout the Christmas season The Mall at Cribbs Causeway is organising a host of exciting winter activities for the family. The Enchanted Ice Castle promises to be a magical place where children can meet the Ice Queen and her Ice Faires before sharing their Christmas wishes with Santa. A Christmas Train Ride offers a wintery journey of excitement, while two ice rinks, a nursery rink for beginners and a full size rink – one of the largest in the South West – offers skating thrills aplenty. Ffi: Autumn Model Show, Sat 27 Oct, Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton »

UNTIL SUN 23 DEC BREAKFAST WITH FATHER CHRISTMAS The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Wetland Centre, Slimbridge, Gloucestershire GL2 7BT. 01453 891223,, 9am, £18 (child)/£13 (adult) • The WWT offer a unique experience, where families are invited for a breakfast feast during which Father Christmas makes an appearance. After breakfast, children are taken to visit his grotto, where they will be given a special gift from the man himself! One of Santa’s elves will then hold a special bird feed around Swan Lake. Tickets include meal, toy and bird feed. Booking required; limited spaces. UNTIL SUN 23 DEC ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS Westonbirt, The National Arboretum, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8QS. 01666 880220, westonbirt, 5pm, £9 (adults)/£8 (conc)/£5 (child) • Illuminated trail around the Old Arboretum plus festive activities. UNTIL SUN 23 DEC SANTA’S GROTTO The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust,

Wetland Centre, Slimbridge, Gloucestershire GL2 7BT. 01453 891223,, general admission £27.91 (family)/£9.95 (adult)/£7.86 (concessions)/£5.41 (child)/children under 4 free • Visit Father Christmas’s grotto in Slimbridge’s picturesque wintry setting. Tell him your Christmas wish and he will present a gift to every child. Additional cost of £4 for entry into Santa’s Grotto. UNTIL MON 24 DEC WINTER WONDERLAND Bird and Deer Park, Prinknash, Cranham, Gloucester, GL4 8EX. 01452 812727, www.thebirdpark., 3.30pm-6pm, £8.50 on the day/£8 advance • Set in a beautiful woodland area, the Prinknash Winter Wonderland offers a fairytale experience of sparkling lights, glistening water, reindeers, owls and Father Christmas. The park gained a top ten award from the Sunday Telegraph in 2010 for seasonal rural attractions. UNTIL MON 24 DEC OTTER TALK The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Wetland Centre, Slimbridge, Gloucestershire GL2 7BT. 01453 891223,, 11.30am

Meet the railway workers at Steam, Swindon, until Sat 29 Dec

PLEASE CHECK BEFORE YOU TRAVEL . . . AND TELL THEM YOU SAW THE EVENT IN PRIMARY TIMES! & 3pm. Admission: £27.91 (family)/£9.95 (adult)/£7.86 (concessions)/£5.41 (child)/children under 4 free • An introduction to the residents of the wetlands, the otter family of Flo, Minnie and Ha Ha. Wildlife experts explain all, as the otters tuck into their tasty fish supper.

(family)/£9.95 (adult)/£7.86 (concessions)/£5.41 (child)/children under 4 free • Visitors are invited to take part in a series of activities relating to bird migration. Children can follow a trail with tasks to complete along the way, games, paper activities and a crafting session.

UNTIL MON 24 DEC GUIDED WALK The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Wetland Centre, Slimbridge, Gloucestershire GL2 7BT. 01453 891223,, twice daily - check times on arrival, cost included in admission, £27.91 (family)/£9.95 (adult)/£7.86 (concessions)/£5.41 (child)/children under 4 free • Join the trust’s volunteers as they guide visitors through the grounds explaining the history of the area and the local wildlife. Spot local and visiting birds as you look out on to the nature reserve. Not suitable for under 2s.

UNTIL SAT 29 DEC MEET THE RAILWAY WORKERS Steam Museum of the Great Western Railway, Kemble Drive, Swindon SN2 2TA. 01793 466637,, 10am-4pm, tickets from £4.40£20.80 • Spend a day on the railway and learn about the beautiful steam trains from retired engine drivers, signalmen, firemen and railway workers. They explain how steam trains work and how the different roles evolved.

UNTIL MON 24 DEC THE STORY OF FATHER CHRISTMAS Over Farm, Over, Gloucester, GL2 8DB., £11 per child (inc. 2 adults)/£1.50 per additional adult • Join Over Farm for their Christmas festivities where children can enjoy a trailer ride with one of Farmer Christmas’s elves on a visit to his grotto. There they can feed the donkeys, decorate his tree and meet the man himself. There will also be warm drinks and mince pies available for the grown-ups. Tickets available from the farm shop. UNTIL MON 24 DEC TOAD HALL TALK The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Wetland Centre, Slimbridge, Gloucestershire GL2 7BT. 01453 891223,, 12.30pm and 2.15pm, cost included in admission, £27.91 (family)/£9.95 (adult)/£7.86 (concessions)/£5.41 (child)/children under 4 free • Expert Jay Redbond offers insights into amphibians and their habitats. Visitors also have the opportunity to hold the frogs, toads and newts. UNTIL MON 24 DEC DEAN FOREST RAILWAY SANTA SPECIALS Dean Forest Railway, Forest Road, Lydney, Gloucestershire GL15 4ET. 01594 845840,, 11.30am, 1pm and 2.30pm departures, £12/discount for parties of over 4 • Children receive a personal visit from Santa aboard the historic Dean Forest steam train as it travels through picturesque winter scenery. Each child will receive a gift from Santa and parents won’t be forgotten either. Advance online booking advised. UNTIL MON 24 DEC CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS – MIGRATION The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Wetland Centre, Slimbridge, Gloucestershire GL2 7BT. 01453 891223,, cost included in admission £27.91



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UNTIL SAT 29 DEC ON THE TRAIL OF … CHRISTMAS Gloucester Folk Museum, 99-103 Westgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2PG. 01452 396868, www., 10am-5pm, £10 (family)/£3 (adults)/children under 5 free • Enjoy the museum at Christmas time with a special Christmas trail winding its way through the museum. UNTIL SUN 30 DEC CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS TRAIL Steam Museum of the Great Western Railway, Kemble Drive, Swindon SN2 2TA. 01793 466637,, 10am-5pm, £4.40-£20.80 • Take part in Steam’s novelty Christmas trail, a fun addition to a day at the railway. UNTIL MON 31 DEC THE ROYAL ROAD Steam Museum of the Great Western Railway, Kemble Drive, Swindon SN2 2TA. 01793 466637,, 10am-5pm, tickets from £4.40£20.80 • This special exhibition celebrates the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and looks to the Great Western Railway’s royal connections. Children can also follow the Royal Road Children’s Activity Trail, downloadable from the website or purchased at the ticket desk for 75p. UNTIL SAT 5 JAN AWAY IN A MANGER Gloucester Cathedral, 12 College Green, Gloucester GL1 2LX. 01452 528095/01452 874960, www., Mon-


Prinknash Bird Park, Glos, until 24 Dec.


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Play Barn only open in the winter


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PLEASE CHECK BEFORE YOU TRAVEL . . . AND TELL THEM YOU SAW THE EVENT IN PRIMARY TIMES! UNTIL SUN 6 JAN ONCE UPON A CHRISTMASCHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL Lacock Abbey, Lacock, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 2LG. 01249 730459, www.nationaltrust., 11am-3pm, normal admission fee • How would you decorate a Christmas tree on the subject of Christmas stories, poems, songs and plays? Find out how local groups have risen to the challenge. Take a stroll through the cloisters to the sound of carol singing.

It’s Christmas at Longleat until Mon 7 Jan

» Sat 10.45am-3.15pm/Sun 12pm2.30pm, free • Discover the story of the nativity as you embark on a trail around the cathedral, and pick up a free Christmas cookie from the café. UNTIL SAT 5 JAN HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE Bristol Old Vic, King Street, Bristol, BS1 4ED. 0117 987 7877, www., see website/ call box office for dates and times. £40 (Sat family ticket)/£7-£13 • The studio of the Bristol Old Vic is transformed into a Christmas playground for the kids. Children will meet a number of classic nursery rhyme characters as they play instruments, games and sing songs, plus seasonal surprises. Ages 3-6. UNTIL SUN 6 JAN WESTON WINTER WONDERLAND Town Square, High Street, WestonSuper-Mare., open daily, rides £2, ice skating from £3-£15 • Visit Weston-Super-Mare’s first ever Winter Wonderland at Town Hall Square and enjoy an eco-friendly ice rink, rides for children, wooden chalets filled with seasonal delights and also Santa’s Sleigh ride. Also street entertainers, a local choir and even a walk-in snow globe.

UNTIL SUN 6 JAN CHRISTMAS FANTASY 2012 Clearwell Caves, Near Coleford, Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, GL16 8JR. 01594 832535,, 10am-5pm daily/ Christmas Eve 10am-4pm, £8 before Christmas/£6.50 (adults)/£6 (concessions)/£4.50 (children) after Christmas • A real-life Christmas grotto! Follow the underground cave system and see the story of The Very Hungry Polar Bear unfold before your eyes. Father Christmas makes an appearance and children receive a special gift. Closed on 25/26 Dec, reopens 27 Dec without Father Christmas. UNTIL SUN 6 JAN THE MALL’S WINTER WONDERLAND The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, BS34 5DG. www., from 7.30pm, tickets from £4-£22 • Visit the Winter Wonderland for a variety of activities suitable for the whole family, enjoy a visit to the Enchanted Ice Castle, Christmas train ride, and the largest outdoor ice rink in the South West, there’s even a nursery ice rink for the really little ones. Plus animal statues and hourly light displays.

Whitchurch FC needs players Whitchurch Sports Junior Football Club is currently seeking players for its under 8s team training on a Saturday morning, 13.30am-12 noon, with matches played on Sundays. Boys and girls in Year 3, are welcome to attend training sessions or call the club for more information. Ffi: Whitchurch Sports JFCU8s, South Bristol Sports Centre playing fields (Manor Farm), Sturminster Road Junction with West Town Lane, Brislington, Bristol, BS14 8EJ T: 07905 148710 W:



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UNTIL SUN 6 JAN SANTA’S INVENTION WORKSHOP At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB. 0845 345 1235,, drop-in sessions throughout the day, £35.50 (family)/£12.50 (adult)/£8.00 (child) • Put your crafting skills to the test in making light-up decorations, festive games and scienceinspired stocking fillers, all of which can be taken home and used this Christmas. UNTIL MON 7 JAN BIRDS OF PREY SHOW Longleat, Warminster Wiltshire, BA12 7NW. 01985 844400, www., 11am-8pm, safari park 10am-3pm, general admission £14 (adult)/£10 (child) • Watch owls swoop and complete awesome stunts overhead by moonlight. Dramatic props form the background to their display as they amaze the audience with their flying agility. Performances take place after darkness each evening of the Christmas period. UNTIL MON 7 JAN CHRISTMAS CRACKER FAMILY TRAIL Lacock Abbey, Lacock, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 2LG. 01249 730459, www.nationaltrust., 11am-4pm, normal admission fee • Find sparkly crackers in the grounds and cloisters of Lacock Abbey and discover the punch lines to some truly awful festive jokes. UNTIL MON 7 JAN CHRISTMAS AT LONGLEAT Longleat Safari & Adventure Park, Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 7NW. 01985 844400, www., 16 Nov-21 Dec 11am7.30pm, 22 Dec-7 Jan 11am-8pm, £14 (adult)/£9 (child 3-14yrs), additional charges apply for ice skating and Santa Train • See Santa, take a ride on the Santa Express train, skate on real ice, visit the Christmas Fayre and see fairy tales come to life.

given a term of three to five years, Ledbury believes the secret of his longevity is art and the support at the RUH. UNTIL SPRING 2013 BRASS MONKEY Central Courtyard, Art at the Heart, Estates and Facilities Directorate, Royal United Hospital NHS Trust, Combe Park, Bath BA1 3NG. 01225 824987, www.ruh.nhs. uk/art, free • Bruce Munroe, artist and lighting designer, returns to Bath for another exhibition of his original light installation, Brass Monkey. The bold pyramid structure is found at the heart of the hospital, combining a mix of schoolboy humour and nautical themes. The installation is designed to uplift spirits with the use of captivating lighting designs. THU 20-FRI 21 DEC WINTER WONDER ZOO Bristol Zoo Gardens, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3HA. 0117 974 7399,, 5.30pm8pm, £24 (family)/£9 (adults)/£6 (children) • Enjoy a festive family evening visiting Santa’s grotto, meeting his reindeers and browsing the Christmas Market. Storytelling around the fire and seasonal food available, while carols fill the air. Small charge for Santa’s Grotto. FRI 21 DEC KNIT AND NATTER Crockerne House, Underbanks, Pill, BS20 0AT. 01934 426 070, Events, 10.15am-11.45am, free • Visit Pill library for a Knit and Natter social handicrafts group. Take with you your handicraft of choice, which can be knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, quilting and be ready to share tips with others and learn new skills. Refreshments included. FRI 21-SUN 23 DEC PARTY TRICKS Live Science Studio, At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB. 0845 345 1235, www., shows running throughout the day – check times on arrival, £35.50 (family)/£12.50 (adult)/£8.00 (child) • Take part in exhilarating science experiments to find answers to all of your Christmas queries. Parents beware – children will leave incredibly well informed. » Winter Wonder Zoo, Bristol Zoo, 20-21 Dec

UNTIL WED 9 JAN EXHIBITION BY PHILIP LEDBURY North Corridor, Art at the Heart, Estates and Facilities Directorate, Royal United Hospital NHS Trust, Combe Park, Bath BA1 3NG. 01225 824987,, free • Visit the gallery to witness Philip Ledbury’s vibrant use of colour. Diagnosed with leukaemia and PRIMARY TIMES

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First Class Learning...

Maths, English and Science Children Learning to Succeed First Class Learning offer individual programmes tailored to suit your child’s needs, boosting their confidence and self esteem. l Working towards SAT’s, entrance exams or GCSE’s l Designed to work alongside the UK school Curriculum l One to one support l Help with homework

Classes in Central Bristol. For further information contact: Sarah 0117 962 9621 / 07828 865430 or Ian 01275 394607


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Only £ 25 per subscryear i includi ption FRE ng a shirt f E match o seasorn2012/13 only (norm ally £6 5)




See Santa & meet Rudolf

with this advert VALID UNTIL 7.1.13

Christmas Parties 14th and 21st December Nativity animals & pets encounter Christmas Farm Fun


Every day from 20th Dec to 7th Jan (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day).

The rugby world cup is coming to England in 2015.

Dick Whittington Farm Park Little London, Longhope, Gloucestershire, GL17 0PH.

Tel: 01452 831000

Christmas Special

Why not come and try rugby!

21st - 24th December


INDOOR HEATED PLAYBARN Forest of Dean Tourist Attraction of the Year

National Farm Park award winners

We welcome boys & girls aged 5-12 to come and join us. For quality skills coaching and great fun Sunday mornings 10am – 12.30pm at The Playing Fields, Bonnington Walk, Horfield BS7 9YU visit email Tel: 07788 922547


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ROUNDABOUT, 4pm, free • Join Lilibet the donkey from Farmer Giles Farmstead, the Salisbury Cathedral Junior Choir and Salisbury Cathedral Choir for a family nativity service on the eve of Christmas. Sing seasonal carols and enjoy the festive spirit.

SAT 22 DEC CAFÉ AT TETBURY MARKET Market Place, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 1DA. 01666 502275,, 11am-3pm • The café will appear alongside the regular craft stalls which attend the market on the first Wednesdays of the month and Saturdays. Funds go to St Mary’s Primary School. SAT 22 DEC OLD DOWN ELF’S MID WINTER PARTY Old Down Country Park, Foxholes Lane, Tockington, Bristol. BS32 4PG. 01454 414081, www., 2pm-4pm, £8 • Join Elf for his mid-winter children’s party in the manor house. Kids can enjoy a series of games, stories and activities, as well as receiving a special gift from Father Christmas. Parents are encouraged to join in. Refreshments available. SAT 22-SUN 23 DEC ‘FATHER CHRISTMAS’ SCREENING Big Screen Bristol, Millennium Square, Canon’s Rd, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB. Warm up entertainment from 11.30am, screenings 12pm/1pm/2pm, free • Enjoy a unique experience watching a beloved Christmas film alfresco. Be sure to wrap up warm! Christmas treats and refreshments available from the At-Bristol café. SAT 22 DEC ‘ON ANGEL WINGS’ BY MICHAEL MORPURGO Salisbury Cathedral, 33 The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EJ., 5.30pm, £29 (family ticket)/£12 (adult)/£6 (child) • Michael Morpurgo, former Children’s Laureate visits the cathedral for a seasonal performance of ‘On Angel Wings’. A perfect opportunity to introduce children to the story of Christmas. Tickets 01722 320333 or visit the website. SAT 22 DEC CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY The Winter Gardens, Westonsuper-Mare, BS23 1AJ. 01934 417117, www.thewintergardens. com, £7 per child (1 free for every 10 booked) • A disco, party food and a visit from Father Christmas. Every child receives a goody bag. SAT 22 DEC FROZEN FOREST Salisbury Arts Centre, Bedwin Street, Salisbury SP1 3UT. 01722 321744,, 10am-1pm, free • Visit Salisbury Arts Centre to witness an icy installation stretching across the building, and join in with resident artists as they instruct in film, pottery and dance activities. SAT 22 DEC WINTER WONDERLAND Salisbury Arts Centre, Bedwin Street, Salisbury SP1 3UT. 01722 PRIMARY TIMES

12 Avon Roundabout Xmas Term 2012.indd 19

MON 24 DEC MEET SANTA’S REINDEER Gloucester Quays, St Ann Way, Gloucester GL1 5SH. 01452 338933, 11am-3pm, free • Visit Santa, his reindeer and elves while they prepare for their busy night ahead.

Posy by Philip Ledbury at Royal United Hospital, Bath until Wed 9 Jan.

321744, www.salisburyartscentre., 6pm-7.30pm, £5 • Bringing the season of the Frozen Forest to a close, Salisbury Arts Centre and Salisbury Playhouse welcome an annual celebration filled with dancing, fun, snow and magical surprises. SAT 22 DEC CRAFTY CORNER: CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATIONS Gloucester Folk Museum, 99-103 Westgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2PG. 01452 396868, www., 11am-4pm, £10 (family)/£3 (adults)/children under 5 free • Families are invited to join Gloucester Folk Museum for a creative day making Christmas tree decorations. Materials provided. SAT 22 DEC CRAFTY CORNER: SANTA STOPS HERE DOOR HANGERS Gloucester City Museum, Brunswick Road, Gloucester GL1 1HP. 01452 396131,, 11am-4pm £10 (family)/£3 (adults)/children under 5 free • One of the most important parts of Christmas for children is the ‘Santa Stops Here’ sign, spend the day perfecting your own to make sure he will know where to stop. SAT 22 DEC CRAFT ACTIVITIES AT TROWBRIDGE MUSEUM Trowbridge Museum, the Shires, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8AT. 01225 741339,, 10.30-12.30 and 1.303.30, free • Visit the museum for the drop-in craft session and make a Christmas angel to take home and decorate your tree. SAT 22 DEC MINI MESSIAH FAMILY CONCERT Hall 1, Colston Hall, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5AR. 0117 922 3686,, 4.30pm, £5 (adults)/under 18s free when

accompanied by an adult • Enjoy a child-friendly taster of Handel’s Messiah, reworked to include the highlights of the full piece in an easily digestible, under-an-hour performance. SAT 22 DEC CHRISTMAS LIGHTS AND ILLUMINATIONS Departs Stop 1 on Broad Quay, City Centre. 075544 57666, www., 4pm, £10 (adult + 1 free child)/£9 (concessions)/£5 (each additional child) • Take an evening bus journey through the centre of Bristol, and view the bright lights of the city from the bus. Enjoy a live commentary on a 90 minute ride, with discounted hot drinks and mince pies at the Radisson Blu hotel afterwards. SAT 22 DEC-SUN 6 JAN BRITAIN’S BIGGEST WALKING FESTIVAL Walks depart from various locations and times. 01275 541773/0207 339 8531,, free • The Ramblers offer a festive season of winter walks across the region. Walks range from short ambles to lengthier hikes, suitable for all levels of ability. SUN 23 DEC CHRISTMAS CAROL SINGALONG Hall 1, Colston Hall, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5AR. 0117 922 3686,, 3pm, tickets from £15-£32.50 • A festive collaboration of choirs and orchestras promises an atmosphere of joy. The audience is invited to join in with family favourites such as All I Want for Christmas is You, Jingle Bells, The Twelve Days of Christmas and many more! MON 24 DEC FOLLOW THE STAR! FAMILY SERVICE FOR CHRISTMAS Salisbury Cathedral, 33 The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EJ. www.

WED 26 DEC BIBURY DUCK RACE River Colm, Bibury, Gloucestershire GL7 5NW. Race begins 11am (approx), £10 to sponsor a duck/free for spectators • Join the masses who turn out every year for this unusual event. Arrive early to sponsor a yellow plastic duck and gain a good spot to cheer them on from. This unique Gloucestershire tradition will be complemented by mulled wine and plenty of mince pies for a fun and memorable day out. WED 26 DEC BOXING DAY CITY WALK Salisbury Tourist Information, Fish Row, Salisbury, SP1 1EJ. 01722 324860, www.salisburycityguides., 2pm, £4 (adult)/£2 (child) • Join Salisbury’s city guides for a festive Boxing Day walk of the city. THU 27-SAT 29 DEC CRAFTY CORNER: HAPPY HOGMANAY Gloucester Folk Museum, 99-103 Westgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2PG. 01452 396868, www., 11am-4pm, £10 (family)/£3 (adults)/children under 5 free • Attend the Happy Hogmanay Crafty Corner session and take home with you a lovely hand-made memento of your visit. THU 27-SAT 29 DEC CRAFTY CORNER: CREATE A 2013 CALENDAR Gloucester City Museum, Brunswick Road, Gloucester GL1 1HP. 01452 396131,, 11am-4pm £10 (family)/£3 (adults)/children under 5 free • Gloucester City Museum offers an opportunity to let your creativity flow by making a new calendar for 2013. A great day out for the family, anything you make you can take home. THU 27 DEC-SUN 6 JAN PARTY TRICKS Live Science Studio, At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB. 0845 345 1235, www., shows running throughout the day – check times on arrival, £35.50 (family)/£12.50 (adult)/£8.00 (child) • Take part in exhilarating science experiments to find answers to all of your Christmas queries. Parents beware – children will leave incredibly well informed.




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Personal Coaching Xmas package

Buy 5 lessons and get 2 extra FREE

Offer ends Jan 2012. Discounts on follow up blocks of lessons T&C's apply. Min block of 10 lessons. Offer ends Jan 2012.

is opening on 1st September 2013.

The Bristol Primary School is a school opening on 1st September 2013. Open to all children with no selection criteria or fees to be paid. We want every child to succeed and offer a unique education based

upon proven systems and resources. The school will be located at Eastgate/Eastville - BS5 for 2 years and then move into a new state of the art building. We have 60 places in Reception and 60 places in

Year 3 in September 2013 Go online and register your child today. Regular events are being hosted: parents’ focus groups, school open days and general meetings. Check online and come along to discover our offer. Contact Peter Kennedy-Chapman School Administrator on 0117 325 1020 or by email 20

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ROUNDABOUT JANUARY TUE 1 JAN NEW YEAR’S DAY WALK Stroud District Museum Service, Stratford Park, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 4AF. 01453 752400, www.museuminthepark., 2pm, free • Begin the New Year with an energising walk around the beautiful park grounds, followed by a glass of warming spiced berry cordial back at the Museum.

Swindon Scalextric Swapmeet, Sun 6 Jan.


FRI 28 DEC WILDLIFE FRIDAY FINDS Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1RL. 0117 922 3571, 10am-1pm, free • Meet the museum’s biology curator and take in your wildlife finds for her to discuss and identify. This event supports the Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition also currently on at the gallery until Sun 17 Feb. SAT 29 DEC FESTIVE BIRDS OF PREY DAY John Moore Museum, 41 Church Street, Tewkesbury GL20 5SN. 01684 297174,, 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm, £8 (family)/£3 (adults)/£2.50 (seniors and students)/£2 (children) • Meet some of the most majestic birds of prey and learn about their nature and the art of falconry.

SAT 29 DEC YOUNG @ ART Victoria Art Gallery, Bridge Street, Bath BA2 4AT. www.victoriagal., 01225 477244, 10.30am12pm, £3.75 per session per child • The art club for children aged 3 to 11. Pre-booking essential. SAT 29-SUN 30 DEC & TUE 1 JAN DEAN FOREST RAILWAY MINCE PIE SPECIALS Dean Forest Railway, Forest Road, Lydney, Gloucestershire GL15 4ET. www.deanforestrailway., round trips depart Norchard 10.30am, 11.17am, 12.01pm, 13.12pm and 13.53pm and Parkend 11am and 12.55pm, £30 (family)/£11 (adult)/£10 (seniors)/£5 (child) • Enjoy a day of unlimited travel, during which you can hop-on and hop-off stops such as Parkend or Whitecroft for a visit to a real ale pub, explore the medieval forest and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. Also enjoy a complimentary mince pie. A great day for the whole family. No need to book in advance, just turn up! SUN 30 DEC FARMERS AND ARTISAN MARKET Lamb Yard, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1FG. 01225282801/07942890149, 10am-2pm • Unique produce from the Bradford on Avon area, local farmers and artisans will be in attendance.

Home Educator Day, At Bristol, Fri 11 Jan. PRIMARY TIMES

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MON 31 DEC NEW YEAR’S EVE FAMILY DISCO St Stephen’s Place, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8AH. 01225 765072,, 7pm-1am, £14 (family or group of 4)/£5(each)/under 5s free • This family-oriented event offers a unique opportunity for parents with children to celebrate the new year in a safe and child-friendly environment. Children will be entertained by games, competitions and prizes and there will be a fully serviced bar for the adults as well. Visitors are welcome to bring food and snacks.

TUE 1 JAN NEW YEAR’S DAY WALK Stourhead, near Mere BA12 6QD. 01747 841152, www.nationaltrust., 11am-1pm, £10/£7 • Join the estate ranger and garden and estate manager on a New Year’s walk through the garden, woods and parkland. Wear sensible footwear and warm, waterproof clothing as the walk will cover stiles and fields. Dogs on leads welcome. FROM THU 3 JAN LEARN HOW TO GROW YOUR OWN City Bank Allotments Plot 14, End of Queen Street, Cirencester. 07432 673069, 10am-12pm, free • Learn the basics of growing your own plants and veg, a great way to introduce children to gardening and cultivate an interest in how produce is grown. Tools, plants and gloves are provided for this educational how-to session. Wear sensible clothing and footwear. Every first and third Thursday of the month. SAT 5 JAN WORKSHOP: HANSEL AND GRETEL Tobacco Factory Theatre, Raleigh Road, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1TF. 0117 902 0344,, following 2.30pm show, £5 • Children can extend the magic of the stage performance with a mini workshop, backstage tour and show-and-tell session, giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the work behind Christmas production. SUN 6 JAN SWINDON SCALEXTRIC SWAPMEET Oasis Leisure Centre, North Star Avenue, Swindon SN2 1EP. 01793 445401. 10.30am-3.30pm, £2.50/£1 • Attend one of the biggest and longest-running Scalextric events in the UK, suitable for all levels of interest. Enjoy browsing the latest models at discounted prices, as well as classic models of the past. Take models to sell and swap and enjoy a great day out with other Scalextric enthusiasts. FROM MON 7 JAN EXPLORE OUR WORLD At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB. 0845 345 1235, uk, drop-in sessions throughout

the day, £35.50 (family)/£12.50 (adult)/£8.00 (child) • The Live Lab area will be transformed into an electrifying earthquake and volcano zone. Take part in a tense volcano eruption experiment, examine the microscopic beauty of volcanic rock and design a building to withstand At-Bristol’s own mini earthquake stimulator. FROM MON 7 JAN GOOD VIBRATIONS At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB. 0845 345 1235,, drop-in sessions throughout the day, £35.50 (family)/£12.50 (adult)/£8.00 (child) • Discover how sound is produced by making music with some interesting instruments, finding out about sound waves. FRI 11 JAN HOME EDUCATOR DAY At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB. 0845 345 1235,, 10am-2.30pm, £11 (child) • Home educators are invited to a participatory science-based day examining materials and chemicals. Activities include a science theatre show, changing materials workshop and creative chemistry lab workshop. Lab activity not permitted for under 10s. Booking required on 0845 345 3344. SAT 12 JAN ART CLUB FOR 5-7 AND 8-13 YEAR OLDS Holburne Museum, Great Pulteney Street, Bath BA2 4DB. 01225 388568, holburne-education@,, 10.30am-12.30pm, £8 • A monthly workshop for aspiring young artists with the option to work towards the arts awards ‘Discover’ and ‘Explore’ through activities such as ‘Birds and Bugs’ fabric applique. SAT 12-SUN 27 JAN INTO THE LIGHT – ILLUMINATING LACOCK ABBEY Lacock Abbey, Lacock, near Chippenham, SN15 2LG. 01249 730459, uk/lacock, 11am-4pm, tickets £3.90 to £27.30, National Trust members and under-5s free • As the architecture of the medieval cloisters is illuminated, witness the magic of Lacock Abbey light up before your eyes. THU 17-FRI 18 JAN TODDLER TAKEOVER: CRAZY CREATURES At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB. 0845 345 1235,, 10am-4pm • A two day special of animal activities for the under-5s. The sessions include time for costume crafting, and then on to the Beautiful Bug Ball, giving the little ones a chance to dance around to music, bubbles and lights in their newly made bug costumes. Visitors can explore the At-Bristol exhibits throughout the day. » CHRISTMAS 2012


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ROUNDABOUT FRI 18 JAN WASSAIL NIGHT Lacock Abbey, Lacock, near Chippenham, SN15 2LG. 01249 730459, www.nationaltrust., 7pm-8.30pm, £8 (adults)/£4 (children) • Lacock Abbey’s first ever wassail promises to be a night to remember! Take pots, pans and wooden spoons to frighten off evil spirits and wish for a fruitful year ahead. Live music, warming soup and punch included. Booking essential. SAT 19 JAN PREPARING FOR GRAMMAR SCHOOL United Reform Church Hall, Salisbury Avenue, Warden Hill, Cheltenham, GL51 3BY. 01242 57241,, from 9.45am, £30 • Cotswold Education runs this Grammar School Preparation Event, aimed at Year 4 and 5 children and their parents. The morning includes an introduction to verbal reasoning tests (the assessment method in Gloucestershire), a mock test and an information session for parents, with the opportunity to chat informally. Parents get a report on their child’s performance. SAT 19 JAN NCT BRISTOL NEARLY NEW SALE The Refectory, City of Bristol College, Ashley Down, Bristol BS7 9BU., 12.30pm (members)/1pm (non-members), doors shut at 2.30pm, £1.50 • Sell up to 94 items from maternity clothes to school-age toys, The NCT does all the hard work the work for you. Online seller registration open now. SAT 19 JAN ENAMELLING WORKSHOP New Brewery Arts, Brewery Court, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1JH. 01285 657181, www.newbreweryarts., 1pm-4pm, £29 adult & child, £14 extra child • Create your


It’s an enchanted Christmas at Westonbirt Arboretum, Fri 30 Nov-Sun 23 Dec

Pic Anna Barclay and Matt Cardy



Bathalf Family Fun Run, Sun 3 Mar, after the Bath Half Marathon

own pendants, key rings, plaques and more out of enamelled copper. Use simple metal work techniques and make your own stencil designs. Ages 8+. SUN 20-SAT 26 JAN FARMHOUSE BREAKFAST WEEK Held at schools across the country, www.shakeupyourwakeup. com • Take part in Farmhouse Breakfast Week’s 14th year, which educates children about the importance of starting the day

with a hearty balanced breakfast and encourages healthy eating habits from a young age. Schools can take part in a variety of ways, by hosting a breakfast club activity, having a local farmer or chef visit, or including children in classroom activities or games. FRI 25 JAN KNIT AND NATTER Crockerne House, Underbanks, Pill, BS20 0AT. 01934 426 070, Events, 10.15am-11.45am, free • Visit Pill library for a Knit and Natter social handicrafts group. Take with you your handicraft of choice, which can be knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, quilting and be ready to share tips with others and learn new skills. Refreshments included. FRI 25 JAN FILM NIGHT FOR KIDS St Mary’s Church of England V.A. Primary School, St. Mary’s Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8BW. 01666 502275, www., 6pm • Screening of Ice Age Four.

Farmhouse Breakfast Week 20-26 Jan



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SUN 27 JAN FARMERS AND ARTISAN MARKET Lamb Yard, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1FG. 01225282801/07942890149, 10am-2pm • With unique produce from the Bradford on Avon area, provided by local farmers and artisans.

SAT 2 FEB-MON 6 MAY EXHIBITION: CHOCOLATE M Shed, Princes Wharf, Wapping Road, Bristol BS1 4RN. 0117 352 6600,, Tue-Fri 10am-5pm/weekends and bank holidays 10am-6pm/closed Mon, £5 (adult)/£4 (concessions)/£3 (children) • Step into the delicious world of chocolate to find out all about the history, science and magic of one of the nation’s most popular treats. Discover Bristol’s connection to the production of chocolate and take part in chocolate-related events. TUE 5 FEB SEA HEAR STORYTELLING Ss Great Britain, Great Western Dock, Bristol, BS1 6TY. 0117 926 0680,, 11am, free • Storyteller Sarah Mooney captivates the imaginations of the young and old with new twists on classic legends. TUE 12 FEB FAMILY DEN BUILDING WORKSHOPS Leigh Woods, Bristol, BS8 3PZ. 08442 491895, www., start times at 10am, 12am 2pm, £3 • Learn how to make a den out of the materials found on the woodland floor, and all the tips and tricks to make it a cosy wooldland dwelling. Booking essential. Park on North Road and follow the event signs. FRI 22 FEB KNIT AND NATTER Crockerne House, Underbanks, Pill, BS20 0AT. 01934 426 070, Events, 10.15am-11.45am, free • Visit Pill library for a Knit and Natter social handicrafts group. Take with you your handicraft of choice, which can be knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, quilting and be ready to share tips with others and learn new skills. Refreshments included.

MARCH SUN 3 MAR BATHALF FAMILY FUN RUN Starts under the Half Marathon Gantry, Great Pulteney Street, Bath. 01225 422255,, £10.30 (adult)/£6.30 (child) • The family fun run is open to entrants of all ages and abilities and starts after the main half marathon has begun. On completion of the 1.5 mile race, entrants receive a free t-shirt and a goody bag.


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d r a o b n Pi Hats on for Brain Tumour Research! Wear A Hat Day - Thursday 28 March Join the fun this March and help fund the fight against brain tumours. ‘Wear a Hat Day’ is a fun way of increasing awareness and getting people to raise money for an often overlooked form of cancer. It’s a day every year that the charity Brain Tumour Research asks people to wear a hat to raise awareness and funds for vital research into brain tumours. You can wear a hat to school, at work, at social events or even at home, and make donations. From sponsored silences to charity runs and school bake sales, educational facilities around the country are encouraged to raise money in any way they can. Sue Farrington-Smith, director of Brain Tumour Research, says, “Brain tumour research receives less than 1% of national cancer research spending in the UK yet this deadly disease kills more children and adults under 40 than any other cancer so please get involved on Thursday 28 March.” Ffi: E: sarah@braintumourresearch. org

Say ‘My Name’ for Christmas If you have family or friends overseas, or elsewhere in the UK, and need to send gifts for the children, then personalised name labels make the perfect gift. And if you like to fill your own children’s stockings with practical things they need for the year ahead, why not add some name labels for your own children? You can order now by phone or online. Ffi: My Name Label T: 0870 850 7897 W: www. mynamelabel.


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Individual home tutoring Individual home tuition can offer support to complement the work of primary and secondary schools and offer additional coaching in areas of difficulty or for exam preparation. Established in 1992, Cloisters Tutoring agency has a large register of qualified, CRB-checked tutors. In Bristol, Bath and Somerset, most Cloisters tutors are able to offer tuition in the comfort of pupils’ own homes. In other cases Cloisters offers space to learn in the tutor’s home, which may suit some families whose homes are hectic. If appropriate, families sometimes choose to share the cost of tuition with a friend who is working on the same subject at the same level, making the tutoring more affordable, as the second pupil pays half price. Cloisters welcomes enquiries either from new tutors or from parents of pupils of primary or secondary school age. Ffi: W: T: 0117 2993031 or 01225 959091

Christmas Lights and Illuminations Trip Experience the thrill of a bus journey through Bristol’s vivid and eclectic landscape. Explore illuminated classic architecture, watery harbour reflections, sparkly Christmas lights and twinkly far off ports. City Sightseeing Bristol runs a 90 minute guided tour on Saturdays 15 and 22 December. Enjoy entertaining and illuminative live commentary from your tour guide as they show you Bristol as you’ve never seen it before. This tour was shortlisted ‘Best Tourism Activity of the Year’ at the Bristol Tourism and Hospitality Awards 2011. Enjoy discounted hot drink and mince pie/Christmas cookie at Radisson Blu, plus free travel the following day on their ‘Hop On, Hop Off’ service. Departs 4pm at Stop 1 on Broad Quay, City Centre. Tickets: £10 adult (with free child), £9 concession, £5 additional child. Advance booking recommended. Ffi: Nicola Padden T: 07554 457666 W: public-trips/tickets.php E: nicola@     

Parents’ & teachers’

news, education & contacts

A Fab way to make LEGO® your own Love LEGO®? FabBricks was born when, one day, the son of the company owner said he would like a LEGO® brick with his name on. is now believed to be the UK’s No.1 site for personalised LEGO®. The company can customise bricks and key rings in a host of different colours and even make ‘minifigs’ with your name on the torso. It also stocks minifigs which sit on personalised bricks, to make your birthday cake extra special. If it’s made of LEGO®, Fab-Bricks wants to put your name on it. Have a browse on the company’s website and you will find perfect stocking fillers and fab, inexpensive and unique gifts for friends and family. Fab-Bricks also supplies bulk orders for company promotions and would love to work with you to help you raise funds for your school. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO group of companies which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse the FabBricks website. Ffi: Fab Bricks W: E:

Full esteem ahead with Go Sports Go Sports is more than just a sports club. It raises self-esteem, confidence and social skills. Your child will grow and learn through a variety of individual sports, team sports and games along with fun-based team building - in a safe, fun environment. With both boys and girls of mixed abilities, Go Sports is about inclusion, with a big emphasis on participation with fun. Go Sports for children runs three 12 week terms per year on Sunday mornings at Redland Green School, Bristol. The one class of Mini sports, for children aged 3 – 6 years, has one-and-ahalf hours of sports and games. Three classes are held for main school-aged children, 6 – 16 years. Divided into age groups, they run for three hours. Go Sports’ spring term will include fencing, netball, first aid, American football and uni-hoc to name a few activities. Telephone booking is now being taken, so why not have a go at Go Sports? Ffi: T: 0117 949 6070



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d r a o b n Pi German Market lights up Bristol

The German Christmas Market has returned to Broadmead Shopping Centre for the fourth time and it’s open until 29 December, bringing a special touch of traditional hospitality and sparkle to Bristol’s festive season. The 35 chalet market opens Monday–Sunday 10am–7pm and boasts traditional, decorated chalets selling a range of food and drink, including: bratwurst; sauerkraut; hog roast; waffles and pancakes; sugared nuts; gingerbread and chocolate covered fruits; German beer; spicy gluhwein and mulled cider. For Christmas gift shoppers there are craft stalls featuring traditional candles, fair trade winter clothing, rock salt candles, porcelain angels, metal figures, miniature houses and a range of Christmas decorations. The huge, 13-metre high ‘Christmas Pyramid’ with giant rotating nativity scene is the focal point of the market, alongside a new skate rink. An advent calendar is opened daily at 4pm and Santa gives presents away to lucky children. See website for carousel and meal deal offer. Ffi: www.bristolgermanchristmas

Children’s parties at the Winter Gardens The Winter Gardens in Weston-superMare are holding children’s parties on Saturday 15, Wednesday 19 and Saturday 22 December. There’s a disco, party food and a visit from Father Christmas to enjoy, plus every child will receive a goody bag! The price is £7 per child although one child goes free for every 10 bookings received. Ffi: Children’s Christmas Parties The Winter Gardens, Weston-superMare, BS23 1AJ T: 01934 417117 W:

Cathedral Primary School – a new school in the heart of Bristol Cathedral Primary School has been approved to open under the Free Schools programme in September 2013. Together with Bristol Cathedral Choir School, Bristol’s most oversubscribed secondary school, it will form a new family of schools at the heart of the city. BCCS principal Neil Blundell (pictured) will have executive leadership responsibility for both schools. “Cathedral Primary School will give an excellent and challenging personalised education, based on Christian values within a caring family setting,” he says. “We expect students from a range of backgrounds, all aspiring to make the most of their talents – especially in music, art, dance, sport and drama – and developing high-level skills in literacy and numeracy.” The applications deadline for Reception and Year 1 places in September 2013 is 15 January 2013. The new school is running a formal consultation and welcomes views. Ffi:

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news, education & contacts

Swimstart: there for you Get the best start with Swimstart. The company is offering a special Christmas package of five personal coaching lessons with two free lessons and further discounts on follow up lessons if you book before the end of January 2013. Trade marked holistic, specialist and dedicated accelerated learning will guarantee results for your child in time for the spring and summer of 2013. Ffi: Mark T: 07776 292813 E: mark.

Pirate’s cove needed

Free range family breaks Beat the winter blues by taking the little ones on a fun-packed family holiday in spectacular Pembrokeshire with Bluestone National Park Resort – with family breaks from just £199 (subject to availability). Set in 500 acres of amazing countryside, Bluestone is a great place for pre-school children and their families to enjoy free range fun throughout the year, no matter what the weather. Activities include baby sensory, messy play, tree-top teddy tales, a great indoor soft play area, Lego Room and the splashtastic Blue Lagoon water park to name just a few. You’ll enjoy luxury accommodation, have access to some great eateries, including the Wild Wood Café in the Adventure Centre with its unique woodland environment, and then there’s always plenty of fun outdoors for the children to learn and explore. Even the adults can have fun and more with the holistic Well Spa, a great place to escape and relax. Ffi:


Parents’ & teachers’

Free pirate walk voucher for teachers Shiver me timbers! Pirate Pete, Bristol’s very own pirate expert, is looking for a new assistant to help him with his guided walks around the city. If you think your pieces of eight are up to the job and fancy helping him to make landlubbers walk the plank, contact Pete to arrange an audition at Blackbeard’s hearse. Pete’s pirate walks are a brilliant way to see history come to life and especially great for school groups. The walks cover Bristol’s pirate hotspots including Blackbeard’s house and the smugglers’ cave. Pete is also in a festive mood and is giving away a voucher for a free pirate walk to any teacher who books a pirate walk for their school. Ffi: Pirate Walks T: 07950 566 483 W: E:



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The best start in life • Badminton Junior School is ranked as one of the top schools in the South West and is well known for its excellent academic results. It is also a school which prides itself on providing a broad and inspiring education which prepares girls for the many challenges that lie ahead. Learning comes naturally and easily when a child is happy and it is Badminton’s aim to provide an environment in which every child is cared for, nurtured and inspired. With small class sizes, excellent specialist teaching and a strong emphasis on pastoral care, the school believes it has the perfect recipe for a fulfilling and enjoyable education. Staff know how busy many parents are, and how important it is for parents to be able to drop their children off early and pick them up late - and for no extra charge. They invite you for a personal tour so that you can see for yourself what a vibrant, friendly and happy school Badminton Junior School truly is. Year 6 Scholarship examinations take place on Wednesday 30 January 2013. Deadline for applications is Wednesday 16 January 2013. Contact the Admissions Department for details of future open day dates and to book a visit. Ffi: Admissions Department T: 0117 905 5271 E: W:

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Go ahead and Jump! • Jump Bristol reopened in October 2012 following exciting changes and improvements to the centre. You will find the centre lighter, brighter and better than ever. Here’s just a few things to look out for: • A fully extended, brighter café with seating positioned for an even better view of the playframes. • Over 30 new lights for improved com- fort and exciting colour effects featured during laser parties. • A brand new, purpose built, ‘Pirate Ship’ inflatable and reinvented ‘Galleon Playframe’ - let your imagination drift away! • Improved separation of the toddler area, to provide a quieter area for children up to 1.2 metres tall. Even bigger news is that, following the successful completion of the fantastic purpose-built childcare setting in Cardiff, the company is opening its second centre within Jump Bristol in January 2013. Caerleon Child Care is a fully self-contained centre with its own entrance and own dedicated Caerleon Child Care staff. Caerleon is newly designed and purpose built with high quality equipment and its own garden. This could be just what you’re looking for if you have preschool children. With the same high standards of staffing and design that Jump is proud of, the new childcare setting will provide the very best care for your child. Ffi: Jump Bristol 22 Concorde Road, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, BS34 5TB T: 0117 931 2733 W: or Rachel, Childcare Manager T: 08456 331996 W:



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Calling young rugby players! • Bristol Youth Rugby is the mini and junior section of Bristol Rugby Club, catering for players of all abilities from 5 to 19 years old. Its aim is to coach and encourage young players to achieve the very best they can in rugby, based on their own abilities. Rugby is arguably the best team sport for coaching discipline, teamwork, individual skills and player bonding. At Bristol Youth Rugby the club encourages touring, playing matches and attending training sessions. It is proud to have helped many players achieve Championship, Premiership and International honours over recent years including Sean Fox (Bristol), George Watkins (Bristol), Dave Atwood (Gloucester, Bath and England), along with Billy and Mako Vunipola (Wasps, Saracens and England) and Dan Watchurst (Dragons and Wales). Organisers are currently re-building the club from the mini section up and welcomes young boys and girls aged 5-12 to get along and try rugby. There is no contact before the age of 9 and the club gradually develops and introduces the extra skills as the players’ ages increase. Join them on Sunday mornings, 10am-12.30pm, at the Playing Fields, Bonnington Walk, Horfield, Bristol. Ffi: W: E:

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Heidi – A Goat’s Tail Tale

Until Sunday 13 January, the egg, Theatre Royal, Bath

Pic: Nick Spratling

• This is a real hum-dinger of a Christmas treat for children and adults alike. It’s a celebration of friendship, nature and family. This funny version of ‘Heidi’ is told by a herd of goats! They start to eat the book and find themselves acting out the story, speaking their own hilarious goaty language. But when the story needs to be more intimate, it is. Designer Hayley Grindle has an amazing way of turning a trip to the theatre into something closer to a roller coaster ride. The show opens inside a grimy barn but, all at once, the egg theatre is transformed into a glorious technicolour Alpine landscape. It’s ingenuity all the way as barn beams slide over your head to become mountain tops, a clock face becomes the moon, a bath tub becomes a toboggan and it is all topped off with the egg’s signature dish: a real snowstorm! There’s live music as well: all the actors play a musical instrument, which makes them look very clever. Heidi is played by Caroline Horton, who has just returned from the Edinburgh Festival where her show, ‘Mess’, won a Stage award for Best Ensemble, while local actor, John Biddle, veteran of the last three egg Christmas shows, returns. In addition, there will be yodelling, clog dancing and Alpine treats. Heidi really is something special for all members of the family.

Personal Coaching Xmas package

Buy 5 lessons and get 2 extra FREE

Offer ends Jan 2012. Discounts on follow up blocks of lessons T&C's apply. Min block of 10 lessons. Offer ends Jan 2012.

Ffi: W:


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Success at St Bernadette

• St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School is a vibrant learning community located in Whitchurch, Bristol. Its motto is ‘Growing and learning in faith’ and each of its 750 pupils is valued and makes a positive contribution to this friendly, caring school. The school is committed to ensuring every child achieves their potential and in 2012 celebrated the best results in its history. At St Bernadette pupils are expected to aim high and to be successful in their learning. Pupils of all abilities do well and the engaging curriculum, modern buildings and extra-curricular activities offer a variety of opportunities to pupils. Positive relationships underpin life at St Bernadette. There are high expectations of pupils in all areas of school life. In 2011 Ofsted said, “Students are proud of their school. They are polite and friendly, and behave well.” St Bernadette welcomes applications from all those seeking a quality education within a caring, supportive environment Ffi: St Bernadette T: 0117 3772050 W:

Adver tising Feature

The boys’ school of choice • Situated in the heart of Clifton, QEH is a thriving and forward-looking independent school for boys aged 7-18. It is the school of choice for educating boys in Bristol. Mr Stephen Holliday, Headmaster of QEH Seniors, says, “In 2012 we are the top school educating boys in Bristol and the surrounding area with nearly 90% achieving A*, A or B at A-level, and GCSE results to match. So QEH continues to break records locally and nationally for exam results year on year. This is particularly encouraging when so much research points to boys underachieving compared with girls. Boys at QEH certainly don’t underachieve!” Mr Martin Morris, Headmaster of QEH Juniors, adds, “Our focus is on the individual, fostering a love of learning while furthering the interests and talents of each boy. Senior and Junior Schools at QEH enjoy an excellent relationship.” Pastoral care is a high priority and, “Contributes strongly to the ethos and character of the school” (Inspection Report). With only 670 boys in small classes, there is time to care for individuals. With a flourishing 100-strong Junior School for ages 7-11, modern Sixth Form Centre and Science facilities, extensive sports grounds at Failand (in partnership with Bristol City Football Club) and big plans for the future, there has never been a better time to be a pupil at QEH. Entry is usually at 7, 11, 13 or 16: Senior School Entrance Exams Saturdays 12 and 19 January Junior School Open Morning Saturday 2 February, 10am Junior School Assessments w/c 18 February 2013 Ffi: Carolyn Matthews T: 0117 930 3068 W: E:


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Up and At ‘em this Christmas Primary Times readers: one child goes FREE • If you’re looking for some festive family fun with a difference over the Christmas holidays, head down to the At-Bristol science centre. With one free child with every full-paying adult for all Primary Times readers, a day of seasonal science activities couldn’t be better value! Get hands-on in Santa’s Invention Workshop and make your own light-up decorations, mini gadgets and science-tastic stocking fillers. Then join in with some explosive Party Tricks in the Studio, including the Flaming Pudding Tornado, fiery ice and plenty of Christmassy chemistry. Take a trip to the stars and learn more about the night sky (without having to brave the cold) with an expert-led Planetarium show, then spend an afternoon exploring At-Bristol’s hundreds of hands-on exhibits: from making your own animation to walking through a tornado, it’s guaranteed to banish the winter blues! Finally, take a well-deserved break and treat yourself from a range of tasty special offers in the café. And, if you’re squeezing in some last-minute Christmas shopping, pop into the shop for a huge 20% discount on quirky stocking fillers and inspired gifts for the whole family – you’re sure to find something for even the most difficult-to-buy-for! Simply present this page at the admission desk to claim your free child’s ticket. Valid 10 December–6 January (shop discount and café offers until 31 December). For full terms, see At-Bristol is closed 24–26 December inclusive. Ffi: W:

Adver tising Feature

Taking those First Steps • If your child has an interest in dance, or you think they have a yet-tobe-discovered talent, one of the best places in the West Country to discover rhythm and movement is First Steps School of Dance. The school has branches at Stanbridge School, Downend, or at St Stephen’s Church Hall, Soundwell, and runs classes in Tap, Modern, Jazz and Ballet, certified by the renowned dance examination board ISTD. The school holds examinations three times a year and it also takes part in local dance competitions. Every other November the whole school gets together and puts on a show for the all the family, so parents and relatives can see how the children are progressing. Pictured are two of First Steps’ youngest pupils, who recently took part in the Longwell Green Dance Competition in Bristol. They worked really hard for four weeks, before performing a classical duet, Andy Pandy and Looby Loo, beautifully in front of the adjudicator. Many of the school’s pupils took part in the competition and the results can be found on its website. Lessons last 45 minutes, while full timetables can also be found on the First Steps website. Ffi: First Steps School of Dance T: Kathryn on 0117 949 5357 W:


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WHAT A STROKE OF CLUCK! Keeping chickens can get a bit messy, says Sarah Ollington, but the pros far outweigh the cons.


a concern if you are away on holiday. They can also make a mess of the garden if you don’t protect your plants.

ore people are starting to keep a few chickens in their backyard or garden; even schools are starting to see the many benefits they can bring to their pupils, especially primary school children. They’re educational, therapeutic and fun. They show kids where their food comes from, teach them responsibility and provide great educational opportunities.

Expert advice

If you’re thinking seriously of starting a chicken coop, there’s no better resource to use than Mark Burrows’ book ‘So You Want to Start Keeping Chickens?’ It’s a great tool for those schools and parents who have never kept chickens before. Packed full of common sense and a no nonsense approach, it clearly explains all aspects of chicken-keeping not easily found all in one place.

Chickens at Home

There is no doubt that children adore chickens as they make super friendly pets. Hens are very docile creatures and will introduce children to the world of responsibility. There is nothing more gratifying than watching your happy chickens roaming free, scratching around without a care in the world. They just seem to add that little bit of magic to the garden. Each chicken has its own little character and can be very amusing. They come with the added bonus of fresh eggs, and you can be happy in the knowledge of what has gone into each egg and that it has been laid by a happy hen. Chickens are very easy to keep and should remain healthy and active as long as a few basic rules are followed. They’re also inexpensive. After the initial cost, it

is cheaper to keep a few hens for your own eggs than it is to buy them from shops or supermarkets. Surplus eggs can be sold at the gate or given to family and friends. If you sell some of your eggs it will help with the cost of the feed. Chicken poo and the soiled straw or wood shavings that are cleared from the coop provide valuable material for the compost heap. Rotted down it is high in nitrogen and can be used on your vegetable or flower garden.

Chickens in Schools

More primary schools up and down the country are starting to keep a few chickens on the school grounds, because of the lack of outdoor space many families have at home. There are lots of educational benefits and extra teaching opportunities. It has been shown that keeping chickens can be of great benefit to children with learning difficulties, or those with behavioural problems. To start with, the children learn how to look after the hens and dis30


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cover what it entails to take care of living creatures. It is a job they relish and often the teacher will have to set up a rota for looking after the hens so all the children get to have a go. Children can keep a special ‘chicken book’ noting down what the hens are fed, how many eggs they lay and notes on the chickens behaviour. Studies can be made on things like the lifecycle of an egg and also the lifecycle of the chicken itself. The chickens’ eggs also provide an opportunity for children to learn how food gets to their plate and the opportunity to gain cooking skills as the eggs laid can be used for baking cakes and simple recipes. Chickens can be a great way to develop children’s social skills, teach them empathy and improve self-esteem. As with all pets, chickens are a big commitment. They are dependent upon you for their wellbeing; you will need to ensure they are locked up in their coop each evening without fail, which can be

So You Want to Start Keeping Chickens? is available on Kindle from at £3.04. Paperback copies are available from for £8.95.


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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland daily from 15th to 24th. Meet santa in our stunning wendy house, collect a free gift for every paying child, enjoy over 2.5 miles of twinkling lights, have faces painted, visit our christmas fairy and enchanting gypsy caravan and meet Rudolph & Prancer our reindeer. All this and more for ÂŁ8.50 a head.

Join us for Christmas at Winter Wonderland. Sit in the hand crafted ash sleigh, meet Santa and who knows, maybe Comet the young reindeer will come to say hello. Twinkling lights, shimmering water, hooting owls, fairies and magic are found in abundance at the Bird Park where hosting Christmas events has become an art form. The Bird Park was nominated in the top 10 rural attractions to visit at Christmas by the Sunday telegraph in 2010 and for good reason. There are resident Reindeer with this years calf, a Christmas fairy in a Gypsy Caravan and Santa in one of the most famous follies in England. To mark the special occasion, why not take a photo of the children with Santa on his beautiful sleigh.

Prinknash Abbey Nr Painswick, Glos. GL4 8 EX Open seven days a week 10am - 4pm

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Whether you need last minute presents or a creative way for children to spend their Christmas money, Francesca Clifford has some crafty ideas.


ou may have been ready for weeks or, like many of us, you’re facing a mad rush in those final precious moments before Christmas. In which case, it’s handy to know a few places locally, where you can grab a stockingfiller or two, or send the children off to spend their Christmas cash when the shops reopen. All outlets here are local, but take care, if ordering online, that they’ll be able to deliver in time.

and match. The convenient box packaging keeps everything in one place, and is guaranteed to keep little ones creatively busy. £8.25 from Pod, 24 The Mall, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4DS W: www.

pouch is microwaveable, and fits snugly into the hottie, producing a relaxing lavender smell. Different animals available for boys and girls. £7.99 from Soukous, 44a-46 Cotham Hill, Bristol BS6 6LA W:


Piou Piou Enjoy quality family time with this unique and easy to follow card game. The first player to lay and hatch three little chicks wins, but watch out for the sneaky foxes eager to steal the un-hatched eggs! £7.95 from My Small World, 18 Little Southgate, Bath, BA1 1AS W: www.

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Make your own Oscar Parrot or Tommy Toucan The Paper Village in South Bristol offers two great do-ityourself kits, enabling children to make their own toys from scratch. Suitable for older children, the kits include instructions and all of the materials needed to create the finished product. £9.99 from Paper Village, 200 North Street, Southville, Bristol BS3 1JF W:


Face Art – Face Paint and Stencil Set No longer do parents need to become spontaneous artists. These brilliant kits do all of the hard work for you, leaving the kids to do the rest! In each pack are nine stencils and six skinfriendly crayons to personalise each design. £4.95 from Pod, 24 The Mall, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4DS W:


Amazing Story Generator This brilliant book will keep the kids entertained for the whole day with 1,728,000 different story prompts! They can mix and match plots, settings and characters to create unique and wacky story ideas to tell the family or note down for their future publishing careers! By Jason Sacher, £9.99, from Iota Bristol, 167 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7 8BE W:

Children’s Card Holder Perfect for use with the Piou Piou card game, this card holder enables younger children to focus on the game while helping them hold their cards in one hand without letting anyone else see what they have! £3.99 from My Small World, 18 Little Southgate, Bath, BA1 1AS W: www.

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Alphabet Bracelet Kits This kit contains approximately 280 letter beads, hundreds of round coloured beads and 10 stretchy cords in blue and pink to mix PRIMARY TIMES

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Cozy Hottie Animals This huggable hottie is ideal for wintery nights or just those moments where a comforting cuddle is needed. The removable wheat grain

Adopt an animal at Bristol Zoo! Bristol Zoo has 11 animals available for adoption and your child will receive a cuddly toy, an adoption certificate and a copy of Zoo Matters magazine. Their name will be added to the exhibit, they’ll get an animal fact file and two tickets to the zoo to visit their animal and see how it’s getting on. Alternatively, there is a virtual adoption at a reduced price. £45/£30 from Bristol Zoo Gardens, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3HA T: 0117 974 7399 W: www. CHRISTMAS 2012


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Hello Kids! Thank you so much for your wonderful pictures of aliens. You were so clever and the standard was very high, so don’t worry if your entry didn’t get published. Try again and hopefully you’ll have better luck next time. I’ve teamed up with my friends At-Bristol for the theme next issue, which is “Crazy creatures and beautiful bugs”, to mark their Toddler Takover on 17-18 January, two days of special animal activities including costume crafting and the Beautiful Bug Ball. They have a family ticket to give away to the three best paintings I publish. Please send your pictures to: Arty Barty, Venue Publishing, BN&Media, Temple Way, Bristol BS99 7HD, or email high resolution jpegs to my editor, Don’t forget to put your name, age, full postal address and school on the back: Deadline Monday 7 January.

Arty Barty Last issue, I asked you to send in your pictures of ‘Spaceships and Aliens’. Well done to the winners who win a family painting session at Flying Saucers, the painting and pottery cafe in Bristol. Millie Thomas, 7, St Sampson’s C of E Junior School, Cricklade Earth is just a tiny dot in the background of g. this deep space drawin Great perspective from Millie.

WINNER! Jozef Russell, 9, Rosary Catholic Primary School, Stroud This neatly drawn picture cleverly ties in the Olympics with aliens: very creative!

Have fun!


Aliya Rekucka, 10, Hillview Primary School, Gloucester d Aliya has create a dazzlingly silver starry scene for her two aliens to fly around in. Best friends forever in space!

Scott Granger, 6, Preshute Primary School, Marlborough The 3D silver foil elements make the alien’s eyes really stand out. He is definitely out of this world!



9, St Anne’s Junior School, Bristol I love Kali’s at the alien’s spacteesnthiion to detail. The metal on p is so realistic!

Lani Badham, 11, Kewstock erPrimary School, Weston-Sup Mare A bold piece of art from Lani, who colours brilliantly.

Toby Robertso Kurd, 9, AshleynDown Primary School, Bristol




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Toby’s fantastic orange alien is peeping out from the inside of his home planet. I love his cheeky expression!


6, Christchurch Millie Banham, ol, Bristol Infant Scho d pasted her Millie has cut an to a dark, stargs on colourful drawin nd, just like space! filled backgrou

, Rose Blanchard 11, Redland Green School, Bristol

Rose’s alien looks as though it’s had an emergency crash landing: his expression is great.



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Francesca Clifford reviews the new releases.

Watch with wolf

Debi Gliori re-invents Mr Wolf as a central character linking a number of different, well known fairy stories. Here, he encounters a number of beloved nursery rhyme characters throughout his day, but they all make him feel grumpy because he just can’t seem to get any peace. His day goes from bad to worse when he sees a huge crowd rush past, seemingly on their way to a party. But will his spirits be lifted when he finally returns home to a bit of a surprise? This enchanting picture book is perfect for bedtime reading; children will love to spot well-known characters. It also reinforces children’s understanding of time with continual references to clocks and the language of time-telling. Suitable for ages 3 and over.

What’s the Time, Mr Wolf? by Debi Gliori, Bloomsbury (hardback) ,£10.99

Shivering timbers Bristol is the spooky setting for the chilling tale of Shiverton Hall, home to much more than a few cobwebs. As Arthur Bannister starts life at a new school, he discovers an ancient tale deep at the heart of its history. George, the resident ghost expert and Arthur’s newest companion, takes it upon himself to enlighten Arthur of the frightful history surrounding the school, and the more he finds out the more he feels that George’s ghost stories are not just tales… Occurrences of the supernatural, interwoven with dark magic and unexplained events build up a suspensefilled narrative which will leave the young reader compelled to turn the pages. The perfect book to promote solo reading in the older child.

There be dragons Author Gill Vickery introduces us to a young girl, Tia, who is taken hostage by dragons as revenge for the theft of their queen’s Jewels of Power. As the years pass, Tia forgets her old human life, believing she is as much a part of her dragon family as her dragon brother, Finn. As she discovers the wicked truth about her mother and the circumstances of her capture, she is determined more than even to prove her allegiances lie with the dragons. Children aged 7 and over with a fascination for intrigue and adventure will enjoy this fantastical tale, packed with action and excitement. Dragon Child by Gill Vickery, A&C Black (paperback), £4.99

Shiverton Hall by Emerald Fennell, Bloomsbury (paperback), £6.99

The whole woof What happens when you mix an inquisitive Labra d’Ollie, his best friend the immaculately dressed Special Rat, a huge box marked ‘red ball’ and a tin full of green paint? Chaos, hilarity, and a few paw prints follow in Ben Labra d’Ollie’s wake, when all he wanted was a quiet place for a nice sleep on a warm sunny day. Ben and the Box of Surprises is an ideal book to read to your child before bed, with beautifully illustrated pictures to accompany the story. It is long enough to be read over two nights or in one go as a special treat. Also included with the book is a superbly animated 10 minute DVD. Suitable for ages 3-7. The Adventures of Ben Labra d’Ollie: Ben and the Box of Surprises by Christine Pritchard, Wild Country Lane Studios (paperback), £5.99


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Fouly play It’s almost Christmas and the children of the house are excited about the big day. The decorations were put up well in advance but it’s on Christmas Eve when the magic really begins. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong sort as the ingeniouslynamed Fouly squeezes in through a tiny crack in the window, determined to spoil Christmas. Happily, Rudolph the Tinsel Prince and Rosalind the Clothes Peg Fairy are intent on defeating him. They must travel to the Frozen North to get help from Father Christmas, but will they be in time? This is an exciting adventure book, with a warm-hearted hero and heroine, which children aged 5 and over will engage with. The Prince, the Fairy and the Fouly by Jim Fitzsimmons, Wild Dog Books (paperback), £5.99



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Classifieds Baby massage

Horse Riding

Help for babies with sleeping, colic and teething problems Meet other parents

Wapley Riding Stables

Blissful Bambinos Baby Massage Karen Dawson 07968 526271 £5 disc 01275 849780 with ount this advert



COMEDY MAGIC to enhance your event!

Riding Lessons for all ages and abilities • Patient and friendly tuition • Good selection of horses and ponies available • All aspects of riding, horse care and stable management • BHSAI Qualified and Experienced Instructors • Floodlit outdoor riding arenas

Wapley Hill Westerleigh Bristol 01454 321583 07860530199


Party Ideas

Magic workshops for older children

Call for free information pack

01934 418 184 191 Redland Road Bristol BS6 6XP Insured and CRB checked

“Stop The Words Moving” Dyslexia? Reading Difficulties? Visual Stress?

Parties In Nature

We provide colour overlays & coloured glasses

call us on

Parties with Bricks

0117 973 5600 Family friendly and here to help.

call Alexandra: 07982 198195

2 hours of fun filled games and dancing, sweets, prizes and much more

Cycle Training Tel: 01275 474 976 Mobile: 07890 744 295 Email:

THE AMAZING ERIC Birthday Party Magic and More

Party Ideas Martial Arts HANHAM & DOWNEND TAEKWON-DO


Modern martial arts in a fun and friendly environment • Little Puma’s 4-6 yrs • Juniors 7-11 yrs • Cadets 12-15 yrs • Adults 16+ Contact instructor Ms Tiina Elise 4th Degree to book TWO FREE trial classes 07729 358691 or

Call 0117 908 1291 // 0781 239 9467

Music, Lights, Magic, Games, bubbles but most of all....FUN!! TEL: 01275 880 427 MOB: 0779 695 8164 EMAIL: Follow us on facebook




Kingswood Foundation BS15 8DB


Abbeywood Tots Day Nursery Ltd 0-11 Years Free childcare places available Please telephone for details

Tel 0117 969 3990 Email:

Phone 0117 947 6449 e-mail: Visit our new website at


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Party Ideas





Mobile paint your own ceramics workshop H Childrens birthday parties H Babies hands + feet impressions H Mother + Toddler groups, Brownies H School fundraising events

Tel: 07412 238 324



• Literacy & Maths 5-11 yr olds • Preparation for SATs & Common Entrance • Help with Dyslexia

Tel: JENNY MADDERN 0117 9290813

GROUP LESSONS STARTING AGE CONFIDENT 3.5 YEARS + (20/30 minute lessons) St. Mary Redcliffe School Every week day 4-6pm & Sat 9am onwards Clifton High School, Sunday 9-11am MINI SQUAD 1 HOUR SESSIONS– THURSDAYS & SUNDAYS

Crime scene investigation parties and workshops for children age 7+ tel 0117 244 0053 web




The UK’s first rugby specific play programme for young children. Rugbytots ® is a weekly play programme for boys and girls aged 2 to 7. Separated into 3 age groups, Rugbytots® combines the multiple skills used in rugby with a fun, energetic and structured play programme. Expanding rapidly, we currently have weekday & after school classes throughout Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

New Class for 5 to 7 yr olds in Downend, Saturdays: 10.35am Rugbytots birthday parties from £7 per head. All Rugbytots lead coaches are RFU qualified, first aid trained and CRB checked.

For further information please call 0845 313 3250

on violin and recorder • Tuition offered for all ages (of any age) and more • Beginners advanced players are welcome. • I will visit if this is more convenient.

To reach 72,000 families in your area advertise in the next issue of Primary Times. Call Caroline 0117 934 3737 or email


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oes a child in your care constantly need the toilet, get thirsty, feel tired or seem to be getting thinner? If they are experiencing some or all of these symptoms it’s possible they may be suffering from Type 1 diabetes. Yet nine out of 10 parents do not know the four main symptoms of this condition, according to a new survey com-

missioned by Diabetes UK. The charity says that lack of understanding is one of the reasons that a quarter of children with Type 1 diabetes are only diagnosed once they are already seriously ill with a life-threatening condition called diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). DKA sufferers need immediate hospital treatment as they are unable to break down glucose in their blood because they do not produce enough insulin. About 500 of the 2,000 children who develop Type 1 diabetes in the UK every year have DKA by the time they are diagnosed. To address this, Diabetes UK has launched a campaign to highlight the “4 Ts” of Type 1 diabetes: Toilet; Thirsty; Tired; and Thinner. The campaign posters use children’s fridge magnets to spell out the 4 Ts, with the aim of helping parents, carers and anyone who works with children to understand the symptoms and seek medical advice if a child in their care displays them. The campaign will also raise awareness among healthcare professionals that they need to test for Type 1 diabetes as soon as a child presents with any symptoms. Ffi: W:


n ugly lobster, a common skate who is anything but common and an animal that looks like a plant have been given a cartoon makeover by artist Wayne Harris as part of a campaign by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) to highlight the need for better protection of our seas. MCS has selected five species to be given the comic portrait treatment by Wayne, just a sample of the wildlife under threat in 127 proposed Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ) in English seas. MCS hopes the life stories of the common skate, the giant goby, the spiny lobster, the trembling sea mat and the ocean quahog will make the issue more accessible and galvanize support to conserve them.

The zones are ways of ensuring healthy, productive seas for everyone because they control activities that damage marine wildlife around our shores, according to MCS. “With a public consultation due this December asking people to provide their views on the 127 proposed sites, we think it’s important to bring to life creatures that some people don’t realise exist, and may never see in their lifetime,” says Dr Jean-Luc Solandt, MCS biodiversity policy officer. “We want more members of the public to become as familiar with their local MCZs as they are their local woodland and open spaces and support our campaign to protect them.” Ffi: W:




iscover the latest addition to the Roman Baths experience, Bath, with the new children’s interactive audio guides. Use of these captivating devices is free with any child’s admission ticket to the baths, and provides a different audio experience to the adult version. The children’s version offers an engaging commentary which brings the history of the Roman Baths to life in a way that they will understand. Children are introduced to a series of characters including a young Celtic boy, Belator, a slave girl from Italy, Apulia, and a fortune-telling priest who predicts their futures. They accompany young visitors on a 2,000-year-old journey through the Roman baths, and encourage them to take part in an interactive quiz along the 38 CHRISTMAS 2012

12 Avon Features Xmas 2012.indd 10

way. Animations on screen capture the attention of visitors and narrate the ancient story of the baths, as children explore the corresponding areas. Costumed characters not only feature on the site tour, but also make an appearance around the grounds and are very happy to make new friends! They can be found around the grounds from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm daily, so make sure to pay them a visit. There are few more educational and fun ways to spend a day this winter holiday than at the Roman Baths, wander round the vast site, listen to the audio guides, meet ‘real’ Romans and have a relaxing break in between at the Roman Baths Kitchen. Ffi: Roman Baths T: 01225 477774 W:


lympic rowing bronze medallist Greg Searle helped launch a nationwide appeal for volunteers this autumn to build a network of Energy Clubs which will encourage primary school-aged children to take part in sport and physical activity. As part of the legacy of 2012’s Olympic Games, the charity and social enterprise Sports Leaders UK has launched the Energy Club initiative with support from the government’s Social Action Fund. The charity won an initial grant of £900,000 to provide the scheme for 900 schools, with the intention of running it in 10,000 primary schools, if the support can be found from the commercial sector. Greg (pictured) visited St George Primary School in the London borough of Walthamstow to help launch the scheme, providing fun, extra-curricular

physical activities for children aged 4-11. “I can remember being exactly the same as these youngsters when I was their age,” he said. “I just wanted to run around, have fun, make some noise and enjoy myself. It’s important that schemes such as Energy Club are set up while parents and kids alike have the buzz of the Olympics and Paralympics at the forefront of their minds. I know that my kids have been impressed by what they’ve seen over the summer. All the athletes are such fantastic role models, demonstrating that health, movement and nutrition are so important.” Anyone interested in volunteering for Energy Club or registering their primary school should visit the scheme’s website and leave their contact details. Ffi: W: F: facebook/EnergyClubUK Tw: @EnergyClubUK. PRIMARY TIMES

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Xmas 2012 Avon  

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